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2019年09月17日 18:21:09 | 作者:最新媒体 | 来源:新华社
Myanmar缅甸Chinese takeaway kitchen中国的外卖厨房Three articles look at China’s influence in South-East Asia: first;resentment in Myanmar;second, Cambodian rivalries; third, Banyan on the strategic implications三篇文章都关注了中国在东南亚的影响问题:第一篇,缅甸之怨;第二篇,柬埔寨的对抗;第三篇是Banyan专栏关于战略意义的一篇文章。WAIST-DEEP in the muddy water, hundreds ofpeople swirl their pans, scouring the black sediment for the sparkle of golddust. They have come from all over Myanmar to Kachin state, where the N’Mai andMali rivers merge to form the mighty Irrawaddy, knowing that a good day mayyield ,000-worth of gold—and that time for gold-panning is running out.在缅甸的克钦邦,恩梅开江和迈立开江交会成为浩荡的伊洛瓦底江。在齐腰深的浑浊的江水中,可以见到数百名淘金者晃动淘选盘,在黑色的沉淀物中仔细搜寻闪闪发光的金粒。这些人是从全国各地来到克钦邦的,他们知道,如果幸运的话,一天的淘金收入可以达到1000美金,但他们也清楚,淘金的时日已然不多。Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofsof a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun. They house hundreds ofChinese labourers working on the Myitsone hydropower project. This, accordingto Myanmar’sgovernment, will be the sixth highest dam in the world, and generate 6,000MW ofelectricity a year. On completion in 2019, the dam will flood thegold-prospecting area and displace more than 10,000 people. All the electricitywill be exported to China.All the revenue will go to Myanmar’sgovernment. If an environmental and social impact study was conducted at all,it did not involve consulting the affected villagers.在江对面,预制棚屋的波形铁皮屋顶在正午阳光的照耀下闪闪发光。在那些屋子里寓居着数百名修建密松水电站的中国劳工。缅甸政府表示,该水电站的大坝高程位列世界第六,每年能够发电6000兆瓦。2019年工程竣工后,大坝周边的金矿勘探地区将被淹没,并且还要转移1000人到其他地区。所有的电能将被输送到中国,而所有的收入将统统流入缅甸政府的钱袋。即使他们真地做了环境和社会影响研究的话,但那也并未涉及征询受影响村民意见的环节。A local Catholic priest who led prayersagainst the dam says his parishioners were moved to a “model” village, intotiny houses on plots too small for cultivation. The letters of concern he sentto Myanmar’sleaders went unanswered. He says he will stay in his historic church “till thewaters rise over the doorstep”.当地的一个天主教神父曾组织过祷告活动,以抗议修建大坝,他表示他的教区居民被迁移到一个“模范”村,那里的房子非常小,而且房子周围的土地也很少,根本不适合耕种。他寄给缅甸领导人反映问题的信件,至今仍然未予回复。他表示他将呆在的那座历史上著名的教堂中,直到江水没过门阶。201106/140599Heavy ground fighting was reported in several cities across Libya Tuesday, the fourth day of a U.N.-backed effort to establish a no-fly zone across the north of the country. U.S. confirmed one of its jets crash-landed while taking part in that effort.The international coalition plans to extend the zone from the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in the east to the capital, Tripoli, 1,000 kilometers to the west. 国际联军计划将禁飞区从东部反对派据点班加西向西延伸到1000公里外的首都的黎波里。Loyalist forces in Tripoli sent up anti-aircraft fire in an attempt to ward off strikes by fighter jets sent by the U.S., France and Britain. The U.S. said Tuesday that one of its jets crash-landed in Libya the day before. The military said the likely cause was mechanical problems, not hostile fire. 效忠现政府的部队在的黎波里发射防空炮火,试图阻止美国、法国和英国战机的袭击。美国星期二说,它的一架战机此前一天在利比亚坠毁。军方说这很可能是由于机械故障,而不是敌方炮火。The U.S. military says both crew members have been rescued.美国军方说,两名机组成员都被成功救出。Despite the expanding no-fly zone coverage - part of a U.N. resolution to protect civilians from Libyan government attacks - opposition sources in two western towns report continuing fighting. Residents said pro-Gadhafi forces are on the offensive in both Misrata and Zintan, and report civilian casualties. Those claims could not be independently confirmed.尽管作为联合国保护利比亚平民免受利比亚政府袭击的决议的一部分,联军采取了扩大禁飞区的举措。来自西部两个城镇反对派的消息显示冲突仍然在进行。当地居民说,亲卡扎菲的部队在米苏拉塔和津坦进行围剿,并报告说有平民死伤。但是这些说法还无法得到独立消息来源的实。Strains in international backing for the mission increased Tuesday, with China joining the list of dissenters. 国际社会对于这次行动的分歧星期二升级,中国加入了反对的行列。Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Beijing wants an immediate cease-fire and seeks a peaceful resolution to the conflict. China, like fellow critic Russia, abstained from backing the U.N. resolution authorizing the attacks, but did not veto the measure.中国外交部发言人姜瑜说:“我们再次呼吁有关各方立即停火,通过和平方式解决问题。”中国与持相同观点的俄罗斯都在联合国决议上投了弃权票,但都没有否决这项议案。The Arab League, which initially supported the U.N. move, has also expressed reservations. All say they are concerned about possible civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis - exactly what the measure aims to prevent.阿拉伯联盟此前持联合国的举措,但是现在也表示有所保留。这些国家都表示他们担心可能造成的平民伤亡以及人道危机,而这正是这项议案试图避免的情况。201103/128937  An Obama administration official says the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan has been summoned to Washington to explain his controversial comments about President Barack Obama and members of his administration in a recent interview. Also, Britain's special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, who has criticized elements of the U.S. war strategy, has resigned and the new government of Prime Minister David Cameron is reviewing whether to fill the job.General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, has been summoned to Washington by the White House. The move comes after McChrystal apologized on Monday for comments he and his staff made to the popular U.S.-based magazine Rolling Stone.In the magazine's latest issue, McChrystal and his staff were critical of U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration.One unnamed McChrystal advisor described a meeting between the general and Mr. Obama at the Oval office as a "ten-minute photo op". One aide also made jokes about Vice President Joe Biden. And McChrystal himself told Rolling Stone that he had felt "betrayed" by U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry in a debate over war strategy.Dan Plesch, director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at London's School of Oriental and African Studies, says the interview was a major gaffe."It is not a good thing for senior officers to be making derogatory remarks about their commanders, their political superiors, in any kind of setting, certainly not in a formal setting and certainly not when the news media are present," Plesch said. NATO has released a statement which says the Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has full confidence in General McChrystal and his strategy in Afghanistan. The statement describes the Rolling Stone article as "unfortunate", but adds - "it is just an article." Meanwhile, Britain's special envoy to Afghanistan, Sherard Cowper-Coles, has stepped down. A spokesperson for the British high commission in Islamabad says the envoy has taken "extended leave".Gareth Price from the London-based research group Chatham House says it is so far unclear if Cowper-Coles made the decision to leave himself. "It is clear that he was keener than the official policy on engaging and negotiating with the Taliban, so that could be connected with it or potentially the new government wanting someone who maybe wasn't as closely linked with the previous government here in the U.K," Price said. Cowper-Coles had recently clashed with senior U.S. and NATO officials over strategy in Afghanistan. He argued that military-driven tactics were failing and negotiations with the Taliban should instead be prioritized. Price says the incident with General McChrystal and the departure of Cowper-Coles reflect varying attitudes about the best approach in Afghanistan. He says differences of opinion are reaching the boiling point because the situation in Afghanistan is not looking good. "You've suddenly seen that the implementation isn't going as smoothly," Price said. "The progress in terms of the Afghan government doing its side of the bargain and improving its level of governance isn't happening as smoothly as it should, that the build-up of the Afghan army is again slower than it should. I suppose people's tempers are getting a little bit frayed, and hopefully we won't see more of this but there seems every chance that we might." U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday that military leaders, including McChrystal, are confident that U.S. forces are making progress against insurgents in Afghanistan。奥巴马政府的一名官员说,驻阿富汗美军最高指挥官已被召回到华盛顿,解释他在近期的一次媒体采访中对奥巴马和政府成员作出的有争议的。此外,对美国战略提出批评的英国阿富汗和巴基斯坦问题的特别代表提出辞职。英国首相卡梅伦的新政府正在审议是否要填补这个职位空缺。 驻阿富汗的美国和北约部队总指挥麦克里斯托尔将军已被白宫召回到华盛顿。此前,麦克里斯托尔于星期一就他和他的工作人员对广受欢迎的美国《滚石》杂志所说的话表示道歉。 麦克里斯托尔和他的工作人员在最新一期的《滚石》杂志中对美国总统奥巴马和他的政府提出批评。 麦克里斯托尔的一位没有透露姓名的顾问说,麦克里斯托尔将军和奥巴马在椭圆形办公室的一次会面是“10分钟的拍照活动”。另一名顾问还开了副总统拜登的玩笑。麦克里斯托尔本人对《滚石》杂志说,在一次有关阿富汗战略的辩论中,他觉得自己被美国驻阿富汗大使艾肯伯里“背叛”了。 伦敦大学东方及非洲研究学院国际研究和外交中心主任普勒什说,这次采访是一次重大的失言。 他说:“高级官员在任何情况下对他们的指挥官和政治上级作出贬损的言论都不是一件好事,特别是在正式场合和有媒体出席的场合。” 北约发表了一份声明说,北约秘书长拉斯穆森对麦克里斯托尔及他的阿富汗战略抱有充分的信心。声明说,《滚石》杂志的这篇文章是“令人遗憾的”,但是补充说,“这不过是一篇文章而已”。 与此同时,英国的阿富汗特使谢拉德.考珀已经离职。这位驻伊斯兰堡的英国高级专员的发言人说,考珀特使已经“请了长假”。 总部设在伦敦的查塔姆研究小组的普赖斯说,目前还不清楚考珀是否是自己作出了辞职的决定。 他说:“比起官方政策来,他显然更愿意同塔利班接触和协商。离职这件事可能与此有关。或者有可能英国新政府希望请一位与前政府的联系也许不那么密切的人。” 考珀最近同美国和北约高级官员在阿富汗战略问题上发生冲突。他认为,以军事主导的策略正在失败,而与塔利班谈判应得到优先考虑。 美国国防部长盖茨星期天表示,包括麦克里斯托尔将军在内的军事领导人对美军在阿富汗打击叛乱分子的行动正在取得进展抱有信心。201006/107162Israeli Troops Invade Gaza, Fighting Continues以军与哈马斯武装在加沙多处交火 Fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants has been reported from several areas in Gaza after Israel launched a ground offensive into the Palestinian territory Saturday evening. Israel says 30 of its troops have been wounded, two seriously and it claims to have killed or wounded dozens of Hamas militants. Gaza officials put the Palestinian death toll from the week-long Israeli operations at around 500. 以色列星期六晚上对加沙地带巴勒斯坦人领土发动地面攻势之后,有报导说,以色列部队和哈马斯激进分子在加沙好几个地方交火。以色列说,有30名军人受伤,其中两人伤势严重,以方同时声称击毙和击伤几十名哈马斯激进分子。加沙地带官员说,以色列一个星期来的军事行动造成大约500名巴勒斯坦人丧生。Israeli soldiers crossed the border under cover of darkness Saturday night and fanned out across areas of the northern Gaza Strip.  星期六晚上,以色列军人在夜色的掩护下跨过边界,挺进加沙北部大片地区。Troops and tanks are reported to have moved into positions, including around Gaza City. Tanks are reported dug in at some former Israeli settlements in Gaza and the military action is reported to have effectively cut the Gaza Strip in two between north and south. 据报导,军队和坦克已经进入包括在加沙城周围的阵地;坦克开进加沙地带过去以色列人的定居点,军事行动实际上已经把加沙地带分割为南北两部分。Israel used its infantry, tanks, artillery, war planes and navy to hit more than 40 targets just overnight.  以色列动用步兵、坦克、炮兵、战机和海军,一夜之间打击了40多个目标。Speaking before an Israeli cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the decision to launch the ground offensive was made Friday.  以色列总理奥尔默特在星期天的一次内阁会议上说,发动地面攻势的决定是星期五做出的。Mr. Olmert said the decision was not made lightly and only after months of waiting and after hopes for calm were dashed.  奥尔默特说:“这不是一个轻率的决定,这个决定是在等待了好几个月、对平静的希望完全破灭之后才做出的。”Mr. Olmert vowed that the government did everything before deciding on this operation. "It was unavoidable," he said. 奥尔默特保,政府是在尽了最大努力之后才决定采取这次行动的。他说:“这是不可避免的。”Israel has said all along it had no choice but to launch military action after talks with Hamas on extending a cease-fire broke down in December and militants stepped up rocket fire against southern Israel. 以色列方面一直表示,以方别无选择,只能采取军事行动,因为此前和哈马斯就延长停火举行的会谈12月破裂,哈马斯激进分子加紧了对以色列南部地区的火箭弹攻击。Israel initially launched air strikes just over a week ago, pounding targets it said were linked to Hamas and its infrastructure in Gaza. 以色列是在一个多星期之前开始空袭加沙地带的,轰炸以方所称与哈马斯相关的目标和哈马斯在加沙的基础设施。But, Hamas has remained defiant, warning that it would turn Gaza into a graveyard for the Israelis.Casualties are reported on both sides, including Israeli soldiers, Hamas fighters and Palestinian civilians, including children. 据报导,双方都有伤亡,其中包括以色列军人、哈马斯战斗人员以及巴勒斯坦平民,其中还有一些儿童。According to tallies by medical officials in Gaza the Palestinian death toll from Israeli military operations is now around 500. 据加沙地带的医务人员统计,以色列军事行动已经造成大约500名巴勒斯坦人死亡。01/60445

China's film industry中国电影产业Kung fu propaganda中国功夫的大肆宣传There’s a ton of easy money in praising the party 赞美共产党就可以轻松大量获利Jul 14th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print edition THERE are two ways to make a box-office smash. One is to take an exciting script, hire famous actors, shoot a rollercoaster of a film, distribute it widely and market it deftly. This is the Hollywood way, and it worked pretty well for Harry Potter. 创造轰动票房记录的方法有两个:一是采用刺激的剧本、巨星演员、出色的电影拍摄手法、广泛发行以及成熟的市场运作。这是好莱坞方式,《哈利波特》就是靠这种方式运作的很成功。The Beijing way shares some features with the Hollywood way, such as hiring lots of stars and distributing the film widely. But the magic ingredient behind China’s latest blockbuster was one unavailable to the mightiest Tinseltown mogul. It was the power of the party.北京方式于好莱坞方式有些特征是相同的,诸如邀请很多明星以及广泛发行。但中国最新一部巨作中神奇的成份就连最伟大的好莱坞大师也无法做到,那就是共产党的力量。 “The Beginning of the Great Revival”, a celebration of the founding of the Communist Party, opened at every cineplex in China on June 15th, in time for the party’s 90th birthday. Competing films with a shred of drawing power were blocked, even the awful “Transformers 3”. Many state-owned firms ordered their staff to attend. Schools organised trips so that pupils could watch and learn from the exploits of a youthful Mao Zedong. Government departments deployed waves of bureaucratic bottoms to fill seats. Online reviews alleging that the masterpiece was rather dull were censored. Success was assured. 庆祝共产党成立的《建党伟业》于6月15日在中国所有电影城公映,恰恰赶上建党90周年。任何对观众有一丝丝吸引的竞争电影都被拖延,即使是《变形金刚3》。很多国有公司都组织员工观影,学校也同样组织学生们观影,让他们学习年轻时代毛泽东的丰功伟绩。政府部门安排一波波基层官员将电影院填满。网上声称该巨作很无趣的也被删除。影片成功得到保。201107/144849

Apple beyond Steve Jobs The CEO is the heart and soul of Apple Inc. yet he's got a deep management bench from which to choose his eventual successor Apple is undoubtedly one of the most secretive company in the American, may be in the world. There are two secrets that people really want to know the answer to about the Apple right now.One is what is the status of Steve job's health. He had a treatable form of pancreatic cancer four years ago. He says he is got it beaten, but he isn't giving any more details. And he looks thin and gone, and that's got people concerned about his health.The second secret people want to know the answer too is who would replace Steve Jobs. If he would step down the CEO. The most logical candidate is the chief operating officer of Apple, an executive named \ Tim Cook. Not a lot is known about him, he is 48 years old. He is an operations expert. He spent many years at IBM, and He makes the chains run on time at Apple.He is health from fittness enough.He loves the cycle and hike and he is a big fan of Auburn football where he went to school.But it’s not a foregone conclusion that Cook would succeed Jobs. There are other prominent Apple executives who people talk about including Jonathan Cohnthe head of design, Ryan Janson the head of Apple retail stores. And Peter Oppenhemier the company's chief finance officer. None of those candidates however has the same combination of technical engineering chops and business acumen that Cook has.Of course it’s also possible the Apple board could go outside and get somebody completely outside of Apple,but remember before Steve Job's came back to Apple in 1997,the board had gone to an outsider, that didn't work out so well.200811/55958

D: 3.1415926535 . . . Y: Don. Don? D: What? Y: What are you doing? D: I was trying to break the record for memorizing pi. Now I'll have to start over. Y: Memorize pi? Oh yeah, I remember that from 7th grade geometry. But how can you memorize pi? We usually abbreviate it as 3.14, but the numbers just keep going after the decimal point. D: I'm trying to memorize as many numbers as I can. The record is 42,000 decimal places. Y: Wow. You're really going to try to memorize that much? Why? What is pi, anyway. D: It's only one of the most fascinating numbers in the history of mathematics. It sounds simple: Pi equals the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. No matter how large or small the circle, the ratio always equals pi. Y: That's interesting. D: Yes, and it has been for over 4000 years. The Babylonians were the first to approximate pi, and ever since, mathematicians have come up with ways of figuring it more accurately. In modern times we've used supercomputers to calculate pi to billions of decimal places. Y: That's really something. But what's all the excitement about? I mean, what is pi used for? D: It's used to measure the length of arcs and other curves and to determine the area of sectors and other curves. It's also used to measure the volume of solids. For instance, if you're a rocket scientist trying to calculate the fuel capacity of a cylindrical fuel tank, pi's your guy. Y: Cool. D: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a record to break. Y: Good luck. D: 3.1415 9265 3589 7932 3846 . . . 【生词注释】memorize v.记住, 记下pi n.圆周率start over 重新开始geometry n. 几何学decimal point 小数点fascinating adj.迷人的curve n.曲线sector n.扇形201110/157161

【听力原文】First thing people should know is that the two expert agencies, the World Health Organization and CDC - Centers for Disease Control, have reviewed the environment, and neither have recommended any restrictions whatsoever on travel. The air in a cabin of an airplane is better, more proved, because of hospital-grade HEPA filters and side by side circulation, that it is in the vast majority of public buildings in the ed States to include schools and offices. So don't be concerned by getting on an airplane. We have hands sanitizers, and soap in the lavatories on all of our planes, and we encourage people, as others do, to wash their hands frequently that cover their mouth when they cough, and take just normal everyday common sense protections and provisions that your mom would tell you when you were going to school. The real key here I think is for all citizens to understand that if you feel not well, stay home, whether it's school, whether it's workplace, whether it's travel, just stay home. Self policing can do more to prevent the sp of this disease than almost anything. 11/88500

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