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淮安市第一人民医院宫颈糜烂多少钱楚州区中医院流产手术多少钱淮安韩式无痛包皮整形美容术 Hi Simon,Hello Ellen,Its been a week,I know its been a week嘿 西蒙 你好 艾伦 一周过去了 我知道一周过去了I just said its so weird now being on your show我是说现在出现在你的节目上真不可思议Cuz you know we are kind of being working together你知道我们在一起工作so I kind of feel a little insecure right now,Oh dont,I do,dont所以我现在感觉有一点局促 噢 不要 我会 不要So I asked you this last week if you were getting sad在最后一周我问你是否感到难过you think youll be sad either tonight or tomorrow,how are you feeling right now你认为你将会在今晚还是明天难过呢? 你现在的感觉如何you know its interesting as I watch the top of the show你知道吗 这场秀的开始非常有趣you know when I was listening to your audience sing当我听你的观众们唱歌时just when you think there is no talent left in this country就是当你认为这个国家没有有天赋的人幸存时I would really like to formally invite all of you to audition for next year show,I try to help you我真的想要正式地邀请 你们所有人来面试明年的秀 我试着帮你No hes on another show, hes trying to sabotage me now.I will not do that,but are you getting sad不 那时他在上其他节目 他只是阴谋破坏而已 我不会那么做的 你感到难过吗?are you saying that your audience couldnt sing very well,no, some of them were excellent你是说你的观众们不能够唱得很好吗 不 他们中的一些非常棒anyone of them particular,yeah you were particularly good还有一些是例外 对 你特别棒you are exactly what we are looking for,yeah on the X-Factor,but are you getting sad你就是我们要找的 对 那个X-Factor 你感到难过吗you seem like you are in a really good mood看起来你真是一个好脾气I know you are moving on to something really great and important,but its the end of something for 9 years我知道你将接手一些真的很好 重要的事 但它终结了一个9年的历程To answer your question,I kind of have the combination of the two回答你的问题 我将把这两点结合起来Im feeling a bit sad now,because you know we needed that我现在的确有一点悲伤 因为你懂的 我们需要那样but at the same time,did you remember that last few weeks when you were leaving school但与此同时 你记得你离开学校的 最后几周吗and you kind of couldnt wait to get out,Its a little bit like that你的感觉是迫不及待地要解放 这就有一点点像那个 /201606/448700淮安治疗包皮费用

淮安治疗梅毒好的医院Germanys far left德国左派的胜利Thuringias November revolution图林根州的十一月革命It may become the first state run by the heirs of East Germanys communists图林根州也许会成为第一个由东德共产党继承者执政的联邦州Ramelow on the high road to power拉梅罗可谓平步青云NEXT weekend Germany celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yet a few days before that, Die Linke (The Left), the party that descends from the communists who ran the old East Germany, may take charge of one of reunified Germanys 16 states (Thuringia) for the first time.下个周末,德国将庆祝柏林墙倒塌25周年。然而在几天前,源于前东德共产党的德国左翼党可能第一次执政图林根州—德国十六州之一。The mainstream parties treat The Left as pariahs in the federal Bundestag. The party jeers from the backbenches and fights internal vendettas. It hates capitalism and wants to scrap NATO. In debates over Ukraine many Leftists have blamed America more than Russias Vladimir Putin. Their parliamentary leader, Gregor Gysi, refuses to call the East German regime an “unjust state”.左党一直被主流政党视为德国联邦议院的贱民,因为其后座议员的地位以及党内斗争而受到其他政党的嘲笑。他们厌恶资本主义并打算让北约解体。在乌克兰之争中, 许多左派人士倾向于指责美国而不是俄罗斯。左党的议会领袖Gregor Gysi拒绝称东德政权是一个“不公正的国家”。In state and local governments in eastern Germany, however, The Left has become a home for many Ossis (Easterners), who tend to be apolitical and feel vaguely frustrated. They vote Left partly for reasons of “Ostalgie”. In Brandenburg The Left governs boringly as junior partner in a “red-red” coalition with the Social Democrats (SPD). But Thuringia presents a new opportunity. In its election in September the Christian Democrats (CDU), the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, came first, with 33%. But The Left came a strong second with 28%. It could now eke out a tiny majority if it combined with the other two left-leaning parties: the SPD and the Greens.但是在东德的州政府和地方政府中,左党变成了Ossis (东德人)的大本营,东德人似乎不关心政治,茫然失落。他们以“东德情结”为由给左党投票。在勃兰登堡,左党以“红红”联盟中社会民主党人(SPD)的新合伙人身份进行沉闷无趣的统治管理。但是图林根提供了一个新的机遇。在9月份的选举中,以德国总理安吉拉·默克尔为领袖的基民盟(CDU),以33%的选票位列第一。左党来势汹汹,以28%的持率暂居第二。如果左党可以和其他两个左倾政党:社民党和绿党联合的话,就能以微小的优势成为多数党。To many on Germanys centre-left such a “red-red-green” alliance is the holy grail at the federal level to replace governments led by Mrs Merkel. In Thuringia (as in the rest of Germany) the CDU rules in coalition with the SPD. The SPD has paid dearly there, winning a meagre 12% of the vote in September. So the states Social Democrats want to try joining with The Left and the Greens instead. Thuringias 4,300 SPD members are expected to say yes to the idea on November 4th. The Left could lead its first-ever state government by December.对于那些持中左派“红红绿”联盟的人来说,以默克尔为首的政府下台真是一件在联邦层次大快人心的事情。图林根州(德国其他州也一样)由基民盟和社民党联合执政。社民党在图林根州付出了高昂的代价,却仅仅在9月的选举中获得了微薄的12%的选票。所以该州的社民党转而联合左党和绿党。图林根州中4300社民党人想在11月4号对这个想法表示持。如果这样,左党可能在12月份首次执政联邦州。Its premier would be Bodo Ramelow. A western transplant in Thuringia, he personally brings no baggage from East German times. And although he was a firebrand unionist once, he counts as a moderate by The Lefts standards. Thuringians fret less about him than about the stability of a government that would have only a one-seat majority.左党的领袖将会是拉梅罗。受图林根西德文化的影响,拉梅罗个人行事并不受前东德色的影响。尽管他曾经是极具煽动性的工会主义者,但按左党标准看来却是一个温和派。相比于拉梅罗,图林根州人更担心一席多数政府的稳定问题。The overarching question is whether a red-red-green government in Thuringia could foreshadow a similar experiment in the Bundestag (albeit with an SPD chancellor). It would be much harder to do in national politics, where foreign and security policy cleaves a wide gulf between the two red parties. And yet the SPD is in a terrible bind. Increasingly, it merely holds the stirrups for others to mount: Mrs Merkel in Berlin, now Mr Ramelow in Erfurt. The SPDs thirst for national power may yet force it to turn to The Left in the Bundestag.现在首要的问题在于出现在图林根的红红绿政府是否同样会出现在联邦议会中(尽管现在由社民党执政)。这种情况在国家政治中更难实现,因为这两个红色政党在外交和安全政策上存在巨大的鸿沟。但社民党处于可怕的窘境中。它逐渐让其他政党顺势上位:柏林的基民盟,现在埃尔福特的左党。社民党党对国家权力的极度渴望可能会迫使他转向联邦议院的左党。 译者:胡雅琳 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201506/380157淮安中山女子医院在线服务 淮安市淮阴医院妇科检查多少钱

淮安第四人民医院无痛人流多少钱 Saudi Arabias women drivers沙特女司机Ovarian issue卵巢问题?Will Saudi women ever be allowed behind the wheel of a car?沙特的女性能获得开车权吗?WHEN a group of Saudi women first took to the kingdoms roads to flout its ban on female drivers, they publicised their protest by fax and cassette. The 47 participants suffered fines, travel bans, social ostracism and, in some cases, the loss of government jobs. The ban itself, 23 years and many protests later, remains. But much else has changed.当第一次一群沙特女同志占据王国之路来嘲笑禁止女性司机这一法令时,她们通过传真和录音机来将她们的抗议公之于众。那47位参与者遭到罚款、旅行禁令、社会排斥异己在某些情况下,失去了政府部门工作。这条法令,在历经23年并遭到无数次反抗之后,如今仍然保留着。但是很多东西早已改变。The campaigners behind a drive-along protest scheduled for October 26th have put it on Twitter, Facebook and a slick website. Their petition demanding that the government issue driving licences to women has gathered close to 17,000 signatures. A call for women to upload s of themselves driving has aly gathered dozens of clips. The footage of headscarved ladies navigating suburban traffic may scarcely be thrilling, but some have scored over 100,000 web viewings.策划10月26日单独驾驶抗议的活动者们已经将这一禁令发布到推特,脸谱以及一个热门网站上。她们要求政府发给女性驾照的请愿书上集齐了1.7万人的签名;号召女性上传自己驾驶的视频也被点击了无数次,一个戴头巾妇女通过郊区交通的脚本也许不会让人兴奋,但一些已经拥有超过1万的浏览量。For the first time, too, women have allies in government. Earlier this year King Abdullah named 30 female members to the previously all-male Shura Council, the royally-appointed proto-parliament. Three of the new women in it have voiced open support for an end to the driving ban.女性在政府拥有同盟者这也是第一次。今年早些时日,Abdullah国王指定30位女性参加了以前全是男性成员的舒拉国会,该国会是皇家指定的第一国会。其中三个新的女性成员公开表示持停止驾驶禁令。But the campaigns opponents have changed tactics, too. Official monitors have blocked its website. Tweeters in favour of the ban, derided by campaigners in the kingdom as “eggs” for leaving blank the oval space for their own portrait that the messaging service provides, are putting out reams of negative comment. Some have sought to dampen support for women wanting to drive by sping false rumours of an imminent government move to lift the ban.但是活动者的对手们也改变了战术。政府监控人员已经封锁了网站。持此项禁令的推特用户发布了大量的负面。他们曾被抗议者们嘲讽为鸡蛋,为了自己存储转发业务提供的肖像画留下椭圆空白。有些人就在探索着通过散播假的谣言譬如政府在迫切的推行禁令等,去抑制那些持女性驾车的说法。More traditional foes of change have also been active. On October 23rd a group of 200-odd clerics gathered outside the royal court to denounce what they described as a “conspiracy” to put women behind the wheel. Last month Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan, a well-known cleric who also practises psychology, claimed on a popular Saudi website that it has been scientifically proved that driving “affects the ovaries” and leads to clinical disorders in the children of women who are foolish enough to drive.更传统一些的变革对手也很活跃。10月23日,一组人数为200的牧师人员聚集在王朝外,指责他们所谓的持女性驾驶的同谋。一位知名的牧师Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan,他同样也实践心理学,上个月,他在沙特一个很流行网站上声称,已经被科学明的是:驾驶“影响卵巢”并导致那些愚蠢的驾驶女人们的孩子临床障碍。译者 叶荣芳 译文属译生译世 /201507/388297淮安妇科女子医院金湖县妇保院痛经多少钱



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