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受台风妮妲影响 本周南方暂享清凉 北方高温依旧 --01 :0:5 来源: 随着今年第四号台风妮妲逐渐逼近,本周南方地区可展享清凉,但是北方地区仍然要接受高温炙烤,北京最高气温将达到历史高点 China’s heat-scorched southern regions will be cooled down starting Monday from the effects of Typhoon Nida, but some northern regions will experience temperatures topping 0 C, according to weather ecasters Sunday.据上周日气象部门播报,受台风妮妲影响,从本周一开始, 饱受热浪袭击的南方地区将展享清凉,但是北方部分地区将经历最高0度的高温China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC) Sunday morning raised an orange alert high temperatures, including parts of Northwest Shaanxi Province and North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.中国国家气象中心(NMC)在周日早间发布了高温橙色预警,预警地区包括陕西和内蒙古部分地区Those regions will experience daytime Sunday temperatures from 35-39 C, with temperatures in some regions including Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Hunan Province reaching 1 C.这些地区在周日白天的气温将达到35至39摄氏度,而新疆和湖南部分地区的气温将达到1摄氏度The fourth typhoon this year, Nida is expected to bring cooler air to the southern regions, including the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River starting Monday. They will experience temperatures slightly over 30 C by Wednesday.今年第四号台风妮妲预计将会给南方带来一丝凉爽的冷空气,从本周一开始,长江中下游地区将展享清凉到周三为止,这些地区的最高气温将只有30度多一点儿Weathermen said warmer temperatures will move north and east with increasing intensity from Sunday to Thursday, and the maximum temperature in regions including Beijing and Liaoning Province is expected to reach record highs, with some areas at over 0 C.据天气预报员表示,更高的温度将会向北方和东部转移,从周日到本周四,气温强度还将加强,北京和辽宁等地区最高气温有望达到记录高点,部分地区气温将超过0摄氏度Typhoon Nida is expected to hit south China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday, with maximum winds of up to kilometers per hour, said NMC, warning of gale-ce winds and torrential rain in coastal areas, including Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.据国家气象中心表示,台风妮妲预计将于本周二登陆广东,最高风速每小时公里,警告包括广东、福建、海南和广西等沿海地区将迎来大风和暴雨特朗普与美国大法官掀起新一轮口水战 -- :: 来源: 大法官称自己言论“欠妥”,不过值得注意的是,她并没有向特朗普本人道歉 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has regrets about her recent comments on Donald Trump, whom she has assailed as a “faker” and a potential threat to the nation and the Supreme Court.大法官鲁斯·贝德尔·金斯伯格对之前自己评价唐纳德·特朗普的做法感到后悔,她曾经攻击特朗普是“骗子”,是国家和最高法院的潜在威胁“On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and I regret making them. Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate public office,” Ginsburg said Thursday in a statement provided by a court spokeswoman.“经过反思,我认为自己最近对媒体作出的是不明智的,我也十分后悔这么做作为法官,应该避免对竞选公职的候选人作出”金斯伯格周四在一份法院发言人提供的声明中说道Notably, this statement isn’t exactly an apology. Nor was it directed at Trump himself, who on Wednesday demanded contrition from Ginsburg via his bully pulpit on Twitter.值得注意的是,这份声明准确地说并不是道歉这也不是冲着特朗普本人的,特朗普在周三通过推特的名望讲坛要求金斯伯格道歉“In the future I will be more circumspect,” Ginsburg added.“在未来我会更加慎重”金斯伯格补充道It’s uncommon the Supreme Court to issue a response to media reports from an individual justice, so it’s likely that Ginsburg felt compelled to address the Trump controversy out of deference to the court, which has been under scrutiny from editorial boards and judicial observers on the ethics of a sitting justice speaking out against a candidate the highest office in Washington.最高法院以法官个人身份回应媒体报道,是非常罕见的所以很可能金斯伯格是遵从了法院的意见,被迫出面解决有关特朗普的争议,一个公然反对华盛顿最高职位候选人的法官,已经受到了编委会和司法观察者的审查The spat between the 83-year-old justice and Trump began last week, when The Associated Press asked her about the prospect of a Trump presidency and what it might mean future appointments to the Supreme Court.现年83岁的大法官与特朗普之间的口水战开始于上周,当时美联社的记者问她对于特朗普当选总统的看法,以及这对于未来最高法院任命的意义Ginsburg responded with remarkable candor.金斯伯格的回答相当坦率“I don’t want to think about that possibility, but if it should be, then everything is up grabs,” she said. A day later, she told The New York Times, “I can’t imagine what this place would be ― I can’t imagine what the country would be ― with Donald Trump as our president.”“我不想考虑这一可能性,但如果它成为了现实,那么一切都会待价而沽,”她说一天后,她在接受《纽约时报采访时说,“我无法想象唐纳德·特朗普成为我们的总统的话,这个地方、这个国家会变成什么样子”Ginsburg piled on in a CNN interview on Monday, pointing out the presumptive Republican nominee’s habit of contradicting himself on various issues.金斯伯格在周一接受了CNN的采访,指出了共和党推定总统候选人在不同问题上自相矛盾的习惯“He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego,” she said in that interview, adding that Trump had also “gotten away” with not making his tax returns public.“他自己没有个定性他想到什么就说什么他是十足的自我中心主义者”她在那次采访中补充说,特朗普不过是“侥幸”没有使他的纳税申报公开而已Trump reacted with characteristic outrage, at first denouncing Ginsburg’s comments as an affront to the Supreme Court as an institution but later making it about himself.特朗普的回应带着标志性的愤怒,起初谴责金斯伯格的是冒犯了作为一个机构的最高法院,但后来的说法变成了对自己的冒犯“I think it’s a disgrace to the court and I think she should apologize to the court. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” Trump said, according to The New York Times.“我认为这是对法院的不敬,我想她应该向法院道歉当我听到的时候,我简直不敢相信这是真的”根据《纽约时报的报道,特朗普是这么说的But in a tweet on Wednesday, Trump said he was the one who was owed an apology Ginsburg’s “misconduct.” Incomprehensibly, he also fired out another tweet where he said that as president he’d “swamp” her with “real judges,” whatever that means.但在周三的一条推特里,特朗普说,金斯伯格因为她的“不当行为”欠他一个道歉不可思议的是,他还发了另外一条推特,大意是说作为总统,他会把她“扫地出门”,换成“真正的法官”Even bee Trump began lashing out, Ginsburg found herself in the crosshairs of the press, commentators and politicians, who more or less agreed that she stepped over the line what is appropriate Supreme Court justices, who are expected to be impartial and above politics.在特朗普开始抨击她之前,金斯伯格就成了媒体、员和政治家批评的靶子,他们或多或少认为她跨过了最高法院大法官的界线,而大法官应当是公正的,不受政治影响“ a court that cares a great deal about appearances, this certainly creates the appearance that justices take sides in elections,” a judicial ethics expert told The Huffington Post earlier this week. “And if Trump v. Clinton arises in the fall, I would say that there is at the very least an appearance of bias if Justice Ginsburg participates.”“对于那些非常在乎外表的法院,这肯定会造成一种法官偏袒选举一方的样子,”本周早些时候,一名司法伦理专家在接受《赫芬顿邮报采访时说,“如果特朗普和克林顿的对决出现在秋季,我会说,看起来就不会像是金斯伯格大法官抱有偏见了”The chances of such a case reaching the high court are slim, and there is precedent other justices engaging in partisan politics while on the bench.这种情况到达高等法院的机会很渺茫,而且已有其他法官在任上参与党派政治的先例But as Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick points out, it’s possible that Ginsburg broke norms and said what she did because Trump is truly an unprecedented candidate, and because the Senate is in the midst of an unprecedented blockade of a Supreme Court nominee ― circumstances that could pose a threat to the judiciary itself.但正如《石板杂志的戴利亚·里斯维克指出的那样,金斯伯格也确实有打破规范、有什么说什么的可能,因为特朗普确实是一个前所未有的候选人,因为参议院处在最高法院提名人前所未有的封锁之中——在这种情况下,可能造成对司法机关本身的威胁“Notorious RBG has made the court a front-page story again,” Lithwick wrote on Wednesday, using a popular moniker the justice. “This is terrible the court. But the alternative ― more accrued insults and slurs and blows met in silence ― could have been worse.”“臭名昭著的RBG(译者注:金斯伯格名字缩写)再次让法院上了头条,”里斯维克周三写道,还叫了大法官的绰号,“这对法院来说太糟糕了但另一方的反应——变本加厉的谩骂和诽谤,还有沉默中的吹嘘——是更加糟糕的”

九大饮食坏习惯,你却天天在做!(双语) -- ::7 来源:sohu 近日起草的《中国膳食指南中,水果被首次列入一顿正餐之中,而不单单作为饭后甜点该指南建议每人每天应摄入0-300 克水果,同时也提出了日常我们应尽量避免的一些饮食误区 The Chinese dietary guidelines were issued recently, in which fruit has the first time been included in a meal, not only as an after meal dessert. According to the guideline, eating 0 -300 grams of fruit is recommended, and there are also some traps to avoid. 在这儿,小编列出九个影响你健康的饮食坏习惯为了我们的健康,快来围观吧! Here, we list nine habits that ruin your attempts to eat healthy. You might as well try to avoid them a healthier life. 1. 经常在外用餐 Eating out often 餐厅的食物都很美味,但这同时也要付出健康代价一般来说,美味的奥秘就在于它添加了丰富的调味料,经常在外用餐就相当于摄取了大量的油、盐和糖——这可能会影响你的健康 Restaurant foods are often tasty, but this comes at a price. Usually, it is the seasoning that works the magic. Eating them too often, theree, equals taking too much oil, salt and sugar – which may adversely affect your health. . 晚餐过于丰盛 Big dinner 最好的晚餐是简餐事实上,指南建议一顿晚餐所摄入的卡路里最好维持在一天总量的30%以内否则,长期下来你增加的不仅是体重,还有器官的额外负担 It is best to have a light dinner. In fact, the guideline suggests that the amount of calories provided by an evening meal is best kept within 30 percent of the day's total. Otherwise, you not only gain weight but also burden your organs in the long term. 3. 用含糖饮料代替水 Sugary drinks instead of water 大多数的软饮都有很高的含糖量事实上,一瓶500 毫升饮料的含糖量就等同于50 克的甘蔗糖(相当于一杯咖啡放进袋糖包的量!)除饮料以外,白酒也会增加你的健康风险,一斤白酒就包含相当于八个馒头的卡路里! Most soft drinks are filled with sugar. In fact, the sugar contained in a 500ml bottle drink equals that of 50 grams of cane sugar. Other than beverages, alcohol also poses risks your health, as half a kilo of alcohol contains the same amount of calories as eight steamed buns. . 不吃碳水化合物 No grains 谷物是健康饮食必不可少的的确,不吃碳水化合物可能会有助于你减肥,因为你的身体消耗了存储的蛋白质,但这同时意味着你的肌肉组织正在萎缩,代谢也在降低必须认识到谷物是维生素和矿物质的一大来源 Grains are essential to a healthy diet. Indeed, avoiding carbohydrates might help you lose weight, as your body consumes stored protein, but this means your muscle tissues are shrinking, and you're becoming less sustainable. You should be aware that grains are a big source of vitamins and minerals. 5. 嗜甜如命 Sweet tooth 花式咖啡、冰饮和甜点——为了健康,你也许会想要减少食用这些指南建议每天摄入的糖分不要超过50克 Fancy coffee, icy drinks and desserts – you might want to cut down on these to remain healthy. The guideline suggests taking no more than 50 grams of sugar at most. 6. 嗜饮靓汤 Soup addict 与许多人的想法不同,汤并不是最有营养的食物通常情况下,肉汤中大部分的蛋白质还在肉中,只有百分之一、二溶解到了汤中所以,下次开始不要仅仅喝汤,也开始大口嚼肉吧! Unlike what many people think, soup is not the most nutritious type of food. Generally speaking, most of the protein in meat soup is still in the meat, while only one to two percent will be dissolved in the soup. So, maybe you should avoid drinking the soup only and startchewing on the meat next time.、 7. 只食用蛋白 Egg white only 有些人不喜欢蛋黄只吃蛋白——他们认为大部分蛋白质都来自蛋白然而在一定程度上,不吃蛋黄同样意味着你错过了维生素、矿物质和胆固醇,而这些都是生产荷尔蒙所必需的 Some people do not like yolk, and only eat egg whites – they think most of the protein comes from the egg white. While this is true to some extent, avoiding the yolk also means you miss out on the vitamins, minerals and cholesterol, which is necessary in producing certain hormones. 8. 吃饭过快 Eating fast 吃饭过快可能会使你的胃不适如果不放慢节奏,最后你很有可能吃过量 Eating quickly might strain your stomach. And if you don't slow down your pace, you might end up eating too much. 9. 只吃蔬菜 Veggie only 近些年,吃蔬菜已成为一种时尚但如果没有适当的指导,进行均衡饮食,为身体提供所必需的营养那么,你可能会走向另一个极端——营养不良 Eating vegetables has become a fad in recent years. But without proper guidelines to have a balanced diet that provides you all the nutrients necessary, you could go to the other extreme, which leads to malnutrition.、 写到这,小编的肚子已经咕咕叫了祝大家都能拥有均衡的饮食和健康的身体! 你的健康饮食秘诀是什么呢,留言给我吧! English Source: China Daily

英国地铁新规:扶梯左右可同时站人 --5 :: 来源:   The rules of etiquette have been tossed out of the window yet again as people are being asked to stand on both sides of escalators at Holborn station.  在霍尔本地铁站,礼仪的规矩再遭抛弃,人们又可以站在扶梯两边了  One of the busiest stations on London Underground, Holborn was the first station in the country to urge travellers to stand on both the right and left of upward-moving escalators during an experiment in November last year.  霍尔本地铁站是伦敦地下交通系统最繁忙的站点之一,在去年月的一次试行中,霍尔本地铁站在英国率先允许乘客可以站在上行扶梯的左右两边  The previous test, which lasted three weeks, showed that standing actually reduced congestion by 30 per cent ndash; , people an hour were able to travel on the escalator during rush hour compared to the usual ,75 when both standing and walking are allowed.  那次试行共持续了三周,结果明,扶梯两侧同时站人可以有效减少30%的拥堵;;在高峰时段,扶梯每小时可载人次但以前左行右立的时候,每小时只有75人次通过  Transport London (TfL) hopes the new standing mation, which this time will be tested six months, will make the most of wasted space on longer escalators, where most people choose to wait on the right.  此次试行时间长达六个月伦敦交通局(TfL)希望新规能最大化地利用长扶梯上被浪费掉的空间,因为大多数人总是选择站在右边  Many passengers had expressed concern at being ced to stand where previously they would have chosen to dash up the stairs, but TfL have addressed those fears ahead of this latest experiment.  很多乘客表达了自己的担忧,因为以前他们可以从扶梯左侧冲上去,但现在被要求站在左侧,他们有点不适应但伦敦交通局在此次试运行前已经解决了这些担忧  A third 'up' escalator will be available people who wish to tackle the steps with more vigour, they said.  他们说,已给那些步伐矫健的人士另设了一架上行扶梯  Signs and inmation will be displayed around the station to encourage people to participate and prevent confusion during the six-month experiment.  在六个月的试行期内,地铁站会四处张贴标语和告示,鼓励人们参与,防止发生混乱  They will range from the creative ndash; a talking projection of a staff member ndash; to the more traditional ndash; signs on the floors, footprints on the escalator steps, handprints on the handrails and station announcements.  这些措施有很新鲜的,比如车站工作人员的语音播报;也有很传统的,比如地板上的标识、扶梯台阶上的脚印、扶手上的手印和车站的告示  LU operations director Peter McNaught said: 'I look ward to this new pilot.  伦敦地铁公司运营总监皮特bull;麦克诺特说:;我十分期待这项新规;  'The etiquette on London Underground is customers to stand on the right of escalators, allowing others to walk on the left. However, few customers choose to walk on longer escalators such as Holborn, so much of the left-hand-side is unused.  ;伦敦地铁的规矩就是乘客站在扶梯右边,这样别人就可以从左边走但是很少有乘客选择在像霍尔本这样比较长的扶梯上行走,所以左手边的很多空间都没有被利用起来;  'We hope that this can lead to improving congestion at Holborn, making journeys easier all of our customers.'  ;我们希望这项措施有助于改善霍尔本地铁站的拥堵状况,给所有乘客带来方便快捷的出行体验;  Holborn is one of the busiest stations on the Tube network, with more than 56 million customers each year.  霍尔本是伦敦地铁系统中最繁忙的车站之一,每年接待乘客5600多万  The new 'standing only' escalators are 3. metres, and research suggests few people will wish to climb heights exceeding 18.5 metres, TfL said.  伦敦交通局称,新设立的;只可站立;扶梯有3.米长,调查显示几乎没有人愿意爬超过18.5米的扶梯  Vocabulary  etiquette:礼仪,规矩  escalator:扶梯

  女性穿低胸装面试成功几率增大倍! --9 :33: 来源: 据一项最新研究发现,穿低胸装面试成功几率增大倍! Most women will agonise over making sure their CV is up to scratch - but the secret to securing a job interview may be as simple as wearing a low-cut dress, a study found.大多数女性都会费尽心思考虑如何让自己的简历脱颖而出而据一份研究指出,想要通过面试很简单,只要穿低胸装就可以了New research suggests that female applicants who included a photo of themselves in revealing clothing were 19 times more likely to secure an interview.新研究表明,如果女性求职者在简历中附上自己穿着暴露衣的照片,那么她们面试通过的几率会增大19倍之多The study, which is to be revealed at a body image conference in London on Tuesday, was conducted in Paris and covered the chances of earning a job interview sales and ing positions.在本周二伦敦举行的一场身体印象峰会上,有人发表了这份新研究这份研究的实验地点是巴黎,研究的对象是销售和会计岗位的面试机会Carried out by Dr Sevag Kertechian, a researcher at Paris-Sorbonne University, the study was intended to discover just what impact clothing could have on the recruitment process.巴黎索邦大学研究员Sevag Kertechian士主导了这项研究,其目的为了发现到底装能够对招聘过程产生什么影响Using two similar looking women with near identical experience on their CVs, they each applied 0 roles wearing conservative clothing and another 0 roles pictured in a more revealing outfit. The study took place over a three year period.实验参与者是两名长得很相似的女性,她们简历中的经历也很相似,她们都申请了0个职位,但是其中一人衣着保守,而另一人衣着较为暴露实验周期是3年Out of the 0 roles that were applied , the submissions which were accompanied by a low-cut dress received 6 more interview offers than their more conservatively dressed counterparts.最终提交的结果显示,在总共申请的0个职位中,相比于衣着保守的那名女性来说,穿低胸装的那名女性多得到了6个面试机会From the 0 ancy applications, there were 68 more interview offers the more provocatively dressed woman.而从0份会计职务申请结果来看,衣着更加暴露的女性多得到了68个面试机会The results, will be discussed at the Appearance Matters Conference, which begins today (tues), and is the world’s largest event on body image and disfigurement.这份研究的结果将在从今天开始举行的“外貌问题峰会”上被讨论,该会议是全球在身体印象和缺陷问题方面最大的活动Run by the Centre Appearance Research, the conference will see more than 0 appearance experts from across the world tackle issues including weight loss surgery, eating disorders and ‘ultra-thin’ dolls.这场会议由“外貌研究中心”主持召开,届时全球将会有0多名外貌专家齐聚伦敦,解决包括减肥手术、饮食失调和身体过瘦等问题Dr Kertechian said: ‘Our results showed interesting trends as low-cut dresses significantly influenced the choice of the recruiters, even ing positions.Kertechian士说道:“我们的研究结果展示了一些有趣的规律,低胸装显著影响了招聘者的选择,即使那是一份会计工作”‘Regardless of the job, whether customer-facing saleswoman or office-based ant, the candidate with the low cut clothing received more positive answers.“不管是什么工作,不论是面对客户的女销售还是坐在办公室里的女会计,穿低胸装的求职者都会得到更多的肯定答复”‘The results were quite shocking and negative but not necessarily surprising – they show we need to conduct more research.’“研究结果让人非常惊讶而且消极,但是却不一定令人震惊--这表明我们还需要进行更多的研究”Held in London the first time in its -year history, the Appearance Matters Conference will see researchers from a variety of disciplines relating to the psychology of appearance.今年是“外貌问题峰会”年的历史里第一次在伦敦举行,届时将会有一大批外貌心理学相关科目的研究员聚在这里Among the academics presenting their work at the conference will be Dr Amy Slater, whose study found young girls reported heightened body dissatisfaction after playing a children’s internet ‘makeover’ game just minutes.在这场峰会上,许多学者都会展示他们的研究成果,艾米·斯莱特士就是其中一位艾米士的研究发现,小女孩们在玩儿童互联网“过家家”游戏仅仅分钟后,对自己身体的不满就增加了Academics, clinicians, practitioners and policy makers involved in research and the provision of care people with appearance-related concerns will gather at the conference in order to gain a greater insight into the research currently being carried out and share ideas with others working in the field.学者、临床医师、从业者、决策者等与外貌相关问题的研究及护理提供有关的人员将会齐聚伦敦峰会,其目的是为了对目前正在进行的研究有一些更深入的了解,同时和该领域里的其他人交流自己的意见The event is hosted by CAR, part of the University of the West of England, at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.这场峰会由CAR举办,地点在伦敦爱尔兰皇家外科医院CAR是西英格兰大学的一部分The conference will include over 70 presentations, along with training workshops, dissemination events, mentoring, social events and panel discussion.这场峰会将包括70多场演讲,还有其他的培训研讨会、宣传活动、指导活动、社会活动和小组讨论等

  中国将在南中国海举行军事演习 -- :5:59 来源: 在国际法院对其领海主张给出威胁的裁决前,中国将要在有争议的南中国海举行军事演习 China will hold military drills in the disputed South China Sea, ahead of a ruling by an international court on a challenge to its maritime claims.在国际法院对其领海主张给出威胁的裁决前,中国将要在有争议的南中国海举行军事演习They will be held in waters around the Paracel Islands, said a statement by the maritime safety administration.他们将在西沙群岛附近的水域举行,海事局的一项声明说China regularly holds such exercises even though Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have overlapping claims in the seas.尽管这片海域有越南、菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱和台湾各方的主权主张,中国仍不断举行这类演习But tensions are running high ahead of the ruling expected next week.但因为下周就要公布裁决结果,局势变得更为紧张The Permanent Court of Arbitration, based in The Hague, Netherlands, has said it will issue a decision on July on a challenge made by the Philippines to China’s claims in the strategic and resource-rich region.对于中国在战略和资源丰富的海域做出的主权主张,菲律宾提出了质疑,而总部设在荷兰海牙的常设仲裁法院,表示将于7月日公布裁决However, China has consistently boycotted the proceedings, insisting that the panel has no authority to rule in the case.但是,中方坚决抵制该诉讼,坚持认为审查小组没有权利裁决该问题The drills will be held from 5- July, with ships prohibited from entering the waters in that time, the Chinese statement said.演习将于7月5-号举行,届时将禁止船只进入该区域,中方发表声明说What is the South China Sea dispute?南海争端是什么?Rival countries have wrangled over territory in the South China Sea centuries, but tension has steadily increased in recent years.各国对于南中国海的领权争议已持续数个世纪,但近几年局势逐步紧张Its islets and waters are claimed in part or in whole by Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.台湾、中国、越南、菲律宾、马来西亚和文莱,都宣称自己部分地或全部地拥有这片岛屿和水域China has backed its expansive claims with island-building and naval patrols, while the US says it opposes restrictions on freedom of navigation and unlawful sovereignty claims by all sides.中国通过岛屿建设和海军巡逻来持自己的领海主张,而美国说它反对限制航海自由,反对任何一方违法的主权主张The frictions have sparked concern that the area is becoming a flashpoint with possible global consequences.擦引发各方关注:该区域是否正变成政治动乱地,是否带来全球性后果。

  美国弗吉尼亚州大洪水,人死亡 --6 :6:56 来源: 至少人在弗吉尼亚州的洪水中死亡,包括一名8岁男孩和一个幼儿 At least people, including an eight-year-old boy and a toddler, have died in flooding in West Virginia, according to state officials.至少人在西弗吉尼亚州的洪水中死亡,包括一名8岁男孩和一个幼儿,政府官员发表声明说Heavy storms and flooding have caused widesp damage throughout the state, said Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.暴雨和洪水在全州造成了大面积的破坏,州长Earl Ray Tomblin说A state of emergency was declared in of the state’s 55 counties.该州的55个县中,个都宣布进入紧急状态Rescue efts were under way about 500 people trapped in a shopping centre while officials continued to search others stranded in devastated areas.对困于购物中心的500人的救援工作正在进行,官员们还在继续搜索其他困于受灾地区的群众The flooding has destroyed more than 0 homes and knocked out power thousands after a storm system dumped nine inches of rain on parts of the state.洪水已摧毁超过0座房屋,在该州的某些地方暴雨倾泻达9英寸,导致电力中断The governor said 0 National Guard soldiers were carrying out search and rescue efts as well as health and welfare checks in eight counties across the state.州长说,0名国民警卫队士兵在执行搜索营救工作,同时也有8个县正在展开健康安全检查工作A church pastor told the AP news agency an eight-year-old boy slipped, fell into a creek and was swept away.一个教堂的牧师告诉美联社,一名8岁男童滑倒后掉入小溪被冲走The boy’s mother attempted to save him but lost her grip on the child, according to Harry Croft, pastor at Marwin Church of the Nazarene at Wheeling.这个男孩的母亲试图救他,但没能抓住,根据Wheeling的Marwin Church of the Nazarene(教堂)的牧师Harry Croft说The child’s body was found about a half-mile from where the family lives.男孩的尸体在离这家半英里处被找到The body of a four-year-old boy was also recovered a day after the child slipped into a creek swollen with flood waters.另一名四岁男孩的尸体也在他滑倒掉入小溪,被洪水冲走后的第二天被找到Ravenswood Fire Department official Bob Bibbee said the toddler was with his grandfather when he fell into the water in Jackson County.Ravenswood消防部门的官员Bob Bibbee说,Jackson县的这位幼儿在掉入小溪时与他的爷爷在一起The grandfather jumped into the creek to try and save the boy, but was overcome by the rushing water.爷爷跳入小溪去救那个男孩,但被激流压倒Governor Tomblin called the flooding "among the worst in a century some parts of the state".州长Tomblin说这次洪水“对于该州很多地方都是0年来最严重的一次”

  办公室“蛋糕文化”正在损害你的健康 -- :: 来源: 一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝对健康可不利 Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues’ birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues.一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝同事的生日、订婚或只是庆祝大家又熬过了这一周,对健康可不利Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says "cake culture" is fuelling obesity and dental problems.爱尔兰皇家外科学院口腔外科学系的的Nigel Hunt教授说“蛋糕文化”正在助长肥胖和牙齿问题At the organisation’s annual dinner dentists, he will say workplace temptation stops people losing weight.在该机构的牙医年会上,他要说工作场所中的诱惑打断了人们的减肥计划And staff should be rewarded with fruit, nuts or cheese instead.应该用水果,坚果以及奶酪奖励员工Sugar rush糖份冲击In the speech, he will say: "Managers want to reward staff their efts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions, and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays.在演讲中,他要说:“管理者想奖励员工的努力,同事们想庆祝特别的场合,员工们想假期带点礼物回来”"But many people the workplace is now the primary site of their sugar intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health."“但对于很多人,工作场所已成为摄入糖的主要地点,这助长肥胖流行,影响口腔健康”He will say nearly 65,000 adults every year need hospital treatment tooth decay.他说每年将近有6.5万个成年人需要到医院治疗蛀牙Prof Hunt will say: "Cake culture also poses difficulties those who are trying their hardest to lose weight or become healthier - how many of us have begun such diets only to cave in to the temptation of the doughnuts, cookies or the triple chocolate biscuits?"Hunt教授要说:“蛋糕文化为正竭尽全力减肥或努力变得健康的人制造了困难——我们中有多少人在开始控制饮食后最终屈于甜甜圈,饼干或巧克力饼干的?”Fruit platter水果拼盘While he does not believe office cake should be banned, he will say it should be purchased in smaller quantities and consumed only with lunch.同时他也不认为办公室蛋糕就应该被禁止,他要说的是应该少买一点,并只在午餐时食用Dentists recommend cutting down on sugary or starchy foods between meals as they give bacteria fuel to produce acids that decay teeth.牙医们建议两餐之间少吃含糖或淀粉的食物,因为这相当于给细菌提供燃料,让它们产生蛀坏牙齿的酸At the dinner, which is being rounded off with mint panna cotta, British strawberries and chocolate soil, Prof Hunt will say: "Ideally office workers should consider other alternatives altogether like fruit platters, nuts, or cheese.Hunt教授将要在这个被薄荷奶油布丁、英国草莓和巧克力环绕的晚宴上说:“理论上,员工们应该考虑其他选择,例如水果拼盘,坚果或者奶酪”"Responsible employers should take a lead and avoid such snacks in meetings."“负责的老板应该带头,在开会时避免这些零食”打车软件会为我们带来“智能出租车”么? --31 :: 来源: 打车软件出现的目的是让我们的出行更加便捷随着各类软件的不断发展,英国一份报告指出,未来打车软件会更加智能,有望与社交网站实现同步,从而为乘客提供更加智能的务未来将是智能出租车的时代  As taxi apps become smarter, experts predict they will sync with social networks and calendars to provide an even more efficient and tailored service to their passengers. Here comes the rise of the smart taxi.  随着打车软件愈发智能,专家预测,今后的打车软件将可与社交网站和用户日历实现同步,以为乘客提供更加便捷且个人化的定制务智能出租车将崛起  TVs in the back of cabs could automatically change channel based on a user’s likes or dislikes, example, or drivers could anticipate when and where a passenger will need a ride – even bee the customer does.  比如,出租车椅背上的电视可能会自动照乘客的喜好切换频道,而司机有可能比乘客更早知道在什么时间、什么地点会接到乘客  The app will know when you are leaving a client meeting and send a taxi to meet you.  打车软件会知道你什么时间会结束客户会议,然后把出租车派到你面前  And as wearables increase in popularity, waving a hand to hail a cab will easily be detected by an electronic ring or wristband.  随着各种可穿戴设备的普及,招手叫出租车的意图可以很容易被电子戒指或腕带捕捉到  Within the next five years, as self-driving technologies become more mainstream, futurologists predict that many cars will converge with the high street.  未来五年,无人驾驶技术更趋主流的时候,未来学家语言,很多汽车都会与高街商家实现聚合  In addition to carrying passengers, self-driving cars, as well as traditional taxis, may also become delivery drivers.  除了搭载乘客,无人驾驶汽车和传统的出租车都可以成为递送员  This means people could order a taxi to collect dry cleaning, example, or deliver medicine using a single app.  这就意味着,人们通过一个简单的软件就可以叫辆出租车去帮他们拿洗好的衣,或者上门送药网红的世界只有自拍整容开淘宝? -- :6:59 来源:i1st 导读:扮丑、整容、炫富……在这个社交媒体发达的时代,你有一百种方法跻身网红的行列但是当网红井喷,传统的网红三宝似乎都不奏效了看来想当一名人气不衰的网红,也是门大学问Gone are the days when being a celebrity meant reaching the top of the social ladder. With the Internet as their springboard, people no longer need to be actors, sports stars or politicians to be celebrities.出名就意味着爬上社会阶级顶端的日子已经一去不复返了以网络为跳板,人们不必当演员、运动员或者政客就能成明星You may still remember the time when Furong Jiejie, or “Sister Lotus”, and Fengjie, or “Sister Phoenix”, emerged online. All of a sudden they were the talk of the town because of their crazy outfits and eccentric values. Then there was Yu Xiuhua, a cerebral palsy sufferer who became renowned as a talented poet online. And let’s not get the -year-old South Korean boy who got famous by simply broadcasting himself having dinner every day.你可能还记得芙蓉和凤刚从网上冒出来的时候因为雷人的穿着和奇葩的价值观,她们一夜之间成为大众茶余饭后的谈资之后,脑瘫患者余秀华成了才华横溢的知名网络诗人还有一个岁的韩国男孩也不能不提,他仅仅因为每天在网上晒自己吃了什么就走红了But when the word wanghong, or “Internet celebrity”, was named one of Yaowen Jiaozi magazine’s “popular cyber words” in , its meaning had changed. Those who now dominate the world of wanghong are largely famous their heavily Photoshopped selfies and the exclusive lifestyles they advertise on social media.不过当年《咬文嚼字杂志把网红选为年度“网络热词”时,它的含义就已经变了如今占据网红界半壁江山的是那些在社交网络上发布过度修图的自拍和宣传他们独有生活方式的人The same thing is happening overseas as well. There’s a stereotype that women on Instagram are obsessed with posting photos. This has led to the rise of “Instagram Husbands”, men who are willing–or most likely ced–to take snapshots of their wives or girlfriends their Instagram s.网红那些事儿,在国外也一样有这样一种说法,使用图片分享软件Instagram的女性们疯狂沉迷于发照片这也让“Instagram老公”应运而生,“Instagram老公”就是那些自愿,或者被迫(大部分是被迫)为他们的老婆或女朋友拍照发Instagram的男人“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me,” one guy says in the joke that launched the term “Instagram Husbands”. Another confesses, “I’ve had to delete all the apps on my phone just to make room more photos.”一个男人在一段介绍“Instagram老公”的搞笑视频里说:“Instagram上每一个可爱女孩的背后都有一个像我一样的男人”另一个人则坦白地说:“为了给照片腾内存,我不得不删光手机里的应用软件”But what wanghong offer their fans is much more than a bunch of pretty pictures. “There is a longing the eftless and classy way of life,” commented China Youth Daily.但是网红给粉丝的可不仅仅只是大把大把的漂亮照片哦“人们总是渴望能不劳而获,过上优质生活,”《中国青年报说Though their lifestyle may seem “eftless”, some wanghong take great pains to run their Taobao stores, communicate with their fans and think of ways to retain their viewership, example.尽管他们的生活方式看起来“毫不费力”,一些网红却在卖命地经营着淘宝店,和粉丝互动,想尽各种方法保持自己的关注度Zhang Dayi, a famous wanghong with over million followers on Sina Weibo, revealed to Southern People Weekly some of her secrets attracting fans. “Usually people look up to celebrities at a 5-degree angle, metaphorically speaking. But I reduced that angle to degrees, because no one likes to strain their necks too much,” she said. Her social media strategies include being more interactive and amicable with fans. “As soon as you let down your guard, people will start to approach,” she said.张大奕是个颇有名气的网红,新浪微粉丝数超过四百万,她就向《南方人物周刊揭秘了自己吸引粉丝的秘诀她说:“我只是把网友看名人的角度从5度转成了度,没人愿意把头抬很高去看人,脖子会不舒”她的社交媒体策略包括提高互动性,对粉丝友善她认为:“如果你愿意亲近,他们就会靠近你”

  美女双胞胎同被哈佛录取 -- ::1 来源: 上海复旦大学英语专业的双胞胎被哈佛大学录取Sun Yumeng and Sun Yutong, both English majors at Fudan University in Shanghai, receive admission offers from Harvard University on March 5, . The twin sisters were born on August 9, 199, in Nanjing, East Chinarsquo;s Jiangsu province.孙雨朦和孙雨彤同是上海复旦大学英语专业的学生,于年3月5日收到来自哈佛大学的录取通知这对双胞胎生于199年8月9日,江苏南京Sun Yumeng poses in front of a Harvard University mail service van bee uploading the photo on her Weibo on March .孙雨朦在哈佛邮政务车前拍照,3月日她把照片传到微Su Yutong walks towards a Harvard University building bee uploading the photo on her Weibo on March , .孙雨彤走在哈佛大学建筑前,她年3月日在微上传了该照片Sun Yumeng and Sun Yutong, both English majors at Fudan University in Shanghai, receive admission offers from Harvard University on March 5, .孙雨朦和孙雨彤同是上海复旦大学英语专业的学生,于年3月5日收到来自哈佛大学的录取通知Sun Yumeng, the elder sister. The twin sisters from Nanjing, East Chinarsquo;s Jiangsu province, receive offers from Harvard University on March 5, .孙雨朦这对双胞胎来自江苏南京,于年3月日收到来自哈佛大学的录取通知Sun Yutong, the younger sister. The twin sisters from Nanjing, East Chinarsquo;s Jiangsu province, receive offers from Harvard University on March 5, .孙雨彤这对双胞胎来自江苏南京,于年3月日收到来自哈佛大学的录取通知Sun Yumeng puts this photo online on March 1. The photo shows the twin sisters visiting a park during the spring season. They both received admission offers from Harvard University on March 5, .孙雨朦3月1日在微上传了这张照片这张照片显示双胞胎春天游公园她们都在年3月5日收到哈佛大学的录取通知An undated photo posted online by Sun Yutong. The twin sisters received admission offers from Harvard University on March 5, .孙雨彤的线上照片更新这对双胞胎在年3月5日收到哈佛大学的录取通知A photo shows the twins at six years old. The twinsrsquo; mother, whose Weibo is Shuangmaxiaoge, recently put the photo online.双胞胎六岁的时候,这张照片是账号名为@双妈小格 双胞胎的母亲上传的懒人福利:汉堡可以直接“打印”了 -- :55: 来源: As further proof that you can now 3D-print anything, a company called Natural Machines has introduced a 3D printer food.The "Foodini," as it's called, isn't too different from a regular 3D printer, but instead of printing with plastics, it deploys edible ingredients squeezed out of stainless steel capsules: "It's the same technology," says Lynette Kucsma, co-founder of Natural Machines, "but with plastics there's just one melting point, whereas with food it's different temperatures, consistencies and textures. Also, gravity works a little bit against us, as food doesn't hold the shape as well as plastic."At the Web Summit technology conference in Dublin, the Barcelona-based startup is showing off the machine, which it says is the only one of its kind capable of printing a wide range of dishes, from sweet to savoury."In essence, this is a mini food manufacturing plant shrunk down to the size of an oven," Kucsma said, pointing out that at least in the initial stage the printer will be targeted mostly at professional kitchen users, with a consumer version to follow, at a projected retail price of around ,000.In principle, the Foodini sounds like the ultimate laziness aid: press a button to print your ravioli. But Natural Machines is quick to point out that it's designed to take care only of the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that discourage people from cooking at home, and that it promotes healthy eating by requiring fresh ingredients prepared bee printing.Nevertheless, the company is working with major food manufacturers to create pre-packaged plastic capsules that can just be loaded into the machine to make food, even though they assure these will be free of preservatives, with a shelf life limited to five days.The printing process is slow, but faster than regular 3D printing. Other than being capable of creating complex designs, such as very detailed cake decorations or food arranged in unusual shapes, the Foodini can be useful recipes that require precision and dexterity, like homemade pizza or filled pasta.Currently, the device only prints the food, which must be then cooked as usual. But a future model will also cook the preparation and produce it y to eat.The idea also comes with a social element too. "There's a touchscreen on the front that connects to a recipe site in the cloud, so it's an internet-of-things, connected kitchen appliance," said Kucsma. Users will also be able to control the device remotely using a smartphone, and share their recipes with the commy.最近一家名叫“自然机器”(Natural Machines)的公司称他们已有可以打印食物的3D打印机这似乎是要进一步明现在3D打印可以用于任何领域这台名叫“Foodini”的机器和其它普通的3D打印机差别不大,但是它的原料并不是塑料,而是将食材捣成泥状装进干净的钢制胶囊盒里,机器可以通过操作胶囊盒完成食物的打印自然机器公司的创建人之一利奈特·库斯马(Lynette Kucsma)表示“Foodini使用的技术跟其它3D打印机一样不同的是,打印塑料的机器只有一个熔点,而打印食物的机器需要设置不同的熔点来适应不同的温度、粘稠度和食物材质而且重力也是一个很棘手的问题,因为泥状食物不像塑料那样,它会因重力而变形”在都柏林(Dublin)举行的网络技术峰会上,这家位于巴塞罗那的创业公司展示了这台机器,并称这是唯一一种能够打印各种各样的食物的3D打印机,无论是甜点还是开胃菜都不在话下“其实它就是一个缩小到跟烤箱一样大的小型食品加工厂,”库斯马说道,他表示至少在最初阶段foodini的目标客户是专业厨师,接下来还有会有针对大众的版本,零售价格预计在00美元左右Foodini听起来像是懒人的终极福利:一下钮,你就可以享受你的方饺了但自然机器公司很快回应说,这台机器的目的只是帮助人们省去最耗时最复杂的食物制作工序,并且要求用户准备新鲜的食材作为打印原料,提倡健康饮食不过,目前该公司仍在和主要的食品制造商合作,旨在研发出预先装好食材的塑料胶囊盒这种包装好的胶囊盒能够直接放在机器上打印食物该公司强调这些胶囊盒不添加防腐剂,保质期仅有五天Foodini打印食物的速度较慢,但快于普通的3D打印机除了可以打印造型复杂的食物如精美的蛋糕装饰品或特殊摆盘的菜肴外,它还可以满足一些食谱对食材克数精确度和菜肴设计灵巧性的要求,比如自制披萨饼或意大利面目前机器打印出的食材需要再进行常规的烹饪,但未来的机器可以自动将食材加工成可食用的成品这台机器还具有社交功能库斯马表示,机器前面有一个触摸屏,它可以连接到云端里的食谱网站,所以这也算是一个物联网连接着厨房设备用户可以通过智能手机远程操控这台机器,也能将菜谱上传到网上与朋友分享

  印尼海军在有争议海域向中国渔船开火 --1 3:00: 来源: 上周五,印尼海军在有纳土纳群岛附近海域对中国渔船开火,并扣押了部分船员对此,中国外交部在上周日表示严厉谴责,敦促印尼保持克制,不要采取威胁地区和平与稳定的行为 China has accused the Indonesian navy of opening fire on a Chinese fishing boat in disputed fishing grounds.近日,印尼海军在有争议海域向中国渔船开火,对此中方表示强烈谴责China’s eign ministry said on Sunday that one fisherman was injured and several detained.上周日,中国外交部表示说,在此次事件中一名中方渔民受伤,另有多人被扣留The incident happened on Friday near the Natuna islands, off the coast of Borneo in the South China Sea.这起事件发生于上周五,地点在纳土纳群岛附近的一处海域,在中国南海婆罗洲海岸附近Indonesian Vice-President Jusuf Kalla said on Monday that China would be asked to respect his country’s sovereignty around the islands.本周一,印尼副总统尤索夫·卡拉表示,中国应该学会尊重印尼在该群岛附近的主权"This is not a clash, but we are protecting the area," Mr Kalla told Reuters news agency.卡拉对路透社说道:“这不是一起冲突事件,而是印尼方面在行使守卫该海域的权利”Indonesian Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti tweeted that the navy "made the right move by maintaining the sovereignty of our seas".印尼渔业部长苏西在推特上说道,印尼海军“做出了正确的行为,捍卫了我们的海洋主权”"Stealing fish is a crime," she said.她说道:“偷鱼是一种犯罪”A spokeswoman the Chinese eign ministry described Indonesia’s actions as an "indiscriminate use of ce", adding: "We urge the Indonesian side to refrain from any action that complicates or magnifies the dispute, or impacts the peace and stability of the region."中国外交部一位发言人将印尼的举动描述为“滥用武力”,并补充说道:“我们敦促印尼保持克制,不要采取任何使得争议复杂和扩大的举动,也不要采取任何影响该地区和平与稳定的行为”The ministry said the incident had happened in a "traditional Chinese fishing ground".中国外交部称,这起事件发生的地点在一处“中国传统渔场”It is unclear whether the fishermen are still being detained by Indonesian authorities.目前尚不清楚渔民是否仍然被印尼政府扣押China claims most of the South China Sea, where it is building islands and extending its infrastructure, and there are often flare-ups with regional neighbours with competing claims.中国对南海大部分海域都宣示拥有主权,他们在该海域建设岛屿、扩充基础设施建设,而且经常和那些对该地区有相同主权声明的邻国发生冲突Unlike other South East Asian countries, Indonesia is not involved in the territorial disputes in the South China Sea.和其他东南亚国家不同,印尼并不涉及中国南海领土争端问题China accepts the Natuna islands and the seas around them belong to Indonesia, but the two sides have confronted one another there bee, typically over illegal fishing.中国认同纳土纳群岛及周围海域属于印尼的事实,但即使如此双方依然面临许多问题,例如经常发生的非法捕捞事件Friday’s incident was the third altercation between Indonesia and China in waters near Natuna this year.周五的事件是印尼和中国今年在纳土纳附近海域发生的第三起擦In March, Indonesia lodged an official protest after an Indonesian patrol ship tried to detain a Chinese fishing boat in the Natuna Sea, but was prevented from doing so by the Chinese coastguard.今年三月,印尼提出了一份正式抗议,在那之前印尼巡逻船曾试图扣留一艘出现在纳土纳海域的中国渔船,但是却被中国海岸警卫队阻止了

  百度拟转变“商业模式” -- ::38 来源:chinadaily 在国家网信办会同国家工商总局、国家卫生计生委联合成立的调查组公布调查结果后,百度公司高层先后两天接连做出回应并表态:“将重新审视公司产品的商业模式,强调今后不惜牺牲收入”A smartphone with an Android operating system and the Baidu Browser application is seen in this picture illustration taken February , . [PhotoAgencies]请看相关报道:The head of Baidu Inc has pledged to shift the company's business from a search-oriented model to one based on artificial intelligence, after a recent government probe on its core search business.政府部门对百度的核心搜索业务调查结束后,百度公司高层表示要将现在的以搜索为主的商业模式转向以人工智能为主的模式Baidu CEO Li Yanhong said in an internal letter on Tuesday that the shift will allow the company to develop such areas as voice search, automatic translation and driverless vehicles.百度首席执行官李彦宏在一封内部信中表示,此次转型后,公司将发展语音搜索、自动翻译以及无人驾驶汽车等领域的业务商业模式(business model)简单说来,就是一个公司靠什么来挣钱百度作为国内的搜索引擎巨头(search engine giant),其商业模式自然就是以搜索为主(search-oriented model),其中,竞价排名(paid listing)为其带来了不少收入此次调查后,李彦宏表示:“重新审视公司产品的商业模式,是否因过度变现而影响用户体验(damage user experience),对于不尊重用户体验的行为要彻底整改我们要建立起用户体验审核的一票否决制度(veto system),由专门的部门负责监督,违背用户体验原则的做法,一票否决(the department will have the final say to veto any behavior that is not in line with a good user experience),任何人都不许干涉”此外,对于商业推广结果,改变过去以价格为主的排序机制,改为以信誉度为主、价格为辅的排序机制(a new listing system that does not fully depend on the advertising price, but also considers advertisers' "reputation")其他整改措施还包括:对商业推广信息逐条加注醒目标识(place clear disclaimers on advertisements),并予以风险提示;严格限制商业推广信息比例,每页面不得超过30%(restrict the proportion of sponsored search results to 30 percent per web page);设亿元保障基金,先行赔付网民因推广信息遭受的损失(establish a 1 billion yuan fund to compensate netizens cheated by false promotions)(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。

  你会因为电影选择大学吗? -- :00:59 来源: 很多时候我们会因为电影爱上某个人,某个地方那么你会因为电影爱上某所大学吗?Instead of prospectuses and stalls at international recruitment fairs, should universities try to attract overseas students through the cinema?各大高校应该试图通过电影,而非在国际人才招聘会上设立招募摊位来吸引海外学生吗?Instead of focusing on international university rankings, should they be looking at box office takings?学生们会看重电影而非国际大学的排名吗?Sir Anthony Seldon, vice chancellor of Buckingham University and mer headmaster of Wellington College, says: ;Television and film portrayals of schools and universities are far more important in opinion mation I think than generally realised.;白金汉大学前任校长、惠灵顿学院现任副校长安东尼;塞尔顿先生说:;在观念形成方面,电视或电影对学校或大学的描绘比大众认为的更重要;This is supported by a recent survey of Chinese and South Korean students in the ed States, which suggested more than two thirds had been influenced by the movie image of going to an American university.最近对中韩在美留学生的一项调查持了这一观点调查结果表明,超过三分之二的学生受到了电影描绘下的美国大学的影响The US is the worldrsquo;s biggest destination overseas students and it brings an estimated $bn (bn pounds) each year to the economy.美国是全球吸收海外留学生最多的国家,据估计,这每年带来约0亿美元的经济效益Movies such as A Beautiful Mind set in Princeton, Legally Blonde and The Social Network in Harvard, and The Graduate in Berkeley, Calinia, have taken the US campus experience to a global audience, showcasing everything from the academic facilities to wild fraternity parties.电影如普林斯顿大学拍摄的《美丽心灵,哈佛的《律政俏佳人和《社交网络,加州伯克利大学的《毕业生,将美国的校园生活,从教学设施到疯狂的联谊会,展示在全球观众面前In the UK, the University of Leicester has made itself ;open to business; to Bollywood, hosting three films since 01. Part of the deal struck with the film Yamla Pagla Deewana was that the lead actor would say on screen that he graduated from Leicester.英国方面,莱斯特大学在宝莱坞取得了自己的;开放业务;从01年起,宝莱坞有三部电影与这所大学有关其中,的电影《疯狂家庭的男主角曾在影片中说他毕业于莱斯特大学University spokesman Ather Mirza says the Bollywood connection gives Leicester an advantage in a crowded marketplace.该校发言人亚瑟;米尔扎说,宝莱坞电影使莱斯特大学在拥挤的市场中占据优势Universities in New Zeland have benefited from The Lord of the Rings effect.纽西兰的大学也从《魔戒效应中受益Film can also be used to change negative perceptions of a person or place.电影也可能用来改变某个人或地方的负面形象In there were high profile protests in both Australia and India after a series of violent attacks on Indian students in Australia.年,澳大利亚的印度留学生发生的一系列暴力袭击事件引发了澳大利亚和印度地区高调的抗议行动This was followed by a very sharp decline in Indian students choosing Australian universities, which was a serious problem in such an important student market.紧接着,澳大利亚的印度留学生数量急剧下降,在印度这样一个重要的学生市场,这对澳大利亚产生了很大的影响So Prateek Chakravorty, a Bollywood director and alumnus of University of Technology Sydney, made From Sydney With Love about an Indian student at University of New South Wales.毕业于悉尼科技大学的宝莱坞导演Prateek Chakravorty,拍摄了电影《真爱伴我行,它是有关于一个在新南威尔士大学留学的印度学生的故事;I studied at UTS, and me the experience was very good, so I made a film about it,; said Mr Chakravorty.;我曾在悉尼科技大学学习,对我来说,这是一段非常美好的经历,所以我拍摄了一部关于它的电影,;Chakravorty先生说The film, which opened in 900 cinemas in India, showed two students falling in love to the backdrop of the Sydney university buildings, Bondi Beach and the opera house.这部电影,在印度900家影院上映,讲述了两名印度学生爱上悉尼的大学建筑;;邦迪海滩和歌剧院的故事By the numbers of Indian students in Australia were rising again.到年,澳大利亚的印度学生数量再度上升The global success of the Harry Potter films has been claimed as a factor in encouraging overseas students to come to British boarding schools.《哈利波特系列电影全球性的成功也被认为是促使海外学生就读英国寄宿学校的一大因素There are also risks associated with appearing in films.当然也会出现一些与电影有关的风险University administrators can be stereotyped as unreasonable and pedantic - the Will Ferrell comedy Old School is one of many about students fighting an unsympathetic dean.大学管理者可能被定型为不留情面的、迂腐的形象;;电影《单身男子俱乐部中,威尔;法莱尔就扮演了一个毫无同情心、学生厌恶的校长Television and film have even been linked to mistakes made by students.电视和电影也会造成学生犯错An audit into trainee doctors in Canada several years ago found many were making the same mistake in one particular piece of surgery.很多年前,对加拿大见习医生的审核工作发现,许多人在做某一手术时,犯了同样的错误An investigation found many claimed to have been influenced by medical dramas - and further inquiries showed that the same procedure had been shown 6 times in the medical drama ER, with none depicting the approved technique.一项调查发现,这些人当中很多声称受到了医疗剧的影响;;而进一步调查表明,这一未获批准的手术流程在医疗剧ER中出现了 6次But the case of the University of Leicester shows how movies can be used to help recruit international students.但英国莱斯特大学的案例表明如何可以通过电影来帮助学校招收国际学生When universities are competing hard the attention of overseas students, the cinema screen could be an under-recognised way of raising a global profile.当各大高校都在努力提高吸引海外学生的竞争力时,电影可能是提高学校全球知名度的公认方法

  赞比亚小象头脑冷静,击退只雌狮 --9 :01: 来源: 赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力拍摄视频的旅行团观光客说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号 SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, Zambia, July 7 (UPI) -- An elephant in Zambia demonstrated his ability to keep a cool head under pressure when he escaped being made into a meal by female lions.赞比亚,南卢安瓜国家公园,7月7日(UPI)——赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力The , filmed by Jesse Nash on a tour with Normal Carr Safaris at the Chinzombo Safari Camp in Zambia, shows a group of lionesses descending on a young elephant.Jesse Nash在跟Normal Carr旅行团在赞比亚Chinzombo Safari营的行程中录制了该视频:只狮子涌到一只小象身上The elephant, keeping calm, swats at the lionesses with his trunk while making his way to a nearby body of water.这只象,冷静地,用鼻子扑打着狮子,并设法走到附近的水里The pachyderm reaches the water, but only a handful of the predators decide to stay on shore while the more daring members of the pride give pursuit in the shallows -- including one lioness riding piggy-back on the elephant’s rear.这只象走到水里后,只有少数的狮子决定待在岸边,更大胆的狮子们却一直追到浅滩里——其中一只狮子骑上了小象的背The elephant flees further into the water, causing the lioness to jump off its back, but the big cats continue to stalk the elephant.这只象又往水里走,使它背后的那只狮子跳离了它的背,但这些大型猫科动物继续追踪它The ends with the elephant, finally fed up, charging the lionesses and causing him to flee.视频的结尾这只象终于厌倦,向狮子猛冲并成功逃离The safari tour group said the elephant survived the encounter and earned the nickname Hercules.旅行团说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号

  首位华人!曹文轩荣获国际安徒生奖 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:月日,作家曹文轩荣获年度国际安徒生奖,实现了华人在该奖项上零的突破不同于大众对儿童文学就是让儿童快乐的理解,在曹文轩的作品中,孩子们也面临着各种成长的烦恼和现实的忧伤Every now and then, Chinese writers are short-listed international recognition. But seldom do they win.不时会有中国作家入围国际奖项提名,但是获奖的却寥寥无几One of those elusive awards is the Hans Christian Andersen Prize, the highest international honor that can be given to an author and an illustrator of children’s books. No Chinese writer had ever won it, until April , when 6-year-old Cao Wenxuan received the prize. Cao, a professor of Chinese literature at Peking University, received the honor at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy.国际安徒生奖是中国作家难以企及的奖项之一,它是授予儿童文学作家和插画家的最高荣誉此前还没有中国作家获此殊荣,直到月日,6岁的曹文轩获奖北京大学中文系教授曹文轩在意大利洛尼亚儿童书展上领奖Patricia Aldana, this year’s president of Hans Christian Andersen Prize jury, applauded Cao’s “deeply humanistic” books. These novels acknowledge that life can be tragic children, and that redemption can be found in human kindness.今年国际安徒生奖评委会主席帕特丽夏?阿尔达纳盛赞曹文轩的作品“极富人文精神”他的小说告诉人们生活对孩子来说也可能是悲惨的,我们可以从人的仁善中寻得救赎Instilling children with good virtues the sake of humankind is something that Cao stresses. In an interview with the Zhengzhou Evening News, he said, “It’s time us to alter our understanding of ing. Books shouldn’t bring only joy to young ers, but also sensations, either through comedy or tragedy.”曹文轩一直强调,为了人类的未来向孩子们灌输美德在接受《郑州晚报采访时,他说:“现在是时候改变我们对阅读的理解了书籍对于年轻读者来说不应该只是消遣, 而应该让他们有所触动,不论悲剧还是喜剧”That feature of his works has touched many adults too. “The unanimous choice of the jury, Cao writes beautifully about the complex lives of children facing great challenges,” said Aldana, announcing the winner of the author award.曹文轩作品中的这一特色还深深打动了不少成年人在宣布获奖作家时,阿尔达纳说:“评审团一致选择(曹文轩),曹文轩的文字优美,描绘出了那些面临巨大挑战的孩子们的复杂生活“In the wake of his victory, Cao credited good translation bringing attention to his work. Chinese children’s literature could gain high recognition in the world if it were properly translated in a style that could be easily understood, he told Xinhua News Agency.获奖后,曹文轩称赞好的翻译让更多人关注到他的作品曹文轩告诉新华社,如果翻译准确且易于理解,中国儿童文学应该能获得更多的国际认可Other writers, including Jin Bo, have also blamed poor translation as the reason why Chinese literature fails to get international acknowledgment. Jin was nominated the Hans Christian Andersen Prize in 199, but at that time, he had to translate, in a rush, several paragraphs from his book to give to the jury. “On one hand, the jury has little knowledge of Chinese authors. On the other hand, it is we ourselves who didn’t introduce our work and promote ourselves enough,” he said in a seminar in .包括金波在内的一些作家也曾将中国文学得不到国际认可的原因归咎于翻译不当金波曾获得199年国际安徒生奖提名,不过当时他只能自己匆匆翻译作品中的几个段落提交给评委会在年的一个研讨会上,他说:“一方面,国外评委不了解中国作家,另外一方面,我们也没有对外推广自己的作品,自我推销做得还不够“

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