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Subject : I have racked my brain.第一,迷你对话A: I have racked my brain. I still have no idea about how to spend Valentine’s day.我绞尽脑汁,仍然想不出如何过情人节。B: Just take her to a high ranking restaurant and present her with a bunch of flowers.那就带上她去一个高级饭店,然后送她一束花。第二,地道表达rack one’s brain1. 解词释义Rack one’s brain中的rack是“压榨”和“折磨”的意思,brain是大脑。Rack one’s brain直译为压榨、折磨某人的大脑,其实就是“绞尽脑汁”“不遗余力”等意思。用它来表示用尽心思去考虑某事。因为用尽心思,当然就饱受精神上的折磨。其英文解释为:to cause great mental suffering,to torture brain by means of the rack。2. 拓展范例e.g. When I went to pick up my girlfriend, there was a note on the door. She wrote that she didnt want to see me anymore. Huh?! How could our relationship be over? Ive been racking my brain trying to recall everything Ive done and said lately. Instead of making me struggle, couldnt she at least let me know how I upset her?我去接我女朋友,发现门上有张条。条上说,她不想跟我交往下去了。我们怎么会就这么结束了呢?我绞尽脑汁,回想最近自己是不是做错了什么事,说错了什么话。她至少可以告诉我我什么地方得罪了她,让我不用这么百思不得其解。e.g. He had racked his brain but he could not be able to work out the answer to the problem.他已经绞尽脑汁了,但是还是无法相处这个问题的。e.g. I rack my brain trying to remember the answer .我绞尽脑汁想。e.g. Ive been racking my brain trying to recall where we put the key.我绞尽脑汁回想我把钥匙放在哪里。第三,咬文嚼字1. have no idea about something:不知道做……e.g. If you have no idea about it, consult a dictionary, please.要是你对这个问题不清楚, 请你查字典得了。e.g. I have no idea about her visit except that she is likely to be away for several months .我对她的访问情况一无所知,只知道她可能外出好几个月。2. present sb. with sth.:赠送某人某物e.g.They presented a sum of money to the college in memory of their son.他们向学院赠送了一笔款项以纪念他们的儿子。e.g. Colleagues presented the retiring chairman with a cheque.同事们把一张票交给退休的主席。3. a bunch of:一束……,一捆……,一群e.g. He produced from his pocket a bunch of keys.他从口袋里掏出一串钥匙。e.g. Miss White received a bunch of flowers from her admirer.怀特收到爱慕者所送的一束花。e.g. His friends are just a bunch of hooligans.他的朋友们只是一群流氓。4. a high ranking restaurant:高档酒店 spend the Valentine’s day:过情人节 /201504/370586第一, 迷你对话A: You look so sad! What happened?你看起来很伤心,怎么啦?B: I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday.我昨天和女友分手了。A: Did you? I have the same experience. It almost broke my heart.是吗,我也有同样的经历,那时候几乎伤心透顶了。B: But luckily you are all right now.可幸运地是你现在很好了。第二, 地道表达break one’s heart1. 解词释义Break one’s heart是“伤心透顶”的意思。Break和heart构成的词语很多,它们都表示“伤心的”意思。例如:heartbreak(极度伤心,令人伤心的事,使心碎),heartbreaking(使心碎的),heart-broken(极度伤心的)。2. 拓展例句e.g. If your Miss Bertram doesnt like to break her heart, let her avoid Henry.要是贝特伦不愿意肠断心碎,就别让她和亨利见面。e.g. Mary sank down on the hearth-rug in the wrecked room and sobbed as if something terrible had broken her heart.玛丽坐在零乱不堪的房间里的炉边地毯上,伤心地哭泣着,好象心都要碎了。e.g. I received a dear John letter from my girl friend which broke my heart.我收到女友来的绝交信,令我伤心欲绝。e.g. It broke his heart to see the old family home pulled down.看到老家的住宅被拆毁,他很伤心。第三, 词海拾贝break up with :分手e.g. Unless you want to break up with you friend, you never speak in this way.除非你想要断绝和你朋友的关系,否则你决不会以这种方式说话。e.g. Youd better break up with your sleazy boyfriend before you get hurt.在你受伤之前最好早点跟你那个差劲的男朋友分手。 /201507/386860

That was amazing.I cant believe you just did that to me.So you see the hips?太厉害了 真不敢相信你竟然要我跳舞了 你看到他的臀部动作了吗Does that,how he does?the little hips swing like that?Alway the hips,thats what Im saying.他老是这样吗 这样摆动臀部 没错 我说的就是这个It all comes from the hips,Ellen.We all love our hips swing.臀部是重点 Ellen 我们都喜欢这么跳Well,thats,that was exciting.Thank you.Absolutely.这太令人兴奋了 谢谢你 当然的And what about Robert?Do you dance at all?那Robert呢 你平时跳舞吗If there was any situation come where I thought I had to dance,如果我认为我遇到 某些需要跳舞的情况I put on music,like in my room or whatever and I try,and I watch myself in the mirror dancing我会在房间里或其他地方 放起音乐 然后自己对着镜子跳舞thinking it was like,I was like figuring out some planned moves,and it never happened,hasnt happened for years就像是排练一样 对着设计动作 但是都没派上用场Do you remember any of those planned moves?Is there anything that you remember of the planned moves?你记得那些动作吗 你练习过的任何动作I did a little of that.Oh,yeah,you did that?that was my favorite.And that.我会这样 真的吗 你做了那个 这是我滴最爱 还有这个That was,that was the key.Wow,you were in the room looking at the mirror and did that to yourself?这是 这才是重点 你会在房间里自己对着镜子 这么做I only do planned moves like 2 seconds,So you kind of do it and then我只不过花几秒钟随意摆摆动作 所以做了这些准备以后So you get an impression of being a really good dancer,being like,yeah thats how it feels like,Clever.就好像很会跳舞一样 自我感觉良好 没错 就是这种感觉 很聪明And now lets talk about the fans,thatd been living basically on the streets in tents for a while waiting for this movie to open.我们来聊一下 在路边搭帐篷派对的粉丝们 他们一直在等待电影的上映They just want the free doughnuts,they heard about doughnuts will be as a gift for them.They didnt konw doughnuts were gonna be there,theyre there no matter what.他们想要免费的甜甜圈 他们听说甜甜圈会作为免费的礼物赠送 他们不知道这会有甜甜圈呀 无论怎样他们都会去的I mean thats crazy,right?Yeah,it is.And its just,its grown.Yeah,it me right there.Im going to say hi to him.Passing me out the doughnuts.很疯狂对吗 是的 而且比以前更疯狂了 对 那是我 我正准备过去跟他打招呼 嘿 把甜甜圈递给我 /201612/482282

Britain英国Mental Health: Out of the shadows心理疾病:走出阴影Mental illness is at last getting the attention, if not the money it needs.即便不是急需的财政援助,心理疾病至少争取到了它所该有的关注。Mental health care has long been the poor relation of its physical counterpart.心理健康医疗一直以来都和其相对应的生理健康医疗相比之下处于劣势。The stigma of mental illness remains heavy.人们严重保持对心理疾病的羞耻态度。One in six adults in England has been diagnosed with a common mental disorder such as depression or anxiety.在英国,每六个成人里面就有一个已经被诊断出患有常见的心理疾病如抑郁症或焦虑症。Yet at least two-thirds of people diagnosed receive no treatment for their condition.然而至少三分之二确诊的人没有针对自己的问题接受治疗。In 2012 the Health and Social Care Act created a legal responsibility for the government to give the same priority to mental health as it gives to physical health.在2012年,《健康和社会照顾法》规定了一个法律义务,那就是政府应当把心理健康和生理健康视为同样重要的事情。Now the prime minister, Theresa May, has added her voice.现在首相特蕾莎·梅对此发表了讲话。In a speech on January 9th Mrs May warned that mental health had been “dangerously disregarded”.在一月九号的一次演讲上,梅女士强调心理健康一直以来极其地不被重视。She promised to transform attitudes to mental illness, including a special focus on children and young people. (Government figures show that three-quarters of mental-health problems start before the age of 18.)她承诺会转变对待心理疾病的态度,包括对儿童和年轻人的特别关注。(政府的调查数据显示四分之三的心理健康问题在18岁以前就开始了。)This will include teachers in every school being offered mental health first-aid training, and better support in the workplace.这种转变包括每所学校的老师接受心理健康问题的急救训练以及在工作岗位上得到更好的持。According to the Centre for Mental Health, a think-tank, the consequences of mental illness cost the British economy more than £100bn (0bn) a year in health care and lost economic output from sickness or unemployment.据心理健康中心的一个智囊团分析,心理疾病产生的后果就是给英国的经济带来每年超过1000亿欧元(相当于1200亿美元)的损失,那就是在心理保健以及因为疾病或失业导致的经济损失方面。But the system is structured badly, with physical and mental care run and funded separately.但是,整个系统的结构设置极其地不合理——生理和心理保健分开运营以及资助。This means treatment is not integrated and money wasted.这意味着治疗不完整还会导致资金浪费。Funding is a problem, too.资金也是一个问题。Though mental illness represents 28% of the national disease burden in Britain, it accounts for only 13% of spending by the National Health Service (NHS).虽然心理疾病占了英国国家疾病负担的28%,它只占了国家健康务出(简称NHS)的13%。In 2011-12, for the first time in a decade, funding for mental health fell, says the King’s Fund, another think-tank.在2011年到2012年间,十年里面首次,国家给心理健康的资金投入降低了,另外一个智囊团———国王基金说到。Even though the NHS mandated that such funding should increase in 2015-16 alongside increases for acute care, about 40% of mental-health trusts continue to experience year-on-year cuts to their budgets.即使NHS批准了心理健康资金投入在2015年到2016年和急诊的治疗资金一样应该提升,但还是有将近40%的心理疾病基金持续经历每年预算的裁剪。Since government money for mental illness is not ring-fenced, it is often used to plug gaps in funding for emergency hospital care or other areas.由于政府财政对心理疾病的出存在漏洞,这部分资金在过去就常常用来填补医院急诊或其他领域的空缺。Mrs May spoke of the need for better accountability.梅女士提到了对更多出比例的需要。But “investment in mental health has been difficult to maintain when pressures on acute hospital care are so great,” says Helen Gilburt of the King’s Fund.但是国王基金的海伦吉尔伯特说到,当医院急诊的压力巨大时国家对心理健康医疗的投资一直以来都很难保持。Those pressures have become even more evident in recent days.那些压力在最近尤为明显。On January 7th the Red Cross claimed there was a “humanitarian crisis” in Britain’s hospitals.在1月7号,红十字会称在英国的医院里面有一种人道主义危机。The NHS’s medical director for acute care denied this but admitted that staff were under “a level of pressure we haven’t seen before”.NHS的急救药物主管否认此事但是承认了员工正承受着“前所未有”的压力。According to leaked documents seen by the B, nearly a quarter of patients waited longer than four hours in accident and emergency (Aamp;E) rooms in the first week of this year.根据B目睹的泄露文件,将近四分之一的病人今年第一周在紧急意外室等候超过4小时。One in five patients admitted for further treatment endured a long wait on a trolley or in a hospital corridor—twice the rate normally seen.5个病人中就有一个接受进一步治疗的需要在医院的手推车或走廊上忍受一段很长时间的等待,而这是平常的速度的两倍。With not enough mental-health care provided in the community, recent research has found that the number of people with mental illness coming to Aamp;E doubled between 2011-12 and 2015-16.由于在社区没有提供足够的心理治疗,最近的调查显示有心理疾病来急诊的数量比2011-2012年到2015-2016年间翻了一倍。The fact that the prime minister herself has chosen to highlight the issue marks an important step, says Graham Thornicroft of King’s College London.首相自己选择强调这一问题是向前迈出了重要的一步,伦敦皇家学院的格兰汉史鲁尼科洛福特说到。Talking about mental health used to be seen as a vote loser.谈到心理疾病在过去会被视为竞选的失败者。Now, he says, not only are more celebrities unafraid to talk openly about their mental illness, but it appears to have entered the mainstream as a political issue.而现在,他说,不仅越来越多的名人不再害怕公开谈论自己的心里疾病,而且这也成了主要的政治问题之一。“We now need to see if this policy priority is backed up by substantial extra resources to make sure these aspirations become reality,” he adds.“我们现在需要确保这种政治优势是否有足够的额外资源的撑来保这些愿望成为现实。”他补充到。On that front, Mrs May is implementing a pledge made last year by her predecessor, David Cameron, to spend £1bn on adult mental health and £1.4bn on youth mental health during this parliament.在这方面,现任首相政府也正在实现上任首相卡梅伦政府的相关承诺,即在成人心理健康方面投入10亿英镑并在青少年心理健康方面投入14亿英镑。That money is being spent on both acute mental health care, such as specialists at every Aamp;E unit, and on community care.这些钱正被用在心理急救门诊,例如每个意外急救门诊的专家以及社区医疗上面。New rules limit how long a patient with acute mental illness should wait, just like the four-hour limits for physical maladies in Aamp;E.新的规定限制每个心理疾病患者急诊需要等待的时长,正如在意外急诊部门的外伤4小时限制。But this week’s announcements added up to additional funding of only £15m for community care, and £67m for digital services like online therapy—small beer considering the scale of the problems and of the prime minister’s avowed ambitions.但是这周的通告增加了1500万欧元社区医疗的额外资金以及6700万的电子务例如在线治疗—考虑到问题的规模以及首相公开宣布的目标。Demand is growing.需求正在增长。The NHS found that the proportion of people with anxiety and depression receiving treatment increased from 24% in 2007 to 37% in 2014.NHS发现从2007年到2014年间,接受治疗的焦虑症以及抑郁症患者的比例由24%增至37%。This may show that people are feeling confident enough to seek help as the stigma of mental illness decreases, says Mr Thornicroft.史鲁尼科洛福特先生说这表明了随着对心理疾病的羞耻感不断减少人们越来越有自信去寻找帮助。But the NHS also found that the proportion of the population reporting self-harm trebled between 2000 and 2014, to 6%, including one in five 16- to 24-year-old women.但是NHS同时发现从2000年到2014年间自残的比例翻了三倍至6%,其中的五分之一是16-24岁女性。With such a tide, money to match the great promises for mental health cannot come soon enough.按照这样的趋势,应对这样巨大的承诺所要的资金很难马上到位。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201703/498544Subject:Don’t cry over the spilled milk. 迷你对话A: I failed again in the recruitment. I am deeply depressed by my defeat.在应聘中,我又失败了,实在是太沮丧了。B: Don’t cry over the spilled milk.亲爱的,不要再为过去的失败而沮丧了。 地道表达 cry over the spilled milk 1. 解词释义此语中的spilled milk是指“打泼的牛奶”,cry over的意思是“因......而哭”。Cry over the spilled milk的字面意思是“为打破在地上的牛奶而哭”。想想这这岂不是做无用功。因此,其引申义为“做无益的后悔”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. He is always crying over spilled milk. He cannot accept reality.他总是在做无益的后悔,他不能接受现实。e.g. It cant be helped. Dont cry over spilled milk.这件事情起不到多大的帮助, 就不要做无益处的后悔了。e.g. She would not cry over split milk, but quickly set about mopping it up.她从不吃后悔药,而是立即采取补救措施。e.g. Dont cry over spilt milk. Just call her and apologize for what you said.覆水难收,打电话给她,为你讲过的话道歉。 Ps:fail in something的意思是“做某事失败”。例如:I study hard, so that I may not fail in the examinations.我用功,免得考不及格。Most of us fail in our efforts at self- improvement because our schemes are too ambitious.我们中的大部分人在自我修养的努力中失败了,因为我们的计划过于宏大。 /201405/294294x inThe moment when we were about to take off,it was raining cats and dogs,so we had to x out the plan of the picnic.正当我们准备启程的时候,天空下着滂沱大雨,因此我们必须取消郊游的计划了。X out 划掉,删去 X in 选入,包括Wing itShe hadn't studied for the exam,so she decided to wing it.她平时不努力准备考试,所以只能临时抱佛脚了。wing it不按剧本表演、即兴表演、临时应付◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎

迷你对话:A: Do you know that Mary an Ben have aly separated?你知道玛丽和本已经离婚了吗?B: Yeah, I know.是的,知道。A: I didn’t know it until yesterday. I put my foot into it, and was even stupid enough to ask when they would get married.我昨天才知道,我知道自己错了,我还傻乎乎地问他们什么时候结婚了。地道表达:put one’s foot into it解词释义:该短语的字面意思是:把脚放进嘴巴里,比喻“做错了事情,说错了话”。其英文解释如下:to say something by accident which embarrasses or upsets someone。持范例:If you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in it.假使你不开口就决不会说错话了。I really put my foot in it with Ella,I didnt know shed split up with Tom.我真的冒犯了埃拉,我不知道她和汤姆分手了。Do you want to put your foot in it by mentioning that scandal of him?你偏偏要说他上次出丑的事,这不是有心犯讳吗?I really put my foot in it by asking her when the baby was due and she wasnt even pregnant.我确实说错了,她根本还没怀,我却问她孩子的产期是哪一天。词海拾贝:not...until...直到......才......范例:Not until last week was the project in full blast.工程直到上星期才全部开工。It was not until the professor came that they began the test.直到这位教授来了,他们才开始测试。 /201302/224227Subject: You have gone one step too far. 迷你对话A: The new comer is so ugly and stupid. I even didn’t want to answer her questions.新来的员工又丑又笨,我甚至都不想回答他的问题。B: Terry, you have gone one step to far. Please respect everyone around you.Terry,你做得太过分了,请尊重你身边的没一个人。 地道表达 go one step too far 1. 解词释义Go one step too far的字面意思是“走远了”,隐申为“做得过分了”。可以用其省略形式“go too far”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I know you are radical in your thinking, but don’t go one step too far.我知道你思想激进,但是不要走得太远。e.g. I can enjoy a joke as well as the others but this goes one step too far.我跟别人一样喜欢开玩笑, 但这个玩笑太离谱了。e.g. You blamed them like that, you have gone one step too far.你那样批评他们,你做得太过分了。 Ps :around sb.中的around的意思是“周围的”,around sb.的意思为:某人周围的,某人身边的。 /201411/342597

帮你打开话匣子1. I was being polite。我这是在说客气话。  polite这个字,我们在学校学的意思是“有礼貌的”。当然你若要说一个人有礼貌,你可以说He is polite。或是He has good manners。不过I was being polite。这句话是指“我这是在说客气话。”使用的情境比较趋近于客套而不伤和气的出发点,与“做作”artificial(a。)又不一样了。   2. stand someone up 放(某人)鸽子  stand someone up这个词组,大家若是第一次看到,想必多半是满头雾水,怎么单字全都认识,意思却完全猜不出来。其实stand someone up的意思就是“放(某人)鸽子”,这么简单又实用的句子,可得赶快记起来。   3. So that explains it. 原来如此。  有时候事情的来龙去脉浑沌不清,让人摸不着头脑,若是突然曙光一现,让你豁然开朗,这会儿你就可以用上这句话So that explains it / everything。“这就都说得通了。”   4. I feel the same way. 我有同感。  当他人说出了你的感觉,你再同意也不过的时候,你就可以用上这句话I feel the same way。“我有同感。”这句话不但可以让你避免把同样的话再讲一次,帮你省了不少口水,还可以让对方觉得自己的意见被尊重呢。I feel the same way。赶快记起来。   5. Is there someone else? 你是不是有了新欢?  Is there someone else?这句话字面上是指“有其它人吗?”不过Is there someone else?这句话在使用上,问的那个“其它人”一定是感情上的“新欢,新对象”,所以若是情侣或是夫妻之间有人说了这句Is there someone else?“你是不是有了新欢?”这可就不太妙了。   6. I can’t help myself. 我情不自禁。  我无法控制自己。I can’t help myself。这句话可不是“我帮不了自己。”(赶快消除记忆),其实I can’t help myself.这句话的意思是“我情不自禁。”指的是对自己的无能为力。I can’t help.。。这个句型很好用,若是你遇到一个情况,想要说“我不禁纳闷了起来。”在美语中你就可以直接说:I can’t help but wonder。   7. come hell or high water 就算天崩地裂...  这个短语的使用时机是当你要去执行一项任务或是做一件事之际,只许成功不许失败的决心。就犹如中文的“就算天崩地裂…”,比喻不论发生什么状况都要去完成使命。可以用在句首当作一句话的开头,或是放在句尾补述。   8. have something in common 在某方面有相同点  have something in common是指“彼此有着共通点”,可能是嗜好,也可能是观念。若你和某人完全不对盘,丝毫没有共通点,你就可以说We have nothing in common。    /201210/205642Basketball made me happy篮球使我快乐I can be going through anything我可以超越一切but for that two hours那两个小时I was able to be happy我真的很快乐cause I had that much love for the game因为我对比赛是如此热爱Now, I get on the court当我踏上赛场I am gonna do what I gotta do to win the game for my team我尽我所能为我的团队赢得比赛But also, Im thinking, I am gonna give my show同时,我也在想,我一定要发光At the buzzer, in the corner yeah压哨出手,底角出手what a play! He hits多么精的一球!他投中了This is why we play这就是为什么我们打球how did this go in这球是怎么进的更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201702/491587

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