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南昌大学附属医院绣眉手术多少钱南昌大学第四附属医院激光去痘手术多少钱Middle East amp; Africa中东与非洲Cameroon: Lingua fracas喀麦隆:通用语言Clampping down on the web and English.喀麦隆严厉打击互联网和英语使用者The images beaming from the screens of Cameroons state television channel, CRTV, show a country riding on a wave of glory.喀麦隆国际电视频道CRTV播放屏幕显示这个国家正沐浴在荣耀当中。In February the national football team, “The Indomitable Lions”, beat Egypt to win the Africa Cup of Nations trophy for the first time in 15 years.2月喀麦隆国家足球队“不败雄狮”战胜埃及,十五年来第一次赢得非洲国家奖杯。In January a Cameroonian teenager became the first ever African winner of the Google coding challenge, an international programming competition.1月一位喀麦隆少年成为谷歌编码挑战赛(国际编程比赛)的首位非洲获胜者。But turn away from the goggle box and the country is troubled.但是如果我们把目光从电视里移开,可以发现这个国家正问题缠身。When the footballing trophy was brought to Bamenda, Cameroons third-biggest city, placard-carrying protesters joined the crowds of onlookers.当喀麦隆第三大城市巴门达捧回足球奖杯时,手持标语牌的示威者加入了围观人群。And for almost two months the countrys young Google prodigy, along with hundreds of thousands of others, has been unable to surf the web because the government has shut it down in two English-speaking regions.因为政府将两个英语区的网络关闭,导致近两个月的时间里,年轻的谷歌奇才和其他几十万人都无法上网。The plug was pulled as part of a clampdown on Anglophone activists in which more than a hundred people have been arrested and pressure groups have been outlawed.在这场压制活动中,有一百多人被逮捕,压力团体也被取缔。At least six people have been killed and scores more injured since December by policemen and soldiers who have opened fire on demonstrators.自从去年12月份以来,警察和士兵向示威者开火,至少有六人被其打死,还有更多人受伤。The protests initially began as a series of strikes by the countrys English-speaking lawyers, who took to the streets in their wigs and gowns in October 2016 demanding English translations of the countrys key legal texts and better treatment by the authorities.抗议最初起始于该国英语律师的一系列罢工活动,在2016年10月,他们戴假发穿长袍走上街头,要求国家的关键法律文件翻译成英语,还要求得到政府更好的待遇。Since then many others have joined in, including teachers.从那时起,包括教师在内的其他许多人也加入进来。The conflict between the government and the Anglophone minority is escalating.政府和英语少数群体的冲突正在不断激化。The roots of Cameroons linguistic rift date back to 1919, when Britain and France divided the country between them, having taken it from Germany after the first world war.喀麦隆语言分裂的根源可以追溯到1919年,当时一战后英法两国从德国手里接管此地,并将它一分为二。After both parts gained their independence in 1960 and 1961, they reunited to form a bilingual, federal republic.两党1960年、1961年分别独立之后,为了组建一个双语的联邦共和国又重新联合起来了。But English speakers, who are less than fifth of the population, feel hard done by.但说英语的人占总人口不到五分之一,因此觉得受到了不公对待。They say that their regions get less than their share of public money and that it is too hard to interact with the state in English.他们说,和对公共资金的贡献相比,他们地区得到的不足一提,而且很难用英语和其他人互动。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201706/512828江西第一附属医院打玻尿酸多少钱 中心词:Quality:质量,优点,品质,特征。Soul of an enterprise:企业的灵魂-- We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise. 我们认为质量是一个企业的灵魂。the first consideration:第一位考虑-- Therefore,we always put quality as the first consideration. 因而,我们总是把质量放在第一位来考虑。quality:质量; quantity:数量-- Quality is even more important than quantity. 质量比数量更为重要。Control:控制-- What kind of quality control do you have? 你们用什么办法来控制质量呢?strict inspection:严格的检查-- All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. 所有产品出厂前必须要经过严格检查。Match:相比,使比较,比的上-- No one can match us so far as quality is concerned. 就质量而言,没有任何厂家能和我们相比。 /201101/124302江西省中医院去眼袋多少钱

南昌华夏医院点痣多少钱第一, 迷你对话A: Let’s play a game.咱们下盘棋吧。B: Sorry, I have no time now.对不起,我这会儿没有时间。A: I know that you can knock the spots off me, so you don’t like to play a game with me.我知道你比我高明得多,不愿意和我下棋。B: How can there be things as such.你说的是哪儿的话呀?第二, 地道表达knock the spots off somebody1. 解词释义Knock the spots off somebody的意思是“比某人高明甚多,轻易胜过某人,远远超过某人”。2. 拓展范例e.g. In learning foreign languages, the girls knock spots off the boys every time.学习外语女孩总是比男孩强。e.g. She has put several days of careful research into her report, which explains why it knocks the spots off everyone elses.她这份报告,是花了好几天仔细查考的成果,自然远远胜过别人的了。第三, 咬文嚼字as such:就此而论As such, evolution did not come out of zero.照这么说来,进化就不是无中生有。She was a slave, and salable as such.她是个奴隶,既然是奴隶,也就可以出卖。第四, 口语短句中文:哪会有这种事?英文:How can there be things as such? /201702/492843南昌肿瘤医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱 Business: 3D printing: Print my ride商业:3D打印:打印我的座驾A mass-market carmaker starts customising vehicles individually.大众化生产商开启汽车定制新时代。Another milestone has been passed in the adoption of additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3D printing.积层制造即3D打印再创里程碑。Daihatsu, a Japanese manufacturer of small cars and a subsidiary of Toyota, an industry giant, announced on June 20th that it would begin offering car buyers the opportunity to customise their vehicles with 3D-printed parts.6月20日,行业巨头日本丰田汽车的子公司,小型汽车制造巨头大发宣布将为客户提供3D打印零件定制务。This brings to drivers with more modest budgets the kind of individual tailoring of vehicles hitherto restricted to the luxury limousines and sports cars of the super-rich.这项务使得预算有限的车主也能像拥有奢华轿车及跑车的巨富们一样定制自己的汽车。The service is available only to buyers of the Daihatsu Copen, a tiny convertible two-seater.不过这项务仅适用于小型双座敞篷跑车大发Copen。Customers ordering this car from their local dealer can choose one of 15 “effect skins”, decorative panels embellished with intricate patterns in ten different colours.公司将十种不同颜色的复杂图案点缀在板金上,设计出15种“外观皮肤”,在当地经销商处订购Copen车型的消费者可以从中任选一种。The buyers can then use a website to tinker with the designs further to create exactly the look they want.他们还可以在网上进一步完善该设计,以达到他们想要的效果。The skins are printed in a thermoplastic material using additive-manufacturing machines from Stratasys, an American company.通过采用美国公司Stratasys的积层制造设备,这些皮肤可被打印在热塑性材料上。The results are then stuck on the front and rear body panels.然后打印好的成品会被贴在车身前后部位。Copen buyers will like selecting unique add-ons rather than choosing from a list of standard accessories, reckons Osamu Fujishita of Daihatsu.大发的Osamu Fujishita认为,相比于在一系列标准化的配饰中挑挑拣拣,Copen车型的买家更乐意挑选独一无二的配饰。The company is testing the service in a few markets but plans to make it widely available by early 2017.目前这项定制务只在部分市场试运行,但公司计划于2017年初广泛开展这项业务。“I think the Copen project is just the start,” adds Mr Fujishita.Fujishita先生补充说:“我认为Copen计划只是个开始。”Other carmakers are watching closely.其他汽车生产商也在密切关注此项务。Generally, personal customisation is available only where money is no object—on cars such as Rolls-Royces and Ferraris.一般来说,个人定制仅面向买得起劳斯莱斯、法拉利的不差钱的买家。But 3D printers change the economics of production.但是3D打印机改变了这一生产的经济运作机制。Since software, rather than skilled craftsmen working in wood or metal, is behind the process, changes can be made easily and cheaply; traditional machine tools used in mass-production factories make design alterations expensive and slow.因为3D打印是由软件操作整个过程,无需能工巧匠在木板或者金属板上作业,所以更改设计简单又廉价;反之,用于大批量生产工厂的传统机床使得设计变更,既昂贵又费时。And 3D printing saves on retooling costs to make small runs of parts (and spares if they suffer damage later) .除此之外,3D打印还可以节省制作小批量部件(以及之后遇损的替换备件)的工具更换成本。The aerospace industry is aly well advanced in using 3D printers for custom parts.航空航天工业早已开始使用3D打印机来定制配件了。Airlines often specify customised fittings for the interiors of their aircraft; Airbus prints internal cabin fittings for some variants of its new A350XWB commercial jet, for instance.航空公司经常为他们的飞机内部指定定制化配件。例如,空中客车公司的新型A350XWB商用飞机各变体的机舱内部配件就是打印的。Specialised parts are 3D-printed for racing cars too, but until Daihatsu’s move, mainstream carmakers have mainly used 3D machines to make prototype vehicles rather than production parts.赛车也使用了3D打印的专门配件,但是在大发公司实施这一举措之前,主流的汽车制造商还是主要将3D打印机用于制造原型车,而非生产部件。Local Motors, a tiny Arizona company, shows where things may head next.亚利桑那州的一家小公司洛克汽车公司 展示了3D打印的前景。It prints substantial parts for a variety of vehicles using “large-area” 3D printers that can cope with bigger jobs than standard machines.它使用比起标准机械更能适应大量生产的“大面积”3D打印机,为各类车型印制了大量部件。Local Motors prints cars using a blend of plastic and lightweight carbon fibre.洛克汽车公司使用塑料和轻量级碳纤维的混合材料来打印汽车。One of its vehicles, the LM3D roadster, is 75% printed.其生产的LM3D敞篷小跑有75%都是打印出来的。The firm’s latest creation is an autonomous electric minibus which can carry 12 passengers.这家公司的最新发明是一款可以容纳12位乘客的无人驾驶电动小巴。Local Motors reckons that the use of 3D printing will make it possible to produce vehicles to individual designs in microfactories anywhere in the world to cater to local motoring tastes.洛克汽车公司称,3D打印将使世界上任何一家微型工厂都可以生产私人定制的汽车来迎合当地汽车市场需要。This would represent a return to an earlier age of motoring when coach builders would be engaged to design and fabricate bespoke bodies for Bugattis, Duesenbergs or Rollers.这也代表着我们会像汽车时代早期一样,长途汽车制造商将重新参与到布加迪、杜森格、劳斯莱斯等定制车身的设计和制造中去。The wheel is turning back.历史的车轮正在回转。译文属译生译世 /201611/477950南昌冰点无痛脱体毛

吉安做双眼皮修复手术费用 可可网友们,大家好。听本期内容之前Rose先请大家做个造句练习。病的像;;一样;虚弱的像;;一样;规律的像;;一样;固执的像;;一样;饿的像;;一样;健壮的像;;一样。汉语中您会在省略部分用上什么词呢?来听听英文版的。I had the flu last week. I was as sick as a dog. After four days in bed, I was as weak as a kitten. I barely had the strength to get out of bed. My friend Cathe called me every morning and evening to see if I needed anything. Her calls were as regular as clockwork. At first, my fever would not go away. It was as stubborn as a mule. Then I began to feel better. On day five I was as hungry as a bear. All I wanted was food. Now Im fine. Im as fit as a fiddle.这一小段大致描述了上周生病的过程。首先是as sick as a dog,这样的短语,包括之后出现的as;as结构的几个短语,基本都可以翻译成very 加上两个as中间的形容词。那么这个短语其实意思就是very sick,病得很重。后面的as weak as a kitten,非常虚弱,虚弱的像只小猫。 病中虽然不好受,但同时体会到了友情的温暖。朋友每天定时打电话问候,问候是as regular as clockwork,像钟表那么准时,regular有规律的、定期的。Clockwork指钟表的发条装置。再比如:She arrives every day at five, (as) regular as clockwork. 她每天五点钟到,极有规律。 在刚刚感冒的初期,我一直发烧,而且烧一直不退,as stubborn as a mule,顽固,固执的像骡子一样。这个比喻和汉语是相似的。我们常用驴子相容倔强的人。 烧退了,病好了,开始恢复胃口,于是as hungry as a bear,非常饿,饿的像一头熊一样。病好了,能量也补充了,最后就是as fit as a fiddle了。这个短语我们之前有过介绍。表示very healthy,非常健康的。相信类似的短语大家还能总结出不少,我们权作抛砖引玉之用。好了,我们下期;布朗尼加分;再见。 /201111/161777江西中医药大学附属医院激光除皱手术多少钱江西人民医院祛痘多少钱



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