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上饶鼻头缩小多少钱上饶上饶县面部除皱纹费用余干县哪家隆鼻医院比较好 It turns out that relationship satisfaction doesn#39;t have much to do with how funny or romantic you are…事实明关系满意度与你有多幽默或浪漫没有多大关系……There is one personality trait that consistently predicts relationship satisfaction, and it can be measured with a few simple questions. On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much), to what extent do you…有一种人格特质可以持续衡量关系满意度,并且可以通过一些简单的问题来进行衡量。从范围1(一点也不)到5(非常),你属于哪种程度……a)pay attention to detail?a)注意细节?b)get chores done straightaway?b)有家务活立刻做完?c)like order?c)喜欢井井有条?d)follow a schedule?d)做事有计划?e)ensure that you are always well-prepared?e)确保你总是准备充分?The personality trait that most reliably predicts relationship satisfaction is not a wicked sense of humour or a fondness for grand romantic gestures, but conscientiousness. If you scored 21-25 you are very conscientious, 16-20 somewhat conscientious, and 15 or less (or you didn#39;t finish the test) not particularly conscientious.最可靠的衡量感情满意度的人格特征不是一种精怪的幽默感或对极其浪漫姿态的钟爱,而是责任心。如果你得分是21-25,那么你很有责任心。16-20分和15或更少(或您没有完成测试),那么你不是很有责任心。This might seem surprising, as we can think of conscientious people as rather unromantic or even boring. But other traits, such as extraversion and enjoying new things, can be either good or bad depending on your partner and the stage of your relationship. It seems that ultimately most of us want a partner who will keep their promises, do their share of the household chores, remember birthdays and anniversaries, not cheat on us and forgive us if we cheat on them – all characteristics of conscientious people, and predictors of relationship satisfaction. As if that#39;s not enough, conscientious people – across all levels of education and socioeconomic status – also live longer. Let#39;s raise a (sensibly sized) glass to boring people.这似乎很奇怪,因为我们会认为有责任心的人一般是平淡无奇甚至无聊。但其他特征,如外向和享受新事物,可以是好是坏,要取决于你和伴侣恋爱关系的进展阶段。看来,最终我们大部分人希望与信守承诺的人结为伴侣,和他们一起做家务,记住彼此的生日和纪念日,不欺骗我们,如果我们欺骗他们,他们也会原谅我们 – 这些都是有责任心的人的特征,也是关系满意度衡量标准。好像这还不够,有责任心的人-在所有层次的教育和社会经济地位中-也更长寿。让我们来戴上(理智的)眼镜来看那些无聊的人吧。 /201606/449933A new study recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association has given us another solid reason to support one of our favorite snacks.最近《美国心脏协会期刊》刊登了一项新研究成果,它为我们最爱的,某样零食又提供了坚实的理论依据。The wholesome treat? Almonds.这样健康的食物是什么呢?那就是杏仁。During the study two groups of participants who all had high LDL (bad cholesterol) levels each followed a healthy diet for 12 weeks. During the first six weeks, one group enjoyed a 1.5-ounce portion of almonds for a snack, while the other group ate a carbohydrate-rich muffin for a snack. Aside from the snack, the two groups had the same diet. The groups switched snacks for the second six weeks but again otherwise followed the same diet.在这项研究中有两组受试者,他们的低密度脂蛋白(一种有害的胆固醇)含量都很高,且每位受试者都要遵循为期十二周的健康饮食安排。在头六周里,一组将分量为1.5盎司的杏仁作为零食,而另一组的零食则是碳水化合物含量充足的麦芬蛋糕。除零食上的差别外,两组的饮食保持一致。在第二个六周,两组的零食安排会互换,而其他饮食仍然相同。Researchers found that when the two groups snacked on the almonds rather than the muffins, they reduced both their LDL and total cholesterol levels. Plus, eating the almonds raised their HDL (good cholesterol) levels, while eating the muffin decreased HDL levels.研究人员发现当两个小组的零食不是麦芬蛋糕而是杏仁时,他们的低密度脂蛋白和总胆固醇量都有所下降。此外,食用杏仁增加了他们的高密度脂蛋白(一种有益的胆固醇),而食用麦芬蛋糕却会减少这种脂蛋白。What’s more is that even though overall body weight did not change when participants were snacking on almonds versus muffins, their belly fat and waist circumference went down.他们还发现当受试者零食吃的是杏仁时,虽然总体重没有变化,但他们腹部的脂肪和腰围却都会减少。And get this: both the muffin and the portion of almonds contained nearly the same number of calories (273 and 253, respectively) and both diets had the same overall number of calories. This evidence shows strong support for the argument that it’s the quality of calories that make for a healthy diet, not just quantity. The fact that almonds are rich in protein, fiber, and vitamin E —nutrients muffins score much lower in—most likely played a role in the results of this study. So next time you reach for a snack, think: nutrient-rich!另外,同样分量的麦芬蛋糕与杏仁所含的卡路里基本相同(它们分别含273和253卡路里)而且这项研究中两组受试者的饮食安排在卡路里总量上保持一致。这强有力地明了一个说法:决定饮食健康与否的并不是卡路里含量,而是所含卡路里的质量。杏仁富含蛋白质、纤维和维生素E,而麦芬蛋糕中的这些营养物质含量远不及杏仁。正是这点极有可能使得实验有这样的结果。因此下次你要吃零食时,想一想,要选营养丰富的哦! /201607/456969上饶市东方医院切眼袋手术多少钱

上饶市红十字医院治疗痘坑多少钱If you analyze your life, you will see that it has completely changed over the past twelve months. You have matured as an individual, and your actions have only been beneficial to yourself and those around you. Try to make changes as often as you can. You can#39;t stop now! You need to feel that your life is evolving all the time. There is no time to rest!如果对你的生活进行一番分析,你会发现在过去12个月内,你的生活已发生了天翻地覆的变化。你已成为一个成熟的个体,你所做之事也只会让自己和身边人受益。尽可能多的做些尝试。现在你不能停下来!你需要感受到你的生活一直在变。没有时间休息!Your well being horoscope幸福运势Today you could be inspired to speak or write in an eloquent way. The energy of the day will heighten your communication talents. You might write up a persuasive report or a colorful personal document. You#39;ll impress others as you choose just the right words. If you have to give a speech or a presentation before a group today, your wit will shine through. You might want to include some clever anecdotes to make people laugh!今天你受到鼓舞,说话或写作时会很有说力。今天的能量将会提升你的沟通才能。你可能会写出一份十分具有说力的报道或一份多的个人文档。只要你说话得当,就能给别人留下十分深刻的映像。如果你今天必须在一组人面前发表演讲或进行展示,那么你的智慧会;闪瞎;所有人。你也可以在演讲中说一些诙谐的轶事,能让大家捧腹大笑。Your love horoscope爱情运势Today there are many areas that you can shine in. You need only be yourself to win over the hearts of others. There is a graciousness to your manner that draws people close to you, whether you#39;ve ever noticed it before or not. Realize this, and know that it is not a fluke. You need not take much action; it will come to you.今天你会在很多领域闪闪发光。做自己你就能赢得他人的喜爱。你的举止中带着优雅,使得人们想靠近你,不管你之前注意到没有。要意识到这一点,要知道这并不是侥幸。你需要采取很多行动;爱情会到来的。Your career horoscope事业运势Creative projects of some kind, which you may have been working on for a while, could prove especially ego boosting, as you#39;re probably doing a great job. A change of employment and an increase in income may be in the works. If you don#39;t feel particularly passionate about what you#39;re doing now, expect an opportunity to become involved in an enterprise that you do feel strongly about. New ideas and new opportunities could change your life today.也许你已经从事某类创造性项目有段时间了,由于你工作很出色,所以这类项目也让你提升了自我。你可能正在计划换个工作或者要求加薪。如果你对你现在的工作不是那么的充满,那么期待着你能在另一家公司释放活力的机会吧。今天新的想法和机会可能会改变你的生活。译文属 /201607/456827上饶德兴市治疗痤疮多少钱 The G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, next month is attracting more students to learn English, according to a volunteer teacher in the city.据浙江省杭州市的志愿教师介绍,下个月在杭州举行的G20峰会吸引了更多学生学习英语。Timothy Clancy, 31, an Australian who has lived in Hangzhou since 2011 with his wife, who is from Zhejiang, said, ;Australia has hosted such a summit before, but I never imagined that people in the host city could be so hospitable. I want to be part of this great event through the English classes and express my own welcome.;31岁的Timothy Clancy来自澳大利亚,妻子是浙江人,从2011年起两人开始在杭州定居。他表示:;澳大利亚之前也曾举办过20国峰会,但是从来没有那个城市的市民像杭州这么热情好客。我想通过教英语参与到这个活动中来,同时也表达我自己对峰会的欢迎。;Zhao Jihong, 67, one of the senior students in Clancy#39;s class, said, ;I am learning English here just in case I come across foreigners so that I can at least say #39;hi#39; to welcome them to Hangzhou.;67岁的赵继红是Clancy班上的一名大龄学生,她说:;我学英语就是想有一天万一我在路上碰上了外国人,我可以跟对方打招呼,告诉他们杭州欢迎他们。;Zhao Yide, the Hangzhou Party chief, said, ;Thanks to the consistent efforts made by the people of Hangzhou, preparatory work for the G20 Summit has been a success. All services, including dining, transportation and security are in place. Hangzhou is now y to host the two-day summit and welcome its distinguished guests.;杭州市委书记赵一德对此表示:;感谢杭州人民为峰会作出的不懈努力,G20筹备工作已经准备就绪。包括餐饮,交通,安保在内的所有务都已经安排妥当。杭州已经做好了迎接G20峰会的准备,准备好欢迎我们的客人。;Non-G20 member countries such as Laos, Chad, Kazakhstan, Senegal and Egypt have confirmed that they will take part in the summit, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.外交部表示,老挝,乍得,哈萨克斯坦,埃及等非20国成员国均确认将出席此次峰会。Zhao said the participants will have the chance to taste Hangzhou cuisine. A 7,450-square-meter warehouse is being used to store up to 900 tons of food, and all the food and ingredients will be bought, examined, monitored, maintained and delivered through this huge building.赵一德表示,参会者将有机会品尝杭州当地菜肴。餐饮方面,杭州建设了7450平方米的食品总仓,总储量为900吨,对峰会的食材实行统一采购、检测、保管和配送。Up to 900 vehicles are y to transport the G20 leaders and their delegations. In addition, more than 2,000 drivers will be on duty to meet the needs of summit participants.车辆保障方面,杭州为参会各国领导人以及各个代表团提供了约900辆车。此外,将有超过2000名司机在峰会期间在岗,保障参会者的出行需要。Hangzhou Mayor Zhang Hongming said: ;All previous hosts of G20 summits paid a lot of attention to security, with troops and police fully prepared to guarantee this. Hangzhou is very confident of making the summit a safe event, and people are volunteering to be security guards.;杭州市长张鸿铭表示:;为了确保峰会的顺利举行,之前历届峰会举办国都在安保上投入了巨大精力,出动了大量的军队和警力。杭州可以很自信的说,此次峰会的不会有安全隐患,而且市民乐意为安保出一份力。;A 760,000-member patrol group has been made up from local volunteers, according to Xinhua News Agency.根据新华社报道,大约有760000名杭州当地的志愿者加入了安保巡逻队。 /201608/460397德兴市妇幼保健人民中医院激光除皱手术多少钱

江西上饶耳部整形多少钱While adult-sized baby strollers won#39;t be hitting the market any time soon, the Kolcraft baby products company has created a giant version of its Contours Bliss stroller that is big enough for parents to try out.尽管成人尺寸的婴儿车近期不会上市,但婴儿产品公司Kolcraft已研制出巨型款Contours Bliss婴儿车,其尺寸足够父母试坐。Kolcraft president Tom Koltun said the giant stroller was built to give parents a better idea of what their children experience.Kolcraft”公司总裁汤姆·库尔顿表示,打造出巨无霸婴儿车的原因,是为了让家长可以体验小孩的感受。;We created the test ride so adults could experience first-hand how each Contours Stroller is carefully designed with a baby#39;s joy and comfort in mind and make sure it#39;s the perfect choice for their family,; Koltun said in a release.库尔顿在一份新闻稿中说道:“我们推出的试坐务可以让成人亲自体验Contours婴儿车是如何以婴儿的喜悦和舒适为理念进行精心设计的,从而确保Contours婴儿车是其家庭的完美选择。”This supersized stroller is more than twice the size of the one for babies, measuring 7 feet, 6 inches high, 6 feet deep and 4 feet wide.这款巨型婴儿车的尺寸是普通婴儿车的两倍多,高7英尺6英寸(约2.3米),深6英尺(约1.8米),宽4英尺(约1.2米)。Want to test drive this parent-sized pram for yourself? The next public outing is scheduled for June 7 at Chicago#39;s Mary Bartelme Park.想要自己尝试一下驾驶这款适合父母大小的婴儿车吗?下一次的公共郊游将定于6月7日,地点在芝加哥的玛丽巴特迈公园。However, you may have to wait in a long line, based on the reaction of the parents who#39;ve aly ridden it.不过,基于已经乘坐过它的父母的反映,你可能不得不排队等待很长时间了。 /201606/451340 Most singles have deal breakers when evaluating whether or not someone is their future Mr. or Mrs. Right.在判定一个人是不是未来伴侣的时候,大多数单身人士都有自己的一套择偶标准。Researchers have now complied a list of the top deal breakers in order to determine what effects age and gender have on deciding which qualities are seen as deal breakers for different people.如今,研究人员已经列出一份最能导致分手的异性特征列表,目的是研究对不同性别和年龄段的人来说,哪些异性特质会让他们结束一段恋情。They found that women have more deal breakers than men, but there were more similarities than differences between the sexes when asked to list what they deemed as a turnoff.研究人员发现女性无法接受的异性特征比男性要多,但在这些异性特征中,相似点多于不同点。The list includes: unattractiveness, unhealthy lifestyle, undesirable personality traits, differing religious beliefs, limited social status, differing mating strategies and differing relationship goals.七大导致分手的特质包括:魅力不够、生活方式不健康、有不良癖好、宗教信仰不同、社会地位低下、交往策略不同、情感追求不同。The team also found that even though singles look for positive traits when evaluating a mate, they tend to subconsciously sniff out undesirable ones because of their deal breakers.研究团队还发现,即使单身人士在寻找伴侣时往往会关注优点,但由于受到内心的择偶禁忌影响,他们会下意识地排除掉不合适的异性。The studies examined for creating the top seven deal breakers revealed that those who believe they are a good catch have more deal breakers and everyone has their own list if they are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, reports The Wall Street Journal.华尔街日报报道,提出七大分手特质的研究表明,认为自己是理想伴侣的人有更加严格的择偶要求,并且,若是打算正式谈一场长期恋爱时,每个人心中都有一套自己的择偶标准。In one of the studies, 5,541 singles were given a list 17 negative personality traits and asked if they viewed each one as a deal breaker for a long-term relationship.其中一项研究对5541名单身人士进行了调查,调查期间给这些单身人士列出了17个异性缺点,同时还询问这些人是否会因这些缺点结束一段长期恋情。The top deal breakers for both women and men were #39;disheveled#39; or #39;unclean,#39; followed by #39;lazy#39; and #39;too needy#39;.男性和女性最无法接受的是伴侣“衣冠不整”或“邋里邋遢”,其次是“懒惰”和“太穷”。Women see #39;lacks sense of humor#39; a very serious negative trait and won#39;t even peruse the relationship, mainly because humor has been linked to intelligence.女性认为“缺少幽默感”是一个很大的缺点,她们甚至不会考虑继续这段关系,这主要是因为在很大程度上,幽默感与智慧联系在一起。A separate study, found that men prefer not to date women who are smarter than they are and that #39;low sex drive#39; and talks too much#39; are among their biggest deal breakers.一项独立研究发现,男性不愿同比自己聪明的女性约会,同样,“性冷淡”和“话痨”也是约会成功的头号杀手。Another study asked 92 participants to list their biggest deal breakers when looking for both long-term and short-term partners, which produced extremely different results.另有研究让92名参与者列出在寻求长期或短期伴侣中最不欣赏的异性特质,最终发现,针对二者的有很大差异。In long-term partners the top deal breakers were #39;anger issues#39;, #39;is dating multiple partners#39; and #39;dishonesty#39;.在寻求长期伴侣的过程中,最不欣赏的异性特质有:“情绪问题”、“脚踩两只船”和“不诚实”。For short-term relationships, participants ranked #39;has health issues, such as STDs,#39; #39;smells bad#39; and #39;has poor hygiene#39; at the top.而对于短期感情关系,参与者更注重“健康问题,比如有没有性传播疾病”、“体臭”以及“不讲卫生”。 /201604/437853上饶横峰县脸部激光美白多少钱上饶婺源县去蝴蝶斑多少钱



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