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核对账单请检查一下A:All right. Here you we, sir. Please check it.好的,先生,这是您的账单B:Im sorry. What this ? 对不起,这是什么费用?同类问句:Here your bill, sir. Could you please check it? 这是您的账单,请您核对一下好吗?May I check it? 我可以核对一下吗?提前结账噢,你可以先结账,把行李放到我们的行李寄存处A: I see. I am going to the Palace Museum a visit today. Im afraid I wont be back bee . 明白了 我今天要到故宫物院参观,点以前恐怕回不来B: Oh, you can check out and leave your baggage with us in the check room. It free of charge. 噢,你可以先结账,把行李放到我们的行李寄存处,这属于免费务同类问句:That will be wonderful. Thank you so much. 好极了,谢谢My pleasure.不用谢I have a lot of baggages. Would you send a bellman at a quarter to two?我有好多行李,你能在点5分的时候派一个男务员来吗?No problem.没问题 15


  Crimeans voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to break away from Ukraine and join Russia, according to preliminary results, in a referendum that the West condemned as illegal.克里米亚周日投票的初步结果显示,绝大多数克里米亚人投票同意脱离乌克兰、加入俄罗斯。而西方则谴责克里米亚的公投为非法行动。With half the ballots counted, 95.5% of Crimea residents voted to break away from Ukraine and become part of Russia, local officials said.当地官员说,在已统计的一半选票中,95.5%的克里米亚居民投票同意脱离乌克兰、成为俄罗斯的一部分。The Crimean capital of Simferopol was aly celebrating as polls closed. People waving Russian flags packed Lenin Square in the city center for a concert of Russian pop stars. The words Crimean Spring and Happy Crimea were projected onto the facade of a building in green letters and a crowd sang along to a Soviet hit being performed on stage.随着投票结束,克里米亚首府辛菲罗波尔已经在庆祝。挥舞着俄罗斯旗帜的人们挤满了该市中心的列宁广场(Lenin Square),参加俄罗斯流行歌手的音乐会。一幢建筑的表面投射出绿色的“克里米亚之春”和“幸福克里米亚”字样,人群跟着舞台上的歌手唱起一首苏联时代的热门歌曲。Official results were expected to be announced later in the evening, officials said.官员们说,官方结果预计将于深夜公布。Russias incursion into Crimea has been widely criticized as an invasion of a sovereign nation and the referendum as an illegal vote. Western governments, including the U.S., are threatening the Kremlin with sanctions if it agrees to annex Crimea after the polls results are tabulated.外界普遍指责俄罗斯出兵克里米亚是对主权国家的侵犯,并抨击克里米亚公投违法。包括美国在内的西方各国政府威胁称,在投票结果正式公布后,如果俄罗斯方面同意吞并克里米亚,则将对俄罗斯进行制裁。The U.S. and the European Union on Sunday immediately rejected the results, saying the international community should respond with concrete measures against Russia for its actions in Ukraine.美国和欧盟周日第一时间拒绝接受投票结果,说国际社会应当采取具体措施来回应俄罗斯对乌克兰的行动。But the poll has taken place with an air of inevitability. Many Crimeans are enthusiastic supporters of Moscows moves in the region, for reasons including economic hardship, concern about the continuing political turmoil and fears of Ukrainian nationalism whipped up by Russian state broadcasts that are dominating the airwaves.但投票的举行有种势不可免的气氛。许多克里米亚人狂热地持莫斯科在该地区的行动,原因包括经济困难、担心持续的政治动荡以及害怕由俄罗斯官方广播节目所激起的乌克兰民族主义情绪,俄罗斯官方节目主导了广播领域。EU foreign ministers plan on Monday to discuss targeted sanctions against officials involved in Russias move to seize control of Crimea. Two diplomats said late Sunday that around 20 names were under discussion, half of them Russian officials. Officials from member states were set to resume the discussions late Sunday evening.欧盟外交部长计划周一讨论针对参与俄罗斯掌控克里米亚行动的相关官员的制裁。两位外交人士周日晚间表示,正在讨论的制裁对象有20人左右,其中一半是俄罗斯官员。成员国官员将于周日晚间继续讨论。EU heads of government will meet later in the week and could expand the list of sanctions targets depending on the steps taken by Moscow in coming days. A formal decision to annex Crimea by Russias parliament would likely lead to broader sanctions, diplomats have said in recent days.欧盟政府领导人将于本周晚些时候会面,可能会扩大制裁对象范围,具体取决于未来几天莫斯科采取的行动。外交人士近日表示,如果俄罗斯议会正式决定接管克里米亚,就可能引发更大规模的制裁。外长们将于周一发表声明,《华尔街日报The Wall Street Journal)看到的声明草稿文本显示,声明称克里米亚公投是违法的,并敦促俄罗斯降低危机级别并立即将克里米亚驻军人数减至危机前水平。A draft text of the statement foreign ministers will make on Monday, seen by The Wall Street Journal, called the Crimea referendum illegal and urged Russia to de-escalate the crisis and immediately withdraw its forces to their precrisis numbers.Any further steps by the Russian Federation to destabilize the situation in Ukraine would lead to additional and far-reaching consequences for relations in a broad range of economic areas between the EU, its member states and Russia, the draft text said.草案称,如果俄罗斯联邦进一步行动破坏乌克兰局势稳定,将对欧盟、欧盟成员国和俄罗斯在广泛经济领域的关系产生更多的深远影响。Ukraines acting defense minister said Sunday that Ukraine and Russia had agreed to a truce until Friday, though there wasnt immediate confirmation from Russia. No measures will be taken against our military facilities in Crimea during that time. Our military sites are therefore proceeding with a replenishment of reserves, Ihor Tenyukh told journalists.乌克兰代理国防部长Ihor Tenyukh周日表示,乌克兰和俄罗斯同意在周五之前停战,但暂时还没有得到俄罗斯确认。Tenyukh对记者表示,在此期间俄罗斯不会对乌克兰在克里米亚的军事设施采取行动,因此乌方的军事基地可以进行补给。It wasnt clear exactly what such a truce would entail, but it suggested that the Russians wouldnt move to take over Ukrainian bases immediately after the referendum as some have feared.还不清楚这一停战协定到期后的情况,但它意味着俄罗斯不会像一些人担心的那样在公投结束后立即接管乌克兰的军事基地。Russia took over the largely Russian-speaking peninsula, home to its Black Sea naval fleet and a part of Russia until 1954, with the argument that it had to protect its people after the ouster last month of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych ushered in a government led by the pro-European opposition.克里米亚是主要说俄语的半岛,是俄罗斯黑海舰队的驻地,954年之前是俄罗斯的一部分。俄罗斯辩称,接管克里米亚是为了保护它的人民。上个月乌克兰总统亚努科维Viktor Yanukovych)被驱逐,亲欧的反对党领导的政府上台。In a statement Sunday, the Kremlin press service said Russian President Vladimir Putin told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the referendum was being conducted in full accordance with international law and that Russia will respect its results.俄罗斯新闻部门周日发表声明称,俄罗斯总统普京(Vladimir Putin)对德国总理默克Angela Merkel)表示,公投完全符合国际法,俄罗斯将尊重公投结果。Much of the older generation longs for a return to the days when Crimea was controlled by Moscow, hadnt suffered the harsh after effects of the Soviet Unions collapse and was considered a paradise-like place to live.老一代人大多憧憬回到克里米亚由俄罗斯管理的时候,当时克里米亚还未受到苏联解体的恶劣影响,被认为是天堂一样的地方。In the Crimean town of Gvardeyskoye, a convoy of seven military tractor-trailers with no license plates rumbled past a school where locals were lining up to vote in a polling station set up on the indoor basketball court.在克里米亚的近卫军村(Gvardeyskoye),七辆没有车牌的军用拖车驶过一所学校,当地人正在设在学校室内篮球场的投票站排队投票。Colored balloons festooned the windows. Elena Kondratyukh, 40, deputy chairman of the precinct, said the festive atmosphere recalled elections of Soviet times.窗户上装饰了色气球。该辖区40岁的副主席Elena Kondratyukh表示,这种节日气氛让她回想起前苏联时代的选举People are coming here as if for a celebration, Ms. Kondratyukh said. It is like how our parents took us to vote.她说,人们好像是来这里参加庆祝活动,就像以前父母带我们来投票的时候。In Yalta, Marina Grigorovskaya, the chairwoman of the polling station, said she expected 90% of the facilitys 1,700 registered voters to show up, compared with a 50% or 60% turnout during recent elections.在南部城市雅尔塔,当地投票站的负责人格里戈罗夫斯卡亚(Marina Grigorovskaya)说,她预计该投票,700名登记选民中有九成会参加此次公投,高于近期选举中五六成的投票率It is a fateful decision, Ms. Grigorovskaya said. We finally are going home.她说:这是一个重大决定,我们终于要“回家”了。The referendums official website, Referendum2014.ru, posted a music of an anthem urging Crimeans to vote, with the chorus, Were your children, Russia.公投官方网站Referendum2014.ru上有一段音乐视频,是一首呼吁克里米亚人投票的歌曲,歌词中唱到:俄罗斯,我们是你的孩子。Voters checked one of two boxes on a paper ballot. One endorsed Crimea becoming part of the Russian Federation. The other was for a return to Crimeas 1992 constitution, which would imply remaining part of Ukraine, with more autonomy.公投选票上共有两个选项,一个是赞成克里米亚加入俄罗斯联邦;另一个是回到克里米亚1992年宪法,意味着克里米亚继续留在乌克兰,但自治权扩大。At several voting areas on Sunday morning, only ballots with the first box checked were visible in the transparent ballot boxes.周日早间在多个选区,透明的投票箱里只看得到在第一个选项打勾的选票。Crimeas parliament has aly voted to join Russia. Its speaker, Vladimir Konstantinov, said on a recent visit to Moscow that lawmakers decided not to pose the option of Crimean independence because the peninsula has no such illusions. He said more than 75% of Crimeans support the decision to reunite with Russia.克里米亚议会之前已投票决定加入俄联邦。议长康斯坦丁诺Vladimir Konstantinov)在近期访问莫斯科时说,议员们决定不添加克里米亚独立的选项,因为克里米亚不抱有这样的“幻想”。他说,超过75%的克里米亚人持重新与俄罗斯统一。Crimean leaders, some of them installed with Moscows blessing since the Kiev governments collapse, have largely ignored criticism that the vote has aly been decided.对于外界关于公投结果已经内定的批评之声,克里米亚领导人基本置之不理。在乌克兰政府倒台后,克里米亚一部分领导人就得到了俄罗斯的庇佑I dont feel or see any pressure, Sergei Aksyonov, Crimeas pro-Russia prime minister, told Russian state news as he voted in Simferopol, the capital, early Sunday morning.克里米亚亲俄派总理阿克肖诺Sergei Aksyonov)周日早间在首府辛菲罗波尔投票时向俄罗斯官方新闻机构说,他没有感受到或者是看到任何压力。The leader of the Crimean Tatars , an ethnic minority that accounts for about 12% of the peninsulas population, has called the referendum unlawful, but they dont have the numbers to reverse the separatist push.克里米亚鞑靼族领导人宣称公投不合法,但他们的人数不足以扭转整个局面。鞑靼人是克里米亚的一个少数民族,人口约占克里米亚半岛总人口的12%。Many Crimean Tatars associate Kremlin rule with their deportation in the 1940s under Joseph Stalin. The descendants of those exiles were allowed to return to Crimea only in the late 1980s, struggling to rebuild their communities, schools and businesses, and are wary of Moscows rule. Many are boycotting.许多克里米亚鞑靼人对俄罗斯的记忆停留在上世纪40年代斯大Joseph Stalin)统治时期他们被驱逐的历史上。一直到上世0年代后期,那些被流放的鞑靼人的后代才被允许回到克里米亚,艰难地重建社区、学校和企业,时刻警惕着俄罗斯。他们中的许多人都抵制此次公投It is better to live in a free Ukraine than in a police Russia, said local Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov.当地的克里米亚鞑靼人领袖乌梅罗夫(Ilmi Umerov)说,生活在自由的乌克兰好过戒备森严的俄罗斯。In Sevastopol, nostalgic Soviet music blasted from a stereo set up in the window of a school, where nearly everyone said they had voted to reunite with Russia. Some streamed in with black and orange pro-Russia ribbons and the flags of Russia or Russias Black Sea Naval Fleet.在克里米亚西南部的塞瓦斯托波Sevastopol),架设在一所学校窗户上的音响播放着震耳欲聋的苏联怀旧音乐,这里几乎所有人都说,他们投票同意重新加入俄罗斯。一些人挥舞着持俄罗斯的黑色和橙色带,还有俄罗斯国旗或俄罗斯黑海舰Black Sea Naval Fleet)旗帜。Tatyana, a 61-year-old who years ago moved to Sevastopol from the eastern city of Donetsk, was one of the women inside overseeing the voting.61岁的塔季扬娜(Tatyana)多年前从东部的顿涅茨Donetsk)移居塞瓦斯托波尔,她是监督投票的女士之一No one is shooting at us, no one is at gunpoint, there are no armed green men, she said, declining to give her surname because her daughter in mainland Ukraine told her Ukrainian authorities are planning to prosecute those organizing the referendum.她说,没人朝我们开,没人处在口之下,这里没有武装工作人员。她拒绝透露姓氏,因为身在乌克兰大陆的女儿告诉她,乌克兰当局计划起诉那些组织投票的人。According to the Kremlins statement, Mr. Putin also expressed concern about rising tensions in Ukraines east and south fueled by what he called radical groups encouraged by the authorities in Kiev.克里姆林宫的声明显示,普京还对乌克兰东部和南部不断加剧的紧张局势表示了担忧,他说这些地方的局势是被受基辅当局怂恿的激进组织所推动。The Kremlin has said it received calls to protect peaceful civilians in eastern Ukraine and is considering the requests.克里姆林宫说,其收到了要求其保护乌克兰东部和平民众的请求,正在考虑这项请求。Sporadic violence has flared between Russians and Ukrainians in parts of eastern Ukraine. Pro-Russia demonstrators in the eastern city of Donetsk broke into the prosecutors office Sunday and raised a Russian flag after a rally of around 2,000 in favor of closer ties with Moscow.乌克兰东部一些地方的俄罗斯人和乌克兰人之间已经出现零星暴力事件。东部城市顿涅茨克的亲俄罗斯示威者周日闯入检察官办公室,竖起了一面俄罗斯旗帜,之前有大约2,000人集会持与莫斯科拉近关系。Russia landed troops outside the Crimean peninsula and onto the Ukrainian mainland for the first time on Saturday, seizing a natural gas distribution station in Ukraines Kherson region to prevent a cutoff of gas to the peninsula.上周六,俄罗斯首次在克里米亚半岛以外部署军队,进入乌克兰大陆,占领了乌克兰赫尔松(Kherson)地区的一处天然气配送站,以防止克里米亚半岛的天然气供应被切断。来 /201403/280263。


  An Apple employee is in trouble with his bosses after the prototype of its top-secret iPhone 5 was left in a bar... just as happened with the iPhone 4. The as yet unreleased gadget was supposedly 'misplaced' at Cava22, a tequila bar in San Francisco. Apple's security team was called in after reports that the gizmo had been sold over the internet for ?120 and a 22-year-old man was questioned. However, technology website Cnet.co.uk reports that the San Francisco Police Department said Apple had not reported the item as lost. Cava22 owner Jose Valle has said that neither the SFPD or Apple have contacted him, although he does remember getting calls about a lost iPhone last month. It follows a very similar incident in April 2010 when a then-unreleased iPhone 4 was left in a the beer garden of a German bar in California by an Apple engineer.   苹果前CEO乔布斯的离去,让“犹抱琵琶半遮面”的iphone5的期待值提上了新的高度,去年iphone4的问世前就出现了苹果员工酒吧弄丢未经问世iphone4的新闻,这一回iphone5的问世又一次“遭遇了原型机遗失酒吧”的泄露门。据悉,前日美国旧金山警方日前报案遗失一部手机,报道称,手机遗失在旧金山一家名为Cava22的酒吧中,该机在网上售价120英镑,警方接获报案后,苹果依据电子追踪查出手机位置,并会同警方至一22岁男子家中调查。但并未在该男子家中搜出手机,该男子也坚称不知情。然而报道发出后,苹果官方否认了iphone5原型机遗失,而酒吧Cava22老板也否认了苹果曾因原型机遗失而联系过他,这一则“似曾相识”的新闻让苹果的粉丝回忆起去月,iphone4发布前在加利福尼亚一德国酒吧被苹果工程师“被遗失”的新闻  While there is not yet any official confirmation from Apple that the release of a new iPhone is imminent, there are widesp reports that an October launch is slated for the iPhone 5, around two months after this incident took place. That release date would be supported by images that appeared on the internet this week.   虽然,这一次的“泄露门”事件苹果官方并对此发布任何,而该事件是否会影响iphone50月发布我们目前还不得而知。万众期待的iphone5的山寨版已经是满天飞了,值得注意的是,为抗击市场上泛滥的山寨苹果产品,苹果近日特别成立了一有着FBI背景的“反山寨”全球安全队 /201109/152548The use of nuclear energy gave new impetus to the progress of humanity, yet mankind must be able to respond to various nuclear security challenges, and ensure the safety of nuclear materials and facilities.核能的开发利用给人类发展带来了新的动力,人类必须应对好各种核安全挑战,维护好核材料和核设施安全。发展和安全并重,以确保安全为前提发展核能事业。The world should place equal emphasis on development and security, and develop nuclear energy on the premise of security.任何以牺牲安全为代价的核能发展都难以持续,都不是真正的发展。Developing nuclear energy at the expense of security can neither be sustainable nor bring real development.权利和义务并重,以尊重各国权益为基础推进国际核安全进程。Rights and obligations should be given same attention, and rights and interests ought to be recognized with international nuclear security process being pushed forward.各国要切实履行核安全国际法律文书规定的义务,全面执行联合国安理会有关决议。All nations should fulfill their duties under international legal instruments regarding nuclear security, and implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions.在强调各国履行有关国际义务的同时,也要尊重各国根据本国国情采取最适合自己的核安全政策和举措的权利。While addressing the importance of countries honoring their international obligations, we should respect their right to adopt nuclear security policies and measures best suited to their specific conditions.自主和协作并重,以互利共赢为途径寻求普遍核安全。The international community should attach equal importance to independent and collaborative efforts, and seek universal nuclear security through win-win cooperation.我们要加强交流、互鉴共享,有关多边机制和倡议要统筹协调、协同努力。We should strengthen exchanges to learn from each other and share experience, and improve coordination between the relevant multilateral mechanisms and initiatives.治标和治本并重,以消除根源为目标全面推进核安全努力。China gives top priority to nuclear security in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and has maintained a good record of nuclear security over the past 50 years.中国一向把核安全工作放在和平利用核能事业的首要位置,发展核能事0多年来,中国保持了良好的核安全记录。来 /201403/282518Recriminations are beginning in earnest over the protracted search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, with both China and Vietnam venting their frustration with the slow progress of the mission and what they view as poor coordination of the effort.对于长时间搜救马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines, 简称:马航) 370航班下落的行动,各方真要开始相互指责了。中国和越南都对相关任务的缓慢进展和协调不力表达了失望之情。Ten countries are currently helping to scour the seas around Malaysia, including China, the U.S. and Vietnam. Taiwanese vessels are expected to be on the scene by Friday. It is a major multinational effort. In all, 56 surface ships are taking part in the search, according to statements issued by the contributing governments, with Malaysia providing 27 of them. In addition, 30 fixed-wing aircraft are also searching, with at least 10 shipboard helicopters available, mostly in the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam.目前0个国家和地区对马来西亚周边海域的搜救出力,包括中国大陆、美国和越南。台湾船只预计将在周五前抵达搜救现场。这是一个规模庞大的多国行动。参与行动的各政府公布的声明显示,总计6艘水面船只参与搜救,其中马来西亚出动7艘。有30架固定翼飞机也在从事搜救工作,另有至0架舰载直升机可以动用,搜救重点位于马来西亚和越南之间的海域。The mission hasnt turned up much thus far. Malaysias acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein told The Wall Street Journal in brief remarks Wednesday that there was still no sign of the plane, which vanished without trace early Saturday morning, just under an hour into its flight to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.但到目前为止,相关任务却收效甚微。马来西亚交通部长希山慕Hishamuddin Hussein)周三对《华尔街日报The Wall Street Journal)简短置评称,目前仍没有飞机的下萀?上周六凌晨,这架飞机从吉隆坡飞往北京,但起飞后不到一小时就消失了踪迹Its going to be [a] long-drawn affair, Mr. Hishamuddin said.希山慕丁说,这将是一个持续很久的过程。His assessment appears likely to amplify the growing tension over how the search is being handled. Chinas government is especially aggrieved. More than 150 of the 227 passengers and 12 crew aboard Flight 370 are Chinese, and family members in Beijing have at times loudly expressed their frustration over the absence of fresh leads on the whereabouts of the missing plane.目前围绕搜救执行情况的紧张事态正在升温,而希山慕丁对事况的评估似乎有可能使事态变得越发紧张。中国政府更是感到愤愤不平。在马航370航班27名乘客和12名机组成员中,有超过150名中国人,而这些人在北京的家属多次大声表达了对失联客机下落缺乏新线索的失望。On Tuesday, Beijing pointedly pushed Malaysia to speed up the search and accompanying investigation. We want Malaysia to work harder and speed up efforts on behalf of the families, said Qin Gang, a spokesman for Chinas foreign ministry. On Wednesday, Mr. Qin again called for Malaysia to step up its efforts. More than a dozen stern-faced Chinese diplomats met with Malaysian officials for a progress report on the search and, according to a Malaysian official who asked not to be identified, offered to contribute more Chinese resources to the effort.中国政府周二用强硬措辞敦促马来西亚加快搜救和相关调查行动。中国外交部发言人秦刚说,中方希望马方能加快调查速度,加大搜救力度,尽快给中方、给乘客家属一个交代。秦刚周三再次呼吁马来西亚做出更大努力。十几位面色严峻的中国外交人员就搜救进展报告与马来西亚官员举行了会晤,据一位不愿透露姓名的马来西亚官员称,中国外交官提出中国可以为马来西亚的相关努力提供更多资源。The mission has been hampered by false leads and conflicting reports.一些假线索和相互矛盾的报告给搜救工作造成了难度。They range from sightings of suspected wreckage, which turned out to be other kinds of debris, to oil slicks that later turned out to be bunker oil left by passing ships and not jet fuel. Even radar-data reports are muddying an aly murky picture. Early Wednesday, for instance, Malaysias air force chief denied saying he had told local media that military radar facilities had tracked the plane to near a rocky outcrop on the other side of Malaysia, in the Strait of Malacca.最初有疑似残骸被发现,但结果却是其他类型的残片。也有水面浮油被发现,但结果却是过往船只留下的燃油,而非航空燃油。即便是雷达数据报告也使本已模糊的事态变得更加扑朔迷离。比如在周三早晨,马来西亚空军司令就否认他对当地媒体说过,军用雷达设施最后追踪到失联客机是在马来西亚另一侧的马六甲海峡的一处岛屿附近。Gen. Rodzali Daud described the reports as inaccurate and incorrect, and fell back to his familiar line that Malaysia and its air forces are still examining all possibilities.马来西亚空军司令Rodzali Daud称该报道“失实”,并重复他之前的说法称,马来西亚及其空军仍在调查所有的可能性。The confusion was enough to trigger consequences for the search. Vietnam early Wednesday said it was suspending flights after getting wind of the radar report. It kept four search planes on the ground while it waited for clarification from Malaysia. Vietnamese officials later returned to air search after getting word from Malaysia that the operation was still on in the South China Sea off Vietnams coast.这种不确定足以给搜索行动带来影响。在听到上述雷达报告的消息后,越南周三早间称将暂停空中搜索活动。在等待马来西亚方面做出说明的同时,越南停飞四架执行搜索任务的飞机。后来,越南官员从马来西亚方面得到消息称越南附近南中国海(中国称南海)海域的搜索行动仍在进行,越南随后恢复了空中搜索工作。So why is it proving so difficult to find any sign of Flight 370?事实明找到MH370航班的踪迹很难。为什么会这样?Aviation experts say the absence of an electronic signal from the plane before it disappeared from radar screens makes it difficult to pin down possible locations. Whats more, radar data suggests the Boeing 777 might have tried to turn back to Kuala Lumpur before contact was lost, a detail that prompted a search for the plane on both sides of the Malaysian peninsula.航空专家表示,飞机在从雷达屏幕上消失前没有发出任何电子信号,这使搜救队很难确定飞机的可能位置。此外,雷达数据显示,这架波77客机在失去与地面的联络前可能曾试图折返回吉隆坡。这个细节使搜救队在马来半岛两侧都开始进行搜索。That information radically expanded the size of the search zone, which aly was proving a challenge to cover effectively.这一信息使搜索范围大幅扩大。而之前的搜索范围已经使搜救队很难有效覆盖了。Malaysian authorities divided the search area into several sectors on either side of the country, as well as areas on land. The challenge, said Lt. David Levy, a spokesman for the U.S. Navys Seventh Fleet, isnt so much coordination as the sheer size of the area involved. The search grids are up to 20 miles by 120 miles (32 milometers by 193 kilometers), and ships and aircraft employ an exhaustive, methodical pattern like mowing your lawn in their search for the plane, he said.马来西亚有关部门将该国两侧以及陆地的搜索区域都划分为几块。美国海军第七舰队发言人利David Levy)中尉说,在涉及到的搜索范围很大的情况下,搜索行动缺乏协调。他说,搜索区域0英里2公里)、长120英里93公里),船只和飞机在搜索失联客机时采用一种地毯式的、系统性的模式,就像在草坪上除草一样。A U.S. Navy P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft has been searching the northern Strait of Malacca, west of Malaysia, he said, while destroyers USS Kidd and USS Pinckney have been deploying helicopters in the Gulf of Thailand to the east.他表示,美国海军的一艘P-3C“猎户星座”海上巡逻机一直在马来西亚西边的马六甲海峡北部进行搜索,同时“基德”号(USS Kidd)和“平克尼”号(USS Pinckney)驱逐舰在东边的泰国湾调遣直升机。So far the U.S., like other nations taking part in the search, have had no success. Many aviation experts are concluding that searchers might not have been looking in the right places after four days of trying to locate Flight 370. Even if the plane broke up in midair, it would have left telltale traces of debris in the ocean.目前为止,与其他参与搜救行动的国家一样,美国也没有任何发现。在对MH370航班的搜救工作进行了四天后,很多航空专家开始认为,搜救人员并未在正确的地点展开搜救。即便是客机在空中解体,也会在海中留下一些残骸。The cracks now emerging between some of the participants in the search could make it even more difficult.眼下,一些参与搜索的国家和地区之间开始出现裂缝,这可能加大搜索工作的难度。来 /201403/279754


  背景介绍 美国会众议院79日以21810的投票结果通过了共和党领袖、众议长纳提出的提高美国债务上限和削减赤字的方案。美国众议院1日投票通过提高美国债务上限和削减赤字法案。美国参议院2日以746的投票通过了提高美国债务上限和削减赤字法案。备受关注的美国政府违约风险得以解除相关报道President Barack Obama on Sunday said that leaders of both parties have reached an agreement to raise the government's debt ceiling, reduce the federal deficit and avoid a U.S. credit default, an announcement welcomed in early trading on the Asia financial markets. 美国总统奥巴马周日说,民主、共和两党领袖已经达成了一项协议,以提高美国债务上限,减少联邦预算赤字并避免美国信用违约。这一消息在亚洲金融市场早盘交易时段受到了投资者的欢迎讲解:报道中的“debt ceiling”就是“债务上限”的意思,还有一种类似说法是“debt limit”。“ceiling”原意是“天花板”,还可以引申为价格、工资等的最大限度、最大限额,ceiling price表示“最高价”。我们经常会看到“glass ceiling”(玻璃天花板)这个词组,它通常用来指代女性在工作晋升时遇到的一种无形的障碍。我们对“hit the ceiling”这个词组也不陌生,它表示“勃然大怒”。接下来,我们来看一下与“债务上限”相关的词汇:debt crisis“债务危机”;default“违约”;cut deficit/deficit reduction“削减赤字”;spending cuts“削减开”。来 /201108/147057

  Their left half plays rough.他们的左后卫踢得很粗野I often go skiing in winter.我经常冬天滑雪Exercise is really important our health.运动对我们的健康来说真的十分重要What kind of sport do you participate in?你参加哪一项体育运动呢?Let go out some exercise.出去活动活动吧We scored three goals in the match.比赛中我们进了三个球 03831。


  A: Good morning, Madam. What can I do you?早上好,女士我能为您做些什么吗?B: I need to have some money transferred from the UK, from my company. It kind of an emergency.我需要从英国转账一些钱,是从我的公司转,是急用的A: That shouldnt be a problem, Madam. Vm sure we can sort this out you quickly.那不是个问題,女士我相信我们能很快为您处理此事B: That would be wonderful. The problem is I dont have an with you. That is a problem, isnt it?那太好了问題是我在你们这里没有开账户这有点儿麻烦,是吗?A: Well, to be honest, it will slow things down a little. But it not a big problem. You can do it by TT.嗯,说实话,这样的话进展会慢一点儿但这不是个大问题您可以通过TT方式办理B: TT? What on earth is that!? Sorry, but Ive never heard of it.TT?那究竞是什么呀?对不起,但我从来没听说过A: It means ;telegraphic transfer;. So, if you use this way it fast and secure and can be done from anywhere, to anywhere in the world.这就是;电汇;的意思也就是说,如果您用这个方式的话,转账快速并且安全,可以从任何地方转到世界各地 6

  A: Hello. What can I do you today?您好我今天有什么可以效劳的?B: Ive got some documents here that go with the LC our company opened days ago. I think there is something wrong.我这里有一些我们公司天前开的信用的单据我觉得有点儿问题A: Really? Have you checked everything carefully?是吗?您已经仔细地检查过了吗?B: Very carefully, that when I found the problem.非常仔细,当时就我发现这个问题A: Ah, I see. The goods description is totally different from what you are expecting, right?哎,我明白了货物说明与您所期望的完全不同,对吗?B: Yep, youve got it! What should we do?是的,真让你说着了!我们应该怎么办呢?A: Usually,if the problem is insignificant I advise the customer to go ahead9 it normally a translation problem or something like that. But this does seem a little more serious. I suggest you get back on to them right now and ask them about it. Hopefully you can sort it out over the phone.通常情况下,如果不是太明显的问题,我建议客户继续运作,一般是翻译问题或类似的情况但这次似乎有点儿严重我建议您马上回去找他们,向他们询问一下希望您能通过电话就解决这个问题B: That a great idea; thanks your help.是个好主意,谢谢你的帮助

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