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Buchner bründler architects is responsible for the concept of the Swiss pavilion which is meant to be a representation of a hybrid, interconnected urban area where nature and technology, innovation and sustainability function and interact in symbiosis, which coincide with the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.The Swiss pavilion is composed of two cylinders. The high-tech urban cylinder is equipped with 3D television screens, life-sized projections of Swiss citizens commenting on their expectations for the future and a 10-meter-tall screen depicting Swiss scenery. Upon entering the rural cylinder, visitors have the option to tour by chair lift, no doubt paying homage to the fabulous mountains in this country. The lift loops up through the building to the roof, where a field of flora provides a natural landscape in contrast to the urban setting.The most distinguished feature of the pavilion is the outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity. The curtain presents an image of forest, which will remind people of the nature. And the fibre of the curtain could be degraded after being disposed in the soil in two week. Article/201009/112773How To Deal With HeartbreakIn this , love coach, Cate Mackenzie will teach you how to deal with a heartbreak and show you how to love again.失恋过吗亲?滋味很不好受吧亲?想尽快摆脱失恋带来的沮丧感吗?想开始新的恋情新的生活吗?我们的恋爱专家将为你讲述:失恋后如何恢复信心。StepsI'm going to talk to you about how to deal with heartbreak. Heartbreak is a very relevant and very important thing to deal with and if you're prepared to really heal your heartbreak, you may be at the point of a spiritual evolution, where you're able to surrender to a greater and deeper sense of love and openheartedness. But first of all, you really need to learn how to consider yourself, how to nurture yourself, and how to have compassion for yourself. You need to learn how to be gentle and sensitive with yourself, and build up a network of friends and family who love you, who can hold you in that gentle and sensitive place. In order to build your heart, and help your heart that's been split in two come back together again, you need to take the time to come into the sea of me, the sea of you. It's a journey about coming in, coming inside, and renewing who you are, finding out who you are. Finding out what's true for you, for nobody can love you till you love you. Nobody can see you until you let yourself be seen, till you heal your heart and open it and share who you are, but as you do, you will shine, you will radiate. And then, watch out baby, love is coming in. Let me tell you, no surprise there. . Article/201108/148401

The battle cry went up.狩猎口号由此兴起Hokahey! Which means ;to charge.; and the hunters went in for the kill.当喊道;Hokahey;意为攻击,猎手们便一齐蜂拥而上射杀猎物On horse back, the bow is the weapon of choice.在马背上弓箭是最佳武器And the time it takes to reload a gun,a warrior can ride 300 yards,and fire 20 arrows.重新装弹所用的的时间,足够一名战士策马狂奔300码,张弓发箭20Buffalo can run at 35 miles an hour.野牛奔跑时速高达35英里Hunts cover hundreds of miles over many days.狩猎范围方圆几百英里,时间长达数日It can take 15 arrows to kill a buffalo.射死一头野牛需要15箭White hunters like Frank Mayer use a single cartridge.而像法兰克·梅尔这样的白人猎手只需子弹一发He aims for the lungs,a clean kill drops a buffalo without disturbing the herd.对准肺部,干净利落地放倒一头牛丝毫不曾惊动牛群30 Million are killed in a little over a decade.短短十几年,3000万头野牛死在口下After hunters take the hides,train loads of men arrive to pick their carcasses.在猎手剥下牛皮之后火车载着工人接踵而至拉走剩下的残骸They make buttons from bones and grind down skeletons for fertilizer and porcelain.他们利用牛骨做扣子,把骨架打磨成粉用作肥料或是制作瓷器The primary resource keeping Native Americans alive is gone.原住民靠天吃饭赖地穿衣的日子一去不复返了Facing starvation, they#39;re forced on to reservations.面对着灭顶的饥荒,他们被迫迁往保留地My great-great-grandmother, Grandma Big Eagle was alive when buffalo hunting ended.我的曾曾祖母,巨鹰太祖在捕猎野牛时代终结时还活着They weren#39;t just saying good-bye to kind of food stuff.他们挥别的不仅是赖以生存的食物They were saying good-bye to a way of being in the world.同时也是在挥别整个种族的生存方式I think for them to look back on that was just unspeakably sad.我想当他们回顾那段历史时只会是难以言表的悲愤In 1889, just 85 wild buffalo exist in the whole ed States.1889年,全美仅存85头野牛The men who ride the great iron horse are taming the wilderness.人类驾着铁骑践踏着自然,征着每一寸荒野The railroad will bring another modern American icon to the Great Plains.铁路,把新时代美国的另一标志烙在了大平原上The last of the great frontier#39;s man.他们是最后的开拓者The cowboy.牛仔 /201211/210628

How To Manipulate Men: Mind Games For Bad Girls让男友听你话的小秘诀 All is fair in love and war, so get out there, get manipulating, and work for what you want.Step 1: Play hard to get不要让他轻易得到Don't rush to pick up calls from your guy, what do you think message services were invented for? He'll leave a message, but don't reply for a least a couple of days. If you make him think you've got more important things to do - he'll just want you more. This is such a good tactic that we've made a whole separate film about it.Step 2: Flattery恭维Now you've got his attention, chuck him a bone and stroke that ego - just don't get the two confused at this stage. Tell him how great he's looking, or how impressed you are with his knowledge of those tricksy computer games. Flattery works especially well when combined with step 1: playing hard to get. Build him up, knock him back, build him up, knock him back. Look how confused he is - now your winning.Step 3: Bribery贿赂This is straight forward. You know what he wants, but he won't be getting it until you get what you want first. This tactic does mean you too could spend some time without getting, err... satisfied. But who care when there's a Tiffany's bracelet at stake.Step 4: Jealousy吃醋Repeat after me; Never. Stop. Flirting. If he thinks other men are after you he will just want you more, like a shiny, glamorous trophy he's trying to win. As soon as he catches a whiff of competition he'll be bending over backwards to make you happy. If there's no one in vicinity to flirt with simply talking about other men will send him into a jealous rage, tell him about; 'Brad' who's a 'great guy' that you 'always hang out with.' Or go that step further and send yourself some flowers from 'a secret admirer.' Forget honesty and self respect - they won't get you anywhereStep 5: Play Dumb装聋作哑What would little-ickle you know about changing a tyre. Heavy shopping bags? If only you were stronger. And as for balancing your bank account - those number just plain make your head hurt. Yep, it's setting the woman's movement back about 100 years, but it gives you a break.Step 6: Tears哭吧哭吧If all else fails, resort to what you learned from an early age; turn on the water works. Not proper ugly bawling, just those pretty little sobs. Men are scared of crying women, they will do anything in their power to make you stop. Just remember not to go too far or he might start to think you're a bit high maintenance. Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea. Article/201108/148935

Is marijuana now the most widely used psychoactive substance? Nope. And it#39;s not alcohol or nicotine, either. It#39;s actually caffeine, that little gem lurking in your morning cup of coffee. Caffeine is known to be a stimulant; people use it most often to get a little boost of energy. But exactly what is happening in your body when you consume caffeine, either in coffee, tea, or energy drinks, or in foods like chocolate, hasn#39;t been totally figured out yet.现在大麻是不是被普遍用作精神刺激物质呢?是否定的。酒精和尼古丁也不是。实际上,是咖啡因,那个潜伏在清晨咖啡中的小精华。众所周知,咖啡因是一种兴奋剂;人们喝咖啡经常是为了让自己更精神。但当你摄入咖啡因(不管是在咖啡、茶、能量饮料还是在巧克力等食物中)时,人们还未完全明白当时你的身体究竟在发生什么。Researchers currently think that the caffeine buzz has something to do with the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. When adenosine receptors are normally activated, they tend to cause sedative effects, such as reducing your heart rate and suppressing the release of other neurotransmitters (including glutamate and dopamine).目前,研究员们认为咖啡因陶醉感与抑制性神经递质腺苷有关。当腺苷受体被正常激活时,它们往往会引起镇静作用,比如降低心率和抑制其它神经递质(包括谷氨酸和多巴胺)的释放。But caffeine may work by binding to (and blocking) adenosine receptors in your brain and throughout your body. And once those adenosine receptors are blocked, the other neurotransmitters excite your system. Caffeine messes with our daily rhythms in other ways, too.但咖啡因可以通过与大脑和整个身体内的腺苷受体结合而起作用。一旦腺苷受体被阻,其它的神经递质就会使人体系统兴奋。咖啡因也会以其它的方式打乱我们的日常节奏。For one, it affects the way our bodies release cortisol, commonly known as the ;stress hormone.; Caffeine actually causes a pretty solid increase in cortisol levels in those who aren#39;t normally coffee-drinkers. But in those who enjoy their daily caffeinated beverages - and have thus built up at least a partial tolerance to the chemical - the effects are a little less clear.一方面,咖啡因影响着身体释放俗称为;应激激素;的皮质醇的方式。实际上,对于那些不经常喝咖啡的人来说,咖啡因会导致他们的皮质醇水平显著升高。但对于那些每天都喜欢来点含咖啡因饮料的人说--因此他们对这种物质至少已经有了一定的耐受性--咖啡因的影响就不那么清楚了。But we do know they last for a long time. Even cutting off your caffeine six hours before bedtime may not be enough to ensure you doze off easily. And that#39;s important because those aforementioned adenosine receptors also play a role in keeping our circadian rhythms humming along. So, if you#39;re a regular coffee-drinker, you might want to be extra careful about sticking to your routine. An ill-timed coffee break or - even worse - a skipped one, could make it hard to get back into your normal sleep-wake cycle.但我们清楚咖啡因会持续很长一段时间。即使在睡前六小时不喝咖啡也不能确保你能快速入睡。因为上述的腺苷受体也在保持我们的昼夜作息正常方面起着一定的作用,因此这一点是很重要的。所以,如果你经常喝咖啡,那在坚持自己的日常习惯方面,你要额外注意哦。在不合时宜的时间喝咖啡--或更糟--直接不喝,都会让你在重回正常的睡眠周期方面变得困难。On top of all that, we know that different people react to coffee (and its caffeine) differently. While it is pretty much a requirement for some, others complain that it makes them far too jittery to get anything done. And researchers are now learning that difference may depend at least partly on your genes.除此之外,我们知道不同人对咖啡(和其咖啡因)的反应不同。虽然,对于有些人来说,咖啡是必备的,但有些人却抱怨咖啡使他们过度紧张,搞得什么事都做不成。研究员们目前得知这个差异可能取决于人们的基因。译文属 /201706/513672

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