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大学 话题作文篇 --18 ::50 来源: 大学话题:1莫言获诺贝尔文学奖(1)我国作家莫言获诺贝尔文学奖()此次获奖的重大意义范文:Several months ago, a good news swept onChina that Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize literature. After this bigevent, Mo Yan, the first Chinese resident to win the prize, has been the crispyfried chicken among China. Gaomi County in Shandong Province becomes atourist attraction because of his popularity. his award, Chinese mediaoverwhelming report this exciting news. People are rushing to the bookstores tobuy his famous book and some are even out of stock.Generally speaking, his award means a lot to China,especially Chinese literature. The Nobel Prize literature is a dream ofChinese literary field and all Chinese people. However, as a large culturalcountry that owns countless classic works, China had no winner of the NobelPrize literature which had become a great pity. Theree, this prizefinishesa pile wish of Chinese people. In addition, although we have agreat number of great works, very few people can a book carefully andtranquilly in the impetuous society. I think this exciting news will inspirepeople’s enthusiasmtowards literature, which is a great motivation to thedevelopment of literature. This is what we are happy to see.话题:1. 现在许多大学生放弃学业去参加“选秀”节目;. 有人认为“选秀”节目为这些大学生提供了展示自我的平台,他们应该抓住机会“秀出自己”;但也有人认为这种选秀节目会养成大学生 “急功近利”的心态;3. 那么作为一个大学生,你是怎么看待这件事情的?[思路点拨]:1)对选秀节目的看法)理性对待选秀现象一方面它满足了观众普遍参与的愿望,另一方面需要我们从正确的角度来理解它,用正确的心态来对待它3)对产生“选秀”热现象原因的分析比如选秀所带来的是前所未有的视觉冲击和心灵体验,偶像们和粉丝们似乎在这里找到了价值认同等)重在参与和过程,特别是在竞争中培养能赢也能输的心态5)从选秀活动中得到的收获比如张扬自我,敢于拼搏,认赌输等[写作范文]Nowadays, TV PKShows (or we can call it Talent Shows) are great hit in China and haveattracted many young people. As me, TV PK Shows, as all other things, haveboth positive and negative effects. Theree, the most crucial thing is how wesee them.Some people think Talent Shows provide grass-rootpeople with a stage to display their talents, so they should seize everyopporty to show off their talents. Some College students even give up theirstudies to attend these TV PK Shows in the hope of becoming famous overnight.They even regard TV PK shows as a shortcut to the success. While other peoplereckon that TV PK Shows will develop the undergraduates’ attitude of anxiousofachieving quicksuccess. And once they were failed in these shows, they wouldsuffer a great psychological unbalance. This is really bad to their physical andpsychological health.To sum up, everything has its limit. As long as theright attitude is employed, then it is OK.话题:3【大学生就业难】1)近年来出现大学生就业难的现象)产生这一现象的原因3)如何解决这一问题【思路点拨】本题属于提纲式文字命题提纲第1点要求指出目前大学生就业难的现象,提纲第点要求分析这种现象产生的原因,提纲第3点则要求阐述应该如何解决这一问题,由此可判断本文应为问题解决型作文根据所给提纲,本文应包含以下内容:提出大学生就业难的现象,指出现象的表现;说明现象产生的原因,如大学生追求目标过高等;从几个方面提出解决方法Nowadays,the employment of college students is becoming more and more of a problem.About a decade ago, university students could find satisfactory and enviablejobs after graduation, while at current situation, about 30% of graduatestudents can’t find a job but stay at home after graduation.Employmentdifficulty of college students is due to the following reasons. Among these,the increasing recruitment of colleges and universities plays a vital role. Inaddition, many colleges and universities fail to adapt their courses to thedevelopment of economy.Consideringsuch a rough job market, I think it is high time that we took effectivemeasures to solve the problem. Above all, college students should realize theirown defects and further improve themselves to keep their competitive edge insociety. Moreover, colleges or universities should provide more trainings andinternship opporties bee the students enter the society. Besides,college students should hold a right attitude towards jobs and set their jobexpectations at a suitable level. Only through these ways can the collegestudents find a satisfactory job and have a brighter future.话题:考研热  The Craze of Pursuing GraduateStudies  【精范文】  The Craze of Pursuing GraduateStudies  Each year, millions of Chinesecollege students sit qualifying examinations graduate studies,primarily in Master’s programs. Students prepare those examinations eitherthrough years of arduous self-education or by spending large sums of moneyattending local training schools. The publishing of examinations-related studymaterials and the training programs offered, both online and offline, havecombined to m a sizable industry.  An alarming fact about thiscraze is that most students pursue graduate studies not out of their voluntarywill. Faced with the harsh reality in the employment market, which is everlooking graduates with higher degrees, many college graduates find going tograduate schools is a good way to avoid unemployment and to enhance one’scompetitiveness in future job hunting.  However, without thatvoluntary initiative, most students who do enter graduate schools are notmotivated. them, the only thing that ultimately counts is the degree or thediploma which they expect could give them an upper hand against other jobhunters. As to the actual substance of their graduate studies, it’s not a big deal them, as long as it leads to that degree or diploma. It is really patheticto see that students undertake graduate studies with an ulterior motive—not the sake of loving what they study, but the sake of merely landing a job,which in many cases might be unrelated to what they have studied.  The chill truth is thatstudents soon find their anticipations are a mere dream. As so manyundergraduates proceed onto graduate studies, the employment situation remainsas severe as ever. Instead of bringing about apparent competitive edges, two orthree years of additional academic training is simply a waste of time andenergy. They need to reflect on this craze and would have been better offdistinguishing themselves with outstanding knowledge and skills when they wereundergraduates.作文1.5满分,63.9分及格快速阅读71满分,.6分及格听力8.5满分,9.1分及格阅读理解7.5满分1.5分及格 完形71满分,.6分及格翻译35.5满分,1.3分及格听力(35%)、阅读(35%)、完型填空或改错(%)、作文和翻译(%)各单项报道分的满分分别为:听力9分,阅读9分,完型填空或改错70分,作文分各单项分相加之和等于总分(7分)

英语专业四级 年专四词汇语法专项训练7 -- :30:57 来源: 年专四词汇语法专项训练7  1. It is necessary that an efficient worker his work on time.  A. accomplishes B. can accomplish C. accomplish D. will accomplish  . I know this is the right train. The ticket agent said it would be on .  A. Platm Three B. the Platm Three C. Third Platm D. The Three Platm  3. William is very hardworking,but his play is not his work.  A. enough good B. good enough C. as good enough D. good as enough  . I won‘t take Susan’s pen because I don’t like .  A. that pen of hers B. that her pen C. her that pen D. that pen of her  5. I didn‘t call the hotel to make a room reservation,but I .  A. may have B. must have C. should have D. shall have  6. My sister will be here tomorrow,but at first I thought that she today.  A. was coming B. is coming C. must come D. may come  7. Land belongs to the city;there is thing as private ownership of land.  A. no such a B. not such C. not such any D. no such  8. The flats I have looked at so far were too expensive. So I‘m better off where I am.  A. stay B. staying C. to stay D. stayed  9. Since the family are moving to a new house,they have to buy new furniture.  A. a lot of B. many C. a few D. as  . My son walked ten miles today. We never guessed that he could walk far.  A. B. such C. that D. as  . If talks the new trade agreements take,food industries in both countries will be seriously affected.  A. much too long B. too much longer  C. too much long D. much long  . You and I could hardly understand each other,?  A. could I B. couldn‘t you C. could we D. couldn’t we  . We the visitor with an apartment,but he specifically asked a single room.  A. could provide B. could have provided  C. couldn‘t provide D. couldn’t have provided  . The missile is designed in such a way that once nothing can be done to retrieve it.  A. fired B. being fired C. they fired D. having fired  .,he would not have recovered so quickly.  A. Hadn‘t he been taken good care of  B. Had he not been taken good care of  C. Had not he been taken good care of  D. Had he been not taken good care of  参考:CABAC ADBAC ACBAB

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年6月四级翻译练习题 -- :38: 来源: 年6月四级翻译练习题1.有的是高层的窗台可供从上往下坠落.突然,从船舱下部传来一声轻微的颤音,船长走下船舱去查看究竟3.1937年两国间发生了一场战争参考:1.Thereareplentyofhigh-risewindowsillstofallfrom!.Suddenly,therewasaslighttremblingsoundfrombelow,andthecaptainwentdowntoseewhathadhappened.3.In1937,therecameaboutawarbetweenthetwocountries.

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