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宜昌包皮手术多少钱武汉房事勃起无力A top Hillary Clinton adviser lamented that the Democratic presidential candidate has terrible judgment in leaked emails that reinforce perceptions of weaknesses that continue to dog the nominee’s campaign.遭泄露的电子邮件显示,希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)的一名高级顾问曾哀叹这位民主党总统候选人有糟糕的判断,这强化外界了对于希拉里弱点的印象,这种印象继续困扰着她的竞选活动。Although Mrs Clinton has a comfortable lead over Republican Donald Trump with less than two weeks until election day, the latest emails from WikiLeaks underscore concerns over her decision-making and honesty that have hindered her popularity.在距大选投票日不到两周之际,虽然希拉里稳稳领先共和党总统候选人唐纳特朗Donald Trump),但维基解密(WikiLeaks)最新曝光的邮件突显了各方对她的决策和诚信的担忧,这些都损害了她的持率。Almost no one knows better than me that her instincts can be terrible, wrote Neera Tanden, a Clinton confidante, as she and the campaign’s chairman grappled with her use of a private email server and reluctance to apologise for it.几乎没人比我更了解她的直觉可能有多么糟糕,希拉里的密友尼坦登(Neera Tanden)写道,当时她与竞选团队主席在为希拉里使用私人电邮务器且不愿为此道歉忙得焦头烂额。John Podesta, campaign chairman, wrote: We’ve taken on a lot of water that won’t be easy to pump out of the boat. 希拉里竞选团队主席约波德斯塔(John Podesta)写道:我们的船进了很多水,要排出去并不容易。Most of that has to do with terrible decisions made pre-campaign, but a lot has to do with her instincts.这大部分是由竞选前做出的糟糕决定造成的,但也与她的直觉有很大关系。Their exchange from 2015 plays into Mr Trump’s accusations that his rival makes bad decisions. 两人015年的邮件交流为特朗普的指责提供了依据,即他的对手经常做出糟糕决定。Mr Trump said in the second presidential debate this month that Mrs Clinton had really bad judgment, citing decisions she made as secretary of state in the Middle East and her openness to immigration at home.在本月举行的第二轮总统辩论中,特朗普称希拉里的判断真的很糟糕,他援引了希拉里担任国务卿时对中东问题做出的决策以及她对进入美国的移民的开放态度。The Republican noted that Bernie Sanders, Mrs Clinton’s erstwhile rival for the nomination, had also questioned her decision-making, 特朗普特别提到,在初选阶段,希拉里的党内对手伯尼.桑德Bernie Sanders)也对她的决策表示过质疑。with the Vermont senator saying in April: In terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.今年4月,这位佛蒙特州参议员称:就她的判断力而言,显然缺少点什么。Mrs Clinton was in Florida yesterday for two rallies aimed at energising Democrats to get out and vote. 昨日,希拉里在佛罗里达州出席了两场集会,旨在激励民主党人走出家门投票。According to RealClearPolitics, she is ahead of her rival by an average of 3.1 points in polling in the state and is seeking to prevent complacency among the party base as she sits on a comfortable lead nationally.根据RealClearPolitics的数据,希拉里在佛州的民调领先竞争对手平.1个百分点。在全国范围内稳稳领先之际,她正试图防止民主党根基选民出现自满情绪。Despite this, polls show that her popularity has been undermined by her perceived lack of honesty, an issue highlighted by leaked emails that show advisers angry about her secret use of a private server while secretary of state.尽管如此,民调显示,被人视为缺乏诚信损害了希拉里的持率,而遭泄露的电邮进一步凸显了这一问题,这些电邮显示出她的顾问对她在担任国务卿期间暗自使用私人务器感到气愤。In an A News poll on Tuesday, 60 per cent of likely voters said they disapproved of the way Mrs Clinton was handling questions about her use of personal email.在美国广播公司新闻部(A News)周二所做的一项民意调查中0%的可能投票者称,他们不赞成希拉里处理有关她使用私人电邮问题的方式。来 /201610/474610咸宁市中心医院包皮手术怎么样 Saudi Arabia has ruled out a deal by major producers to cut oil output and warned high cost operators such as US shale drillers to trim costs or go bust, in a stark message that triggered fresh pressure on crude prices.沙特阿拉伯排除了主要产油国协议削减石油产量的可能性,并警告称,美国页岩钻探企业等高成本作业方需要降低成本,否则将面临倒闭。这一生硬信息给原油价格带来新的压力。Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi said a lack of trust between the world’s biggest producers meant a cut in production “is not going to happen He said the kingdom would instead push for a co-ordinated production freeze to help balance a market swamped with an excess of crude which has taken oil prices to their lowest level in more than a decade.沙特石油部长阿里纳伊Ali al-Naimi)表示,全球各大产油国之间缺乏信任意味着,减产“将不会发生”。他说,沙特将转而推动协调的产量冻结,以帮助平衡石油市场;目前市场充斥着过剩原油,使油价跌至10多年来最低水平。“There is less trust than normal,Mr Naimi told energy executives in Houston. “Not many countries are going to deliver. Even if they say they will cut production, they will not deliver.”“目前大家的信任少于正常水平,”纳伊米在休斯敦对能源高管们表示。“没有几个国家会兑现诺言。即使他们说他们将减产,他们也不会做到。”Internationally traded Brent crude dropped .33 a barrel to .35 after Mr Naimi’s remarks yesterday, while the US marker slid .54 a barrel to .85.纳伊米昨日发表此言后,国际油价基准布伦Brent)原油下跌1.33美元,至每桶33.35美元,而美国基准下.54美元,至每桶31.85美元。The minister was speaking at an annual conference of US energy industry leaders and companies whose prolific exploitation of shale deposits helped topple oil prices, wreaking havoc on the economies of oil-rich countries.沙特石油部长是在美国能源业领导者和公司的年度会议上发表讲话的。美国企业竞相开发页岩储量的行为,近年推动油价下滑,给产油国的经济带来严重破坏。Mr Naimi denied Saudi Arabia was waging a war with US shale producers. But he said cutting volumes would only provide economic support for expensive oil, such as output from the US or the oil sands of Canada. “The producers of these high-cost barrels must find a way to lower their costs, borrow cash or liquidate,he said. “It sounds harsh, and unfortunately it is, but it is a more efficient way to rebalance markets. Cutting low-cost production [such as Saudi Arabia’s] to subsidise higher-cost supplies only delays an inevitable reckoning.”纳伊米否认沙特挑起与美国页岩生产商之间的战争。但他表示,减产将只会为昂贵石油(比如来自美国页岩或加拿大油砂的产出)提供经济持。“这些高成本生产商必须设法降低成本,借入现金,或者清盘,”他表示。“这听起来很无情,而且不幸的是确实如此,但它是推动市场达到再平衡的效率较高的方式。削减低成本产量(如沙特的产出)来补贴成本较高的供应,只会延迟必然的清算。”Mr Naimi’s remarks come a week after Saudi Arabia joined Russia, Qatar and Venezuela in a provisional output “freezeif other large producers also agree. The announcement raised hopes of action that would curb an oversupply of more than 1m barrels a day.纳伊米发表此言的一周前,沙特与俄罗斯、卡塔尔和委内瑞拉达成临时性的产量“冻结”——如果其他大型产油国配合的话。当时这一消息的宣布令人产生期望:产油国将采取行动,减少目前每日超00万桶的过剩供应。Mr Naimi called the freeze the “beginning of a processand said he sought to meet again with other big producers in March in hopes that they would join.纳伊米形容冻结产量是“一个过程的开端”,并说,他寻求月与其他大型产油国再次会晤,希望他们加入冻结产量的行列。来 /201602/428506武汉射精的方法

武汉华夏医院体检In South Korea, the business of war is booming.在韩国,战争生意正在蓬勃发展。Military exports have soared nearly 1,100 per cent since as the nation’s arms manufacturers thrive off growing global instability, competitive pricing and the re-emergence of demand for conventional weapons of warfare the country’s speciality.009年以来,韩国的军火出口猛增了100%。日益加剧的全球动荡、有竞争力的定价以及传统战争武器(韩国的强项)需求重现,推动韩国军火制造商茁壮成长。Now, analysts believe the country is on track to overtake China as the region’s leading arms exporter by the end of the decade. 分析师现在认为,010年代末,韩国有望超过中国成为该地区的头号军火出口囀?“Globally, South Korea is in a good spot,said Paul Choi, head of research at CLSA Securities Korea. “[Its] structural growth in defence equipment is aly ahead of its own target. By 2020, it will pass China to become Asia’s arms powerhouse.”里昂CLSA)韩国研究部门主管Paul Choi表示:“从全球来看,韩国的情况不错。其国防装备的结构性增长已超越了自身的目标。到2020年,它将超过中国成为亚洲的军售龙头老大。”The boom is being fuelled by rising geopolitical tensions in Asia and eastern Europe.亚洲和东欧不断升级的地缘政治紧张局势正在助长这股发展势头。China’s increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea has prompted the region’s emerging markets, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, to devote more to defence, but with a keen eye on price.中国在南中国海日益强硬的态度促使该地区的新兴市场国家——如印度尼西亚、菲律宾——加大了国防投入,但它们对价格较为敏感。Here, South Korea’s arms exporters, including Korea Aerospace Industries and Hanwha Techwin, have proven extremely competitive, often sweetening deals with the transfer of technology.韩国航空宇宙产业株式会社(Korea Aerospace Industries)和韩Hanwha)旗下的Techwin等韩国军火出口商已明自身极具竞争力,它们常常以技术转让为条件来增加交易的吸引力。The nation also carries little geopolitical or historical baggage and can cater to the rising demand for weaponry in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent or Southeast Asia with less sensitivity than some of its nearest neighbours.此外,韩国背负的地缘政治和历史包袱很少,与它的几个邻国相比,它可以满足中东、印度次大陆和东南亚不断增长的军火需求而不致引起那么大的关切。“Trucks and submarines to Indonesia, comms equipment to Iraq, ships to the UK#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;South Korea has a diverse industry and is selling to a wide range of users,said Ben Moores, a senior defence analyst at IHS Markit. “China, meanwhile, is dependent on Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”IHS Markit高级防务分析师本.穆尔Ben Moores)表示:“向印尼卖卡车和潜艇,向伊拉克卖通讯设备,向英国卖舰只……韩国拥有多元化的国防产业,客户范围广泛。中国则依靠巴基斯坦和斯里兰卡。”Last year, South Korea exported 1m of equipment up from m in . For 2016, Mr Moores expects the total to surpass .2bn. 去年,韩国军火出口额.71亿美元,009年为7300万美元。穆尔斯预计016年韩国军火出口总额会超2亿美元。China’s arms exports, in comparison, declined from .9bn in 2013 to .6bn last year. IHS Markit predicts Beijing will drop out of the world’s top 10 ranking next year.相比之下,中国军火出口额013年的19亿美元降至去年的16亿美元。IHS Markit预计,明年中国将在全球排行榜上跌出前十名。来 /201612/481905武汉治疗早泄比较比较好的医院 武汉割包皮多少钱多久回复

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