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郴州市人民医院泌尿科咨询Henry and Elizabeth were lucky. 亨利和伊丽莎白是幸运的。They would have more children, including another son. 他们会有更多的孩子,包括另一个儿子。Henry was building a myth that he and his family were the true and rightful royal blood of England, 亨利创造的是一个神话,他和他的家人是真正合法的英国皇室血统,but there were those who just didnt buy it. 但有些人就是对此不买账。In fact, they would do their own rewriting of history to expose Henry for the usurper he was.事实上,他们会重写历史揭露亨利的篡位者身份。What we have here is a logical roll. 我们有这里有一本历史书卷。These family trees are owned by kings and noble men to describe and sometimes invent their glorious ancestries. 这些家谱属于国王和贵族人士,有时用作炫耀他们的光荣的祖先。And it is this part that we are interested in in particular and which tells us why Henry was so very afraid and what he was afraid of. 而这部分,我们特别感兴趣的是告诉我们为什么亨利非常害怕,他自己害怕的原因。We start here with Edward III, the Plantagenet king, from whom both Yorkers and Lancastrians trace their lines of descent. 我们从在这里的爱德华三世开始,金雀花王朝国王,从尤科斯和兰卡斯特两人追寻他们的血统后裔。We can see here the Lancastrian line coming down through Henry IV, Henry V, Victorian call and Henry VI, 我们可以看到这里的兰开斯特线下降到亨利四世,亨利五世,亨利六世,维多利亚和亨利四世,and then it stops, because the Lancastrians are exterminated. 然后它就停止了,因为兰卡斯特被灭绝。And this secret line is what this roll believes to be the main line of royal descent and it goes to the Yorks king, to Edward IV and his wife Elizabeth Woddfield. 而此卷认为这条秘密线是主要王室后裔,而且它经尤科斯王,爱德华四世和他的妻子伊丽莎白。The main line of descent carries on to Richard III, but as we can see, the line runs out. 下降的主要线路,通过理查三世,但正如我们所见,线就断了。Its actually unfinished. 它实际上是未完成的。Henry is notably absent. 其中就是不见亨利踪影。201311/263935郴州治疗梅毒的价格 郴州东方治疗前列腺炎贵吗

郴州市妇幼保健院割包皮Finance and econimics商业报道Barbie at 50芭比50年In the pink风韵犹存The versatile pink princess has moved with the times千面女郎 与时共进Mulling another career change考虑职业生涯的另一次改变FROWNED upon by feminists but fought over by five-year-olds, Barbie has been a victim of controversy as much as fashion ever since her birth, 50 years ago this month.1959年3月9日,从诞生之日起就一边作为时尚宠儿被5岁儿童争夺而饱受争议,一边受到女权主义者的不满。The charge-sheet against the pint-sized piece of plastic is long.这个塑料小人的罪行真是罄竹难书。She teaches the supremacy of looks over substance;她过分推崇外貌重于内涵;she stereotypes outdated gender roles;她刻意强调过时的性别差异;she celebrates an impossible body ideal;她以超完美身材为荣,and she sps platinum hair, plastic limbs and a nauseating shade of pink into households from Honolulu to Hamburg.她把天生的金发,塑料四肢,令人厌恶的粉红色调从檀香山传到汉堡的千万户家庭里。Yet could it be that Barbie,然而,这就是芭比娃娃,far from being a relic from another era, is in fact a woman for our troubled economic times?她并非是旧时的遗留,事实上,她也许是我们在举步维艰的经济时代里一名女性的形象?For a start, she may benefit from having a strong, reassuring brand in a downturn.首先,在经济低迷期,她受益于拥有一个强劲的,令人放心的品牌。Although global Barbie sales fell by 9% in 2008, battering profits at Mattel, her maker, Barbie topped the 2008 survey by Americas National Retail Federation of the most popular girls toys, relegating even the Nintendo Wii to fifth place.2008年,虽然全球的芭比娃娃销量下降了9 % ,消弱了她的生产商美泰公司的利润,但在美国全国零售商联合会评选的最受欢迎的女孩玩具中名列榜首,而任天堂Wii降级至第五位。And she has just seen off her hipper rivals, the Bratz.她送别了她竞争对手, 布拉兹娃娃。After a long legal battle, a federal judge recently ordered their maker, MGA, to transfer the trademark rights to Mattel.经过了漫长的官司,一位联邦法官最近下令其制造商,垂询MGA ,转让商标权给美泰。Barbie is once again the queen of the toyshop.芭比娃娃再次问鼎玩具商店。In previous recessions toy sales held up reasonably well, as parents cut back elsewhere.在以往经济衰退岁月里,当父母削减其他地方的开时,玩具销售都相当不错。As the recession deepens, Barbies conservative values are also back in vogue.随着经济衰退的加深,芭比娃娃保守价值观又重新流行。Amid concern about rampant individualism and excess, she evokes a simpler, gentler era.由于担心个人主义猖獗泛滥,芭比开创了一个较简单,温和的时代。And since staying in is the new going out, little girls will have more time for old-fashioned play.暂时的停下来是为了迎接一个新的开始,小女孩们将有更多的时间与芭比娃娃玩耍。Barbie also embodies career flexibility, a valuable attribute in difficult times.其次,芭比娃娃也体现了职业生涯的灵活性,这在困难时期非常珍贵。Having starting out as a fashion model in a black-and-white striped bathing suit, she tiptoed into other professions as fast as they were invented.从一开始身穿黑白条纹游泳衣的时装模特,她永远踮着脚尖准备穿上高跟鞋到任何新的职业领域。She was an air hostess in the 1960s as mass aviation took off, an aerobics instructor with leg-warmers in the 1980s, and even a black presidential candidate four years before Barack Obama.在上世纪60年代,民用航空起飞时,她是一名空中。80年代,她是一个穿着暖腿袜的健美操指导员。甚至四年前在奥巴马当选前,她就是一名黑人总统候选人了。Time for a new Barbie, dressed as a distressed-debt investor?时间赋予了全新的芭比,下次她也许打扮成一名受债务困扰的投资者? /201304/234738 郴州针对霉菌性龟头炎的治疗临武县男科医院



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