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Lee#39;s determination in fighting domestic violence in China has been praised in the international community. Julie Broussard, Country Program Manager of UN Women China, said: ;In China, domestic violence is traditionally regarded as a private family matter. In the face of this dominant cultural norm, Kim Lee chose to break the silence.; 国际社会对李在中国进行反家暴的决心大为赞赏。联合国妇女中国处的国家项目经理珠莉bull;布鲁萨德说:;在中国,家暴在传统上被认为是家务事。在这样一个文化传统的主导下,金bull;李选择了打破沉默。; ;Kim#39;s courage to speak out on this issue has set a positive example for many other domestic violence survivors who may be reluctant to disclose how they are suffering,; Broussard said. ;金在这件事上敢于说出的勇气为很多其他家暴的受害者,那些遭受家暴却心有疑虑,迟迟不敢透露他们遭遇的人,树立了积极的榜样。;布鲁萨德说道。 A recent survey conducted by All-China Women#39;s Federation showed domestic violence occurs in about 80 million families in China, with roughly 90 percent of cases involving abused women. 中国妇联最近的一项调查显示:在中国有8000万家庭遭受家暴,其中在大概90%的案例中,女性是受害者。 China has not yet implemented laws and regulations aimed at curbing violence inside the home. Although legislators are drafting a new policy in response to immense social demand, they have yet to reveal any specific date for implementation. 中国现在没有任何专门针对家庭内部暴力的法律和规定。虽然立法者正在起草新的政策以回应巨大的社会需求,但法律生效的日期却仍未得以公布。 In face of a legal vacuum, victims of domestic violence can publicize their sufferings on Weibo, call relevant hotlines and turn to those they trust for help, said Feng Yuan, chairperson of the Board of Directors from Beijing Fan Bao Culture Development Co. Ltd. 面对法律上的真空,家暴的受害者可以将他们的经历发表在微上,致电相关热线,或向有关部门寻求帮助,北京帆葆的董事会主席冯媛说道。 The event was held to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 在首师大举行的这次活动是为了纪念国际消除对妇女的暴力日。 /201112/163655China#39;s economy is limping into the final months of the year, raising the question: why isn#39;t Beijing doing more to support growth? 中国经济正在蹒跚步入今年的最后几个月,人们不禁要问这样一个问题:北京为什么不采取更大力度的措施来持经济增长? Industrial output is now growing at the slowest rate since May 2009, decelerating to 8.9% year-to-year in August, down from 9.2% in July. Business surveys show new export orders contracting. The one bright spot in the August data came from real estate, with the area of new residential property under construction rebounding to 4.9% year-to-year growth, after eight months of contraction. 中国工业增加值目前的增速为2009年5月以来的最低水平,8月份同比增幅降至8.9%,低于7月份的9.2%。企业调查显示新增出口订单处于萎缩状态。8月份数据中唯一的亮点来自房地产业。在建新住宅项目面积继收缩了八个月后,8月份同比增长4.9%。 The government so far has contented itself with two interest rate cuts, a modest acceleration of public spending, and approval of more infrastructure projects-most recently a slew of new subway systems for second-tier cities. Relative to the scale of the slowdown though, those efforts appear modest-nowhere near the 4 trillion yuan (0.4 billion) stimulus plan unveiled at the end of 2008. 中国政府目前为止出台的措施仅限于两次下调利率、小幅加快公共出速度、批准更多的基础设施项目(最近一次是批准众多二线城市新建地铁系统)。不过,与经济增长放缓的程度相比,这些努力看起来力度不大,远远不及2008年底推出的人民币4万亿元(合6,304亿美元)的刺激计划。 One possible explanation is that a once-in-a-decade leadership transition has frozen China#39;s decision making process. Achieving consensus on any big decisions before the Party Congress-likely in mid-October-will be difficult. But that seems unlikely to be the major factor-if there#39;s one thing China#39;s leaders can always agree on, it#39;s the importance of growth. 一种可能的解释是,10年一次的领导人换届冻结了中国的决策过程。领导人在(可能于10月中旬举行的)18大前夕就任何重大决策达成一致将很困难。不过,这似乎不太可能是政府未推出大规模刺激计划的主要原因──如果有什么事是中国领导人总能达成一致的,那就是经济增长至关重要。 A more likely explanation is that, as far as Beijing#39;s concerned, current growth remains in the acceptable range. At the beginning of the year Premier Wen Jiabao lowered the growth target to 7.5% from 8%. With a modest increase in infrastructure and real-estate investment, that is within reach. There are no signs in the data of mass factory layoffs-a key measure for stability obsessed Beijing. 一种可能性更大的解释是,在北京看来,目前的经济增长速度仍处于可以接受的范围。今年年初,中国国务院总理温家宝将经济增长预期目标从8%降至7.5%。借助于小幅增加基础设施和房地产投资,这一目标是可以实现的。经济数据中未显示出工厂大规模裁员的迹象──裁员是北京极为关注的一个衡量社会稳定的重要指标。 Even if the government wanted to do more, though, room for maneuver is more constrained than it was going into the last crisis. Ballooning credit, fear of bad debts in the banking system, and incipient price pressure all make it difficult to push the stimulus button much harder. Overcapacity in industry means that Beijing#39;s move to loosen lending has been met by a lukewarm response from borrowers. 不过,就算政府想采取更多措施,其调控的空间和上次危机时相比更加有限。激增的信贷、对体系不良贷款的担忧、初露端倪的价格压力,所有这些因素都使政府难以推出更大力度的刺激计划。工业产能过剩意味着,尽管北京放宽了信贷,借款人的反应却较冷淡。 But whatever the mixture of deliberate intention and involuntary constraint that#39;s shaping Beijing#39;s limited response to the downturn, it appears policy makers have come round to the reality of China#39;s slower growth. 不过,不管是什么深思熟虑的打算以及偶然的制约因素导致北京对经济增长放缓的应对措施有限,决策者似乎都已经接受了中国经济增长放缓的事实。 /201209/198883In a spirit of gratitude and giving back to the parents who raised them, Bill and Jackie Merz#39;s daughters have extended a generous invitation.比尔#8226;默茨和杰基#8226;默茨夫妇的女儿们一心想要感谢和回报父母的养育之恩,对他们慷慨相邀。;They both live in Chicago now,; said Bill Merz, 75, a retired Sacramento State psychology professor. ;One was willing to put an extra floor on her house and install an elevator for us so we could live there. The other wanted to convert her basement for us.“她们两个现在都住在芝加哥,”现年75岁的比尔#8226;默茨说。他曾是萨拉门托州立大学的心理学教授,现已退休。“一个想要在她家的房子里加一层,给我们装上电梯,这样我们就能住在那儿了。另一个想把地下室改装给我们住。”;I told them we#39;d have somebody shoot us before we did that.;“我告诉她们如果要这样,还不如毙了我们。”The Merzes, who live in their own home at Eskaton Village Roseville, adore their extended, close-knit family, which also includes two sons in California and 11 grandchildren. But the idea of living with the kids in their older age leaves them cold.默茨夫妇住在他们艾斯卡顿村罗萨维尔区自己的家中,非常热爱他们紧密团结的大家庭,除了两个女儿,他们还有两个住在加利福尼亚的儿子和11个孙子和孙女。但想到自己的晚年要和孩子们住在一起,他们感到很不快。;My first reaction was, ;I don#39;t want you telling me what to do,;; said Jackie Merz, who is also 75 and a retired teacher and counselor.现年75岁的杰基#8226;默茨说:“我的第一反应是:我不需要你来告诉我怎么做。”她曾是一名辅导教师,现在也已退休。Most older adults tend to be a bit more euphemistic about it: Typically, they say that they don#39;t want to be a burden to their kids, or that they don#39;t want to impose. But statistics show a plainer truth. In huge numbers, seniors relish their freedom, and they want to live on their own as long as they can.多数老人对此的态度会委婉一些。通常,他们会说他们不愿成为孩子的负担,或他们不想强行要求孩子接纳他们。但数据却更直白地反应了真相。有相当多的老人很享受他们当下的自由状态,想尽可能地自己生活。In the Sacramento region, US census figures show that almost three-fourths of people 65 and older live in same-generation (as opposed to multigenerational) households. National figures are even higher, with nearly 80 percent of older adults living in their own households – more than triple the number from the 1940s.在美国萨拉门托州,人口普查数据显示,65岁以上的老人当中有近四分之三和同代人一起居住,而不是多世同堂。全国范围内这一比例甚至更高,将近80%的老人住在自己的房子里——比上世纪40年代这一数据的三倍还要高。A recent survey from the research firm Gallup amp; Robinson highlights that sense of independence. While 53 percent of people below age 65 said they would take in an aging parent who needed their help, only a quarter of people older than 65 said they would accept an invitation to live with their grown children.盖洛普暨罗宾逊调查公司最近的一项调查便凸显了这种自立感。65岁以下的人有53%表示他们愿意与需要他们帮助的年迈父亲或母亲同住,而65岁以上的人只有四分之一表示会接受其成年子女的邀请与之同住。Those attitudes fly in the face of a stubborn cultural cliché, in which the grandparents, kids and grandkids grow older together under one roof – a holdover from the days when there was no choice but for the generations to live together, like it or not.这种态度公然挑战了顽固的传统文化观念。在旧观念里,祖父母,子女,孙子和孙女应该在同一屋檐下生活,成长,老去,这是从远古时代遗留下来的传统——那时,无论喜欢还是不喜欢,人们没有选择,只能多代同堂。;I think the stereotype exists because we continually look retrospectively,; said Bill Merz. ;It becomes a museum piece. Look at TV shows and movies about Christmas, the nuclear family they show.“我觉得这种老思想仍然存在是因为我们总是在追溯过去,”比尔#8226;默茨说,“这玩意儿已经是物馆里的古董了。看看电视和电影里核心家庭是怎么过圣诞节的。”;It hasn#39;t been that way since World War II. GIs didn#39;t come back from the war and move to Mom and Dad#39;s neighborhood. They moved to the suburbs or across the country.;“自从二战以来人们就不那样生活了。士兵们从战场归来后,并没有搬到父母的住宅区里。他们到郊区去居住,或在全国各地落脚。” /201207/189959

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