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河南省人民医院祛疤痕多少钱济源市治疗腋臭多少钱If you have a dog, you may have noticed that sometimes it seems to be smiling.如果你养,你可能已经有所发觉,这只汪星人有时似乎在微笑。But, of course, we know that dogs dont really smile.但是,当然,我们清楚是不会笑的。Thats just how dog mouths appear sometimes, right? 的嘴有时会张开,对吗?Perhaps, but according to neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp of Bowling Green State University, some animals do laugh.也许的确如此,但按照林格林州立大学神经系统科学家贾克·潘克斯皮的理论,一些动物确实会笑。When chimps play, Panksepp notes, they make panting sounds that could be a form of laughter.当黑猩猩玩耍的时候, 潘克斯皮指出,他们发出气喘吁吁的声音可能就是一种形式的笑声。Even rats have a way of laughing-by chirping when theyre playing with each other or being tickled by humans.即使老鼠也有办法—彼此嬉戏或被人类逗乐时候通过鸣叫就可以愉悦自己。But, if animals do in fact laugh, what are they laughing at?但是,如果动物事实上真的在笑,他们是在笑什么?Scientists have long known that for many animals, life isnt all about hunting, foraging, fighting, and sleeping.科学家已经知晓对于许多动物而言,生活不仅仅是狩猎,觅食,争斗及睡觉。Young animals also play a lot, which suggests that animal laughter is related to playful joy.年轻的动物也会玩耍,这意味着动物笑的原因与嬉戏快乐有关。How is this possible?这怎么可能?Human laughter originates in very ancient areas of the brain.人类的笑声起源于大脑非常古老的区域。This suggests that mammalian brains were wired for playful joy long before the rise of modern humans.这表明,哺乳动物的大脑在现代人类崛起前就已经对嬉戏快乐有所感觉。So its not too much of a stretch to claim that pre-human forms of laughter may exist.因此,对于可能存在的远古人类的笑没有太多的观点延伸。To be clear, its not certain that animals really laugh like humans, at least not in response to humor.需要明确的是,动物的笑不一定像人类一样,至少不是对幽默的回应。However, many studies suggest that animals are capable of complex emotions such as fear, anger, and even joy and sadness.然而,许多研究表明,动物本身拥有如恐惧、愤怒,甚至快乐和悲伤等复杂的情绪。So your dogs grin may not be a real human-type smile.所以你的咧开嘴并不是真正意义的微笑。But it now seems likely that deep in brain regions that animals share with humans, the ability for joy and ancients forms of laughter do exist.但现在看来动物和人类共享大脑的深处区域,高兴的能力及远古笑的形式的确存在。 201310/259915河南人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱 Business商业报道General Motors woes通用的悲鸣What do you recall?你召回什么?GM is forced to confront its faults通用被迫面对它的错误WHEN Mary Barra took the wheel at General Motors in January she inherited a company in good shape.Mary Barra 在二月份接掌通用汽车时,公司运转态势良好。Five years after bankruptcy, its profits were exceeding expectations and its share price was rising.破产5年之后,它的利润增长超过预期,股价也在持续上升。But the new bosss to-do list was long: fixing GMs loss-making European arm, keeping up momentum in China amid signs of a slowdown and rejuvenating the product line.但是新的掌门人面临着一系列的问题:整顿欧洲分的亏损问题;在出现衰退迹象的情况下,保持中国市场的发展势头并发展生产线。Ms Barras predecessor, Dan Akerson, warned her that she would also face “curve balls”.Barra女士的前任Dan Akerson 告诫她可能也会面临“曲线球”。The first has arrived sooner than she might have expected.第一个比她预期的来得更快。What appeared to be a routine recall in mid-February of about 800,000 older models, linked to a faulty ignition switch, has turned out to be anything but.在二月中旬看似是例行召回的800000辆旧款车结果显示只是因为点火开关的缺陷。The number of cars recalled has leapt to more than 2.6m.被召回的车已经超过260万辆。The companys inept handling of a safety problem that first became apparent a decade ago is now linked to the deaths of at least 13 motorists.公司对于安全问题的笨拙处理,在十年之前首次显露。现在已经与至少13位驾驶者的死亡有关。Called before Congress on April 1st to answer for GMs failings Ms Barra said she was “deeply sorry” but insisted that the post-bankruptcy “new GM” was not like the “old GM”, which had failed to deal with the ignition switches for years.4月1号被召到国会回答通用失败的原因,Barra说她“深表遗憾”,但是她强调破产重组后的“新通用”和处理点火开关多年未果的“老通用”不同。Politicians and the public alike want to know how such a problem could have remained unaddressed for so long.政客和公众想知道为什么这样一个问题能够悬而未决这么久。Cars are becoming ever more complex machines, with thousands of mechanical and electronic parts.汽车构造越来越复杂,有着成千上万的机械以及电气构造。Recalls are not uncommon.召回并不罕见。Last year it happened to 22m vehicles in America, compared with 18m in 2012.去年美国有2200万汽车召回,而2012年召回了1800万辆。In fact, GM was one of only three brands that recalled fewer vehicles than it sold.实际上,通用曾是召回比售出少的三巨头之一。Niggling problems, like squeaks or rattles, that do not affect safety are more common still.不影响安全的类似于发出吱吱声或者为嗡嗡声的琐碎问题愈发常见。 They may be fixed at a routine service; the owner may never know.它们有可能在例行务中被处理好,汽车所有者可能永远都不会知道。The growing number of recalls is testament to an improving system for picking up faults.增加的召回数量是发现问题体系在不断完善的明。But it is very complicated.但是这个系统很复杂。Dealers must record replacements of parts under warranty.经销商必须在授权下记录置换部分。The carmaker needs to spot the trend, recognise it as a problem and then determine whether or not it is a design fault that requires wholesale replacement.汽车制造者需要发现这一趋势,认定其为一个问题,然后确认是否为需要全部替换的设计失误。It relies on accurate recording of every warranty replacement in every region, says Andrew Bergbaum of AlixPartners, a firm of consultants.咨询公司AlixPartners的Andrew Bergbaum说:它依赖于每一地区的每一个授权置换的精确记录。This system appears to have broken down at “old GM”.但是这一体系在“老通用”貌似没能施行。Ms Barra needs to find out why.Barra需要找出其原因。At the heart of the matter is a widely used ignition switch that has a tendency to slip from the “on” position to “off” if a driver uses a heavy keychain or bounces down a rough road.问题的核心是:广泛使用的点火开关在驾驶者使用重钥匙串或者在崎岖路上颠簸时有从“开”滑落到“关”的趋向。A modification was made in 2008 to prevent the problem, which can lead to the engine shutting off, disabling the airbags.一个装置在2008年被设计出来解决这一问题,但是它可能导致引擎熄火和安全气囊的失效。But despite a growing list of crashes and deaths, GM failed to order a recall for a component that would have cost a few dollars at most.尽管有着上升的撞车及死亡记录,但是通用并没有进行召回,虽然这些召回最多只是花一点钱。This is odd.这很奇怪。Most carmakers want to identify and fix problems speedily despite having to bear the cost of buying and fitting a new component.大多数汽车制造者希望及时发现并处理问题,尽管会付购买以及安装新元件的费用。A small part can do great harm, if bad publicity leads to reputational corrosion, lost sales and litigation, which in America can include hefty punitive damages.千里之堤溃于蚁穴,如果坏的消息传开导致名誉受损、销量下降以及被起诉,这在美国预示着高额惩罚性赔偿。Appearing to put profits before safety is also liable to batter a firms shares, as GM has discovered.通用实了,表现得重利益甚于重视安全也会引起公司股票的大跌。So far Ms Barra has handled the situation well.Barra到目前为止将这个局面处理得很好。She seems to have acted as soon as she found out something was awry.她似乎在一发现事情不对,就立即采取行动。And she has borrowed strategies from Toyota, which was forced into recalling more than 10m vehicles in and 2010 after worrying instances of “unintended acceleration”.她借鉴了丰田公司的策略。丰田在担心“突然加速”的例子,在年和2010年先后召回了1000万辆汽车。Akio Toyoda, Toyotas boss, also appeared before Congress, contrite and apologetic.丰田公司掌门人Akio Toyoda也在国会现身,赔礼道歉。GM, like Toyota, has appointed a worldwide safety tsar to cut through the bureaucracy that may have delayed action on the faulty switch.通用和丰田一样,任命了一个全球性的安全特使来整饬可能导致拖延问题开关处理的官僚作风。And in a frenzy of housecleaning, GM has recalled another 2m vehicles in America alone.在一场狂风骤雨般的清理中,通用单单在美国就另外召回了200万辆车。GM looks set to accept moral, if not legal, responsibility.如果不是法律要求的,通用似乎也会接受道德责任。The terms of its exit from bankruptcy give immunity to lawsuits for injuries arising beforehand.通用退出破产的条件赋予其豁免于之前伤害诉讼的权利。But GM is likely to compensate survivors and victims families anyway.但是通用不管怎样,可能赔偿幸存者以及遇难者家属。Toyota had a terrible year after its big recalls, battered by mounting costs and falling sales.丰田在它的大召回后经历了困难的一年,深陷于大量的费用以及减少的销量之中。But it has since regained the lost ground.但是它已经重新夺回失去的市场。It is not yet clear how much of a hammering GM will take.通用会经受怎样的打击现在还不清楚。But hours before Ms Barras meeting with Congress, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued a coveted “Top Safety Pick” endorsement for the new Chevrolet Malibu, one of a growing number of well-received cars from GM.但是在Barra出席国会之前,高速公路安全保险机构颁发了一个令人垂涎的“最高安全评价”的认给了通用销量大涨、广受欢迎的雪佛兰迈锐宝。That suggests it is at least on the road to redemption.这表明通用至少在救赎的路上。 /201404/285978One of the least pleasant things about being human is the appearance at adolescence of pimples. 最恼人的一件事就是青春期脸上长痘痘。 Not only do they make their entrance just at the time when people are most self-conscious, but they come and go for the rest of your life. 在人们最有自我意识的时候会冒痘痘,而且痘痘可能会在你脸上保留一辈子。It would almost be better to have a hairy face. 也许脸上长满毛会更好。Ironically, the general covering of our bodies in hair---what we call ;fur; on other animals---is at the root of our problem with acne. 讽刺的是,我们身上的体毛,就是我们所说的其他动物的“皮毛”——就是我们脸上长粉刺的根源所在。In the course of evolution human beings lost their entirely hairy faces and now have a lot of exposed skin there: even a bearded man with bushy eyebrows has much of his face bare. 在进化的过程中,人类完全失去了他们毛茸茸的面孔,进而暴露出大部分的皮肤:甚至是浓眉大眼的长满胡须的男人,他的脸都是光滑的。The structures in the facial skin that once gave rise to hair, however, have not disappeared entirely: many still contain tiny vestigial hairs which do not grow. 面部皮肤结构一旦催生出毛发,就不能完全消失:很多还包含着微小残留的长不出来的毛发。That means there is nothing to open up the pore itself; and that means the pore is a great place for oils, dirt and bacteria to get clogged. 那就意味着和毛孔本身无关,而且意味着毛孔能被油脂,污垢和细菌堵塞。You can get zits anywhere vestigial follicles become clogged. 残留毛囊堵塞的地方就会长有青春痘。The big culprit on faces, though, isnt dirt so much as an internally-produced substance called sebum that makes the skin cells shed inside the pores. 不过脸部的罪魁祸首与其说是不干净,倒不如说是一种内部产生的物质,皮脂,使得皮肤毛孔内的细胞脱落。These dead cells, unable to flake away, collect until they become an irritation to the pore. 这些死细胞,无法自动脱落,一直累积直到其对毛孔产生刺激作用。At this point the body reacts in a miniature version of the way it deals with any other invasion: it sends white blood cells to the site to attack the invading body. 此时人体会减弱其他任何形式的入侵,从而它会将白细胞送至机体来抵抗受侵细胞。The result is a mild inflammation at the scene of battle. That inflammation is the zit. 结果就是轻度炎症在作怪。而那炎症就是青春痘。So evolution, while having cleaned our hairy faces, gave us pimply skin instead. 所以进化在清理我们多毛的面孔的同时,也会使我们的皮肤长有粉刺。201308/252859郑州/华山整形美容医院治疗疤痕多少钱

郑州/市妇幼保健儿童医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱河南省华山整形医院激光祛痘多少钱 郑州市第一人民医院纹眉价钱费用

郑州/祛眼袋Business商业报道Cinema economics影院经济学Bigger on the inside在里面更大Now showing at your local cinema: operas, circuses and television shows现在正在您当地的影院上映的:歌剧,马戏团和电视节目WHOVIANS habitually sit on the sofa—or hide behind it—to watch their favourite time-traveller battle Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons and other monsters.WHOVIANS习惯性地坐在沙发或隐藏在背后,看着自己喜欢的电影《穿越时空的少女》与Daleks,赛人,Zygons和其他怪物战斗。But on November 23rd thousands of them, all around the world, settled into cinema seats to see Doctor Who in 3D.但11月23日在世界各地数千人去电影院看3D版的神秘士。The 50th-anniversary episode of the British television show was screened on 800 big screens in 20 countries at the same time as being broadcast on the Bs channels.英国电视的50周年庆的插播节目被20个国家的800个大屏幕在同一时间正在播出的B的频道所屏蔽。The Doctors appearance exemplifies the rise of event cinema, in which film theatres show more than just films.士的出现实了实景电影的兴起,不仅仅是剧院里的电影。Cinema-goers can be thrilled by live sporting events or lulled by arias from the worlds great opera houses.电影观众可以通过直播体育赛事感到很兴奋,或因世界上最伟大的歌剧院的咏叹调感到平静。They have still been able to see Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum, although the exhibition at the British Museum closed in September.他们仍然能够看到在庞贝和赫库兰尼姆时期的生和死,虽然大英物馆的展览在九月就已经结束。Event cinema accounts for only around 1% of global box-office takings, but it is growing quickly.实景影院只占全球票房收入的1%左右,但它正在迅速增长。David Hancock of IHS, a research firm, thinks it will bring in 0m this year and maybe billion by 2018.调查公司IHS的大卫·汉考克认为它今年将带来3.8亿美元的收入,到2018年也许可以达到十亿美元。This new breed of programming is made possible by the sp of digital technology.由于数字技术的普及使这种类型的编剧成为可能。Cinemas no longer rely on the delivery of 35mm reels, now that pictures can be delivered over satellite or broadband connections.电影院不再依赖于35mm的胶卷,现在图片可通过卫星或宽带连接传输。Cinema-owners can make fuller use of their screens, and audiences see delights they would otherwise miss.影院业主可以更充分地利用他们的屏幕,和观众欣赏已经播过的电影。We have a presence in 78 Mexican cities, says Alejandro Ramirez, the boss of Cinepolis, which runs plush cinemas in the Americas and India.我们在墨西哥的78个城市都有,Cinepolis的老板亚历杭德罗·拉米雷斯说,他运行在美洲和印度的豪华电影院。In the vast majority of these cities, there is no opera, he notes.在这些城市中绝大多数没有剧院,他说。So far this year nearly 300,000 people worldwide have gone to see opera and other alternative programming, such as Cirque du Soleil 3D, a circus performance, at Cinepoliss theatres.今年到目前为止,全球有近30万人去看戏剧及其他另类节目,如 3D太阳马戏团,在Cinepolis剧院的马戏表演。Cinema-owners want to do more than beam in events.影院的老板除了放电影外还想做更多的事。For instance, Tim Richards, the founder of Vue Cinemas, which operates chains in Europe and Taiwan, predicts that theatres will be rented during off-peak hours to -game players to display contests on the big screen.例如,Vue影院的创始人蒂姆·理查兹,经营在欧洲和台湾的连锁店,预测剧院将在非高峰时段出租给视频游戏玩家在大屏幕上进行比赛。We are not trying to displace Hollywood films, he says.我们并不试图取代好莱坞电影,他说。All we are trying to do is make better use of the assets we have.所有我们正在试图做的只是更好地利用我们的资产。Finding new uses for screens is a product of economic necessity as well as technological opportunity.寻找屏幕新的用途在经济上很有必要,也是因为有技术的机遇。Ten years ago Americans and Canadians went to the cinema almost five times a year on average; now it is closer to four.十年前,美国人和加拿大人平均每年去电影院近五次,现在它更接近四次。In America and Europe in particular, at-home film offerings, including -on-demand, are plentiful—and cheaper than a night out.在美国和欧洲,特别是在家里的家庭影院包括视频点播很丰富而且比夜晚出去看更便宜。To make that night out worthwhile, cinemas, like ageing starlets, are trying to doll themselves up.为了让这个夜晚值得,电影院,像过气的小明星试图让自己年轻起来。They are installing plusher chairs, many of which recline nearly horizontally.他们正在安装plusher椅子,其中有许多低的接近水平。AMC, an American chain, has found that these VIP seats decrease theatres capacity by two-thirds, but can boost attendances by 90% or more, as well as commanding higher prices.AMC美国连锁公司已经发现,这些贵宾席减少剧院的三分之二座位,但可以达到90%以上的上座率以及更高的价格。Cinemas have rarely lived by the price of admission alone—margins on popcorn are around 80%—and many are trying to fatten what they can earn once people are inside the doors.电影院很少只靠门票赚取利润,爆米花的利润率约80%,许多人试图依靠进入影院的人来养肥他们。More cinemas are selling booze, notably in countries where a night at the pictures has usually been a dry affair.很多电影院卖酒,尤其是在一个晚上都看电影的国家。In 2011 Matthew Viragh , the founder of Nitehawk Cinema, an independent theatre in Brooklyn, campaigned successfully to overturn a New York state law banning the sale of alcohol in cinemas.2011年Nitehawk电影院的创始人马修沃夫,布鲁克林一个独立的剧场,成功地推翻纽约州法律禁止在电影院出售酒精。Moviegoers are much likelier to order a second drink than a second tub of popcorn.观众更有可能要第二杯喝的而不是第二桶爆米花。Some offer full meals, served by waiters, so that audiences can eat while they watch.有些影院由务员提供正餐,让观众可以一边吃一边看电影。Nitehawk even provides dishes suited to the films on show.Nitehawk甚至提供适合播出电影的菜肴。One recent evening a viewing of Kill Your Darlings, a new film about Allen Ginsberg, could be accompanied by a Beet Generation salad or an Allen in Wonderland cocktail.不久前的一个晚上上映的《杀死汝爱》,关于艾伦·金斯堡的一个新电影,可能会伴随着甜菜色拉或者艾伦仙境的鸡尾酒。Concocting a mouthwatering for Whovians may be harder: a Zygon, in the Doctors words, is a big red rubbery thing covered in suckers, with venom sacs in its tongue. Bon appetit.为Whovians提供一个令人垂涎的菜单可能会更难:用医生的话说Zygon是一个大红色胶状的东西被一个大吸盘盖着,在它的舌头内有毒液囊。祝你有个好胃口。 /201312/267185 周口市隆胸多少钱郑州中心医院激光去痘价钱费用



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