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河南哪家医院做双眼皮比较好河南省中医院点痣价钱费用郑州华山美容医院祛眼袋多少钱 The majority of fake stories shared on the internet throughout China involve food safety or health advice, an online information verification team set up by tech giant Tencent said last Wednesday.科技巨头腾讯成立的网络信息查团队于上周三表示,国内互联网上分享的虚假消息大部分涉及食品安全或健康建议。Fact Check, a platform that analyzes online rumors, released a list of the top 10 online rumors that duped Chinese netizens since April last year. Eight related to people#39;s health - especially the safety of food and medicine.网络谣言分析平台“较真”发布了自去年4月以来欺骗国内网民的10大网络谣言榜单。其中8条涉及人体健康,尤其是食品药品安全。In February, for example, a that included claims that seaweed that contained plastic was being sold in China made the rounds on the internet.例如,今年2月,声称含有塑料成分的紫菜正在国内销售的一段视频在网上广为流传。The was quickly proved false by the Center for Food Safety Monitoring and Risk Assessment in Beijing, according to the platform, yet the seaweed industry in Fujian still saw a nearly 100 million yuan loss.据较真平台介绍,北京市食品安全监控和风险评估中心很快就此视频进行了辟谣,但福建的紫菜产业仍遭受了近1亿元的损失。;Netizens are easily attracted by health information online and like to forward it to friends or family members,; said Wang Yang, an employee responsible for the platform at Tencent.腾讯公司该平台一位名叫汪洋的负责人表示:“网民很容易被网上的健康信息所吸引,并愿意将它转发给朋友或家庭成员。”The platform also found that people at or over 60 years old had the highest chance of being tricked - as high as 33.8%.较真平台还发现,60岁及以上老人受骗机率最高,高达33.8%。;To prevent older netizens from being duped by fake information, we started to cooperate with food and medicine administrations this year, hoping to post authorized responses and verify the information in a timely manner,; Wang said.汪洋说道:“为了防止老年网民被虚假信息所欺骗,我们今年已经开始与食品和药品管理部门合作,希望可以发布权威信息,并且以一种及时的方式进行核实。” /201704/506805Some of the foods that you eat on a daily basis could end up giving you cancer. Do you know which ones they are? Read this article to find out! Click here to see foods to banish from your diet!你每天都吃的某些食物可能会导致癌症。你知道这些食物分别是什么吗?阅读本文,找出它们吧!继续阅读,让这些食物从你的饮食中消失!Processed meats加工肉制品Do you regularly eat processed meats like salami, pepperoni, bacon or sausages? We don#39;t want to worry you, but you might want to revise your slightly…An analysis of 10 studies carried out by the World Health Organization has shown that eating as little as 2 ounces of processed meat per day is enough to increase your risk of developing bowel cancer by 18%.你是否经常吃加工肉制品,比如意大利腊肠、辣肠、培根或香肠?我们并不想让你担心,但也许你需要稍微改动一下菜单了。世界卫生组织对10项研究进行了分析,分析表明:每天只吃2盎司的加工肉制品都能使你患肠癌的风险增加18%。Alcohol酒You#39;re not going to get cancer just because you enjoy a drink from time to time. However, if you consume more than two drinks every day, you#39;re increasing your risk of contracting different forms of cancer. According to the National Toxicology Program from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, people who consume 3.5 or more alcoholic drinks per day - around 2 ounces of alcohol - are up to three times more likely to suffer from mouth and throat cancers, and are 1.5 times more likely to develop bowel cancer than non-drinkers. Another great reason why you should drink in moderation!如果只是偶尔喝喝酒,那你是不会因为喝酒而得癌症的。然而,如果你每天喝两杯以上,那么你患各种癌症的风险就会增加。据美国卫生与人类务部的;国家毒理学计划;表明,每天至少喝三杯半酒的人--大约2盎司--他们患口腔癌和咽喉癌的几率是不喝酒人士的三倍以上,患肠癌的几率是他们的一倍半。这也是饮酒要适度的另一个好原因。Coffee咖啡Are you a big fan of coffee, tea or soup? If so, make sure that they#39;re not too hot before you swallow them. According to the World Health Organization#39;s Agency for Research on Cancer, drinking liquids that are hotter than 150 degrees can, over the long term, increase your risk of getting cancer of the esophagus.你喜欢喝咖啡、茶、还是汤呢?如果你喜欢,那一定不要在太烫的时候喝。据世界卫生组织癌症研究机构所述,如果长期喝温度高于150度的液体,那么你患食道癌的风险就会增加。Salmon三文鱼Even though salmon is rich in omega-3, it#39;s important to pay attention to where it comes from if you don#39;t want to increase your risk of cancer. This, at least, was the conclusion of a study conducted in 2004. Levels of persistent organic pollutants were much higher in farmed salmon than in its wild counterpart. Eating farmed salmon once a month, over the long term, puts you more at risk of developing cancer than if you only eat wild salmon.尽管三文鱼富含欧米茄3脂肪酸,但如果你不想增加患癌症的风险,那么留意三文鱼的产地十分重要。至少这是2004年开展的一项研究所得出的结论。相比只吃野生三文鱼,长期每个月吃一次养殖三文鱼,你患癌症的风险就会更高。译文属 /201704/501668郑州大学附院激光去斑多少钱

郑州管城回族区冰点脱毛多少钱Nothing#39;s better than grandma#39;s home cooked meals!什么美食都比不上奶奶在家做的饭香!And those who visit Staten Island restaurant, Enoteca Maria, get the ultimate comfort food cooked by grandmas from all over the world.所有来斯坦顿岛这家名为Enoteca Maria餐厅的人都品尝到了来自世界各地奶奶厨师们的治愈美食。Restaurant owner, Jody Scaravella, started out hiring Italian grandmas to make the meals that his customers love, according to Gothamist.据Gothamist网站称,餐厅主人Jody Scaravella最开始聘用意大利的奶奶们来烹饪美食,深受顾客喜爱。But now he has included 30 #39;nonnas#39; from around the world to whip up some grub in his kitchen. Habiba (pictured) is from Algeria.如今他已招聘了30位来自世界各地的奶奶们来制作美食。Habiba(上图)来自阿尔及利亚。These #39;chefettes#39; come from Ecuador, Algeria, Czech Republic, like Helena (pictured) as well as Syria, Calabria and many other countries.这些“奶奶厨师们”来自厄瓜多尔,阿尔及利亚,上图中Helena的家乡捷克,叙利亚,卡拉布里亚以及其它世界各国。Scaravella said that there is one Italian grandma in the kitchen every night accompanied by another grandma with a different culinary background.Scaravella表示,厨房每晚都会有一位意大利奶奶,并伴有一位拥有不同烹饪背景的奶奶。He told the site that it can be challenging to have the grandmothers cooking at once.他告诉网站说,让这些奶奶们全都一起烹饪有点困难。Mainly because they feel #39;like they#39;re the boss, because in their particular family unit, they#39;re at the top of that pyramid#39;.主要是因为奶奶们都觉得“自己是管事的,因为在她们各自的家庭中,她们在厨房中最有发言权”。#39;So when you put all of these grandmothers that are all at the top in a room together, they all feel like they#39;re in charge and they#39;re all wondering what that other person is doing there,#39; he said, adding that it can get #39;dicey#39;.他还说,“所以当你把这些奶奶们安排在一个厨房里,她们都会觉得自己应该掌管一切,都好奇其他人在那里干什么。”这样事情就会比较“不可控”。Most nights, Scaravella said, customers give standing ovations to the grandmas for their delicious dishesScaravella说,大多数晚上,顾客都会起立致敬,对奶奶们烹饪的美食赞不绝口。There is also a grandpa employed by the restaurant. Giuseppe Freya (pictured), who is from Calabria, makes all the pasta.餐厅还雇佣了一位祖父厨师Giuseppe Freya(上图),他来自卡拉布里亚,负责制作所有的意大利面食。Most nights, Scaravella said, customers give standing ovations to the grandmas and Freya.Scaravella说,绝大多数晚上,顾客都会起立鼓掌,向奶奶们和Freya欢呼致意。Scaravella told the site that he even receives regular #39;phone calls from Australia, from England, and from Italy to book reservations#39;.Scaravella告诉网站,他甚至常常接到来自澳大利亚、英格兰和意大利的预定电话。He said he#39;s flattered by those gestures as well as when his restaurant sees a lot of people from Manhattan.他说,感受到顾客们的热情和持,看见那么多人从曼哈顿专门赶来,这些都让他受宠若惊。#39;That#39;s also very flattering, because there#39;s a restaurant every twenty feet in Manhattan,#39; he said.他说,“这也让我很有面子,要知道曼哈顿每20英尺(约6.09米)就有一家餐厅。”The restaurant#39;s website features a calendar called Nonnas of the World, which allows customers to see what dish these crafty grandmas will be serving up every night.餐厅网站上挂着“全世界奶奶厨师们”的菜单日历,顾客能够在上面看到这些心灵手巧的奶奶们每晚将制作的菜肴。 /201610/471790郑州/哪里能打瘦腿针 信阳市做眼袋手术多少钱

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