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The upcoming Donald Trump presidency promises to throw a lot of political traditions out the window. Among them: Trump doesnt have a pet.即将上任的美国总统唐纳德·特朗普承诺将抛弃许多政治传统。其中包括特朗普没有宠物。For more than a century, every president has had a four-legged friend of some kind. Andrew Johnson was the last president without a pet.一个多世纪以来,每位总统都有一只四条腿的朋友。安德鲁·约翰逊是最后一位没有宠物的总统。Johnson and James K. Polk were the only presidents who went petless for their entire term. Commanders in chief have had everything from dogs and cats to bears, tigers and even a pygmy hippopotamus.约翰逊和詹姆斯·诺克斯·波尔克是唯一在位期间没有宠物的总统。总统的宠物五花八门,包括、猫、熊、老虎甚至矮河马。Presidential pets are good for more than just photo-ops, though that is a big part of their job. They can help soften a presidents image, which could improve Trumps low likability ratings.总统的宠物不仅很好的用于拍照,还是他们工作的一大部分。它们能柔化总统的形象,能提高特朗普低的好感度。But Trump has eschewed plenty of other traditional aspects of elections and campaigns, so it wouldnt be surprising to see him skip out on another presidential tradition.但特朗普避开了选举和竞选方面其它许多传统,所以看到他忽视另一个总统传统也不足为奇。译文属。201611/480211

I spent a soaking night in the chinese jungle.我在中国丛林中度过了湿漉漉的一夜The rain has eased for a moment,雨势变弱一阵子了and Im checking the traps to see if theyve caught anything.而我要检查下有没有捕到什么Ive got a rat thats squashed under this.我抓到只老鼠 压扁在这下面了Its funny, cause, actually, the more elaborate,这很搞笑 因为实际上更精确的bigger deadfall trap didnt get anything,but this really simple figure-of-four大型的陷阱 都抓不到什么 但这个非常简单的四角固定的trap that Ive used loads of times before has worked.我用过很多次的陷阱 却有收获了But Im gonna keep the rat for later.但等会儿再想老鼠的事Now the rain has stopped,I want to make some progress through this jungle whilst the goings good.现在雨已经停了 我要在丛林中前进 赶在一切都很顺利时The jungle has thinned a little now,and I can make quick progress here.现在丛林的密度已经变小一些了 我能在这里走快一些Its important to the terrain and I can make quick progress here.so you can pick up features ahead of you.通过观察地形 来了解树木非常重要 因为你可以了解前面的情况Sometimes moving through the jungle efficiently is just about finding your rhythm.有时候在丛林里有效的前进 就是寻找到你的节奏You can see loads of rainwater has collected just in the bowl of this tree.你能看到许多雨水淤积在 这棵树的树洞里It rained loads last night.昨夜下了很多雨In the jungle, where youre sweating so much and its so humid, youve got to keep drinking.在丛林里 你会流很多汗 而这里很潮湿 所以你要一直喝水The easiest way of getting this out,use a bit of bamboo.最简单的弄出它的方法是 用一些竹子And its a technique that the San Bushmen in Africa showed me.Just drink it straight up.这个技术是那些 非洲以采集狩猎为生的人教给我的 就直接喝吧You should always avoid drinking from stagnant pools,but I know this water is fresh because it rained so much last night.你要始终避免饮用死水 但我知道这水是干净的 因为昨晚的雨下得太大了201607/456853

But over the ages, Pangea broke up into two giant land masses, one in the north and one in the south.随着时代的变迁,盘古大陆分裂为两块巨大的陆地板块,一块向北漂移,一块向南漂移Probably around 100 million years ago, South America became separated.大约是在1亿年前,南美洲分离为一个独立的大陆And then the faunas, the dinosaurs, the mammals,接着许多动物群落:恐龙、哺乳动物the rest of the fauna and flora started to evolve in separate ways, in different ways, in different forms.大部分动物群落和植物群落都开始沿着不同的方向,按照不同的方式独自进化After the continent split, different dinosaurs evolved on each continent.陆地板块分离之后,各种恐龙都在自己的大陆上进化While, throughout the northern continents, the giant long-necks died out,当北方大陆上所有巨型蜥脚类恐龙正逐渐灭亡时down south, something extraordinary was happening.南方大陆却在发生非同寻常的事件Here, the huge long-necks not only survived, they just kept growing bigger and bigger.在这里,巨型蜥脚类恐龙不仅活得好好的,而且越长越大About 90 million years ago, there were not such animals this big in any other part of the world, but in South America.大约是在9千万年前,世界上其它地方都看不到如此巨大的动物,除了南美洲These four-legged plant-eaters, like Argentinosaurus, are a typical South American kind of dinosaur.这些四足植食动物,例如阿根廷龙,是南美洲最典型的恐龙In this Cretaceous Period, they were highly successful in the southern hemisphere.在白垩纪时代,它们在南半球相当活跃It wasnt just the long-neck plant-eaters that were different on the isolated continent of South America.但在孤立的南美洲大陆上,不仅只是植食蜥脚类恐龙与众不同Sealed off from the rest of the world, the vicious tyrannosaurs never reached here.由于和世界上其它地方隔绝,霸王龙不可能来到这里201611/479540

So what should we do, GaryVee? Lets wrap this up. Yeah. What should we do? What should people do?所以,加里,我们应该怎么做?让我们总结一下。对。我们应该做什么?人们应该做什么?People should fuckin stop complaining. Right.人们应该停止抱怨。对。Good call. People should figure out who the fuck they are. Good call.说得好。人们应该认清自己。对。People should not listen to America propaganda of fixing the shit they suck at.人们不应该听信国家宣传得弥补错误的经验。They should be tripling down at what theyre good at.人们应该为自己擅长的事情加倍努力。They should be competent in certain areas,人们应该能胜任某些领域的工作,but youre not gonna become Beyoncé or you know like... your bone structure is a certain way.但是你不会成为碧昂斯或...你是独一无二的。Youre not gonna solve everything.你不可能解决所有的问题。Your IQ can get a little bit better but dont worry about the incremental,你的智商可能高些儿,但不必担心差距。figure out what fuckin puts you on fire and youre halfway decent at.找出使你煎熬和不出色的原因。If youre lucky enough right now to be listening如果你足够幸运地听到我讲话,and youre good at what you like, become tunnel fucking vision.并且擅长做你喜欢的事,那么你就进入了实现愿景的通道。Because theres way too many voices telling you what and how.因为太多的声音告诉你做什么,怎么做,And heres the other thing and this is the big one, Joe,这是另一件事,乔,这很重要,because you have a humongous audience,因为你有很多听众,the biggest thing that Ive seen dividends from have the conversation with the person thats holding you back.我从谈话中得到的最大收获是有人阻碍你成功。The reason most people who are listening right now are not doing that thing,大多数人现在在这里听讲座而没成功的原因是is theyre worried about the opinion of somebody.他们担心某些人的看法。Usually, their mother. Usually, their father and the reality is...某些人通常是指他们的母亲、父亲,事实是,is that your spouse may be the person holding you back and you have to have that conversation. Cut em off.你的配偶可能是阻碍你的人,你必须和她们谈谈。排除他们的打扰。We have to get to a place where youre doing you我们必须找到能发挥自己的地方,because the number one thing that scares the fuck out of me is regret因为我最害怕的事是悔恨。and youre gonna sit there at 72 and youre gonna say I wish, I wish, I wish你会在72岁时坐在那里说着我想做这,我想做那。and whether thats money or spend more time with your family.悔恨自己没赚更多的钱或是没花更多的时间陪家人。Theres a million ways to do this.我们实现愿望的方法千千万。Not everybody wants to buy the Jets,不是每个人都想买喷气式飞机,not everybody wants to smoke weed on the beach in The Bahamas.不是每个人都想在巴哈马群岛的海滩上抽烟。Everybodys got a different fucking thing,每个人的天赋不同,figure out what youre fucking thing is and stop making fucking bullshit excuses.找出你的天赋,停止胡扯借口。Who the President is.Your mom did this.总统是谁?这是你妈妈做的。I missed it. I had that idea for Uber.我错过了,我有过做优步的想法。Then when didnt you fuckin do it, dick?那么,老兄,你什么时候做呢?201706/515739

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