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武汉人民医院看支原体多少钱'湖北省协和医院割包皮The 1980s appear to be a new era of American financial prosperity.上世纪80年代是美国经济繁荣的新时代Low interest rates and the easy credit flows lead a bussiness boom.低利率和宽松的信贷政策的盛行引领经济繁荣复苏Over the course of the decade,在这十余年间trading on Wall Street markets breaks records,华尔街市场交易屡创新高the Dow Jones Index rises more than 200 percent.道琼斯指数飙升了超过200个百分点By the 1980s,100,000 Americans become millionaires every year.80年代末 每年便有十万美国人跨入百万富翁的行列There have been boom times before.美国也曾历经过繁荣The oil rush leads to cheap gasoline and cars for the masses.石油热带来了廉价汽油 实现了汽车普及And cheap steel leads to a construction boom,廉价钢铁促进了建筑业的繁荣builds new cities.城市迅速发展起来Now in 1980s America,80年代的美国 cheap credit creates a boom in consumers.低息贷款刺激了消费The credit card is the symbol of the decade.信用卡是这个时期的象征Invented in 1958,once reserved for the wealthy, now its democratized.开发于1958年 一度是有钱人的专利 如今普罗大众也可以拥有By 1989,more Americans have credit cards than vote in elections.到1989年 持有信用卡的美国人比选民还多The 80s see cardholders increase their debt by a factor of five.80年代 持卡人的借贷额增长了五倍By the end of the decade, Americans are spending nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars on their credit cards every year.到80年代末 美国人每年刷卡消费近2500亿美元During the 80s, the number of shopping malls surpasses the number of high schools.80年代 购物中心的数量甚至比高中学校的数量还多Theres a 78% increase in fast-food stores.快餐店的数量增加了78%Spending on restaurant food more than doubles to over 250 billion dollars in decade.十年间 餐饮行业消费额翻了一番 达到2500多亿美元During that decade we probably became more materialistic than we ever had before.那十年可能是美国史上最为物欲横流的时期Consumption was off the charts.消费创下了历史新高 /201304/234958武汉华夏男子医院开住院证明 Despite what happened and the horror and the loss除了那天的灾难 恐惧以及损失kind of amazing that Americans could rebound我很惊讶美国人能够重新振作and you know, they came back to New York,他们回到了纽约America came back to New York,不少美国人都回到了纽约and helped New York,并帮助纽约spent money in New York and visited New York.在纽约消费 游览We were able to do something so quickly,我们能够快速迅捷地so expeditiously in terms of getting back to order after the travesty of the World Trade Center when it came tumbling down.采取措施 来恢复世贸大厦倒塌后的正常秩序To have done that so quickly, its amazing.办事效率如此之高 令人惊讶不已You have the worst attack in the history of the country in the small little tip of the island在这个岛上的一小块地方遭受了史上最可怕的袭击and ten years later you go back and its filled with people.十年后你回到这里 发现依旧人山人海More people have moved there than ever in the history of that neighborhood.更多的人来到了这里 比附近地区历史最高人数还多Certainly it didnt have that many families.很明显 那里原本没有那么多人Now the playground is right around the spot where the planes hit, are filled with kids.现在 一个操场就建在飞机失事的地方 很多孩子在那里玩耍And so theres kind of this sense of like ;Yes, try it,fine, you can fly planes into our buildings,因此还有这种感觉 比如说;好啊 有种来啊 你能让飞机撞我们的大楼but, you know, were going to go back and build a new life for ourselves there.;但我们还会回来 在这里开始我们的新生活;America rebuilds and looks to the future.美国修复了伤口 继续展望未来400 years ago, adventurers crossed an ocean400年前 冒险家们远渡重洋and began an experiment that would become the ed States.并启动了一项后来成就了美国的伟大尝试They saved up every penny they had,他们省吃俭用so they could take treacherous ship ride to the ed States就为了能搭上危险的海船来到美国and then come to a country where there was nothing here.然后来到了一个一片荒芜的国家They had to make everything themselves,他们不得不白手起家build everything themselves.自食其力America was born out of adversity.美国诞生于逆境Its like in our DNA.这一点好像就写在我们的基因里At the start of new millennium,在新千年伊始the American experiment is still under way.美国的尝试仍在进行中This is an unfinished country.这是一个尚未成熟的国家Were not fully completed and settled and settled down.我们还没有完全完成使命并安定下来Therere still opening new space, new territory and were still incorporating new people仍有开放的新空间 新领域 我们仍然在不断吸纳新人who continually transform the very DNA of our society.他们会持续改变我们这个社会的基因The last decade of the 20th century20世纪的最后10年saw nearly 10 million new Americans welcomed into the country.近一千万的新美国人来到这个国家More than in any other decade of the countrys history.这个数字超过了美国历史上任何一个十年I think the unsung heroes, began with the first people with the courage to get on those very small wooden ships in 1607无名英雄不断涌现从1607年乘坐小木船来到这里的第一批勇敢的先辈们开始and have continued up to today.直到今天 仍是英雄辈出I always tell people, you just walk down the cab rank at National Airport我总是跟别人说 只要走到国家机场的出租车停靠站and list where people come from,记下人们都是来自哪里you realize that the spirit of immigration and the spirit of better future hasnt disappeared at all.就会意识到移民精神和追求美好未来的精神根本没有消失 /201305/238068Steps步骤 Step 1 Schedule时间表Schedule the party a few days before the wedding, but preferably at least a week ahead of time. Scheduling a party the night before the wedding is usually a mistake.婚礼前计划安排单身聚会,聚会最好安排在婚礼前一周,婚礼前夜举办单身聚会并不明智。Step 2 Invite friends and family邀请朋友和家人Invite the grooms male friends and relatives.邀请新郎的朋友和家人。Step 3 Set up a budget预算资金Plan a budget for the party and figure out how much each guest is willing to spend.计划聚会预算,并估计宾客愿意付的数额。Tip: Overestimate the cost per person to make sure all the expenses are covered.小贴士:预记出比收入高以确保宾客的出都能派上用场。Step 4 Pick the location选择地点Pick a location for the party. Popular bachelor party destinations vary from Las Vegas to local bars to camping in the outdoors.为聚会选择地点。从洛杉矶到地方小酒吧,有名的单身聚会酒吧各种各样。Tip: Hire a car service if the party includes drinking and no one wants to be the designated driver.小贴士:租赁汽车务,如果聚会上大家会喝酒,可能就没有可以开车的人了。Step 5 Plan activities策划活动Plan the evening so that theres never a dull moment. Consider hiring entertainment, going golfing, gambling, or camping.为聚会策划活动,这样就不会有尴尬的空白时刻出现。考虑考虑去场所,如高尔夫,或露营。Step 6 Have fun玩得愉快Have fun. Bachelor parties are a chance for everyone to have a good time, but dont let it get too out of control.玩的愉快。单身聚会是每一个人度过美好时光的好机会,但也别玩得太过了。Step 7 Take pictures照相留念Take lots of pictures at the party, but dont take pictures of anything too incriminating.聚会中照相留念,但别照那些不雅的行为。Fact: Bachelor parties originated in fifth-century Sparta.小常识:单身聚会起源于15世纪的斯巴达斯巴达(希腊南部的古代城邦)。You Will Need你需要Schedule时间表Guest list客人名单Budget预算Location地点Entertainment,消遣Camera照相机Car service (optional)汽车务201209/199714武汉包皮环切术需要多少钱

武汉性生活时间短怎么办武汉男性科看哪间医院 Indian Chef and Cookery Book author Manju Malhi shows VideoJug users a quick and easy chicken curry which is perfect when youre in a hurry. Experience our Chicken Curry in Ten Minutes recipe, and make a quick and tasty dish for all to enjoy.印度的厨师和烹饪书作者Manju Malhi告诉大家,如何在时间不充分的情况下去做一份完美的咖喱鸡。体验我们的十分钟咖喱鸡配方,并和大家一起品味迅速美味的菜肴。At a glance概览Serves: 1份数:1Preparation Time: 5 minutes; Cooking Time: 10 minutes; Total Time: 15 minutes.准备时间5分钟,烹饪时间10分钟,总计15分钟。Step 1: You will need1.食材#8226;45 ml olive oil;#8226;1 medium onion; #8226;400 g chicken fillet; #8226;2 cloves of garlic; #8226;1 green chilli45毫升橄榄油,一只洋葱,400克鸡肉,2瓣蒜,一只青椒。#8226;1/4 tsp sal;t #8226;1/4 tsp turmeric; #8226;1/2 tsp ground cumin; #8226;1/4 tsp ground coriander; #8226;1 tsp tomato purée; #8226;1/4 tsp garam masala or 1 tsp curry paste; #8226;30 ml double cream.1/4茶匙盐,同量的姜末、香菜、印度咖喱;1/2茶匙茴香,1茶匙番茄汁,30毫升高脂奶油。#8226;1 Teaspoon; #8226;1 Tablespoon; #8226;1 Chopping board for meat;#8226;1 Chopping board for vegetables;#8226;1 Sharp knife;#8226;1 Non-stick frying pan;#8226;some Plates to hold the ingredients;#8226;1 Wooden spoon.茶匙,汤勺,砧板,菜板,刀,不粘锅,装材料的盘子,木勺。Step 2: Prepare2.准备Finely chop a medium sized onion. Remember- when preparing ingredients, the smaller you chop things, the faster they cook. Chop your ingredients really small, so theyll be y in no time.先切洋葱。记住,烹饪的时候,切块越小炒好的时间越短。所以要切成小块,这样能够省时间。Crush 2 cloves of garlic with the side of a knife. Now peel away the skin, and finely chop.用刀拍碎蒜瓣,也切成小块。Finely chop a green chilli. Unless you want an incredibly hot curry, use the knife to take out as many seeds as you can. Chilli juices can burn your skin so when youve finished, wash your hands.之后是辣椒,如果不想太辣,可以用刀取出辣椒内的籽。而且辣椒会产生灼热感,弄完之后要洗手。Take the chicken on a fresh chopping board. Chop into small bite-size pieces. Wash your hands after chopping the meat.把鸡肉切成小块,切完之后洗手。Step 3: Fry the onion3.油煎洋葱Heat a frying pan over a medium heat. Add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Then add the chopped onion, and fry for 1 minute.中火,锅热后放入3勺植物油,然后放入切好的洋葱,爆炒一分钟。Step 4: Add chicken4.鸡肉Put the chicken in, and continue to fry for 5 to 6 minutes. The chicken will start to cook, and turn entirely white on the outside.放入鸡肉,然后再翻炒5到6分钟,然后开始焖,直到肉色变白。Step 5: Add garlic and chilli5.蒜和辣椒Put the garlic and chilli into the pan, and stir. Carry on frying gently over a medium heat, until everything is golden brown, which will take 2 to 3 minutes. Keep stirring.放入蒜和辣椒,搅动一番,直到变成金黄色为止。通常情况下这需要2到3分钟。Step 6: Add spices6.加入香料Put 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon of ground cumin and 1/4 teaspoon of ground coriander in the pan. Stir well.放入准备好的盐,姜末,茴香,香菜,搅拌均匀。Step 7: Add more flavour7.更多调料Add 1 teaspoon of tomato purée, and 1/4 teaspoon of garam masala or curry paste. Here were using freshly made garam masala.放入番茄汁,咖喱酱,这里我们使用的是印度咖喱。Stir, and fold 2 generous tablespoons of double cream into the mixture.搅拌,放入高脂奶油。Step 8: Check the chicken8.尝味道If youre worried about whether the chicken is cooked, take a large piece from the pan, and cut it in half. It should break easily, and be white all the way through, with no trace of pink. It should also be piping hot throughout.如果不确定是否炒熟了,可以取出一块鸡肉,用刀切开,如果通体白色没有任何粉色,那就明可以了。Step 9: Serve99.装盘享用Serve hot with freshly cooked basmati rice, or naan b.Enjoy!热腾腾的鸡肉汤配上蒸米,或者印度烤饼。怎能一个爽字了得!Thanks for watching How To Cook A Chicken Curry In Ten Minutes谢谢收看本期“一刻钟烹饪咖喱鸡”节目。201208/195488咸宁赤壁哪家医院看男性疾病好

宜昌市第一人民医院阳痿早泄价格Its like one of those self-fulfilling prophecies.它就像是自行应验的预言之一You know,lets work for a better future.也就是说我们为了更美好的未来努力well get the better future.我们就会得到美好的未来Talk about the frontier spirit,谈到拓荒精神its not a question of succeeding or failure它无关成败荣辱its just continuous growth, which is really inspirational.而是不断壮大 令人倍受鼓舞25th space shuttle mission...航天飞机第25次出航But the nations faith in technology is about to receive a blow.但是 整个国家对技术的信奉即将遭到沉重的一击The shuttle is a new era for America.航天飞机开启了美国的新纪元Space-age technology is powering the country forward.航天时代的技术带动着国家经济的发展The nations been built on innovation.这个国家建立在创新之上New technology create progress, wealth, expansion.新技术带来了进步 财富和扩张As axes improve,随着斧子的改进forests can be cleared at a greater rate.森林以惊人的速度被开垦A new military technology wins wars,新的军事技术可以赢得战争makes nations.建立国家Throughout our history,纵观我们的历史every one of these technologies has been transformative in a way每一项技术进步都意味着变革that has changed economies, its changed lives,改变了经济 改变了生活 its changed settlement patterns.也改变了居住模式It takes entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie.是像安德鲁·卡内基这样的实业家He takes new steel production techniques他采用新的钢铁生产技术and supersizes them to produce vast quantities实现了钢的大规模生产of the raw materials that build the great American city.以此为原料 建设起了伟大的美国城市And engineering geniuses like Mulholland,还有像穆赫兰这样的工程天才his 200 mile L.A Aqueduct allows the city to grow from the desparate.他修建的长达200英里的洛杉矶引水渠使得这座城市从荒芜之地崛起But progress often carries a human cost.但进步往往是以人的牺牲为代价的1825,building the Erie Canal to connect the Great Lakes to New York City claims nearly 1,000 lives.1825年 建造连通五大湖区和纽约的伊利运河夺去了近千条生命1865, the transcontinental railroad,almost 2000 lives.1865年 修建横贯东西的大铁路 近两千人丧生 /201304/235587 Poor Madame de Maintenon had to do everything.可怜的德·曼特侬夫人身兼数职She had to act as a cook, plumber, gardener,她是厨师 水管工和花匠as well as a teacher and nursemaid.同时还是教师和女佣It was exhausting, and she did this so well尽管很辛苦 但她表现出色that Louis began to pay attention to her.路易开始注意到她He noticed this, this intelligent woman, this calm presence.他注意到了这位聪慧安静的女性Slowly, slowly Madame de Maintenon began to seduce the King.德·曼特侬夫人开始慢慢诱惑国王Rejected mistress Montespan was distraught.受到冷落的蒙特斯潘夫人心烦意乱I think it was the rise of Maintenon in the first place起初曼特侬的晋升惹怒了她which really riled her because she found shed made a mistake,因为她发现自己铸下大错shed underestimated another woman.竟然低估了另一个女人Maintenon was poor, and a widow曼特侬是个贫穷的寡妇and innocuous and very pleasant and intelligent.和蔼聪明 似乎对她没有威胁And she didnt spot但她没有想到that Louis might actually fall in love with a woman路易真的爱上了like that, you know,那样的女人and it might be a very seductive thing to him,她对他来说充满诱惑in quite a different way from her own seductive past.与蒙特斯潘的诱惑截然不同And I think, for a couple of years at least,她的怒气she was extremely angry.至少持续了好几年When Louis long-suffering queen, Marie Therese, died,被冷落多年的王后玛丽·特蕾兹去世后he was free to marry again.路易终于可以再婚了And he turned to the quiet governess.他把注意力转向了安静的女教师Shed not only won his heart,她不仅赢得了路易的心shed convinced him she could help save his soul.也让他相信她能拯救自己的灵魂201204/177519武汉男孩包皮过长几岁做手术好武汉哪家医院看不孕不育



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