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2019年06月20日 05:22:57 | 作者:健康健康 | 来源:新华社
Do you Know Me!-你认识我嘛? -- :5:3 来源: Do you Know Me!-你认识我嘛?  My name is An An,which means safe and sound. I'm a twelve-year-old girl, I'm studying in Grade Six of Xinhua Primary School. I like English very much. I have many hobbies, such as ing, swimming and collecting stamps. My favorite animal is polar bears. They are funny.  Now I'm trying my best to learn the subjects well because I want to go into a good middle school next year.  我的名字叫安安,一是是健康平安我今年岁我在在新华小学六年级学习我很喜欢英语我有许多爱好,比如读书、游泳和收集邮票我最喜欢的动物是北极熊,它们非常有趣  现在我正在尽力学好各门功课,因为明年我想考一所好中学小学生英语作文:Happy day -- ::01 来源: 小学生英语作文:Happy dayToday I'm very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.It's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what's a happy day!我的语文老师 My Chinese teacher -- :: 来源: I love my Chinese teacher.Her name is Lui Xiaohong. She is from Nanchang. She’s very active and strict. She has two big and brighteyes. She’s very nice.She is short and thin. Sheis alwayssmiling. I don’t know what season is her favourite. Because I don’t know her very well. Her class is very funny, Ilove it very much.我爱我的语文老师,她的名字叫刘晓红来自南昌她很积极也很严厉,她有一双又大又亮的眼睛她人很好,很瘦小她总是面带微笑我不知道她最喜欢的季节是哪一个,因为我对她还不是很了解她的课很有趣,我很喜欢她的课小学英语作文:My Favorite Season -- :39:56 来源: 小学英语作文:My Favorite SeasonAmong the four seasons in the year,i like spring best.一年四季中,我最喜欢春天As the old saying goes,a year's plan starts with spring.In spring, everything is new and fresh. The plants start to sprout,grasses turn green,and flowevers begin to burst into bloom.What a beautiful view! It rains sometimes in spring,and it makes the air fresh. 古语说,一年之计在于春春天,一切都是新的,新鲜的树木开始发芽了,草儿变绿了,花儿开始绽放了,多么美丽的景象啊!春天,有时候会下雨,空气变得新鲜了!I think,spring brings hope to people. Everything will revive in spring.我觉得,春天给人们带来了希望,所有一切都在春天复苏了

"驴友"应知必会的英语词汇:常用饰品名称 --5 ::1 来源: 英文名称:decorations  中文名称:装饰品  英文名称:decorate box  中文名称:装饰盒  英文名称:lamp decorations  中文名称:灯饰物  英文名称:CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS  中文名称:圣诞装饰物  英文名称:holiday decorations  中文名称:节日装饰物  英文名称:decorative paper  中文名称:装饰纸品  英文名称:fashion decorations  中文名称:时尚饰品  英文名称:jewellery box  中文名称:首饰盒  英文名称:home decorations  中文名称:家庭装饰工艺品  英文名称:hang decorations  中文名称:挂饰  英文名称:gold fashions  中文名称:金饰  英文名称:silver fashions  中文名称:银饰  英文名称:hair decorations  中文名称:发饰  英文名称:ornaments,headgear,jewelry  中文名称:首饰  英文名称:repoussage, repousse work  中文名称:凸纹饰物 驴友 应知 必会

我的爷爷 My Grandfather -- :3: 来源: Ihave a nice grandfather. He is eighty years old. Although he is eighty yearsold, his body is still in good condition. He likes to listen to Beijing Opera. Heoften goes to do exercise, so many people ask him about Opera. He has a nice wifethat is my grandmother. Grandfather is a good husband, and also is my good grandfather.His favorite color is red, because he thinks red stands joyousness. I lovemy grandfather ever.我有一个好爷爷,他八十岁了虽然他已经八十岁了,但是他的身体很好他喜欢听京剧,他经常去锻炼,所以很多人会去问他些这方面的东西他有一个好妻子,就是我的奶奶他是个好丈夫,也是我的好爷爷他最喜欢的颜色是红色,因为他觉得红色代表喜庆我永远爱我的爷爷

湖边小屋精对白:Kate到新工作单位报到 -- :: 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影对白系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第一段对白,Kate离开湖边小屋,到芝加哥一家医院报到 金黄的秋天,清冷的早晨,短发俏丽的凯特-福斯特(桑德拉-布洛克)离开伊利诺伊州美丽的湖边小屋,去繁忙的芝加哥医院工作这是个宽敞明亮、甚至还能在房中看到湖景的地方6. hustle:vt. 急速活动,匆忙7. Am l gonna make it.:make it指病痛的好转这句话是病人在问他的病能好吗 湖边 到新 报到 对白 小屋 单位

四川黄龙风景区英文导游词 -- :57: 来源: 四川黄龙风景区英文导游词四川黄龙风景区位于四川省松潘县,199年被列为世界自然遗产 四川黄龙风景区占地面积700多平方公里,包括两大部分:黄龙和牟尼沟Huanglong Scenic area is located in Songpan County, Sichuan Province. It was listed as a world heritage site in 199. The area, which extends over 700 square kilometers, contains two parts: the Huanglong and Maonigou. This scenic spot is the result of the mations of talpatate which give a special color to ponds and beaches. Together with high mountains, snow covered peaks, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and ests, these talpatates look especially marvelous.   Among the various unique and wild scenes of the scenic area, one of the most eye-catching is the Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Ravine. The ravine, located at the foot of the Xuebao Peak in the Minshan Mountain, is 3.6 kilometers long and 30-0 meters wide. The section from the Fuyuan Bridge at the entrance to the Yuyu Pond is 3,0-3,57 meters above sea level and its surface is a thick layer of light yellow talpatate. In the sunshine, the ravine looks like a golden dragon winding its way through the est.   In the ravine there are a variety of talpatate scenes, such as talpatate ponds, beaches, waterfalls, caves and dykes. However, the 3,00 colorful talpatate ponds in different shapes, sizes and colors are the most attractive.   Surely, Huanglong Scenic Area will make your trip rewarding. -喜欢就顶 英文导游词

5人 The Wooden House小木屋 -- :51:35 来源: The Wooden House小木屋 5人The Wooden Houseby Karen Kingsbury晴朗的一天,有名大学生到山区旅游不幸的是,他们迷路了突然,他们发现了一所房子,并决定留在这他们敲开大门,就有一名老妇打开门,并同意他们可以留在家里接下来会发生什么事情呢?CastShirley Yang: loverRyan Chen: loverMeg Chen: old womanIvy Hsieh: studentAron Yeh: studentSummaryIt was a nice day, and there were four college students who were taking a trip in a mountain. Untunately, they got lost. Suddenly, they found out a house and decided to stay in it. After they knocked on the door, there came an old woman to answer the door and agreed that they could stay in the house. What would be going to happen next between them? Let’s find out.SCENE IIvy: Wow, what a nice day! It is not cloudy and the lovely sun is smiling in the beautiful sky.Aron: Yeah, enjoy the breeze. How comtable!Shirley: I’ve been looking ward to this trip so long.Ryan: Me, too. Especially, with you, honey!Shirley: Oh, my sweet. I love you so much!Ivy: Ok! Let’s keep going, or we won’t get through the est bee the sunset.Ryan: Are we there yet? My feet are sore.Shirley: So are mine. How much longer till we get there?Aron: Well, let me take a look. Umm…. Maybe one hour. Or…. more! Maybe…Ivy: Maybe! Ok! Just go. Hurry up.Aron: Strange! We should have arrived now. (Aron finds out that the map was upside down) What!Ivy: Aron, what are you doing? Come on!Aron: Well, nothing! I’m coming.Ryan: Enough! I can’t take it any longer. I don’t want to walk anymore!Shirley: Oh, my poor baby. I think we should stop! It’s dark everywhere! We can barely see the road. It’s dangerous!Aron: Excuse me, guys.Everybody: What?Aron: I’ve got to tell you something. I think we are lost now…Everybody: What!Ivy: Are you kidding? We’re lost! And it’s dark…oh…. my goodness…Ryan: We will die here.Shirley: Don’t cry baby…oh…no…Ryan: We’re dying! We’re dying!Aron: Shut up! You fools! Calm down! Look! There is a small wooden house not far from here! Come on! Let’s hit the road.SCENE IIIvy: I don’t think anyone would be living in such a weird place.Ryan: I don’t care whether it is weird or not. Hurry up! Just knock on the door. I want to get in. I’m so scared and tired.Shirley: Oh, baby. I’ll protect you. Don’t worry. Is anyone going to knock on the door!Ivy: Hey…. guys. I don’t think it’s a good idea.(In front of the door)Aron: Hello! Is anyone in? Hello!(A woman shows up)Aron: Excuse me! We are lost. And it’s dark…would you mind letting us stay here till morning?Meg: Ok…you can stay here till morning. Come on in, everyone….Ryan: That’s great! I can’t wait to take a break! Can I use your bathroom?Ivy: Thank you so much! You’re so kind!Meg: You can surely stay here……….ever!(Everybody is in the living room)Shirley: Look! There are so many beautiful pictures on the wall.Ryan: I’m so hungry…. anything to eat?Meg: I will prepare something to eat…. wait a while…Ivy: I think I should help out a bit.(In the kitchen)Ivy: Can I do anything to help? Wash the dishes?Meg: Sure…you can help…to be a dish!Ivy: What’re you doing?SCENE IIIAron: Hey, guys! Where is Ivy? Why isn’t she here?Meg: Oh, Ivy told me that she felt very uncomtable, so she is taking a rest in the bedroom. Give her some time. She is really tired…Aron: Is she ok? I think I should go check on her. And see if she needs…Meg: No, please don’t!Aron: What? Why?Meg: Umm… Well, I think that she might need more rest. Don’t go bother her. Give her some time. That would be better.Aron: Ok. Maybe I should wait till morning…Ryan: Shall we start eating? I’m so hungry that I could eat a horse. I can’t wait to dig in. It looks so delicious!Meg: Sure! Let’s dig in! Please make yourselves at home… Please help yourselves …Shirley: What kind of meat is that? It looks a little bit strange.Ryan: Yeah. It isn’t like chicken. What is it?Ryan: Hey, it seems there’s a ring…. in it. I’m not sure! Can you see it?Aaron: A ring? Let me see. Oh… It is Ivy’s ring. But why is it in the meat?Meg: Oh, maybe Ivy took it off bee she washed the dishes and it fell into it. Don’t worry, I’ll pick it up and give it back to her…Ryan: She is always so careless! Silly girl!Ryan: What’s that smell? Oh…gross!Shirley: What’s this? It tastes like…blood! I’ve never drunk such a strange beverage bee.Meg: Oh, you are right! It’s blood… Ha! Ha!Everybody: Hum… What!Meg: Wait! I am just kidding. It is “blood berry” juice. It’s very precious!Everybody: Blood berry?Meg: Ha! Ha! Yes, it is a kind of special berry. It can make your skin nice and smooth, just like mine, and it also keeps you young. Don’t worry…it won’t harm your body… drink it!Ryan: Really?Meg: Good! Good! Good! Keep drinking… 英语 话剧 剧本

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