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今年的MTV电影颁奖典礼上《饥饿游戏》成为最。The MTV Movie Awards are given to films popular among teens every year. This year#39;s awards show took place on Sunday with ;The Hunger Games; coming in as the biggest winner.As the star of the Twilight series, Kristen Stewart is a familiar face at the MTV awards, but she is still as grateful as ever. The event had several band performances, including the band called Fun.Josh Hutcherson won ;best male actor; for his performance in the blockbuster ;The Hunger Games;. He admits his dream come true.The best female actress award went to Jennifer Lawrence, also a star in the Hunger Games. Jonny Depp performed with The Black Keys before accepting the MTV Generation Award, honoring his lifetime achievement.Other winners Sunday included Shailene Woodley for Breakthrough Performance and Jennifer Aniston as Best On Screen Dirtbag. Article/201206/185951

Learn some practices from our experienced swimming instructor to improve your front crawl technique. Learn how to do front crawl, and improve your swimming ability instantly with VideoJug#39;s help.跟着我们经验丰富的游泳教练提高自由泳技术吧,包教会。At this level the aim is about making each and every stroke longer and more powerful.这种水平的游泳爱好者需要做的是提高每一次击水的力量,游的距离更远。Step 1: Legs腿部The first practice concentrates on the legs. Over grasp the front of the float and keep your head up. Practice a length like this. Your kick action should be a little slower at this level. Slow kicks are better for long distances. For more resistance, place the float vertically into the water so it is half submerged and practise your slow kick action. These two practises really help you to build up power in your legs by making you work against the water resistance.第一次练习的时候,着重注意腿部用力。紧紧抓住漂浮物保持头部高于水面,游一段距离。这个阶段里,腿部蹬水的动作应该慢一些,同时试着把漂浮物垂直摁进游泳池中,借助浮力练习蹬腿的动作。这两个动作可以因水的阻力增大而增强腿部力量。Step 2: Arms第二步,双臂Try the following exercises to practise your arm and leg technique. Without a float try single arm pulls, where you hold one arm out in front of you and work the other one. Keeping the elbows up high when they exit the water. Then try doing the catch up. With one arm in front of you try to bring the other next to it. As soon as both hands are next to each other, you alternate arms. This should really help the timing of your stroke and make it more powerful and faster.通过以下动作练习手臂和双腿的游泳技巧:左右持浮力板在身前,右臂划水,手臂离开水面时保持伸直状态;然后练习跟进—左右手一前一后进行划水,着有助于缩短每一次挥臂的间隔,同时也能锻炼臂力,游得更快。Step 3: Breathing第三,呼吸At this level you should be able to turn your head smoothly and regularly for breathing. Try practising breathing in different ways. If you are used to breathing every two strokes on your left hand side, try doing it on the right. Breathing every three strokes, if you can, will help you swim a faster stroke.到这个阶段你要学会控制顺畅、有节奏的转头和呼吸。练习用不同的方式呼吸。如果你习惯挥臂两次之后在左侧呼吸一次,那么就应该试着改变呼吸的方向到右边去。如果可以三次击水呼吸一次,你将游得很快。Try to practise these techniques regularly. If you feel they are quite difficult, go back to the intermediate practices and start again to build up your skill.经常练习这些技巧。如果觉得很难,可以回头从中级技巧开始。Thanks for watching Advanced Front Crawl谢谢收看本期“高级自由泳”教程,我们下期节目再见。 /201208/193369

【视频欣赏】【视频文本】How To Win Any ArgumentArguments can be tough; winning an argument can be tougher. You can prevail, however, if you're armed with a handful of successful techniques. VideoJug's Ten Tips For Winning Any Argument will show you how you can mix it up and take the fight every time.Step 1: Quiet(报纸冷静)The quieter you are, the harder your opponent has to work to listen to you. Keep your voice low. Once your opponent leans in, he's yours.Step 2: Facts And Figures(用事实说话)Know your stuff. The better prepared you are with real information, the more likely you are to intimidate your opponent into agreeing with you. Bonus Tip: Feel free to fake it, as long as you can do it convincingly.Step 3: Listen(仔细听)Stop worrying about what you're going to say next. LISTEN to your opponent. The more he talks, the more opportunity you have to drive a truck through the holes in his argument.Step 4: Achilles Heel(找到软肋)Find your opponent's weakness, and exploit it! If he can't think on his feet, ask him rapid-fire questions. If he is afraid of cheese, order lunch. Use whatever you can to get him off his game.Step 5: Focus(为了自己的观点而争论,不要抠一个点上)Stay on track. Avoid tangents. Don't argue a point for the sake of arguing it. Stick to your subject, and remember what you want. You don't need to be right; you need to achieve your goal.Step 6: Apologize(道歉)Sounds counterintuitive, but if you apologize for a small slight or mistake, your opponent will be disarmed. By choosing your moment to expose your "flaws," you will make your opponent feel guilty for opposing you.Step 7: Emotions In Check(不要感情用事)Do NOT show emotion, and do NOT let your emotions affect your argument. Your opponent will see frustration, defensiveness or tears as signs of weakness, and you will lose all the ground you've gained. Bonus Tip: Whatever you say when you're upset will be stupid, anyway.Step 8: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist(该出手时就出手)Just because you shouldn't show real emotion doesn't mean you shouldn't turn it on at some point. If it's time to intimidate your opponent, go big. Remind him who's boss. Just keep it controlled.Step 9: Manipulate(熟能生巧)Sometimes, it's best to let your opponent think he came up with the resolution to your problem. This is a long-haul strategy - you have to seed the idea in your opponent's mind and then nurture it with words - but when you want something from your opponent, it's an excellent tactic.Step 10: Shhhh….(忍一时风平浪静)Best tip of all: Just stop talking. That's it. Go silent. It's impossible to argue with someone who won't argue back. Your opponent will eventually start feeling like an idiot and slink away. It takes some confidence and a pretty strong will, but so does winning. Article/201003/97799

凯尔特人115-107战胜热火,休战一场的韦德首发出战。詹姆斯得到36分7篮板7助攻,韦德20分,波什13分9篮板。加内特为绿军拿下24分9篮板,皮尔斯27分。The Celtics O-G big three dismantled Miami’s trio by 19 a week ago and they had an opportunity to once again show the new kids on the block that the old dogs still have plenty of bite left in them.Dwyane Wade is back in the line-up for Miami after missing last game with a bad ankle. Pick things up in the first q, and the Heat take advantage of a turnover it is Wade to Lebron who rocks the rim, tie game early on.But the Celtics vets would step up and give Boston a double digit lead - Kevin Garnett going up an under for the hoop. The Heat would try to cut into the lead, D-Wade out on the fast break and fakes the behind the back pass and goes in for the flush.Lebron would ensure the Boston lead would get below double digits as he beats the halftime buzzer. Boston up 8 after 24 minutes. Second half the Celts come out firing, Paul Pierce hitting from the land beyond. 27 for the Truth on this night.King James would carry the scoring load for Miami and reduces the deficit to 7. Miami continue to press and Chris Bosh gets the hoop, but would miss the free throw. Heat down 1. But the Celts vets step up in crunch time, KG hitting the jumper to put Boston up 7. And then the ;Big Ticket; clinches it with the turnaround jumper. 24 for Garnett as the Celtics down the Heat 115-107. Article/201204/177530

部分工厂歇业以缓解雾霾天气 Article/201302/223756

Steps步骤Step 1 Keep washcloths in the fridge冷冻毛巾Keep a stash of washcloths in your refrigerator. Apply one to your face each morning to temporarily tighten pores, reduce swelling, get rid of puffy eyes, and eliminate any redness.在冰箱里常备一条毛巾。每天早晨冰敷脸部可起到收缩毛孔,消除浮肿,去眼袋和减少肌肤红血丝的作用。Step 2 Prepare a ginseng drink人参泡水Buy whole Panax ginseng root – not Siberian ginseng – and soak a paper-thin slice in 4 ounces of distilled water for 30 minutes. Pour the water into the bottom of a double boiler and steam the ginseng in the top part for one hour.买一人参的根须,西伯利亚人参除外,切成纸一样薄厚,泡在4盎司蒸馏水中,浸泡30分钟。在双层蒸锅下层加水,将浸泡后的人参放在上层蒸1小时。Step 3 Drink up早晨半杯人参水Drink half the liquid before breakfast, and the other half anytime the next day. Repeat daily for 10 to 30 days. Ginseng is rich in antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles.早餐前喝半杯人参水,并且第二天继续这么做,坚持10到30天。人参富含抗氧化剂,能够防止皮肤产生皱纹。Warning: If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking medication, consult your doctor before drinking ginseng water.警示:妇,有过敏史和长期药的人群要事先询问个人医师。Step 4 Make a pearl mask珍珠粉敷脸Get some pearl powder from an herbalist or order online. Mix 1 teaspoon of it with one egg white and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply it to your face and let it set for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Pearl powder is rich in calcium and the natural protein conchiolin, which helps cells regenerate and stay hydrated.从草药医师那儿或网上商城弄点儿珍珠粉。一汤匙珍珠粉加一个鸡蛋蛋清,半汤匙蜂蜜,搅拌均匀。将搅拌好的面膜涂在脸上,敷面20分钟。用温水洗净。珍珠粉富含钙质和天然珍珠蛋白,Tip: Wipe your face with a warm, wet washcloth before applying the mask; moist skin is better at absorbing nutrients.小贴士:做珍珠粉面膜前,用温润毛巾敷脸,湿润脸部肌肤可以使皮肤更好地吸收养分。Step 5 Moisturize with coconut椰子保湿Shred a fresh coconut and simmer it with an equal amount of water or milk until it#39;s frothy. Strain it through cheesecloth and refrigerate. Skim off the cream that hardens on the top and rub it into your skin to moisturize.将椰子肉切碎,并和等量的水或牛奶混合煮沸。将煮好的液体放进粗麻布中过滤,将过滤后液体上方漂浮的精华涂抹于脸上保湿。Step 6 Carry a parasol使用遮阳伞Carry a parasol on sunny days. It helps protect you from skin damage caused by the sun. (But you should still wear sunscreen!)在炎炎夏日使用遮阳伞。它能防止阳光造成的肌肤伤害。(即使使用遮阳伞,也要使用防晒面霜)Fact: In the 18th and 19th centuries, facial powders containing nightingale droppings were popular in Japan because the bird poop#39;s enzymes were thought to prevent wrinkles and stimulate circulation.小常识:在18,19世纪的日本,人们脸部使用的散粉是由夜莺的粪便制成的,因为鸟类的粪便可以预防产生皱纹,促进血液循环。You Will Need你需要Washcloths毛巾Panax ginseng root人参根Pearl powder珍珠粉An egg white鸡蛋白Honey蜂蜜A fresh coconut新鲜的椰子A cheesecloth粗棉布A parasol阳伞 Article/201208/197084

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