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China#39;s top legislature has adopted the country#39;s first counter-terrorism law. Lawmakers approved the legislation Sunday afternoon at the end of the 18th meeting of the National People#39;s Congress Standing Committee.全国人大常委会第十八次会议27日下午闭幕,会议表决通过了我国第一部反恐怖主义法。;The passage of the specialized counter-terrorism legislation is based on the current provisions of law. It comes both from the need to combat terrorism and from China#39;s responsibility in the international community. It will provide legal support and guarantees for the nation to combat terrorist activities, safeguard national and public security, the security of people#39;s lives and property, and strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation in the international community,; said An Weixing, Division Chief of Counter-Terrorism, Public Security Ministry.中国公安部反恐怖局局长安卫星表示;;在现有法律规定的基础上,制定一部专门的反恐怖主义法,既是当前打击恐怖主义的现实需要,也是中国的国际责任。它的出台必将为中国依法打击暴恐活动,维护国家安全、公共安全和人民生命财产的安全,以及加强国际反恐合作提供更加坚实的法律撑和保。;The law establishes basic principles for counter-terrorism work and strengthens measures for prevention, handling, punishment as well as international cooperation. An Weixing said the newly-passed law is in response to the growing terrorism threat in the country and the world at large. It is essential to addressing terrorism at home and helping to maintain global security.这部法律确立了反恐怖工作基本原则,强化了安全防范、应对处置、国际合作、法律惩治等措施。安卫星还表示,这部新通过的法律将会最大化的对国内及国际上的恐怖威胁作出回应。同时,这对于解决国内恐怖主义,帮助维护全球安全也是极其重要的。The new law, which will enter into force in January next year, will provide legal support to the country#39;s counter-terrorism activities as well as collaboration with international anti-terrorism efforts.法律自2016年1月起施行,将为国家层面的反恐行动以及与国际社会的合作反恐提供法律依据。 /201512/418829Ba Jin (1904~2005), styled Feigan, whose real name was Li Yaotang and pen names were Wang Wenhui and Ouyang Jingrong, was born in a bureaucrat-landlord family increasingly on the wane in Chengdu of Sichuan Province.巴金( 1904~2005) ,原名李尧堂,字莆甘,笔名有王文慧,欧阳镜蓉等。四川成都人。As a child he saw the corruption and intrigues of big feudal families and the suppression of young people by the feudal autocracy. These experiences aroused revulsion in him against the feudal system. On the other hand, he sympathized with the bitter lot of the working people in the lower strata of society.他出生于一个没落的封建官僚地主家庭,从小就产生了强烈憎恶封建势力,深切同情下层人民的思想感情。He was eager to learn foreign ideas.巴金热衷于接受西方理念。Of the multitude of radical ideas that sprang up around the May Fourth Movement appealed most to Ba Jin, which played a large part in the formation of the young Ba Jin#39;s philosophy and political outlook.五四运动所出现的许多激进思想也深探地吸引着他,对年青时代巴金的人生观和政治观的形成起了很大作用。The quintessence of Ba Jin#39;s cultural personality was to pursue independence and perfection of human dignity, which, according him, was the foundation of being a man.因此,巴金文化人格的精髓就是把追求人格的独立和完善作为立人之本。Ba Jin was a prolific writer. He wrote full-length novels Lope Trilogy, Trilogy of the Torrent, War of Resistance Trilogy and Bitter Cold Nights.他一生著作丰饶,有《爱情三部曲》、《激流三部曲》、《抗战三部曲》、《寒夜》等长篇小说,His novelle included Death, The New Life, Ward Four and The Garden of Leisure.《灭亡》、《新生》、《第四病室》、《憩园》等中篇小说,His short stories were incorporated into collections such as Vengeance, The General and Light.《复仇集》、《将军集》、《光明集》等短篇小说集,Ba Jin wrote many essays in the form of travel notes, random notes, sketches, letters and reminiscences. The most successful were about his personal life, thinking and writing (in the collections Random Travel Notes, Dragon-Tiger-Dog, Recollections).《旅途随笔》、《龙·虎·》、《忆》等散文集。The narration was interwoven with emotional expression, showing the plight of the maltreated. They indicated the fundamental tendencies in Ba Jin#39;s work-the exposure of social oppression and class contradiction to arouse the poor to rise up in resistance and opposition to the unfair social system. 他以真挚的感情,杰出的才能,鲜明的色,从不同侧面反映了旧中国辛酸苦难的现实与人民的挣扎呼号。Trilogy of the Torrent--The Family, Spring and Autumn was woven around the decline and disintegration of a big feudal family. It revealed the inner workings and collapse of the feudal patriarchal system and the rebellion of young people against the family.《激流三部曲》是以描写封建家庭腐败与衰落为题材的家族小说,强烈控诉了封建大家庭的罪恶,展示了青年一代的痛苦和呻吟,追求和反抗。Ba Jin regarded his works as a paean to youth; he praised the beauty and growth of youth and cursed the life-destroying forces that opposed youth. 巴金视他的作品为青年人的赞歌,赞美青年人的美丽和成长,诅骂反对青年人的社会邪息势力。The sad story of the novel Bitter Cold Nights, tinged with deep feeling of grief and desolateness, told of the suffering people underwent in the bitter years of the war. This novel represented the zenith of Ba Jin#39;s realistic literary creation and tragic art.《寒夜》以沉痛悲凉的笔调,描写了一个普通知识分子家庭的悲剧,揭露了国民党统治区的黑暗社会现实,是巴金现实主义文学的高峰,是他悲剧艺术的最高成就。Moreover, he was an excellent translator, introducing to China many works of the world-famous writers.巴金还是一位出色的翻译家,曾将很多世界著名作家的作品介绍到中国。As the chief editor of several literary publications, he edited many series and collections. Ba Jin has made outstanding contributions to modern Chinese literature.他还做过文学刊物的主编,编辑出版过许多丛书、丛刊,为中国的文化事业作出了贡献。 /201603/429805BEIJING — As Beijing disappeared into the heavy smog shrouding the region in recent days, an artist covered seven models with body paint until they, too, faded against a desolate grove of trees on the eastern outskirts of the city.北京——随着最近几日北京被浓重的雾霾笼罩,一名艺术家在北京东部郊区,对七名模特进行身体绘伪装,直至他们与背后的荒凉树林融为一体。“Instead of passively disappearing, I’d rather actively make people disappear to express my attitude,” said the artist, Liu Bolin, who has been called the “Invisible Man” for blending into his surroundings by meticulously applying paint to his body.“与其被动消失,我更愿意主动使人消失,从而表达我的态度,”艺术家刘勃麟说。因为善于通过仔细地在身上进行绘,将自身融入周围环境,他被称为“隐形人”。“I’m using this active disappearance to voice my protest,” he said in an interview about his latest work, “Winter Solstice.”“我通过这种主动的消失,来表达抗议,”他在最近接受采访,谈到最新作品《冬至》时说道。Last year, he made four rows of people disappear against a photograph of Tiananmen Gate, which was grayed by smog. This time, Mr. Liu said his new work was inspired by the red alerts issued this month in Beijing for hazardous levels of air pollution.去年,他对四排人进行绘伪装,使他们融入了背景中被雾霾笼罩的天安门的照片。刘勃麟表示,这一次,作品的灵感来自北京因空气污染达到有害程度,而发布的红色预警。On Saturday, Beijing issued its second-ever red alert, the highest level of a four-tier warning system, effective through Tuesday. It came only a week after its first one, even though the capital has been plagued by heavy smog for years. By Wednesday, 10 cities in China had issued red alerts, the state news agency Xinhua reported.上周六,北京发布了有史以来的第二次红色预警——四个预警级别中的最高级别,此次预警持续到周二。而在一周之前,北京才刚刚发布首次红色预警,尽管北京多年来一直受到严重雾霾的困扰。官方通讯社新华社报道,截至周三,中国已有十座城市发布红色预警。Mr. Liu decided to name his new work “Winter Solstice” because it was carried out on Sunday, two days before the winter solstice, an important festival in the traditional Chinese calendar.刘勃麟决定将新作品命名为《冬至》,因为该作品是在周日,也就是冬至的两天之前创作的,冬至在中国是一个重要的节气。The seven models, all modern dancers, posed for photographs and then danced for a , Mr. Liu said.这七名模特都是现代舞者,他们先摆好姿势拍照,然后又拍摄了一段舞蹈视频,刘勃麟说。“These are the movements people instinctively make when their lives are suppressed,” he said of the dance moves, adding that this was the first time he had portrayed his disappearing subjects in motion.他形容其中的舞姿时说,“这些动作是人们在生活受到压制时,本能做出的动作。”他还表示,这是他首次让隐形人动起来。The work is a continuation of the political and social commentary often found in Mr. Liu’s works. He has staged disappearances into backdrops that have included the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, a wall painted with Communist Party slogans, a portrait of Mao and a police officer to reflect ordinary Chinese people’s sense of invisibility in a fast-changing economy.该作品延续了刘勃麟一贯以来的政治及社会风格。他曾融于长城、天坛、涂有共产党口号的墙壁、毛泽东及一名警察的画像等背景之中,以此体现普通中国民众隐形于快速变化的经济之中的感觉。Mr. Liu, 42, first went invisible in 2006. When Suo Jia Cun, an artists’ village in suburban Beijing where he worked as a sculptor’s assistant, was forcibly demolished, Mr. Liu disappeared into the ruins to protest the destruction. That became the first work in his “Hiding in the City” series, which won him international attention.42岁的刘勃麟于2006年第一次化身为隐形人。当时他在北京郊区索家村艺术区,为一位雕塑师担任助理。当索家村被强行拆除时,他隐形于废墟之中,抗议强拆行动。这成为了《城市迷》(Hiding in the City)系列的第一个作品。他凭借这一系列作品,赢得了国际关注。“Smog, as a top-level carcinogen, has created fear among Chinese people,” Mr. Liu said of “Winter Solstice.” (The World Health Organization has classified outdoor air pollution and one of its major components, particulate matter, as cancer-causing agents.)“雾霾是高度致癌的,它在中国民众当中引发了担忧,”刘勃麟评价《冬至》时说。(世界卫生组织将室外空气污染及其主要成分颗粒物质归类为致癌物。)“This work actually shows the helplessness modern people feel,” he said. “The fear in their hearts. Their struggles.”“这个作品实际上展现了现代人的无助感,”他说。“他们心中的恐惧。他们的挣扎。” /201512/419111

#39;Provocative#39; images will still feature in redesigned magazine, but editors say founder Hugh Hefner has agreed that fully nude shots are #39;passe#39;撩人的照片仍是改版后的特点,但是编辑称,创刊人休·海夫纳认同全裸照片已经过时这一观点。Playboy magazine will stop publishing pictures of fully nude women because the ubiquity of internet pornography has made such images ;passe;, the company#39;s chief executive has revealed.In an interview with the New York Times, CEO Scott Flanders said founder Hugh Hefner, 89, had agreed with a proposal to stop publishing images of naked women from March 2016.《》将停止出版全裸女人照。因为公司执行官斯科特·弗兰德斯认为,因特网上随处可见的色情作品已经令此类裸照过时。在纽约时报的一次采访中,执行官斯科特·弗兰德斯表示,于2016年3月停用裸体女照这一提案已经得到了杂志创刊人休·海夫纳的认同。The redesigned Playboy, 62 years after it was launched by Hefner, will still feature a Playmate of the Month and provocative pictures of women, but they will be rated PG-13 (a rating that cautions that material may be inappropriate for children under 13).距离海夫纳首次发刊62年后的今天,重新改版的《》仍将以月度玩伴和撩人的女性照片为特点,但是将被重划为13岁以下不宜观看。Flanders told the NYT: ;You#39;re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it#39;s just passe at this juncture.;弗兰德斯说:;现在,你想象中的所有性行为只需点击一下鼠标就能看到。所以在现在这个时代,裸女照片已经过时了。;In other changes, the sex columnist will be a ;sex-positive female; and the target of the magazine will be young employed males. ;The difference between us and Vice,; Flanders said, ;is that we#39;re going after the guy with a job.;其他的改变还包括,性专栏作家将启用一个性欲强的女性,并且杂志将目标群体规定为有工作的男性。弗兰德斯说:;我们和全球青年时尚生活杂志的区别就在于我们的目标群是有工作的群体。;The Playboy website has aly been given a makeover and made safe to at work, resulting in younger ers and an increase in web traffic.的网站已经有了重大变化,这令人们在工作期间也可以安心浏览,这也增加了年轻读者的数量和浏览量。The chief content officer of the magazine, Cory Jones, said the magazine would be more accessible and more intimate, admitting: ;Twelve-year-old me is very disappointed in current me. But it#39;s the right thing to do.;杂志的内容总监科里·琼斯说,将变的更易得、更亲切,并承认如果自己重返十二岁,将对现在的自己很失望。但是这么改变是正确的。international editions and the Playboy licensing business, which is profitable. The magazine#39;s circulation has dropped from 5.6m in 1975 to about 800,000 now, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.美国发行的杂志已经不再是获利的工具了,但它仍然是利润可观的国际版、以及的授权业务的市场工具。Marilyn Monroe was on the first cover of the magazine in 1953 and the editor#39;s letter from Hefner said: ;If you#39;re a man between the ages of 18 and 80, Playboy is meant for you. We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors d#39;oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph, and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex … ;玛丽莲·梦露是1953年首期杂志的,海夫纳当时的编者寄语写到:;是为年方十八直到八十的男士专业打造。我们会享受到调制的鸡尾酒、一两道开胃小菜,留声机里的情调音乐和与一个女人轻声谈论艺术、哲学、音乐、性……;The announcement of an end to naked images came on the same day Australian men#39;s magazine Zoo, published by Bauer Media, put out its final issue due to a slump in sales.鲍尔传媒旗下的澳洲成人男性杂志Zoo于同一天宣布停止使用裸体照片,做出此决定也是因为杂志销量的下滑。 /201510/403929

Liu Zongyuan (773~819) was a Chinese writer who lived in Chang#39;an during the Tang Dynasty. He was traditionally classed as one of the Eight Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song.柳宗元(773~819),中国唐代作家,唐宋八大家之一。Along with Han Yu, he was a founder of the Classical Prose Movement.他居于长安,与韩愈一起发起了古文运动。His civil service career was initially successful, but in 805 he fell from favour because of his association with a failed reformist movement. He was exiled first to Yongzhou (Hunan Province ), and then to Liuzhou (Guangxi Province).柳宗元的官场生活起初非常成功,但是805年他因与一场不成功的改革派运动有关而失宠,首先被贬到永州(湖南境内),之后又被贬到柳州(广西境内)。However, this setback allowed his literary career to flourish: he produced poems, fables, reflective travelogues and essays sythesizing elements of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.然而,官场上的挫折却使得柳宗元的文学事业繁荣了起来: 他创作了诗歌、寓言、游记以及融合了儒释道思想元素的散文。Liu Zongyuan produced many examples of clear and charming prose and became reputed as one of the renowned ;Eight Masters of Tang and Song.;柳宗元写了许多清晰迷人的散文,成为著名的唐宋八大家之一。柳宗元最著名的游记是《永州八记》。His best-known travel pieces are the Eight Records of Excursions in Yongzhou. Around 180 of his poems are extant.现存柳诗约180首。Some of his works celebrate his freedom from office, while others mourn his banishment.尽管他的一些作品中对遭贬表示遗憾,但是他的一些作品也表明他很庆幸自己能够远离官场。 /201601/422051A new study has warned that a third of all men currently under the age of 20 in China will eventually die prematurely if they do not give up smoking.最近出炉的一份报告显示,中国20岁以下的男性如果不放弃吸烟,他们中的三分之一会因此而过早地结束自己的生命。The research, published in The Lancet medical journal, says two-thirds of men in China now start to smoke before 20.发表于《柳叶刀》医学杂志上的研究显示,中国三分之二的男性在20岁之前就开始抽烟。Around half of those men will die from the habit, it concludes.并表明,这些人中的一半会死于此习惯。The scientists conducted two nationwide studies, 15 years apart, covering hundreds of thousands of people.科学家们在15年间共进行了两项全国性的调查,覆盖人群达百万。In 2010, around one million people in China died from tobacco usage. But researchers say that if current trends continue, that will double to two million people - mostly men - dying every year by 2030, making it a ;growing epidemic of premature death;.2010年,中国有100万人死于抽烟。但研究人员表示,如果此形势继续发展下去,到2030年,这个数字会翻倍,每年会有200万中国人(大部分是男性)死于抽烟。早逝将成为流行病。While more than half of Chinese men smoke, only 2.4% of Chinese women do. The study was conducted by scientists from Oxford University, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Chinese Center for Disease Control.在中国,一半男性都有抽烟的习惯,但只有2.4%的女性抽烟。此研究由牛津大学,中国医学科学院和中国疾病控制中心的专家们共同开展。But co-author Richard Peto said there was hope - if people can be persuaded to quit.不过,此报告的作者之一Richard Peto表示,如果人们能够戒烟,事情还是有转机的。;The key to avoid this huge wave of deaths is cessation, and if you are a young man, don’t start,; he said.他说,“阻止这种惨剧发生的唯一办法就是戒烟,年轻人趁早就别学吸烟。”In many parts of China, meals often fit a comfortable pattern. After putting down their chopsticks, men commonly push their chairs back from the table and light cigarettes. No wonder China has struggled to impose a smoking ban in public places.在中国大部分地区的饭局上,男人们放下筷子后,通常把椅子往后一挪便点起一根烟。也难怪中国出台禁止在公共场合吸烟的规定。China is the world’s biggest consumer of cigarettes - one in three cigarettes smoked globally is in China - as well as the world’s biggest tobacco producer. More than 300 million people - about a quarter of the population - smoke, with the average smoker consuming 22 cigarettes a day.中国是世界上最大的烟草生产国和消费国,世界上每三个人吸烟,就有一个是中国人。中国有三亿多烟民,几乎占总人口的四分之一。每个烟民平均每天吸22根烟。In a country where smoking is so ingrained in daily life, few understand the harmful effects of tobacco use. According to the World Health Organization, only 25% of Chinese adults can list the specific health hazards of smoking, from lung cancer to heart disease.在抽烟这个习惯如此根深蒂固的国家,很少有人明白吸烟的危害。据世界卫生组织表示,只有25%的成年人能说出吸烟的具体危害,包括肺癌和心脏病。Globally, tobacco kills up to half of its users, according to the World Health Organization.世界卫生组织的数据显示,世界范围内,已有一半的烟民死于抽烟。 /201510/403481

The nation#39;s leading mobile-based car-hailing services provider Didi Kuaidi on Monday announced a special offer for its new ride-sharing services along with plans to get into the car-selling business. Experts said it has always been key to Didi#39;s strategy to broaden its product line, and the latest moves clearly show this.全国领先的手机打车应用软件提供商滴滴快的在星期一宣布将进入汽车行业,并将为新的乘车共享务提供优惠。专家分析称,滴滴的策略目标在于扩大它的产品线,而最新的这个举措就能够明这一点。According to a statement on Didi#39;s Sina Weibo account on Monday, if a customer requests a shared ride but doesn#39;t get one, he can take a taxi alone with a 50 percent discount on the fare. If he does find a shared ride, he gets a 50 percent discount on the fare for that ride as well as another discount of up to 10 yuan (.6).根据滴滴官方微周一发布的内容,如果消费者拼车失败,他可以以50%的折扣打车。如果他拼车成功,他同样可以半价乘车,此外还将获得十块钱(1.6美元)的补贴。The ride-sharing service of Didi Express began a test run on November 4 and was officially launched on December 1, said a statement Didi sent to the Global Times on Monday. Didi Express is one of Didi#39;s car-hailing apps.根据滴滴在星期一发表的声明显示,滴滴快车(滴滴旗下的叫车软件)的拼车务在十一月四号试运行,十二月一日正式投入运营。According to the statement, the Didi Express ride-sharing service is available in 14 domestic cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou in South China#39;s Guangdong Province and Chengdu in Southwest China#39;s Sichuan Province.滴滴快车的拼车务在14个城市运行,其中包括北京,以及中国南部广东省省会广州和西南部的四川省。The statement also said that this service has been well received by the market. During the test period, which ran from November 4 to 23, about 6.5 million orders were completed in six cities.声明还表示这项务已经被市场容纳。在11月4日至11月23日这段试运营期间,六个城市总共完成了六百五十万订单。However, most customers the Global Times contacted said they have concerns about the service.然而,《环球时报》采访到的多数消费者都对这项务表示了担忧。Tian Kai, a Beijing resident, told the Global Times on Monday that he would consider using the service only if the people sharing the car ;don#39;t smoke; and ;aren#39;t drunk or smelly.;北京市民田凯周一接受采访时表示,只有当拼车的人“不吸烟”,“没有喝醉身上也没有烟味”时他才会同意拼车。Lin Deren, another Beijing resident, also told the Global Times on Monday that he wouldn#39;t use the service because of safety reasons.另一北京市民林德仁也表示,出于安全考虑,他不会使用这项务。;Besides, the service is cheap but not that cheap,; he noted.“另外,这项务虽然便宜但也没有那么廉价。”他强调此点。Didi also announced on Monday that it would start tapping the market for vehicle purchases. According to another statement Didi sent to the Global Times, it would sell 100 Mercedes-Benz vehicles and 100 FAW Toyota cars on its test drive app Didi Shijia on Saturday.滴滴周一还宣布其已经瞄准开发购车行业。根据滴滴向《环球时报》提供的另一份声明,在周六它将在试运营中的滴滴试驾软件上售出100辆奔驰和100辆一汽丰田。Zhang said that test drives are a form of pre-sale service. Since Didi Shijia has built up a large customer base, it#39;s natural to monetize that resource by extending its service range to car sales.张旭称试驾是另一种形式的预售。由于滴滴试驾有很大的顾客群,因此它会很自然地利用这些资源开拓务,涉足汽车销售行业。On Monday, US car-hailing service provider Uber also announced that it would launch an ;electric vehicle day; the same day in 13 domestic cities, and passengers who choose to use their electric vehicles will get a range of discounts, according to a statement Uber sent to the Global Times on Monday.周一,美国叫车软件Uber也宣布了它将在国内13座城市同时发起“电子汽车日”。Uber向给《环球时报》发声明称,在当天选择使用电子汽车的顾客将会得到一定程度的折扣。Zhang said, however, that move wouldn#39;t pose a big challenge to Didi. ;Uber has a good reputation in China because of its corporate culture and marketing strategies, but I would say Didi#39;s businesses are both wide and deep in China,; he noted. ;It won#39;t be surpassed by Uber, at least in the near future.;然而张旭则表示这并不会给滴滴带来很大挑战。“Uber在中国有很好的声誉,因为它倡导合作,有优秀的市场营销策略,但是我认为滴滴在中国有广泛而深刻的市场。”他补充道。“滴滴不会被Uber压制,至少近些年不会。” /201512/415075A survey of more than 2,000 people living in the UK has found that those with a higher IQ are more likely to live a longer life. Researchers analysed data from the Scottish Mental Surveys - in which almost every 11-year-old in Scotland was given the same IQ test on the same day in 1932 - and tracked the participants#39; lives up to when they passed away.基于对2000多名英国居民的调查,研究结果显示:智商越高的人长寿的几率越大。研究者分析了来源于苏格兰心智调查的数据:1932年,几乎每个11岁的苏格兰儿童都在同一天接受了相同的智商测试,之后测试者将接受追踪调查,直至他们去世。Even when factors such as economic status and employment level were accounted for, the smarter kids ended up living longer than those with lower IQs. These results correlate to several previous studies that have found a link between IQ and mortality when other factors were filtered out.即使经济地位和就业水平等因素都被考虑在内,调查仍旧显示,智商高的孩子寿命更长。这些结果与先前的研究不谋而合,即在排除其它因素的条件下,智商与死亡率有一定的关联。;Subjects who died before 1 January 1997 had a significantly lower mean IQ at age 11 years than subjects who were alive or untraced,; says the report, published in the British Medical Journal. ;Our data shows that high mental ability in late childhood reduces the chances of death up to age 76 years.;发表于《英国医学杂志》的报告显示:1997年1月1日前去世的调查对象11岁时的平均智商远远低于当时还健在的和没接受追踪调查的群体,数据表明,如果一个人在童年后期表现出较高的心智能力,76岁前死亡的几率会有所降低。The numbers crunched by Lawrence Whalley from the University of Aberdeen and Ian Deary from the University of Edinburgh show that someone with an IQ of 115 at age 11 was 21 percent more likely to be alive at the age of 76 than someone with an IQ of 100 (the general average), as David Z. Hambrick at Scientific American reports.《科学美国人》的戴维·汉布里克报道称,由阿伯丁大学的劳伦斯·沃利和爱丁堡大学的伊恩·蒂尔瑞估算的数据显示,智商值为115的11岁儿童活到76岁的几率比智商值为100(平均水平)的儿童高21%。We don#39;t yet understand why this is the case, but more than 20 longitudinal studies (studies with data points covering a long period of time) carried out around the world have found similar links.这一现象是如何产生的呢?我们也尚未发现原因所在,但是全世界20多个纵向追踪研究都发现智商与寿命间有类似的关联, 这些研究数据均来自长时间的调查。There are some interesting hypotheses: one is that intelligent people are more likely to strap themselves in while driving, choose to eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking, and exercise more often. Whalley and Deary found that those with a higher IQ were more likely to quit smoking after its negative health effects were publicised in the 1950s. In other words, smart people might just be better at avoiding things that are going to kill them.下面是一些有趣的猜测:其一,聪明人往往更倾向于约束自己,比如,开车谨慎,饮食健康,拒绝吸烟,锻炼身体。沃利和蒂尔瑞发现,20世纪50年代曝光吸烟有害健康之后,智商较高的群体戒烟的可能性更大。也就是说,聪明人更懂得如何避免健康危机。Another hypothesis is that a high IQ is a signifier of a sturdy constitution and a body that#39;s going to last - it#39;s essentially a signifier rather than a cause, some scientists believe. One study published in 2005 found that better reaction times specifically helped people live longer - so a high IQ is possibly an indication of an efficient nervous system, rather than being itself a cause of longer life, the researchers proposed.另一个猜测是,有些科学家认为,高智商是强健、耐受体质的标志,而不是长寿的原因。2005年发布的研究表明,反应越快的人活得越久,研究者因而指出,高智商很有可能就是神经系统高效运转的标志,但它本身不是长寿的原因。Alternatively, or perhaps in addition to the above suggestions, it could be that genes are contributing to the link between IQ and longevity. Hambrick cites a recent study involving twins that provides the first evidence for this hypothesis:除了上述的猜测,另一种可能性就是基因导致了智商和寿命之间的关联。汉布里克引用了最近有关双胞胎的一项研究,为这一假设提供首个依据:;Twin studies disentangle the effects of environmental and genetic factors on an outcome such as intelligence or lifespan by comparing identical twins, who share 100 percent of their genes, and fraternal twins, who on average share only 50 percent of their genes. [The researchers] performed statistical analyses to estimate the contribution of genetic factors to the IQ-lifespan relationship. The results were clear and consistent: genes accounted for most of the relationship.;“通过比较同卵双胞胎(百分之百的基因相同)和异卵双胞胎(平均只有百分之五十的基因相同),研究者理清了环境和基因因素对智力和寿命的影响,他们分析了数据以推测基因因素对智商和寿命的关系起到的作用。结果明确而一致:大部分二者的关系能用基因解释。”It#39;s a complicated area of science, particularly as an IQ score doesn#39;t necessarily directly represent intelligence, and can be affected by social class, education standards, and other cultural factors - if you#39;re preconditioned to think you#39;ll do badly in an exam, for example. Nevertheless, the link is there - and researchers are still trying to find out why.关于智商与寿命的研究是一个复杂的科学问题:智商值不能直接代表智力。因为智力还会受到社会阶级、教育标准和其他文化因素的影响。因此,可别认为智商值低就考不好试。无论如何,智商和寿命是一定存在某种关联的,只是研究者还需要试着去发现个中原因,揭开奥秘。 /201601/421774

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