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英语口语1+1:Out of the frying pan and into the fireOut of the frying pan and into the fire【1+1英文】Angela: "Her ex-boyfriend was terrible, but this new one is even worse!" Andy: "Out of the frying pan and into the fire."【1+1中文】安吉拉:她的前任男友很糟糕,而这个新的简直糟糕透顶。安 迪:看来是越来越差呀。【1+1】We sometimes want so much to get out of one difficult situation that we end up jumping into another that is even worse, going out of the frying pan and into the fire. 中文意思:每况愈下! /200605/7007John died on campaign in Norfolk,facing the windswept waters of the wash.约翰在战争中死于诺福克 波涛汹涌的大海 拍打着海岸Fighting had quickened his appetite, and he ate a meal so hearty it paid him back with a fatal spasm of dysentery.打仗让他胃口大增 他太过心急地狼吞虎咽 结果导致他死于痢疾的痉挛As for the barons of England,they had no appetite for civil war,much as rule from France.对英格兰的贵族来说 他们不想应付内战 也不想被法国统治So when John#39;s nine-year-old son was proclaimed Henry III at Gloucester cathedral,they rallied to him.所以 当约翰九岁的儿子在 格罗斯特大教堂被立为亨利三世 他们重新聚集在他的名下What they were rallying to was not so much a person now as a contract,他们效劳的已不止是一个人 而是一份条约the understanding guaranteed by the reissue of the charter that,from now on, the government of England had to be accountable to the sovereignty of the law.重新修订的宪章已明确规定 从现在起 英格兰政府 必须对法律的独立负责The ramshackle conglomerate of the Angevin Empire had fallen apart almost as quickly as it had risen,摇摇欲坠的安茹王朝 来也冲冲 去也匆匆but in the England to which it was reduced something solid was left,但对于英格兰 这一切都归结为 一笔坚实的财富something that#39;s best measured not in masonry or mileage,but in magistrates.这笔财富并非一砖一瓦 或是一毫一厘 而是代代相传的司法体制So the best thing that can be said for the Angevins was that they left behind a country that didn#39;t need them any more.所以安茹王室的最大贡献在于 他们之后的国家 是个不再需要王室插手的国家Why hunt for Excalibur when you had something much more potent Magna Carta.神剑的时代已经过去 如今我们有了更强力的武器 《大宪章》 /201610/469268When John was asked to star in a movie,he leaped at the opportunity.当约翰被邀请主演一部电影时,他欣然接受了这机会。leap at欣然地接受,急切地抓住。单独leap有跳,迅速行动的意思,jump at都有同样的意思。John leaped at the offer to work overseas.约翰欣然地接受了到海外工作的机会。He jumped at the job.他欣然接受了这份工作。 /200802/27388

零起点英语口语 第8讲 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53246

Israel#39;s lightning speed victory over its Arab neighbors in June of 1967 stunned the world and surprised even the Israelis themselves.1967年6月,以色列以闪电般的速度战胜阿拉伯邻国,消息一出,举世震惊,就连以色列人自己都觉得难以置信。Most analysts agree that the Six Day War大多数分析人士认为,六日战争transformed the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Middle East as a whole, and U.S.-Israeli ties forever.永久地改变了阿以冲突和整个中东的局势及美国与以色列的关系。;You know, the Israeli pushback of the combined Arab armies and the conquest of territory“以色列誓死抵抗阿拉伯联军并夺取领地,suddenly gave Israel cards to play in negotiations with the Arab states that it did not have before.该战况瞬间就让其在与阿拉伯国家的谈判中取得了话语权,这在以前可是从未出现过的情况。There#39;s a direct line from the 1967 war#39;s outcome in Israel#39;s conquest of Sinai and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty.;1967年的战争结果是以色列占领西奈半岛,并直接导致了《埃以和平条约》的签订。”Israel won control of all Jerusalem and increased the buffer zone between it and its Arab neighbors:以色列取得了对整个耶路撒冷的控制,并扩大了与阿拉伯邻国之间的缓冲地带范围:;At that time in 1967, when you have enemies coming from all sides,“1967年时,如果你的敌人来自四面八方,expanding your territory is important, just militarily and strategically.;那么扩大领土就是一件很重要的事情,不论是在军事上还是在战略上都是如此。”But that expansion meant that Israel would be controlling a large Palestinian population.但这种扩张就意味着以色列要控制一大批巴勒斯坦人口。The occupied territory and the claims by Israelis and Palestinians for their own independent state被占领土及以色列和巴勒斯坦人民呼吁国家独立的要求,form the crux of the unresolved conflict five decades later.形成了五十年以后未解决冲突的症结。Two generations of Israelis and Palestinians have never known anything but physical and psychological separation.两代以色列和巴基斯坦人除了身体和心理隔离之外,对其他的一无所知。;Young Israelis and Young Palestinians are more skeptical than their parents and grandparents about the prospects for a two-state solution.“如今以色列和巴勒斯坦的年轻人比起他们父母和祖父母那两辈来,更加怀疑两国制的前景。Majorities of Israelis and Palestinians still prefer a two-state outcome to any other outcome of their conflict.尽管在这场冲突中,大多数以色列和巴勒斯坦人仍然最倾向于两国制的结局。But they believe less and less that it#39;s gonna happen in their lifetimes.;但是他们却越发觉得,自己有生之年是等不到这一天了。”During a recent visit to Israel,在最近的以色列之行中,President Donald Trump said he is personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a peace agreement,特朗普总统表示,他个人十分致力于帮助以色列和巴勒斯坦人民达成和平协议,and that he believes both sides want peace.另外他也相信,双方都想要和平的环境。Cindy Saine, VOA news, the State Department.VOA新闻,国务院辛迪·新恩为您播报。 Article/201706/515286【新闻精讲】Is there life for technology firms beyond Wall Street? 科技公司能否在华尔街之外觅得生机?FOR months Twitter, the micro-blogging service, has received the kind of free attention of which most companies can only dream. Politicians, corporate bosses, activists and citizens turn to the platform to catch every tweet of America’s new president, who has become the service’s de facto spokesman. “The whole world is watching Twitter,” boasted Jack Dorsey (pictured), the company’s chief executive, as he presented its results on February 9th. He has little else to brag about.数月来,微务商推特不花一文就得到了密切关注,大多数公司只能望洋兴叹。政客、企业老板、活动家和普罗大众纷纷转向这一平台,紧追美国新总统的每一条推文。这位总统已然成为该务实际上的代言人。2月9日,公司首席执行官杰克#8226;多西(Jack Dorsey,见下图)在发布财报时夸口道:“全世界都在关注推特。”别的他也没什么好吹嘘了。platform n.平台de facto adj.实际的 (actual)- They took de facto control of the media.- adv.实际地 (in fact)- The country has been de facto divided.spokesman n.代言人boast v.自夸brag v.自夸- He is always bragging about his success.little 几乎没有/a little 有一点But Donald Trump has not provided the kind of boost the struggling firm really needs. It reported slowing revenue growth and a loss of 7m. User growth has been sluggish, too: it added just 2m users in that period. Facebook added 72m. The day of the results, shares in Twitter dropped by 12%.但这家苦苦挣扎的公司并未从特朗普那里得到它真正需要的推助。推特的财报显示收入增长放缓,亏损达1.67亿美元。用户增长也已放缓:这一期间用户数仅增加了200万。Facebook则增加了7200万。公布财报的当日,推特的股票下跌了12%。boost n.鼓励帮助(assist),增强- After layoffs at the company, people need a boost in morale.revenue n.收益sluggish adj.迟缓的- The sluggush pace of the project is worrisome.Because news outlets around the world aly report on Mr Trump’s most sensational tweets, many do not feel compelled to join the platform to discover them. Others are put off by mobs of trolls and reams of misinformation.由于世界各地的新闻媒体都已经报道了特朗普最具爆炸性的推文,很多人觉得没必要再到这一平台去查看了。其他人则是因大批的网络喷子和大量虚假信息而对推特失去兴趣。outlet n.出口 (新闻/情感/机会)sensational adj.轰动的 (causing great excitement or interest with shocking details)- The sensational news story caused a stir, but after a few days everyone forgot about it.compel v.强迫 (to force someone to do something)- Illness compelled me to stay in bed.put off 推迟- put somebody off 使不喜欢 (to make someone dislike)mob n.暴民troll n.网络语言攻击 (a deliberately offensive or provocative online post)ream n.大量- reams of informationmisinformation n.错误/虚假信息And not even Mr Trump could change the cold, hard truth about Twitter: that it can never be Facebook. True, it has become one of the most important services for public and political communication among its 319m monthly users. It played an important role in the Arab spring and movements such as Black Lives Matter. But the platform’s freewheeling nature makes it hard to spin gold from. In fact, really trying to do so—by packing Twitter feeds with advertising, say—would drive away users.即便是特朗普也无法改变这样一个冷酷无情的事实:推特永远也无法成为Facebook。诚然,对每月3.19亿活跃用户来说,它已是进行公共和政治交流最重要的务之一。在阿拉伯之春和像“黑人生命不容忽视”(Black Lives Matter)这样的运动中,推特扮演了重要的角色。但是这个平台随心所欲的本质让人很难从中掘金。实际上,真试图这么做的话,例如将推特订阅跟广告捆绑,反而会把用户赶走。freewheeling adj.放纵的(not controlled)- She has a freewheeling life.spin v. 抽取 (draw out)pack v.打包feed n.资讯drive away 赶走- drive v.强迫,驱动- I was driven by passions. Article/201704/501517Ball meets head, that#39;s just part of the game in soccer, the sport known worldwide as football.用头去接球。这只是足球比赛中的一部分。足球运动可谓是世界闻名。Inside your head, you brain is the consistency of a firm pudding, says John Hardy, professor of neuroscience at University College, London.在人脑内部,大脑就像一个粘稠的硬布丁那样,伦敦大学学院神经科学教授约翰·哈迪如是说。;But your blood vessels are just a little bit tougher.“但相比之下,血管却要相对强劲一些。And so, if you do a rapid rotation, they act like little cheese wires and do bits of damage around them.;所以如果你快速旋转,它们就会像奶酪丝一样拉扯,进而对周围造成一些伤害。”In American football, hard hits are common, and concern is growing about what that does to players#39; brains.在美式橄榄球当中,受到严重撞击是很常见的事情。而人们也越来越担心这样会对球员的大脑产生什么影响。But it#39;s not clear whether frequent head contact that happens in soccer is also a problem.另外在足球运动中,经常性的头部接触究竟是否也是一个问题,对此人们依然不清楚。So Hardy and colleagues study the brains of six longtime soccer players who died with dementia.于是哈迪和同事们对六名已故老球员的大脑进行了研究,这六人均死于老年痴呆。They found a type of brain damage called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in four of them.研究发现,其中四人都受到过一种叫做慢性创伤性脑病变的脑损伤。CTE is different from Alzheimer#39;s disease, but Hardy says the results are similar.CTE与阿兹海默症不同。但哈迪表示,研究结果是相似的。;I#39;m certainly they are additive pathology, so,“我非常确定这些病理都是累加的,因此,if you got a little bit brain damage to do with Alzheimer change and a little bit brain damage to do with CTE,如果你的大脑受到过一些与阿兹海默症变化或CTE有关的损伤,you are more likely to be demented.;日后患痴呆症的可能性就要比未受过损伤的人大一些。”Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with clear health and social benefits.足球是世界上最受欢迎的运动,对个人健康和社会都十分有益。And Hardy says this early stage research is not enough to pull the kids off the soccer field.哈迪称,这项研究尚处于早期阶段,完全不足以让孩子们远离足球运动。;The people we#39;ve studied, these are people who are professional footballers.“这六名研究对象都是职业足球运动员。Who played football probably every day of their lives for 25 to 30 years, probably many hours a day.在他们的一生当中,可能有25到30年的时间每天都会踢足球,而且一天就有可能踢数个小时。This is very different from a casual, weekend player or a school player, it#39;s just a different order of magnitude of contact.;这种情况跟那些只有周末才会放松一下的业余球员,还有校队的球员又大相径庭。所以主要就是碰撞程度的差别。”British soccer associations have pledged to support more research on the subject.英国足球协会已经做出承诺,将更多的持这一问题的研究。Steve Baragona, VOA news.VOA新闻,史蒂夫·巴拉格纳为您播报。 Article/201706/515068

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/477455In the Chinese school, even the more fun parts of the curriculum seem to have nationalist undertones.在中式学校,即使是课程里很有趣的部分,似乎也有潜在的民族主义色OK, everybody, can you please all sit down, please?好了,请大家全都坐下,好吗In Chinese martial arts, this fan is used as weapon.在中国武术里,扇子是用作武器的When you open it, you open it sharp.当你打开它的时候,要十分迅速I bring fan dance to the students, because number one, fan dance is very Chinese.我把扇舞教给学生们,首先是因为,扇舞很有中国特色And also it#39;s a form of martial arts.同时它也是武术的一种形式This story is about the Chinese military soldiers,这个故事讲的是中国的官兵fully prepared to defend their country from foreign intruders.做好充分准备去保卫国家,抵御外敌So, when you perform, you have that strength, you have that beats, OK.所以表演的时候,要有那种力度,有那种节奏,明白吗Right, position one. Position one.好了,第一个姿势,第一个姿势Everyone, now all standing still. Two foot...two feet, this way.大家现在都站直了,双脚,像这样Now stop playing with the fan.先别玩扇子了Stand, I#39;m looking at your feet, how you stand on your feet.站好,我看看你们的脚,看你们怎么站的When you dance, you want the biggest volume.当你跳舞时,最大限度地张开The volume, you want biggest, so you can stretch your body.最大限度的张开,这样就能把身体伸展开Two, three, four.二,三,四It doesn#39;t open! It doesn#39;t open that way.打不开,没有像那样打开Chinese school is going to bring the Chinese culture, Chinese value, Chinese history.中式学校将给学生带去中式文化,中式价值观和中国的历史And that should be demonstrated in every single lesson, every minute, everything you do.而这需要展现在每一堂课,每一分钟,你所做的每一件事里You#39;re y to defend your country from foreign intruders.你们已经准备好去保卫国家,抵御外敌You#39;re y to fight.你们准备好去战斗了I love fan dancing.我喜欢扇舞A fan and dancing is the best combination ever, cos you get to waft a fan and dance.扇子和舞蹈是最棒的组合,因为你既能挥舞扇子又能跳舞It#39;s also quite entertaining to watch the boys,而且看那些男生跳也挺搞笑的because some of them don#39;t really have coordination.因为他们中有些人四肢很不协调OK? Like that. Oh, that#39;s graceful. Very good!懂了吗,像这样。动作很优雅,太棒了 Article/201606/447476

Ambitious Edward Bruce also wanted to be a king,a king in Dublin.踌躇满志的爱德华·布鲁斯也想成为国王 都柏林的国王And he didn#39;t much care what taking the throne would cost the Irish.他并不在意此举将让爱尔兰人付出多大的代价It was the usual story.A victory over the Ulster English,then a march south towards Dublin.一切都在意料之中 大败阿尔斯特的英格兰军之后 苏格兰军向南进犯都柏林There, many of the population tore down their own houses to use as walls against the Scots,rather than surrender the city.在那里 很多人宁可拆毁自家的房屋 用以建造抵抗苏格兰人进攻的城墙 也不愿投降交出城市Not all the Irish nobility and kings opened their arms to embrace their Scots ;liberators;.不是所有的爱尔兰贵族和王族都敞开怀抱 欢迎所谓的苏格兰;解放者;们A bitter civil war broke out between native Irish supporters of both sides.一场激烈的内战 在两派爱尔兰人之间爆发了A climactic battle in the west took,according to contemporaries no fewer than ten thousands lives.在西部打响的高潮战 参战人数超过了一万人In 1318, Edward Bruce was himself killed.Before the end of the year, the Scots had left.1318年 爱德华·布鲁斯被杀 同一年 苏格兰人撤退Perhaps the experiment of Scots-Irish collaboration deserved to fail.或许苏-爱同盟的尝试注定失败Because, from the beginning,Robert the Bruce had his own rather than his Irish brothers#39; interests at heart,因为从最初的合作开始 罗伯特·布鲁斯就将自己的利益 放在他爱尔兰兄弟的利益之前Needing a second front to divert critical English military resources from Scotland to Ireland.他之所以开辟第二前线 就是为了将英格兰的重兵 从苏格兰引向爱尔兰Not for the last time,the Irish were being used in someone else#39;s quarrel.此后的历史中 爱尔兰人也多次成为他人争战中被利用的对象 /201611/476196Some people think that there#39;s a TED Talk formula:有些人认为TED有一套演讲模式:;Give a talk on a round, red rug.;“站在一块圆形的红地毯上”;Share a childhood story.;“分享童年的经历”;Divulge a personal secret.;“泄露私人秘密”;End with an inspiring call to action.; No.“最后号召大家行动起来” 不That#39;s not how to think of a TED Talk.那不该是我们看待TED演讲的方式In fact, if you overuse those devices, you#39;re just going to come across as clichéd or emotionally manipulative.实际上 如果滥用这些套路 只会给人留下陈词滥调 或者心灵鸡汤的感觉But there is one thing that all great TED Talks have in common,但是精的TED演讲确实有一个共同之处and I would like to share that thing with you,我想在这儿跟大家分享because over the past 12 years, I#39;ve had a ringside seat,因为12年来我一直坐在近距离观察席位listening to many hundreds of amazing TED speakers, like these.聆听了数百位演讲者的精演讲 像这样I#39;ve helped them prepare their talks for prime time, and learned directly from them their secrets of what makes for a great talk.我协助他们准备演讲 在黄金时段播出 直接从他们那里学到了做一场精演讲的秘诀And even though these speakers and their topics all seem completely different,尽管这些演讲者和他们的演讲主题都各不相同they actually do have one key common ingredient.但有一个关键的共同要素And it#39;s this: Your number one task as a speaker那就是:作为演讲者最重要的任务is to transfer into your listeners#39; minds an extraordinary gift a strange and beautiful object that we call an idea.是给你的听众的思想一件特别的礼物 它神奇而美丽 我们称之为“想法”Let me show you what I mean. Here#39;s Haley.让我来展示一下我的意思 我们首先看看海利的演讲She is about to give a TED Talk and frankly, she#39;s terrified. Haley Van Dyck!她将要进行TED演讲 坦白说 她很紧张 海莉·范·戴克!Over the course of 18 minutes,在18分钟的演讲过程中1,200 people, many of whom have never seen each other before,此前互不相识的1200名听众are finding that their brains are starting to sync with Haley#39;s brain and with each other.发现他们的思想开始和海莉的思想以及他们互相之间都同步了They#39;re literally beginning to exhibit the same brain-wave patterns.甚至可以说 他们的脑电波开始同步And I don#39;t just mean they#39;re feeling the same emotions.他们当时不仅感受相同There#39;s something even more startling happening.还有更令人吃惊的事在发生Let#39;s take a look inside Haley#39;s brain for a moment.让我们到海莉的大脑中看一看There are billions of interconnected neurons in an impossible tangle.数十亿神经元相互连接 互相缠绕But look here, right here a few million of them are linked to each other in a way which represents a single idea.但是看这里 其中几百万个神经元连接在一起形成了一个想法And incredibly, this exact pattern is being recreated in real time inside the minds of everyone listening.难以置信的是 与其一样模式也立即在每一位听众的脑海中出现了That#39;s right; in just a few minutes, a pattern involving millions of neurons is being teleported into 1,200 minds,是的 几分钟内这种包含几百万神经元的特殊连接模式仅仅通过听演讲者的声音和看她的脸just by people listening to a voice and watching a face.就传递进了1200个大脑之中But wait -- what is an idea anyway?那么 到底什么是想法呢Well, you can think of it as a pattern of information你可以理解为是一种信息的组合that helps you understand and navigate the world.能帮你理解和探索这个世界Ideas come in all shapes and sizes, from the complex and analytical to the simple and aesthetic.想法是多种多样的从复杂的需要理性分析的到简单的具有审美趣味的Here are just a few examples shared from the TED stage.下面我举几个例子 都发生在TED讲台上Sir Ken Robinson creativity is key to our kids#39; future.这是肯 罗宾逊爵士 他的演讲主题是 创造力是决定孩子未来的关键My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy,我认为在教育中培养孩子的创造力和教他们读书写字一样重要and we should treat it with the same status.我们应该对它们一视同仁Elora Hardy building from bamboo is beautiful.这是尹劳拉 哈迪 他的演讲主题是 竹制建筑的魅力It is growing all around us, it#39;s strong, it#39;s elegant, it#39;s earthquake-resistant.竹子随处可见 它们很茁壮 很优雅 而且可以防震Chimamanda Adichie people are more than a single identity.这是奇麻曼达·阿迪契 他的演讲主题是人类并不只有单一属性The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue,单一的故事会导致老套问题并不在于它不正确but that they are incomplete.而在于它不完整Your mind is teeming with ideas, and not just randomly.你的大脑里充满了各种想法 它们并不是随机的They#39;re carefully linked together.而是相互联系的Collectively they form an amazingly complex structure that is your personal worldview.它们汇集成神奇而复杂的体系形成你的世界观It#39;s your brain#39;s operating system.是你大脑的操作系统It#39;s how you navigate the world.也是你探索世界的方式And it is built up out of millions of individual ideas.是数百万个想法的大集合So, for example, if one little component of your worldview is the idea that kittens are adorable,所以比如说 你世界观中的一小部分告诉你小猫很可爱then when you see this, you#39;ll react like this.那么当你看到小猫时你就会抚摸它But if another component of your worldview is the idea that leopards are dangerous,而另一部分告诉你美洲豹很危险then when you see this, you#39;ll react a little bit differently.那么当你看见它时你就会反应不同So, it#39;s pretty obvious why the ideas that make up your worldview are crucial.所以显而易见这些想法对于塑造你的世界观至关重要You need them to be as reliable as possible -- a guide, to the scary but wonderful real world out there.它们就像一名值得信赖的向导帮你应对这个美妙却又危险的世界Now, different people#39;s worldviews can be dramatically different.不同人的世界观截然不同For example, how does your worldview react when you see this image:举个例子你对下面的视频会有什么反应?What do you think when you look at me你看到我的时候你在想什么;A woman of faith,; ;an expert,; maybe even ;a sister;?“一个有信仰的女人” “一名专家” 甚至 “一名修女”?Or ;oppressed,; ;brainwashed,; ;a terrorist;?或者“受压迫的” “被洗脑了的”还是“恐怖分子”?Whatever your answer, there are millions of people out there who would react very differently.无论你的是什么 成千上万的人 就会有成千上万种So that#39;s why ideas really matter.正因为此 想法才如此重要If communicated properly, they#39;re capable of changing, forever,如果交流适当 那么它们能够改变how someone thinks about the world,永久地改变一个人的世界观and shaping their actions both now and well into the future.影响他们现在和未来的的行为Ideas are the most powerful force shaping human culture.想法是塑造人类文化最强大的力量So if you accept that your number one task as a speaker is to build an idea inside the minds of your audience,如果你认同作为一名演讲者 你的主要任务是在观众的思想中植入你的想法的话here are four guidelines for how you should go about that task:那么这里有四条原则需要你遵循:One, limit your talk to just one major idea.第一 让你的演讲要只围绕一个主题Ideas are complex things;思想是一种很复杂的概念you need to slash back your content你要避免长篇大论so that you can focus on the single idea you#39;re most passionate about,所以你要专注于你一个让你最激动不已的想法and give yourself a chance to explain that one thing properly.并且要以合适的方式把它解释清楚You have to give context, share examples, make it vivid.你可以通过描述背景 分享事例等方式让它变得生动形象So pick one idea,所以只挑选一个想法and make it the through-line running through your entire talk,让它贯穿你的整个演讲so that everything you say links back to it in some way.让你讲的所有内容都能与之呼应Two, give your listeners a reason to care.第二 吸引你的听众Before you can start building things inside the minds of your audience,在你将自己的想法灌输给观众之前you have to get their permission to welcome you in.你必须得到他们的允许And the main tool to achieve that? Curiosity.那主要手段是什么呢 好奇心Stir your audience#39;s curiosity.勾起观众的好奇心Use intriguing, provocative questions to identify why something doesn#39;t make sense and needs explaining.提一些耐人寻味 引人入胜的问题让大家发现为什么有些事情不合理并且需要解释If you can reveal a disconnection in someone#39;s worldview,如果你让某人发现 他的世界观里有断点they#39;ll feel the need to bridge that knowledge gap.他们就会想把这个知识的缺口连接上And once you#39;ve sparked that desire, it will be so much easier to start building your idea.一旦你勾起他们的求知欲灌输你的想法就容易多了Three, build your idea, piece by piece, out of concepts that your audience aly understands.第三 一步一步构造你的想法要使用观众已经了解的概念You use the power of language to weave together concepts that aly exist in your listeners#39; minds用语言的力量把观众脑海中已经存在的概念重新整合but not your language, their language.不过要用观众能懂的语言You start where they are.你要让他们跟上你的节奏The speakers often forget that many of the terms and concepts they live with are completely unfamiliar to their audiences.演讲者经常会忘记 自己每天接触的术语和概念在观众们眼中可能就是天书Now, metaphors can play a crucial role in showing how the pieces fit together,因此 善用比喻非常重要because they reveal the desired shape of the pattern,因为比喻是用听众已经了解的概念based on an idea that the listener aly understands.来勾画缺失的那一块知识拼图For example, when Jennifer Kahn wanted to explain the incredible new biotechnology called CRISPR,比如当珍妮弗·卡恩想解释一种叫做CRISPR的 最前端的生物技术时she said, ;It#39;s as if, for the first time, you had a word processor to edit DNA.她说:“这项技术 就像你第一次拥有了一台可以编辑DNA的文字处理机一样CRISPR allows you to cut and paste genetic information really easily.;CRISPR能让你十分轻松的剪切和粘贴基因组;Now, a vivid explanation like that delivers a satisfying aha moment as it snaps into place in our minds.就这样 一个生动的描述让我们恍然大悟并且深深地印在了我们的脑海里It#39;s important, therefore, to test your talk on trusted friends,在信任的朋友面前 试讲一下是很关键的and find out which parts they get confused by.你可以找出他们听不懂的地方(加以修改)Four, here#39;s the final tip: Make your idea worth sharing.第四条 也是最后一条:使你的想法值得分享By that I mean, ask yourself the question: ;Who does this idea benefit?;我的意思是扪心自问:“这个想法对谁有好处?”And I need you to be honest with the answer.你需要实事求是If the idea only serves you or your organization,如果这个想法只务于你或者你的组织then, I#39;m sorry to say, it#39;s probably not worth sharing.那么对不起 它也许不值得分享The audience will see right through you.观众通过你马上能发现这一点But if you believe that the idea has the potential to brighten up someone else#39;s day但如果你认为自己的想法有可能照亮他人的人生or change someone else#39;s perspective for the better或者改善他人的观点or inspire someone to do something differently,或者激励他人去改变then you have the core ingredient to a truly great talk,那么你就拥有了一篇精演讲的核心元素one that can be a gift to them and to all of us.所有人都会因此受益 Article/201706/513897栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/458262

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