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They serve 20 different types of noodles here,他们会做20多种不同式样的面条and these guys are masters of them all.这些家伙都是面条大神To perfect the technique, every year为了精益求精,每年he would do this for at least two hours a day,他一天至少练两个小时for a year and a half.整整坚持了一年半Oh, my God!噢,天啊This is good! Thats good!不错啊,很好Thats amazing!令人吃惊Its like...noodle bullets! Yeah!就像…面条子弹Oh, OK. So its kind of like...Get in there!噢,这是某种…给我进锅里去I was taught to cook at home by my mother growing up in England.我在英国长大,做饭都是母亲在家里教的As we as we travel across China,在中国的旅行中Im looking forward to the challenge of cooking我越来越期待,挑战一下自己in its fiery, professional kitchens,用专门厨房和大火做菜where its rare to find any women.这里面女的很少I love it!The drama, the commotion, you know?我喜欢,厨房上演的混乱戏剧Also the excitement, as you approach a wok like this,看到这样的锅很激动because you never know whats going to happen.你不知道会发生什么事This is a very intensive heat source here.这是给锅加热的热源It heats up the wok to over 350 degrees.能把锅加热到超过350度Its very powerful. It really keeps you on your toes这个很厉害,你得当心点cos one second off, you could burn and destroy the whole dish.只要手一抖,菜就烧焦了Throughout our trip,well be cooking dishes我们在旅行中simple enough to do at home.会尝试做简单的家常菜First is my take on a classic northern noodle recipe,我带了个传统的北方面条配方Zha Jiang Mien.杂酱面It the Chinese version of spaghetti Bolognese.中国版的意大利肉酱面Its basically a meat topping,这个用肉做臊子a delicious savoury meat topping,好吃又开胃的肉臊子on top of delicious noodles,浇到面的上面and sometimes you have some fresh crunchy cucumbers.你也可以放点新鲜的脆黄瓜Every region has its own variation of the sauce,每个地方都有不同种类的臊子but the essentials are minced pork and bean paste.但是里面基本上都会放豆瓣酱和肉末This is belly pork. The Chinese call it ;hua rou;这是五花肉,中国人叫花肉;five layers of heaven;. Youve got skin, youve got fat,五层的天堂,这是皮,脂肪youve got meat,youve got fat again.然后是瘦肉,又是脂肪Thats what gives it flavour.那个是赋予它味道的And this bit is quite fatty, so Im not going to use that.这个有点肥,我不打算用Ooh! Thats the best bit! Its really oily, Ken!哦,这个不错,很油吧,老谭Ohhh. I dont know, you think so? Maybe a little bit.我不知道,你这样认为?确实有点Just for you!只是对你而言My uncle used to tell me,;No fat, no flavour!;我叔叔常说,无脂即无味201505/376337

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201506/377509

Out here, you need at least a gallon of water a day to stave off dehydration.在这里 你每天至少需要一加仑的水 以避免脱水Without it, you begin to feel disorientated,suffering headaches and nausea.没有水 你会开始感觉迷失方向 感到头疼恶心Straight towards us--vultures. Pick them out?朝我们飞过来的 是秃鹰 认出来了吗These birds are natures true opportunists,and they could be a real help to the survivor.这种鸟是自然界中的投机分子 它们对求生者很有帮助They can lead you to a fresh kill,and so often, the most efficient way of surviving is just to become a scavenger yourself.它们可以将你引到刚死的生物那里 通常最有效的求生法则就是 将自己变成食腐动物Lets get down there.And look at them all circling above.And this is what theyre after--this stinking, rotten deer carcass.我们到下面去 你看它们一直在上空盘旋 而这就是它们要找的东西 一只腐烂恶臭的死鹿Man, that honks.But look. this is just way gone.臭的我都要吐了 这只鹿估计已经死了很久了And really, you know, theres nothing on this for me to eat.而且 说真的 这上面也没什么东西我能吃Vultures have a higher stomach-acid content than humans and can tolerate far more bacteria,秃鹰的胃酸含量比人类高得多 所以就算有再多细菌它们也不怕so whats good for them is definitely not good for me.所以它们口中的美食 绝对不是我能吃的东西These arid lands are harsh and unforgiving,nature at its most brutal这块不毛之地荒芜且冷酷无情 向人们展示着它最残酷的一面but with the right knowledge,nature at its most brutal Now, look, strawberry pitaya.但只要具备切当的求生知识 你就可以在这里找到水 瞧啊 草莓火龙果See these very distinct,red tops to them.瞧 很容易辨认 它们顶部是红色的If you can get past the spikes and the spines,theyre good to keep hydrated.注意 要避开这些针刺 这些果子有助于帮你保持体内的水分What I got inside is all of this Nice fruit.And thats truly gorgeous.里面是这样的 很不错的水果 真的是很好吃Could worth keeping an eye out for more of those, if you see.一路上注意留心看看 看还有没有这种果子Ahead of me lies my deadliest challenge.I come face to face with one of Americas most lethal snakes.我即将面临最致命的挑战 我将与美洲大陆上 最致命的一种毒蛇面对面进行较量Theres no way I can just stick a hand in there.One bite from that can kill a man.我绝对不能把手直接伸进去 被它咬一口 必死无疑201603/434377

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