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2015 General Aviation Expo held in north China#39;s Shijiazhuang2015石家庄通用航空展盛大开幕The 2015 General Aviation Expo-held in north China#39;s city of Shijiazhuang-has brought together more than 100 air vehicles from 60 international aviation companies.来自60家国际航空公司的100多架飞机齐聚石家庄市举行的2015年通用航空展。Top pilots from America, Lithuania, and Sweden displayed synchronous somersaults, stall turns and unbelieveable feats of bravery.美国、立陶宛和瑞典的顶尖飞行员展示了同步翻、悬停及令人难以置信的特技飞行。Visitors were given a chance to experience flight simulators, interact with aviation entertainment facilities, and ride in hot-air balloons.游客们也能参与其中体验飞行模拟装置,同航空设施进行互动,乘坐热气球。The three-day exhibition began on Friday, is aimed at showcasing and promoting the culture of aviation, whilst letting ordinary people learn more about the industry.本周五开始为期3天的这次展览旨在展现及促进航空文化,同时加深普通市民对这个行业的认知。a 译文属 Article/201509/400391But the intriguing question但更引人关注问题是is the effect it might have been having on our winters.这种气候对冬季可能产生的影响As Christmas 2009 approached,2009年圣诞将近时Britain started to shiver.英国开始瑟瑟发抖了Yeah, it could be a record-breaking cold night tonight...今晚可能迎来史无前例的低温The cold went on, day after day.寒冷日复一日Temperatures are going to plunge further as the day goes on...气温将持续下降It was the coldest winter for 30 years.那是三十年来最寒冷的冬天Just a year later, records were being broken again.仅一年后 纪录再次被打破December 2010 was the coldest2010年12月for over 100 years.出现了百年来的最低温Brought to a standstill as heavy snow continues to fall...因持续大雪被迫关闭The weather was so brutal,因天气过于恶劣that Heathrow Airport was closed希斯罗机场被迫关闭at one of the busiest times of the year.那时正值一年中的繁忙时期The temperature#39;s set to plummet even further...气温将会继续下降But how was this possible全球并非变得更冷when the world was supposed to be getting warmer, not colder?而是越来越暖 为何会出现这种现象呢 Article/201410/336373The diet above had about 4 ounces of grains and half上述饮食大约含4盎司谷物,它们中半数of them were whole grains, assuming that the items是全谷类,即这些东西事实上were in fact made from whole grains.There were是从全谷物制成的,饮食中包括approximately one and half cups of vegetables and大约一量杯半的蔬菜和about one cup of fruit.In addition the child in大约一量杯水果,此外,例子中那个孩子our example consumed over 2 cups of skim milk,摄入了超过2量杯的脱脂牛奶2 ounces of meat and 40 minutes of activity.2盎司的肉,并进行了40分钟的活动In our example the child chose to eat all of the foods在这个例子中,这个孩子吃了所有给他offered and their diet wouldn#39;t be too bad.By eating准备的食物,这份饮食不算很差,通过吃breakfast and lunch at school the child would have学校的早餐和午餐,这个孩子会吃到consumed foods from every food group.In addition每一个食物组中的食物,此外most children also eat at least one other snack and多数孩子在家还会至少吃一个别的零食supper at home.Given all this the child in our和一顿晚餐,综合上诉因素,例子中的孩子example would have been able to meet each goal将能够达到每一个食物组设定的for every food group.However, the example given每一个目标,可是,给出的例子显示的is showing an ideal day where most children would毕竟是理想状态的一天,多数孩子很有可能likely fall somewhere just below this ideal goal for在某处达不到这个为食物选择设定的food choices.As mentioned the whole grain cereal,理想目标,刚才已经提到了,全谷麦片the wheat b, the green peas, the mandarin oranges,小麦面包,青豆,蜜橘the skim milk and the ham are choices that are more脱脂牛奶以及火腿,是更靠近金字塔toward the base of the pyramid while a muffin,基底的选择,相比之下,小松饼a cookie, fruit juice and potatoes may be more饼干,果汁和土豆可能更加靠近towards the tip of the pyramid.Earlier we talked金字塔的塔尖,早些时候,我们谈到了about how childhood obesity is soaring and how儿童肥胖的数量是如何猛增的,以及儿童children#39;s diets do not typically meet all the food的饮食是根本没有响应食物指南金字塔的guide pyramid recommendations.The point of所有推荐的,我们活动的重点在于our activity was to show that school lunch is definitely告诉大家学校的午餐其实并不应当not solely to blame for the serious problem.As you成为这个严重问题的替罪羊,因为你看到了saw our example school lunch provided some我们的例子中学校午餐提供了一些whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The activity also全谷物,水果和蔬菜,这个活动同时也showed you how complex it is to plan a meal that告诉大家准备一餐饭是多么复杂的程序meets all those specific requirements.School lunch要满足所有具体的要求,学校的午餐is not a terrible thing that is causing childhood并不是洪水猛兽,它并没有造成儿童时期的obesity.The obesity issue is a complex issue that肥胖,显然,肥胖问题是一个复杂的问题obviously has many factors.Some of these factors有许多因素共同导致了它,其中一些因素包括include the activity level of the children, genetics,儿童的运动水平,遗传family lifestyle, competitive foods, fast food,家庭生活方式,竞争性食品,快餐television advertisements, nutrition education,电视广告,营养教育school lunch and examples set by role models.学校午餐,以及行为榜样的示范作用As you can see many variables affect the health status你可以看到,有许多变量在影响着我们国家of our nation#39;s children but think about this:儿童的健康状况,但请再想一想:the national school lunch program provides lunch国家学校午餐计划在每个上学日为to more than 31 million children each school day.超过三千一百万孩子提供午餐Schools reach over 95 percent of all children between学校会接触并影响到5到17岁之间所有孩子中the ages of 5 and 17. Obviously meals at school超过95%的孩子,显然,学校的饮食play a critical role in developing children#39;s eating又在儿童饮食方式的养成中扮演了相当重要的patterns.They provide one half to one third of many角色,他们所提供的占到许多学生每日students#39; daily nutritional needs.It just makes sense营养需求的三分之一到一半,因此,采用to use the national school lunch program as a means国家学校午餐计划是有意义的,这种方式能够to show America#39;s youth what a balanced nutritional告诉美国的年轻人一顿营养均衡的用餐究竟meal looks like and what a perfect opportunity to reach是怎样的,这是多么好的一个机遇the greatest number of America#39;s youth at one time可以让最多数量的美国年轻人同时参与by teaching them nutrition education in the classroom在教室和餐厅对他们进行and in the cafeteria while encouraging营养教育,同时鼓励他们进行physical activity.体育锻炼 Article/201504/367924Cost effective, nutritious, and convenient, food from the freezer can take a proud place on your plate with these simple recipes.成本高效,营养,方便,采用下面这些简单的食谱,冰冻食品也可以制作出让人自豪的大餐。You Will Need: Vegetable oil;Skinless, boneless, cubed chicken; Frozen foods;Stir-fry sauce;你需要:植物油;无皮,无骨,切块的鸡肉;冰冻食品;炒酱;Rice;Chicken broth;Whole grain pasta;Corn tortillas;Shredded cabbage;Salsa fresca;Sliced avocado;大米;鸡汤;全谷意面;玉米饼;切碎的卷心菜;鲜酱;切片的鳄梨;White wine or marinara sauce;Yogurt;Low-calorie sweetener.白葡萄酒或蕃茄酱;酸奶;低热量甜味剂Steps步骤STEP 1 Make a stir-fry1.制作炒菜Make a stir-fry. Heat one tablespoon vegetable oil in a large skillet and cook the cubed chicken until it#39;s no longer pink and set it aside.制作炒菜。在一把长柄煎锅中加热一汤匙植物油,烹煮鸡肉切块,直到不再是粉红色,然后盛起来放在一边。Add a second tablespoon of vegetable oil to a skillet and cook a package of frozen stir-fry vegetables. Then add the chicken and stir fry sauce and heat them through. Serve it with cooked rice.再向长柄煎锅中加入一汤匙植物油,烹煮一袋冰冻的炒蔬菜。然后加入鸡肉和炒酱,彻底加热。和煮熟的大米一起奉上餐桌。STEP 2 Prepare soup2.煮汤Prepare vegetable soup using assorted frozen vegetables, like corn, peas, bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, and green beans. Add chicken broth and whole grain pasta shells for a hearty meal.用各种各样的冰冻蔬菜制作蔬菜汤,比如玉米,豌豆,甜椒,胡萝卜,土豆和四季豆。加入鸡汤和粒面壳,打造丰盛的大餐。STEP 3 Try a spinach side dish3.用菠菜制作附加菜Try a tasty spinach side dish. Saute minced garlic in olive oil and add frozen spinach leaves, cooking until tender. Top with pepper and grated Parmesan cheese.尝试美味的菠菜附加菜。用橄榄油翻炒切碎的大蒜,然后加入冰冻的菠菜叶,直到蔬菜变软。上面加上菜椒和磨碎的巴马干酪。STEP 4 Have healthy fish tacos4.享用健康的鱼卷Have delicious, healthy fish tacos. Cook frozen fish sticks or filets, wrap them in a corn tortilla, and add salsa fresca, shredded cabbage,and sliced avocado.享用美味健康的鱼卷。烹煮冰冻的鱼条或肉片,用玉米饼卷起来,然后加上鲜酱,切碎的卷心菜和鳄梨切片。STEP 5 Reach for shrimp5.冰冻的大虾Reach for frozen shrimp, which is perfect when paired with whole grain angel hair pasta or linguine. Top it with marinara or white wine sauce.拿一些冰冻的大虾,和全谷天使面或扁面条搭配效果堪称完美。上面加一些白葡萄酒或蕃茄酱。STEP 6 Have dessert6.享用甜点Have dessert using frozen fruit, yogurt, and low-calorie sweetener to make a smoothie. You don#39;t have to sacrifice your health and can eat straight out of the freezer.用冰冻水果,酸奶和低热量甜味剂制作奶昔,享用美味甜点。不需要牺牲自己的健康,放心享用冰箱里的美食。Clarence Birdseye is credited with inventing the quick-freezing method used for modern frozen foods in 1924.1924年,克拉伦·伯兹艾发明了现代冰冻食品使用的速冻技术。 /201411/345142

44 killed, 80 injured in India gas explosion印度一家餐厅发生爆炸 造成44死 80伤At least 44 people have been killed and 80 others injured in an explosion at a restaurant in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.印度中央邦贾布瓦地区一家餐馆的液化气瓶发生爆炸事故,目前导致至少44人死亡,80人受伤。A senior police official says a cooking gas cylinder at the restaurant in the town of Petlawad exploded as people were gathering for breakfast.警方一位高级官员称表示位于佩热莱瓦德镇的这家餐厅内一个液化气瓶发生爆炸,当时人们正来到这里吃早餐。It#39;s believed the initial blast set fire to explosives stored nearby, sparking a second explosion.人们相信这场爆炸将附近存储的炸药引爆造成二次爆炸。The injured have been admitted to nearby hospitals, some of them in serious condition.受伤人员已被转送到附近医院,其中一些人伤情严重。An investigation into the incident has been opened.有关爆炸事故的原因正在调查当中。 译文属 Article/201509/399378

请在TED里与面包师、食物学家、大厨、农民和饕餮们共坐一桌,探究食物的真知。 Article/201506/378386

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