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A: May I exchange this DVD player?我能换台DVD播放机?B: Certainly. Do you have your receipt?当然可以,你有收据吗?A: Here you are.给你B: Now, why do you want to exchange it?现在能解释些为什么想换机器吗?A: It wont play a DVD.它无法播放DVDB: Im sorry. Ill get you a new player.很抱歉,我会给您换台新的A: At first, I thought it was me.一开始,我以为是我B: Okay, here a new one you.好的,给您新机器 5380



  5.Using Antibacterial Soap5.使用抗菌肥皂There been a lot of debate about just how effective antibacterial soaps are and whether or not they should even be marketed, but using them has been proven to have an impact on the environment.关于抗菌肥皂是多么有效及它们是否应该被买卖的争论很多,但是使用它们已经被实是对环境有影响的Johns Hopkins University Center Water and Health has done a study on just what happens to all the antibacterial chemicals in your antibacterial soaps after they swirl down the drain. The most commonly used chemicals are triclocarban and triclosan, and while most of those chemicals are removed from wastewater when theyre run through a treatment plant, they have to go somewhere. That somewhere is sewage sludge, which is then recycled agricultural use. From there, those chemicals are transferred into the ground and ultimately into surface water. When triclocarban degrades, it degrades into two chemicals—both carcinogens. When triclosan is run through a treatment plant to make drinking water, it doesnt exactly make safe drinking water. Instead, it makes other chemicals that can include chlorom. And those chemicals travel through the food chain in plants, animals, and ultimately humans. The Centers Disease Control and Prevention found traces of the chemicals originating with antibacterial soap in 75 percent of urine samples tested, all taken from people over five years old. Triclosan has been shown to interfere with the basic biological systems of a number of animals, including rats and a range of amphibians. It interferes with thyroid function, and when it builds up in the body, it causes early puberty in young animals, infertility, obesity, and cancer. Triclosan collects in the body fatty tissues, and since animals—and humans—are higher up on the food chain, that means were consuming all the trace amounts found in lower animals and getting a massive dose of the stuff.约翰霍普斯金大学水与健康中心做了一项调研,是关于抗菌肥皂沫漩涡般流进下水道之后,它的抗菌化学物质所发生的变化抗菌香皂含有的最普遍的化学物质是三氯二苯脲和二氯苯氧氯酚,当废水经过污水净化厂处理后,大多数的化学物质都会被分离出来,然后与下水道沉淀下来的烂泥融合,之后这些污泥又会被农业循环利用自此,那些化学物质又被转移回了地面并最终进入地表水当三氯二苯脲分解时,会分解成两种化学物质——两种都是致癌物质;当二氯苯氧氯酚经污水净化厂处理以产生饮用水时,它制出的并不全是安全的饮用水,相反,它会制造出包含三氯甲烷在内的其他化学物而那些化学物游走于食物链中,经由植物,动物,最终进入人类体内美国疾病控制和预防中心对五岁以上人口的尿样进行测试后发现,75%的人口尿样中含有抗菌肥皂所产生的化学物痕迹二氯苯氧氯酚被实干扰了包含老鼠和大量两栖动物在内的基础生物系统它使生物体内的甲状腺功能紊乱,并且随着在体内的积累,其会导致幼小动物青春期提早,不不育、肥胖和癌症二氯苯氧氯酚集聚在体内脂肪组织不易分解,并且由于动物及人类高高立于食物链之上,那就意味着我们正在消耗吸收低等动物体内积累起来的全部二氯苯氧氯酚,最终我们体内便会存储大量的此种化学物,并遭受其带给我们的伤害.Keeping The Family Cat.饲养猫咪If you have an indoor cat, you probably go through a lot of cat litter. It a pretty new invention, only around since 197 when a Michigan woman asked Edward Lowe if he knew of an alternative to the sand or ash that she had been using. Lowe, who worked in the industrial absorbents business, gave her some clay—and the rest is history.如果你养了一只猫,那么你一定用了很多猫砂猫砂是一个很棒的发明,其起源可以追溯到197年,当时一位密歇根州妇女向爱德华·劳询问是否知道某种沙子或者灰可以用来清洁猫的粪便劳当时在一家生产吸收剂的工厂工作,于是给了她一些粘土,之后的事便众所周知了There is, of course, a big problem with that history. decades, at least 75 percent of the different brands of cat litter available were made from bentonite clay. The clay is what gives the litter its scoopable quality. Considering America alone uses about million tons of cat litter every year, that a lot of clay the industry needs. So how do we get it? Strip mining. Lots and lots of strip mining. While that bad no matter the angle, some people have had it incredibly bad. In 1989, Canada Mineral Tenure Act was amended to include one of the key ingredients in cat litter—diatomaceous earth. That meant that suddenly, companies had the right of free entry onto people land without a time limit to look valuable minerals. Landowners in Canada have found their property strip mined cat litter. Technically, landowners need to be compensated, but that process can take years. The Bepple family was one such victim, finding a plot of land they once used grazing livestock and farming trees suddenly being strip mined cat litter. There are tons of alternatives to clay litter on the market, from recycled paper litter to wood and plant-based litters. Those options arent always widely available, though. In many cases, they can be incredibly costly.当然,后来这引起了一个很大的问题几十年来,至少有75%不同品牌的猫砂都由膨润土所制这种粘土可以使猫砂和粪便凝结试想一下,目前仅美国每年就要使用0万吨的猫砂,那么生产猫砂的工厂每年会需要多少粘土?那么我们是怎么得到这些粘土的呢?通过露天开采,非常频繁的露天开采无论从哪个角度来看露天开采对于环境的伤害都是巨大的,但还是有人乐此不疲地开采粘土1989年,加拿大的矿产法案修订就包含了对硅藻土(猫砂的关键制作原料之一)的开采这就意味着,公司有权利无时间限制地进入人们的土地上寻找需求的矿产加拿大的地主们在其拥有的土地上发现了很多猫砂的材料矿产资源从技术上来看,这些地主们应该得到补偿,但是这个过程可能会花费很多年Bepple家族便是这样的受害者之一,他们本来是找到了一块土地用于放牧和种植树木,但是却突然被别人开采做猫砂了现在,市场上已经有很多材料可以替代粘土,从再生纸到木材和植物,应有尽有但是这些材料并没有得到普及并且在很多情况下,这些材料都非常昂贵3.Eating Farm-Raised Fish3.吃养殖鱼If there anything that seems like it an eco-friendly dinner choice, it farm-raised fish. Youre not removing fish from the open ocean, youre not putting other animals in danger, and youre not even adding to emissions given off from fishing boats. But farm-raised fish come with their own set of problems, and theyre definitely not the eco-friendly choice youd think.在日常生活中,如果有什么看似是环保的选择的话,那么食用养殖鱼就是其中一种如果你食用养殖鱼,就不用去公海区,也不会让其他动物处于危险中,甚至你也不需要使用渔船,这样就不会产生渔船排放的污染物但是养殖鱼也会存在一些自身问题,事实明这根本不是一种环保的做法Shrimp aquaculture has resulted in the large-scale degradation of coastal areas, the destruction of wetlands, and salinization of freshwater areas and drinking water. Salmon farming relies on the release of fish food and nutrients into the water, which always results in wasted feed and a huge amount of fish droppings in the water. That normally not a problem, but when a lot of fish are farmed in a small area, it too much the ecosystem to handle naturally. Extra waste products end up sinking to the bottom where they react with the medicines and other nutrients used to keep the fish healthy along with antifoulant agents used to keep nets clean. That means fish farms are a breeding ground sea lice, which are as disgusting as they sound. More chemicals are used to control the sea lice, which end up killing the other marine life that was supposed to be in the area in the first place. There also the very, very good chance that nonnative species of farmed fish are going to escape. That introducing an invasive species to an ecosystem not prepared to handle it, and that means a whole other set of problems. Like many other environmental problems, there absolutely no easy answer. Environmental agencies are now looking ways to improve husbandry practices worldwide.鱼虾养殖会导致沿海地区大规模退化、湿地遭到破坏以及淡水和饮用水盐碱化养殖鲑鱼的话需要在水中投放鱼食和营养,这样就会导致饲料的浪费及大量的鱼屎堆积这看似并不是多大的问题,但是当很多的鱼被养殖在一个很小的区域时,生态系统的自我调节能力便会超过限度,最终导致生态失衡额外的废弃物最终沉入水底堆积起来,养殖人员还会使用药品和其他营养物质来保障鱼虾的健康,甚至会使用一些去污剂来保持渔网的整洁,而水底的废弃物又会和这些药品、营养物质以及去污剂发生化学反应这就意味着养殖场也成为了海虱的滋生地,听起来就非常的令人恶心而人们也会使用越来越多的化学物质来控制海虱的生长,最终还可能杀死原本应该存活在这一区域的其他水生生物当然目前还有一种很好的机会去引进外来物种的养殖鱼然而当生态系统还没有准备好如何调节的时候,这就意味着又会带来一系列新的问题类似于很多其他生态问题,这一问题也很难得到解决目前环境保护机构正在全球范围内寻找方法来改善这种问题.Eating Soy.吃大豆Turning to soy products has long been heralded as the healthier, more eco-friendly, and certainly more cow-friendly alternative to dairy products. Untunately, recent studies have shown that the environmental impact of soybean production is pretty devastating, too.与乳制品相比,豆制品长期被视为更加健康,更加环保以及更佳的畜牧业友好型产品不幸的是,近期的研究表明豆制品对环境的影响同样是毁灭性的Soybeans arent just used in products like milk substitutes. Theyre also being used non-consumables like soap and candles. And were not the only ones eating soy, either; about 80 percent of the world soy production goes into livestock feed. There a huge demand soy. As it grows in popularity, more space is needed to grow the beans. Since , deestation in Brazil has been on a steady decrease, a direct result of a ban implemented in order to counteract deestation. The need the ban comes on the heels of Greenpeace numbers, which indicated that about 1. million hectares of soy was planted in Brazil rain est in alone. In addition to the usual impacts of things like pesticides and water use, there a huge human rights issue that grown up around the development of soy, too. The Brazilian government keeps a list of farms that have been caught using slave labor, and soy farms throughout the Amazon basin have been found guilty of luring people there with work, then seizing their documents and cing them into slavery. There also the rather shady practice of land-grabbing, leading to countless families being kicked off land that deemed more valuable farming than living.大豆不仅仅作为牛奶的替代品供食用他们也同样地像肥皂和蜡烛那样作为非消耗品在使用而且,不仅仅我们人类食用大豆,世界上百分之八十的豆类制品成为了家畜的食物随着人口的增长,对大豆的需求也随之增加,更多的空间需要用于种植大豆从年开始,巴西颁布并实施法令以防止滥砍滥伐,自此乱砍滥伐的现象已逐渐得到控制此禁令颁布前不久,绿色和平组织的一份数据显示,在仅年这一年中,便有大约0万公顷的巴西热带雨林被开伐用于种植大豆随着大豆种植的发展,除了诸如杀虫剂以及水的使用等对环境的影响,还有大量的人权问题随之诞生巴西政府掌控着大量的农田,而这些农田采取的是奴隶耕作方式遍及亚马逊盆地上的大豆种植田农田主已被查明罪行累累:首先诱拐人民到这里工作,然后扣押下他们的件,最后迫使他们沦为奴隶这还有更为阴暗的是土地的掠夺导致无数的家庭被迫离开他们的土地这让人觉得农田的种植比人民的生活更为重要,更有价值1.Not Finishing Your Dinner1.剩饭剩菜Most of us grew up hearing that wed better clean our plates, but it a bigger problem than our parents probably ever realized. Every year, global food waste amounts to about 1.3 billion tons, and that such a big number that it impossible to imagine. It costing us about 0 billion annually, and the environmental waste is just as staggering.我们中的大多数人在成长的过程中都会听到父母的谆谆教导:谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦但是也许连我们的父母都没法意识到浪费粮食这一问题的严重性:每年全球食物的浪费数量高达亿吨,这是一个难以想象的大数字我们每年都要为此花费掉7500亿美元,而环境废物排放量依旧是惊人的Three times the annual flow of the Volga River is wasted on producing food that gets thrown away, yielding 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases. About percent of our agricultural land is used to produce waste food. Clearing more and more land is putting countless plants and animals at risk. Meanwhile, about 870 million people are starving. A lot of the waste comes at the processing levels, but consumer waste is also incredibly high. Fruits and vegetables are often thrown away being misshapen, not necessarily spoiled. There a lot of food that thrown away at the best-by date regardless of whether the food has spoiled. Many consumers think that the sell-by date and the best-by dates are the same, but that just not the case. While plans are in place reducing waste like packaging food in smaller containers and offering lower prices less-than-perfect foods, there still a long, long way to go.每年三倍于伏尔加河流量的水浪费在生产而又被丢弃的食物中,同时伴有33亿吨的温室气体排放,大约有%的农用土地被用于生产浪费掉的粮食,掠夺越来越多的土地正使得无数的动植物生存受到威胁与此同时,大约有8.7亿的人仍处于饥饿状态虽然生产阶段会产生很多浪费,但是消费者的浪费也是难以置信的高蔬菜水果经常由于其畸形而不是因为变质而被丢弃很多的食品在临近有效食用期时被丢弃而不管它们到底是不是过期变质了很多的消费者认为保质期和有效食用期是一样的,但是这不是一回事虽然人们已形成了很多减少浪费的计划,比方说把食物包装在一个更加小的饭盒中以及以更低的价格来处理一些不是最佳食用期的食物,但是,真正做到杜绝浪费,我们仍旧还有一段很长的路要走审校:浅芷湄 编辑:Lion 来源:前十网。


  More than 30 bald men gathered at a hot spring facility in Tsuruta, Japan, to show off their hairless heads and have fun.近日,日本30多个光头男子齐聚鹤田町温泉,来展示他们的光头并一起作乐Members of the city Bald Men Club took turns competing in a unique game of tug-of-war by sticking a suction cup, which is attached to a single red rope, to each of their heads.该市的秃头男子俱乐部的成员轮流参加了一项独特的比赛:光头吸盘拔河赛比赛是这样的,将吸盘用红绳子拴上,连着每人的光头Both sides then attempt to pull the cup off of their opponent head.然后绳子两边的人用力将对手头上的吸盘拉下来;My head still hurts,; Toshiyuki Ogasawara, 3, said with a smile. ;I think I need to ice it!;3岁的Toshiyuki Ogasawara笑着说:“我的头还很疼,我想我需要冰敷一下”The club, which has attracted roughly 65 members since its founding in 1989, encourages people to ;view baldness in a positive manner, to have fun, and to brighten the world with our shiny heads,; according to its website.该俱乐部的网站上写道,自俱乐部1989年成立以来,已吸引了日本全国共65名秃头男子参加其鼓励人们“用积极的态度看待秃头,享受乐趣,用闪亮的光头照亮世界”Teijiro Sugo, 70, the club chairman, hopes the gathering will turn into something much larger.70岁的俱乐部主席Teijiro Sugo希望竞赛变得更加盛大;I want all the bald men all over the world to gather here so we can organize a bald men Olympic tournament,; Sugo said.他说道:“我希望全世界的光头都能到这里来,这样我们就能举办一场光头奥林匹克锦标赛了” 686巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(旅途中事宜) 9 Antiques 古玩店文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 63.May I help you?我可以帮你吗?May I help you?我可以帮你吗?Are you looking something in particular?您在找特定的东西吗?Im just looking,thanks.我只是看看,谢谢No,Im fine.不用,没关系.Just looking,thanks.看看而已,谢谢.Im looking a gift.我正在找礼物.Yes,where are your men sweaters?是啊,请问男式毛衣在哪里?Could you show me shis,please?你可以拿这个给我看吗?May I see that silver bracelet please?我可以看看这银手镯吗?Cash or charge?付现金还是刷卡?Will that be cash or charge?付现金还是刷卡呢?Would you like to pay by cash or charge?您要付现金还是刷卡?Will you be paying by cash or credit card(charge)?您要付现金还是信用卡(刷卡)?Cash,please.付现金,谢谢.Charge.刷卡.Do you accept American Express?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Can I use Master Card?我可以用万事达卡吗?Do you take VISA?你们接受VISA卡吗?May I help you?(Just looking,thanks.)我可以帮你吗?看看而已,谢谢.May I help you?(Im just looking,thanks.)我可以帮你吗?我只是看看,谢谢.May I help you?(No,Im fine.)我可以帮你吗?不用,谢谢.May I help you?(Could you show me this,please?)我可以帮你吗?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Are you looking something in particular?(Could you show me this,please?)您在找特定的东西吗?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Are you looking something in particular?(Im looking a gift.)您在找特定的东西吗?我正在找礼物.Are you looking something in particular?(Just looking,thanks.)您在找特定的东西吗?看看而已.Are you looking something in particular?(No,thanks.)您在找特定的东西吗?不用,没关系.Are you looking something in particular?(Yes,where are your men sweaters?)您在找特定的东西吗?是啊,请问男式毛衣在哪里?Are you looking something in particular?您在找特定的东西吗?我可以看看这银手镯吗?May I see that silver bracelet,please?付现金还是刷卡?付现金,谢谢.Cash or charge?(Cash,please.)付现金还是刷卡?现金.Cash or charge?(Charge.)付现金还是刷卡?刷卡.Will that be cash or charge?(Cash,please.)付现金还是刷卡呢?付现金,谢谢.Will that be cash or charge?(Charge,please.)付现金还是刷卡呢?刷卡,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Cash,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?付现金,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Charge,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?刷卡,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Can I use Master Card?)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?我可以用万事达卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Cash,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡?付现金,谢谢.Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Charge.)您要付现金还是刷卡?刷卡.Will that be cash or charge?(Do you accept American Express?)付现金还是刷卡呢?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Will that be cash or charge?(Do you take VISA?)付现金还是刷卡呢?你们接受VISA卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Do you accept American Express?)您要付现金还是刷卡?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Do you take VISA?)您要付现金还是刷卡?你们接受VISA卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Can I use Master Card?)您要付现金还是刷卡?我可以用万事达卡吗?A:May I help you?B:No,thanks,Im just looking.A:能为您务吗?B:不用,谢谢.我只是看看.A:All right.Let me know if you need any help.B:Thanks.A:好的.如果有任何需要请告诉我.B:谢谢.A:Hi,how are you today?B:Im fine,thanks.A:嗨,你好.B:很好,谢谢.A:Are you looking something in particular?A:你要找特定的东西吗?B:Actually,Im looking a pair of jeans.B:事实上我在找牛仔裤.A:The jeans section is over here.What kind of cut are you looking ?A:牛仔裤放在这儿,你要什么式样的呢?B:I think I want a straight leg.B:我想要直筒的吧.A:What size?B:30-30.A:什么尺寸呢?B:30-30.A:Here you are.Do you want to try them on first?B:No thanks.They should fit.A:这件.您要试穿吗?B:不用,谢谢,应该适合吧.A:Would you like to look at our sweaters or T-shirts to go with that?A:您要不要看看我们的毛衣或T-shirt一起搭配?B:No thanks,Ill just take these.B:不用了谢谢.我买这件就好.A:All right.Thatll be .95.Will that be cash or charge?A:好的.那是.95.要付现金还是刷卡?B:Do you take American Express?B:美国运通卡接受吗?A:Yes,we do.B:All right.Charge then.A:Please sign here.B:Thank you.A:是,我们可以.B:好,那刷卡.A:请在这儿签名.B:谢谢.A:Thanks shopping with us,and have a nice day!A:谢谢您的光临,祝您愉快.Im just looking,thanks.我只是看看.Could you show me this?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Cash,please.付现金,谢谢.Charge.刷卡. 185

  A South Carolina police officer has become an Internet sensation rescuing an adorable kitten that he now takes on patrol with him.美国南卡罗来纳州的一名警官因救助了一只可爱的小猫并带它一起巡逻而成为网红Cody Garrett, , of Spartanburg, offered to take the tiny kitten home with him after another officer found the cat hiding under a trash dumpster to get out of the rain and brought her back to the police department.一名警官在垃圾车下面发现了躲雨的小猫咪后将其带回了警局,来自斯帕坦堡岁的科迪·加勒特提出将这只小猫咪带回家照料He told A News that he decided to take it upon himself to nurse the kitten back to health because he aly had a rescue cat named Toothless at home who happens to be nursing three kittens.加勒特告诉美国广播公司新闻,他决定自己照料这只小猫、使其恢复健康,是因为他家已经有一只叫;无牙;的被救助的猫,而;无牙;碰巧正在哺育三只小猫When the kitten met her adopted mom the first time, she went to the bathroom—earning her the name Squirt.当小猫咪第一次见到养母的时候,就跑去了卫生间,得名Squirt.That one of the only reasons I brought her home instead of taking her to the Humane Society, he said of Squirt. he needed a mom so it worked out.“这就是为什么我要将它带回家而不是把他送到动物保护协会,”他说“Squirt需要一个妈妈,这样才能解决问题”Squirt is continuing to get stronger thanks to the support of her adoptive family, which includes her new mom, her siblings, and Cody two dogs.幸亏有寄养家庭的帮助,Squirt才得以茁壮成长,而这个寄养家庭除了它的养母和兄弟之外,还有科迪的两只Cody Garrett earned Internet fame after sharing a photo of a kitten perched on his shoulder while he was in his squad car. More than 1,300 people liked the photo, with people from all around the world singing his praises.科迪·加勒特分享了一张照片,照片中一只小猫趴在警车里的他的肩膀上,加勒特爆红网络超过00人对该照片点了赞,来自全世界的人都在赞扬他 57Top 3 Places to Visit in Singapore新加坡最值得游玩的三个地方3. Singapore Botanic Garden3.新加坡植物园In 18, Sir Stamd Raffles had built up Botanic Gardens at the base of Government Hill and the gathering was moved to its present site at 1859. Throughout the years, the greenhouses had been broadened and arranged. Today, the Botanic Garden is currently an UNESCO World Heritage and in among the top to-visit places to visit in Singapore. The National Orchid Garden is the highlight of the Botanic Garden. It has the most noteworthy presentation of the tropical orchids on the planet. With a Cool House a high elevation of Orchids in common settings, it has more than 1,000 species and ,000 half and halves. The greenery enclosure is prevalent with its local people, who run and excursion and go to the incessant outside shows in Palm Valley. The patio nursery is best investigated in the relative cool morning or at night.18年,斯丹福·莱佛士爵士在新加坡福康宁的政府山上建立了第一个新加坡;植物学实验园;1859年,这个建筑区迁到现在的地址这些年来,植物园已经扩建和拓展了许多如今,新加坡植物园是联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产地,也是新加坡最受欢迎的旅游地之一国家胡姬花园是最有名的植物园之一,它有这个地球上最著名的热带兰花景观花园通过将生长在高海拔地区的胡姬花放置在低温室中培育,拥有了超过00个胡姬花品种绿色围场受到当地人的欢迎他们在围场里跑步、远足,或者去棕榈树园观看不间断的户外演出在凉爽的早晨或者夜晚,露台苗圃是最适合探索的地方. Singapore Zoo and River Safari.新加坡动物园与水上乐园Path back to 1960s, the British had left a ragbag of family pets when they hauled out of Singapore. The 69 sections of land Singapore Zoo was mally opened in 1973 where it is currently home to more than 300 species, example, tigers, orangutans, komodo mythical serpents, brilliant lion and jeopardized species. There is reproducing programs started imperiled species, which had made some progress.追溯到世纪六十年代,当英国人离开新加坡的时候,他们留下了一些动物由69片区域组成的新加坡动物园在1973年正式开放,那里曾是300多种动物的家园,如老虎、猩猩、科莫多龙、奇异的蛇、聪明的狮子以及濒危的物种动物园有一项为濒危动物发起的再生项目,并且已经取得了一些进展The recreation center is home toward the Southeast Asia biggest panda show and the world biggest freshwater aquarium. One can take a ride on the Amazon River Quest and to appreciate the pontoon enterprise that buoys past more than 30 types of creatures, which incorporates mammoth insect eating animal and panthers.中心有东南亚最大型的熊猫表演和世界最大的淡水水族馆人们可以在亚马逊水道边骑车,欣赏浮桥区的景色,浮标流经过三十多种动物,包括猛犸象、以昆虫为生的动物和美洲豹1. Jurong Bird Park1.裕廊飞禽公园Jurong Bird Park is the greatest in Asia Pacific and very natural came first in our list of places to visit in Singapore. This 9 sections of land flying creature park is home to more than 5,000 fowls with 380 species from everywhere throughout the world. The Waterfall Aviary is the most terrific range in the recreation center where it is a 5 sections of land woods containing more than 1,500 African winged creatures and has a 0-feet man-made waterfall. On the off chance that you would prefer not to visit the recreation center by foot, you can jump on a cable car to have an outline of the recreation center.裕廊飞禽公园是亚太地区最大的,也是人们最想去的旅游景点之一这9片区域组成的飞禽公园是5000多只鸟的家园,有来自世界各地的380种鸟类瀑布鸟舍是中心最大的一块地方该中心由5部分陆上森林组成,拥有超过00只亚洲的鸟以及0英尺高的人造瀑布万一你不想徒步观光这个中心,你可以乘上缆车,饱览这个地方的全貌译文属 53

  本文选自Friends《老友记,欢迎大家前来学习交流,希望大家喜欢Monica: So? What do you think of the house?Chandler: It's perfect. It's everything we've been looking .Monica: Isn't it? Then what about the amazing wainscoting and the crown molding and the dormer windows in the attic? Chandler: And the wiggle worms and the zip zaps? What were the things you said? Monica: Don't you love the huge yard? Chandler: And the fireplace in the bedroom. Monica: And Nancy said that it's really under price, because the guy lost his job and has to move in with his parents.重点讲解:Wainscoting n. 涂层,护墙板例句:Smokey-grey painted walls and contrasting crisp white wainscoting and window molding give modern edge to this traditional foyer space. 烟灰色的墙壁,雪白的护墙板和窗框,强烈的对比让这个门厅看上去很是时尚Crown molding 冠形屋顶,装饰条Dormer window 屋顶窗子,夏窗,老虎窗Under price 降价,赔本例句:It was sold under cost price. 那个东西赔本卖掉了 865

  On its good days, science is incredible, enlightening and amazingly inmative. On its bad days, science is gross, disturbing and downright bizarre. We had to sift through some pretty murky waters to compile this list of odd questions science has tried to answer. Talk about typing a word into the Google machine perfectly innocent reasons and getting completely perturbing results your efts.人们信奉科学的时候,科学是那样的妙不可言,深谙哲理又疯狂至极;可一旦人们背信科学,科学又是那样的信口雌黄,荒诞离奇又不值一提我们不得不从社会这潭浑水中摸索着回答那些科学曾试图解释却无疾而终的一连串古怪问题Diamonds concocted from tequila, panda poop used as compost, uncontrollable coffee mugs, strangely swishy ponytails and the brain activity of dead salmon were some of the tame ones. Once we hit ;how to make sure a patient receiving a colonoscopy doesnt explode; we were y to call it a day. And yet we persevered, sorting through all the gory consequences of these ill-advised searches just you. Here what came out of that shudder-inducing process.如何从龙舌兰中提取钻石,怎样以熊猫粪便为肥料,为何有时握着咖啡杯的手突然不受控制,马尾辫怎会嗦嗦作响以及对死去鲑鱼的脑活动研究,这都是些平淡无奇的研究一旦我们无法保“做结肠镜检查的病人术中一直保持淡定”,恐怕我们也得收拾收拾东西,直接收工了而我们坚持不懈,向你讲述那一个个轻率的研究所导致的血淋淋的后果以下,便是那些令人不寒而栗的研究过程.Does the way you stand affect your ability to estimate?.难道你站立的方式也会影响到你的估算能力?If youre leaning a little to the left, youre also probably going to be a little on the low side when it comes to guesstimating all sorts of approximations. Whether that how many people live in a certain city, how much alcohol is in a particular bottle of booze, how many top- hits a band has released or how tall a specific building is -- if youre tilted slightly to the left, that number is more likely to be less than what it really should be.如果你站着的时候稍稍向左倾,恐怕在各种各样的近似值量取过程中,你都会比准确值低一点点不论这个城市中住了多少个人,不论一瓶酒里含有多少酒精,不论前十名的乐队发行新专辑有多少点击量,甚至不论一幢建筑物有多高——只要你稍稍向左倾斜,那么测量出的数字就极有可能比真实理论值低Participants in a study at Erasumus University Rotterdam didnt even know they were tilted during the experiment. But with a tad tip to the right, the numbers were higher, and with a little lean to the left the opposite was true. Interestingly, the difference between when people were leaning right versus standing upright wasnt significant – perhaps because all the participants were right-handed. We need more science, stat!于鹿特丹伊拉斯谟大学从事该项科学研究的实验员甚至都没有发现,在整个研究过程中,他们自身也有些许的倾斜但如果他们稍稍向右倾斜一点,测量值就会变高一点点,而且,如果向左倾斜测量值变低也是真实情况然而,有趣的在于,人们若是站的端端正正,其实同他们稍稍向右倾斜相比,没什么太大的区别——不过这也有可能是因为实验人员都是右撇子呢!果然想要得出一份靠谱的实验结果,我们还是需要后期大量的科学数据统计9.If you name a cow, are you going to get more milk?9.难道你的名字里带有“牛”字,你就会比别人更喜欢喝牛奶吗?It might not be all in a name, per se, but one study came to the conclusion that when stock managers know all the cows in a herd individually, the amount of milk those better-beloved cows can crank out is quite a bit higher. It came to about 68 gallons (58 liters) more a year, based on a survey of 5 stock managers on U.K. dairy farms. There are still some causation and correlation questions to be pondered regarding this conclusion, and more fieldwork to be done to verify the results. But if your preferred milk of choice comes from a cow who a happy camper, youve probably got a lot more of it coming your way.可能“牛”字并不会亮堂堂的出现在所有人的名字之中,但经研究指出,如果库存经理清楚的了解牛群中的每一只牛,那些可爱善良的牛儿们就会产出比预期更多的牛奶!基于5所牛奶厂库存经理提供的调查数据显示,每年多产出的牛奶有68加仑(58升)!对于这一问题,还有很多相关性和因果性的因素需要深入的考量,为验其结论,更是需要大量的实地考察数据作撑如若你选择饮用一只幸福的牛儿所产出的牛奶,说不定会摄取到更多的营养哦8.Why dont pregnant ladies tip over?8.准妈妈挺着那么大的肚子,竟然还能保持平衡不摔倒呢?It the sort of question a child wonders out loud – usually very loud – in line at the grocery store, much to the horror of mom or dad. Still, how do pregnant women manage to haul their baby-filled bellies around without falling over? Well, science is here to inm you, in the m of a study published in the journal Nature. Ladies can do something fancy with their backbones that men cant – they can compact the vertebrae in their lumbar area more easily. That means the bones in their lower backs are shaped more like wedges than those of males. So as women become increasingly pregnant, they can rock back on their spines to support and balance the additional weight. Good thing too, our species, dont you think?孩子会对这一类的问题感到特别纳闷,尤其是在杂货店排队等待结账这一百无聊赖的时间里会非常在意,甚至比爸爸妈妈们都要担心不过这样怀疑也无可厚非,准妈妈们到底是如何撑着她们那装着宝宝的大肚子以保持平衡还不会跌倒的呢?那么,让科学来告诉你吧发表于《自然杂志上的一项研究结果中指出:女性的脊椎有男性所不具备的“奇特”作用——她们可以轻易地压缩自己的腰椎这就意味着,女性腰部的骨头相对于男性来说形状更接近于楔形准妈妈们的肚子越来越大,她们依旧可以调整自己的脊骨来撑和平衡肚子里宝宝的重量你不有没有觉得,这也是我们人类的优势之一呢?7.How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?7.一只小土拨鼠能啃掉多少木头呀?Woodchucks arent actually fond of wood (well, of eating it anyway – they might get all Bob Ross if they tried painting happy little trees) so their reputation ;chucking; isnt particularly accurate. But, if a woodchuck were so inclined, what would his rate of his fibrous chomping be? Answer: .59393 cubic inches (361.937001 cubic centimeters) of wood per day. Yep. You heard it here first. An average of cubic inches met a grisly fate each day researchers plunked a piece of lumber into a hungry woodchuck enclosure. The little groundhogs subjected to this culinary madness had a limited during the -day study (a two-by-four a day keeps the doctor away) so luckily the study was wrapped up pretty rapidly. And oddly decisively. This study was so improbable that it made its way into the world in the Annals of Improbable Research.土拨鼠实际上不怎么喜欢木头不过但吃无妨呀,要是万一它们想学习鲍勃·鲁斯,用木屑装饰出一颗颗萌萌的小树呢!所以,说它们“啃”木头其实并不太准确不过,要是我们假设土拨鼠有这种倾向的话,我们一定想知道它们咀嚼木头的速率有多快是:一只小小的土拨鼠每天能嚼.59393立方英寸(361.937001立方厘米)的木材!这数据我可一点都没有夸大,你也别因为第一次听说这么巨大的数字而合不拢嘴哦实验中,研究人员投掷在一只饥饿土拨鼠笼子里的木块,平均每天都有立方英寸的木块会遭遇到被“啃”掉的可怕命运在这项为期天的研究里,小土拨鼠们都有特定的“疯狂大餐”(每天一块木,疾病远离我),庆幸的是这一研究项目以迅雷不及掩耳之势宣布终止凭借着这一研究的奇异程度,该实验报告荣幸的被选刊登于《不可思议研究年报6.Are cabbies brains better than the rest of ours?6.难道的哥的大脑比其他人的大脑都要发达吗?Thanks to everything from bad weather to cranky passengers, driving a cab must be challenging under the best of conditions. That could make driving a cab in a metropolitan labyrinth of lousy street planning an absolute nightmare. So how do taxi drivers manage it? By expanding pertinent parts of their minds. London cab drivers have to pass some rigorous exams to command one of the cabs that dots London thoroughfares. Some of the memory-storing parts of the drivers who pass are more developed than those of the drivers who fail, says a five-year study conducted at University College London. The hippocampi of the successful sedan savants grew decidedly more developed in certain respects than those of us who simply push the peddles to get to the nearest grocery store.各种各样状况频发,比如遭遇恶劣的天气或脾气暴躁的行人,使得司机师傅想要保持他们最好的状态驾车变得颇具挑战同时,这些状况也使得他们驾车行驶在大都市迷宫般千回百绕而又嘈杂污秽的街道成为噩梦那么,出租车司机是如何克这些困难的呢?是:靠开发大脑相关部位的功能伦敦出租车遍布大街小巷,司机必须通过严格的测试方能上岗英国伦敦大学学院一项历时5年的调查表明:通过测试的司机,其大脑的记忆存储部分要比那些测试失败的人发达毫无疑问的是,相对于我们这些平常只用开开车到最近的杂货铺的人来说,技艺纯熟的轿车司机的大脑某些特定区域要比我们发达的多审校:省略珺 来源:前十网 366。


  The world can be a frightening place. Images of violence, natural disasters, accidents, and other such dangers permeate our media, sowing fear in many. While these threats should certainly be respected, other far more mundane things in our lives are statistically much more likely to kill us.大家可曾想过,我们生活在一个多么可怕的世界!媒体铺天盖地地报道各类暴力事件、自然灾害、意外事故,时时散播着恐怖的气息对这类危险应当提高警惕几乎人尽皆知,但大家可能不知道,事实上,日常生活中许多毫不起眼的小事更可能置我们于死地.More People Die Falling Out Of Bed Than From Roller Coasters.坠床比坠过山车更危险Some people love roller coasters; some people are terrified of them. The high speeds and great heights provide a relatively safe thrill amusement park goers. However, accidents do happen, and roller coasters kill an average of four people in the US each year.提起过山车,有人欢喜有人忧过山车的极速高空体验给游客带来了无限快感然而,刺激的同时,意外也随之而来,在美国,平均每年有四人因乘过山车死亡One-quarter of roller coaster deaths are occupational fatalities involving workers. Half are caused by a rider medical condition being exacerbated by the ride; these can be prevented by increased signage warning sufferers of certain conditions against boarding. Only the final quarter are caused by some sort of trauma to a park visitor, such as falling out of the roller coaster.Rest assured: You probably wont be killed the next time you ride a roller coaster. Youre much more likely to die from falling out of your own bed. Every year in the US, 50 people die this way. Ironically, bed rails sometimes make things worse. Hospitals have found that stubborn patients try to climb over them and fall farther than they would have otherwise.其中,因过山车而死的职业工作人员占了约是因为游客的身体状况不适宜此类活动,过山车带来的高度惊险与刺激会使游客身体状况恶化而死亡,这类情况可以通过增加标牌警告患者避免乘车来解决死亡人数中,只有四分之一是因为突发事件丧命,比如从过山车中翻落坠空而死由此看来,乘过山车意外死亡是小概率事件但你一定想象不到,坠床而死的概率并不低!在美国每年有50人死于坠床可笑的是,床栏有时会令事情变得更糟医生发现,有些固执患者试图翻越床栏,却落得摔得更惨的下场9.Cows Are More Likely To Kill You Than Bears9.奶牛比熊更有可能杀死你Fatal black bear attacks on humans have been rising in North America since the 1960s. Over the past 1 years, 63 people have been killed by black bears, mostly in Alaska and Canada. This amounts to fewer than one person per year. However, since 86 percent of these fatalities occurred after 1960, the current average is closer to two people per year.自1960年以来,北美熊袭人事件频频发生过去1年以来,共63人因遭遇黑熊袭击而死,其中大多发生在阿拉斯加和加拿大这相当于每年有一个人死于黑熊攻击不过,其中86%的黑熊袭人致死事件发生在1960年之后,所以近几年,每年约两人死于黑熊攻击Increased human encroachment into black bear habitats is cited as a probable cause. Most fatal attacks have been perpetrated by lone male bears sampling humans as a new food source. Surprisingly, mother bears defending their cubs or bears that have become familiar with humans are responsible few fatalities. While injurious encounters with black bears may continue to rise with human expansion, they have a long way to go bee they kill more people than cattle, which kill an average of people per year in the ed States alone. Most fatal attacks on humans by cattle are deliberate, either by territorial bulls trampling and goring farmers or mothers protecting their calves. Other times, people are simply accidentally crushed.栖息地一再遭到破坏是黑熊袭人事件频发的一大原因许多致命攻击是因为成年雄性黑熊把人类当成了新的食物来源而负责捍卫自己幼崽的母熊,或者已经与人类熟悉了的黑熊则很少会攻击人类,这是个很有趣的现象虽然因人类的扩张,黑熊袭人致死事件会持续上升,但比起奶牛的杀伤力,黑熊就小巫见大巫了如果告诉你在美国平均每年造成人死亡的杀人狂魔是奶牛,你会大跌眼镜吗?更可怕的是,奶牛的杀人行为可以称之为“蓄意谋杀”,原因无外乎领土遭人类侵犯、森林遭人类砍伐或者因幼崽受到伤害而奋力反抗,与意外遭遇黑熊袭击而死相比,人类死于奶牛攻击的情形更加常见8.A Rip Current Will Get You Bee A Shark Does8.未落狂鲨口,已入离岸流Going to the beach is a common and beloved summer pastime people across the world. Such outings are not without danger, of course. You could get sunburned, stung by a jellyfish, or bitten by a shark.夏季来临时,人们普遍对去海边玩耍青睐有加可不要忽略,这项户外活动是有危险的晒伤、被水母蛰伤或不幸被鲨鱼咬伤的事情并不罕见Most unprovoked shark attacks on humans are cases of mistaken identity, where the shark takes one bite and then swims away upon tasting a distinctive lack of seal or fish. Those single bites can still cause serious injury or death. Even these mistakes are comparatively rare; most sharks that attack have been provoked by a human in some way.All the same, if youre in the water and feel yourself pulled away from safety, a rip current is much more likely to be responsible than a shark. Rip currents are more powerful than you may realize. They can pull you away from shore faster than an Olympic swimmer can swim. Trying to directly swim against a rip current, a common reaction, will only lead to fatigue and drowning. It is estimated that over 0 people drown each year in the US due to rip currents. Conversely, despite some swimmers going to such extremes as taunting sharks, someone dies in the US from a shark attack only once every two years. Worldwide, only five die each year.未受刺激的鲨鱼袭击人类大多是因为认错“人”,当它咬上一口却明显尝不到海豹或鱼的味道时就会自动游走没错,这错误的一口后果十分严重,人们常身负重伤,不幸丧生的也不在少数,好在这种认错“人”的行为是相当少见的正常情况下,鲨鱼会袭击人类大多是因为它受到了某种形式的刺激同样地,如果置身水中的你感觉自己被拉离安全水域,离岸流比鲨鱼更有可能给你带来杀身之祸离岸流的威力超乎你的想象它把你拉离海岸的速度比奥运会游泳选手的游速还快人们遇到离岸流时,常常会直接逆流而游,很不幸,这样只会耗费体力,最后溺水而死据统计,美国每年有一百多人死于离岸流尽管有些游泳者会参与类似斗鲨这样的极限活动,死于鲨鱼袭击的美国人也只是每两年一例即使从世界范围看,每年也只有五例可见,离岸流比鲨鱼更危险7.High School Sports Kill More US Citizens Than Terrorists Do7.远在恐怖分子之上的杀手——中学体育运动Terrorism has been a defining fear in 1st-century US culture since the horrifying 9 attacks in 01. From Al-Qaeda to ISIS, the news has frequently been filled with frightening terroristic imagery, causing many citizens to fear themselves and their children.自从01年骇人听闻的9袭击后,恐怖主义就成为1世纪美国文化中的一种典型恐惧从基地组织到伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国,令人害怕的恐怖主义报道频频出现在新闻上,致使许多公民为他们自己及其子女惴惴不安In truth, US children are far more likely to end up dying on their high school playing field than at the hands of a terrorist. Roughly 50 young athletes die each year in the ed States due to sports-related injuries. Rural areas are the worst-affected. Common causes of death include overheating (more on that later), brain injuries, and sudden cardiac arrest. It certainly doesnt help that two-thirds of athletes show up to practice significantly dehydrated. Nor does it help that percent of football players who are knocked unconscious from a hit will play more that same day; those who suffer further injury as a result have a 50 chance of dying. Sudden cardiac arrest kills 90 percent of the young athletes that it strikes. Terrorism, on the other hand, has taken roughly private US citizens per year, with 01 an obvious anomaly. example, terrorism killed nine in , in , in , in , and in . The overwhelming majority of these deaths involved travel to Afghanistan. Not one death occurred within US borders.事实上,美国儿童死在中学运动场上的机率要比死在恐怖分子手上的机率大得多美国每年约有50名年轻运动员因运动损伤而死这一现象在乡村地区最为严重常见的死因包括运动过激、脑损伤或心搏骤停但这并不能阻止许多运动员疯狂的训练强度:3的运动员训练至严重脱水,%的足球运动员在被撞击至失去知觉当天依然加强训练而那些伤势恶化的运动员死亡概率高达50%出现心搏骤停的年轻运动员中,只有一成能幸免于死在01年的大规模袭击后,每年死于恐怖主义的美国公民约有人,举例来说,分别为年的9人、年的人、年的人、年的人及年的人而且这些人绝大部分是死在阿富汗之行,没有一例是死于美国边境的6.Disney World Kills More Than Florida Alligators6.丧命于迪士尼乐园的人数远超于死于佛罗里达短吻鳄之嘴的人数From –, eight visitors to Disney World in Orlando, Florida were killed. Heart attacks (sometimes worsened by a lack of ily available defibrillators) and traumatic injuries are common causes. Five workers have also been killed in that time span, including three during a particularly bad season in , by trauma or electrocution.至年,佛罗里达州奥兰多市的迪士尼公园事故频发8名游客在此丧生,死亡原因多为突发性心脏病或外伤此外,5名员工也在这段时间死亡,仅在年的一个事故高发季度,就有3名员工死于外伤或者触电Some might consider Florida alligators to be more frightening than Mickey Mouse. The prospect of being bitten or dragged under and drowned by one of these ancient reptiles is certainly grim. While most alligators only attack if provoked, unprovoked predation does occur. Victims are often completely unaware of the alligator until it attacks. Still, youre more likely to win the lottery in Florida than be killed by a hungry alligator. From to present, only six people have died in unprovoked alligator attacks. None have died since .很多人都认为佛罗里达的短吻鳄比迪士尼乐园里可爱的米老鼠可怕得的多人们一想到被这样古老的爬行动物咬伤或者拖进泥潭里就会浑身颤抖虽然短吻鳄有时候会无故地去捕食人类,但大多数情况下它们只有受到威胁才会对人类发起攻击,受害者对于他们的偷袭往往毫不知情从到现在,只有6个游客丧生于短吻鳄的无故偷袭但从年起,没有人在这样的事故之中丧命翻译:叫我王二白 前十网 9


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