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渔溪镇儿童医院地址在哪福清无痛人流哪家医福清市中山男科医院妇科是公立医院吗 Compliment恭维话;Larry! Come here!; said his furious mother, putting the telephone down, ; I’ve just had a call from Mrs. Harrison about your behavior to her Doris at the school dance last night. You wretched, rude boy!;“拉里,你过来!”妈妈放下电话后生气地说,“我刚才接到哈里森夫人地电话,她告诉我你在昨晚的学校舞会上对多丽丝行为不好,你可耻,粗鲁!”;I was nice to her, Mum, really I was!; protested the youth.;I even paid her a compliment when we had a dance.;“妈妈,我对她很好,真的!”小伙子不气地说。“当我和她跳舞时我还说了一句恭维她的话。”;Did you, indeed?; said his mother grimly, ;And what exactly did you say?;“你真的这么做的吗?”妈妈严厉地问。“你的原话是怎么说的?”;I said, Gosh, Doris, you sweat less than any fat girl I’ve ever danced with!;“我说,啊呀,多丽丝,你比我跳过舞的任何胖姑娘出汗都少!” /201302/224957这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:每个父母都希望,自己的孩子遗传自己的强处优点;每个孩子长大以后,也知道遗传父母的优良因子对自己大有裨益…不过,谁又能做主呢?只有天知道,哪个遗传,哪个变异吧……!译者:koogle /201306/242651福清地区医院新院妇科专家大夫

福清治疗腋臭医院哪家好美国有一只天生没有前腿的小,但这并不妨碍它跳跃奔跑,因为它拥有一对经过特别设计的“假肢”——模型飞机的轮子,坚强可爱的小。This tiny puppy may have been born without front legs but there's no way that is holding her back. Hope, the appropriately named two-legged Maltese puppy gets around by using a specially-designed device which features wheels from a model aeroplane.The energetic pup uses her hind legs(后腿) to boost her body forward onto her chest and operate the wheeled prosthetic limbs.The beloved pooch was born with only two legs and has small wriggling nubs where her front legs should be.At first Hope moved around by hopping but experts said her natural mode of moving eventually would damage her bones and spine.The wheeled device was created by orthotist(矫正器专家) David Turnbill free of charge with makeshift shoulder joints connected to model airplane wheels.Each of the device's 'arms' can move up or down independently of the other, allowing Hope to pivot and turn.The spring-loaded prosthetic arms hook to a custom-fitted chest plate to allow Hope to lay down or sit up without removing the prosthetic.The wheels she uses as front legs took some getting used to and at first the tiny lap dog would tip over to one side.However practice made perfect and now the persistent puppy has mastered the art of wheeling herself around, there is no stopping her.In fact she can bound across a room at a surprisingly break-neck pace.'She gets around fine,' said the puppy's rehabilitation (复原)specialist Cassy Englert.'She never knew anything other than hopping like she did. The hardest thing is teaching her a new way to get around that's going to actually be better for her,' he added.Hope was taken in by Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA when she was six weeks old.When the puppy grows bigger she will need to have another device made for her. /200806/42896福清做包皮手术要多少钱 Tighten your belt刚刚才发薪水,有人提议这个周末大家一起上馆子打打牙祭。我因为想要减肥,好穿新近买的一条短裙,推辞说: “No, I don#39;t think I can make it. I want to tighten my belt.”后来,Mary悄悄地问我:“如果你最近手头不方便的话, 我能帮你什么忙吗?”不会啊,不是早晨才发了薪水吗?我被她问得一头雾水,解释半天才弄明白。原来, “tighten my belt” 是指经济拮据,必须节衣缩食度日。例如: “The harvest was bad last year, we all had to tighten our belts.”  Whipping boy大家可能对 “scapegoat”的意思非常熟悉,但是对 “whipping boy ”可能并不熟悉,实际上二者的意思非常接近。Whipping boy 的比喻义就是“充当替罪羊的人或物,代人受过”。这个短语在实际中用途颇多。如:“ one #39;right#39; way to teach ing……To support phonics instruction and make the advocates of #39;whole language#39; the whipping boy does a disservice to our schools and teachers” (摘自1997年《时代周刊》);又如:“Building 31 also is not immune from the siege mentality that generally can mark Microsoft. #39;We#39;re very much a whipping boy in the academic community#39;”  With bells on周末准备开个Party,给朋友们发了请柬,收到的回信大都写着:“I would be there with bells on.” 这一句话弄的我不知道他们是来还是不来,是不是都要送我一个铃铛(bell)。With bells on 最普通的用法是用于非正式场合,意思是渴望做某事,准备玩个痛快(early; y to enjoy oneself)。如果请柬的回信上写着I#39;ll be there with bells on,那么回信的人不仅仅是期盼着某一场合(通常是聚会)的到来,同时还要为活动助兴,贡献自己的节目,让大家感到尽兴。With bells on的用法是非常有局限性的。多数情况下它的用法已经固定化、格式化,可以说已经成为社会礼仪用法的一部分,并被广泛应用于回复喜庆活动的邀请。使用这个短语意在向主人保被应邀人届时肯定会到场并确信活动会搞得气氛热烈。而且with bells on 前面也一定会加上一句“I will be there”或者“I would be there”。如果你是被邀请去看电影,那么千万别用being there with bells on做回复语;如果你收到哈佛大学的录取通知书,你也千万别回复他们“I will be there in September with bells on”, 否则,一切都要被你给搅浑了。当然了,这个句子并不是永远都是由七个单词组成。F. Scott Fitzgerald在他的作品Beautiful amp; Damned(1922)里使用这个句子时,就把短语最后面的介词给拿掉了。他在这样写到:“All-ll-ll righty. I#39;ll be there with bells”。人们大多认为这个短语的起源和喜庆活动中使用铃铛有关系(手指、脚指上挂满铃铛最能营造节日气氛)。也有人认为这和活跃气氛的小丑帽子上一个个像小铃铛一样的装饰品很有关系。  Sleep tight当我把三岁的女儿抱到床上,对她说:“Sleep tight”的时候,她却反问我:“妈妈,#39;Sleep tight#39;是什么意思?是不是我的被子得盖得严严(tight)的?”其实不然,sleep tight是指睡的好,睡的香。一位威斯彻斯特县(Westchester County)的导游曾介绍这个短语的来源,他说“Sleep tight”是指过去人们床板上的鬃绳,稻草的垫子就铺在纵横交错的鬃绳上,鬃绳起到弹簧的作用。这些鬃绳要定期的进行绷紧,睡着才舒,否则鬃绳则变的松松垮垮,很不舒。很多网站也都引用了这种说法。也有的说法说Sleep tight 的来历和海军有直接关系。因为海军用的吊床只有把绳子勒紧时才会睡得舒。按照牛津字典的解释,副词tightly在17世纪晚期的意思是soundly, properly或well.莎士比亚《温莎的风流娘儿们》(The Merry Wives of Windsor)有这样的句子“Hold Sirha, beare you these letters tightly.” 18世纪晚期tight有soundly(熟睡的), roundly(完全的)的意思。1898玛丽-阿奈特-冯-阿尼姆在她的《伊莉莎白和她的德国花园》(Elizabeth and Her German Garden)里写“She had been so tight asleep.”有一段民间儿童诗歌,其中tight的意思就是soundly.诗歌创作的具体时间无从考,不过诗歌最后两行明显透露着维多利亚时代的文风。Good night, sleep tight,Wake up brightIn the morning lightTo do what#39;s rightWith all your might.大多数美国儿童可能对下面这段形成于19世纪的儿歌更为熟悉:“Good night, sleep tight. Don#39;t let the bed bugs bite.”  ShoestringShoestring(鞋带),如果有人对你说: “I started my business on a shoestring”,你可别认为他是卖鞋带起家的。“To do business or to operate on a shoestring” 是说“用极少的本钱开始做生意”,所以上面那句话的意思是“我开始创业时只有极少的资金。”如果用“on a shoestring”来形容一个人的经济状况,那这个人的日子肯定过得“上顿不接下顿”(living hand to mouth) ,也就是说这个人离破产不远了。Shoestring(鞋带)为什么会有这些意思,是因为鞋带都很细而且不结实?我们现在很难确定shoestring成为“钱少得可怜”的代名词到底起源于何处。Christine Ammer 在《美国习语词典》(The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms)提出了这样一种有趣的设想:在英国,被关进监狱的负债人,把两根鞋带接起来栓到一只鞋子上,把这只鞋子从窗口塞出去,悬挂在监狱的外墙上,希望籍此得到窗外偶尔路过的行人施舍的钱财。这种说法听起来很有创意,实际上不过是一则毫无根据的想象而已。认为鞋带本身细而不坚实的特征是使shoestring让人联想到“小额资金”的说法也许还比较有说力。鞋带的细长(slender shoestring)正好和资金的微薄(slender resources)在英语中是一个词。说了半天问题还是没有解决;为什么要选择“鞋带”作为“贫困”的象征?虽说找不到完全确定的,不过我们可以从19世纪后期美国人的著作当中寻得一些蛛丝马迹。我们知道,一副鞋带万一有一条坏了的话,另外一条可以保留下来捆绑点小东西什么的。作家们发现用“鞋带”来表达确确实实存在、作用和价值又非常有限的事物是再合适不过了。1859年7月份的《亚特兰大月刊》上有这样一句引语:“If, now, I had in my possession even an old shoestring that had ever been his, I would beg you to return it to him, and find out for me where I can go never to see him”又如:“Those who have all their lives been in the habit of depending upon sight for everything, from the study of philosophy and the Scriptures to the tying of a shoestring, cannot seem to understand that hearing and touch may with practice be made to serve nearly all purposes about as well, and some very much better” (摘自The Century收录的一篇写于1887年关于盲人教育的文章)。撇开shoestring起源的种种说法不说,自19世纪90年代早期,shoestring一出现就使人联想到“资金的匮乏”,尤其是指那些在非常小的赌金上下赌注的赌徒,他们被称为shoestring gamblers.《牛津英语词典》在1904年对这种用法专门做了一个词条,并收录了下面的例句:“ He……speculated #39;on a shoe-string#39;——an exceedingly slim margin”。从此以后,这个词条一直很有生命力。现在,on a shoestring 和shoestring应用的语言环境非常的宽松,如:“globetrotting(环球旅行)on a shoestring” ,广告中出现的“Adventures on a Shoestring” .在这些用法当中,shoestring的意思显然没有“赤贫、贫困”的意思,这里所说的shoestring是指量力而行的省钱的安排。 /201303/230338福清割包皮手术要多少钱

龙江街道中心医院不孕医生 怎样才能既时髦又舒适?Look cool and feel comfyHow to look cool and feel comfy?Today's fashions, such as slinky stilettos,skin-tighthipster jeans and cute hand-held purses, may look sharp but may not be all that great for your body .These tips will help you stay fashionable and comfortable:1. Wear high heels, but bring along a pair of flats to change into should your feet start screaming in pain.2. If shoes are uncomfortable when you stand, they're likely to feel even worse when you walk. The wrong shoes can affect the body's centre of gravity.3. While sitting for any length of time, take frequent standing breaks to alleviate atrophy of the hamstring muscles.4. If you like tight clothes, choose items that allow you to perform daily tasks with ease. These days, body-hugging clothes are mostly made ofstretchfabric - hooray!5. When carrying a bag or briefcase, switch sides frequently to avoid placing the bulk of weight on only one side of your body.6. Empty junk and other unnecessary items - old receipts, business cards, gum wrappers, etc - from your bag to make it lighter.7. Guys, if you're driving or sitting for long periods, remove your wallet or card holder from your back pocket. 时髦细高跟鞋、时尚紧身牛仔裤和可爱手提包等如今的时尚饰看起来很时髦,但对你的身体可不一定有好处。不过,下面的小提示可以让你既时髦又舒适。1. 穿高跟鞋时带一双平跟鞋,感到脚痛的时候换上。2. 如果穿鞋站着都不舒,那走起路来会更难受。穿不舒的鞋会影响身体的重心。3. 坐了一段时间之后,时不时的站起来活动一下,可以避免腿部肌肉萎缩。4. 如果你喜欢穿紧身的衣,那穿着它干活一定要舒。值得庆幸的是,如今的紧身衣大多是用弹性面料制成的。5. 拎手提包或公文包时,两边要频繁的换着拎,避免让身体的一侧负担过重。6. 把包里的旧收据、商务名片、口香糖包装纸等垃圾和其他一些不需要的东西清理掉,减轻包的重量。7. 如果你要长时间开车或要坐很久,记得把钱包和名片夹从裤子后面的口袋里拿出来。Vocabulary:skin-tight : 紧身的stretch : made of an elastic material(具有弹性的) /200803/32064福清龟头炎好治吗福建中医学院附属第二人民医院妇科医生



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