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厦门乳房下垂厦门欧菲整形美容医院正规吗(Tennis ball sounds)Y: Hi 大家好我是杨晨P: 我是Patrick.P: Today, Yang Chen and I are playing a game of tennis.Y: Patrick It your serve!P: OK, just a minute. To serve S-E-R-V-E is to put the tennis ball in play by throwing it up into the air and hitting it with a racquet.Y: 别罗嗦,赶快发球罢Just serve.P: OK. (thwok, thwok) Good return, Yang Chen!Y: Patrick, 你的球出界了(Thwok - funny sound)Y: So it is my point.P: Well, that means the score is ;Love Fifteen;. Love me and fifteen you.Y: Love? L-O-V-E? 爱?这和爱有什么关系?(Music - Tina Turner)P: Love in tennis scoring means ;Zero.;Y: 好浪漫哪用love来代表零分, zero points, 可是我怎么会有分呢?P: Yes, tennis scoring is very complicated, isnt it? To win a game a player must win four points and two more points than his opponent.Y: OK, OK.P: So the first point is called ;fifteen;.Y: 那这么说the second point is called ;thirty;?P: That right. The second point is called ;thirty,; and the third point is called ...Y: ty-five?P: No, it is called ;ty.;Y: Why not ty-five?P: It just the tradition now, Yang Chen. The French started it.Y: 那他们的数学一定不好Y: Okay, serve again, Patrick! (Thwok, Thwok).P: Oh no, I missed the ball!Y: ;Love thirty;!P: Well, I guess I am losing.Y: But at least you still have love! 3818厦门医学高等专科学校附属口腔医院牙齿种植 Making a Shopping List 制作购物清单A: Im planning on going to the market soon.我打算一会去超市B: What are you buying?你在买什么?A: I dont know what we need.我不知道我们需要什么B: I can check you, if youd like.如果你需要的话,我可以帮你查查A: Ill make a list.我来制作个清单B: First, we need eggs, milk, and b.首先,我们需要鸡蛋,牛奶和面包A: Okay, do we need any meat?好的,我们需要一些肉吗?B: How about some chicken, ground beef, and some steak?一些鸡肉,碎牛肉和一些牛排怎么样?A: What else do we need?我们还需要做什么?B: Get some snack foods.买些小吃吧A: Is there anything else that we need?还有什么是我们需要的吗?B: No, but if you can think of anything else, just get it.没有,但是如果你想到了,可以写进去1. What are you buying?Do you know what to get?What are you going to get? 你要买什么?. How about some meat?What kind of meat do we need?Should I get some meat? 需要一些肉食吗?3. Is there anything else that we need?What else?Do we need anything else? 还有其他什么需要的吗? 88第一句:That my personal use.那是我自己喝的A:I bought a bottle of XO at the duty-free shop, but that my personal use.我在免税店买了一瓶XO,但那是自己喝的B:I see. Could you put the suitcase on the counter?噢你能把包放在柜台上吗?第二句:Here is the prescription from my doctor.这是医生开的处方A:What this? It does not look like tonic.这是什么?它看起来不像是保健品B:No. It medicine my stomach. Here is the prescription from doctor.不它是我的胃药这是医生开的处方在表达自己的主观猜测时,可以说:I suppose that...;I guess that...;I assume that...;XO是白兰地的专用术语,表示“贮藏期”的意思 1961厦门激光去痘印哪家好

厦门市公立三甲医院靠谱吗After the Olympics, and many other human sports, have become mired in cheating allegations, you might be excited to hear that from , we may no longer need people to compete gold at all.在诸如奥运会或者许多其他人类运动陷入了欺诈指控之后,以下这条消息可能会让你激动起来据悉,在年,我们可能根本不再需要人类为金牌进行竞争了Following the World Drone Prix in Dubai this weekend, which saw a -year-old British kid take home the top ,000 prize, the gulf state has unveiled plans to hold a futuristic Olympics every two years starting in .本周末在迪拜的世界无人机大奖赛中,一个岁的英国少年将5万美金的大奖拿回了家随后,该海湾国家宣布,计划从开始每两年举办一个“世界未来奥运会”It is billed to feature nine competitions, including driverless car racing, robotic soccer, robotic running, manned drones racing, robotic swimming, robotic table tennis, robotic wrestling, drone races.该奥运会将包括9个竞赛项目,包括无人驾驶汽车竞速、机器人足球、机器人赛跑、机器人游泳、机器人兵乓球、机器人摔跤和无人机竞速等This means humans could, at the very least, be confined to the sidelines of future sport, with the brains of developers in relevant countries replacing the physical power of the sports teams of old.这意味着,至少就未来运动会而言,人类将仅限于观望,而各国研发人员的智力也将会替代传统运动队员的身体能力Dubai is also creating a new World Federation of Future Sports, whose first head will be UAE government minister Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi.同时,迪拜正在创造一个世界未来体育联盟,其第一位主席将是阿联酋国家总理穆罕默德·阿卜杜拉·格伽维The Government of Dubai says the organization will work with existing global sports bodies to push international standards and regulatory frameworks around this emerging area.迪拜政府表示,该组织将与全球现有的体育机构一道为未来的运动会制定国际标准和监管框架 60厦门市174医院有学生套餐? 福建妇女医院门诊电话

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