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翔安区瘦脸针团购厦门割双眼皮哪好Each one of us has some risk for becoming depressed. For some the chance might be remote, while for others it can be almost inevitable。我们每个人都有一定程度的抑郁风险。对于有些人来说,机会很小;对于另一些人来说几乎不可避免。We all have our own vulnerabilities for depression, based on our life experiences, health conditions, substance use, and genetic predisposition. A person#39;s risk for becoming depressed at some point in his or her life ranges from low to high, based upon the interaction of all of these factors。对于抑郁,我们都有各自的薄弱点,这些可能和人生经历、健康情况、物质滥用和遗传易感性有关。在这些因素的共同作用下,一个人一生中的抑郁风险有高有低。A good general way to think of the factors that lead to depression is with the two-hit hypothesis. This model suggests that people become depressed when the effects of their genetic composition—which itself puts them somewhere on a scale of low-to-high likelihood of eventually developing depression—combine with stressful life experiences。采取“两步假设法”可以从宏观上了解这些因素是怎样导致抑郁的。这个模式认为,在基因组成(其本身也对产生抑郁影响有高低之分)和充满压力的生活的共同作用下,人们就抑郁了。Even those individuals with a low genetic tendency for depression can become depressed when they experience extreme stress. On the other hand, people with strong genetic predispositions may become depressed without experiencing much stress. Naturally, the people with both high stress and strong genetic predispositions are the most likely to have a depressive disorder。即便一个人抑郁的遗传倾向程度低,但是处于极度压力下的时候,这人也会抑郁;同样,抑郁的遗传倾向程度高的那些人,即使没处于压力环境中,也可能抑郁。自然地,那些高压力、高(遗传)基因易感性的人患抑郁症的可能性最大。While the two-hit hypothesis is useful conceptually, making predictions for particular individuals is still a challenge. For example, because of their psychological characteristics, people respond to stress in different ways. Plus, the genetics of depression is not as simple as something like eye color。虽然这“两步假设法”理论上行得通,可是要预测特定个体,依然是一个挑战。例如,心理特征不同的人对压力的反应不同。另外,抑郁的基因可不像决定眼睛颜色的基因那么简单。What stressful conditions might contribute to someone developing depression?有哪些充满压力的环境能让人们抑郁呢?emotional or physical abuse, especially when it continues over long periods身心虐待,尤其是长期的sexual abuse性虐待emotional and physical neglect情绪或身体被忽视chaotic home environment混乱的家庭环境chronic illnesses, especially during childhood慢性疾病,尤其是在儿童时期substance abuse, including alcoholism物质滥用,包括酗酒chronic insomnia and sleep deprivation长期失眠和睡眠剥夺How can stress early in life affect mood and brain functioning later on? There are several theoretical possibilities. One is that stress hormones influence the development of key areas of the brain related to mood and emotions。人生早期的压力对随后的情绪、大脑运作有何影响?有一些理论对此进行了解释。其中一个理论认为压力荷尔蒙会影响和情绪、情感有关的关键大脑区域的发育。Is there a depression gene?有一种“抑郁基因;吗?The genetics of depression are complex and not yet fully understood. A single depression gene locus has not been found; rather, several sections of the genome have been identified that are associated with a higher probability of having depression。有关抑郁的基因研究很复杂,还没有被人们完全了解。尚未找到一个单一的抑郁基因位点;不过,已经发现一些基因组,它们和较易导致抑郁You are at higher risk for depression if ...下面的情况出现时,出现抑郁的风险更大....you have had significant difficulty due to depression in the past抑郁曾为你带来巨大的困扰depression runs in your family, especially in close blood relatives有抑郁家史,尤其是近亲中you have been exposed to chronic stressful circumstances长期处于压力大的环境中If you think that you are at high risk for depression, you should be alert for early signs of any symptoms of a mood disorder and you should then talk with your mental health specialist about possible treatments. Early treatment can have both short- and long-term benefits。如果你认为自己是以为高抑郁风险者,那么对任何情绪紊乱的早期症状都要警觉,和心理健康专家探讨如何治疗。及早治疗会带来短期和长期的好处。Of course, if you aly have severe depressive symptoms, then seek help right away. If you are feeling suicidal, talk with someone about it immediately and consult your doctor, or else get to an emergency room fast。当然,如果你已经有严重的抑郁症状,那么应寻求正确的帮助。如果你感到有自杀倾向,立刻和某个人说一说,咨询你的医生,或迅速前往急诊室。Consider, too, the risks of your family and friends. You might play an important role in helping them get early treatment to prevent worse symptoms in the future。同样,要考虑家人和朋友的抑郁风险。在帮助他们及早治疗、预防恶化的过程中,你可能会起到重要的作用。 /201304/235561思明区治疗狐臭的医院 厦门最有效的祛斑方法

厦门哪里重睑比较好Capricorn 羯座 (12月22日~1月20日)Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs. Here is a stabilizing force, one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiac.魔羯座是土相星座的领头人。是黄道12宫里最稳定最努力工作的星座。TIPS: Patience and caution are your advantages.学习相 你的优点是坚持不懈和谨慎。厦门市三医院怎么走 A stunning blue diamondbroke a world record today, fetching a price of 6.2 million British pounds (about .6 million), or about .8 million per carat, according to auctioneer Bonhams.据美国生活科学网4月26日报道,英国宝龙拍卖行称,4月24日,一颗惊艳蓝钻以620万英镑(约960万美元)的价格拍出,每克拉价格高达180万美元,刷新了此前每克拉168万美元的世界纪录。The diamond is a brilliant blue and is set in a ring made by Italian jeweler Bulgariaround 1965. The high price likely comes from the diamond#39;s unusual color as well as its posh setting: Bulgari is a company beloved by the Hollywood glitterati, and blue diamondsare rarely up for sale. This particular blue diamond also happens to be a large chunk of ice at 5.3 carets.这颗钻石色泽呈孔雀蓝,大概在1965年,意大利珠宝商宝格丽将它镶嵌在一枚戒指中。拍卖价高昂很可能是因为其独特的色泽和不俗的来历。宝格丽是好莱坞影视名流钟爱的珠宝品牌,而且蓝钻在市面上十分罕见,更何况是一块5.3克拉的大钻石。The diamond is a ;fancy deep-blue; stone, terminology that describes its intensity of color. The blue sheen comes from boron atomsintermixed with the carbonthat makes up the diamond#39;s structure. According to Bonhams, less than 1 percent of all diamonds mined are blue diamonds.根据色强度,这颗钻石学名为“花式深蓝”钻石,其蓝色光泽由硼原子与碳原子结构的混合而产生。宝龙拍卖行指出,在所有开采的钻石中,只有不到1%是蓝钻。;Blue diamonds, especially those over 5.00 carats, are extremely rare to see on the market and continue to be highly sought-after,; Jean Ghika, the director of Bonhams#39; European jewelry department, said in a statement. ;We are honored to have handled the sale of such a unique gem.;“蓝钻,尤其是超过5克拉的蓝钻在市场上是极为罕见的,也一直备受追捧。”宝龙拍卖行欧洲珠宝部门的主管让·吉卡在声明中说,“我们很荣幸能够拍卖这颗稀世钻石。”The previous record for the price of a diamond per carat was .68 million, according to Bonhams.The most famous blue diamond in the world is the Hope Diamond, which now resides at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Crudely cut, the Hope Diamond was 112 and 3/15 carats and likely came from a mine in Golconda, India, according to the Smithsonian. King Louis XIV bought the diamond from a French merchant who picked it up in India and later had it recut into a 67 and 1/8-carat stone. The diamond remained in the hands of French royalty until 1792, when it was stolen during an episode of unrest and looting. [Sinister Sparkle: 13 #39;Cursed#39; Gems]据悉,世界上现存最著名的蓝钻是“希望之星”,现藏于美国首都华盛顿史密森尼国立自然历史物馆。据物馆称,该钻石可能来自印度戈尔康达的矿山,经粗加工后重达112.2克拉。一位法国商人在印度得到这颗钻石后,将其切割成一颗67.125克拉的蓝钻,卖给了法国国王路易十四。此后,钻石一直在法国皇族手中,直到1792年,它在一次动乱中被盗,从此下落不明。The diamond#39;s path then becomes foggy until 1839, when it popped up in the gem collection of banking heir Henry Philip Hope. The diamond then passed through the hands of multiple private sellers, gracing a tiara at one point before being set as a pendant. The Hope Diamond was donated to the Smithsonian in 1958. Three-hundred-plus years of recutting has whittled its weight down to 45.54 carats.1839年,这颗蓝钻的下落终于有了眉目,它出现在家亨利·菲利普·霍普的珠宝收藏中。随后,又经多个买家之手。它曾一度被用作冕状头饰,后改为吊坠。1958年,“希望之星”被捐给了美国史密森尼物院。历经300余年的数次切割后,该钻石只剩下45.54克拉。Blue diamonds aren#39;t the only unusual color out there. Very rarely, miners unearth red diamonds, which are sometimes mistaken for garnets or rubies. Only three red diamondsweigh more than 5 carats, including the Kazanjian Red Diamond, which went on display at the American Museum of Natural History in 2010.当然,除蓝钻之外,红钻也极为罕见。有时候,矿工会把挖到的红钻误认作石榴石或红宝石。世界上只有三颗红钻超过5克拉,其中有一颗名为“卡赞金红钻”,2010年曾在美国自然历史物馆展出。 /201304/237378厦门去眼袋有什么好方法

福建省厦门欧菲美容预约一对小孩,一棵树,青梅竹马中的男孩与女孩的小心思。 然而,由于历经成长这个复杂的过程,我们都曾错过彼此的心意。 电影开始时布莱斯亮晶晶的眼眸还没发现茱莉的美,一个如虹般绚丽的人。外公说:“有些人浅薄,有些人金玉其外败絮其中。”多么睿智的老人,一语点破生命的玄机。当梧桐被砍时,布莱斯没有站到茱莉的一边;当茱莉送鸡蛋时,布莱斯并没有接受这份好意,而是偷偷地将鸡蛋倒进了垃圾桶;当有人讽刺茱莉的智障叔叔时,布莱斯最终也只是附和地赞同了……当我喜欢你的时候,你并不喜欢我;而当我发现你那双曾经让我着迷的漂亮眼睛渐渐不再吸引我时,你却喜欢上了我。一句“她怎么可以和别人坐在那还笑得那么灿烂”,所有的嫉妒以及醋意都已经无法再掩饰其中的心意。是啊,有时候爱情就是如此的不凑巧。于千万人当中,在时间的无涯的荒野里,没有早一步,也没有晚一步,刚巧赶上了。 像所有初恋的故事,那些朦胧的情愫也曾经带给我们那么多的怦然心动。看到这部电影,心弦被轻轻地拨动了。整部电影纯净的就像夕阳下那颗高大的法国梧桐闪耀着最明亮的光辉。剧中那些轻轻拨动心弦的美丽台词:A painting is more than the sum of its parts. A cow by itself is just a cow. A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun peeking through the trees is just a beam of light. But you put them all together and it can be magic.  一幅画不是众多物件简单拼凑而成的。牛只是一头牛,草地也只有青草和鲜花,而穿过树枝的阳光也仅仅只是一束光,但如果将它们放到一起,就会产生魔一般的魅力。    The higher I got, the more amazed I was by the view.  我爬得越高,眼前的风景便愈发迷人。 Sometimes a little discomfort in the beginning can save a whole lot of pain down the road.  有时起初的隐忍可以避免一路的疼痛。   Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while you find someone who#39;s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.  有些人沦为平庸浅薄,金玉其外,而败絮其中。可不经意间,有一天你会遇到一个虹般绚丽的人,从此以后,其他人就不过是匆匆浮云。    Some days the sunsets would be purple and pink. And some days they were a blazing orange setting fire to the clouds on the horizon. It was during one of those sunsets that my father#39;s idea of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts moved from my head to my heart.  有时落日泛起紫红的余晖,有时散发出橘红色的火光燃起天边的晚霞。在这绚烂的日落景象中,我慢慢领悟了父亲所说的整体胜于局部总和的道理。The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped. It was those eyes, something in those dazzling eyes.  见到布莱斯#8226;罗斯基的第一天,我心动了。他的双眸有种魔力让我如痴如醉。    The next thing I know, he#39;s holding my hand and looking right into my eyes. My heart stopped. Was this it? Would this be my first kiss?  接下来,我所知道的就是,他紧紧握住我的手,与我深情对视。我的心跳停止了。就要来了吗?我的初吻就要来了吗?    Sherry Stalls was nothing but a whiny, gossipy, backstabbing flirt. All hair and no substance. And there she was holding hands with Bryce. My Bryce. The one who was walking around with my first kiss.  雪利#8226;斯道尔斯是个絮絮叨叨、阴险毒辣的长舌妇,头发长见识短。可她竟然牵起了布莱斯的手。那可是我的布莱斯!带着我的初吻到处招摇的布莱斯!    - And she#39;s been stalking me since the second grade.  - Well, a girl like that doesn#39;t live next door to everyone.  - 她从二年级起就老是缠着我。  - 这种女孩可是可遇不可求的。   One’s character is set at an early age. I#39;d hate to see you swim out so far you can#39;t swim back.  从小看到老,我可不愿看到你做边城浪子回不了头。    The way she talked about what it felt like to be up in that tree to be held above the earth, brushed by the wind. Who in junior high talks like that? This weird feeling started taking over in the pit of my stomach and I didn#39;t like it.  她说起那种置身树梢的感觉时说就像被高高举起,微风拂面。哪个初中生会说出这样的话呢?这种怪怪的感觉在我胃里翻腾,我不喜欢这种感觉。   The apple doesn#39;t fall far from the tree.  树上掉下的苹果它落的地离树能有多远?    And I realized Garrett was right about one thing: I had flipped. Completely.  我意识到加利特一件事是说对了:我心动了。完全心动了。 /201210/204806 Kick your memory power into high gear with savvy ways to boost your brain. Click through for 9 ways you can boost your memory power now.用聪明的方法让高速运转起来,提升你的脑力吧。下面介绍9种促进的方法。1.Exercise1.做运动Staying fit physically keeps the brain in shape too. From maintaining balance to improving coordination, your brain fires while you#39;re moving your body, keeping it in tip-top form.经常做运动也能让大脑保持灵活。通过保持平衡来增强自己的协调能力,你的大脑将会在身体运动的同时达到最佳状态。2.Be Creative2.培养创造力Your brain has two halves: the right and the left. While they both work together harmoniously, each hemisphere has special areas of expertise. Creativity and intuition come from the right side, while logical and critical thinking dominate the left. The majority of people rely heavily on the left side of the brain, leaving the creative right in need of a kick start when wanting to boost memory skills. Challenge yourself to keep a sketchbook for a month without being critical of your skills.大脑分为左脑和右脑,当它们和谐工作时,将会发挥各自的优势。右脑负责创造力和直觉,左脑提供逻辑性和批判性思考。大多数人过分使用左脑,而在提高时,你就需要激发右脑。挑战下自己,带个随想本将一个月内的点滴记录下来,不要总挑剔自己的能力。3.Eat Your Antioxidants3.多吃抗氧化食物Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which protects brain cells from damage. Colorful fruits and vegetables, such as leafy greens, apricots, and strawberries are also good sources of antioxidants.蓝莓富含抗氧化物质,保护你的脑细胞不致坏死。有色水果和蔬菜,比如绿叶蔬菜、杏仁、草莓也是抗氧化的不错选择。4.Solve Puzzles4.解猜谜游戏Put your brain to the test by solving puzzles. Even if you#39;re not the game-playing type, trying your hand at Soduko, solving a crossword, or enjoying a challenging board game with friends encourages your brain#39;s memory skills.多用脑来解猜谜游戏。即使你不擅长游戏,可以试试解数独、填字游戏(纵横字谜),或者和朋友来局有难度的棋盘游戏,都能提高。5.Meditate5.冥想Giving your brain a break allows it to recharge and be y to tackle new challenges. Even two minutes of quiet meditation refreshes your most important muscle.让你的大脑休息片刻,让大脑重新充满能量解决新的难题。两分钟的安静冥想就能使你身体最重要的肌肉焕然一新。6.Eat More Omega-36.多吃含有欧米茄-3的食物Fresh salmon is packed with brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial to building memory. If you don#39;t feel like splurging on salmon, then other fatty fish, including tuna, halibut, trout, mackerel, and sardines, are also good choices.新鲜鲑鱼富含提高脑力所需的欧米茄-3脂肪酸,对提高记忆非常有益。如果你觉得浪费鲑鱼不太好,可以尝试其他富含脂肪的鱼类:金鱼、大比目鱼、马鲛鱼和沙丁鱼都是不错的选择。7.Learn How to Knit7.学编织Knitting takes focus and fine motor control, which seriously keeps your brain active. And mastering any new skill encourages memory and learning skills in your brain.编织衣物需要专注力和良好的控制力,这些都能让大脑处于兴奋状态。掌握一门新技巧也能促进大脑的和学习能力。8.Learn a New Language8.学习一门新语言Our brains get lazy when dealing with the same daily challenges over and over. Switch things up by learning a new language, which builds memory skills in your brain. Along with challenging your brain, you#39;ll be able to sweet-talk someone special with your new skills.再三地解决一尘不变的日常事务会使我们的大脑产生惰性。来学习一门新的语言转换一下吧。这也能培养记忆能力。在你挑战自己大脑的同时,你也将可以用新学的语言和某些特别的人甜言蜜语了。9.Sleep Tight9.保持良好睡眠The brain gets tuckered out with all the information it#39;s constantly bombarded with. Hard work and serious problem solving requires downtime, so hit the sheets early to ensure your brain will be y to recall and memorize.大脑会在信息连续轰炸之后变得疲惫不堪。解决大量而困难的工作也需要休整时间,所以早点休息以确保你的大脑能准备好恢复和更好地记忆。 /201301/222308福建厦门市妇幼保健官网预约免费厦门市欧菲美容医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱



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