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Since its first appearance in the 15th century in the courts of European royalty, ballet has become one of the most loved forms of dance. One of the most beloved ballets is ;Swan Lake.; First performed in Russia in 1895, it continues to thrill audiences around the world today.芭蕾自15世纪在欧洲皇室宫廷首次出现,已成为最受喜爱的一种舞蹈形式。最为人们喜爱的芭蕾舞剧是“天鹅湖”。“天鹅湖”于1895年在俄国首演,至今仍不断牵动着全世界观众的心弦。The word ;ballet; itself is French, and comes from the Italian word ballo, meaning ;a dance.; Ballet dancing, as we know it today, is a result of influences from many countries. Italy, France, Russia, England, and America have all contributed important elements to this style of dance.“ballet”一词是法语,源自意大利语“ballo”,意即“一种舞蹈”。今天我们所知道的芭蕾舞,是许多国家影响下的产物。意大利、法国、俄国,英国和美国,在许多方面都对这一舞蹈形式做出重要的贡献。Highly technical, ballet is always performed to music and often tells a story. Though learning this style of dance is a difficult process, the results on stage are magical. The graceful moves display the body in the most elegant and beautiful manner possible.高超的芭蕾舞,它总是配合音乐演出,而且常常讲述一个故事。虽然学习这种舞蹈形式是个艰苦的过程,然而舞台上演出的效果却魅力十足。优美的动作竭尽其优雅绝妙的姿态把体态之美展示出来。 /201205/184279When investors are feeling bullish about life, they consider Burberry a luxury goods company. That is one reason it has offered a total return of 125 per cent over the past five years, more than twice as much as rivals such as Tod#39;s or LVMH. When they are feeling bad – as they were on Wednesday – they consider it a retail chain. Shares of the fashion group fell 7 per cent despite what appeared to be another impressive three months (April to June) of sales growth. Considering that Britain#39;s miserable summer looks tailor-made for Burberry#39;s raincoats, that seems odd. In fact, it fits a recent trend. 当投资者对人生感到乐观时,他们会把巴宝莉(Burberry)视为一家奢侈品公司。这是为何过去5年期间其股票的总回报率高达125%、超过竞争对手如Tod#39;s或LVMH两倍多的原因之一。而当他们感觉不好时(正如本周三那样),就会把它当成一家连锁零售商。这家时尚集团的股价下降了7%,尽管4月至6月三个月的总体销售增长再度令人印象深刻。鉴于英国阴雨绵绵的夏天仿佛是为巴宝莉德雨衣量身定做的一般,这显得蹊跷。事实上,它与近期趋势是吻合的。 There is nothing fundamentally wrong at the group. It has 500 stores (a mix of wholly owned, concessions, outlets and franchises) in all the right places: four stores in Brazil, for example. It is planning for 100 in China in the medium term, with three flagship stores in Shanghai. In the April to June period, Burberry reported strong growth in the UK, Germany, France and China. Group underlying sales growth was 11 per cent, bringing total revenue in the three months to pound;410m; growth on the retail side, which accounts for two-thirds of Burberry#39;s revenue, was even stronger at 14 per cent. 该集团没有任何根本上的问题。它有500家门店分布在所有合适的地方(包括全资拥有、特许经营、批发和专营):例如在巴西有4间门店。它正计划中期在中国设立100家,包括三家位于上海的旗舰店。在4月至6月期间,巴宝莉报告在英国、德国、法国和中国都实现强劲增长。集团基本销售增长11%,推动三个月总营收达4.1亿英镑;而零售增长(占巴宝莉总营收的三分之二)更为强劲,达14%。 The company#39;s continued focus on growth still looks justifiable, whatever the jitters about the global economy. Annual sales growth at its wholly owned Chinese stores is about 20 per cent, though the picture is more mixed in the US, where Burberry has been moving up market since 2006. 该公司对增长的持续关注,看来仍是合理的,无论人们对全球经济如何感到恐慌。在其全资拥有的中国门店,年销售额增长约为20%,尽管美国的情况更复杂些,自2006年起,巴宝莉在美国向高端市场转移。 Burberry#39;s problem is not growth but valuation. Past success has bred high expectations of management; anything that smacks of less than relentless forward momentum in underlying earnings gets punished. Burberry#39;s growth rate has been slowing for a couple of quarters now. Some of that is priced in: its share price has fallen 25 per cent since mid-April. The tumble on Wednesday looks like more of the same. Its shares now trade at a forward price/earnings multiple of about 17 times. That is in line with the luxury sector, which is where for the moment it belongs. 巴宝莉的问题不是增长,而是估值。过去的成功培养了人们对管理层更高的期望;基本盈利迅猛增长的势头只要有一点松懈,就会受到惩罚。现在巴宝莉的增长速度已连续两个季度放缓。其中一部分已在股价中得到反映:4月中旬以来已下跌25%。周三的暴跌看起来也是同样性质。其股价意味着预期市盈率约为17倍。这与奢侈品行业一致,它暂时仍属于这一板块。 /201207/190295

An expert has identified an animal captured in east China#39;s Shangdong province as a Siberian husky dog; a domestic animal that resembles wolves in appearance, the Shangdong Business Daily reports.据《山东商报》报道称:一名专家鉴定于山东捕获的疑似狼动物实则为西伯利亚哈士奇,一种外形似狼的家养宠物。People have been on high alert since a grey wolf reportedly killed two villagers and wounded five others in Tengzhou, Shangdong province on Monday, March 19. Three days after local police shot the animal dead, they captured another animal which they also suspected of being a wolf and took it to the area#39;s local zoo as a 5-year-old she-wolf.有报道称,3月19日星期一这天,一只灰狼在山东滕州咬死2名村民,另咬伤5人。人们自此便高度警戒起来。当地民警随后将这只伤人野狼击毙。三天后,民警又捕获到另一只疑似狼的动物。后这只;5岁母狼;被送往当地动物园。Police believe it was responsible for attacks on seven people, two of whom died.民警认定它就是袭击7人并致其中2人死亡的那只狼。But a local man surnamed Wang claimed it was his pet dog Lady that he had reared for two years, and who was gentle in nature.但当地市民王先生却声称这只;疑似野狼;是他养了两年的宠物;;性情温顺的;Lady;.Xing Hao, a local zookeeper, told China Central Television: ;Its cry is like that of a wolf and the corners of its eyes are tilted, not straight like that of a dog. Its tail is also straight, not sticking up like a dog, and its ears are upright. All these indicators are in line with a wolf#39;s characteristics.;当地动物园饲养员邢浩(音译)在接受中央电视台采访时表示:;它叫起来像狼,眼角倾斜,不像的眼角,是平的。它的尾巴是平直下垂的,不像的尾巴那样会向上翘。耳朵直立着。所有这些都符合狼的特点。;But Wang disagreed. ;It#39;s not a wolf but my dog. I recognized her at a glance from a news photo,; Wang told China Daily.但王先生并不同意这一说法。;这不是狼,这是我的。我在新闻图片中一眼就认出了她。;王先生在接受《中国日报》采访时称。;Her name is Lady and she is very gentle. I have raised her for nearly two years. At around 11 am last Friday, she ran away from home and never came back.;;她叫Lady,性情温顺,我已经养了近两年了。上周五上午11点左右,她从家里跑了出去就再也没回来。;Wang said he now works in another city in Shandong and was only told of events by friends on Friday night.王先生说,他现在山东省的另一座城市工作,所以周五晚才从朋友那得知这件事。;I recognize my Lady,; he said. ;I hope I can get my pet back as soon as possible.;;我认得我的Lady,;他说,;我希望能尽快把我的带回来。;;During her capture, she was hurt badly both physically and mentally. She#39;s very scared of people,; he claimed, relying on reports from family and friends who went to see the dog on Saturday.王先生表示自己的家人和朋友周六那天去看了这只,他说:;她被抓时,身心都受到了很大的伤害。她现在很害怕人。;;It#39;s quite understandable for local departments to do this, as they want to protect local residents,; Wang said.;我可以理解当地部门的做法,他们只是想保护村民。;王先生说。;But Tengzhou is a small place where huskies are hardly ever seen. It#39;s very possible that people mistook her for a wolf.;;但滕州地方小,很少会见到哈士奇。人们很有可能把它误认成狼。;A vet from Shensheng Pet Clinic, who didn#39;t give her name, said there was ;no significant difference; between some breeds of husky and wolf, as they share a common ancestor.一位来自申盛宠物医院(音译),不愿透露姓名的兽医表示,有些品种的哈士奇和狼没有;明显差异;,因为它们拥有共同的祖先。;Most people don#39;t know this and it#39;s very likely to have been a wrong identification,; she said.她说:;大多数人并不知道这一点,所以这很可能是次错误的鉴定。;Ma Jinsheng, a zoology expert, visited the zoo in Tengzhou on March 26. After close observations and a number of experiments, Ma confirmed that the animal was in fact a husky dog.3月26日,动物学专家马金生教授来到滕州动物园。在进行了严密观察和一系列实验之后,马教授确认,这只动物实际上就是哈士奇犬。;This animal#39;s eyes aren#39;t as angular as a wolf#39;s; and the color of its fur doesn#39;t match that of a wolf. Most importantly of all, it#39;s very friendly towards humans,; Ma said after conducting a controlled experiment using food. The husky dog accepted food from Ma Jinsheng, while in contrast, a real wolf kept at the zoo shied away as soon as Ma approached.马教授在进行了一次喂食对照实验之后表示:;这只动物眼睛的倾斜度不如狼;毛色也与狼不同。最重要的是,它对人类很友好。;这只哈士奇接受了马教授给的食物,而园中真正的狼则恰恰相反,马教授稍一靠近它们就跑开躲了起来。Ma stated that the most absolute and scientific way to determine the true identity of the animal is to take samples of its fur and conduct DNA analysis.马教授表示,确定该动物身份最准确也是最科学的方法便是取得该动物的皮毛样本,进行DNA分析鉴定。 /201203/175798

Failure sucks. But if your planning on doing anything important you are going to have to get used to it. Embarrassment, frustration and even bad situations you can’t control are going to be part of life. What can you actually do about them instead of just having a “positive attitude?”失败的感觉糟透了。但是如果你打算做任何重要的事情,你就必须要习惯这种感觉。难堪、沮丧,甚至是一些你无法控制的糟糕的情况都会是生活中的一部分。只有“积极的态度”是不够的,你还应该做些什么呢?1. Find a Meaning1. 找到一种意义Ask yourself how you can use the bad experience. Here are some ways you can find a meaning in your situation to move past it:问问自己该怎样利用这段糟糕的经历。你可以通过下面这个问题来发现某段糟糕经历的意义,从而走出这段痛苦:What has it taught you?它教给你什么?Has it made you stronger/kinder/wiser?它是否让你更坚强/更善良/更睿智?Even simply enduring a bad moment has meaning in making your happy moments better.哪怕只是单纯地忍受一段糟糕的时间也有它的意义:让你的快乐时光显得更快乐。2. Keep a Failure Log2. 写失败日志Keep track of any failures, embarrassments or blunders. Using a failure log you can give yourself a little checkmark of accomplishment. It may seem odd to reward failures in this way, but rewarding your failures serves two main purposes:记录你经历的任何失败、难堪或错误。通过写失败日志你可以发现自己都犯过那些错误。这样对待失败似乎有些奇怪,但它有两个主要目的:It makes you more willing to take chances when the only risk is to your pride.当唯一的风险是你的自尊时,你会更愿意冒险。It causes you to focus more on learning and growth than external recognition.你会更专注于学习和成长,而不是外界的看法。I’ve even heard from other people that if they don’t have at least a few major failures each year, they don’t believe they were trying hard enough.我甚至听人说过,如果他们每年没至少犯几个大错误,他们都不相信自己已经足够努力了。3. Find a New Goal3. 寻找一个新目标Don’t dwell in the past. The best way to get out of a rut is to start building momentum again. Get a new goal or pursuit. A new challenge will get you to stop thinking about your failure and get you to focus on something positive. A new goal will also give the opportunity for future successes instead of dwelling on a current stumble.不要活在过去。走出深渊的最好办法就是重新开始积累动力。寻找一个新的目标或追求。一个新的挑战会让你停止思考之前的失败,专注于积极的东西。一个新的目标还会为未来的成功提供机会,而不是纠结于眼前的失败。4. Remove Chronic Sources of Stress4. 消除长期的压力来源You ability to handle big stresses depends on how well you handle the little ones. If your life is constantly driving you crazy, you need to reconstruct it to better handle stress. There are aly many resources on handling stress, but here are a few quick tips:你处理沉重压力的能力取决于你应对较小压力的能力。如果你的生活一直让你感到崩溃,你需要重新调整一下,以便更好地应对压力。关于如何应对压力已经有很多方法,下面是一些快速减压小妙招:Keep your energy high by staying in shape.保持体形以确保自己有旺盛的精力。Fire people from your life who are a source of chronic negativity.把那些长期给你带来消极因素的人赶出你的生活。Find outlets for your stress that help you recover instead of intensifying the frustration.为你的压力找个出口会有助于减压而不会加剧沮丧情绪。5. Build a Support Base5. 打造一个后援团Building a support base of colleagues and mentors will help you when times are rough. This is definitely a situation where you need to prepare in advance. Even if you aren’t having to deal with a particularly difficult situation right now, you might need some reinforcement in the future.打造一个同事和顾问组成的后援团,会在艰难时刻为你提供帮助。你需要为此提前做好准备。哪怕你现在并没有面临什么棘手的问题,未来你也许会需要一些帮助。Have the right peers and mentors who will encourage you past your mistakes. Here are some tips for attracting the right people into your life:找一些能够鼓励你走出错误阴影的伙伴和顾问。下面这些建议告诉你如何把这些对的人吸引到你的生活中来:You give what you get. Be extra attuned to the needs of your friends and they will do the same.你给予什么就得到什么。更习惯于你朋友的需求,他们也会同样对待你。Spend less time on negative people. If you can’t eliminate them entirely, reduce your interactions so you can focus more on better relationships.离那些消极的人远一些。如果你不能把他们完全赶出你的生活,那就减少你们的接触,这样你就可以更专注于良性的关系。6. Be Humble6. 保持谦虚态度A sense of humility and humor can keep you moving forward when things are tough. I’m not a follower that says overwhelming confidence is the approach to success. Being humble in your abilities but confident in your chances to grow will let you shrug off failures. I never would have stuck to blogging unless I had cultivated the humility that told me it would be a lot of hard work.谦逊感和幽默感可以帮助你在艰难时刻继续前进。我并不相信压倒性的自信心就可以通向成功。在自己的能力上保持谦虚,但在自己成长的机会上保持自信,这会让你摆脱失败。如果不是我的谦逊感告诉我我要付出很多努力,我可能就不会坚持写客。Humility doesn’t necessarily mean you have low self-esteem. It just means you are focused more on doing things without expecting immediate success.谦虚并不意味着你就要自卑。这只是说你应该更关注做事情本身,而不是期待短时间内取得成功。Many Eastern philosophies emphasize goalless action. This doesn’t mean that you should not strive for anything, but that you should detach yourself from the outcome. If you win, great. If you lose, then you are one step closer.许多东方的哲学思想都强调无为而治。这并不是说你什么都不该争取,而是说你不要关注结果。如果你赢了,当然很好。如果你输了,你至少离成功又近了一步。7. Stop Analyzing and Start Doing Something New7. 不要再分析,开始做些新的事情There is a maximum limit to how much you can learn from an experience. That limit is actually fairly small with an isolated incident. If you give one speech and it fails, you might be able to learn one or two points of improvement. That’s it. Anything you “learn” after this threshold is just speculation which is often incorrect.你能从一段经历当中学习当的东西是有上限的。就一个单独的事件而言,其实极其有限。如果你发表了一次演讲结果失败了,你也许可以学会在一两点上做出改进。仅此而已。而在这之后你所“学到”的东西其实只不过是些推测,而且多半还不正确。I’ve seen people in failed relationships, goals that went sour or broken commitments, try to learn everything from just one failure. Unfortunately, the only way you can learn isn’t just to fail once but to fail dozens of times. Trying to scoop up too much information on a bad situation just leaves you feeling miserable with the false sensation that you are accomplishing something useful.我见过那些经历了情感破裂、目标失败或承诺破碎的人,他们试图从一次失败里学会一切。不幸的是,你想要学会,唯一的办法不是经历一次失败,而是无数次失败。试图从一次失败里总结出过多的信息只会让你感觉痛苦,让你误以为自己做了一件很有用的事。 /201301/222565



  Jealousy: Aries (March 21-April 19)Aries is a northern constellation between Pisces and Taurus, creating the outline of a ram. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which is the sun enters on or about March 21.In a far and ancient nation, a king and queen divorced due to incompatibility. Soon after, the King remarried to another pretty woman. Unfortunately, this new Queen was quite jealous of her step-son and daughter, because the King loved them so much. Day after day, the Queen made up her mind to kill the Prince and Princess.When spring came, the Queen fried all wheat seeds and distributed them to people. However, this meant the farmers could not harvest and the Queen began sping rumors that it was because the nation was cursed by the evil thoughts of the Prince and Princess. The simple-minded people believed the Queen and asked the King to kill them. At first he refused, but later gave out the order to kill his own children.When the former Queen herad the news, she asked Zeus for help. He dispatched a ram with gold fleece to save the two children. The Prince was brave because he was optimistic in nature but the Princess was not careful and fell off the ram. Despite losing one of the children, Zeus rewarded the ram by hanging it in the sky and today it is known as Aries.在一个遥远而古老的国度里,国王和王后因为性格不和而离婚,国王再娶了一位美丽的王后。可惜,这位新后天性善妒,她看到国王对前妻留下的一对儿女百般疼爱,非常的恼火。日积月累,她决定除掉王子和公主,夺回国王的爱。春天来的时候,新后将发放给百姓的麦种全部炒熟,这样,农民们无论怎么浇水施肥都不可能使麦子长出新芽。这时候,新后开始散布谣言,说庄稼颗粒不收是因为国家受到了诅咒,而受到诅咒完全是因为王子和公主邪恶的念头!因为邪恶的王子和公主,全国的人民都将陷于贫穷饥饿的深渊中,这是一件多么可怕的事啊!善良而淳朴的百姓轻易的相信了王后的话,很快地,全国各地不论男女老少,都一致要求国王一定要将王子与公主处死,国家才能解开这个诅咒,平息天怒,人民的幸苦耕种才会有收获,国家也才能回复过去的安定富足。国王众怒难犯,虽心有不舍,但还是下令处死王子和公主。这个消息传到了王子和公主生母的耳中,她于是向宙斯求救,日日祈祷。宙斯很快知道了这件事情,就在行刑的当天,他派出一只长着金色长毛的公羊将王子和公主救走。王子一直没有感到恐惧,因为他的天性乐观;而公主顽皮粗心,就在飞跃大海的时候,一个不小心掉下羊背摔死了。宙斯为了奖励公羊将它高高悬挂的天上,也就是今天大家熟知的牡羊座,而王子的乐观和公主的粗心就是牡羊座人的最大特点。 /201209/201574

  ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Rams have a habit of pushing to the front of the line, both literally and figuratively. And while this quality has helped Aries get ahead, it can also compromise their relationships. Putting an animal, child or plant in their care can correct the problem. As soon as this sign#39;s nurturing qualities are cultivated, their selfishness will diminish.白羊:羊儿做什么事都急于求成。虽然它有助于白羊座获得成功,但也容易影响与他人的关系。多与动物、孩子和植物为伴不失为改掉这一坏毛病的好办法。一旦你变得更有爱心,自私自利的坏毛病就可以彻底消除了。TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)Bulls love clutter. Being surrounded by all their possessions gives them a sense of security. It also creates headaches, confusion, and chaos. Storage systems that keep their stuff on display will prevent this sign from strewing their stuff all over the house. Stacking baskets, glass jars, and open shelving can promote organization.金牛:牛儿偏爱混乱。虽然身边堆满的东西能给你充实和安全的感觉,但它也会显得杂乱无章。制订一套有规律的贮藏方法可以帮助你纠正这个坏习惯。屋子里多放些整理柜、玻璃缸和书架都是不错的办法哦。 /201209/198999水瓶座—— Adventure of Sherlock Holmes《福尔斯探案集》水瓶座的洞察能力是非比寻常的,让他们与福尔斯大侦探比较一下,看看谁更加厉害吧!相同关键词:洞察能力The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his famous detective and illustrated by Sidney Paget. These are the first of the Sherlock Holmes short stories, originally published as single stories in the Strand Magazine from July 1891 to June 1892. The book was published in England on 14 October 1892 by George Newnes Ltd and in a US Edition on 15 October by Harper. The initial combined print run was 14,500 copies.《福尔斯探案全集》是英国柯南道尔所作侦探小说的总称,共有四部长篇及56个短篇。其中《血字的研究》,通过助手华生的回忆,叙述福尔斯如何侦破一起奇异的凶杀案件;《四签名》描写围绕阿格兰宝物而展开的一场勾心斗角的争斗所引起的惨案。著名的还有《巴斯克维尔的猎犬》、《空屋》、《恐怖谷》等。 /201208/196028


  There’s more bad news for the Prime Minister – his name is jinxed.英国首相大卫·卡梅伦可真是坏消息不断:他的名字就是扫把星啊!David is top of the nation’s bad luck league, as more men who share his name make personal injury claims than any other blokes.根据一项调查,David(大卫)高居英国最倒霉名字的榜首,叫这个名字的人比起其他家伙来说,更容易让自己受伤,受伤记录最多。Accident-prone Daves are more likely to trip and hurt themselves, pull muscles at work or cut themselves.David们都很容易出事故,绊倒、弄伤或是在工作肌肉拉伤,还容易割伤自己。James, Stephen, Andrew and Chris were also in the top five unlucky guys’ names, according to research by personal injury experts Edwards Hoyle.根据人身伤害方面的专业医院Edwards Hoyle 的这项调查,最倒霉男性名字排名前五的除了David 外,还包括:James(詹姆斯)、Stephen(史蒂芬)、Andrew(安德鲁)和Chris(克里斯)。Joanne was the unluckiest female name, followed by Emma and Clare.最倒霉的女性名字排名第一是的Joanne(乔安娜),紧跟其后排在二、三位的是Emma(艾玛)和Clare(克莱尔)。The survey, spanning two years, found 1989 gave birth to the clumsiest folk, with more claims from 23-year-olds than any other age group.这项调查历时两年,还发现1989年出生的小青年们是最笨手笨脚的。23岁的他们的受伤记录也比其他的年龄段要多。Fishermen had the riskiest jobs, more likely to get hurt at work than any other trade including building, farming and trucking.此外,在英国最有危险的工作是渔夫,比建筑工人、农民和卡车司机等其他行业的工作者更容易受伤。David Edwards of Edwards Hoyle said: “Any 23-year-old Davids or Joannes working as fishermen need to take care.”来自Edwards Hoyle 医院的大卫-爱德华斯就表示:“ 叫David 或者Joanne的23岁渔民要特别注意别让自己受伤。”Unluckiest male names最倒霉的男性名字1. David 大卫2. James 詹姆斯3. Stephen 史蒂夫4. Andrew 安德鲁5. Chris 克里斯6. Mohammed 穆罕默德7. Michael 迈克尔8. John 约翰9. Daniel 丹尼尔10. Alex 阿历克斯Unluckiest female names最倒霉的女性名字1. Joanne 乔安娜2. Emma 艾玛3. Clare 克莱尔4. Karen 凯伦5. Lisa 丽莎6. Laura 劳拉7. Helen 海伦8. Rebecca 丽贝卡9. Hannah 汉娜10. Julie 朱莉Unluckiest years of birth最倒霉的出生年份1. 19892. 19873. 19914. 19865. 1988 /201210/204639


  How do I get the gum out?Distributing chewing gum to the passengers, the stewardess explained it was to keep their ears from popping.When the plane landed, one of the passengers rushed up to her and said, I#39;m meeting my wife right away. How do I get the gum out from my ears?怎么把口香糖取出来呢?当空中给乘客们发口香糖的时候,她解释说口香糖有助于他们防止耳鸣。飞机着陆后,一位乘客跑到这位空中面前,说道:; 我马上就要见到我妻子了。我怎么才能把口香糖从耳朵里面取出来呢?;



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