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学习之于心灵,就像食物之于身体一样摄取了适量的营养食物,我们的身体得以生长而肌肉得以发达 同样地,我们应该日复一日不断地学习以保持我们心智的敏锐,并扩充我们的智力容量 Learning a Lifelong CareerAs food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the inmation age, and reliable warrant of success in times of uncertainty.Once learning stops, vegetation sets in. It is a common fallacy to regard school as the only workshop the acquisition of knowledge. On the contrary, learning should be a never-ending process, from the cradle to the grave. With the world changing so fast, to cease learning just a few days will make a person lag behind. What's worse, the animal instinct dormant deep in our subconscious will come to life, weakening our will to pursue our noble ideas, undermining our determination to sweep away obstacles to our success and strangling our desire the refinement of our character. Lack of learning will inevitably lead to the stagnation of the mind, or even worse, its fossilization. Theree, to stay mentally young, we have to take learning as a lifelong career. 77YOUTH Youth is not a time of life,it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions.it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a tempera-mental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of . Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spring back to dust. whether 60 or , there is in every human being’s heart the lure of wonder, the unfailing childlike appetite of what’s next and the joy of the game of living. In the center of your heart and my heart there is a wireless station so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from men and from the Infinite, you and I will remain young. When the aerials are down, and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old, even at , but as long as your aerials are upto catch waves of optimism, there is hope you may have young heart at 80. 青春不是生命的一瞬,它是一种自然的心境;青春不是如花的脸庞、鲜红的嘴唇和健康柔润的双腿,它是一 种意志、想象、精力,更是生命中那生机勃勃的春天 青春是冲动的勇敢而不是懦弱,青春是挑战的欲望而不是安逸的生活即使年过花甲,仍壮心不已.没有人痴长 百岁,而伴随着的是我们抛却幻想,锤炼生活的经历 岁月让我们的皮肤起了皱纹,但缺乏会让我们的灵魂萎缩焦虑、恐惧、缺乏自信则让心稽首,更让心灵 的青春尘封 无论60岁还是岁,我们每个人都有着天生的好奇心、孩子般刨根追底不厌其烦的渴求欲望、幻想游戏人生 的生活方式在你我心中有着心灵的默契:只要我们的心还能从人们的身上和大自然的怀抱中感受到美丽、 希望、快乐、勇气和力量,那么我们依旧年轻无限 当幻想破灭,而你愤世嫉俗,对生活充满悲观情绪,那么你已经老了即使在岁的时候,只要你积极乐观的追求你心中的幻想,一直到永远,那么你在80岁的时候仍有一颗永保青春的心 19Greek New Year's DayThe people of Greece hail1) September 1as their New Year's Day because it marks the start of the Greek sowing) season,a time of hope and promise. To start things off right,farmers' families take plates of seeds to church the priest to bless.On the island of Kos,people fashion first-of-the-year wreaths3) of pomegranates),grapes,quinces5),garlic bulbs6),and plane-tree leaves--all of which are traditional symbols of abundance.Just bee dawn on September 1,island children carry their house-holds' wreaths down to the shore,the old year's wreaths and the new ones,and they throw the old ones out to sea.They briefly immerse the new ones, luck.Then they carry sea-water and pebbles7) home in a jar,to serve,along with the new wreath,as protective devices.Tradition calls exactly ty pebbles and water collected from the tops of exactly ty waves.This is also a time of trepidation.One old folk belief is that on this day the Angel of Death writes down the names of all those untunates destined to die within the coming year. 9599Acountry maid was walking along with a can of milk upon her head, when she fell into the following train of reflections.The money which I shall sell this milk will enable me to increase my stock of eggs to three hundred.一个村姑头上顶着一罐牛奶在路上行走走着走着,她的脑子里浮现出一连串的幻想:我卖了这罐牛奶后,用这笔钱买鸡蛋,这样我有的鸡蛋可以增加到300个These eggs, allowing what may prove addle, and what may be destroyed by vermin, will produce at least two hundred and fifty chickens用这300个鸡蛋孵小鸡,就算有坏的、生虫的,至少也能孵出50只小鸡The chickens will be fit to carry to market just at the time when poultry is always dear;so that by the new year I cannot fail of having money enough to purchase a new gown.等小鸡长大后,正好能赶上卖个好市价;那么到了新年,我就能有钱买一件新晚装Green - let me consider - yes, green becomes my complexion best, and green it shall be.买一件绿色的------让我好好想想------对,绿色与我的肤色最相衬In this dress I will go to the fair, where all young fellows will strive to have me a partner;我穿上这件衣去赶集,所有的年轻小伙子都会抢着邀请我做舞伴;but no - I shall refuse every one of them, and with a disdainful toss turn from them.;但是不行------我要轻蔑地把头一扬,转身过去不理他们,让他们人人都碰个钉子Transported with this idea, she could not bear acting with her head the thought that passed in her mind, when down came the can of milk!她想得得意忘形,情不自禁地把头一扬,刹那间,牛奶罐跌了下来!And all her imaginary happiness vanished in a moment她幻想的一切幸福瞬间破灭了 8


灵魂倍受煎熬的时刻,也正是生命中最多选择与机会的时刻任何事情的成败取决于我在寻求帮助时是抬起头还是低下头There is no better school than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve my permance next time. Never again will I contribute to my downfall by refusing to face the truth and learn from my past mistakes. Because I know gems cannot shine without polish, and I can not perfect myself without hardship. Now I know that there are no times in life when opporty, the chance to be and do gathers so richly about my soul when it has to suffer cruel adversity. Then everything depends on whether I raise my head or lower it in seeking help. Whenever I am struck down, in the future, by any terrible defeat, I will inquire of myself, after the first pain has passed, how I can turn that adversity into good. What a great opporty that moment may present……to take the bitter root I am holding and transm it into fragrant garden of flowers. Always will I seek the seed of triumph in every adversity. 8

“vindicate”表白的日常用语 -- ::51 来源: 谢谢! Thank you. *在欧美日常生活中,不能忘记对别人表示感谢 Thank you. (谢谢!) Youre welcome. (不客气) 多谢! Thanks. *比Thank you.较随便些 非常感谢! Thank you very much. *比Thank you.要有礼貌 Thanks a lot. Thank you so much. 真是非常感谢 Much appreciated. Thank you. *appreciate “感激”、“感谢”,多在美国南部使用 I appreciate it. 谢谢您的好意 Thanks your kindness. That very nice of you. That very kind of you. How kind of you. 非常感谢你的关怀 I appreciate your kindness. I appreciate your kindness. (非常感谢你的关怀) Dont mention it. (别客气) 我无法表达对您的感谢 I cant thank you enough. I cant thank you enough. (我无法表达对您的感谢) Youre quite welcome. (您太客气了) 真不知如何感谢你的关心 I can hardly thank you enough your kindness. *hardly常常和can、could构成否定的形式表示“根本不能……”、“难以……”和barely意思大致相同 I have no words to thank you. (不知说什么才能感谢您) I cant express how grateful I am. (不知如何表达谢意) 你帮了我大忙了 Youve been very helpful. Youve been a big help. (你帮我大忙了) Youve been a great help. (你帮我大忙了) 谢谢你的帮助 Thank you the help. Thank you the help. (谢谢你的帮助) My pleasure. (没什么) Thank you helping me. (谢谢你对我的照顾) I appreciate your help. 耽误您时间,实在对不起 Thanks your time. Thanks your time. (耽误您时间,实在对不起) Dont worry about it. (没关系) 感谢您为我做的一切 Thanks everything. Thanks all youve done. Thank you all of your kindness. 不管怎么都要谢谢您 Thank you anyway. *对方虽好意相助,但终究没有起到作用时使用 Sorry, I dont know. (对不起,我不知道) Thank you anyway. (不管怎么都要谢谢您) Thanks offering, but... (谢谢你的建议,但是……) Thanks offering, but I have other plans. (谢谢您的建议,可是我们有其他计划) 哦!那太好了 How nice! It on me. (这次我请客) Oh! How nice! (哦!那太好了) How lovely! *女性常用 What a treat! 我欠你的情 I owe you one. Im much obliged. (万分感谢)*比较礼貌的说法be obliged表示“感谢,感激”,多在美国南部使用 Im in your debt. *in one debt “向……借过钱”,引申为“受……的恩惠”,比较强调感谢的心情 谢谢你送给我的礼物 Thanks a lot your present. Thank you your gift. 您能这样说,我非常感谢 Thanks saying so. I really like your apartment. (我真的喜欢你的公寓) Thanks saying so. (您能这样说,我非常感谢) It nice of you to say so. 谢谢你告诉我 Thanks telling me. You have a run in your stocking. (你的丝袜跳线了) Thanks telling me. (谢谢你告诉我) Thanks letting me know. 非常感谢你等着我 Thanks waiting me. Sorry to have kept you waiting. (对不起,让你久等了) Sorry, Im late. (对不起,我晚了) 谢谢你约我出来 Thanks asking me out. *ask someone out 一般是“约会”的意思 Thanks inviting me. (谢谢您邀请我) 谢谢你鼓励我 Thanks cheering me up. *cheer up “鼓励”、“打起精神”、“鼓足勇气” Thank you making me feel better. 你救了我一命 You saved my life. Watch out! Stop! (小心!站住!) Thanks, you saved my life. (谢谢,你救了我一命) 谢谢你对我的忠告 Thanks warning me. Thanks the warning. Thanks telling me. (谢谢你告诉我) 谢谢你不远万里专程跑一趟 Thanks coming all the way over here. Thanks coming all the way over here. (谢谢你大老远专程跑一趟) It was no trouble. (这没什么大不了的) 谢谢你的来信,你对我太好了 Thank you your letter. It was very kind of you. Thank you your letter. It was very kind of you. (谢谢你的来信,你对我太好了) Youre welcome. (这没什么) 还礼 不客气 Youre welcome. Thank you everything. (感谢您做的一切) Youre welcome. (不客气) My pleasure. Dont mention it. No problem. Not at all. Youre quite welcome. That quite alright. Dont worry about it. 不必客气 Dont mention it. *这句常用于美国,在英国和澳大利亚则不常使用 能帮助您,我非常高兴 Im glad I could help. Thanks, you saved my life! (谢谢您救了我一命) Im glad I could help. (能帮助您,我非常高兴) 道歉 对不起 Im sorry. Im sorry. I made a mistake. (对不起,我弄错了) That all right. (没什么) Excuse me. *用于各种情况如“对不起,您再说一遍”、“对不起……” 啊!对不起 Whoops, excuse me. *用于踩了别人的脚等场合 Ouch! (唉哟!) Whoops, excuse me. (啊!对不起) 对不起,请原谅 Excuse me. *用于一般的道歉 I beg your pardon. *比较正式的说法 Oh, sorry. 真的非常抱歉 Im awfully sorry. 那件事真对不起 Im sorry about that. 这是我的疏忽 It my fault. *直截了当地承认自己的错误并致歉的说法 It my fault. (这是我的疏忽) That okay. Dont worry about it. (没关系,别太在意) Im to blame. (全怪我) 哎呀,我弄错了 Oops. My mistake. *茫然不知所措,不知如何是好或感到很遗憾,对做错的事感到惊讶和表示道歉的心情Oops是“哎呀!”的语气 Oops, so sorry. (哎呀,真对不起) 那事我觉得很抱歉 I feel bad about it. I wish it had never happened. *直译“我希望没有发生过那样的事”,即“那事如果没有发生过该多好呀!” 真抱歉,我不能来 Im sorry I couldnt come. Im sorry I couldnt come. (真抱歉,我不能来) That all right. (没关系) 前几天真是很抱歉 Im sorry about the other day. Hi, John! (嗨!约翰,你好!) Im sorry about the other day. (前几天真是很抱歉) 请您原谅我的失礼 Please give my rudeness. A) Please give my rudeness. (请您原谅我的失礼) B) Ill give you. (我原谅你)*A更口语的说法是Im sorry I was rude. (很抱歉,我失礼了) 我不知该怎样向您道歉 I dont know how to apologize to you. *apologize to...“向……道歉” I cant express how sorry I am. Words cant express how sorry I am. I have no words to apologize to you. 我并没有那个意思 I didnt mean that. *mean “打算说做……” 真对不起,给您添麻烦了 Im sorry to trouble you. Im sorry to trouble you. (真对不起,给您添麻烦了) That okay. (没关系) 实在对不起,让您费心了 Im really sorry troubling you. Im really sorry troubling you. (实在对不起,让您费心了) It was nothing. (这没什么) 抱歉,让您久等了 Im sorry to have kept you waiting. Im sorry to have kept you waiting. (抱歉,让您久等了) I was about to go home. (我正想要回家呢) Im sorry to be late again. (对不起,我又来晚了) Sorry, Im late again. (对不起,我又迟到了) 我希望……可是…… I wish I could... Are you coming to my party? (你能来参加我的晚会吗?) I wish I could come, but Im busy on Friday. (我非常想去,可是星期五我很忙) 对道歉的回答 没事儿别放在心里! That all right. *有时连写成That alright. Im sorry. (对不起) That all right. (没事儿别放在心里!) Dont worry about it. Dont worry. It no big deal. (不是什么大不了的事) Never mind. I got to bring your book. (我忘了把你的书带来了) Never mind. (不必在意) 下次要多加小心 Please be more careful next time. 关心对方 我帮您收大衣吧 Let me get your coat you. *主人迎接穿大衣来访的客人时使用 Let me get your coat you. (我帮您收大衣吧) Thanks. (谢谢) 别拘束,像在自己家一样吧 Make yourself at home. I like your apartment. (我很喜欢您的公寓) Make yourself at home. (别客气,像在自己家一样吧) 很抱歉…… Excuse me. *中途退席时 One moment, please. 现在您有空吗? Do you have a minute? *要和对方说话时 Can I talk to you a minute? Are you busy now? (现在你忙吗?) 我能跟您说几句话吗? Can I talk to you a minute? Can I talk to you a minute? (我能跟您说几句话吗?) Sure, go ahead. (当然可以,你说吧!) 您先请 After you. After you. (您先请) Oh, thank you. (噢!谢谢!) 我帮您一把吧! Can I give you a hand? Can I give you a hand? (我帮您一把吧!) That all right, thanks. (好的,谢谢) 对不起,我过一下 Excuse me. Excuse me. (对不起,我过一下) That all right. (您请) 我接受你的建议就照你说的 Ill accept your offer. Ill accept your offer. (我接受你的建议就照你说的) That great! (太棒了)*常用于在工作中例如在回答类似“我考虑要你做A分店的分店长怎么样?”和“这辆车我想卖5000美元”的问题时,前一种情况意为“我想我可以接受你的建议”,后一种情况可以理解为“好吧,这个价钱我买了” 对不起,打断一下 Sorry to interrupt you. Sorry to interrupt you. (对不起,打断一下) Yes? (什么事?) 真抱歉,这么突然 Sorry the short notice. *short notice “急的,突然的” Sorry the short notice. (真抱歉,这么突然) Dont worry about it. (没关系,不必担心) 表扬 太棒了! Great! I got a promotion today. (今天我被提升了) Great! (太棒了!) That great! Excellent! Fantastic! *表示非常高兴,同时又有点儿吃惊的心情 Wonderful! 约翰你真够出色的! John is incredible! John is the greatest! (约翰是个很了不起的人) 真不错 Good job! *赞扬对方出色行为时比较随便的说法 Look! I made this chair. (你看,这是我做的椅子) Good job! (真不错!) You did it! Well done! Great! 干得真好! Way to go! *“太好了”、“真的”,向对方表示惊叹的语气多用于父母对孩子,意为“你真是个好孩子”大人之间也常用 I got 0 points! (我考了0分) Way to go! (好样的!) Right on! Nice going! Good going! All right. 儿子,你真棒! Well done, son! *例句是对儿子说的,如果是对女儿说,句尾不用加任何词 My grades went up! (我的成绩提高了!) Well done, son! (儿子,你真棒!) 恭喜了! Congratulations! We ran a race and I was the fastest. (我赛跑得了第一名) Congratulations! (是吗?恭喜你了!) 你真了不起! You were great! You were great! (你真了不起!) It was nothing. (这算不了什么) You were wonderful! That was very smart! (你真聪明!) 恭喜你干得不错真是件好事 Good you. *听到好事时的回答 Ive started jogging. (我开始跑步了) Good you! (这真不错) My teacher praised me today. (今天老师表扬我了) Good you! (真是件好事) I admire you it! That great! Kenji and I are friends now. (现在我和健二是好朋友) That great. (那太好了) That good ( you)! (太好了!) 真是好孩子 Good boy. I cleaned up my room. (我把我的房间打扫干净了) Good boy. (真是好孩子) Good girl. 多漂亮的裙子呀! What a nice dress! 我真喜欢你的衬衫 I like your shirt. That a nice shirt. That shirt looks good on you. (你穿这件衬衫真合适) You look good in that shirt. (你穿这件衬衫正合适) 你的领带真漂亮 That a great tie. That a great tie. (你的领带真漂亮) Do you like it? (你喜欢吗?) I like your tie. (我喜欢你的领带) 你有辆好车呀! You have a nice car. You have a nice car. (你有辆好车呀!) It brand-new. (这可是辆新车呀) 在哪儿买的? Where did you buy it? 是在K店买的 I bought it at the K store. 在特别降价的时候 It was on sale. *on sale是“降价,减价,甩卖”; sale是“正在出售的,出售的”两种用法不同,注意不要混淆 你看上去真好真帅 You look nice. You look good. You look pretty. (你真可爱) You look great! 对你正合适 It looks nice on you. *look nice on... “合适……”,“看上去很适合……” A) How does it look? (你看怎么样?) B) It looks nice on you. (对你正合适) *A正在试衣 这得归功于您呀! All the credit goes to you. *credit “功绩”、“功劳”、“名誉” It a big hit! (这是一个巨大的成功!) All the credit goes to you. (这完全都得归功于您呀!) You deserve all the credit. 非常出色! Brilliant! *有了让人吃惊的主意或解决了问题时使用 What do you think of my proposal? (您认为我的提案怎么样?) It brilliant! (非常出色!) That brilliant! 真是个男子汉! What a man! He a real hero! (他是一个真正的英雄!) What a man! (真是个男子汉!) He a great man! He a real man. 真不愧是你,干得好! Wow, youre on a winning streak. *直译“啊!你连连取胜”,表达“真不愧是你”的语感 We won again. (我们又赢了) Wow, youre on a winning streak. (哇,又赢啦!干得好) 你的儿子真可爱 You have a cute son. *是男孩的情况下 You have a cute son. (你的儿子真可爱) Thank you. (谢谢)*表示女孩子的说法如下 You have a cute daughter. (你女儿真可爱) Thank you. She takes after her mother. (谢谢,她长得像她妈妈) 您看上去很年轻 You look young your age. You look young your age. (您看上去很年轻) Youre the only one who has said that. (只有你一个人这样对我说) 我非常感谢您为此所做出的努力 I appreciate your eft very much. Thank you your hard work. 真羡慕你 I envy you. Im getting married. (我要结婚了) I envy you. (真羡慕你) I dont envy you. (我并不羡慕你) 他对你的评价很高 He thinks highly of you. He thinks a lot of you... 这句虽然不是一句正确的英语,但口语常用 He has a high opinion of you. 我需要一个值得我尊敬的老板 I need a boss I can look up to. *look up to “尊敬,对人表示尊敬” 他真有勇气 He got guts. *guts还有“内脏”的意思 So, he complained to his boss. (所以,他向老板发牢骚) He got guts. (他可真敢) He brave. 日常英语 英语口语

Motherly love by its very nature is unconditional.Mother loves the newborn infant because it is her child,not because the child has fulfilled any specific condition,or lived up to any specific expectation.Unconditional love corresponds in one of the deepest longings,not only of the child, but of every human being;on the other hand, to be loved because of one’s merit, because one deserves it, always leaves doubt;maybe I did not please the person whom I want to love me,maybe this or that—there is always a fear that love could disappear.Furthermore,“deserved” love easily leaves a bitter feeling that one is not loved oneself,that one is loved only because one pleases,that one is, in the last analysis, not loved at all but used.No wonder that we all cling to the longing motherly love,as children and also as adults.The relationship to father is quite different.Mother is the home we come from, she is nature, soil, the ocean;father does not represent any such natural home.He has little connection with the child in the first years of its life,and his importance the child in this early period cannot be compared with that of mother.But while father does not represent the natural world,he represents the other pole of human existence;the world of thought,of man-made things, of law and order, of discipline, of travel and adventure.Father is the one who teaches the child, who shows him the road into the world.Fatherly love is conditional love.Its principle is “I love you because you fulfill my expectations,because you do your duty,because you are like me.”In conditional fatherly love we find, as with unconditional motherly love,a negative and a positive aspect.The negative aspect is the very fact that fatherly love has to be deserved,that it can be lost if one does not do to what is expected.In the nature of fatherly love lies the fact that obedience becomes the main virtue,that disobedience is the main sin—and its punishment the withdrawal of fatherly love.The positive side is equally important.Since his love is conditional, I can do something to acquire it, I can work it;his love is not outside of my control as motherly love is. 595

世界杯热点:半决赛在即,章鱼哥选了西班牙? -- :9: 来源: 章鱼哥保罗的预测在世界杯上一次又一次的成功,创造了奇迹,把自己的名字深深的刻在了广大球迷的心中  本次世界杯,举世瞩目的西班牙对德国这场半决赛将于北京时间7月8日周四:30分举行章鱼哥的预测成为大家关注的焦点,各地群众纷纷询问:  “Does anyone know when the pick the game against Spain will take place?”  谁知道对西班牙的预测啥时候进行啊?  “Has the octopus Paul picked a winner the Germany v Spain match as yet?”  章鱼哥保罗对德国和西班牙的比赛预测了没?  What did Paul the Octopus say about the Spain vs. Germany match?  西班牙对德国,章鱼哥保罗说啥了?  于是,最近网上流传了这么一张照片章鱼哥保罗选择了西班牙作为胜利的一方  Paul, the German octopus that predicted every German World Cup match so far has picked Spain to win the upcoming semi-final章鱼哥保罗选择了西班牙作为胜利的一方  德国球迷们看到这张照片应该会心碎一地吧  经过小编最新求,这张照片——是假的!twitter上有人发了对比图,从章鱼哥的姿势和周围的环境来看,是之前德国对塞尔维亚的那场的翻版从章鱼哥的姿势和周围的环境来看,上一张照片是之前德国对塞尔维亚的那场的翻版  目前,还没有章鱼哥预测的最新消息 在即 热点 世界杯 章鱼哥

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