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加班加点更易损害女性健康Working long hours has a greater negative impact on women than men because it makes them more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat unhealthy food.Both sexes consume less alcohol if they spend more time working, researchers said, buttoilingextra hours makes women crave unhealthy snacks."Women who work long hours eat more high-fat and high-sugar snacks, exercise less, drink more caffeine and, if smokers, smoke more than their male colleagues," said Dr. Daryl O'Connor, a researcher at Britain's Leeds University."For men, working longer hours has no negative impact on exercise, caffeine intake or smoking," O'Connor said in a statement released by the Economic and Social Research Council, which funded his study.O'Connor's team of scientists were studying the impact of stress on eating habits. They looked at what causes stress at home and at work and how people react to it.The results show that stressful events such as making a presentation, a meeting with the boss or missing a deadline were linked to eating more between-meal snacks and fewer or smaller portions of fruits and vegetables."Stress disrupts people's normal eating habits," he said.The people who were most vulnerable were so-called emotional eaters."These individuals have higher levels of vulnerability and tend to turn to food as an escape from self-awareness," O'Connor said."When they feel anxious or emotionally aroused or negative about themselves, they try to avoid these negative feelings by turning their attention to food." 工作时间过长对于女性的消极影响要比男性大,因为这会导致女性吸烟、喝咖啡以及吃不健康的食品。据研究人员介绍,男性和女性工作的时间越长,饮酒就会越少,而长时间的工作则会让女性很想吃那些不健康的零食。英国利兹大学的研究人员达里尔·欧·科诺士说:“长时间工作的女性会吃更多高脂肪、高糖量的零食,同时,她们锻炼身体的机会减少,会喝更多含咖啡因的饮料,而且,如果她们抽烟,长时间工作会使她们的吸烟量比男同事还要多。”欧·科诺士在经济和社会研究理事会发表的一份声明中说:“对于男性来说,工作时间长则不会在锻炼身体、咖啡因摄入及吸烟方面产生不良影响。”欧·科诺士及研究小组的科学家们研究了压力对饮食习惯造成的影响。他们对家庭和工作中造成压力的因素及人们有何反应做了调查研究。结果表明,一些能给人造成压力的事件,如,做演讲、见老板或错过了某事的最后期限,会导致人们在非正餐时间吃更多的零食,而水果和蔬菜却吃得较少。他说:“压力会打乱人们正常的饮食习惯。”最易受此影响的人被称为“情绪化食者”。欧科诺士说:“这些人的心理比较脆弱,往往会用吃东西的方法来分散自己的注意力。”“当他们感到焦急、情绪激动或对自己没有信心时,他们就会把注意力转移到食物上去,以此来克消极情绪。” /200803/32258

Now that the ninth alleged Tiger Woods mistress has emerged, many are wondering why he went so far astray。  眼下号称是老虎伍兹情人的已有九位之多。许多人不禁要问,是什么原因让他如此堕落。  Was it the fame? The power? All that weightlifting? Because he's a guy?  因为名望?或是权力?还是大量的举重练习让他变成了肌肉男?又或是因为他是个男人?  Some psychologists say they have the answer: It was the money。  一些心理学者说他们知道:是钱在作怪。  "Wealthy people crave stimulus," Isreal Helfand, a high-end marriage counselor, told the Orlando Sentinel. "They are adrenaline junkies. The pursuit of happiness, for them, is more interesting than happiness."  富人婚姻顾问伊斯雷尔·海尔凡接受《奥兰多哨兵报》采访时说,有钱人渴望刺激。他们是肾上腺激素上瘾者。对他们而言,追求快乐要比快乐本身更有意思。  Every marriage has troubles, he said. But for the rich, famous or powerful, the temptations and opportunities for misbehaving are much greater. They can pop in on their private jet, get a pricey hotel room and fly back home within hours. And they are much better able to afford to divorce if they get caught。  海尔凡说,每一场婚姻都会遇到问题。但对有钱人、名人或大权在握的人而言,出轨的诱惑和机会要大得多。他们可以跳上自己的私人飞机,然后飞到豪华酒店开房,几小时后再飞回家。如果败露,他们也更经得起离婚的损失。  Sounds reasonable. Yet a look at recent research shows that rich guys are not significantly more likely to have affairs than non-rich guys. According to a 2007 study of people worth 30 million or more by Prince amp; Assoc., 50% of of the male survey respondents who were married said they'd had affairs. That's about in line with findings for the broader American population, according to sexologists。  听起来这有道理。然而最近公布的一份研究显示,有钱男性发生出轨的可能性并不比普通男性高很多。据美国调查机构Prince amp; Assoc。在2007年对身家3,000万美元以上的富人所做调查,50%的受访已婚男性承认自己曾出轨。这与性学家对更大范围美国人所作做的调查结果相符。  In fact, it's the rich women who are more likely to stray. The survey found that nearly three-quarters of the women surveyed said they'd had affairs. That's more than twice as high as the national average for women。  实际上,有钱女性出轨的可能性更大。调查发现,将近四分之三的受访女性说自己有出轨行为。这比全美国女性的平均水平高出一倍多。  Clearly, money can be enable bad behavior. But when it comes to infidelity, money has a bigger impact on women than men。  很明显,钱能让人做出不轨行为。但在不忠问题上,钱对女性的影响甚于男性。  Do you think wealth was the main reason for Tiger's alleged behavior? Is it harder to stay faithful with large wealth?  你认为钱是伍兹做出那些被指的出轨行为的主要原因吗?拥有了大笔财富,保持对婚姻的忠诚是否会变得更困难? /200912/91834

Striking the right balance between revealing too much and being too conservative in how muchskin is on show has long been a dilemma for women when choosing the right outfit for a nightout.女人长久以来的一个穿衣的两难境地就是:晚上夜生活到底该怎么穿?在轻佻和保守的穿衣风格中,该怎么选择一个平衡点呢?A study by experts at the University of Leeds has come to the rescue by calculating the exact proportion of the body that should be exposed for optimum allure.利兹大学的专家进行的研究解决了女人的这个难题——他们精确地算出了女人穿衣最能吸引男人目光时所需暴露身体的黄金比例。The findings were based on work by four female researchers, who discreetly observed women at one of the city's biggest nightclubs from a balcony above the dance floor.实验的过程是这样的:四名女性研究员从当地最大的几个夜总会中选了一个,然后站在楼上大厅,小心翼翼地观察下面舞厅里的情况。 /201001/95032

A friend asks me “Why Chinese don't go Dutch?” So I want to regard this question as the topic and write an article. As everyone knows, Occidental will go Dutch while having a meal in the restaurant. But Chinese don't go Dutch. Chinese will pay the bill and check out generously. Occidental don't often entertain guests; but Chinese often invite friend to dinner. A lot of Occidentals feel puzzled to this question。   一个朋友问我:“为什么中国人不是各付各的钱?”所以我要写一篇文章把这个问题作为关注的焦点。  正像每个人都知道的那样,西方人在饭店吃饭往往都是AA制,而中国人却慷慨地把别人的也一起给付了。西方人不常款待客人,而中国人却经常邀请朋友吃饭。许多西方人对此感到困惑不解。  Why exists such a difference? Because of the East and West culture and custom are different on the surface. I will analyze this question concretely。  为什么存在这样的差别呢?表面上的原因是由于东西方文化的差异。我将具体分析其中道理。  First of all, food systems between China and Occident are different. Chinese put into practice Gather Dining System; Occidentals put into practice Individual Dining System. Everybody can share the delicious food of all over the table when eating Chinese food. Please note it is sharing; but Occidentals just eat the food in one's own plate, if you eat beef, he eats chicken. It is impossible that you taste the flavor of his chicken. The result of the Individual Dining System is that you can only eat the food in your plate. It is unable to share. Ha-ha! What I said is right!首先,西方国家和中国的进餐方式不同。中国人实行的是“集体共享制”;西方人实行的是“个人分餐制”。中国人吃饭时每个人都可以共享桌上的每一种鲜美食品,请注意是“共享”;但西方人只是吃自己盘子里的食物,假如你吃牛肉,他吃鸡肉,你就不可能品尝他的鸡肉。“个人分餐制”的结果就是你只能吃自己盘子里的,不可能共享食品。哈哈,我说的不错吧! /201006/105547

【中英对照】If you've been through it, this will probably come as no surprise. Divorce can add years to a person's face, it is claimed.如果你已经经历了,你可能不会感到惊讶。研究称,离婚会让人容颜变老。Researchers found that marriage breakdown can take a significant toll on appearance.研究人员发现,婚姻破裂会对人的外貌造成很大的影响。They looked at identical twins, who would be genetically predisposed to age at a similar pace, to determine whether certain experiences affected ageing.为确定某些经历是否会影响衰老,研究人员对同卵双生的双胞胎进行了研究,这些双胞胎在基因的设定下衰老速度完全一样。"A person's heritage may initially dictate how they age but if you introduce certain factors into your life, you will certainly age faster, and likewise, if you avoid those factors you can slow down the hands of time," said Professor Bahaman Guyuron, who led the study.研究负责人巴哈曼·古尤伦教授说:“遗传可能是决定一个人如何变老的基本因素,但如果在人生中加入某些因素,那么肯定会加速衰老,同样,如果避免这些因素,则会减缓衰老。”Professor Guyuron and his colleagues gathered information from questionnaires and digital images taken from 186 pairs of twins.古尤伦教授和同事对186对双胞胎进行了问卷调查和数码拍照。An independent panel of judges then viewed the images for perceived age differences between the siblings.一个独立评审小组浏览了这些照片,并根据照片判断这些双胞胎外表上的年龄差异。The results showed that the twin who had gone through a divorce appeared two years older than the one who was married, single or had been widowed.结果显示,一对双胞胎中的离婚者比已婚、单身或守寡者看起来要老两岁。Those who took antidepressants or were overweight also aged quicker.而用抗抑郁药物或体重超标的人衰老速度也较快。It is thought antidepressants can calm the facial muscles, causing them to sag in longterm users.据称,抗抑郁药物能够使面部肌肉松弛,所以长期用者肌肉容易下垂。The research was conducted by the Case Western Reserve University in the U.S., and published in the Journal Of The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons.该研究由美国西储大学开展,研究结果已在《整形和修复外科医学期刊》上发表。Sun exposure, smoking and alcohol use were all found to have a negative effect on appearance.另外,日晒、吸烟和酗酒都会对外表造成不良影响。 /200905/71084

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