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Its the sound of the beginning of the time.这是时间起点的声音The left over heat from the Big Bang.是大爆炸的余温The three degrees that hasnt cooled yet.是冷却不下来的三度热量Its everywhere. Its all around us.无所不在 环绕着我们Its fiften billion years old.有五十万年的历史And we found it.Thats our discovery.我们找到了它 这就是我们的发现We have to go to get the Prize, Arno.我们得去领奖了 阿诺What was that before the Big Bang?那大爆炸之前是什么We dont know what it was,it wasnt time, space or matter.我们不知道是什么 不是时间 不是空间 不是物质Theres room for God.Yes, in theory.So what now?那有可能有上帝了 对 理论上来说 那现在做什么Im going to eat cranberry and a huge number of chocolate truffles.我要吃蔓越橘和一大堆松露巧克力And find very hard to get you to see how wonderful Wagner is,还要艰难地说你瓦格纳是多么美妙and how Brahms is not so wonderful.I meant with work!而勃拉姆斯是多么不美妙 我是指工作上的201601/419326。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201505/375501。

This kind of survival is measured in seconds.这样的生存挑战以秒计时Its agony on my bare skin,and even the camera has frozen.刺骨的冰水袭击我裸露的皮肤 摄像机镜头甚至结冰了But youve got to keep focused.I am gonna use this ice block try and float my rucksack across.但是你必须集中精力 我要用这块浮冰 带我的背包过河It probably stands a better chance of staying dry then.这也许能让我的包不被打湿The ice block is still floating with all my gear,and its helping me struggle across the rocky bottom.浮冰承载着我所有的东西 并帮我越过岩石密布的河床So far, looking,looking okay.Okay, were in.现在看起来 看起来不错 全部浸入水中了The shock of hitting the freezing water can cause cardiac arrest as the veins in your body constrict.这种与冰水的撞击 使得体内血管收缩 这能引发心脏骤停So stay calm, keep your wits.If you black out here, youre dead.保持冷静 随机应变 如果你在这里昏过去 那就死定了Thats over, the deep bit.Lets get ashore.Im out of the river, but not out of danger,最深处已经过去了 上岸 虽然脱离冰水 但并未脱离危险a core-temperature drop of just 3 degrees is enough to send the body into hypothermic shutdown.体内温度下降了三度 足以致命I have to get warm and fast.Bloody norah!我必须尽快获取温度 天啊Im gonna use this parachute just to sit on,insulate me a bit from the snow,gonna wrap myself a little bit.我要坐在降落伞上 阻隔雪 并将自己裹在里面201601/423377。

But it was nothing like the atmosphere we know today.不过这一点不像我们今天熟知的大气层This was a witches brew of carbon dioxide, methane and steam这是二氧化碳,甲烷和有毒的硫化氢蒸汽laced with poisonous hydrogen sulphide.聚合在一起There was no sign of the gas we humans depend upon, oxygen.这里面没有人类赖以生存的氧气This lethal mix was to endure for something like two billion years这些致命的混合物育某些东西长达二十亿年until primitive life began to transform the atmosphere.直到某些意料之外的事物开始改变大气层The sea here is full of life,这里的大海里全是生物but these creatures arent what Ive come for.但这些生物不是我来此的目的Its these curious lumps Im interested in.这些奇怪的块状物才是我感兴趣的Theyre important because every single plant and animal,他们很重要,因为每一个单独的动植物in fact, every single person on the planet,实际上,地球上每个人owes their existence to them.和它们都有联系These bizarre blobs这些奇异的小圆块Look Like boulders washed up on the foreshore but theyre not.就像海滩上被冲刷的大圆石实际上并非如此Theyre actually alive.它们是活着的These lumps are one of the earliest forms of life on Earth.这些块状物是地球上最早的物种之一Theyre called stromatolites.叫做叠层石201509/399783。

沙希·塔鲁沙希·塔鲁尔认为,印度正在迅速成为一个超级大国 -- 不仅是通过其贸易和政治,而更多的是通过其“软”实力,它正通过饮食,音乐,科技,宝莱坞与世界分享自己的文化。他认为,从长远来看国家实力不是体现于一个国家的军队的大小,更重要的是其对世界心灵和思想的影响力201504/367572。


But time is like a river in another way.不过时间似流水还有另一层含义It flows at different speeds in different places.其在不同地点有着不同速度And that is the key to traveling into the future.而这正是穿梭于时间的关键所在The idea was proposed by Albert Einstein这一概念在100多年前over 100 years ago.由阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦提出He realized that there should be places where time slows down他认为时间在一些地方会减慢and others where time speeds up.而在另一些地方则会增快He was absolutely right,这话可是千真万确and the prove is right above our heads, up in space.据就在我们头顶的那片太空中This is the Global Positioning System, or GPS.这是全球定位系统,又叫GPSA network of 31 satellites是由绕地球轨道运行的in orbit around the earth.31颗卫星形成的网络The satellites make satellite navigation possible.正是这些卫星使卫星导航变为可能But they also reveal that time runs faster up here但同时也表明than it does down on earth.在这里时间流逝得比地球上快Inside each spacecraft is a very precise clock.每个航天器内都有一个十分精确的时钟But despite being so accurate,尽管已经十分精确 they all gain around但他们每天都大约会走快a third of a billionth of a second every day.十亿分之一秒的三分之一The system has to correct for the drift.系统必须更正这一偏差Otherwise that tiny difference would upset the whole system,否则这细微的差异会扰乱整个系统causing every GPS device on earth致使地球上所有GPS设备to go out by about six miles a day.每天出现约6英里的误差You can just imagine the mayhem that would cause.其引起的混乱可想而知The problem doesnt lie with the clocks.问题并不在于时钟They run fast because time itself runs faster here than时钟走得快是因为在这里时间本身it does down below,就比在地球上快and the reason for this extraordinary effect产生这种奇异现象的原因is the mass of the earth.在于地球的巨大质量Einstein realized that matter drags on time,爱因斯坦意识到,物质滞延时间slows it down like the slow part of a river.像河流的缓流部分那样令时间减速The heavier the object, the more it drags on time,物体越重,滞延时间越长and this startling reality这一惊人的事实is what opens the door to the possibility of time travel to the future.打开了一扇穿越未来的希望之门I admit this is a difficult concept to understand,我承认这个概念很难理解so lets take a simple example.所以让我们来看一个简单的例子This is the Great Pyramid of Giza.这是吉萨的大金字塔It weighs over 40 million tons,重达4000多万吨and like all heavy things,与其他所有沉重的物体一样its actually slowing down time.它会减慢时间The effect is small,不过影响微弱billions of times smaller than that of the earth.只及地球影响力的几十亿分之一But if we exaggerate it drastically,但是如果大幅放大这种影响You can see the principle at work.就能看到这种原理在起作用201507/386415。