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(CNN) -- In 1985,Meng Weina set up China#39;sfirst private special needs school in the southern city of Guangzhou.(美国有线电视新闻网)——1985年,孟维娜(Meng Weina)在中国广州市成立了第一所私有特殊需要学校。As a single mother she was motivated tohelp those who are often overlooked by the country#39;s health care system andstigmatized by society.作为一名单身母亲,她成立这所学校的动机是帮助那些常被国家医疗制度忽视并为社会所指责的人。From her first center in Guangzhou,Weina now has Hui Ling operations in a dozen cities across China providinga range of services, from kindergartens and primary schools to youth workshopsand adult residential homes.自从在广州成立第一家机构后,维纳现在在中国的十几个城市成立了慧灵智障人士务机构,该机构属下务单位有:幼儿园、学校、青少年展能中心和社区家庭。The expansion of the donation-funded NGO showsnot just the success of the Weina#39;s vision but the desperate needfor mental health care provision in China.这个依靠捐赠资助而得以扩张的民间组织不仅表明了维娜成功的预见力,还表明了中国对精神卫生保健的迫切需求。;We estimate that only 10% of peoplewith intellectual disabilities in China are receiving some kind ofcare or help,; said Weina.维娜说,“据我们估算,中国只有10%的智障人群得到了照料或帮助”。According to a 2009 study published inBritish medical journal The Lancet, around 173 million Chinese suffer from amental disorder. However there are only 20,000 psychiatrists, equaling 1.5 foreach 100,000 people, or a tenth of the ratio in the ed States.据2009年英国医学杂志《柳叶刀》公布的一项研究,约有1.73亿的中国人患有精神疾病。然而,中国只有2万名精神病医生,这相当于1.5/100000的医患比例,这个比值只占美国的十分之一。Mental health legislation精神卫生立法Last year saw the introduction of China#39;s firstmental health legislation, which took a reported 27 years to pass.去年,中国引进了第一部精神卫生立法。据报道,这个法令的通过时间是27年。Among the changes from the law are newfinancing initiatives for mental health services and training for primarycare-givers. Perhaps the most significant was a new set of rights for patients,including not being hospitalized against their will.伴随立法带来的改变是为提供心理健康务和训练的基层医疗机构创建新的筹资渠道。或许最具意义的是为患者提供了一系列权利保障,其中包括入院要征求患者意愿。Negative perceptions of those with metalhealth problems are often portrayed in the media in China; they are either victims orperpetrators of violence.中国媒体刻画的那些有精神问题的人往往带有负面形象;他们要么是受害者,要么就是罪犯。Weina knows that each individual that comesto a Hui Ling center has their own set of needs and unique personality, andhelping bring out their best encourages her to keep working.维纳知道每个来到慧灵务机构的人都有各自的需求和个性,而协助他们以最好的方式生活下去激励着她继续工作。;I wanted to do something to make mylife worth while,; said Weina.维纳说,“我想做一些让自己的人生有意义的事情”。;When I see the smiles on their faces,when I see that these adults are truly happy to be at Hui Ling, that for me isthe happiest moment.;“当我看到他们脸上的微笑,看到这些大人们在慧灵真正感到快乐时,那于我来讲就是最快乐的时候”。 /201411/343354A special court in India on Wednesday summoned former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to face corruption charges related to the sale of coal fields under his government.印度一个特别法庭星期三传唤前总理辛格。他被控任职期间在出售煤田交易中犯有贪腐罪。Judges ordered Mr. Singh and five others in the case to appear on April 8.法官命令辛格和其他五人4月8日出庭。The government sold more than 200 coal blocks during Mr. Singh#39;s time, but India#39;s national auditor said in 2012 that awarding the contracts without competitive bidding cost the government billions of dollars. The supreme court ruled last year the process was illegal.在辛格担任总理期间,印度政府出售了200多个煤田,但印度政府审计员2012年表示,当时是在没有竞标的情况下签订合同,致使政府蒙受了数十亿美元损失。印度最高法院去年做出裁决,认为交易过程非法。The charges are part of a string of corruption allegations to hit the Congress party-led government during Mr. Singh#39;s time as prime minister, which also included auditors reporting billion in losses in the sale of mobile phone licenses and widesp graft during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.辛格担任总理期间的国大党政府遭到一系列腐败指控的打击。其中还包括审计人员报道的在2010年英联邦运动会期间销售手机牌照损失的400亿美元,和普片的贪污。Congress Party spokesman Manish Tewari said ;the former government has absolutely nothing to hide; and that they conducted themselves with utmost transparency.国大党发言人特瓦里说,“前政府绝对没有任何东西可以隐瞒”,并自称行事方式绝对透明。Mr. Singh was prime minister from 2004 until last year. He was replaced by Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party.辛格从2004年至去年担任印度总理。辛格去职后,人民党的莫迪接任总理。 /201503/363720

China’s two biggest property companies are joining forces to buy land and develop new projects, the latest sign of how the real estate industry is adapting to the end of a housing market boom.中国两大地产公司将联合拿地和合作开发新项目,这是中国房地产业适应地产泡沫终结的最新表象。China Vanke, the country’s largest homebuilder by revenue, and Dalian Wanda, owner of China’s top commercial developer, on Thursday announced a “strategic co-operation agreement” that will cover both domestic and international markets.周四,中国营收最高的住宅建筑商万科(Vanke)和大连万达(Dalian Wanda)公布了一份《战略合作框架协议》,该协议将同时涵盖国内和国际市场。“This alliance between two prominent real estate players spearheads a new direction for the domestic real estate industry,” they said in a joint statement.两家公司在一份联合声明中表示,两家知名房地产商的结盟,为国内房地产业开辟了新的方向。As the multiyear boom in China’s property market has come to an end, developers have started to shift away from simply building and selling property towards business models based on income from rental and property management services.随着持续多年的中国房地产市场繁荣走向终结,开发商已开始从简单的修建和出售物业,向基于出租收入和物业管理务收入的商业模式转型。While both Vanke and Wanda are investing heavily overseas, the two have little overlap inside China.尽管万科和万达都对海外开展了大量投资,两家企业在中国国内的业务却没什么冲突。 /201505/375350

Police arrested an ultra-Orthodox Jew accused of stabbing and wounding six people on Thursday in a gay pride march in Jerusalem — two of them seriously.警方逮捕了一名被控在周四耶路撒冷同性恋游行中刺伤6人的极端正统派犹太人,其中2人伤势严重。Officers identified the assailant as Yishai Schlissel, recently released from prison after serving 10 years for stabbing participants in a similar gay parade in Jerusalem.警方确认行凶者名为伊沙伊奇利赛尔(Yishai Schlissel),曾因在耶路撒冷一场类似的同性恋游行中刺伤游行参与者被判10年徒刑,最近被释放。Mr Schlissel is said to have pulled a knife from his jacket and run after the young marchers as they walked through streets decorated with rainbow flags, leaving bleeding victims on the ground before he was pinned down by police.据说,在游行人群穿过用虹旗帜装饰的街道时,他从上衣掏出一把刀,追赶年轻的游行者,受伤的游行者倒在地上,他随后被警方摁倒。Two marchers who had been stabbed in the chest were reported to be in serious condition.据报道,两名游行者胸部被刺,伤势严重。In recent public statements, Mr Schlissel made no secret of his hostility to the gay pride marchers — raising questions over whether police had been adequately prepared to secure the parade.在最近的公开声明中,奇利赛尔毫不掩饰他对同性恋游行者的敌意,这让外界对警方是否为确保此次游行做出了充分的准备产生怀疑。The annual gay pride march in Jerusalem has raised strong objections from ultra-Orthodox Jews and is held under heavy security.耶路撒冷一年一度的同性恋游行一直遭到极端正统派犹太人的强烈反对,每年都是在严密安保措施下举行。Ultra-Orthodox protesters have denounced what they call the defiling of the holy city, dubbing the march “the parade of abomination”.超级正统派抗议者对他们所说的这种对这个神圣城市的亵渎行为予以谴责,他们把这场游行称为“令人憎恨的游行”。Mr Schlissel received a 12-year sentence for stabbing three people in a gay pride march in Jerusalem in 2005, but his sentence was reduced by two years. Israeli media said he had been released three weeks ago.奇利赛尔曾在2005年耶路撒冷的一次同性恋游行中刺伤3人被判12年监禁,后来减刑两年。以色列媒体称,他是3周前被释放的。A large gay pride parade is held annually in Tel Aviv, and Israeli officials often tout their country’s tolerance toward gays and lesbians as a sign of Israeli democracy in a region characterised by authoritarian rule.特拉维夫每年举行大型同性恋游行,在这个以威权统治为特征的地区,以色列官员经常称赞自己的国家对同性恋的宽容,并把这视为以色列民主的象征。“Individual freedom of choice is one of the basic values of Israel,” Benjamin Netanayahu, the prime minister, said in a statement denouncing the attack. “We must ensure that in Israel every man and woman will live in security in any way they choose.”“个人选择自由是以色列的基本价值观之一,”以色列总理本雅明蔠呑尼亚胡(Benjamin Netanyahu)在一份谴责此次袭击事件的声明中表示,“我们必须确保,在以色列,不管选择什么,所有人都将生活在安全环境中。” /201508/389976

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