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福州总院检查宫腔镜好不好费用多少宁德去哪间医院通输卵管久仰! I've heard so much about you!  好久不见了! Long time no see.  辛苦了! You've had a long day.You've had a long flight.  尊敬的朋友们! Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends  阁下(多用于称呼大使) Your Excellency  我代表北京市政府欢迎各位朋友访问北京。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.  对您的大力协助,我谨代表北京市政府表示衷心的感谢。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, i wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.  在北京过得怎么样? How are you making out in Beijing?  我一定向他转达您的问候和邀请。 I'll surely remember you and your invitation to him.  欢迎美商来北京投资。 American businessmen are welcome to make investment in Beijing.  欢迎多提宝贵意见。 Your valuable advice is most welcome.   不虚此行! It's a rewarding trip!  您的日程很紧,我们的会见是否就到此为止。 As you have a tight schedule, I will not take up more of your time.  请代我问候王先生。 Please remember me to Mr.Wang.  感谢光临! Thank you so much for coming.  欢迎再来! Hope you'll come again.  欢迎以后多来北京! Hope you'll visit Beijing more often.  请留步,不用送了! I will see myself out, please.  多保重! Take care!  祝您一路平安! Have a nice trip!  愿为您效劳! At your service!  为…举行宴会/宴请 Host a dinner/banquet/luncheon in honor of …  欢迎宴会 Welcome dinner  便宴 Informal dinner  午宴(附有情况介绍或专题演讲等内容) Luncheon  便餐 Light meal  工作午餐 Working luncheon  自助餐 Buffet dinner/luncheon   答谢宴会 Return dinner  告别宴会 Farewell dinner  庆功宴 Glee feast  招待会 Reception  庆祝中华人民共和国成立四十五周年招待会 Reception Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China  鸡尾酒会 Cocktail party  茶话会 Tea party  包餐/点餐 Table d'hote/a la carte  上菜 Serve a courst  您的位置在这里。 Here is your seat.  请入席! Please have a seat.  欢聚一堂 Enjoy this happy get-together  请随便! Please enjoy yourself.  请各位随意用餐。 Help yourself please.  您喝点什么? What would you like to drink?  现在我提议,为了…和…之间的合作,为了…参议员的健康,干杯! At this point, I propose a toast: to the cooperation between … And … , to the health of Senator…, cheers!   最后,我借主人的酒,提议为…干杯! Lastly, taking up this glass of fine wine, I propose a toast to …  请各位举杯并同我一起为所有在座的朋友们的健康干杯! I'd ask you to raise your glass and join me in a toast ot the health of all our friends present here.  敬您一杯! Here's to you!  祝你健康! To your health!  我要为此干杯! I'll drink to that!  随量! Whatever you like!  我失陪一会儿! Excuse me for a minute.  菜不好,请多多包涵! Hope you enjoy yourself.  女士们先生们,欢迎各位光临,演出很快就要开始了,请尽快就坐。 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. The concert/show would start soon. Please get yourself seated. Thank you.  招待会现在开始。 The reception will now begin.  全体起立,奏国歌! All rise please. For the P.R.C.National Anthem!  出席今天招待会的贵宾有… The distinguished guests paarticipating the reception are …   现在请…讲话 I have the honour to call upon …  开幕式现在结束。 This concludes the opening ceremony.  隆重庆祝 Grand celebration  庆祝成立…一周年 Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Establishment of …  热烈祝贺第一届…锦标赛 Hail the first FIFA of …  值此节日之际致以节日的祝贺! On the occasion of the season, I would like to extend season's greetings.  祝您工作顺利、事业成功、身体健康、家庭幸福! Wish you the very best of luck in your job, every successin your future endeavours, good health and a happy family!  衷心祝贺您当选… Hearty congratulations on your recent ecletion as … /200803/29279博爱医院卵泡监测费用 女性多吃豆类 男性多吃鱼Women who ate soy regularly as children have a lower risk of breast cancer, American researchers report. And men who eat fish several times a week have a lower risk of colon cancer, a second team of researchers have told the American Association for Cancer Research.The studies add to a growing body of evidence about the role of diet in cancer.Cancer experts now believe that up to two-thirds of all cancers come from lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and lack of exercise.The US National Cancer Institute and researchers at the University of Hawaii found that women who ate the most soy-based foods, such as tofu and miso, when aged 5 to 11, reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 58 per cent. It was not clear how soy might prevent cancer, though compounds in soy called isoflavones have estrogen-like effects.A second study showed that men who ate fish at least five times a week had a 40 per cent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer compared with men who ate fish less than once a week.Many kinds of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which interfere with the cyclooxygenase-2 or COX-2 enzyme. COX-2 affects inflammation, which may play a role in tumour growth. 据美国研究人员报告,儿童时期经常吃豆类食品的女性患乳腺癌的风险较小。另一组研究人员则向美国癌症研究协会提出,一周吃几次鱼的男性患结肠癌的几率较小。这两项研究进一步明了饮食对于防癌的作用。癌症防治专家认为,在所有种类的癌症中,多达三分之二都是由吸烟、节食及缺乏锻炼等不健康的生活方式造成的。美国全国癌症研究所和夏威夷大学的研究人员发现,在5岁至11岁时经常吃豆腐、味噌等豆类食品的女性患乳腺癌的几率要低58%。至于豆类食品为什么可以防癌还不清楚,不过大豆中所含的名叫异黄酮的化合物具有雌性激素的作用。另一项研究表明,一周吃鱼至少五次的男性患结肠癌的风险要比那些一周都吃不到一次鱼的男性低40%。很多鱼类中所富含的Omega-3脂肪酸能够抑制环氧化酶2的活性。环氧化酶2会引起发炎,这可能会刺激肿瘤的生长。 /200803/32263Many of us love stories about time travel, aliens, and the future, but most science fiction comes from the West. But one completely Chinese sci-fi work has attracted the world’s attention. On April 4, the World Science Fiction Society announced the finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards, the top award for science fiction. Death’s End (《死神永生》), the final book in Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past (《地球往事》) trilogy (三部曲), is among the nominees (被提名者). The winner will be revealed on Aug 11.我们中不少人都喜欢时空穿梭、外星人和关于未来的故事,但大多数科幻小说都来自于西方。然而,一部纯“中国制造”的科幻作品如今引起了世界的关注。4月4日,世界科幻小说协会公布了科幻小说界最高奖项——雨果奖,2017年的提名名单,刘慈欣的《地球往事》三部曲的终章《死神永生》就在名单之列。获奖者将于今年8月11日揭晓。Liu, 54, is not a Hugo Award newcomer. In 2015, The Three-Body Problem, the first novel in the series, made him the first Asian to take home the prize.现年54岁的刘慈欣并不是雨果奖的新人了。早在2015年,该系列的第一部小说《三体》就让他成为了第一个捧得雨果奖的亚洲人。Ever since it was published in English in 2013, The Three-Body Problem quickly became the best-selling Asian work of literature on US retail (零售) platform Amazon. Former US President Barack Obama even took it on holiday, while social media billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recommended it on Facebook. The novel has also been adapted into a movie starring Feng Shaofeng, which will be released later this year.自2013年英文版面世以来,《三体》便迅速成为了美国零售平台亚马逊上最畅销的亚洲文学作品。美国前总统巴拉克?奥巴马甚至度假也要带上它,而社交媒体亿万富翁马克·扎克伯格也在脸书上推荐这本书。这部小说也已经被改编成了一部由冯绍峰主演的电影,将于今年年内上映。According to Ken Liu, the novel’s US-based translator, many of the themes explored in Western sci-fi have found their place in the Chinese trilogy. Things like space exploration, alien contact, artificial intelligence (人工智能), and life science are all included. Problems of modern development are also addressed, like environmental pollution and the negative effects caused by new technologies.这部小说的译者刘宇昆目前居住在美国,他表示,西方科幻作品中探索的许多主题在这部中国三部曲中都有一席之地,诸如太空探索、与外星生命接触、人工智能以及生命科学等内容都被包含在内。书中还提及了现代发展所带来的问题,如新科技所引发的环境污染以及其他负面影响等。“Chinese sci-fi does have its own unique themes as well, such as the attempt to re-display the ancient history of China from a sci-fi angle (角度),” Ken Liu told The Guardian.“中国的科幻小说同时也有自己独特的主题,比如试图从科幻的角度,来展现中国古代历史。” 刘宇昆在接受《卫报》采访时表示。Yet most importantly, Liu’s work, like many successful works of science fiction, is popular because it voices our concern with the future.但最重要的是,就像许多成功的科幻小说作品一样,刘慈欣的作品因传达了人类对于未来的担忧而大热。“With the rapid development of China, the way of thinking of the Chinese people – the new generation in particular – is undergoing profound (深刻的) changes,” Liu Cixin told Wired magazine. “They have broader horizons. They view themselves as part of humanity instead of being just Chinese. They have also started to think about the ultimate (终极的) questions concerning the whole universe, which Chinese people seldom thought about before.”“随着中国的快速发展,看待中国人的方式 —— 特别是新一代 —— 正在经历深刻的变化。”刘慈欣在接受《连线》杂志采访时表示,“他们拥有了更宽广的视野。他们将自己视为人类的一分子,而不仅仅是中国人。他们也已经开始思考关于全宇宙的终极问题,而这些问题是中国人先前很少会考虑到的。”Han Song, another Chinese sci-fi writer, agreed that the development of science fiction is closely related to a nation’s development. “Sci-fi novels show a nation’s imagination and creativity,” he told Southern Metropolitan Daily.另一位中国科幻小说家韩松,对科幻作品的发展与国家的发展密切相关这一观点表示赞同。他在接受《南方都市报》采访时表示,“科幻小说展现了一个国家的想象力和创造力。”And Italian science writer Giulio Prisco believes that China is the place to watch for sci-fi fans. “Chinese writers are taking the lead in writing imaginative science fiction that is able to inspire whole generations,” he wrote on his blog. “China is starting to think big and is y to take first place in the race toward a bright future on Earth and in space. Modern Chinese science fiction shows that.”而意大利科幻作家朱里奥·普利斯科认为,中国是一个科幻迷应当关注的地方。“中国作家正在带头创作能够启迪世人又富有想象力的科幻小说,”他在客中写道,“中国开始从大处着眼,准备好在地球乃至宇宙通往光明未来的竞争中取得领先地位。而中国现代科幻小说就展现了这一点。” /201704/505660三明市查精子去哪好

福州第二人民医院输卵管复通术好不好福州哪些医院治疗早泄比较好 今天你穿高跟鞋了吗?Sexy stiletto heels get our women on a highLiz Avery's collection of 'about 30' pairs of shoes puts her in the top bracket of an ownership survey.Avery hasfallen head over heelsfor shoes. And not just any shoes. Stilettos are what make hergo weak at the knees.The 21-year-old owns "about 30" pairs of heels, but she isby no meansa rarity: a survey of more than 450 Australian women found 32 per cent owned between 26 and 50 pairs of heels, while 31 per cent owned between 11 and 25 pairs.Conducted by American shoe guru Meghan Cleary for two online dating services, the survey found that 80 per cent of women would wear stilettos or strappy heels on a first date.Of those surveyed, 66 per cent said buying shoes was better than eating chocolate, while almost half of the women surveyed said high heels were the best way to boost sex appeal. Black was the colour of choice for 60 per cent of women, while 16 per cent favoured red and 7 per cent pink."Australian women overwhelmingly went for the stiletto as their favourite pair of shoes and shoes for a first date," Ms Cleary said."They also named their first pair of high heels as the most important shoe they will wear in their life."Ms Avery wears "all different types and colours of heels".Her favourite is a pair of leopard-print, peep-toe heels from Australian designer Leona Edmiston, but the brand favoured by more than any other of those surveyed was Manolo Blahnik.Favoured by shoe-crazed Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City fame, Manolo Blahniks are famous for their sleek lines, not comfort levels. 艾弗里对于鞋子可谓情有独钟,但并非所有的鞋都能投其所好,细高跟鞋才是她的最爱。21岁的艾弗里有“大约30双”高跟鞋,但她绝对算不上另类。一项共有450多名澳大利亚女性参加的调查发现,32%的女性拥有26至50双高跟鞋,31%的女性有11至25双高跟鞋。美国鞋时尚大师梅根·克利瑞为两家在线约会网站所做的此项调查显示,80%的女性在第一次约会时会选择穿细高跟鞋或绊带高跟鞋。66%的受访者认为买鞋要比吃巧克力有意思,近一半的受访女性说穿高跟鞋是增加性感度的最好办法。此外,60%的女性青睐黑色鞋,16%的女性喜欢红颜色的鞋,7%的人喜欢粉色鞋。克利瑞女士说:“澳洲女性尤为钟爱高跟鞋,她们第一次约会通常都会穿高跟鞋。”“而且她们认为自己的第一双高跟鞋是一生中所穿的最重要的鞋。”艾弗里则尝试过“各种款式和颜色的高跟鞋”。其中,她最喜欢的是由澳大利亚设计师莉澳娜·爱德米斯顿设计的一双豹纹露趾高跟鞋。但据调查,最受女性青睐的鞋品牌是莫罗·伯拉尼克。《欲望都市》中“嗜鞋如命”的卡莉·布拉德肖对莫罗·伯拉尼克牌高跟鞋也是钟爱有加。这个品牌高跟鞋的最大亮点是它优美的弧线,而非舒适度。Vocabulary: fall head over heels : love;fall in love with(喜欢;喜爱;例如:He has fallen head over heels for her.他疯狂爱上了她。)go weak at the knees : 屈的;无骨气的;这句话的字面意思是说“艾弗里见到高跟鞋就没脾气了”,也就是说“她喜欢高跟鞋”。by no means : 决不 /200803/32056三明市看无精症比较好的医院

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