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导语: “ 清明上河图”是一幅描绘北宋首都汴京的城市风光长卷,根据统计,画中总共有各色人物59个,动物只,比四大名著中任何一部所描画的人物都要多   如果我们要像外国游客介绍中国馆的这个镇馆之宝,应该怎样描述呢?首先,“清明上河图”的名称翻译就有许多不同的说法,然而也大同小异,如:Riverside Scene During The Qingming FestivalThe Qingming Festival By The Riverside等,维基百科上的翻译则是:Along the River During the Qingming Festival当然,对于这里的Qingming Festival,还是要做一点进一步的解释,说明一下清明节的性质,一般来说,清明节的通俗说法是tomb-sweeping day我们来看看清明上河图到底描绘了些什么样的景色吧: 13

Elizabeth Arden RDEN -3.% is discovering that chasing the mass market and celebrities can lead to a cul-de-sac rather than to riches.伊丽莎白o雅顿公司(Elizabeth Arden )发现,一味追求大众化市场和名人效应,非但没能如愿盈利,还把公司拖进了死胡同The New York-based beauty company, which makes fragrances stars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, on Tuesday said it was cutting jobs, and planning to drop some unprofitable businesses and fragrance license agreements as part of a restructuring eft aimed at lowering its overhead costs by The hottest movie in China these days, ;Tiny Times,; puts the spotlight on the much-criticized ;me generation; born after 1990s and the gap between them and everyone else.中国这些天最热门的电影《小时代把焦点集中在1990年之后出生的饱受批评的“以自我为中心的一代人”以及他们和其他人之间的代沟The domestic coming-of-age film set in Shanghai even eclipsed the Hollywood blockbuster ;Man of Steel,; demonstrating that China young audience prefers homegrown dramas they can relate to.这部设在上海的国内关于成长的电影甚至超过了好莱坞大片《钢铁侠,明中国的年轻观众更喜欢与他们有关的国产剧It also broke the record first-day box office in China.它还打破了中国的首日票房纪录;Tiny Times; (;Xiao Shi Dai;) has also generated a storm of controversy, with critics calling it trash that glorifies immorality and materialism.《小时代也产生了极大的争议,批评家称之为垃圾,美化了不道德和物质主义It filled with luxury brands of fashion and cars, as well as beautiful people, splendid venues and desirable men who can afd to shower gifts on women. There are plenty of romantic entanglements that strain the women friendships.电影充满了时尚奢侈品牌和豪车,以及俊男美女、奢华的场所、可以给女人买各种礼物的理想男人有很多歪曲女性友谊的浪漫纠葛The visuals are beautiful and there a lot of voiceover in which the women talk about what they want, such as true friendship, love and dream.视觉效果很漂亮,有很多画外音是女人谈论她们想要的东西,如真正的友情、爱情和梦想Director Guo Jingming, who is also the bestselling novel author, says it is really a movie about youthhood and one intended to inspire young people to pursue their dreams, like the protagonists, some wealthy, some poor. But many critics blame him exploiting the word ;dream; while they consider the movie focus the glamorous lifestyle that most young audience cant afd.导演郭敬明,他也是这本最畅销小说的作者,说这是一部真正关于青春的电影,一部旨在鼓励年轻人去追求他们梦想的电影,就像主角一样,有些很富有,有些很贫穷但许多批评者指责他利用“梦想”一词,他们觉得电影聚焦的是大多数年轻观众负担不起的奢华生活方式Anyone who likes or praises it is immediately labeled jiu ling hou or post-1990s generation. Critics, including many famous directors and critics, are denounced by young fans. ;They are getting too old to understand the beauty of youth and dreams,; one person commented on the weibo microblog.那些喜欢或称赞它的人立即贴上90后的标签批评者,包括许多著名的导演和家,被年轻的影迷所指责“他们太老了,难以理解青春和梦想的美丽”,一个人在新浪微上发表说The movie raked in more than 0 million yuan (US$.3 million) in two days and is now hitting 300 million yuan in little more than a week.电影票房两天1亿多元(30万美元),现在不超过一个星期已经达到3亿元Guo has said he didnt want to direct it at first, ;but we looked all over the country and couldnt find anyone fit to direct it,; he says.郭敬明说他一开始不想导演它,“但我们找遍了整个国家,找不到任何适合的人来导演它,”他说;We dont really have any movies that target the post-1990s generation, the young people are a major ce today. It will be too late if we dont start making movies them,; Guo adds.“我们确实没有任何针对90后的电影,年轻人是今天的主力如果我们不开始为他们制作电影,这将是太迟了,“郭敬明补充说The timing of release is perfect - the target audience are students who are beginning their summer holiday.上映时机是完美的——目标受众是开始放暑假的学生China film market once was dominated by big-budget, historic spectacle movies by famed directors such as Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige.中国的电影市场曾经是大制作占据主导地位,著名导演如张艺谋和陈凯歌的历史奇观电影In the last two years, that pattern has been broken and medium- to low-budget films made a big entrance and, to everyone surprise, topped the box office in .在过去的两年里,这种模式已经被打破,中-低成本电影找到了大的突破口,让大家都感到吃惊的是年票房登顶The small-budget, tacky comedy ;Lost in Thailand; was considered a phenomenon, as was ;So Young,; a small-budget nostalgic film about youth.低成本的接地气喜剧《泰囧被认为是一种现象,正如《致青春是低成本的关于青春的怀旧电影Critics have long been saying China needs more small- and medium-budget films that people can relate to.人士一直说中国需要与人们相关的中小成本的电影 6889 million to million annually.伊丽莎白o雅顿化妆品公司总部位于纽约,前些年曾推出泰勒o斯威夫特和贾斯汀o比伯等名人香水但这家公司为了降低每年,000万-5,000万美元的管理费用,计划重组业务作为重组行动的一部分,这家周二宣布裁撤冗员,放弃某些不盈利的业务和香水授权协议A few years ago, Elizabeth Arden got aggressive in the celebrity fragrance market—its roster now includes fragrances by Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber—in an attempt to go toe-to-toe with Coty COTY -1.% . It also has found itself very exposed to the lower-end market after years of pushing into the mass market channel: a couple of years ago, it got dinged when a mass market retailer dramatically cut back on orders. (It didn’t say which one, but Wall Street analysts surmised it was Wal-Mart Stores WMT 0.% .)几年前,伊丽莎白o雅顿公司开始野心勃勃地进军名人香水市场——推出小甜甜布兰妮、泰勒o斯威夫特和贾斯汀o比伯系列香水——试图与科蒂集团(Coty)竞争经过几年努力,伊丽莎白o雅顿公司发现利用大众化市场渠道营销的策略使公司很容易受到低端市场影响:几年前,一家大众市场零售商大批量减少了订单,致使伊丽莎白o雅顿公司的销售业绩出现大幅下滑【虽然它没有披露这家零售商的名称,但华尔街分析师猜测是沃尔玛百货(Wal-Mart Stores)】And so now it is trying to retrench, dropping some celebrity and designer licenses (it didn’t say which), which are typically lower-priced items, and putting more emphasis on reviving its higher-end namesake brand, along with a more concerted eft to push its prestige products, particularly overseas where Arden has been a latecomer. In May, about the time it instructed its Goldman Sachs bankers to potentially look buyers, Elizabeth Arden announced its “Permance Improvement Plan,” aimed it helping its get back on its feet after a few years of middling sales. (It has repeatedly had to revise ecasts downward in the past year.)有鉴于此,伊丽莎白o雅顿公司决意削减开,放弃某些典型的低价名人和设计师授权品牌(目前还没有确定具体是哪些项目)把营销重点放在复兴高端同名品牌上,同时更加专注在公司新进的海外市场推广旗下的名品五月份,它指示高盛家们为它寻找潜在的买家,还宣布了一个“业绩改进计划”,希望经历了业绩平平的几年之后,能够通过这些努力再次站稳脚跟(去年,这家公司不得不多次下调业绩预期)Another big problem Elizabeth Arden is that it is very exposed to fragrance at a time companies like Estee Lauder EL -0.1% are pumping millions into research to develop better skin care products, the fastest growing area of the beauty industry.伊丽莎白o雅顿公司仍然需要解决另一个难题近年来它一直主攻香水市场,而其它化妆品公司【如雅诗o兰黛(Estee Lauder)等】则不惜花费百万美元,用于研制品质更好的护肤品,这才是发展最快的美容行业“In fragrance, there’s been a lot of competition, and it tends to be more discretionary. At the same time, skin care has been getting a lot of investment from beauty companies,” said Morningstar analyst Erin Lash, who covers the beauty industry, though not Elizabeth Arden specifically.晨星公司(Morningstar)分析师艾琳o拉什的研究领域覆盖整个美容行业,并不是专门研究伊丽莎白o雅顿公司她评价说:“香水市场的竞争一直非常激烈,而且鱼龙混杂与此同时,护肤品行业一直是化妆品公司的投资重点” 3787

As TV and film royalty met members of the real royal family at Buckingham Palace this evening, the Duchess of Cambridge ensured she stood out at the star-studded event in a vibrant red Alexander McQueen dress.月日,影视界的大腕明星们与英国皇室共聚白金汉宫参加戏剧艺术款待会,剑桥公爵夫人凯特凭借着一身由亚历山大·麦昆设计的优雅红裙在这众星云集的盛典中脱颖而出、引人注目Kate, 3, has worn the designer pleated skirt dress on previous occasions, most famously on the royal barge during the Diamond Jubilee river pageant of .3岁的凯特王妃早在之前的场合中就穿过这条红褶裙,特别令人印象深刻的是在年,在钻石庆典的皇家游艇上,凯特也是穿着这条红裙子On that day she accessorised with her trusty LK Bennett nude heels and a Lock amp; Co hat. today event, hosted by the Queen to celebrate the dramatic arts, she went a less mal look.在那一天,她是穿着她最钟爱的LK Bennett高跟鞋,带着一顶詹姆士·洛克帽子而在由女王举办的戏剧艺术款待会那天,她的穿着随性了许多The red dress has been worn by a number of celebrities since it made its debut on the springsummer catwalk back in February .这条红裙子首次亮相是在年月举办的春夏时装发布会上,而那之后,就有很多名人都在不同场合穿过这款红裙But thankfully none of the Hollywood stars and the giants of British film and theatre who joined the Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace this evening made the fashion faux pas of wearing the same outfit as style queen Kate.还好在款待会当天,没有任何一位在场的好莱坞明星或是英国影视巨擘与剑桥公爵夫人撞衫导致失礼Elegant Dame Helen Mirren, whose uncanny portrayal of the monarch over the years even prompted Prince William to joke on Sunday that he should call her granny, was also in attendance.影后海伦·米伦爵士也出席了这场盛会正因为她多次在舞台和屏幕上扮演女王,威廉王子在星期天给海伦颁奖时还打趣说他应该叫她一声“奶奶”The award-winning actress was introduced to the Queen personally, although it is not known whether the pair discussed Dame Helen regal role.海伦也被引见给了女王,但是她们是否有聊到海伦扮演的女王角色就不得而知了The Duchess was also introduced to many of the 50 stars present on a night celebrating the Queen 60 years as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the wider contribution that the dramatic arts make to national life.公爵夫人凯特也曾被引见给50多位出席女王60岁庆生会的明星们,他们都是皇家戏剧艺术学院的中坚人物,为英国创作了大量的艺术作品,做出了巨大的贡献 777F is playing a cat-and-mouse game with organizers of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, who have reportedly asked the boy band idols to rem on the stage of Spring Festival Gala.最近,男子偶像团体F对待央视春晚节目组的态度可以用“欲擒故纵”来形容,之前有报道称,春晚力邀该组合能在兔年春晚重聚The Gala is the most-watched TV program on Earth, with about 700 million viewers, and an invite to the show is seen not just as an honor but a significant opporty to make mountains of money. This will not worry the members of F, however, who are all flying solo and doing well in their respective careers, after last perming together two years ago.春晚拥有近7亿的观众,可以说是全球收视率最高的节目能接到春晚抛出的橄榄枝,不仅是一种荣誉,更有机会赚得盆满钵满当然F的成员们不必为此发愁两年前他们在最后一次集体亮相后,便宣布单飞,目前在各自的领域也都做得风生水起The CCTV producers are obviously keen to pull another rabbit out of the bag after mer 80s boy band, The Little Tigers, reed a special permance at this year`s Gala permance, in February.今年月,八十年代风靡一时的男子组合小虎队于虎年春晚上重聚首看来央视的编导们对于这种形式特别偏爱The only "mouse dropping in the porridge", to paraphrase a Chinese expression that means much the same as "fly in the ointment", is that one F member is not keen on the idea.可F某成员对此并不领情,大煞风景,正像那句老话说的:“一粒老鼠屎,坏了一锅粥”F`s Ken Chu wrote on his Sina Weibo micro blog the reunion would not take place because of a "mouse shit". This was taken to refer to band mate Jerry Yan, who has been plucked to play the lead opposite Zhang Ziyi in the new Mulan movie and is reportedly so busy he`s not interested in reming F.F成员朱孝天在自己的微中表示,F难以重聚的原因是“有一颗老鼠屎在”而有人猜测这颗老鼠屎暗指的就是队友言承旭有报道说,言承旭受邀与章子怡一起主演新版《花木兰,由于戏约在身甚是繁忙,所以对F重组的事情并不上心 163

James Zhonglei Wang is president of the Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, a Chinese entertainment and film production company that he co-founded in 199. Huayi Brothers recently announced plans to set up a million American subsidiary.王中磊是华谊兄弟传媒集团的总裁该集团是中国的一家和电影制作公司,是王中磊199年联合创立的华谊兄弟最近宣布计划出资1.3亿美元设立美国子公司Q. Do you remember the first time you became a manager?问:你还记得自己第一次当经理时的情形吗?A. I founded the company with my older brother, Wang Zhongjun, in 199. I was only and I have to admit I was totally unprepared. I didn’t have any experience in operations and management, but my brother asked me to take care of the daily operations of the company.答:我是199年和哥哥王中军一起创立这个公司的当时我才岁,必须得承认当时我毫无准备我没有运营和管理方面的任何经验,但是哥哥让我负责公司的日常运营Q. That was quite young. How did you make it work?问:那时你是很年轻你是怎么做到的?A. Well, when you start out as a young manager you need a lot of self-confidence [laughs]. But I don’t think age is really an issue, and I was often working with people as young as me. I think maybe I had some natural leadership skills in me because I’d always been looking at problems and finding solutions. But I never wanted to be a manager. I just wanted to be a free man. Even to this day. I deal with a lot of freelancers in my line of work, and I wouldn’t mind being a freelancer myself.答:呃,如果你很年轻就当上经理,你需要很多自信(大笑)但我并不觉得年龄是个很大的问题,当时我经常和跟我一样年轻的人一起工作我想我也许天生有些领导才能,因为我总是盯住问题,寻找解决办法但我从来都不想当经理我只想做个自由的人直到今天也是这样我的工作要跟很多自由职业者打交道,我本人不介意做个自由职业者Q. How has your perspective on leadership changed over time?问:随着时间推移,你对领导力的看法有哪些改变?A. When I first became a manager I was involved in every single detail of the work. Now, I see my role as providing continuous support and vision to the team, but I don’t feel I need to be involved in everything.答:我刚当经理时,参与工作的每个细节现在,我觉得自己的角色是给团队提供持续不断的持和视野,但我觉得自己不再需要参与所有的事情Q. What have you enjoyed most about leadership?问:当领导最让你享受的是哪些方面?A. me it’s not about power, it’s about the working process and making links within the industry.答:在我看来,当领导与权力无关,而是一个工作过程,在业内建立联系Q. What makes a great leader?问:好领导需要哪些品质?A. Three qualities: You need to be honest with your team, you need perseverance, and you need to be decisive. Beyond these, I also think you need to be passionate about what you do. That’s the way I feel about my own job and I do think passion is the secret to success — with also some luck.答:需要三个品质:对团队诚实;不屈不挠;有决断力除了这些,我觉得你还需要对工作充满热情这是我对自己工作的感觉,我确实认为是成功的秘诀——也需要一些运气Q. Some would say you make your own luck.问:有人会说,运气是你自己创造的A. No matter in which m it comes, it’s still luck.答:不管运气是怎么来的,它都仍是运气Q. How do you resolve professional disagreements with your brother, who is chairman and chief executive of the company?问:你哥哥是公司的主席和首席执行官,在工作中与哥哥有分歧时你怎么处理?A. It’s something quite private. Maybe you won’t believe me, but we don’t really have very strong disagreements, which is why we’re able to work so well together. We trust each other, and when we have a slight disagreement we just discuss things and try to convince the other to our views. We both know we have the best interest of the corporation at heart.答:这是个非常私人的问题我说出来你可能不信,但我们几乎没有过很大的分歧,所以我们才能合作得这么好我们彼此信任我们略有分歧时,会讨论,会试图说对方我们都知道我们把公司的最大利益放在第一位We are quite different in terms of character. My brother tends to charge ward, even when there are obstacles. I think I do things differently to reach my objective, but we have a very close relationship and we complement each other well in terms of abilities. He is a decisive leader, very good at making strategic decisions; I’m very good at getting things executed and cementing the right team around us.我们的性格很不同我哥哥很有冲劲,哪怕有障碍也往前冲我觉得我实现目标的方法跟他不同,但是我们的关系非常亲密,我们在能力上相得益彰他是个果断的领导,非常擅于做战略决定;我擅于执行,把正确的团队凝聚在我们周围Q. What qualities do you look in your senior management?问:你希望自己的高级管理人员有哪些品质?A. Loyalty is the most important factor me. To some extent it’s more important than capabilities. Loyalty can have a more influential impact on the overall enterprise than capabilities. It doesn’t mean that the person must stay with you ever — they might only be working you a short period of time — but during that time they are completely committed to your company.答:对我来说,忠诚是最重要的因素从某种程度上讲,它比能力更重要忠诚对公司整体的影响比能力更大这并不是说,他们必须永远和我在一起,他们可能只为我工作一小段时间,但是在这段时间里,他们全心全意为公司务Q. What management differences have you observed betweenChina and the ed States? 问:你注意到中美在管理方面有哪些不同?A. There are significant differences even when companies are in the same field, in particular in the way they manage employees. In China, most companies are managed by their founders, led by an entrepreneurial spirit, while in the U.S. they are likely to be managed by career managers. That means you approach problems differently.答:即使是同一个行业,中美的公司也有很大不同,特别是在管理员工的方法方面在中国,大部分公司是由创始人管理,由创业家精神所引导,而在美国,公司很可能是由职业经理人管理那意味着处理问题的方法会不同 example, at Alibaba, Jack Ma, who is a friend, told me he used to try to employ career managers to manage each sector, but in the end he found it was more suitable to the Chinese market that he use the people closer to him that he founded the company with. At Huayi Brothers, we do the same. But I think that if we proceed in the U.S. market, we will be using career managers; we’ll need to employ someone there whose cultural background is similar to their U.S. counterparts.阿里巴巴的马云是我的朋友他跟我说过,他曾尝试雇佣职业经理人管理每个部门,但是最后他发现还是用当初跟他一起创业的亲近的人更适合中国市场华谊兄弟也是这样但是我觉得如果我们进军美国市场,我们会用职业经理人我们需要雇佣一些与美国同行文化背景相似的当地人Q. There is this notion that it’s very important to “give face” in China. Is that still true?问:在中国,“给面子”很重要现在还是这样吗?A. Well, I think Western C.E.O.s also need to be given face, it’s not just the Chinese ones [laughs]. It’s just a different understanding of the face issue. In China, “giving face” is an expression “to show respect to the other party,” and usually this implies mutual respect each other. I believe that mutual respect is equally important in Western societies, though the way it is expressed may be different. “Giving face” tends to be a more external expression, where one pays attention to details and requires skills to appropriately express it.答:呃,我觉得西方的首席执行官们也需要别人给他面子,不只是中国人需要(大笑)只是对面子问题的理解有所不同在中国,“给面子”的意思是“尊重对方”,通常这意味着相互尊重我觉得相互尊重在西方社会也同样重要,虽然它的表达方式可能不同“给面子”是个更外在的表达方式,就是要留意细节,需要一些技巧来恰当表现There is no right or wrong, good or bad; this is just a social and cultural difference between the East and the West. One may need to experience it themselves in China to fully understand the concept.这没有对与错,好与坏,只是东西方的社会和文化差别你可能需要亲自在中国体验一下,才能完全理解这个概念Q. What advice would you give to Western executives wanting to work in China?问:对想在中国工作的西方执行官们你有哪些建议?A. Stick to your own way. Keep your differences. All you need to acquire is the trust of your boss. When a boss hires someone, what they are looking out is results. Only by producing results can you build up your boss’s trust in you. So, when interacting with your boss, do not deliberately change your style or method, as long as it is effective the job hired.答:坚持你自己的方式保持你的不同你只是需要获得老板的信任当老板雇佣某个人时,他们要的是结果只有实现结果,你才能获得老板的信任所以在与老板互动时,不要刻意改变你的风格或做法,只要它对工作有效Of course, the basic respect and social etiquette are still necessary. When interacting with colleagues or subordinates, do pay attention to how you communicate with them. Do not distance yourself from others, as one’s popularity can create unexpected opporties a smooth career.当然,基本的尊重和社交礼仪还是需要的在与同事或下属互动时,确实需要注意交流方式不要疏远其他人,因为受人欢迎能创造意想不到的机会,帮助事业顺利发展Q. What advice would you give to your young self?问:你对年轻时的自己有什么建议?A. I’m still young — wrong question.答:我还年轻——这个问题不对Q. O.K., what would you tell someone starting a company?问:好吧,对那些刚开公司的人你有什么要说的吗?A. You shouldn’t care too much about failure, but stick to your own path. I’m very glad to see the new generation of entrepreneurs. Those born in the 1990s have grown in self-confidence, because I think a very long time the Chinese lacked confidence in themselves.答:不要太在意失败,但是要坚持走自己的路我非常高兴看到新一代企业家90后已经有了自信,有很长一段时间我觉得中国人缺乏自信 35Can China save Tomorrowland?中国电影市场能否拯救“明日世界”China, with its burgeoning box office and hearty appetite Hollywood fare, has become a sort of haven of second chances films that disappoint in North America and Europe, Western media reported.据西方媒体报道,中国市场凭借其迅速增长的票房和对好莱坞的喜爱,正在成为欧美失利的电影寻求翻盘的沃土Chinese audiences often ;go against the global tide,; and there are numerous examples of China box office recoveries films that had tepid receptions elsewhere.中国观众经常;与全球潮流背道而驰;,有很多在其它地方反应平淡的影片在中国却获得了高票房Some international under-permers have enjoyed surprisingly good results in China; ;Need Speed,; ;Escape Plan; and ;Cloud Atlas,; example.比如,《极品飞车、《金蝉脱壳和《云图等多部电影都在中国打了漂亮的翻身仗Recently, after Disney film ;Tomorrowland; weaker-than-expected debut in North America, Disney might be looking to China in hopes of cutting their losses on the 0m picture.美国迪士尼公司的《明日世界在北美遭遇开局不利后,该公司或对中国市场寄予厚望,以期减少这部斥资1.9亿美元打造的电影的亏损 3777The series fifth chapter, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, has been topping box offices worldwide ever since its premiere in the US at the end of July.碟中谍系列电影的第五集《碟中谍5:神秘国度7月底在美国上映以来一直占据着票房榜首的位置With its Chinese cinema debut on Sept 8, the movie unveils its most impossible mission yet. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) – a key operative on the Impossible Mission ce (IMF) – and his team are faced with eradicating a shadowy ce known as ;The Syndicate;, an international rogue organization committed to destroying the IMF.9月8日《碟中谍5:神秘国度在中国上映,阿汤哥也迎来了有史以来最难完成的任务伊森·亨特(汤姆·克鲁斯饰)是;不可能任务情报署;的核心特工这一次他的团队面临的任务是铲除名为;辛迪加;的国际犯罪组织According to NPR, this latest installment continues the ;elegance, wit and harrowing flesh-and-blood stunt work; that have made Mission: Impossible ;the most reliable blockbuster series going;.美国全国公共广播电台说,《碟中谍5延续了该系列;优雅、智慧和真实弹的特效;,这也让这部电影成为目前最靠谱的大片Anyone who has watched the previous film, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, will have no problem recalling the scene where Cruise scales Dubai Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It hard to beat a stunt like that, admits Christopher McQuarrie, director of Rogue Nation.看过上一部《碟中谍:幽灵协议的影迷一定不会忘记阿汤哥在迪拜塔哈里发天大楼上的动作戏《神秘国度导演克里斯托夫·迈考利也坦言要超越那样的特技太困难;We knew anything we did was going to be compared with the Burj. But it not like you could wait someone to build an even taller building,; McQuarrie told USA Today. ;[But] we keep pushing the envelope.;迈考利告诉《今日美国:;我们知道不论我们拍什么都会被拿来和迪拜塔那场戏比较但是你不能等着别人盖一栋比迪拜塔还高的大楼啊我们一直在挑战极限;And they did. The opening of Rogue Nation features Cruise dangling outside of an airplane as it takes off.他们确实如此《碟中谍5:神秘国度一开场的特写就是阿汤哥悬挂在正在起飞的飞机上But the scene is not just visually striking. The fact that Cruise, a 53-year-old action star, insisted on doing it by himself instead of using a stunt double makes the scene more pulse-pounding.不过这场戏不仅只是视觉上的冲击事实上,53岁的阿汤哥为了让这场戏更加刺激好看,坚持不用特技替身自己完成了这组高危动作;Ive often sat on airplanes, looked out and thought what it would be like out there on the wing,; said Cruise, who has a reputation of doing his own stunts during his 19 years playing Ethan Hunt. ;It nerve-racking everyone else, but pretty exciting me.;;我坐飞机的时候常常眺望窗外,想着如果挂在机翼上是怎样一种体验,;扮演了19年伊森·亨特,阿汤哥一直坚持自己完成特技动作,这也成了他的一个标签;这是个让所有人胆颤的问题,不过对我而言实在很刺激;But the highlight of the movie actually comes during a slower and quieter underwater scene, where Cruise has to hold his breath six minutes while completing tasks. There is less action, but the intensity and adrenaline is just as great. The suspense keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.但电影的高潮却是那场更缓慢而安静的水下戏,为了那个镜头阿汤哥在水下憋了足足6分钟的气,同时还要兼顾完成各种表演这场戏动作不多,但是强度超高,让人肾上腺素激升故事悬念让观众坐立难安;Sometimes you need a little silence to make the most noise,; commented Los Angeles Times.《洛杉矶时报评价这个镜头为:;有时无声胜有声; 39961

;Lost in Hong Kong,; a domestic comedy, ruled China box office in the week ending Sept. 7, pulling in 685 million yuan (1.8 million U.S. dollars).国产喜剧《港囧,在9月7日这一周末引领了中国电影票房,收入达到6亿8500万元(1亿780万美元)The film, which was released on Sept. 5, is the sequel to ;Lost in Thailand,; which was released in .这部影片于9月5日上映,是《泰囧的续集,《泰囧是于年上映的;Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation,; the fifth installment of the action blockbuster, was second, with 73. million yuan, China Film News reported Thursday.据中国电影新闻报在周二报道表示:《碟中谍5:神秘国度这部动作巨制,以70万的收入位列第二名.The film, which stars Tom Cruise, has grossed about 839. million yuan in total ticket sales after opening on Sept. 8.该部电影由汤姆·克鲁斯主演,在9月8日上映以后,票房总收入已经达到8亿390万元;Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation,; was closely followed by ;Minions,; which earned 57.6 million yuan in the week.It has made 377.6 million yuan at the box office since it was released on Sept. .紧随《碟中谍之神秘国度的是《小黄人大眼萌,在当周获得了5760万的票房自9月日上映以来票房总收入达到了3亿7760万元At fourth was domestic romance ;The Third Way of Love,; which reaped 8 million yuan after opening on Sept. 5.第四名的是国产浪漫影片《第三种爱情,在9月5日上映以来票房总收入为800万元Rounding out the top five was action-fantasy ;Pixels;, which raked in . million yuan in the week. Its total box office reached 98.3 million yuan on Sept. 7 after opening on Sept. .排名第五的是科幻动作片《像素大作战,当周收入为万元自9月日上映以来截止到9月7日,总票房成绩达到了9830万美元. 3<牛人_句子><牛人_句子>

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