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郑州市中医院去眼袋价钱费用三门峡市切双眼皮多少钱郑州管城回族区切割双眼皮哪家好 China#39;s economy may be slowing, but you wouldn#39;t know it from the average car buyer.中国的经济增长速度可能在放缓,但是从汹涌的购车大军中丝毫察觉不到这一点。Passenger car sales in China look set to expand 15% this year -- twice the pace of 2012, estimate consultants at LMC Automotive.咨询公司LMC Automotive估计,今年中国乘用车销量将增长15%,增幅是2012年的两倍。There are bumps in the road ahead, but they shouldn#39;t harm the spending spree. To combat pollution, several big cities are restricting car purchases by driving up license-plate prices. In the long term, these diktats probably are limited to a few places with pollution concerns, where the market is saturated anyway.未来汽车市场依然存在一些障碍,但不会影响到这种购车热潮。虽然中国几个大城市为控制污染而采取了提高车牌价格等措施来限制汽车购买,不过长期而言,这些限购措施可能只限于一些污染严重的城市,这些城市的市场已经饱和。The last sales slump, which ended in 2012, resulted mostly from the end of nationwide car subsidies in 2009 and 2010 that had pulled forward demand. There haven#39;t been major subsidies in place this year so demand should remain fresh.中国上次出现销量滑坡局面,主要因为政府在2009年和2010年推出了全国范围的补贴政策,透了需求,因而在政策退出后市场低迷,这种状况已在2012年结束。今年在没有大型补贴活动的情况下市场需求保持旺盛。Meanwhile, next year could add another driver: replacements.与此同时,明年汽车市场将增添另一个驱动力:换车需求。It has been about five years since China#39;s car sales exploded in 2009. Consumers who ventured into the market then are looking to change their old cars, reckons Macquarie#39;s Janet Lewis. Plus, more drivers are using car loans. The share of buyers using loans tripled to 15% in 2013 from 2009, according to J.D. Power.中国距2009年出现汽车销量爆发式增长已经过去五年时间。麦格理(Macquarie)分析师Janet Lewis认为,当年的购车者将会考虑换车。此外,更多购车者使用汽车贷款。J.D. Power的数据显示,2013年贷款购车比例上升至15%,是2009年的三倍。This sophisticated second-time buyer with access to financing likely will purchase a luxury or utility vehicle, Ms. Lewis says. That is one reason both these segments look promising. LMC forecasts luxury car sales rising by 23% in 2014.Lewis表示,这些精明的二次购车者在贷款的帮助下将购买豪华车或运动型多用途车(SUV)。这是两个市场领域前景看好的一个理由。LMC预计,2014年豪华车销量将增长23%。The question for investors is how to capitalize on all this. Auto stocks rallied 36% this year, so there may be little more to be gained. Leading SUV-maker Great Wall Motor#39;s shares climbed 80%, but now its margins are moderating. On the other hand, BMW#39;s local partner Brilliance China Automotive should enhance its profits from 2015 as it boosts scale.投资者的问题是如何捕捉其中的投资机会。今年汽车股高涨了36%,再涨空间可能有限。一流SUV企业长城汽车(Great Wall Motor Co.)飙升了80%,但目前公司的利润率势头已经减弱。另一方面,宝马汽车(BMW)的中国合作伙伴华晨中国(Brilliance China Automotive)从2015年起利润有望提高,因为规模扩大。Car dealers are another way in. Hong Kong-listed China Zhengtong Auto Services markets premium brands, including in fast-growing inland provinces, and trades at seven times forward earnings. That is cheaper than the nine times at which Baoxin Auto Group, another luxury dealer, trades.投资汽车经销商股是另一种方式。香港上市公司正通汽车(China Zhengtong Auto Services)目前的市盈率只有7倍;该公司销售豪华汽车品牌,覆盖地区包括高增长的内陆市场。正通汽车的市盈率低于宝信汽车(Baoxin Auto Group)的9倍,后者是另一家豪华车经销商。China#39;s secular automotive story remains intact. And having conquered richer coastal provinces, businesses are moving inland. Residents in lower-tier cities will purchase nearly 60% of China#39;s new cars until 2020, says McKinsey.中国汽车市场的长期增长趋势不变。继攻克富裕的沿海省份之后,汽车市场的主战场正转向内陆省份。McKinsey称,到2020年,三四线城市的新车购买比例将接近60%。Even as China#39;s place in the global economic firmament dims, its car buyers should remain stars.即使中国在全球经济天空中的光芒黯淡,中国购车者仍将是闪亮的明星。 /201312/271049新密市脸部抽脂价格

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登封市去色斑多少钱A little over a year ago, I would probably have dismissed Amanda Holden’s newly revealed ambition to become a “young grandmother” as absurd.近日英国女演员兼《英国达人》评审阿曼达#8226;霍尔顿(Amanda Holden)表示希望自己能做个“年轻的祖母”。一年多前,我也许会认为这个想法很荒谬。I would have raised my eyebrows and frowned (something Amanda herself might find hard to do) at the idea that the 43-year-old actress and Britain’s Got Talent judge was interested in anything other than turning back time.当时要是听到这位43岁的演员只热衷于让时光倒流,我也许会扬起眉毛、眉头深锁。What woman – I used to think – would seriously be anxious to undergo the most ageing experience of her life? Particularly Ms Holden, who was pictured just days ago slipping out to supper in white shorts and six-inch stilettos?我过去常想什么样的女人会真的担心衰老呢?霍尔顿就是个例子,媒体几天前拍到她身穿白色热裤,蹬着6英寸的细高跟鞋外出吃晚餐。“Young grandmother”, I always thought, was the ultimate contradiction in terms.我一直认为“年轻的祖母”是个最自相矛盾的说法了。But 12 and a half months after the arrival of my granddaughter Edie, I now know how wrong I was – and how right Amanda is to worry that she won’t get to be a granny until she is 80. Far from turning my hair grey and hastening the advent of false teeth and Tena Lady Pants, grandparenting has been ridiculously rejuvenating and made me just a little smug that – unlike Amanda and an increasing number of other women today – I had children in my twenties (Amanda had her first daughter at 34 and her second at 41).12个半月前,我的孙女伊迪(Edie)的降世,我才意识到自己真是大错特错。阿曼达担心自己80岁才能当上祖母完全是有道理的。现在,我离满头白发、一口假牙和穿成人纸尿裤的岁数还有好长一段时间。作为一个祖母,我仍然神采焕发,这让我庆幸自己在20多岁就生了小孩,而不像阿曼达和越来越多的女性那样推迟生育(阿曼达34岁生第一个女儿,41岁生第二个女儿)。Indeed the “Edie Effect” on my life – for which, thank you, Bryony and Harry – has turned out to be the most marvellous anti-ageing procedure anyone could imagine, to a point that is very nearly infantile (particularly when my granddaughter and I are crawling round the house together whooping with laughter).的确“伊迪效应”(Eddie Effect)(这点我真得感谢我的女儿和女婿)让我体验了他人无法想象的逆生长经历,尤其当我和孙女一块在房子四周爬来爬去大声欢笑时,我甚至觉得自己回到了婴儿时期。More uninhibited and less pressured as a young grandmother than I was when I was a young mother, I can live in the moment with Edie, happily spending hours sitting in the garden looking for “birdies” (her favourite thing right now) and singing along with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy as we watch In the Night Garden on CBeebies (a programme that makes Mummy ill).与刚当上母亲那会相比,我现在更加无拘无束,也没什么压力。我可以活在当下,花上几个小时和伊迪一起坐在花园里找“小鸟儿”(这是伊迪现在最喜欢的东西),看动画片《花园宝宝》(In the Night Garden on CBeebies)时跟着“花园宝宝”一起唱歌。Sadly, though, the pleasure and privilege of being a young grandmother is something that more and more women will miss out on as the move to later motherhood continues (three babies a week are now being to women in their sixth decade).遗憾的是,由于越来越多女性推迟生育年龄(现在每周出生的婴儿中平均有三个是60岁年龄段女性所生),她们无法享受年轻祖母的快乐和好处了。As a result, among my own peer group (women in their sixth decade!) there are clear signs of the development of “granny envy”.所以看得出来,我的同龄人(60多岁的女性)明显在羡慕那些当祖母的人。It is only with my friends who are also grandmothers that I can really relax and talk with undiluted sentimentality about the beauty and the brilliance of “my Edie Bear”.我只有和那些同样当了祖母的朋友在一起时才能真正放心畅谈我漂亮聪明的孙女。Just as motherhood is a universal bond, so is grand-motherhood – and, yes, maybe there is an element of competition also, that makes me sometimes check myself when I overhear the oft-repeated words: “Oh, she’s so bright/adorable/funny/beautiful…”和母爱一样,祖母对孙辈的感情也同样强烈。当然了,也许也有竞争的因素作祟,所以有时候,当我无意间听到那些不断提及的溢美之词时,例如“哦,她太聪明了”、“真可爱!”、“太有趣了”或“真漂亮”,有时我总是会忍不住沾沾自喜。But there is a practical and quite serious reason, too, for Amanda Holden’s admitted desire to be a young grandmother. In an age when financial pressure means that both parents often have to work and child care is so prohibitive, granny (and granddad) provide a vital support.不过就阿曼达#8226;霍尔顿想早点当上祖母这件事来说,也有实际和严肃的考虑。现在人们的经济压力很大,父母不得不忙于工作而无法照料孩子,祖母(和祖父)能提供重要帮助。Britain’s 9.8 million-strong army of us look after our grandchildren for an average 8.2 hours a week (saving our children between #163;1,659 and #163;2,437 a year).英国980万的“祖父母军团”每周平均照料祖孙8.2个小时(每年能为子女省下1659至2437英镑。)And while in your fifties and sixties you are mentally alert enough to cope with things such as collapsing and reassembling a Bugaboo Cameleon, operating a digital baby monitor or using the microwave steam steriliser, you might have trouble in your seventies and eighties.五六十岁的时候,你还能有很好的精神状态来拆分或组装婴儿车、操纵婴儿监控器或使用微波蒸汽消毒机,但到了七八十岁的时候,干这些事可能就没这么轻松了。Being a hands-on granny demands a degree of physical fitness, too, that may be beyond those who have health problems.当一个亲力亲为的祖母意味着要有个好身体,而有健康问题的人可能就没办法胜任了。On the plus side, for the young granny this physical effort can make a welcome alternative to the punishing regimes non-grannies still endure (who needs Bikram yoga or Pilates when you can have a hilarious “babyweight” workout dancing Edie round the room to the tune of Pharrell Williams singing Happy?)当年轻祖母的一个好处是,你可以把带孩子当成一种锻炼,不用像那些没当上祖母的同龄人那样费力地运动。(和伊迪这样一个孙女一起随着美国歌手法瑞尔#8226;威廉姆斯(Pharrell Williams)的歌《快乐》(Happy)在房子四周跑跑跳跳,谁还需要练热瑜伽呢?)On the downside, of course, we young grandmothers do still have to cope with the prejudices of the rest of society: those who will call you “Granny” in a way that is beyond patronising and seem to think that your only possible interests in life are baking, knitting, gardening and Saga holidays.当然,这也有坏处。我们这些年轻的祖母还是不得不面对社会上的一些偏见:那些屈尊俯就地叫你一声“奶奶”的人似乎认为我们的生活乐趣只不过是烘焙、织毛衣、照料花园和随团旅行。But if the rest of the world might think you are past it, your darling little grandchild has no conception of age. Indeed, he or she offers you the kind of adoration (and endless cuddles) that more than makes up for the ageism of grown-ups – and, what’s more, gives you the strength to blow raspberries back at them.但就算整个世界都认为你老得不中用了,你可爱的孙子或孙女可没有年龄的概念。他们对你的那种尊敬(和数不尽的拥抱)很好地弥补了成年人对你的年龄歧视,还让你信心满满地予以还击。 /201405/296753 As Congress scrambles to lift the nation#39;s borrowing limit and avoid the risks of defaulting on its debt, billionaire investor Warren Buffett joined critics of the debt ceiling, calling the 1930s law originally intended to give the government more flexibility to borrow funds ;a weapon of mass destruction.;就在美国国会为提高政府债务上限并避免违约风险而挣扎的时候,亿万富翁、投资人沃伦?巴菲特也加入了批评债务上限政策的行列,他把后者称为“大规模杀伤性武器”。这项政策制定于20世纪30年代,本意是为政府在筹款方面提供更大的灵活性。;It really is like a nuclear bomb,; says Buffett on Wednesday at Fortune#39;s annual Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C.;It#39;s something that maybe you talk about but never dream of using.;巴菲特在华盛顿召开的《财富》最具影响力女性峰会(Most Powerful Women Summit)上说:“它就象一颗原子弹,你可能会提起它,但绝不希望真正用到它。”Buffett#39;s not alone. He joins the likes of U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who argue the debt ceiling makes no sense and wishes it didn#39;t exist. In recent years, politicos (ahem, Republicans) have gotten in the awful habit of framing the debt ceiling as a debate over excessive government spending, when in fact, the law has nothing to do with future spending. The debt ceiling simply gives the U.S. Treasury the flexibility to borrow for spending that Congress has aly approved.并不是只有巴菲特一个人持有这种观点。美联储(U.S. Federal Reserve)主席本?伯南克等人也已表示,债务上限毫无意义,本来就不该存在。近年来,政客们(或者说共和党人)养成了一个坏毛病,那就是把债务上限定义为就政府超展开辩论。而实际上,这项法律和政府未来的开毫无瓜葛。债务上限的作用只是让财政部能够灵活地为国会已经批准的出项目筹款。Despite all the fear and political wrangling in Washington, Buffett says it#39;s ;absolutely folly; to even think the U.S. will default on its debt because ;it is so stupid.;尽管人们都很担心,尽管国会议员们吵作一团,巴菲特却认为,光是美国将违约这个念头就“愚蠢透顶”,因为“这个想法非常愚蠢”。In true Buffett fashion, the Oracle of Omaha had positive views of the U.S. economy. The recovery hasn#39;t stalled, and it#39;s still a good time to invest.这位来自奥马哈的先知用极富个人色的方式表达了对美国经济的乐观看法——复苏并未停止,现在仍然是投资的好时候。;The country is coming back,; he says. ;You can#39;t stop the ed States. We get through everything. The country works.;他说:“美国正在恢复元气。没有人能阻止美国前进。我们可以排除一切困难。这个国家运转正常。”The Dow sank to 100 at the time, but he says that didn#39;t discourage him from investing in the stock market. He has been buying stocks since.巴菲特回忆说,他在1942年4月买了第一只股票,当时美国刚刚因为珍珠港事件而加入二战。那时道琼斯指数跌到了100点,但巴菲特说,这并没有妨碍他投资股市。从那以后,他一直在买入股票。A lesson for investors: ;You want to be greedy when others are fearful ... I#39;ve got plenty of greed.;他告诫投资者:“其他人都害怕时你要变得贪心起来……而我一直都很贪心。”Buffett touched on several other topics, from the economic rise of China to women in corporate America. On China, he says the world#39;s second-biggest economy will be ;enormously important and they should be,; but the U.S. will be ;the superpower of the world for a very, very, very long time.巴菲特还谈到了其他一些问题,比如中国经济的崛起以及美国的职业女性。他说,中国这个世界第二大经济体将变得“非常重要,而且也应该如此”,但美国“在今后非常、非常长的一段时间里仍然将是超级大国”。;What#39;s important is that the two countries largely learn to live together,; says Buffett about tensions between the U.S. and China.谈到中美之间的紧张关系,他认为:“重要的是,总的来说这两个国家正在学习如何共存。”Widely considered the best investor of the 20th Century, Buffett, 83, attributes part of his success to luck and timing. He built his career at a time when most women were either teachers or nurses or secretaries or housewives. ;I was lucky I was only competing with half the country,; he says, adding that he#39;s focused on attracting more talented women to his firm, Berkshire Hathaway.外界普遍认为巴菲特是20世纪最出色的投资人,但83岁的巴菲特把自己的成功归结于运气和时机。他的事业刚刚起步时,大多数美国女性还都是教师、护士、秘书或者家庭主妇。巴菲特说:“我很幸运,因为只有一半的美国人和我竞争。”他还说,一直以来他的一项重点工作就是吸引更多有才干的女性进入他的公司——伯克希尔-哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)。;Berkshire is going to prove that a lot of talented women could accomplish a whole lot.;“伯克希尔要明,许多能干的女性都可以取得非常高的成就。” /201310/262492郑州腋臭手术大概多少钱郑州光子嫩肤多少钱

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