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抚顺有哪家男科医院好辽宁省抚顺人民医院男科大夫The First Recoverable Remote Sensing Satellite第一颗返回式遥感卫星On November 26, 1975, China launched a recoverable remote sensing satellite on a Long March launch vehicle. After three days of operation, the satellite returned as planned, making China becoming the 3rd country to have successfully developed satellite recoverable technology after the U. S and the former Soviet Union. Ever since then, information from the satellite has played a vital role in exploring resources, predicting disasters and mapping topography.1975年11月26日,中国利用“长征号”火箭成功地发射了第一颗返回式遥感卫星。3天后,卫星按预定计划返回地面。至此,中国成为继美国、苏联之后世界上第三个掌握卫星返回技术的国家。自那以后,从卫星上传回的信息在中国资源调查、灾害预测、地图测绘研究方面扮演着至关重要的角色。 /201602/419399抚顺市新抚区中医院看男科怎么样 抚顺包皮包茎手术费用多少

清原县中医院在哪里On Wednesday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy A8, which measures just 5.9 millimeters (0.23 inches) thick -- making it the phone manufacturer#39;s thinnest phone yet.三星周三发布了仅厚5.9毫米(0.23英寸)的Galaxy A8, 它也成为了三星手机制造商目前最薄的一款手机。It#39;s slimmer than its predecessor, the wispy Galaxy A7 (6.3 mm), as well as the S6 Edge (7.1 mm). Its display measures 5.7 inches, larger than the A7 (5.5 inches) and the S6 Edge (5.1 inches). The A8 also comes with a 3,050 mAh battery, larger than that of the A7 and S6, both of which had 2,600 mAh batteries. Weighing 151 grams, the A8 is actually a little heavier than the A7 (141 grams).Galaxy A8比三星前款纤细Galaxy A7(厚6.3毫米)以及S6 Edge(厚7.1毫米)都薄。Galaxy A8的显示屏长5.7英寸,比5.5英寸的A7和5.1英寸的S6 Edge还大。A8还配置了一个3050毫安时的电池,容量要比配有2600毫安时电池的A7和S6多。Galaxy A8仅重151克,实际上比A7(141克)重。Samsung this week launched the Galaxy A8 in China, where it will sell for about 5. There#39;s no exact release date for the A8 just yet, and no firm word on whether it#39;s coming to the U.S.三星这周在中国发布了Galaxy A8,它的售价将约为515美元。目前Galaxy A8在美国具体的发布日期还未可知,关于它何时能在美国上市也毫无定论。The Verge noted that the Galaxy A8 is not the thinnest phone on the market today -- phones like the Vivo X5 Max in China and the Oppo R5 are 4.75 and 4.85 mm thick respectively.The Verge(美国的一家科技媒体公司)表示Galaxy A8并不是如今市面上最薄的手机,像是中国的Vivo X5 Max和Oppo R5分别厚4.75和4.85毫米。Still, the A8 is slimmer when compared to the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm) -- and rumor has it that Apple isn#39;t desperate to make thinner phones any time soon.但和厚6.9mm的iPhone6相比,Galaxy A8还是更纤细。而且有谣言流传,苹果不久将推出更薄的手机。Super-slim handsets usually come with a trade-off. As The Wall Street Journal reported in February, the larger the phone, the better the battery. With more space, manufacturers can ;cram; more battery inside. The A8#39;s big battery might actually save it here, though.至薄手机通常需要权衡。《华尔街日报》二月份报导,手机越大,电池配备越好。更多的空间使手机制造商们能塞进更多的电池。然而,Galaxy A8的大电池也许真的足够节省空间了。 /201507/388077顺城区妇幼保健院泌尿系统在线咨询 When Spotify raised more than 0m this month in a funding round that valued the music streaming company at .5bn, investors played down the risk of it being crushed in a bruising battle with Apple.本月,当Spotify在一轮融资环节中筹资逾5亿美元时,投资者轻看了该公司在与苹果(Apple)的残酷交锋中被击败的风险。此次融资对这家音乐流媒体公司的估值为85亿美元。After all, the Swedish start-up was on a roll. Subscriber numbers had doubled over the past year to 20m, up from 15m in January, giving the company a big lead over rivals in the race for control of the fast-growing market.毕竟,这家瑞典初创企业好事连连。过去一年,Spotify付费用户数量增加一倍,至2000万,1月时付费用户数量还是1500万,这令该公司在控制这个增长迅速的市场方面远远领先于竞争对手。But on Sunday, Apple gave the clearest signal yet of its ambition to dominate this nascent market at almost any cost — even if that means burning through a portion of its 0bn cash pile in the process.但上周日,苹果(Apple)发出了迄今为止最明确的信号,将以几乎任何代价主宰这个新兴市场,即便这意味着在此过程中苹果要耗费其2000亿美元现金储备中的一部分。Apple’s decision to splash more cash in their direction has been welcomed by people in the music business, but it represents an ominous development for Spotify. The lossmaking company was aly under pressure from rights holders — including Ms Swift, who pulled her songs from the service last year.苹果希望在该领域投入更多资金的决定受到音乐界人士的欢迎,但对于Spotify而言,这是个不好的征兆。这家亏损公司已面临版权所有者的压力,包括泰勒#8226;斯威夫特(Taylor Swift),去年,她从Spotify撤下了她所有的歌曲。Mark Mulligan, analyst at Midia Research, says Apple’s move to pay higher royalty rates than Spotify may be a calculated move to put pressure on the market leader.Midia Research分析师马克#8226;穆里根(Mark Mulligan)表示,苹果付的版税费用将高于Spotify,此举可能是苹果在有意向这位市场领军企业施压。One danger is that Spotify may be forced to match Apple’s payments to the music industry. For Spotify’s investors, this would be a disaster. Earlier this month Apple said it would pay as much as 73 per cent of Apple Music’s revenues to record labels and music publishers — beating Spotify by three percentage points.一种危险是Spotify可能会被迫与苹果付的版税一致。对于Spotify的投资者而言,这将是一场灾难。本月早些时候,苹果表示,将最多把苹果流媒体务Apple Music收入的73%付给唱片公司和音乐发行商,比Spotify高出3个百分点。Mr Mulligan says it is entirely possible that Spotify will be able to capitalise on its first-mover advantage and reach 35m subscribers within five years, which would give it more than half the paid-for streaming market.穆里根表示,Spotify完全有可能利用先发优势,在5年内获得3500万付费用户,占领超过一半的付费音乐流媒体市场。However, he cautions that it is also easy to envisage a scenario in which Apple overtakes Spotify. Whichever company comes out on top, he warns that Spotify will need to find a way to cut dramatically its costs as “the current model is not commercially sustainable”.然而,他警告称,苹果取代Spotify的可能性也很大。他警告称,不管是哪家公司登顶,Spotify都需要设法大幅削减成本,因为“目前的模式在商业上是不可持续的”。 /201506/382739抚顺第一人民医院看男科怎么样

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