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Despite a tony address and priceless views, this one bedroom condo on Manhattan Seas side was not getting much traffic when it went on sale this summer. Things changed when the empty apartment got a digital makeover. There are now several offers close to the asking price over a million dollars, according to Broker Arehocarf, a house debt property.虽然地处繁华地段,周围风景秀丽,这间曼哈顿海边一室一厅的公寓在今年夏天却卖不出去。但当这间公寓有了电子装饰后,事情很快有了改观。房产公司的Broker Arehocarf表示,已经有几家买主给出了上百万的价格。The owner of this apartment doesnt live here. She is living in the Middle West right now, so for her to coordinate bringing furniture and the stage and meet with him and pick things out, it just, it becomes very very complicated. So this is a low cost but also sort of like a low hassle alternative.这间公寓的主人并不住在这里。她现在住在美国中西部,所以对她来说,千辛万苦地把家具搬上来给买家看,等卖出去了再几经周折地把家具搬走,实在是太麻烦了。因此,这间公寓价格低廉,但这间空空荡荡的房子也很难卖。So for example, the empty one bedroom looks quite small in this photo, but when furnished digitally, looks much more inviting. Huss Stand says web traffics up at least 20% on listings with virtual staging.因此我们就使用到了电子装饰。这间一室的公寓在照片上看上去很小,但当你装饰上电子家具的时候,这间公寓看上去就很吸引人了。Huss Stand表示,装饰后,这间公寓的网上浏览量提升了20%。We have sort of a module that the brokers can go in, and fill out, you know, whats her furniture they want, the clolor, accessories, wood panel, etc. And we have all different sorts of like, stylistic selections that we can choose from.我们有模块供地产经纪人选择,他想要什么样的家具,颜色,装饰物,木质门框等都可自由选择。我们有各种不同的模块可以选择。Real staging is expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. Companies like Virtual Staging Solutions.com offer their services for just a couple hundred dollars. And with the real estate market still suffering, business is growing, cofounder Denies Miler:真正要装饰一间公寓价格昂贵,通常会花费几千美金。像Solutions.com这样的公司提供虚拟装饰只要几百美金就行了。因此,尽管房地产市场疲软,但这里的房子还是卖得很好。虚拟装饰的创始人Denies Miler说到:Right now we actually start to getting into our developers. We are saving them literally thousands, because they dont have them stage all these apartments that they have in the large complexes, and we are saving them quite a bit dollars because we are showing living spaces whether it be for a single person or a family, we do every type of demographic.现在,我们的业务正在拓展中。事实上,我们为卖主节省了几千元,因为卖家不用将要卖的房子重新装修装饰,我们为卖家节省了金钱,同时很好地向买家展示了房子的生活空间,不管是单人的买家还是一家三口的买家,我们的虚拟装饰都能满足他们的要求。Virtual staging is still a relatively new tool for the real estate business, but if it continues to deliver results, it could become a standard way to make buyers feel more at home.虚拟装饰在房地产业中仍然是新兴手段。但如果虚拟装饰持续为房地产经纪人带来生意,它将成为让买家满意的必要流程。Bobbi Rebell Reuters.Bobbi Rebell,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/197232

Still in Books and Arts; Book Review;Memoir of the Middle East;Scent of dreams;文艺;书评;中东回忆录;梦之味;I Was Born There, I Was Born Here. By Mourid Barghouti.《我在那里出生,我出生在这里》,穆里德·巴尔古提著;Certain images reappear in all recent Palestinian literature. Mangled olive groves, the trees, like their owners, uprooted; cardamom-scented coffee, its fragrance percolating through the Palestinian exile; endless waiting, daily to cross checkpoints, every year to return home.最近在巴勒斯坦的所有文学中重新出现了某些影像。遭到乱砍的橄榄树丛,就象它们的主人一样,这些树木被连根拔起;豆蔻香味的咖啡,它的香味浸透了流亡的巴勒斯坦人;无尽的等待,每天都穿过检查站,每年都返回家园。Mourid Barghouti evokes them all in his memoir, “I Was Born There, I Was Born Here”, which continues the story begun in his 2003 work, “I Saw Ramallah”. Driving to Jericho, he passes fields of olive trees, “uprooted and thrown over under the open sky like dishonoured corpses”, the fields around them an “open collective grave”. Crossing the border from Jordan, “at the threshold of Palestine”, he must wait for hours at checkpoints where “sweat oozes with sticky insistence” and the air is fried. These images lose none of their poignancy or power in this familiarity. Instead they distil the Palestinian experience of exile into something real.穆里德·巴尔古提在他的回忆录《我在那里出生,我出生在这里》中唤起了这一切。这本回忆录是他2003年的作品《我看到了拉马拉》的续篇。他驱车前往杰里科时经过橄榄树田,橄榄树“被连根拔起,抛却在露天下,就象没有尊严的尸体”,它们周围的田地是“露天的集体坟墓”。从约旦穿越边界,“在巴勒斯坦的门槛”,他必须在检查站里等几个小时,检查站里“汗水粘乎乎地不断淌出来”,空气热浪灼人。这些影像没有让他们的辛酸失去,或是让这种熟悉的辛酸所凝聚的力量失去。相反,它们把流亡的巴勒斯坦人的经历提炼成实实在在的东西。Much of the book concentrates on Mr Barghouti’s efforts to take his Egyptian-born son to Deir Ghassanah, the village of his birth. That homecoming culminates in the moment he stands in the room where he was born; when he can say, “I was born here,” not there. He and his son wander through the Old City of Jerusalem, snapping photos as they go. Their actions unsettle Mr Barghouti. Who takes photographs of their own home? Growing up, “the Via Dolorosa was just a street we used.” Cameras normally belong to tourists, who are anxious to hold onto places they may never see again. Fearful that the very act of recording what they see will ensure its loss, he and his son toss their cameras aside, desperate to re-establish their right to belong and to call this city home.这本书的大部分内容集中在巴尔古提努力把出生在埃及的儿子带到他出生的村庄哈暂纳村。当他站在自己出生的房间里,可以说着“我出生在这里”,而不是那里的那一刻,这次返乡达到了高潮。他和儿子在耶路撒冷的老城漫步,每到一个地方都抓拍照片。他们的行为让巴尔古提感到不安。谁会拍下这么多自己家园的照片呢?长大后,“苦路恰是我们惯走的那条街”。相机通常属于游客,因为游客渴望留住那些再也不会光顾的地方。害怕把所看到的记录下来这种非常的行为会坐实这些东西将要失去,他和儿子把相机扔在一旁,绝望地重新建立自己的归属权,把这个城市称为家园。More than anything, Mr Barghouti captures the Palestinians’ frustration at the lack of control over their lives. An endless journey to Jericho is punctuated by checkpoints and crossing a mud-filled chasm in the road with the help of a crane, which picks up the car like a mechanical claw at a fair and swings it across. After this, there is relief in returning to the certainties of Jordan, where “you know how many minutes you will need to get from one place to another”. He can offer no reassurance to his mother as she tells him to take care of himself. “If an Arab ruler wishes to arrest me, he will without doubt arrest me. If a policeman wants to kick me in the stomach and liver, he will without doubt kick me.” In this impotence lies the point of the Palestinian occupation.特别地,巴尔古提捕捉到了巴勒斯坦人对生活缺乏控制的沮丧。到杰里科的旅程没有尽头,不时被检查站打断,靠起重机的帮助穿过路上的一个泥坑,起重机象展销会上的机械爪一样抓住汽车,把它摆吊过去。此后,回到约旦,确定的事情让人宽慰,在约旦“你知道从一个地方到另一个地方将需要多少分钟”。当他的母亲告诉他要照顾自己时,他无法让母亲安心。“如果阿拉伯统治者想要逮捕我,毫无疑问地他会逮捕我。如果警察想要非难我,毫无疑问地他会非难我。”在巴勒斯坦被占领的那一刻这种无能无力就开始存在了。Mr Barghouti’s frustration boils over at the well-meaning curiosity of friends who wonder at his fixation with his village and who point to the beautiful vastness of the world beyond Palestine. The author reminds them, and the er, that he, unlike them, had no choice in his wanderings and has little hope of returning home. A salutary lesson.巴尔古提的沮丧激发了朋友们善意的好奇心,他们不知道他对自己村庄的固恋,指出巴勒斯坦以外的世界美丽浩瀚。作者提醒他们,也提醒读者,他不像他们,在流浪中他别无选择,回家的希望渺茫。真是一个有益的教训。 /201303/230396

Business Hewlett-Packard Board game商业 惠普 董事会的游戏More turmoil at the top of the worlds biggest tech firm世界最大的科技公司,陷入比以往更大的混乱之中A FEW months after Léo Apotheker, the former boss of SAP, a German software firm, took over as chief executive of Hewlett-Packard (HP), he joked that he had learned to say ;awesome; like a Californian following his move from Europe to Palo Alto. Unfortunately for Mr Apotheker, that is not an adjective that many of HPs investors and board members would apply to his leadership. Rightly or wrongly, they have become disillusioned with him. As The Economist went to press, speculation was swirling that he would soon be ousted as chief executive, less than a year after his arrival.前德国软件公司SAP老板,李艾科.阿波台克在接任惠普首席执行官几个月后开玩笑说,他从德国来到帕洛阿尔托后,已经学会像加利福尼佬那样说;牛X;了。可不幸的是,对于阿波台克来说, 许多惠普的投资人和董事会成员没能适应他的领导,也不会用这词儿形容他上台以来所取得的成绩。错也好,对也好,他们已经对阿波台克先生失望了。在本期《经济学家》出版之际,阿波台克即将被赶下首席运营官宝座的猜测已甚嚣尘上。而这据他上任的时间还不到一年。Whatever happens, the saga is another blow for a company that has lurched from one boardroom crisis to another. Mr Apotheker took the wheel at HP in November 2010 following the departure of Mark Hurd, who left abruptly amid stories of sexual indiscretions and problematic expense-reporting. Mr Hurd had taken over from Carly Fiorina, who was binned in 2005 after the firms profits plunged. A year later Patricia Dunn, HPs then chairman, also departed after a scandal involving an investigation into suspected press leaks from HP directors.不管发生什么,走马灯式地换第三个CEO对一家把一个董事会危机转嫁到另一个危机的公司来说,是又一打击。阿波台克先生在2010年11月掌舵惠普,接任突然离职的马克?赫德,后者离职的原因是私人性生活不检点外加花费报销有问题。而赫德先生的前任是卡莉.菲奥莉女士,她在惠普利润大幅下滑后,于2005年被赶走。转过年来,时任惠普主席的帕特丽夏?邓恩因卷入怀疑公司董事会成员向媒体泄密的调查,同样下了课。Repeated ructions at the top are harmful for any firm. But they have been devastating at HP, which faces brilliant competitors such as Apple in the hardware business and IBM in enterprise software and services. Mr Apotheker is partly to blame for the fact that the firm has been reluctant to follow his leadership. But so, too, is the board, which seems uncertain about what kind of leader HP needs.高层之间反复不断的争吵指责对任何公司来说都是有害的。而对于惠普而言,则更为致命。它所面对的竞争对手各个业绩彪炳,比如在硬件产业的竞争者苹果,和软件及务业的竞争者IBM。阿波台克先生被指责的部分原因是他无法驾驭惠普,这确属事实。但惠普董事会也应被批判。他们似乎并不能确定惠普需要那种类型的领导。A couple of things appear to have brought matters to a head. Since his arrival, Mr Apotheker has had to lower HPs revenue forecasts three times (see chart). In part, this reflects slower-than-expected growth in the personal-computer (PC) market, of which HP has a larger share than any other firm. HPs critics, however, claim that its boss has not done enough to arrest the sales slide, which has dented its share price.几件事情叠加在一起,使局面到了不可收拾的地步。自从阿波台克上任以来,三次降低惠普收入预测(详情看图表)。从一方面说,这一举措反映了惠普享有最大份额的个人电脑市场增长比预期缓慢。然而,惠普的批评者却称阿波台克在遏制销售业绩下滑上做出的努力不够,从而使惠普的股价一路下跌。Some board members also believe Mr Apotheker has failed to win broad support within HP. One person familiar with the boards deliberations employs a medical analogy, likening Mr Apotheker to ;a perfectly good organ; that simply has not worked when transplanted to a very different body. Asked for a response, HP refused to comment on speculation.一些董事会成员同样认为阿波台克先生没能在惠普内部赢得广泛的持。一位收悉惠普董事会研究思路的人士用器官移植来做比方。他把阿波台克先生比喻成;一个运行完美的器官;,但这个器官被移植到一个非常复杂的肌体后却无法做出简单的活动。当被问及就此做出回复时,惠普拒绝对此推论给予。It seems to be these issues, rather than any broad disagreement on strategy, that have caused friction between HPs chief executive and its board. Directors are said to support Mr Apothekers public musing about whether or not to sell the companys PC business. They also approve, it is said, of his whopping .3 billion bid for Autonomy, a British firm whose software helps companies sift through mountains of e-mails and other data. Investors are less sure: HPs shares dropped 20% on the day the deal and a possible spin-off of its PC business were announced.似乎正是这些问题,而不是其它在战略构想上更广泛的分歧造成了惠普首席执行官与董事会的擦。外界认为,惠普董事会员持阿波台克公开考虑是否出售公司的个人电脑业务。据说,他们同样赞同其提出的花费大约103亿美元收购英国软件公司Autonomy。其拥有的软件技术能帮助诸多公司筛选数量巨大的电子邮件和其它数据。投资者可不像惠普董事会那样赞成这样的计划:在惠普宣布收购Autonomy并告知有可能剥离旗下个人电脑业务后,其股价当天就大跌20%HP is unlikely to back out of buying Autonomy now, whatever happens to Mr Apotheker, not least because it is determined to grow in high-margin software businesses. More than two-fifths of Autonomys shareholders have aly accepted HPs bid and British rules would make it hard to pull out of the deal.不管阿波台克先生是否离任,惠普现在想撤销并购Autonomy是不可能了。更何况惠普已经决定要在高盈利的软件产业加大投资。超过五分之二的Autonomy股东已经接受惠普的报价,想要不再收购,英国的法规也不会轻易答应。Either a weakened Mr Apotheker will have to do a better job of selling these moves to the market, or that job will fall to his successor. If the board does push for his departure, one possible candidate for his job could be Meg Whitman, the former boss of eBay and an HP director. Ms Whitman is also an adviser to Kleiner Perkins, a venture firm where Ray Lane, HPs chairman, is a partner.在未来,要么地位不稳的阿波台克先生尽更大的努力把这些计划在市场中付诸实践,要么就是他的继任者来做这些事情。如果惠普董事会确实要赶他走,继承他职位的可能人选之一是前eBay老板,在惠普担任过董事的梅格?惠特曼。她同时还是一家风险企业Kleiner Perkins的顾问之一。而这家公司的合伙人之一就是雷?兰恩,惠普公司董事长。Investors seem to think that an Apotheker-less HP would be better off: the companys share price rose almost 7% on September 21st after news of a potential defenestration leaked out. But it is not clear that someone such as Ms Whitman, who comes from a consumer-internet background, would be an ideal successor at a company that does a lot of its business with other corporations.投资者似乎认为带有较少阿波台克德印记的惠普会更好。当他要卷铺盖走人的消息不径而飞后,惠普的股价在9月21日上涨了几乎7个百分点。向惠特曼女士这样,虽有为消费者提供网络务的背景,但是否就是惠普的理想继承者,对此前景并不明朗。毕竟惠普的商业运作对象主要是企业用户。Whatever happens, Mr Lane and the rest of HPs board will find themselves under the spotlight. ;Is Léo the problem, or is he just a symptom of an underlying problem?; muses Chris Whitmore, an analyst at Deutsche Bank. HPs shareholders should perhaps be asking themselves the same question.不管发生什么, 雷先生及董事会的其它成员将发现自己会暴露在聚光灯下。;是李艾科有问题,还是李艾科只是个深层问题的表象?;德意志的分析师克瑞斯.魏特尔对此旋入了沉思。惠普公司的股东应该或许也会问自己同样的问题。 /201301/220047

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