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World AIDS Day is a hugely important moment—both here in Britain andaround the globe.It’s a moment to reflect on the progress made, but it’s also areminder of how much more we still have to do.In recent years, there have been huge advances in treating HIV. Andthat means that if diagnosed early enough and treated properly, someone withHIV can live as long as someone without it.But too often stigma and myth prevent that from happening. People aretoo afraid to go for tests and it isn’t caught early enough. It’s estimatedthat 20 per cent of the people in Britain living with HIV, don’t know that theyhave the condition.We’ve got to bring that number down and get people the treatmentthey need. We’ve got to keep on putting every effort possible into educationand awareness and what’s more we’ve got to fight discrimination against HIVeverywhere we see it.Today’s also a moment to remember our lasting commitment to thedeveloping world. The UK’s aly dedicated a billion pounds to the GlobalFund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria and in the years ahead we’ve got to showevery bit as much commitment abroad as we do at home.This is what World AIDS Day is all about -- renewing ourdetermination and saving lives.On this important day let us all pledge to fight HIV and AIDS witheverything we’ve got and make sure that we in this generation weren’t foundwanting.Thank you for listening.201501/353322

Commencement address. Its going well, its going well 毕业典礼演讲 准备就绪 一切顺利Okay 好This is going to be great 这会很棒This is going to be a good one. You guys are fun 这将是很棒的演讲 你们这些伙计很有趣Its going to go really well 一切都会非常顺利Two roads diverged in a wood, and 森林中分出两条道路 然后…No不是Im not that lazy 我没有那么懒I actually sat through many graduations 我经历过很多毕业典礼When I was sitting where you guys are sitting 我坐在你们所坐的位置时the speaker was Bill Cosby 致辞者是比尔·寇司比funny man Bill Cosby, he was very funny and he was very brief 比尔·寇司比是个很有趣的人 演讲有趣而简练and I thanked him for that, but 为此我非常感谢他 但是he gave us a message 他给我们的建议that I really took with me 让我一直受用that a lot of us never forgot 我们很多人都没忘记过about changing the world是关于改变世界的He said, ;youre not going to change the world, so dont try; 他说 ;你们无法改变世界 所以别试了;That was it这就完了He didnt buy that back at all 他完全不打算自圆其说And then he complained about buying his daughter a car 然后他就开始抱怨给他女儿买车的事and we left 然后我们就都走了I remember thinking, ;I think I can do better 我在想 ;我应该能讲得更好;I think I can be a little more inspiring than that;;应该比这要更具启发性一些;And so, what Id like to say to all of you 所以 我想跟你们所有人说的是is that you are all going to die 你们所有人都会死去This is a good commencement speech 这是一个很好的毕业致辞because Im figuring its only going to go up from here因为我想没有其它致辞会比这个更糟了It can only get better, so this is good 只会越来越好 这很好201602/426637Likewise, the U.N. provides a platform to keep the peace in states torn apart by conflict类似地 联合国提供了一个平台为冲突频发的国家争取和平Now we need to make sure that those nations who provide peacekeepers have the training and equipment to actually keep the peace现在 我们需要确保 这些帮助维和的国家能够拥有维持和平所必需的训练和装备so that we can prevent the type of killing weve seen in Congo and Sudan让我们不再看到刚果和苏丹发生过的那种杀戮We are going to deepen our investment in countries that support these peacekeeping missions我们将加大力度持这些帮助维和的国家because having other nations maintain order in their own neighborhoods lessens the need for us to put our own troops in harms way如果能让这些国家负责维持附近的和平我们美国派遣军队去危险之地的需要就会减弱Its a smart investment这是很聪明的投资Its the right way to lead是正确的领导方式Keep in mind, not all international norms relate directly to armed conflict记住 并非所有国际规范都直接涉及到武装冲突We have a serious problem with cyber-attacks which is why were working to shape and enforce rules of the road to secure our networks and our citizens网络攻击也是一个严重问题因此 我们正在积极制定和施行行为规则为我们的网络和公民提供保障In the Asia Pacific, were supporting Southeast Asian nations as they negotiate a code of conduct with China on maritime disputes in the South China Sea在亚太 我们正持东南亚国家同中国就南中国海海事争端 商谈一系列行为守则And were working to resolve these disputes through international law我们正努力通过国际法的途径来解决这些争端That spirit of cooperation needs to energize the global effort to combat climate change a creeping national security crisis that will help shape your time in uniform这种合作精神还需要被用于全球范围内对抗气候变化的努力这是你们担任军人期间将要面临的一大新兴国家安全危机as we are called on to respond to refugee flows and natural disasters and conflicts over water and food我们将需要应对难民潮自然灾害 争夺食物和水的冲突which is why next year I intend to make sure America is out front in putting together a global framework to preserve our planet因此 我希望美国明年能够走在前列积极制定一份保护地球的全球性框架You see可以看到American influence is always stronger when we lead by example以身作则发挥领导作用时 美国的影响力就会越发增强201506/379862

Hi, everybody. On Tuesday, I gave my final State of the Union Address. And a focus was this: how do we make the new economy work better for everyone, not just those at the top?大家好!周二我发表了最后一次国情咨文演讲。其中重点就是:我们如何保在新经济环境下,更好的让每个人都从发展中受益,而不仅仅是社会顶层的少数人?After the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, were in the midst of the longest streak of private-sector job growth in our history. More than 14 million new jobs. An unemployment rate cut in half. At the same time, our economy continues to go through profound changes that began long before the Great Recession hit. Its changed to the point where even when folks have jobs; even when the economy is growing; its harder for hardworking families to pull themselves out of poverty, harder for young people to start out on their careers, and tougher for workers to retire when they want to.在经历我们此生遭遇的最严重的经济危机之后,我们正处在私有经济发展最良好的历史窗口期中。新增就业岗位超过1400万个。失业率也下降了一半。与此同时,我们的经济也正在经历深刻的变革,这一变革远在大萧条之前就已经开始。这种变革就在于,即便人们有了工作,即便经济一直在不断发展,对工薪家庭而言,要靠他们自身的力量摆脱贫困越来越难,年轻人想要找到一份好工作也越来越难,劳动者想要体面退休也变得越来越难。Thats a big part of the reason a lot of working families are feeling anxious. And it offends our fundamentally American belief that everybody who works hard should be able to get ahead.这正是大量工薪家庭越来越焦虑的主要原因所在。这种情绪侵蚀了美国人民坚定的信念:即每个辛勤付出的人都可以获得成功。Thats why weve been fighting so hard to give families more opportunity and more security-by working to create more good jobs, invest in our middle class, and help working people get a raise. Its what the Affordable Care Act is all about-filling in the gaps in employer-based care so that when somebody loses a job, or goes back to school, or starts that new business, they still have health care. And its why I believe weve got to take steps to modernize our unemployment insurance system.正因如此,我们一直在努力,给每个家庭更多机会,更多保障。努力为大家提供更多工作机会,对中产阶级进行投资,提高工薪人员工资。这也正是《平价医保法》所做的事情,弥补雇主提供的保障留下的空缺,这样即便你失业了,或重返学校进修了,或者开办了新的公司,依然可以享受医疗保险。因此,我相信,我们需要采取措施,完善失业保险体制。If a hardworking American loses her job, regardless of what state she lives in, we should make sure she can get unemployment insurance and some help to retrain for her next job. If shes been unemployed for a while, we should reach out to her and connect her with career counseling. And if she finds a new job that doesnt pay as much as her old one, we should offer some wage insurance that helps her pay her bills. Under my plan, experienced workers who now make less than ,000 could replace half of their lost wages-up to ,000 over two years. Its a way to give families some stability and encourage folks to rejoin the workforce-because we shouldnt just be talking about unemployment; we should be talking about re-employment.如果一位辛勤工作的人失去了工作,无论她住在哪个州,我们都应该确保他可以拿到失业保险,以及获得为寻找新工作的职业培训。如果她失业有一段时间了,我们应该找到她,联系她,为她做一些职业咨询。如果她找到了一份工作,但工资没有以前的工作工资高,我们应该为她提供工资保险,让她可以付日常账单。按照我的计划,业务熟练的劳动者,如果年收入低于5万元,可以得到换工作产生的损失工资一半的收入补偿,最高可以达到两年10万元。通过这种方式,可以让众多家庭的经济基础更稳定,并鼓励人们重新参加工作,因为我们不能只是讨论失业率,我们还应该讨论讨论再就业率。Thats when America works best-when everyone has opportunity; when everyone has some security; and when everyone can contribute to this country we love. Thats how we make sure that hardworking families can get ahead. And thats what Ill be fighting for with every last day of my presidency.这是美国最好的状态,人人都有机会,人人都有保障,人人都可以为我们深爱的国家做出贡献。这样,我们就可以确保辛勤付出的工薪家庭可以取得成功。这也是我们在总统任上将持续为之奋斗的任务。Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend. 谢谢大家,周末愉快!201601/423583People love their automobiles. They allow us to go where we want to when we want to. Theyre a form of entertainment, theyre a form of art, a pride of ownership. Songs are written about cars. Prince wrote a great song: ;Little Red Corvette.; He didnt write ;Little Red Laptop Computer; or ;Little Red Dirt Devil.; He wrote about a car. And one of my favorites has always been, ;Make love to your man in a Chevy van,; because that was my vehicle when I was in college.人人都爱车。有了车,我们就能随时随地前往我们想去的地方。车是一种形式,是一种艺术形式,是一种拥有的骄傲。有许多关于汽车的歌曲。王子(Prince)写了一首很棒的《小小红色雪佛兰》。他写的不是《小小红色笔记本电脑》,也不是《小小红色吸尘器》,而是关于一辆车的歌曲。我最喜欢的一首是《在雪佛兰里做爱吧》,因为雪佛兰是我大学时期的座驾。The fact is, when we do our market research around the world, we see that theres nearly a universal aspiration on the part of people to own an automobile. And 750 million people in the world today own a car. And you say, boy, thats a lot. But you know what? Thats just 12 percent of the population. We really have to ask the question: Can the world sustain that number of automobiles? And if you look at projections over the next 10 to 15 to 20 years, it looks like the world car park could grow to on the order of 1.1 billion vehicles. Now, if you parked those end to end and wrapped them around the Earth, that would stretch around the Earth 125 times.实际上,当我们在做世界范围的市场调研时,发现人们对拥有一辆车都是充满渴望的。现在全球有7.5亿人拥有汽车。你可能说,哇,这么多。但你们知道么?这个数字仅仅是全球人口的12%。我们真的不得不产生这样的疑问:地球经受得了这么多车么?如果你注意到对未来10年、15年至20年的预测,你会发现世界上停车场的数量将会增长到能容纳下几乎11亿辆车。如果将这些车首尾相连绕地球停放,那么其长度将是地球周长的125倍。Now, weve made great progress with automobile technology over the last 100 years. Cars are dramatically cleaner, dramatically safer, more efficient and radically more affordable than they were 100 years ago. But the fact remains: the fundamental DNA of the automobile has stayed pretty much the same. If we are going to reinvent the automobile today, rather than 100 years ago, knowing what we know about the issues associated with our product and about the technologies that exist today, what would we do?在过去的100年里,汽车技术取得了很大进步。汽车变得更加清洁、安全、髙效。比起100年前,现在汽车已成为大众消费品,而不是让我们望而兴叹的东西。但实际上,汽车的基本构造功能并没有多大改变。如果我们不是在100年前,而是在今天来重新发明汽车,已经知道汽车的各种缺陷之后,结合现在的各种先进技术,我们会如何制造汽车?201408/324317

and you need to fold the worst events of your life你必须把生命中最糟糕的时间,into a narrative of triumph,揉搓成胜利的故事,evincing a better self用更好的自己in response to things that hurt.来还击能伤害你的事物。One of the other mothers I interviewed我在写我的书时,when I was working on my book访问了一位母亲,had been raped as an adolescent,她年少时被强奸,and had a child following that rape,而在那之后她怀了孩子,which had thrown away her career plans这摧毁了她的事业计划and damaged all of her emotional relationships.也使她的情感关系受创。But when I met her, she was 50,当我遇见她时,她已经50岁了,and I said to her,我问她,;Do you often think about the man who raped you?;“你常想起那个强奸你的男人吗?”And she said, ;I used to think about him with anger,而她回答道:“我曾经对他很气愤,but now only with pity.;但现在只有怜悯。”And I thought she meant pity because he was我以为她所说的怜悯是因为so unevolved as to have done this terrible thing.只有粗鄙的男人才能做出如此不堪的事情。And I said, ;Pity?;我问她:“怜悯?”And she said, ;Yes,她回答到:“是的,because he has a beautiful daughter因为他有一个美丽的女儿and two beautiful grandchildren和两个美丽的孙子孙女and he doesnt know that, and I do.但他并不知道,而我知道。So as it turns out, Im the lucky one.;所以显然,我是幸运的。”Some of our struggles are things were born to:有些挣扎是先天的:our gender, our sexuality, our race, our disability.我们的性别,性倾向,种族,残疾。And some are things that happen to us:有些是后天发生的事情:being a political prisoner, being a rape victim,成为政治犯,成为强奸的受害者,being a Katrina survivor.成为飓风卡特里娜的幸存者。Identity involves entering a community身份意味着进入一个社群to draw strength from that community,从社群中得到力量,and to give strength there too.并同时给予那社群力量。It involves substituting ;and; for ;but; --这需要把“但是”转换成“而且”not ;I am here but I have cancer,;不是“我在这儿但是我有癌症”but rather, ;I have cancer and I am here.;而是,“我有癌症而且我在这里。”When were ashamed,当我们对自己感到惭愧,we cant tell our stories,我们就无法阐述自己的故事,and stories are the foundation of identity.而故事是身份的基础。Forge meaning, build identity,铸造意义,建立身份,forge meaning and build identity.铸造意义并建立身份,That became my mantra.这变成了我的口头禅。Forging meaning is about changing yourself.铸造意义所需要的是改变自己。Building identity is about changing the world.建立身份所需要的是改变世界。All of us with stigmatized identities所有像我这样身份沾有污点的人face this question daily:每天都必须面对这个问题:how much to accommodate society我该多大限度地通过禁锢自己by constraining ourselves,来迁就社会and how much to break the limits我该多大限度地打破所谓of what constitutes a valid life?正确生活的底线?Forging meaning and building identity铸造意义和建立身份does not make what was wrong right.不会把错的变成对的。It only makes what was wrong precious.只会把错误的变得珍贵。In January of this year,今年一月,I went to Myanmar to interview political prisoners,我前往缅甸访问政治囚犯,and I was surprised to find them less bitter而我惊讶地发现他们than Id anticipated.没有我想象中的那么怀恨。Most of them had knowingly committed他们大多在知情的情况下the offenses that landed them in prison,犯下了让他们入狱的罪行,and they had walked in with their heads held high,而他们昂首挺胸地走入监狱,and they walked out with their heads多年后,他们依然昂首still held high, many years later.地走出监狱。201410/337797Now once we mate, we click on the egg.我们一旦交配之后,就可以点这个蛋。And this is where the game starts getting interesting,这样游戏就变得很有趣了,because one of the things we really focused on here was giving the players very high-leverage tools,因为我们的重点工作致意就是让玩家利用事半功倍的工具,so that for a very small amount of effort the player can make something very cool.简单而巧妙地做出很酷的事情。And it involves a lot of intelligence on the tool side.工具栏中包含了很多的智慧。But basically, this is the editor基本上,这就是编辑工具,where were going to design the next generation of our creature.我们可以用它设计我们的生物的下一代。So it has a little spine.它有一个小脊柱,I can move around here. I can extend.它可以移动,可以延伸。I can also inflate or deflate it with the mouse wheel, so you sculpt it like clay.我也可以用这个鼠标操纵的转盘来使它膨胀或者紧缩,这样你就可以塑造它的形状,We have parts here that I can put on or pull off.就像捏橡皮泥一样。这儿我们有零件,你可以添加或者拆减。The idea is that the player can basically design我们的理念是,玩家可以用这个编辑工具设计anything they can think of in this editor, and well basically bring it to life.任何他们想设计的东西,然后让它有了生命。So, for instance, I might put some limbs on the character here.比如,我可以在这个家伙身上装一些肢体。Ill inflate them kind of large.我要把它们胀大。And in this case I might decide Im going to put --这儿我打算——Ill put mouths on the limbs.我打算在它的肢体上加几个嘴巴。So pretty much players are encouraged to be very creative in the game.所以这个游戏鼓励玩家尽可能地发挥他们的创意。Here, Ill give it one eye in the middle, maybe scale it up a bit. Point it down.这里,我要在中间安一只眼睛,放大,视线向下一点。And Ill also give it a few legs.我还要给它装几条腿。So in some sense we want this to feel like an amplifier for the players imagination,所以我们想要这个游戏,能够放飞玩家的想象,so that with a very small number of clicks a player can create something这样玩家只要轻点鼠标,就能创造that they didnt really think was possible before.他们以前想也不敢想的东西。You know, this is almost like designing something like Maya that an eight-year-old can use.你瞧,这就像是一款八岁的小孩都能使用的玛雅设计软件。But really the goal here was, within about a minute,我们真实的意图是,让玩家可以在一分钟之内,I wanted somebody to replicate what typically takes a pictorial artist several weeks to create.制作出一个平面设计师一般需要几周来创作的东西。OK, now Ill put some hands on it.好,现在我要为它加上几只手。OK, so here Ive basically thrown together a little creature.嗯,这样我就拼装好了一个小生物。Let me give it a little weapon on the tail here, so it can fight.我接着在它的尾巴上添一个小武器,这样它就能战斗了。OK, so thats the complete model. Now we can actually go to the painting phase.好啦,大功告成。然后我们就可以为它涂色了。Now, at this phase, the program actually has some understanding of the topology of this creature.在这个阶段,程序实际上对这个生物的拓扑有自己的理解。It kind of knows where the backbone is,它知道哪里是后背,where the spine, the limbs are.哪里是脊柱,哪里是肢体。It kind of knows how stripes should run, how it should be shaded.它知道条纹应该如何分布,如何造型,And so were procedurally generating the texture map,于是我们就顺理成章地得到了这个纹理图。and this is something a texture artist would take many, many days to work on.这样的作品交给一个纹理艺术家来做可能需要很多天。201512/418913MRS. OBAMA: Oh, my goodness! Good morning!AUDIENCE: Good morning.MRS. OBAMA: I am so happy to be here with you all. I’m proud to be here in the Big Easy. Look at you all! (Applause.) You look good.STUDENT: You do too!MRS. OBAMA: Thank you. (Laughter.) I want to start by thanking Nicole for that very kind introduction and for sharing her story, which is not too unfamiliar to me -- because they told me I couldn’t be where I am, too. So I want to thank Nicole. I’m proud of her. Thank you for the selfie; I think that’s the first selfie I’ve done at a commencement. So, Nicole, you’re my first. (Laughter.)And of course, I want to thank the Dillard University Choir. Oh, oh, oh! (Applause.) Oh! That’s all I can say. It’s like you want to start something up in here, right? (Laughter.) It’s like, now we got a commencement going on up in here. (Laughter.) That was beautiful, beautiful. Thank you so much.I also want to recognize Senator Mary Landrieu, who is here. Let’s give her a hand. (Applause.) She has been a strong supporter of this university.I want to thank the Dillard University Board of Trustees. I want to thank the faculty, the staff, and, of course, your tremendous president, Dr. Walter Kimbrough. (Applause.) Now, my husband has been called a few things over the years, but he has never had the honor of being referred to as the “Hip Hop President.” (Applause.)I also want to thank all the folks from the University of New Orleans for hosting us here today. And I know they’re hosting the folks at Southern University at New Orleans for their commencement later on today as well, so we wish them a wonderful day. And thank you for having us. (Applause.)And of course, I’ve got to give a big shout-out to all the family members in the crowd, all of the family members -- (applause) -- especially to the mothers, because it is the day before Mother’s Day. To all the mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. (Applause.)Now, graduates, you all handled your business, right? Just because you were graduating didn’t mean you -- come on, now. (Laughter.) Okay, well, if you didn’t, you have my permission to get up and go right now, because there is nothing more important -- no, no, don’t get up. (Laughter.) Your mothers would kill you if you got up at this moment. (Laughter.) So just stay in your seats, and when this is all over make sure you take care of mom.But in all seriousness, to all the moms out there -- as well as the dads and the grandparents, the uncles, the aunts, the brothers, the sisters, all of you who have helped raise these graduates -- you have seen them through their ups and downs, and you have poured your hearts and souls into these men and women. So today is your day, too, and you should be very proud. You really should. (Applause.)And finally, most of all, I want to congratulate the beautiful and handsome men and women of the Dillard University Class of 2014. Yay! (Applause.) You all have come so far, I know, to make it to this day -- from all those early days when the girls were sneaking out of Williams Hall to go see the boys over at the Duals -- oh yeah, I did my research -- (laughter) -- to all those tests you crammed for, to the plans you’re making now for your careers, to go on to graduate school.You all have seen so much. You’ve witnessed this school’s rebirth after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina -- the new buildings that replaced the ones you lost, the classrooms that started filling back up again, the service projects that you all have done to help this community bounce back. And I know along the way that each of you has written your own story of resilience and determination to make it here to this day.For example, as you heard, Nicole was told back in high school that she just wasn’t college material. But now she is your class president, and she’s headed off to Yale for her graduate degree. So there. (Applause.) That’s it.And I know that some of you may come from tough neighborhoods; some of you may have lost your homes during Katrina. Maybe you’re like DeShawn Dabney, a graduate who was raised by his grandmother -- (applause) -- maybe -- that’s your grandmother, isn’t it, DeShawn? (Laughter.) Raised by his grandmother while some of his family members were dealing with issues. Maybe just like him, you’ve been working part-time jobs since you were a teenager to make your dream of going to college come true. And now, today, you’re all here y to walk across this stage and get that diploma.And no matter what path you took to get here, you all kept your hearts set on this day. You fought through every challenge you encountered, and you earned that degree from this fine university. And in doing so, you are following in the footsteps of all those who came before you, and you have become an indelible part of the history of this school -- a history that, as you all know, stretches back to well before the Civil War, back to 1826, the year a child named Emperor Williams was born.201503/363250

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