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9cl#tyStiweXS|okC;yEVhNaNIxX6ECSs[]CcVHe was talking on the phone. The phone was on the table in the dining room. He was talking to his friend. They were talking about the weather. It was raining. There was a knock on his door. Someone was knocking on his door. He went to the door. He opened the door. No one was there. He went back to the phone. The doorbell rang. Someone was ringing his doorbell. He went to the door. He opened the door. No one was there. He went back to the phone. There was another knock on his door. He kept talking. The doorbell rang again. He kept talking. Fool me once, shame on you, he thought. Fool me twice, shame on me, he thought.!,H,-acr0[PT!ktXEEb[E5crJUWwrEPiTlu3LR^,yadrU_zMA!+eJVZ!*OI 399958。

Reservation agent:Hello, Milton Hotel reservations. How may I assist you?预订部文员:你好,弥尔顿酒店预订处有什么可为您效劳的吗?Sally:Hi, Im calling to make some changes to an existing reservation.莎莉:嗨,我打电话来是想对预订做些变更Reservation agent:Certainly. Do you have the reservation number?预订部文员:当然可以您的预订号码是?Sally:Sure, it 678.莎莉:当然,678Reservation agent:That a reservation Sally Menkel. Is that right?预订部文员:莎莉曼克尔预订的对吗?Sally:Yes, that right. Id like to change the check-in date from September th to September th.莎莉:是的没错我想把入住日期从9月日改到9月日Reservation agent:Certainly. I can make that change you. Is that the only change?预订部文员:当然没问题我马上为您变更就这一项需要变更吗?Sally:No, the check-out date will also change, from the 3rd to the th.莎莉:还有退房日期也要改,从3日改到日Reservation agent:No problem. We have you arriving on the th of September and departing the th of September.预订部文员:没问题9月日入住,退房是9月日Will there be anything else?还有别的吗?Sally:Yes, there will be two people in my party, not just one.莎莉:是的,我们是个人,不是1人独住了Reservation agent:Ive made that change. Anything else I can help you with?预订部文员:我已为您变更了还有什么我可以效劳的吗?Sally:Yes, instead of a courtyard room, Id like a room with a view, preferably on an upper floor.莎莉:是的,我不想要庭院房了,我想要最好是楼上的一间房,能看到好风景Reservation agent:I can certainly change that you, although there will be a change in the room rate.预订部文员:我可以为您变更,房间价格会相应调整The new rate is 9 per night.价格是每晚189美元Sally:On second thought, Id prefer a suite that overlooks the pool. Is that possible?莎莉:我刚又想了想,我想要间能俯瞰游泳池的套房能实现吗?Reservation agent:Certainly. The new rate is per night.预订部文员:当然可以价格是每晚9美元Sally:Oh, that really expensive. I think Id better to stick to my original room.莎莉:噢,价格有点贵我想还是原来预订的房间更好Reservation agent:All right. Ive changed your reservation back to a courtyard room. Anything else?预订部文员:好的我已经将您的预订改回到庭院房还有别的事吗?Sally:Maybe I should shorten my stay.莎莉:也许我应该缩短居住时间If I do that, I could afd a suite. Yes, let change the dates and the rooms again.如果这样就能负担得起套房是的,让我们再更下日期和房间Reservation agent:Let me make a suggestion.预订部文员:让我给您些建议Let cancel this reservation and make a whole new one.让我们取消现有预订,预订一个全新的That way, we can make sure everything is correct.这样,我们可以确保一切都包您满意Sally:Oh, that not too much trouble you, is it? Id hate to be a bother.莎莉:噢,这样的话太麻烦你了我讨厌麻烦Reservation agent:No, no trouble at all.预订部文员:不,一点也不麻烦 39。

American Cities: Indianapolis; Malcolm Gladwell and his books; to brush up on versus to polish up; to come off; a matter ofWords:to observespectacleto count (something) as (something)racetracklapcanalsecond only tobased inimplicationfakeoutlierinfluentialto brush up onto polish upto come offa matter of 56。

Daniel:You look like youre sitting on pins and needles.丹尼尔:你看起来如坐针毡Muriel:I am. Im waiting to hear if our goods have cleared customs yet.穆雷尔:是啊我着急等着我们的货物是否通过海关检查的消息Were in big trouble if our 50 crates arent released soon.如果这50箱不让过我们可就摊上大事了Daniel:Youve filled out the proper paperwork. What could go wrong?丹尼尔:你已经填好了文件怎么可能出现纰漏?Muriel:You have no idea how much red tape there is when importing goods to the U.S.穆雷尔:你可不晓得进口货物到美国有多少繁文缛节There are all kinds of rules to follow and we have to pay the correct tariffs.我们必须遵从各种各样的规则,而且要付对关税Daniel:But I thought we had a free-trade agreement with Niebuhrland.丹尼尔:但我想我们与尼兰有着自由贸易协议All goods imported from and exported to Niebuhrland should be duty-free.从这个国家进出口的所有货物应该免税Muriel:Most things are duty-free, but not everything.穆雷尔:大多数东西是这样,但不是万能的There are tariffs on spirits and the tax rate varies depending on the type of spirits.对于烈酒有着关税限制,而税率变化取决于酒的类型It all very confusing.简直让人摸不着头脑Daniel:Well, sitting here fretting wont do any good.丹尼尔:好了,坐在这里瞎操心也不会有什么好处Muriel:If only I had access to those 50 crates of spirits...穆雷尔:要是我那50箱烈酒能通过就好了… 9181。

Evan: Who are going out with tonight?埃文:你今晚要跟谁出去?Chantelle: I’m not sure. I might go to dinner with Steve or Eduardo or Jim.莎黛尔:我还不确定我可能会跟史蒂夫、爱德华多或者吉姆出去吃晚饭Evan: Dinner is in a couple of hours. You mean they’re waiting around your call?埃文:现在距离晚饭时间还有几个小时你的意思是,他们都在等你的电话?Chantelle: They’d better be. They’re the ones vying my attention, so they’d better be at my beck and call.莎黛尔:他们最好是这样他们都想要赢得我的芳心,所以他们最好是随传随到Evan: How many guys are you juggling?埃文:你玩弄了多少位男士?Chantelle: Not that many, only the ones who are really devoted admirers. I try to throw them a bone now and then.莎黛尔:没有多少,就只是那些倾慕我的忠实者我会不时地给予他们一点恩惠Evan: By keeping them waiting.埃文:用这种让人静候的方式Chantelle: It’s good to keep them on their toes.莎黛尔:让他们忙碌起来未尝不是个好法子Evan: And by making them jealous of each other? I saw how angry Jack got when he saw you flirting with Kwan and later getting cozy with Mike.埃文:让他们嫉恨彼此?我可看见当你跟关调情,之后又跟麦克暧昧不清时,杰克是多么的愤怒Chantelle: Jack can’t stay angry with me. We’ll kiss and make up.莎黛尔:杰克不会一直生我的气我们会言归于好的Evan: Don’t you ever get tired of toying with so many men?埃文:玩弄这么多男性,难道你不会觉得厌倦吗?Chantelle: I’m not toying with them. It’s not my fault that men find me irresistible.莎黛尔:我并没有玩弄他们毕竟,男人对我无法抗拒又不是我的过错Evan: Right, just like moths to a flame. No wonder so many get burned!埃文:好吧,这就是传说中飞蛾扑火吧难怪那么多人宁愿引火烧身!译文属 857。

Get Rich or Get Out变富有He had finally made it to New York City. They call it ;the city that never sleeps.; He had always wanted to live there. He had quit his job in Florida. He loved his new neighborhood. He loved his new apartment. He had used half of his savings to pay one year in advance. But the apartment was so expensive. How could he afd it next year? He had to get rich this year. ;How are you going to get rich in just one year?; asked his sister. That was a good question. He didnt even have a job. But an ordinary job wouldnt pay his rent next year. An ordinary job wouldnt allow him to stay in his nice apartment. He didnt want to move into a cheap apartment. How can I get rich fast, he wondered. He went across the street and bought a lottery ticket.他终于来到了纽约城他们把这里称之为“无眠城市”他一直希望能够在这里生活他辞去了佛罗里达州的工作他喜欢他的新邻居他喜欢新住处他用一半积蓄交了一年房租但是公寓太贵了他明年该怎么办?他今年一定要富起来他的问道:“你怎么在一年之内变得富有?”这是个好问题他还没有工作但是普通工作交不上明年的房租普通工作不会让他住这么好的公寓他不想搬进便宜公寓他想我怎么能够迅速暴富他过了马路,买了一张票译文属原创,,不得转载。

  The Story of Father Day  Father Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards. In fact when a ;father day; was first proposed there were no Father Day cards!  Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a ;father day; in 19. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. William Smart was a Civil War veteran. His wife (Mrs. Dodd mother) died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a farm. it was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult that she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.  The first Father Day was observed on June 19, 19 in Spokane Washington. At about the same time in towns and cities across America other people were beginning to celebrate a ;father day.; In 19 President Calvin Coolidge supported the Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father Day.  Everyone has got a story of his father love. Here is one told by Bert Clompus.  ... After Mom died, I began visiting Dad every morning bee I went to work. He was weak and moved slowly, but he always had a glass of fresh orange juice on the kitchen table me, along with a note saying, ;Drink your juice.; Such a gesture, I knew, was as far as Dad had been able to go in expressing his love. In fact, I remember, as a kid I had questioned my Mom: ;Why doesnt Dad love me?; Mom asked, ;Who said he doesnt love you?; ;Well, he never tells me,; I complained. ;He never tells me either,; she said, smiling. ;But look how hard he works to take care of us, to buy us food and clothes, and to pay this house. That how your father tells he loves us. Do you understand?; I nodded slowly. I understand in my head, but not in my heart.  Many years later, after drinking the juice Dad prepared me, I walked over and hugged him and said, ;I love you, Dad.; From then on I did this every morning. My father never told me how he felt about my hugs. Then one morning I hugged him extra hard, and said what Id always wanted to. ;Youve told others you love me, but I never heard it from you.; Dad looked uncomtable. He seemed about to speak, then he shook his head. ;Tell me!; I shouted. ;All right! I love you!; Dad finally blurted. In that instant something occurred that I had never seen bee: His eyes glistened, then overflowed.  I stood silent. Finally, after all these years, my heart joined my head in understanding. My father loved me so much that just saying so made him weep, which was something he never did in front of family. Mom had been right. Everyday Dad had told me how he loved me by what he did and what he gave... 18399。

Part . News Items.A. Keywords. fire, oil pipeline, fuel-loading area.Vocabulary. pipeline, leak, blast, rip, depot, litter, char, blaze, vandal, Lagos.Youre going to hear a pair of news items on the same topic presented in special and standard English.Listen carefully and summarize the news according to the cues given.Nigeria: more than 50 people have died in a fire from an oil pipeline explosion near Lagos.The explosion and fire happened near a fuel-loading area owned by Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation.This is the latest in a series of pipeline fires in Nigeria this year.The series have killed hundreds of people.The government says people who steal fuel from leaking pipes caused some of the fires.It also blames people who cause damage on purpose.More than 50 people are dead in Nigeria after a leaking oil pipeline burst into flames outside the commercial capital Lagos.The blast and resulting fires Thursday ripped through an area near a fuel-loading depot owned by the state-run Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation.Witnesses report seeing burned bodies littering the charred grounds while many other victims are being treated injures sustained in the blaze.A spokesman the petroleum company says the fire was caused by a vandal.B. Keywords. accident, military plane, cable car, low-level flight.Vocabulary. cable car, plunge, dangle, commander, suspend.Here is another news item, complete the news summary and briefly answer the questions you hear.A accident at a ski resort in Northern Italy in which an American military plane cut the wires of a cable car during a low-level training flight has killed people.One car plunged about 0 meters into the snow, killing everyone aboard.An operator was rescued unhurt from a second car left dangling in the air after the accident.The plane returned to its base 60 kilometers away, the crew unaware of the accident.Commanders of the base have since started an investigation and suspended all low-level missions in Italy until further notice.Questions. A. What is the cause of the disaster?B. How many people have been killed?C. How far away is the military base?D. What have the commanders of the base done since the accident?C. Keywords. floods, landslides, shelters, houses, coastal area, relief and reconstruction efts.Vocabulary. landslide, shelter, survive, urge, generous, devastating, resolution, assembly, priority, barracks, Venezuela.Now listen to the final pair of news items, summarize the news according to the cues given, then answer the questions you hear.Venezuela: Tens of thousands of people are affected by recent floods and landslides are preparing to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in shelters.Officials estimated that the homes of as many as 0,000 people were destroyed.Venezuela official say the floods and landslides may have caused the death of as many as 30,000 people.Experts say poor city planning was a major cause of the damage.Many houses were built on weak ground or on the sides of mountains along the northern coast.The Venezuela Defence Minister says survivors need to cooperate with government eft to move them away from the coastal area.The ed Nations has urged the international commy to give quick and generous aid to Venezuela to help it recover from last week devastating floods and mudslides.A resolution passed in the general assembly said it was deeply concerned over tremendous loss of live and serve destruction of the country.As many as 30,000 people are thought to have been killed.Officials have estimated the relief and reconstruction efts as costing some 50 billion dollars.Officials here say that reconstruction efts could take several years to complete.They say the priority is to build new housing the 0,000 people whod been made homeless.These people are now sleeping in an emergency shelters set up in stadium, car parks, airports and military barracks.President Hugo Chavez says that he is looking at several different places across the country in which to build new houses, all in plain areas away from the coast.Mr Chavez says that the government will not rebuild houses in the parts of northern coastal regions destroyed by floods and landslide.Relief efts are continuing in damaged coastal regions.Questions. A. What has the ed Nations urged the international commy to do?B. According to Venezuela officials, what is the priority now?C. Where are the emergency shelter set up?D. According to president Hugo Chavez, where will the new houses be built? 3536。

Voice : There have been several similar incidents in Japan in recent years. Police call these incidents ;group suicides.; Suicide is when a person kills him or herself. A group suicide involves people meeting the purpose of dying together.声音:近几年日本发生了多起类似案件警方把这些案件叫做“集体自杀”自杀是指一个人结束自己生命的行为集体自杀是指很多人以一起死亡为目的见面Voice 1: More and more groups of people are meeting on the Internet. Some of these people have lost hope. They want to die. They find other people on the Internet to talk with about their problems. Some even talk about how to die. People make promises together. They promise to kill themselves together. This is called a ;suicide pact,; or promise.声音1:在网上互相结识的人越来越多其中有些人失去了希望他们想死他们在互联网上寻找可以倾诉他们问题的人有些人甚至在网上讨论怎么去死还有些人会一起做出承诺他们承诺一起自杀这被称为“自杀协议”或“自杀承诺”Voice : Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, over thirty thousand [30,000] people have killed themselves each year since 1998. Japanese officials have created good programs to end the problem of suicide in their country. But suicides continue to happen both in Japan and around the world. It is a problem in every nation. And, it is a problem that you and I can help end, just by being a good friend.声音:日本是世界上自杀率最高的国家之一据世界卫生组织(简称WHO)统计,自1998年开始,日本每年有超过3万人自杀日本官员制定了旨在终结该国自杀问题的计划但是,自杀事件仍在日本和全世界不断上演这是所有国家都面临的问题这也是你我作为好朋友可以帮助终结的问题 译文属 97。