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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Is there really any wrong way to eat cake? Its doubtful.Were happy to eat it covered in chocolate frosting, or layered with custard and berries, or even upside down with pineapple slices.Thats why its a little confusing when someone tells us, ;You cant have your cake and eat it too.;If you have cake, eating it seems like a reasonable expectation. Frankly, were troubled at the thought of letting a perfectly good piece of cake going to waste.Its important to point out that this phrase is an idiom, and idioms arent meant to be parsed out word by word. Thats why we generally accept ;you cant have your cake and eat it too; to mean that you cant have something both ways, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.To better understand the confusing wording of this saying, we need to go back.Like a lot of other things in our language, this idiom has gone through some changes since its first appearance which is cited as 1546.Back then, it went, ;You cant eat your cake and have it too.;Reversing the verbs adds some clarity. It makes sense that if you eat your cake, youll no longer have it.The expression seems to have flipped around sometime in the 18th century, with the latter version taking over as most common in the middle of the 20th century.Not everyone got that memo.Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the ;Unabomber;, learned the older version of the expression from his mother and used it in his manifesto. This quirk helped lead to his identification and capture.201610/475097。

关键词:break ones duck首次得分,打破零的纪录;破天荒,第一次做某事儿短语释义:今天我们要学的短语是break ones duck。Break指“打破”,duck指“鸭子”。To break ones duck”从字面意思来看易让人联想到“残缺不全的鸭子”。其实这个短语源于英国的绅士运动cricket板球比赛。在板球比赛中,击球手如果在一局中一球不进,记分员就会在他的名字后面画上一个“零”。人们把“零蛋”戏称为”ducks egg”。To break ones duck实际上指的是to break ones ducks eggs(突破零分)。而也就是“首次得分,突破零纪录”。再后来人们把这个短语的意思扩大了:To break ones duck also means to do something for the first time. 这个短语也可以用来指破天荒,第一次做某事儿。情景领悟:1. Andy believes he can help Liverpool break their Emirates duck on Sunday.安迪相信,他能在周日帮助利物浦在酋长球场逆转局面。(Liverpool 利物浦 Emirates [em#618;r#601;t] 酋长球场,阿联酋航空球场)2. ——I think Im finally going to go to the dentist. 我想我还是要去看看牙医。——So you are going to break the duck. 那真是破天荒了。本节目属 /201305/238113。

迷你对话:A:Ifell out withmy husband again. I’m really pissed.我又和丈夫吵起来,真是气死了。B:What’s up?怎么回事了?A:He gave up the chance many people were dreaming of.他放弃了很多梦想的机会。B:Don’t be angry with him. He must have his own reason别生他的气了,他这么做一定有他自己的理由。地道表达:fall out with:争吵持范例:Eg.Dont let us fall out with one another for I couldnt bear it.咱们可别闹别扭啦,因为我受不了。Eg.They used to be bosom friends, but now they fell out with each other over a trifle thing.她们曾是知心好友,这会儿却为一桩小事闹翻了。Eg.She fell out with him over some trifle, and she hasnt spoken to him since then.她因小事和他起了纠纷,并且从那时起,她不和他讲话了。Eg.He fell out with his father and became a wanderer.他和父亲闹翻了,成了一名游子。词海拾贝:1.give up:放弃Eg.My doctor advised me to give up smoking without delay.我的医生劝我立即戒烟。Eg.I shall give up my claim, in submission to your wishes.我将从你的意愿,放弃我的要求。Eg.You mustn t give up studying foreign languages for even a day.你们学习外语一天也不要中断。Eg.David ought to give up running down his assistants.大卫应该停止诋毁他的助手。2.dream of:渴望,向往Eg.Many boys dream of becoming pilots.许多男孩梦想成为飞行员。Eg.Many young people dream of becoming top models.许多年轻人梦想变成顶级模特儿。Eg.People dream of a better future.人们向往更美好的未来。Eg.He dream of becoming a movie star when he is young.他年轻时向往着成为电影明星。4.be angry with:生某人的气Eg. Iwas angry with old Cotter for alluding to me as a child.我在生老考特的气,他把我暗指为小孩。Eg.When she gets angry with you she will cut you for days.一旦她生你的气,会几天不理睬你。Eg.If yourefuse her help because youre angry with her, youre cutting off your nose to spite your face.你要是因为跟她赌气而拒绝她的帮助, 那你是自讨苦吃.Eg.He got angry with his mother for having turned the girl away so rudely.他对他母亲粗鲁地赶走了那位姑娘大为恼火。口语句型:What’s up?用法:用来询问发生什么事情。 /201208/195627。

特别声明:该篇出自可可编辑Juliet与外籍教师,英语教育专家共同合作出版发行的《娜娜教英语》之《小题大做》篇,转载请注明出处。 第一, 迷你对话A: Mary looks very tired recently.玛丽看上去很疲倦。B: Just because of her family.那是因为她的家庭的原因。A: Mary’s been on the outs with her husband?她和她丈夫关系一直不好吗?B: Because she’s leading a double life.因为她有了婚外恋。A: Who told you that?谁告诉你的。B: I saw her make a pass at a man in the cinema. When I asked her about it later, she had to come clean.我曾经在电影院看到她与一个男子打情骂俏的。后来问及此事,她承认了。第二, 地道表达come clean1. 解词释义Come clean的意思为“全盘招供”“说出真相”“坦白承认”“老实交代”等。其英文解释为:to finally tell the truth or admire that you have done something wrong。使用时,与解词with搭配,表示跟某人说出真相,说实话。2. 拓展范例e.g. It would be better if you come clean about it and let her know what kind of man she is seeing. 你最好一五一十地告诉她,让她知道她正在交往的那个男人是个什么货色。e.g. Ive got to come `clean with you I was the one who broke the window.我向你说实话not;——窗户是我打破的。e.g. The culprit came clean after long questioning.经过长时间审讯后, 那罪犯坦白了。e.g. Its obvious that you did it so you might as well come clean.显而易见,那是你干的,因此你不妨全盘招供了。第三, 词海拾贝1. because of:因为,由于e.g. His later stories are not interesting because of their poverty of imagination.他后来写的故事因为缺乏想像力而枯燥乏味。e.g. All the planes were socked in yesterday because of the thick mist.由于雾大,昨天所有的飞机都停飞了。2. on the outs (with):与……关系不好,与……意见不一e.g. She’s been on the outs with her husband since she came back from the US.自从她从美国会来以后,她和丈夫的关系就一直不好。e.g. Susan and Linda have been on the outs these days.过去苏珊和琳达总是争吵不休。3. lead a double life:搞两面派,婚外恋e.g. Now there are so many programs about extramarital love on TV, tell me, will you try to lead a double life?现在电视里老演婚外恋,你说你会有婚外恋吗?e.g. There are women who lead a double life purely for sex.有一些女士纯粹是为了性而有婚外恋的。4. make a pass (at):与……调情挑逗,与……打情骂俏e.g. The girl glared at the man who tried to make a pass at her.这个女孩对试图超过她的男人怒目而视。e.g. When I fond that a stranger began to make a pass at me, I gave him a stern look and left.当一个陌生男子开始向我调情时,我瞪了他一眼就离开。5. ask sb. about sth. :询问某人某事e.g. After Id hung up I realized that I had forgotten to ask him about this.挂了电话我才想起忘了问他这件事。e.g. After Id hung up I realized that I had forgotten to ask him about this.挂了电话我才想起忘了问他这件事。 /201508/389749。

关键词:comfortable as an old shoe 令人轻松愉快的,轻松自如的短语释义:很多女孩子为了爱美会选择那些中看不中用的鞋子,正如我们图片上表达都这样,fashionable but not functional。看似时尚却不适用的鞋子你会喜欢吗?而有些鞋虽然已经穿得很旧,但是因为你穿得很合脚让你感到很舒,所以你还是很喜欢它。在英文中呢有一个和鞋子有关的习语叫做comfortable as an old shoe,像旧鞋子一样的舒,因为他们会让你感到轻松自如。当我们要表达“轻松自如”这样的感觉的时候,我们就可以说comfortable as an old shoe。有时候我们也说as common as an old shoe,comfortable表示“舒适的”,common表示“普通的”。舒适而普通,自然会让人感到放松和亲和。情景领悟:1. Although Mr Jim ran a large business,he was common as an old shoe. 虽然琼斯先生经营了一家大企业但他为人却很亲和。现在我们看到那种高冷女神比如范冰冰之类的人会觉得她们很难亲近,不过那也许只是我们主观的印象,听说冰冰还是很亲切的(comfortable as an old shoe)。2. I hope that in others eyes I am as common as an old shoe, simple and easy to approach.我希望我自己在别人眼里可以是一个亲和、容易接近的人。微笑的力量是强大的,它可以消除误会、带给人放松,一切亲和的人都善于微笑。您现在收听到的节目是,今天我们学习的表达是亲和的,令人感到舒适的:英文叫做comfortable as an old shoe。今天的节目就到这里,感谢收听,再见!本节目属 /201404/287260。

大家好,对于事物我们总有不同的看法,希望今天教大家的三句话可以让大家在表达看法的时候用上。来看第一句:This is not how it looks.这句话是用来辟谣的,当有些事情看起来让人误会,而实情却不是表面那般,你就可以用上这句话This is not how it looks.事情不是表面看来的这样。用这句话可以说他人不要只凭他们所看到的片面就骤下结论。I wouldnt look at it like that.每一件事都有两面。There are two sides of a story. 而对于同一件事的看法,每个人或许都不尽相同。下次当有人所提出的看法,你自己不能苟同之时,就可以用上这句话I wouldnt look at it like that. 我不会用这个角度来看。用这句话表示自己对于同一件事,持有不同的意见。Im gonna give this to you straight.首先来了解一个短语-give this to you straight。Give sth. to sb.指的是把某物给某人,以什么样的方式呢?——Straight 坦白地,直说。因而give this to you straight 就是让我直说吧。Im gonna give this to you straight. 让我来对你说明白,让我打开天窗说亮话。在美语中,give this to you straight最常用在男女朋友分手,好说歹说都没用时,逼不得已只好打开天窗说亮话:Im gonna give this to you straight. I do not love you at all.您正收听的节目是,茶余饭后看看美图,听听英语,坚持积累,你一定会有所收获的。今天的节目就到这里,我们下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:Please Mr. Postman-Carpenters本节目属 /201407/309966。

迷你对话:A: I have no idea about what to do.我不知道下一步怎么办。B: Maybe you can pick Mary’s brains now. She knows a lot about stocks.也许你可以挖挖玛丽脑筋里的东西,她对股票很在行。A: Let me have a try.我去试试吧。地道表达:pick someone’s brains解词释义:to ask for information or advice from someone who knows more about a subject than you do,翻译为“剽窃或窃取别人的智力成果 ”。持范例:Id love to pick your brains about computers - you seem to be the expert around here.我要玩玩你脑袋里电脑的知识,你在这儿似乎是电脑专家呀。Do you mind if I pick your brains on a minor legal matter? 我想向你讨教一个小小的法律问题,行吗? He refused to prepare for the exam,but counted on being able to pick his roommates brains. 他不肯准备考试,仗着他能够向室友请教。 Ive come to pick your brains. 我是来讨教你的专门知识的。词海拾贝:1. know a lot about:对......知之甚多范例:You seem to know a lot about him.你好像很了解他。It means you know a lot about movies and you have seen quite a large number of them. 你很懂电影并且看过很多片子。I don’t know a lot about China yet, but Im eager to learn. 我对中国还不太了解,但我很想知道。It seems you know quite a lot about it. Id better ask for your advice when I have the chance. 看来你知道的真不少,有机会得好好向你请教。 2. have a try:试一试范例:If you can t open the box, can I have a try ? 如果你打不开这个箱子,我能试一试吗? I will have a try even though I should fail. 哪怕失败,我也要试一下。 Dont slight a penny. Have a try to know how it is earned. 不要小看一分钱。不妨自己去挣挣看。 Why not have a try? Maybe you will lose a good chance. 为什么不试试?没准儿你放跑了一个大好机会。3. have no idea:不知道范例:We have no idea how to persuade him to give up the idea. 我们不知道如何说他放弃这个念头。 That s a difficult question ; I have no idea of the answer. 这是一个难题,我想不出。 If you have no idea about it, consult a dictionary, please. 要是你对这个问题不清楚, 请你查字典得了。 I have no idea why he resigned his post. 我不知道他为何辞去他的职务。 /201302/224006。

Asking for DirectionsPeople are usually helpful when you ask for directions.You should try to have the exact address and be as specific as possible.Telephone directories are the most common source of addresses.Remember that many cities and some towns are built in blocks.People will often tell you,for example,to go two blocks and turn right.通常来说当问路的时候,人们是很乐意相告的。你要尽量掌握确切地址。要注意,有些城市是按街区建造的,人们经常会这样告诉你,过两个街区,然后向右转。那么今天我们就一起来学习在美国问路的一些方式及常用句型。1.A:Excuse me.Where is the Park, please?B:Turn left at the second light and then go straight for two blocks.A:Thank you.B:Thats ok.首先要注意的是“Excuse me.”这个习惯用法,在用英语交际时,应注重礼貌。Excuse me.是很常见的一句礼貌用语,意思是“劳驾或者请问”,常用于向陌生人询问,请人让路,要求插话时为了引起别人注意的一句话。That’s OK.意为不用谢,与You are welcome.意思相似。实际生活中,要用英语问路时,首先问路的人最好停下来或者是缓步的走近你要询问的人,表情不要太紧张,一定不要急急忙忙的走向别人,否则别人会怀疑你的动机。需要注意的是,问话的时候应该与对方保持一定的距离,尤其是当被询问的对象是一位女性时,要特别注重这一点,否则会使对方会觉得不自在,甚至会感到你不礼貌。对话中Where is the Park, please?请问,公园在哪里?这是问路时的一种表达方式,其他方式还有:How can I get to the Zhongshan Park, please?请问,去中山公园怎么走?其中的How can I get to…?意为“去…怎么走?”需要注意的是,指路时,可以说“Turn right.”(向右转),“Turn left.”(向左转)。“Turn back.”向后转)和“Go straight on.”(笔直走)。2.A.Can you help me out?Im trying to find a post office.B.You will stay on the street for a while until you hit the first traffic light.A.Is it far?B.No,when you see a hospital on your left,then take a left,you will see the post office is over there.A:Thanks a lot.首先Stay for a while通常指五到十分钟的时间,不会太久。遇见某样东西,可以用hit这个字,如hit the traffic light, hit the stop sign等等。而traffic light也有人说成light,或stoplight。如果要去的地方很偏僻或者知道得不很具体,那最好先问清楚那个地址附近的有标志性的建筑物或者有名的街道,到达之后再细问具体的地址。 /201208/193182。