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Day 5第5天Friendship Is Like the Breeze友谊如微风Terri Fanning特里·范宁Friendship is like the breeze,友谊如和煦的微风,You cant hold it, Smell it, Taste it Or know when it is coming,你握不住它, 闻不到它, 尝不到它, 无法知道它何时光临,But you can always feel it, And you can always know it there,不过你总能感觉到它, 而且总能意识到它的存在,It may come and then go, But you can know itll always be back.它可能会来了而又走开, 但你知道它总会回来 6588Karla: I just heard that youre taking a leave of absence to go to business school. Is that right?卡尔拉:我刚听说,你要休假去商学院进修真的吗?Joaquin: Yeah, Ive been thinking about it a long time, and have finally taken the plunge. I need an MBA to get ahead in my career.华金:是的,我已经考虑很长时间了,最终还是采取了行动我需要MBA文凭,能在职场上助我一臂之力Karla: That great, but why dont you go part-time?卡尔拉:那很好,但你为什么不在职攻读呢?Joaquin: I had considered taking classes on nights and weekends while I continue to work, but Ive been admitted into an Ivy League school, and I want to take full advantage of the opporties there.华金:我考虑过利用晚上和周末上课,白天继续上班,但现在我已经被长春藤学院录取了,我想充分利用这次机会Karla: Isnt graduate school expensive, especially an Ivy League school?卡尔拉:研究生院的学费贵吗,尤其是在常春藤学院?Joaquin: Yeah, but I think it worth it, and Ive been saving up. I have an undergraduate degree in ing and finance, but that not enough if I want to work in the upper echelons of this or any other company.华金:是的,但我认为是值得的,而且我一直在攒钱我有会计与金融专业的本科学位,但如果我想在这家或者其它任何公司的高层工作的话,这还不够Karla: I graduated with a degree marketing and inmation systems. Maybe I should be thinking about getting an MBA.卡尔拉:我取得了市场营销和信息系统专业的本科学位也许我应该考虑读 MBAJoaquin: Id recommend it, if you want to go further in your career. Ill lend you all of my test prep materials the GMAT.华金:如果你想在职场走得更远的话,我建议你去读我会把 GMAT 考前的复习资料全部借给你Karla: The GMAT? Id gotten about the GMAT. That may be a deal breaker me.卡尔拉:GMAT 考试?我忘了要考 GMAT对我来说那可能是致命伤Joaquin: Why? You dont like taking tests?华金:为什么?你不喜欢参加考试?Karla: I like taking tests as much as I like getting a kick upside the head—maybe even less!卡尔拉:我不喜欢考试跟我不喜欢被别人一脚踢中脑门一样,甚至更多一点!原文译文属! 038Garfield is owned by a young man named Jon Arbuckle who also owned a happy,加菲猫的主人是一个名叫乔恩的少年,他还有个快乐,slobbering little dog named Odie, whom Garfield is always taunting.常流口水的小,名叫欧弟,加菲尔德总是嘲弄欧弟Davis childhood on a farm parallels the life of Garfield owner, Jon Arbuckle,戴维斯的童年生活和加菲猫的主人乔恩·阿布库有相似之处,who was also raised on a farm with his parents and brother Doc Boy. Jon, too, is a cartoonist.在农场里长大,和父母和弟弟一起生活另外,乔恩也是一个漫画家Garfield, now syndicated in over ,500 newspapers,漫画连载《加菲猫在超过500家报刊上同时发表过,has been the subject of such prime time animated TV specials as Here Comes Garfield,已被拍成动画片的《加菲猫来了、Garfield in the Rough, Garfield in Paradise, The Garfield Halloween Adventure, and A Garfield Thanksgiving《加菲猫未完成,《加菲猫好莱坞历险记,《加菲猫在感恩节都曾在电视的黄金时段播出as well as his own Saturday morning program Garfield And Friends CBS1988~19951988~1995年,在哥伦比亚广播公司播出的“加菲猫和朋友们”星期天节目也大受欢迎and the theatrical cartoon Garfield The Movie().年,戏剧卡通加菲猫被拍成了了电影Davis now lives in Muncie, Indiana where戴维斯现在住在印第安纳州的曼西,1981年开办了爪子公司he and his staff continue to produce Garfield under his own company, Paws, Inc.他和他的员工不断生产与加菲猫有关的物品which started in 1981. He is married to Carolyn,他的妻子卡洛琳是一位歌手兼老师a singer and teacher whom he met while both were attending college, and has a son named James.他们在大学相识,有一个儿子名叫詹姆斯Oddly, Davis did not have cats when he started Garfield and still does not today,奇怪的是,在戴维斯开始创作加菲猫的时候,他并没有养猫,直到现在,也是这样,as his wife is allergic to them. He does, however, have a dog named Molly.因为他的妻子对猫过敏不过,他确实有一条名叫莫莉的

It is fair to say that the city of Munich was founded on beer. Christian monks established a settlement there in the ninth century and began to brew a tasty mixture of malt and hops which they probably used to help ; convert ; local inhabitants to their religion. The tiny village where they lived eventually became known as Bei den Mon chen, meaning ;where the monks are;. Nowadays, St. Peter Church stands on the site where the monks founded their settlement. 若说慕尼黑是因啤酒而建,并不夸张九世纪时,基督教僧侣在当地建立了一个定居点,并开始酿造某种将麦芽及啤酒花混合而成的美味饮料,他们曾经利用这种饮料来帮助他们令当地居民皈依基督教这座基督教僧侣曾居住的小村落后来成为人所共知的Bei den Mon chen,意为 “僧侣之地”今天,圣彼得教堂便座落在当时僧侣建定居点的地方

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most exciting, highest paid,andbest-loved celebrities in American . She is also the country’stoptelevision a talk show host.欧普拉·温芙芮是美国最令人激动的、薪水最高的和最受人喜爱的知名人士之一,她还是全国顶级脱口秀节目主持人、非常优秀的女演员和成功的制片人Oprah Winfrey is a very fineactressand a successful producer. She is a living example of whattalent,hard work, and determination can do.(要问)才华、勤奋和决心能成就什么,她就是一个鲜活的例子Oprah Winfrey has come a long way from her poor childhood homeina small Mississippi town.欧普拉·温芙芮来自遥远的密西西比一个小镇的贫穷的家庭She was an unwanted child whoseparentsnever married. She was brought up on her grandmother’s farm.Thepossibility that she would become rich and famous was notverygood.她是父母的非婚生子,在外婆的农场里长大成人,发财和成名的可能性都不被看好Oprah’s mother center her child in her mother’s care, soshecould go to work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.欧普拉·温芙芮的妈妈把自己的孩子交给她自己的妈妈看管,自己得以去威斯康星的米尔瓦基去工作It was a strictanddifficult life Oprah. But it also led the way herfuture.生活对欧普拉·温芙芮来说既严格又艰难,这引领她走向属于她的未来She was a highly intelligent child. By the age of three, shehadlearned to and write. She also made her firstpublicappearance at that age.她是个非常聪明的孩子,三岁时,已经学会了读书习字,并第一次在舞台上公开演出She gave a talk in church, whichimpressedeveryone.” That child is gifted,” people said.Oprah’sintelligencewas resented by other children her age.欧普拉·温芙芮在教堂的讲话,给大家留下很好的印象,人们都说她“很有天赋”欧普拉·温芙芮的聪明遭到了同龄孩子的嫉恨They called herunkindnames and pushed her away. Oprah felt very isolated andunwanted.It made her feel worse that she didn’t live with hermother andfather.She felt that no one loved her.他们辱骂她,排斥她欧普拉·温芙芮感到孤独无助不能和爸爸妈妈住在一起使她心情更糟,她感到没人喜欢她This made herangry,resentful, and rebellious. These feelings brought her muchtroubleas she was growing up.这一切造就了她愤怒、怨恨和反叛的性格随着年龄的增长,这给她带来了很多麻烦She often behaved badly, ausinghergrandmother to punish her.她经常不守规矩,招来外婆的惩罚By the time Oprah was seven, she wastoomuch grandmother to discipline.七岁时,外婆再也管不了她了Then Oprah went to livewithher mother, Vernita, in Milwaukee.Vernita worked very hard atherjob as a housekeeper.后来,欧普拉就去在米尔瓦基的妈妈——沃尼塔为人做女管家,沃尼塔干得非常卖力It was hard her to work and take careofher bcenter, troublesome child. Oprah was a burden, and she knewit.She was difficultchild既要工作又要照顾她聪明而又惹是生非的孩子使她很做难,欧普拉也感觉到自己是妈妈的负担They lived in poverty in a small apartment in the city. Oprahtookout all her angry feelings on her mother.他们住在市里的一个小公寓里,日子过得很清贫欧普拉将所有的火气都发到了妈妈的身上,孩子成了沃尼塔的一大麻烦When Oprah was eight, Vernita sent her to live her fatherandstepmother in Nashville, Tennessee.欧普拉八岁时,妈妈把她送到了田纳西州的那斯维尔(Nashville)的生父和继母那里But she moved again afewmonths later when Vernita married a man with two children.Vernitawanted Oprah with her and her new family.后来,沃尼塔又和一个带有两个孩子的男人结了婚,又把欧普拉接了回来,因为沃尼塔想要欧普拉与她和她的新家在一起Untunately feltshedidn’t belong with them. She believed she wasn’t loved byanyone.Her angry and frustration grew stronger.不幸的是,欧普拉感到自己不属于这个家,她觉得谁也不爱她She struck backbymisbehaving and running away from home.她的愤恨与挫折感越发强烈,就用不守规矩和离家出走进行反击Her parents foundherimpossible to discipline. When she was they tried to send hertoa special center troubled girls.她的爸爸妈妈觉得无望管教好他们的女儿,岁那年试图把她送到麻烦女孩的特别中心But there was no room her.So Vernita sent Oprah back to live with her father.但那里已经没有地方了,于是沃尼塔又把她送到她爸爸那里去VernonWinfreywas by then a successful businessman and family man.佛蒙·温芙芮当时已是成功的商人和有家的男人He tookonelook at his daughter and knew she needed guidance, love,anddiscipline.他看了一次他的女儿,了解她需要引导、爱和管教He gave her all three. It was a turning pointinOprah’s life. Vernon Winfrey was strict about hisdaughter’seducation.他给了她这三样东西,这成了欧普拉人生的转折点He gave her homework in addition to herschoolwork. Shewas allowed to watch only one hour of television aday.佛蒙·温芙芮对女儿的教育要求非常严格,除学校的作业外,他还给她布置家庭作业,一天只允许她看一个小时的电视She becamean A student and a popular girl in her class.Oprahwatched BarbaraWalters, a famous journalist and interviewer, anddecided that waswhat she wanted to be.欧普拉成了班上的最优秀学生,成了受人欢迎的女孩欧普拉看到了著名的新闻记者和采访人芭芭拉·瓦尔特丝,决心成为象她那样的人When she was still in highschool, she got apart-time job ing news on the radio.上高中时,就兼职在广播电台播新闻In hersenior year she wona beauty contest and a four-year scholarship toTennessee StateUniversity.高年级时,在选美大赛中胜出,赢取了田纳西州立大学四年的助学金While still in college she was offered ajob as a newsbroadcaster at a local television station.到了大学时期,她在当地一家电视台播报新闻She was thefirst femaleand the first African- American newscaster inNashville.她是那斯维尔市获取这种工作的第一位女性和第一位美国黑人She waspromoted to anchor, the most important positionon the news team,while still a senior.After Oprah graduated she gota job with aBaltimore news station.大学四年级时,欧普拉晋升为新闻播报负责人,这是新闻组最重要的位置大学毕业后,欧普拉在巴尔的电视台谋得工作But she soon realized thatbroadcastingnews wasn’t enough her.She had to let herpersonality shinethrough. She wanted to show emotion when she tolda story, not justreport it.她很快不满足于播报新闻,想要充分展示自己的个性,满怀的讲述而非简单播送Meanwhile the station manager werethinking the sameway.与此同时,电视台的经理也在琢磨这个问题They couldn’t stop her from commenting on thenews she .他们无法阻拦她播送新闻时的They removed her from the anchor spot and wonderedwhat to do withher.他们将她调出新闻负责人的位子,但不知道她干什么好Finally they put her on an early morning talkshow calledPeople Are Talking. No one knew what to expect.最后安排她主持早晨脱口秀——“大家谈”,没人知道结果会是什么The showwas a greatsuccess. In a very short time, the managers and Oprahall knew whatshe was born to do.节目取得极大的成功!经理认为欧普拉天生就是干这个的,欧普拉也这么认为She was funny, witty, charming,warm, andcompassionate. She was everything a talk show host shouldbe.风趣、机智、热情、魅力四射、富有同情心,她具有了脱口秀主持人所应具备的全部素质Shewas so successful that she got show with a bigger stationinChicago.她非常成功,在更大的一个芝加哥电视台主持脱口秀——“早安芝加哥”It was called A. M. Chicago within one month theshow’sratings were the best in years.一个月内这档节目的收视率就创历年新高Twice she center the show tomakemovies, The Color Purple and Native Son. In 1985 the showwaschanged to The Oprah Winfrey Show.她第二次离开脱口秀主持人位置,转而去拍电影——《紫色与本土人It was broadcast nationallyandsoon became the most popular talk show on television . By theageof 35, Oprah Winfrey was one of the most famous celebritiesinAmerican.1985年,她主持的节目更名为欧普拉秀,在全国播放,欧普拉一跃成为最富人气的电视脱口秀到了35岁时,欧普拉·温芙芮是全美知名度最高的人士之一 193

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