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全球顶级CEO的演讲(8) 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报英语演讲视频200809/50266This afternoon, Congress approved a compromise to reduce the deficit and avert a default that would have devastated the economy. Speaking from the Rose Garden, President Obama thanked the American people for reaching out to their elected officials during the debate, and stressed that this compromise guarantees more than trillion in deficit reduction, and will ensure that as a nation we live within our means, while still making key investments in things that lead to new jobs, like education and research.Download Video: mp4 (81MB) | mp3 (8MB) 201108/147075Thank you.Everybody, please have a seat. 谢谢你们。大家请就坐。Have a seat. Well, welcome to the White House, everybody. 请就坐。好吧,欢迎来到白宫,欢迎你们。And congratulations to the L.A. Galaxy on your third MLS Cup. Number three. 祝贺洛杉矶队获得第三次职业足球大联盟冠军。第三次问鼎冠军。Before we start, I want to acknowledge an L.A. native and my outstanding Secretary of Labor -- I dont know how her game is, but shes a fan. 在我们开始之前,我想介绍一下这位洛杉矶本地人士及我的杰出的劳工部部长——我不知道她的球技如何,但是我确定她的确是一位粉丝。Hilda Solis is here. 就在这里的希尔达#8226;索利斯。We’ve got some proud members of the California delegation, the House of Representatives who are here. 我们这里还有一些骄傲的众议院加州代表团成员们。Were thrilled to have them.我们很高兴他们的到来。I’m not going to flatter myself by assuming these cameras are for me.我不打算自不量力假设这些相机是专门为我准备。I want to thank the Galaxy for letting me share in the spotlight. 我要感谢队让我在这聚光灯下与你们一起分享。The truth is, in America, most professional soccer players have the luxury of being able to walk around without being recognized.事实上,在美国,大部分的职业足球运动员奢侈的享受着在走路时不会被认出来的待遇。But not these guys. This is the Miami Heat of soccer.但不是你们这些家伙。这是迈阿密热火足球队。And together, they represent one of the most talented lineups that MLS has ever seen.而且,这代表着有史以来最具才华的美国职业足球大联盟已经今非昔比。You’ve got Robbie Keane, all-time leading scorer of the Irish national team.你们有罗比-基恩,这位爱尔兰国家队一直以来的头号射手。Cousin of mine. Robbie arrived halfway through last season, scored his first goal in the first 21 minutes of his first game. 我的表兄弟。上赛季进行到一半时罗比加盟,在他的第一场比赛中在第21分钟就取得了他的首粒进球。His teammates were so happy to have him that they filled his locker with what they called the ;pleasures of Ireland; -- Guinness, Bailey’s, and Irish Spring. 他的队友们对他的到来太高兴以致于在他的储物柜中充满了所称的“享乐的爱尔兰”——吉尼斯,贝利的及爱尔兰的春天。Hopefully Robbie has broadened their horizons a little bit since then.希望自那时起罗比拓宽了他们的视野。We also have a young up-and-comer on the team, a guy named David Beckham. 我们在队中也有一位年轻的有着进取心的人,他的名字叫做大卫#8226;贝克汉姆。I have to say I gave David a hard time -- I said half his teammates could be his kids.我得说大卫曾经有过艰难的时光——我表示他一半的队友都已经能当他的孩子了。Were getting old, David. 我们老了,大卫。Although youre holding up better than me. 尽管你仍然比我更为出色。Last year, at the age of 36, David had his best year in MLS, leading the team with 15 assists.去年,36岁的大卫在美国大联盟中度过了最好的一年, 凭借15次助攻领导球队。He did it despite fracturing his spine halfway through the season, injuring his hamstring the week before the championship game.He is tough.尽管在赛季中途脊柱断裂, 冠军赛前一周肌腱受伤,但他仍然做到了。他非常艰难。In fact, it is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear.事实上,在球场上如此硬汉并且也有自己的内衣生产线的人。David Beckham is that man. 大卫#8226;贝克汉姆就是这样一位。And then there’s the captain, Landon Donovan who has done more for American soccer than just about anybody.然后还有这球队的队长,兰登#8226;多诺万,他对于美国足球比任何人做的都要多。Landon’s eye for the net, his will to win are legendary, and once again, he stepped up when his teammates needed him most.兰登对于胜利的渴望已经成为传奇,再一次,在他的队友们最需要他的时候,他站了出来。After going undefeated at home last season, the Galaxy was struggling in the cold and rainy championship match. 自从上赛季开始在主场处于不败,对正与寒冷的和阴雨连绵的冠军赛对抗。But then, in the 72nd minute, David headed the ball to Robbie, who made a perfect pass to Landon, who chipped in the game-winner. 不过,在第72分钟,大卫将球传给罗比,后者完美将球传给兰登,兰登破门得分。And that set off an all-night celebration in L.A. -- although my understanding is that David had to get up for carpool duty at 8 a.m. so his day was ending a little early.这引发了洛杉矶的通宵庆祝——尽管我的理解是,大卫不得不在8点钟起床去拼车,因此他的那天早早就结束了。So the big names came through in the clutch, but they didn’t do it alone.尽管球星们名字闪耀,可他们并不孤独。For a group with so much firepower, this team shone on defense, recording 17 shutouts. 这球队虽然射门能力犀利,但防守方面也依旧毫不逊色,17次把手城门不失的记录就是如此。They were led by two local guys -- Omar Gonzalez -- give it up - and A.J. DeLaGarza who won a national championship at Maryland. 由本地的两个家伙——奥马尔#8226;冈萨雷斯——放弃它,及在马里兰大学赢得全国冠军的德拉卡萨缔造。Now theyve got another title to their resumes.现在他们在自己的履历中又增添了光辉的一笔。And of course a lot of credit goes to Coach Bruce Arena. 当然,很多要归功于教练布鲁斯#8226;阿雷纳。He took this team from worst to first in just four years. 他仅仅用了4年就将最差的这球队打造成第一名。And I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Bruce. 我想利用这个机会向布鲁斯道歉。When I called to congratulate him on winning the Cup, the team was in Indonesia; it was in the middle of the night. 当我打电话祝贺他赢得奖杯时,球队正在印尼,而这是在午夜。Thank you for taking my call and acting like you actually wanted to talk to me.谢谢你接我的电话,而且你表现的真的想跟我聊天。So everyone whos a part of this club -- the staff, the players, the fans back in L.A. -- together you pulled off one of the toughest feats in team sports: You lived up to the hype.因此所有人都是这个俱乐部的一部分——员工、球员、回到洛杉矶的球迷——你们在这项团队运动中一起实现了最艰难的成就:你们达到了预期目标。You combined star power, hard work; it paid off.明星魅力结合,努力拼搏,最终如愿以偿。And I also want to thank you for doing a little Qamp;A with some of the younger players after we’re done. 我还想谢谢在我们完成后做一些问答的一些年轻球员。As a soccer dad, I know you’ve inspired a lot of kids. 作为一位喜欢足球的父亲,我知道你们激励了很多孩子。And today you’re giving them an experience that they will never forget.今天你们给他们的是一种他们将永远不会忘记的经历。So, again, give a big round of applause to the L.A. Galaxy. 所以,再一次,热烈的掌声献给洛杉矶。Congratulations. 祝贺你们。Best of luck this season.本赛季最好的祝福。201205/182308[Nextpage视频演讲]President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron settle a World Cup bet and speak to the media after meeting at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada.Download Video: mp4 (66MB) | mp3 (6MB) [Nextpage演讲文本] PRESIDENT OBAMA: All right, everybody set up? Careful. Don't hurt each other. PRIME MINISTER CAMERON: -- upsetting the beer, so work together here. (Laughter.) PRESIDENT OBMAA: Let me begin by saying that the last conversation I had with David Cameron was before the -- well, I guess it wasn’t the last one, but a recent conversation was before the match between the ed States and England at the World Cup. And since it ended in a tie, we are exchanging -- and paying off our debts at the same time -- this is Goose Island 312 beer from my hometown of Chicago. And, David, I understand this is -- PRIME MINISTER CAMERON: This is Hobgoblin from the Wychwood brew in Witney, in my constituency. PRESIDENT OBAMA: So I advised him that in America we drink our beer cold. (Laughter.) So he has to put this in the refrigerator before he drinks it, but I think he will find it outstanding. And I'm happy to give that a shot, although I will not drink it warm. PRIME MINISTER CAMERON: It’s my pleasure to send you -- you can have it cold, it’s all right. (Laughter.) PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now, I want to say that all of us in the ed States deeply value the special relationship between the ed States and the ed Kingdom. And we have been very impressed with the leadership that David Cameron has shown thus far. He has, I think, taken a series of steps on some very tough issues and clearly is prepared to make difficult decisions on behalf of his vision for his country. We aly, I think, have established a strong working relationship, as have our teams. And we are confident that that special relationship is only going to get stronger in the months and years to come. We had an excellent conversation building off of the conversations that we’ve had at the G8 about the world economy and the importance of our two countries focusing both on the issues of growth, but also on the issues of financial consolidation, that we have long-term deficits that have to be dealt with and we have to address them. There are going to be differentiated responses between the two countries because of our different positions, but we are aiming at the same direction, which is long-term sustainable growth that puts people to work. At the same time, we had a extensive discussion about Afghanistan, and the alignment between our two countries in recognizing we have a serious threat to our safety and security that has to be addressed -- that we recognize the enormous sacrifices that both British troops and U.S. troops have been making for some time now, but we are convinced that we have the right strategy to provide the time and the space for the Afghan government to build up capacity over the next several months and years. And this period that we’re in right now is going to be critical both on the political front and on the military front, and there’s going to extremely close consultation between our two countries so that we can create a situation in which Afghanistan and Pakistan are able to maintain their effective security and those areas are not able to be used as launching pads for attacks against our people. We also discussed Iran, and I thanked David for his stalwart support of the ed Nations Security Resolution 1929 -- the toughest sanctions that have been imposed on the Iranian government through the ed Nations Security Council. We now have to make sure that we follow up in terms of implementation, and that was a major discussion point. And the key conclusion that we take out of this last day of conversations, and I suspect this will continue through the evening and tomorrow, is that on foreign policy issues the ed States and the ed Kingdom are not only aligned in theory but aligned in fact; that we see the world in a similar way, we continue to share the same concerns and also see the same strategic possibilities. And so I think this partnership is built on a rock-solid foundation and it’s only going to get stronger in the years to come. Thank you. And I think that may have been my phone going off, so I’m going -- (laughter.) PRIME MINISTER CAMERON: Glad it wasn’t mine. (Laughter.) Well, thank you -- thank you very much for that, and thank you for what you said about the relationship between our two countries, which I believe is incredibly strong, but as you say, I think can get stronger in the years ahead. We’ve had some very good conversations at the G8, and a very good meeting here today. I think particularly on the issue of Afghanistan, which is the number one foreign policy and security policy priority for my government, making progress this year, putting everything we have into getting it right this year, is vitally important. And we had very good conversations on that. And as you said, Barack, on all the issues we discussed over the weekend so far -- the Middle East peace process, Iran, how we take those forward, and the key relationships that we have in the Gulf and elsewhere -- we have a very close alignment and I think we can work together, and we want to support the work that’s being done. On the economy, you rightly say we have a big deficit problem which we have to address. But of course we want to do it in a way that encourages growth, and that’s why we’re focusing on spending reductions rather than on big tax increases. And I think it’s the right approach to take. And as we go into the G20, I think we can explain that we’re aiming at the same target, which is world growth and stability, but it means those countries that have big deficit problems like ours have to take -- have to take action in order to keep that level of confidence in the economy, which is absolutely vital to growth, to make sure it’s there. But it’s been great to have this opportunity to meet -- and the discussions that we had at the G8 and the G20 -- and thank you also for the lift between the two. It was -- he threatened to send me a bill, but as I said, times are very tight in the U.K. so I'm afraid we'll have to take it as a free lift. (Laughter.) PRESIDENT OBAMA: He was a model passenger. I want everybody to know he fastened his seat belt as he was supposed to. END [Nextpage相关报道]【相关报道】US President Barack Obama (R) and British Prime Minister David Cameron trade bottles of beer to settle a bet on the US-UK World Cup Soccer game during a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Toronto. (Agencies)  US President Barack Obamaand British Prime Minister David Cameron toasted the "special relationship" between their two countries Saturday, swapping bottles of beer after a World Cup bet.  The pair, who travelled to Toronto for the G20 summit together in Obama's helicopter after technical issues groundedCameron's, clinked bottles after their first meeting since Cameron took office last month.  They hailed the "special relationship" between their two countries after exchanging the drinks following a bet on who would win this month's World Cup football game between England and the ed States which ended in a 1-1 draw.  Obama presented Cameron with a bottle of Goose Island 312 from his home city of Chicago, while Cameron gave Obama a bottle of Hobgoblin, which is made in his constituencyin Oxfordshire, west of London.  "I advised him that in America we drink our beer cold, so he has to put this in the refrigerator before he drinks it," the president joked.  On relations between the two countries, Obama told reporters that he and Cameron had "established a strong working relationship and we are confident that the special relationship is only going to get stronger in the months and years to come."  Cameron agreed, saying: "The relationship between our two countries I think is incredibly strong and I think can get stronger in the years ahead."  Britain is the second-largest contributor of troops to the war in Afghanistan after the ed States, but the two did not refer to the recent dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal, commander of US and NATO forces.  Nor did they publicly comment on BP, the British-based oil giant whose actions have drawn sharp criticism in the ed States over its handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the worst environmental disaster in US history.  美国总统贝拉克 奥巴马和英国首相大卫 卡梅伦于上周六举杯共庆两国间的“特殊关系”,并互赠啤酒,履行两人间的一个“约定”。  这是卡梅伦于上月就任英国首相后与奥巴马的首次碰面。此前由于卡梅伦的专机出现技术故障,他搭乘奥巴马的直升飞机(译者注:从G8峰会现场)一同前往多伦多参加20国集团领导人峰会。  因英格兰和美国队在本届世界杯小组赛中1比1战平,两人在当天的会面中互赠啤酒履行赌约,此外两人在会面中还大赞两国间的“特殊关系”。  奥巴马送给卡梅伦一瓶他老家芝加哥所产的鹅岛312啤酒,卡梅伦则送给奥巴马一瓶他所在的选区、伦敦西部牛津郡产的一种叫做“淘气鬼”的啤酒。  奥巴马开玩笑说:“我跟他说美国人都喝冰镇啤酒,所以建议他在喝之前要把啤酒放在冰箱里冷藏一下。”  在谈及两国关系的问题时,奥巴马告诉记者说他和卡梅伦已经“建立起一种稳固的工作关系,我们相信这种特殊的关系在未来会变得更加牢固。”  卡梅伦对此表示同意,并称:“我认为我们两国间的关系十分牢固,我也认为这种关系在未来几年内还会更加稳固。”  英国是继美国之后向阿富汗派兵最多的国家,但当天两位领导人并未提及最近美军和北约部队总司令斯坦利 麦克里斯特尔被撤职一事。  他们也未公开谈及英国石油公司最近的漏油事件。总部位于英国的石油业巨头英国石油公司在处理墨西哥湾漏油事件上的一些所作所为遭到美国的尖锐指责。这一事件造成美国历史上最严重的环境灾难。本节资料来源:中国日报网201006/107320[Nextpage视频演讲]Weekly Address: Honoring the FallenAhead of Memorial Day, the President asks all Americans to join him in remembering and honoring our men and women in uniform who have died in service to the country. Download Video: mp4 (114MB) | mp3 (4MB) [Nextpage演讲文本]Remarks of President Barack ObamaSaturday, May 29, 2010Weekly AddressWashington, DCThis weekend, as we celebrate Memorial Day, families across America will gather in backyards and front porches, fire up the barbeque, kick back with friends, and spend time with people they care about. That is as it should be. But I also hope that as you do so, you’ll take some time to reflect on what Memorial Day is all about; on why we set this day aside as a time of national remembrance.It’s fitting every day to pay tribute to the men and women who wear the uniform of the ed States of America. Still, there are certain days that have been set aside for all of us to do so. Veterans Day is one such day – when we are called to honor Americans who’ve fought under our country’s flag.Our calling on Memorial Day is different. On this day, we honor not just those who’ve worn this country’s uniform, but the men and women who’ve died in its service; who’ve laid down their lives in defense of their fellow citizens; who’ve given their last full measure of devotion to protect the ed States of America. These are the men and women I will be honoring this weekend, and I know many of you are doing the same.There are any number of reasons America emerged from its humble beginnings as a cluster of colonies to become the most prosperous, most powerful nation on earth. There is the hard work, the resilience, and the character of our people. There is the ingenuity and enterprising spirit of our entrepreneurs and innovators. There are the ideals of opportunity, equality, and freedom that have not only inspired our people to perfect our own union, but inspired others to perfect theirs as well.But from the very start, there was also something more. A steadfast commitment to serve, to fight, and if necessary, to die, to preserve America and advance the ideals we cherish. It’s a commitment witnessed at each defining moment along the journey of this country. It’s what led a rag-tag militia to face British soldiers at Lexington and Concord. It’s what led young men, in a country divided half slave and half free, to take up arms to save our union. It’s what led patriots in each generation to sacrifice their own lives to secure the life of our nation, from the trenches of World War I to the battles of World War II, from Inchon and Khe Sanh, from Mosul to Marjah.That commitment – that willingness to lay down their lives so we might inherit the blessings of this nation – is what we honor today. But on this Memorial Day, as on every day, we are called to honor their ultimate sacrifice with more than words. We are called to honor them with deeds.We are called to honor them by doing our part for the loved ones our fallen heroes have left behind and looking after our military families. By making sure the men and women serving this country around the world have the support they need to achieve their missions and come home safely. By making sure veterans have the care and assistance they need. In short, by serving all those who have ever worn the uniform of this country – and their families – as well as they have served us.On April 25, 1866, about a year after the Civil War ended, a group of women visited a cemetery in Columbus, Mississippi, to place flowers by the graves of Confederate soldiers who had fallen at Shiloh. As they did, they noticed other graves nearby, belonging to Union dead. But no one had come to visit those graves, or place a flower there. So they decided to lay a few stems for those men too, in recognition not of a fallen Confederate or a fallen Union soldier, but a fallen American.A few years later, an organization of Civil War veterans established what became Memorial Day, selecting a date that coincided with the time when flowers were in bloom. So this weekend, as we commemorate Memorial Day, I ask you to hold all our fallen heroes in your hearts, and if you can, to lay a flower where they have come to rest.201005/104994

President Bush Presents Medal of Honor to Private First Class Ross Andrew McGinnis THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Welcome to the White House.A week ago on Memorial Day, the flag of the ed States flew in half-staff in tribute to those who fell in service to our country. Today we pay special homage to one of those heroes: Private First Class Ross Andrew McGinnis of the U.S. Army. Private McGinnis died in a combat zone in Iraq on December the 4th, 2006 -- and for his heroism that day, he now receives the Medal of Honor. In a few moments, the military aide will the citation, and the Medal will be accepted by Rosss mom and dad, Romayne and Tom. Its a privilege to have with us as well Becky and Katie, Rosss sisters.I also want to thank the other distinguished guests who have joined us: Mr. Vice President; Secretary Jim Peake of Veterans Affairs; Secretary Pete Geren of the Army; Secretary Michael Wynne of the Air Force; General Jim "Hoss" Cartwright, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. I appreciate other members of the administration for joining us.I want to thank members of the ed States Congress who have joined us today: Steve Buyer, John Peterson, Louie Gohmert. Thank you all for coming. I appreciate the Chaplain for the prayer. We welcome friends and family members of Ross, as well as members of the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry, including Charlie Company, thats with us today.Were also joined by Private McGinniss vehicle crew -- the very men who witnessed his incredible bravery. We welcome Sergeant First Class Cedric Thomas, Staff Sergeant Ian Newland, Sergeant Lyle Buehler, and Specialist Sean Lawson.A special welcome to the prior recipients of the Medal of Honor, whose presence here is -- means a lot to the McGinnis family. Thank you for coming.The Medal of Honor is the nations highest military distinction. Its given for valor beyond anything that duty could require, or a superior could command. By long tradition, its presented by the President. For any President, doing so is a high privilege.Before he entered our countrys history, Ross McGinnis came of age in the town of Knox, Pennsylvania. Back home they remember a slender boy with a big heart and a carefree spirit. He was a regular guy. He loved playing basketball. He loved working on cars. He wasnt too wild about schoolwork. (Laughter.) He had a lot of friends and a great sense of humor. In high school and in the Army, Ross became known for his ability to do impersonations. A buddy from boot camp said that Ross was the only man there who could make the drill sergeant laugh. (Laughter.)Most of all, those who knew Ross McGinnis recall him as a dependable friend and a really good guy. If Ross was your buddy and you needed help or you got in trouble, hed stick with you and be the one you could count on. One of his friends told a reporter that Ross was the type "who would do anything for anybody." That element of his character was to make all the difference when Ross McGinnis became a soldier in the Army. One afternoon 18 months ago, Private McGinnis was part of a humvee patrol in a neighborhood of Baghdad. From his position in the gun turret, he noticed a grenade thrown directly at the vehicle. In an instant, the grenade dropped through the gunners hatch. He shouted a warning to the four men inside. Confined in that tiny space, the soldiers had no chance of escaping the explosion. Private McGinnis could have easily jumped from the humvee and saved himself. Instead he dropped inside, put himself against the grenade, and absorbed the blast with his own body.By that split-second decision, Private McGinnis lost his own life, and he saved his comrades. One of them was Platoon Sergeant Cedric Thomas, who said this: "He had time to jump out of the truck. He chose not to. Hes a hero. He was just an awesome guy." For his actions, Private McGinnis received the Silver Star, a posthumous promotion in rank, and a swift nomination for the Medal of Honor. But it wasnt acclaim or credit that motivated him. Rosss dad has said, "I know medals never crossed his mind. He was always about friendships and relationships. He just took that to the ultimate this time."When Ross McGinnis was in kindergarten, the teacher asked him to draw a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up. He drew a soldier. Today our nation recognizing -- recognizes him as a soldier, and more than that -- because he did far more than his duty. In the words of one of our commanding generals, "Four men are alive because this soldier embodied our Army values and gave his life."The day will come when the mission he served has been completed and the fighting is over, and freedom and security have prevailed. America will never forget those who came forward to bear the battle. America will always honor the name of this brave soldier who gave all for his country, and was taken to rest at age 19.No one outside this mans family can know the true weight of their loss. But in words spoken long ago, we are told how to measure the kind of devotion that Ross McGinnis showed on his last day: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Gospel also gives this assurance: "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted." May the deep respect of our whole nation be a comfort to the family of this fallen soldier. May God always watch over the country he served, and keep us ever grateful for the life of Ross Andrew McGinnis.And now Id like to invite Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis to please come forward for the presentation, and the military aide will the citation for the Medal of Honor.The citation is : The President of the ed States of America, authorized by act of Congress, March 3rd, 1863, has awarded in the name of Congress the Medal of Honor to Private First Class Ross A. McGinnis, ed States Army, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Private First Class Ross A. McGinnis distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while serving as an M2 .50-caliber Machine Gunner, 1st Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, in connection with combat operations against an armed enemy in Adhamiyah, Northeast Baghdad, Iraq, on 4 December 2006.That afternoon his platoon was conducting combat control operations in an effort to reduce and control sectarian violence in the area. While Private McGinnis was manning the M2 .50-caliber Machine Gun, a fragmentation grenade thrown by an insurgent fell through the gunners hatch into the vehicle. Reacting quickly, he yelled "grenade," allowing all four members of his crew to prepare for the grenades blast. Then, rather than leaping from the gunners hatch to safety, Private McGinnis made the courageous decision to protect his crew. In a selfless act of bravery, in which he was mortally wounded, Private McGinnis covered the live grenade, pinning it between his body and the vehicle and absorbing most of the explosion.Private McGinnis gallant action directly saved four men from certain serious injury or death. Private First Class McGinnis extraordinary heroism and selflessness at the cost of his own life, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the ed States Army.(The Medal of Honor is presented.) (Applause.)200806/41925

Divided into twenty four,or even a smaller number,of separate communities,如果我国分裂为24个独立的地区,或者即使数量上少一些,we shall see our internal trade burdened with numberless restraints and exactions;我们的国内贸易将为无数的限制和苛税所累;communication between distant points and sections obstructed or cut off;遥远的市镇与地区之间的通讯联系将受阻或被切断;our sons made soldiers to deluge with blood the fields they now till in peace;我们的孩子将被迫当兵,使他们现在还在和平耕种的土地血流成河;the mass of our people borne down and impoverished by taxes to support armies and navies,人民为负担陆海军的赋税而陷入贫困,and military leaders at the head of their victorious legions becoming our lawgivers and judges.率领着得胜军团的军事领袖们将成为我们的立法者和审判官。The loss of liberty,of all good government,of peace,plenty,and happiness,must inevitably follow a dissolution of the Union.随着联邦的解体,我们将不可避免地失去自由,失去这绝好的政体,失去和平、富裕和幸福。In supporting it,therefore,we support all that is dear to the freeman and the philanthropist.因此,持联邦,我们就持了自由人和爱主义者所珍视的一切。The time at which stand before you is full of interest.我站在你们面前的这一时刻充分地引起了人们的注意。The eyes of all nations are fixed on our Republic.世界各国的目光都在注视着我们的共和政体。The event of the existing crisis will be decisive in the opinion of mankind of the practicability of our federal system of government.目前这个危机的结果将决定全人类对我们联邦制政府的可行性的看法。Great is the stake placed in our hands;置于我们手中的赌注是巨大的;great is the responsibility which must rest upon the people of the ed States.置于美国人民肩上的责任是重大的。Let us realize the importance of the attitude in which we stand before the world.让我们意识到我们对全世界表明的这种态度的重要性。Let us exercise forbearance and firmness .让我们运用我们的克制态度和坚定信念。Let us extricate our country from the dangers which surround it and learn wisdom from the lessons they inculcate.让我们将我们的国家所从处的危险中解脱出来,从这些危险所反复说明的教训中汲取智慧。Deeply impressed with the truth of these observations,这些观察所得出的道理给我留下深刻的印象。and under the obligation of that solemn oath which I am about to take.既然我必须对我即将作的庄严誓词负责,I shall continue to exert all my faculties to maintain the just powers of the Constitution and to transmit unimpaired to posterity the blessings of our Federal Union.我将继续竭尽全力维护宪法所规定的正当权力,将我们合众国的福扯无损地传至后代。At the same time,it will be my aim to inculcate by my official acts the necessity of exercising by the General Government those powers only that are clearly delegated;同时,我的目标是,以我的官方行动,反复灌输中央政府只行使明确地授予它的权力的必要性;to encourage simplicity and economy in the expenditures of the Government;鼓励政府节俭开;to raise no more money from the people than may be requisite for these objects,不向人民征收超过达到这些目标所需要的款项,and in a manner that will best promote the interests of all classes of the community and of all portions of the Union.最大限度地提高社会各阶级和联邦各州的利益。Constantly bearing in mind that in entering into society;individuals must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest,;我们要时刻牢记,在进入社会“个人必须放弃一份自由以维护其他人的自由,”it will be my desire so to discharge my duties as to foster with our brethren in all parts of the country a spirit of liberal concession and compromise,我的愿望将是履行我的职责,并和全国各地的同胞们一起,培养一种宽容谦让的精神。and,by reconciling our fellow_citizens to those partial sacrifices which they must unavoidably make for the preservation of a greater good,使我们的公民安心于为维护更大的利益而必须作出部分的牺牲。to recommend our invaluable Government and Union to the confidence and affections of the American people.从而使我们宝贵的政府和联邦能得美国人民的信任和爱戴。02/436205

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