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Or the people who see a trend toward inequality and a decline in opportunity还是那些认为不平等会加重 机会会减少and dont think innovation will change that?不认为创新能够改变这些趋势的人The pessimists are wrong, in my view.在我看来 悲观主义者是错误的But they are not crazy.但他们的想法并不疯狂If innovation is purely market driven,如果创新纯粹是市场驱使的and we dont focus on the big inequities,没人关心不平等的加剧then we could have amazing advances in inventions那么世界就算有再多美妙发明也是白搭that leave the world even more divided.只能让世界分化越发严重We wont improve public schools.我们将无法改善公立学校条件We wont end malaria.我们将无法根除疟疾We wont end poverty.我们将无法根除贫困We wont develop the innovations poor farmers need我们将无法开发出贫苦农民所需的创新to grow food in a changing climate.让他们能在变化的气候条件下种出作物If our optimism doesnt address the problems如果我们的乐观不能解决这些问题that affect so many of our fellow human beings,不能帮助很多需要帮助的同胞then our optimism needs more empathy.那么这种乐观就需要更多同情心If empathy channels our optimism,如果同情心能够引导我们的乐观we will see the poverty and the disease and the poor schools.我们就肯定能看到贫困 疾病和糟糕教育条件We will answer with our innovations我们就肯定能通过创新给出and we will surprise the pessimists.我们就肯定能让悲观主义者大吃一惊201412/346822For myself, with all the willpower I can muster就我自己而言 我集中全部的意志力I try to bring the sense of urgency in Dr. Kings words to my work today试图将金士所说的紧迫感带入我今天的工作I do this with an understanding that I still have no idea of what the future may bring我这样做是因为我了解我仍不知道未来可能会带来什么After all, I had no idea that I would not only get my medical degree毕竟 我没有想到我不仅获得了医学学位but also a PhD in anthropology而且还获得了人类学士学位at an institution that is known as a ;small technical school; just我获得士学位的地方就在东北大学历史传奇校园外just up Huntington Ave from the historic legendary campus of Northeastern University亨廷顿大街往上的那所;小技术学校;(哈佛)I had no idea that I would help found an organization, Partners in Health我没有想到 我会和我的同事保罗?法默一起帮助创建了with my colleague Paul Farmer一个机构;健康伙伴;and eventually work in 10 countries并最终在全世界10个国家开展了工作I had no idea that my experience at Partners In Health我没有想到我在;健康伙伴;的工作经历would lead me to take charge of the World Health Organizations HIV/AIDS initiative会为我带来主管世界卫生组织艾滋病计划的工作where we try to get 3 million people treatment by the year 2005并开展了一场到2005年治疗3百万名艾滋病患者的运动And with only minimal academic administrative experience我只有很少的学术管理经验I was given the enormous honor of becoming President of Dartmouth College却得到巨大荣誉 被委以达特茅斯学院院长一职Finally, completely out of the blue最后 就如晴天霹雳一般President Obama last year asked me to stand as a candidate to lead the World Bank Group去年奥巴马总统邀请我作为领导世界集团的候选人之一Always with some trepidation虽然总是有些诚惶诚恐I embraced these unexpected opportunities但我接受了这些意外的机会and now I find myself in one of the most interesting jobs in the world现在我发现自己做的是世界上最有意思的工作之一201502/361166

I remember very clearly my own first conscious attempt at acting. I was six, placing my mothers half slip over my head in preparation to play the Virgin Mary in our living room. As I swaddled my Betsy Wetsy doll, I felt quiet, holy, actually, and my transfigured face and very changed demeanor captured on super-8 by my dad, pulled my little brother Harry to play Joseph and Dana too, a barnyard animial, into the trance. They were actually pulled into this little nativity scene by the intensity of my focus, in my usual technique for getting them to do what I want, yelling at them would never ever have achieved and I learned something on that day.我很清楚地记得自己第一次有意识地尝试演戏的情景。那时我六岁,把妈妈的半裙罩在头上,正准备在客厅里扮演圣母玛利亚。当我抱着我的洋娃娃,我感觉安静、神圣。事实上,我容光焕发的表情和不同往常的行为被父亲用八毫米的摄像机记录了下来。我还把弟弟哈利也拉进来扮演约瑟,也拉来了小动物达纳。他们被我的表演迷住了,我的专注把他们带入了耶稣诞生的场景中。这就是我想让他们帮忙时常用的小把戏,跟他们吼叫是没有用的。而且那天我还学到了一些其他经验。Later when I was nine, I remember taking my mothers eyebrow pencil and carefully drawing lines all over my face, replicating the wrinkles that I had memorized on the face of my grandmother whom I adored and made my mother take my picture and I look at it now, and, of course,I look like my grandmother then. But I really do remember in my bones how it was possible on that day to feel her age. I stooped, I felt weighted down but cheerful, you know I felt like her.之后,记得当我九岁的时候,我拿起妈妈的眉笔,仔细地照着我曾记得的外婆脸上的皱纹,在自己脸上画上了和她一样的皱纹,画了一脸,然后让我妈妈拍照留念。今天当我再看到当年拍摄的那张照片时,当然比起那时,现在的我更像那时的外婆了。但是我从骨子里记得,当时我是如何感受到了她的年纪。我的背驼了,身子也感觉到沉重而向下坠,但是我却很高兴,因为,我觉得自己模仿得很像外婆。201403/278750

I said, through my interpreter, whats the word in your... do you have a word in your language that could be a name that means new beginning? 我通过翻译问她 你们有没有一个词 你们的语言中有没有一个能用来做名字的词语 意为新的开始 And this woman got a big smile on her face, and she said to me through the interpreter, she said yes, lucky for you 这位女士挂着大大的笑容 通过翻译告诉我 她说 有的 正巧 In our language, the word dawn DAWN is a boys name, not a girls name 在我们的语言中 黎明这个词 可以用作男孩的名字 不是女孩的名字 We will name this boy Dawn 我们给这个男孩起名叫黎明 And he will be the symbol of our new beginning 他会象征着 我们的新的开始 I am telling you this because no matter what happens to you, 我跟你们讲这个故事 是因为无论你们遇到什么挫折 it is highly unlikely that you will ever face anything as awful as what happened to that mother and father 你们基本不可能 会面临着比这家的父亲母亲 还要悲惨的遭遇 They somehow found the strength to treasure the one who remained, and to serve others 他们找到了力量 去珍爱幸存的孩子 去为大众务 That is the heritage you take with you from Howard 这就是你们从霍华德离开时要继承的传统 That is what your people are doing in Rwanda half a world away 这就是和你们一样的人在半个地球之外的卢旺达在做的事情 If you do what makes you happy, and you dont give up, and you keep serving, 如果你们能做让自己感到开心的事 而且不言放弃 为大众而务 I think you will live the most interesting, prosperous and peaceful time in human history 我认为你们会赶上人类历史上最为有趣 丰富多的和平年代 Good luck and God bless you all 祝你们好运 上帝保佑你们 201508/390677And thats not just how youll ensure that your own life is well-lived, its how youll make a difference in the life of our nation.不仅努力过好自己的生活,更重要的是,努力让自己的国建变得今非昔比。I talked earlier about the selfishness and irresponsibility on Wall Street and Washington that rippled out and led to so many of the problems that we face today. I talked about the focus on outward markers of success that can help lead us astray.先前我谈到了由于华尔街和华盛顿的人们自私和不负责任致使今天我们面临诸多问题,我也谈到了过分看重成功的外在标志会令我们误入歧途。But heres the thing, Class of —it works the other way, too.届的毕业生们,反过来也一样。Acts of sacrifice and decency, without regard to whats in it for you, that also creates ripple effects, ones that lift up families and communities, that sp opportunity and boost our economy, that reach folks in the forgotten corners of the world, who when committed young people like you see the true face of America, our strength, our goodness, our diversity, our enduring power, our ideals.正直无私的奉献,从不考虑自己能从中得到什么——这种行为也会产生涟漪反应——这种效应能鼓舞家庭和社会;可以传播机遇,繁荣经济,能影响世界上那些被遗忘在角落里的人们的生活,让他们从你们这些具有奉献精神的年轻人身上看到真实的美国,看到我们的力量,我们的美德、我们的多样性、我们的动力以及我们的理想。I know starting your careers in troubled times is a challenge, but it is also a privilege, because its moments like these that force us to try harder and dig deeper, and to discover gifts we never knew we had, to find the greatness that lies within each of us.我知道,在复杂的形势下开创你们的事业对你们而言是一个挑战。但也是一种特殊的荣幸。因为,只有在这样的时刻,我们才会更加努力,去发掘更深刻的东西,去发现自己从未发掘的天赋,发现我们内心的伟大之处。So, dont ever shy away from that endeavor. Dont stop adding to your body of work. I can promise that you will be the better for that continued effort, as will this nation that we all love.所以,千万不要逃避这种尝试。不要停止,为自己的事业增光吧!我可以保,通过不断的努力,你们将有所进步,我们挚爱的祖国也会将变得更加美好。Congratulations, Class of , on your graduation. God bless you, and God bless the ed States of America.祝贺你们,届的毕业生们,祝贺你们顺利毕业!上帝保佑你们!上帝保佑美利坚合众国。 /201302/225982

Your Majesties,Your Royal Highnesses,Ladies and Gentlemen,What a week, what a day, and what a night...!I cannot imagine anything more exhilarating than to stand here this evening – also on behalf of my colleagues W. E. Moerner and Eric Betzig – thanking the Swedish Academy and the Nobel Foundation for the honor that has been bestowed upon us. We are so grateful to all who have supported us on our path and – above all – we feel very, very humbled. Like all laureates, each of us three has his own road to this magnificent hall. Our personal stories have been quite different. Yet – we have much in common: passion for what we do, and fascination with things that cannot be done, or – let’s say – things that cannot be done...supposedly. Erwin Schr#246;dinger, who spoke at this banquet eighty-one years ago tonight, wrote: “it is fair to state that we are not going to experiment with single particles any more than we will raise dinosaurs in the zoo”. Well, one of us, W. E., discovered just the opposite – single molecules can indeed be seen and played with individually. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what do we learn from this? First. Erwin Schr#246;dinger would never have gone on to write “Jurassic Park”... Second. As a Nobel Laureate you should say “this or that is never going to happen”, because you will increase your chances tremendously – of being remembered – decades later – in a Nobel banquet speech. And so, – on to superresolution fluorescence imaging. According to the belief, molecules closer together than 200 nanometers could not be told apart with focused light. This is because, in a packed molecular crowd, the molecules shout out their fluorescence simultaneously, causing their signal, their voices, to be confused. But, believe it or not, Eric found a way to discern the molecules by calling on each one of them individually, using a microscope so simple – that he built it with a friend – in his living room. As for myself, I never had that kind of patience. Calling on each molecule one by one? No way. I just told all of them to be quiet – except for a selected few. Just keep the molecules quiet, and let only a few speak up. ... A simple solution to a supposedly unsolvable problem. It made the resolution limit - history. Now have a guess, where did this idea occur to me? Not very far from here, actually: in a student dorm in Finnish #197;bo – in what you may kindly call – a living room. So, what does it take, ladies and gentlemen, to end up standing here, telling you a story of important discoveries or improvements? Well...You definitely need a living room. At the very least, you need a place to sleep. And when you fall asleep you may forget that others consider you – too daring or too foolish. But when morning comes, you would better find yourself saying: “I have so many choices of what to do or what to leave – every morning, every day. I better judge for myself, and – go ahead and do it.” Because nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come – even if it came in a – living room – or to someone – with a humble living. And – if you feel we’ll never raise dinosaurs...Who knows? One day someone may be actually standing here – giving a banquet speech. So, let us embrace a culture that addresses problems deemed impossible to solve – and let us now honor those who will do so with a toast. 201506/382475And I think particularly now,我认为尤其是目前as we see ourselves in a time of environmental crisis,我们明白人类身处环境危机时代we can learn so much from these people我们可从这些族群身上学到许多东西who have lived so sustainably in this ecosystem他们在这片生态系统中for over 10,000 years.生活了1万多年In the heart of this ecosystem is the very antithesis这片生态系统蕴含的核心价值of all of these values that weve been talking about,与我们目前追求的目标大相径庭and I think these are some of the core values我认为其中某些核心价值that make us proud to be Canadians.令身为加拿大人的我们引以为傲This is the Alberta tar sands,这是阿尔伯塔省油砂矿the largest oil reserves on the planet它是世上石油蕴藏量最丰富的地区outside of Saudi Arabia.除了沙特阿拉伯之外Trapped underneath the boreal forest在北方森林and wetlands of northern Alberta及北阿尔伯塔省湿地下方are these vast reserves of this sticky, tar-like bitumen.蕴藏着大量粘稠、似焦油的沥青And the mining and the exploitation of that挖掘及开采这些矿脉的举动is creating devastation on a scale that the planet has never seen before.对地球造成史无前例的破坏I want to try to convey some sort of a sense of the size of this.我试着说明这些破坏的规模If you look at that truck there,以图中的卡车为例it is the largest truck of its kind of the planet.它是同类卡车中最大的一种It is a 400-ton-capacity dump truck承载量达400吨的砂石车and its dimensions are 45 feet long规格为45英呎长by 35 feet wide and 25 feet high.35英呎宽、25英呎高If I stand beside that truck,如果站在卡车旁my head comes to around the bottom我的头部大约只到of the yellow part of that hubcap.黄色轮框盖底部Within the dimensions of that truck,在这辆卡车体积范围内you could build a 3,000-square-foot two-story home你可轻易建造一栋 面积3000平方英呎、两层楼高的房子quite easily. I did the math.我曾经计算过So instead of thinking of that as a truck,因此,与其将它视为一辆卡车think of that as a 3,000-square-foot home.不如将它视为一栋 面积3000平方英呎的房子Thats not a bad size home.一栋不小的房子And line those trucks/homes back and forth这些卡车在这片区域中来回奔驰across there from the bottom从底部all the way to the top.直到顶端And then think of how large that very small section of one mine is.想象一下这片区域的大小,这仅是矿场的一小部分Now, you can apply that same kind of thinking现在,你可将同样想法运用到here as well.这片区域Now, here you see -- of course, as you go further on,如图所示-当然,当你将视线拉远these trucks become like a pixel.这些卡车彷佛图中的小点Again, imagine those all back and forth there.同样地,想象一下这片区域How large is that one portion of a mine?占整个矿场多大部分?That would be a huge, vast metropolitan area,相当于幅员广大的都会区probably much larger than the city of Victoria.或许比维多利亚城大得多And this is just one of a number of mines,这只是众多矿场之一10 mines so far right now.目前共有10个矿场This is one section of one mining complex,这只是其中一个矿场的一部分and there are about another 40 or 50 in the approval process.目前大约有四、五十个矿场正进行审核No tar sands mine has actually ever been denied approval,事实上不曾有任何油砂矿无法通过审核so it is essentially a rubber stamp.因此基本上只是走走过场The other method of extraction is whats called the in-situ.另一种开采方式叫做“就地钻探”And here, massive amounts of water如图所示,大量水are super-heated and pumped through the ground,经高温加热后泵入地底through these vasts networks of pipelines,通过管线seismic lines, drill paths, compressor stations.震测线、钻探途径及压缩站组成的庞大网络And even though this looks maybe not quite as repugnant尽管看起来或许不如露天采矿场般as the mines, its even more damaging in some ways.那么令人怵目惊心 但以某种程度来说,却造成更大破坏It impacts and fragments a larger part of the wilderness,它使更大片原野受到影响、离破碎where there is 90 percent reduction of key species,导致关键物种减少90%like woodland caribou and grizzly bears,例如北美驯鹿和灰熊and it consumes even more energy, more water,消耗更多能源及水源and produces at least as much greenhouse gas.产生至少与前者相当的温室气体So these in-situ developments are at least as因此就地钻探对生态的破坏至少ecologically damaging as the mines.与露天采矿不相上下201410/331445By the end of each week,the students take a quiz,hand in their homework,which are assessed by their peers under the supervision of the instructors,get a grade, move to the next week. 每周结束的时候,学生们参加一个测验,提交他们的课外作业,作业会在教师的监督下由同学互相评估,得到成绩,然后继续下一周的学习。By the end of the course, they take the final exam,get a grade, and follow to the next course.在课程的末尾,他们参加期末考试,得到成绩,然后开始下一个课程。We opened the gates for higher education for every qualified student.我们为每一个合格的学生打开了高等教育的大门。Every student with a high school diploma,sufficient English and Internet connection can study with us.每个学生,只要有高中文凭、足够的英语能力和互联网连接,就可以和我们一起学习。We dont use audio. We dont use .我们不使用音频和视频。Broadband is not necessary.宽带网络不是必须的。Any student from any part of the world with any Internet connection can study with us.来自世界任何一个地方的任何一个学生只要能连接到互联网就可以和我们一起学习。We are tuition-free.我们没有学费。All we ask our students to cover is the cost of their exams,100 dollars per exam.我们的学生只需要负担考试的成本,每门考试100美元。A full-time bachelor degree student taking 40 courses,will pay 1,000 dollars a year,4,000 dollars for the entire degree,and for those who cannot afford even this,we offer them a variety of scholarships. 一个全日制本科学位的学生选修40门课,每年将付1000美元,整个学位需要4000美元,对于连这些也无法负担的学生,我们提供了各种类型的奖学金。It is our mission that nobody will be left behind,for financial reasons.没有人会因为经济上的原因而被抛下,这是我们的使命。With 5,000 students in 2016,this model is financially sustainable.到2016年,随着5000名学生,这一模式在经济上是可持续的。Five years ago, it was a vision.五年前这还是一个畅想,Today, it is a reality.而今它成为了现实。Last month, we got the ultimate academic endorsement to our model.上个月,我们的模式得到了学术界的最终认可。University of the People is now fully accredited.人民大学现在已完全通过认。Thank you.谢谢。With this accreditation,its our time now to scale up.有了这一认,现在到了我们扩张的时候。We have demonstrated that our model works.我们已经展示了我们的模式是可行的。I invite universities and, even more important,developing countries governments,to replicate this model to ensure that the gates of higher education will open widely.我邀请大学,更重要的是,发展中国家的政府,来复制这一模式,来保高等教育的大门将一直敞开。A new era is coming,an era that will witness the disruption of the higher education model as we know it today,from being a privilege for the few to becoming a basic right,affordable and accessible for all.一个新的时代来临了,这个时代将会见我们今天所知的高等教育模式的瓦解,从一种少数人的特权变为一种基本权力,所有人都可以承担,可以获得。Thank you.谢谢。201508/390651

I did that with the class of 2014 exactly我和2014届毕业生这样做了The class of 20142014届毕业生I am so proud of you我为你们感到自豪so proud of you非常自豪But I want to ask you a real question不过我想问一个很实际的问题Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Today is not my day今天不是我的日子Today is not belong to anyone on this stage今天不属于台上的任何人Today is your day. Today is about the power of you今天属于你们 今天是关于你们的强大Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Our stories may be different我们的故事可能会有不同but I bet some of you grew up with single mothers or fathers但很多人肯定也成长于单亲家庭Maybe you came here from Africa or Caribbean也许你来自非洲或加勒比地区Maybe you are the first in your family to go to college like I was也许你也是家里第一个考上大学的 就像我一样Maybe there were times that you也许有一段时间didnt have a place to live or no food to eat你也没有地方住 没有东西吃You see, the odds were against you各种条件都对你非常不利the odds were against you making it here today各种条件都想阻碍你达到今天的成就But guess what? You did it但是 你们做到了You put this day on your calendar你们成功走到了今天You overcame the odds你们克可重重阻碍You made a decision and you saw that decision due你们做了决定 而且实现了自己的目标So I ask you one more time我再问你们一次Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗201501/352293The emergence of low-cost personal computers gave rise to a powerful network that has transformed opportunities for learning and communicating.低成本的个人电脑的出现,使得一个强大的互联网诞生,它为学习和交流提供了很大的机会。The magical thing about this network is not just that it collapses distance and makes everyone your neighbor. It also dramatically increases the number of brilliant minds we can have working together on the same problem-and that scales up the rate of potential of innovation to a staggering degree.网络的神奇之处,不仅仅是它缩短了距离,使得天涯若比邻。它还极大地增加了怀有相同的很好的想法的人们聚集在一起的机会,我们可以为了解决同一个问题,一起共同工作。这就大大加快了革新的潜在的进程,发展速度简直快得让人震惊。At the same time, for every person who has access to this technology, five people dont. That means many creative minds are left out of this discussion-smart people with practical intelligence and relevant experience who dont have the technology to hone their talents or contribute their ideas to the world.与此同时,世界上有条件上网的人,只是全部人口的六分之一。这意味着,还有许多具有创造性的人们,没有加入到我们的讨论中来——那些有着实践智慧和相关经验的聪明人,却没有技术来将他们的天赋或者想法与全世界分享。We need as many people as possible to gain access to this technology, because these advances are riggering a revolution in what human beings can do for one another. They are making it possible not just for national governments, but for universities, corporations, smaller organizations, and even individuals to see problems, see approaches, and measure the impact of their efforts to address the hunger, poverty, and desperation George Marshall spoke of 60 years ago.我们需要尽可能地让更多的人有机会使用新技术,因为这些新技术正在引发一场革命,人类将因此可以互相帮助。新技术正在创造一种可能,不仅政府,还包括大学、公司、小机构、甚至个人,能够发现问题所在、能够找到解决办法、能够评估他们努力的效果,去改变那些马歇尔六十年前就说到过的问题——饥饿、贫穷和绝望。201405/300611

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