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2019年07月17日 06:25:50 | 作者:天涯口碑 | 来源:新华社
Europe Russian politics欧洲 俄罗斯政坛风向突变Putin’s purges普京的清洗运动Interpreting a sudden crackdown on extravagant officials风向突变,指官员;个中详情,且看分解For senior members of the ed Russia party it was like a scene from Mikhail Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita”. They would have special affinity with Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi, chairman of the tenants’ association tricked by Woland (Satan in disguise). The roubles he gets from Woland’s sidekick and stuffs into a ventilation shaft turn into dollars. Bosoi is arrested and put in a psychiatric ward, where he dreams of a bass voice booming from the sky: “Hand over your foreign currency!”对于统一俄罗斯党的高层来说,如今这幅景象就像米哈伊尔·布尔加科夫的《大师和玛格丽特》中写的一样。他们一定对书中的伊万诺维奇·波索伊印象深刻,这位租户协会主席被由魔鬼撒旦乔装的乌兰欺骗。他从乌兰的口袋里搞到苏联卢布,然后通过通风井变成美元。波索伊后来被捕,并被投入精神病院。在病床上,他梦见从空中传来一阵低沉的声音:“把你手里的外汇交出来!”This time the voice asking for a handover of foreign bank accounts was President Vladimir Putin’s. On February 12th he submitted a bill to the Duma banning officials and lawmakers from having foreign bank accounts or investing in foreign government debt. The draft also banned the ownership of property abroad, though this was subsequently changed to merely demanding its declaration.如今这个呼喊着催逼外国账户的人换成了普京总统。2月12日,普京向杜马提交了一份议案,要求禁止政府官员和杜马议员持有外国账户和购买外国国债。议案还禁止拥有境外财产,不过这一项随后被改为只需发表类似声明即可。A day later Vladimir Pekhtin, a founder of ed Russia and head of the Duma’s ethics committee, was revealed as the owner of an undeclared .3mluxury apartment in Miami Beach. The details were posted on the internet by Alexei Navalny, an opposition activist and blogger. Mr Pekhtin brushed off these “unmerited accusations”. “I practically have no property abroad,” he insisted. Yet on February 20th, doubtless after hearing Mr Putin’s voice, he resigned from the Duma. Even though he had done nothing wrong, he said, the scandal tainted the party and its interests must come above his own. Another ed Russia deputy, Anatoly Lomakin, with an estimated fortune of .2 billion, resigned “for health reasons”. More deputies are on their way out, say press reports. State television showed pictures ofMiami Beachapartments and talked of purges and a return of moral values.一天之后,身为统俄党缔造者、俄罗斯杜马道德委员会负责人的弗拉基米尔·佩赫廷被爆出在迈阿密海滩拥有一所并未公开、价值130万美元的奢华公寓。这些细节是由俄罗斯反对派活动家、客作家阿莱克谢·纳瓦尔尼通过网络爆出。佩赫廷否认了这些“不当指责”,他坚称:“事实上我在境外没有财产。”不过在2月20日,佩赫廷选择从杜马辞职,毫无疑问这是普京的授意。佩赫廷表示,虽然自己并没有做错什么事,但这个爆料被视为玷污统俄党的丑闻,党的利益高于他的个人利益,他只能认栽。另一位统俄党党员、身价达120亿美元的安纳托利·罗马金因“健康原因”而辞职。据媒体报道,更多的统俄党人士在寻找出路。俄罗斯国家电视台播送了迈阿密海滩公寓的照片,并谈及这次党内清洗,言及这是道德价值的回归。In place of public denunciations and 1930s show trials, the “purged” Mr Pekhtin was greeted by standing ovations from his comrades who called him an example of morality. No proceedings were started against him and he could yet end up with a cushy job. Nevertheless, the purges signal a shift inRussia’s politics.与公开谴责和上世纪30年代的公审公判不同,这一次“清洗”佩赫廷是以同志们长时间起立鼓掌,称其为道德楷模的方式进行的。他没有遭到任何起诉,退出后还拿到一份轻松的工作。话虽如此,清洗标志着俄罗斯政坛要变风向了。Gleb Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin consultant, explains that, in the past, the nomenklatura were shielded from opponents’ criticism and left to enjoy the fruits of their loyalty at home and abroad without interference from the top. Mr Pekhtin’s resignation shows that this no longer holds true, but without explaining what the new rules are. This makes the elite nervous, which may be no bad thing from Mr Putin’s viewpoint.前克里姆林宫智囊格莱布·帕夫洛夫斯基对此解读说,在苏联时代,政府大员们没有政治对手攻击之虞,只要忠于体制,就能尊享国内国外的种种特权,还不会受到高层干预。佩赫廷的辞职表明这一现象将是明日黄花,只不过新的游戏规则还没有厘定出来。这会让俄罗斯的权贵们紧张不安,不过按照普京的观点这可能不是什么坏事。The purges are not a concession to the opposition. Using Mr Navalny’s information to its advantage has not stopped the Kremlin from throwing new accusations at him. Nor do they stem from a sudden conversion to the principle of democratic accountability. Rather, say Kremlinologists, they reflect Mr Putin’s need to gain more legitimacy among voters and tighten his grip over an elite that likes to keep its assets and children in the West.不过清洗并不代表对反对派的让步。虽然当局采用了纳瓦尔尼的信息,不过这并不会让克林姆林宫停止对他提起新指控。这些变化并非源于民主问责制。相反,按克里姆林宫问题专家的说法,这反倒折射出普京需要从选民手里获得更多的持,并像对待他们在西方国家的财产和移居西方的小孩一样,收紧对俄罗斯权贵阶层的控制。Behind the purges lies an assumption that the West is plotting against him and could exploit the private interests of Russian officials. Mr Putin seems to see America’s Magnitsky act, which threatens sanctions against Russian officials involved in human-rights abuses, as an attempt to control them. Hence his wish to “ring-fence” the elite from Western influence and gain more leverage.清洗的背后也有这样一种假设,即西方正在密谋反对普京,而且可能会利用俄罗斯官员的私人利益来达到目的。美国已经弄出了个“马格尼茨基法案”,这项法案威胁要制裁在马格尼茨基案中侵犯人权的俄罗斯官员,这就是在尝试去控制俄罗斯官员。因此普京要把俄罗斯的精英们从西方的影响中“隔离开来”,加大对这一群体的影响。But Mr Putin’s options are limited. Access to Western goods, services and property is a pillar of his system. Removing it could turn more of the elite against him. Random (and so far soft) purges, a ban on foreign bank accounts and anti-American hysteria may be mere half-measures, but even they may be too extreme. Alexei Venediktov, editor of Echo Moskvy, a radio station, comments that “Mr Putin has tied an axe over the head of the elite. But being a cautious politician, he considers a threat of repression more effective than repression itself.”但是普京手里的牌却不多。精英阶层购买西方商品,享受西方务,置购西方地产,这些特权是持普京权利体系的柱,现在回收这些特权可能会把权贵们赶到自己对立面去。虽然在普京看来,肆意清洗(现在还算轻的),禁开外国账户以及对美国妄想症般的诋毁都不过是折中方案,即便如此,这些方案都显得太过于极端。“莫斯科回声”电台编辑阿莱克谢·维涅季克托夫评价说:“普京在权贵头上悬了一把斧头。但是作为一个审慎的政治家,他知道高压的威胁远比高压本身更有效果。”Repression is used against protesters but also on junior officials. In the past year over 800 cases have been opened into local officials, councillors and mayors. The highest-profile casualty so far was Anatoly Serdyukov, an ex-defence minister implicated in a procurement scandal. He was fired and humiliated on state television, but not arrested or charged. Whether he is now brought before the judges will show just how far Mr Putin’s purges go.镇压不仅用在抗议者身上,还用在高官们身上。在过去的2012年,俄罗斯有800多个案子涉及到地方官员、议员和市长们。迄今为止,最大的受害者就是前国防部长谢尔久科夫,他是因一桩采购丑闻而落马。他被解了职,还在国家电视台上出了洋相,不过没有被关押和指控。他会不会被送到法官面前取决于普京的清洗行动会走多远。翻译:程蒙译文属译生译世201610/472276Spains economy西班牙经济Iberian dawn伊比利亚的黎明The labour market is recovering at last. But it needs further reform劳动市场最终还是复苏了,但是其需要进一步的改革。THIS was the news the government had been waiting for. “Spains labour market has made a 180-degree turn,” crowed the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, as the country announced the first annual rise in employment in six years. The numbers show that unpopular reforms to the malfunctioning labour market are starting to work. But there is plenty left to do.这是政府翘首以待的消息。“西班牙的劳动力市场已经发生了180度的大转弯”,当西班牙政府宣布这是六年来西班牙首次就业增长时,西班牙总理马里亚诺·拉霍伊对此洋洋自得。这些数字表明那些不受失灵劳动力市场待见的改革也已经初见成效,但仍有许多东西亟待解决。In the past year Spain has created 190,000 jobs. The unemployment rate, still one of the highest in the euro zone, fell from 26% to 24.5% (see chart), and the labour force stopped shrinking after six straight quarters of decline.在过去的一年中西班牙国内增加了19万个就业岗位。在欧元区位列前茅的失业率从之前的26%下降到24.5%,在连续六个季度的下降之后,劳动力也停止了萎缩。The labour reform in 2012 gave companies more flexibility to set wages and working conditions themselves rather than through sector-wide bargaining, and cut severance payments for unfair dismissals. Those changes, buttressed by a deal between unions and employers, tempered wage growth that had far outstripped gains in productivity. How much credit do they deserve for the upturn in employment?2012年的劳动改革给企业带来了更多的灵活性以确保工资和工作条件自身的稳定而不是通过全部门的谈判并削减对不公平解雇所分发的遣散费。这些变化是基于工会与雇主之间的交易,这种收入增长的调节大大领先于生产率的加强。但是就业情况的好转会为他们带来多少信用呢?The answer may determine the political fate of Mr Rajoy, who defied street protests to push reform through and faces a general election by the end of next year. The opposition Socialist Party claims that the number of unemployed has risen by more than 600,000 since Mr Rajoy took office in 2011, despite the reforms. Pedro Sanchez, the partys new secretary-general, promises to repeal them if it regains power.这个或许会决定拉霍伊的政治命运。拉霍伊抵制街头抗议,强行推进改革,而明年年底西班牙大选在即。在野的社会党声称,尽管有改革,但是自从2011年拉霍伊先生上任以来,失业人数增加了至少60万。该党派的新任秘书长佩德罗·桑切斯承诺,如果该党重新上台,则会废除一切不利的改革政策。That would be a mistake. Other factors contributed to the jobs recovery, especially the “whatever it takes” pledge by the European Central Bank two years ago to save the euro. But reform played an important role, says Rafael Domenech, an economist at BBVA, a bank. One piece of evidence is that Spain is creating jobs at lower rates of GDP growth than before. In previous cycles, employment rose when growth hit 2%. This time the gain came during a year when GDP expanded by just 1.2%.而这看起来会是一个错误。其他的因素促成了就业复苏,尤其是两年前欧洲央行为了拯救欧元所作出的那个“不惜一切代价”的誓言发挥了极大的作用。然而在BBVA的经济学家拉斐尔·多梅内克看来,拉霍伊的改革却起到了至关重要的作用。持这一说法的据之一是,西班牙国内新增的就业机会所占国内生产总值的最低比重。在以前的经济周期中,当经济增长达到两个百分点的时候就业才会增长。而这一次在GDP仅仅增长一个百分点的时候就业就已经增长了。To make a serious dent in unemployment, however, Spain will need to be more ambitious. Without further changes, the jobless rate will not dip below 20% until 2019, according to the IMF. The structural unemployment rate—the level reached when the economy is working at capacity—is 18%, triple that of America.然而,为了大力降低失业率,西班牙需要再加一把劲。据国际货币基金组织称,如果没有其他变革,直至2019年失业率也不会降低至百分之二十之下。而西班牙的结构性失业-即劳动力对经济变动的适应水平-已经达到百分之十八,是美国的三倍。One problem is that many small companies (with ten workers or fewer) have not benefited from greater flexibility. That is because the process of opting out of sector-wide agreements can be cumbersome. Such opt-outs could be made easier.一个问题是,有许多小企业(只有十个员工甚至更少)并没有从更大的灵活性中收益。这是因为选择退出的全部门协议的过程会十分复杂。而事实上这一过程能变得更容易。Another is that nearly a quarter of workers are still on temporary contracts. This is damaging, because they are much less productive than those with permanent jobs and employers do not invest in them. One way to encourage firms to hire permanent workers would be to cut severance payments to the levels of other European countries.另外一个问题是,近四分之一的工人仍然签着临时合同。这对就业稳定是毁灭性的的打击。因为比起那些有固定工作的人来说,这些临时工的效率更低,并且雇主也不愿意为这些临时工投资。相对于其它欧洲国家而言,而某种鼓励企业雇佣长工的做法会降低遣散费的水平。Nor has much been done for the 3.5m people who have been jobless for more than a year, says Marcel Jansen of Madrids Autónoma University. Many are poorly educated: Spain has one of the highest school drop-out rates in the OECD. Those with qualifications often find that they are not the ones employers want.据马德里自治大学的马塞尔·杨森成,至少350万人失业超过一年,并且其中的很多人都没受过多少教育:西班牙是OECD中辍学率最高的国家之一。而那些有学历的人常常发现他们并不是雇主想要雇佣的人。The answers, says Mr Jansen, include spending more on retraining and overhauling state-run employment offices, which do a poor job of matching workers skills with local employers needs. The government has tightened rules for people receiving unemployment benefit to encourage them to look for work or to take training courses. But they need to be effectively enforced.詹森先生说,解决这些问题的办法要包括花费更多进行业务培训,并且还要整顿国营就业办公室,因为国营办公室在引导工人习得雇主所需技能方面做得并不好。政府已经用法规对那些领取失业津贴的人们进行束缚,并鼓励他们找工作或者参加培训课程。但是这些政策得有效执行才行。The government could lower the cost of hiring workers by cutting social-security contributions, which are high by European standards. A rise in value-added tax could pay for that. Others advocate lowering the minimum wage for unskilled workers.政府可以通过削弱社会保障金来降低雇佣工人的费用,因为这个社保金水平的标准是根据欧盟标准所制定的。增值税的上涨会为此买单。而也有一些人主张用降低非技术工人的最低工资的方式来降低成本。Mr Rajoy says he will not let up on reform until Spains unemployment plague becomes merely a “sad” episode in history. He has started talks with unions and employers on a package of job-friendly measures, to be hammered out after the summer break. But with elections looming, few expect it to be bold.拉霍伊表示,除非西班牙的大规模失业造就历史上绝无仅有的一个“绝望”时代,否则他不会减缓改革的脚步与力度。拉霍伊已经开始与工会和雇主就就业友好型措施的一揽子计划进行谈判,其结果将在夏休后一锤定音。但是随着西班牙大选的临近,几乎没有人希望这个改革可以莽撞继续下去。翻译 周晓婷 校对 曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201508/389926My parents,about 20 years ago,they were driving their car and the same thing happened.It wasnt a jaguar.我父母 大约二十年前 他们开着自己的车 发生了同样的事情 那不是辆捷豹I wont get them one of those,But they pulled over to the side of the road and the hood of the car burst into flames,我可不会给他们买那种车 他们靠边停车 发动机盖着火了and my mother was worried,they were going to some nice party.我母亲很害怕 他们要去参加一场高档派对My mother was wearing a woolen cape.My dad tooke the cape and started beating the hood,我母亲穿着一件羊毛斗篷 我爸脱下她的斗篷开始拍打发动机盖with thecape to put it out and the cape caught fire.用斗篷灭火 结果斗篷也被点着了and the firemen were like,what are you doing?They said get out of here,you fool.消防员说 你在干什么呢 他们说 滚开 蠢货I think he started use my mom to put the fire out.Thats the kind of family we come from.我觉得他开始拿我妈来灭火了 我就是来自这样一个家庭Youre in ;Night of the museum,secret of the tomb.;What a franchise你出演了《物馆惊魂夜3》 很棒的电影系列This has turned into,Its a fantastic movie,really fun role for you.这是一部很精的电影 你的角色很搞笑Yeah small,but Ive been in all three of them.The second one I ended up on the cutting room floor.虽然是小角色 我出演了所有三部 我第二部的戏份都被剪掉了This one Im in the beginning.I bring out the plot and tell them that theres something wrong with the jewel or whatever it is.这一部我出演了片头 我引出了线索 告诉他们 珠宝还有啥玩意的有问题You learn the lines and forget them.The jewel or whatever it is.Get my check.你记住台词之后又忘记了 珠宝还是啥玩意的 付给我片酬I was suppose to be warning Ben stiller,look out.And that was all I was supposed to do.我应该警告本·斯蒂勒 小心点 我只需要告诉他这个就行Thank god they cut this out.I,obviously went for Oscar,I chewed up all the scenery they play.谢天谢地他们剪掉了这段 我显然是冲着奥斯卡去的 我坏了他们的好事I had him by the collar.I said ben,you cant go there and I went crazy.我抓着他的领子 我说 本 你不能去 我发了彪I realized what am I doing,I said can I do that again?They sadi no,its fine.我这是演了些什么 我说 能再来一遍吗 他们说 不必 挺好的They cut it out,or Id be holding an Oscar right this minute.Youd be holding an Oscar right now.他们剪掉了那段 否则我现在已经手捧奥斯卡了 你现在拿奥斯卡了They dont give them away before the movie.Oh,they dont?奥斯卡不会在电影上映前颁发 是吗201610/472367All right boy,first of all I have to say,what a brave brave human being you are首先我必须得说 你是一个非常非常勇敢的人Thank you.Because for so many reasons and then to be this lightening rod right now that is getting all this attention谢谢 正因为有着那么多的理由 现在你成为了众人的焦点But first of all,its your first time on the show,so thanks for being here.thank you for having me,thank you这是你第一次上我们的节目 谢谢你来参加我们节目 很感谢你让我来到这里 谢谢And I knew you,I knew you in the past as Chastity,a lot of people knew you as Chasity我知道你 在你是Chastity时候就知道你 也有许多人都知道你And I know you have been asked this question before,but just in case for those people havent heard this from you,right我知道之前已经有人问你这个问题了 但有些人对之前的你并不了解 是的When did you know that it was not the right body or you felt different你是什么时候感觉到你的身体让你感到异样You know innately as a child,as far back as I have memory I Knew从我有记忆开始就知道了But When I was kid there was nobody like me on TV我就发现我跟电视里的小孩不一样So I didnt know that anything was possible,I just felt like something was desperately wrong with me我不知道原因是什么 只觉得肯定是我哪里出了大问题and then as I got older,I knew what gay lesbian meant,So I thought that must be what I am慢慢的我长大了 知道有同性恋这种群体时 我就想我肯定是那样的人了and so I tried to fit in there for many many years我花了很多年去融入那个群体and probably at about thirty was when I started to realize this is still not,something is still really off大概在30岁的时候 我意识到问题并没有完全解决Have you met because you are involved with GLAAD,so you had obviously met transgendered people 因为你加入了同性恋反诋毁联盟 显然你会跟变性人接触Did anything like the first time you met people,when you go oh,that is what it is.You know thats not really所以你有没有第一次见到某人 就觉得 哦 我就应该是那样的 实际上并没有 /201610/473843

Russia and the West俄罗斯和西方Cold climate关系变得冷淡As relations with Europe and America freeze over, Vladimir Putin looks to China随着与欧美关系的冻结,弗拉基米尔·普京寄望于中国WHEN Vladimir Putin plays host to Barack Obama and other world leaders at the G20 summit in St Petersburg next week, mutual resentment and dislike will be ill-concealed. The American president recently likened the Russian leaders body language to that of a “bored kid in the back of the classroom”. Mr Obama has cancelled a planned bilateral meeting in Moscow, choosing to visit Sweden instead.在下周圣彼得堡举行的G20峰会上,弗拉基米尔·普金作为东道主接待奥巴马和其它国家的领导人,相互间的怨恨与厌恶将一触即发。美国总统最近将俄罗斯领导人的身体语言比作为 “坐在教室后面的无聊孩子”。奥巴马已经取消了原计划在莫斯科举行双边会谈,转而拜访瑞典。The last straw was Russias sheltering of Edward Snowden, a fugitive American spook. But the spat over that only crystallised something apparent since Mr Putin returned to the Kremlin in 2012: that the “reset”, launched with much fanfare in , is not just dying, but dead.对爱德华·斯诺登(一名逃亡的美国特工)而言,俄国的庇护是他最后一根救命稻草。但是,自从2012年普京回到克里姆林宫之后,那些争执只是将一些表面上的东西具体化罢了: 一改当初大肆宣扬的俄美关系“重启计划”正在死亡的说话,直接宣布该计划已死亡。Dmitry Trenin of the Moscow Carnegie Centre, a think-tank, says the aborted summit marks the end of a 25-year cycle which started in Mikhail Gorbachevs glory days. Now the assumption of shared goals and values is over. Russia does not pretend to be moving towards the West. Rather than responding to Western criticism with irritated pleas for patience and understanding of national specifics, it simply ignores it.莫斯科卡内基中心的智囊团的成员之一的,德米特里·特列宁说,峰会的夭折标志着从戈尔巴乔夫统治开始的辉煌岁月在25年后迎来了终结。现在假设的共同目标和价值观已经结束了。俄罗斯也不假装要向西方靠拢。俄罗斯仅仅是采取了忽略手段,而不是对西方国家要求耐心并理解国家具体事项的恼火请求的批判做出回应。An earlier crisis came with the Russia-Georgia war in 2008. But Mr Obama revived the relationship, taking seriously Dmitry Medvedev, who stood in for Mr Putin for four years. People still argue about whether Mr Medvedevs affability was sincere, or a stunt.一个早期危机随着2008年俄罗斯与鲁吉亚的战争打响。但奥巴马为这段关系重新注入生机,重视起为普京工作了四年的梅德韦杰夫。人们仍然在争论梅德韦杰夫是真心亲民,还是在秀演技。The frost started biting over Libya. Russia backed a UN resolution to protect civilian lives, but felt duped when this resulted in the military overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi. The image of Gaddafis “revolting slaughter—not just medieval but primeval”, stayed with Mr Putin. “No one should be allowed to employ the Libyan scenario in Syria,” he wrote in 2012.两国之间的冰霜是在攻击利比亚时开始的。俄罗斯持联合国以保护平民生命的决议,但当该决议导致军队推翻卡扎菲政权时,俄罗斯感到受骗。普金对卡扎菲的形象印象深刻“一场不亚于中世纪,可谓是来自原始社会的令人作呕的屠宰”,留与普京。“不允许任何人在叙利亚重演利比亚的情节”他在2012年写道。Having convinced himself that the West was behind revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia, Mr Putin also blamed America for a wave of protests in Moscow in December 2011: proof positive that enemies were at the Kremlins gate. Mr Putin responded by attacking charities and campaign groups who have funding from abroad, branding them “foreign agents”.说自己相信西方仍持乌克兰和格鲁吉亚的革命,普京还指责美国2011年12月在墨西哥引发的抗议浪潮:敌人在克里姆林宫的大门是铁如山。普京以攻击慈善机构和攻击拥有海外融资的竞选集团来作为回应,普京称他们为“外国特工”。To shore up his core support, Mr Putin has filled Russias ideological vacuum with nationalism and anti-Americanism. The main thesis is of two conflicting civilisations, with the West exemplifying economic decline, international recklessness and moral depravity. Russia must shield itself from this harmful influence and preserve its own traditional values, based on Orthodoxy and past glory. This was behind a recent law against gay “propaganda”, and a ban on officials from having bank accounts and property abroad.为了加固他的核心论据,普京以民族主义和反美主义填补了俄罗斯意识形态的空白。主要论点是两个相互冲突的文明,随着越来越明显的西方经济衰退,出现了国际性质的鲁莽行为和道德沦丧。俄罗斯必须保护自身免受这种有害的影响,并保持自己的基于东正教和过去辉煌历史的传统价值观。这个声明是在最近的一条抵制同性恋的法律,和禁止官员在国外拥有账户和财产之后发布的。With business, it is a different story. Even vehement anti-Westerners embrace big foreign companies as partners and investors (they also use them as lobbyists for their political interests in the West). This double-track approach is not new. Joseph Stalin said in 1934: “Those who seek a business relationship with us will always find our support. And those who try to attack our country will be dealt a deadly blow, to deter them from sticking their snouts into our Soviet backyard.”随着商业发展,这变成了一个与众不同的故事。甚至一些激进的反西主义者都接纳外国大公司作为合作伙伴和投资者(把外国大公司作为他们在西方谋取政治利益的游说者)。这种双轨的做法并不新鲜。斯大林在1934年说:“向我们寻求业务关系的国家总能得到我们的持。那些试图攻击我们的国家将受到致命的打击,我们将竭力阻止他们打我们苏维埃的后院的主意。“As an alternative to the West, Mr Putin points to the East, hailing Chinas rise as a colossal chance to catch its “wind in the sails of our economy”. China and Russia, he has argued, each need the other to be strong and prosperous. Neither lectures the other on human rights. China sees Russia as a safe resource-base which would be strategically important in case of escalating tension between China and America. To prove the point, Xi Jinping, Chinas new leader, made Moscow his first port of call.寻求西方的替代者,普金把目光转向了中国,称赞中国的崛起是一个极好的机会 “在经济市场乘风破浪”。 他认为,中国和俄罗斯,都需要对方的持才能变得强大和繁荣。更不要说是在人权问题观念方面寻求持。中国将俄罗斯视作一个可靠的资源库,在中国和美国之间的紧张局势不断升级的情况下,这将是具有重要战略意义的。为了明这一点,中国的新领导人习近平,选择莫斯科作为他的第一个停靠港。On Syria, Russia has repeatedly wielded its UN security-council veto against sanctions and blocked international oversight of Syrian chemical weapons. But it does not seek a confrontation. Perhaps thanks to tough talk from Israel and other countries, it seems not to have delivered advanced air-defence systems to the regime there, or provided personnel to train Syrians. Igor Malashenko, a veteran observer of Russia-American relations, says that unlike the Soviet Union, Russia does not participate in big international affairs largely because it is not prepared to take responsibility for big decisions.在叙利亚问题上,俄罗斯曾多次挥起联合国安全安理会的否决权反对国际监督对叙利亚化学武器的制裁和阻止。但它并不是要硬碰硬。也许要归功于来自以色列和其他国家的强硬言论,似乎没有先进的防空系统去持政权交付,或提供有关人员去培训叙利亚人。俄罗斯和美国关系的老牌观察员伊戈尔·马拉申科说,这与苏联的情况不同,俄罗斯不参与大型的国际事务在很大程度上是因为它不准备承担重大决策的风险。But Russia has drawn a “red line” on the issue of Ukraines association agreement with the European Union. It has launched a fusillade of trade sanctions to press the case for its rival outfit, the Eurasian Economic Union. Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor of Russia in Global Affairs, a periodical, says the main point is anchoring former Soviet republics in Russias sphere of influence rather than promoting trade. (And having Ukraine in the customs union would be “a guaranteed headache”, like Britain in the EU, he adds.)但俄罗斯在乌克兰与欧盟联合协议问题上已划下“红色警戒线”。为了打击它的竞争对手欧亚经济联盟俄罗斯双管齐下的采用了贸易制裁,它已经推出了一个裸的贸易制裁。《全球事务中的俄罗斯》期刊的编辑费奥多尔表示,重点在于瞄准前苏维埃政权在当今俄罗斯势力范围内的影响,而不是促进贸易。(把乌克兰纳入海关联盟毫无疑问将是个麻烦,就像英国在欧盟中一样,他补充说。)But bullying Ukraine is likely to alienate it further and will stoke tension with the EU, which like America has been appalled by Russias anti-gay law. Germany, once Russias cheerleader, is now its most vocal critic. That will be bad for business (the EU is by far Russias biggest trading partner). It may also doom the regimes aim, stoked by self-interest, of persuading the EU to offer visa-free entry for holders of official passports.但欺负乌克兰可能进一步疏远两者之间的关系并使与欧盟的局势变得更紧张,就像美国对俄罗斯的反同性恋的法律感到震惊。曾经以俄国为首的德国如今成为了批判的最大声,这些情况都将阻碍商务的发展(欧盟是俄罗斯迄今为止最大的贸易伙伴)。受到利己主义的煽动,说欧盟提供公务护照持有人免签入境也可能使政权最初目的走向灭亡。Whatever the Kremlin says, members of Russias educated and affluent middle class continue to look West. Russias rulers greatest weakness is the lack of anything positive that could attract their own people or outsiders. For all his talk of outfitting Russia for a changing world, Mr Putin chiefly conveys a deep fear of disturbing the fragile status quo. That is pushing the country backwards.无论克里姆林宫怎么说,俄罗斯受过教育和富裕的中产阶级成员仍然寻找西方持。俄罗斯的统治者最大的弱点是没有正面力量去吸引自己人或外人。为了增强俄罗斯的实力以适应这个无时不在变化的世界,普京主要传达了怕扰乱脆弱现状的恐惧。这会导致国家的后退。译者:程丽蓉 校对:黄嘉欣 译文属译生译世 /201512/415577

On the third day of rescue efforts in Ecuador, more bodies than survivors are being discovered, as the death toll climbed beyond 400 on Tuesday. 厄瓜多尔救援工作第三天,相比幸存者更多遇难者尸体被发现,周二死亡人数达到400多人。Digging through debris of destroyed homes and stores, desperate family members are praying for miracles. 挖掘遭破坏的房屋和商店废墟,绝望的家庭成员祈祷出现奇迹。;Find my brother, please,; a man pleaded with rescuers. “请找到我的兄弟”,一名男子恳求救援人员。Ecaudor, which has aly had a fragile economy, now faces billions of dollars in repairs and restoration after the quake devastated commercial buildings and homes. 厄瓜多尔的经济已经脆弱,地震破坏商业建筑和住宅后,现面临数十亿美元的维修和恢复。On Monday, Ecaudor signed for a billion line of credit with China Development Bank to finance the future redevelopment.周一,厄瓜多尔与中国国家开发签署了20亿美元的信用额度用于未来的重建。译文属。201604/438336

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