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Olympics to help Japans economy? CNNs John Defterios reports on how Japan hopes to benefit from winning the 2020 Summer Olympics.Well, we’ve seen the pass as Olympic burdens for host nation has not been viewed as an Olympic size opportunity for Tokyo in 2020. Tokyo Olympic specialist said it did not rely on recover marketing pitch, but instead, the IOC support Japanese capital is built as it means the safest and most reliable, something Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised despite the natural disaster Fukushima back in 2011. Prime Minister said the Game should help this country overcome 15 years of deflation. The government suggests it could help boost growth by 0.3% a year for the next 7 years, but US bank Morgan Stanley said it could be more than double that. Japan wants this bid not putting up the biggest budget for the 2020 Games. Let’s take a look what we are talking about here. While Tokyo in billion, Istanbul more than double that at billion, and Madrid come it with a low ball bid of billion. This was seen at a setback for Turkey after the toxins square put us back in June with concerns about instability soften the border in Syria. Istanbul is amassing in mass infrastructure build-up that includes new bridges, and it planned airport. The 2020 Games will take place just 3 years ahead of the 100 anniversary of the Turkish Republic. “We think it’s not easy, so for us, we were going to create the great legacy, so that’s…No, not yet. So we gonna say we have to go back and think and we’ll see.Turkey would have been the first majority mass population country to host the Games. And it has aspiration to be top 20 economy by 2023 with a GDP of trillion. For Madrid, it was the third time unlucky. The city’s put three straight bids in for the summer Games of 2012, 2016 and 2020. Again the EU debt crisis and soaring jobless rate were seen as major strikes against the Spanish. John Defterios, CNN, Abu Dhabi. /201309/256729Getting 11 countries to work together is not easy联合11个国家一起行动并不简单and simply irrigating a 5,000-mile long belt of trees而且仅是灌溉这5000英里长的防护林is an ambitious task.就是个极具野心的任务But all over Africa, people are recognising how important it is但整个非洲的人们都开始意识到to have trees as part of their local landscape.树林应成为当地景观重要的一部分This group of volunteers has planted nearly 100 million saplings.这组志愿者已经种植了1亿颗树苗They are just one of countless similar groups and individuals他们同其他无数的团队和个人一样taking it upon themselves主动承担起义务to reforest their own part of this great continent.在这片伟大的土地上重新植树造林Trees are essential for the future of the continent and indeed,树木对非洲大陆的未来是极为重要的to the rest of the planet.对整个地球都是如此This is the Congo Basin.这是刚果盆地Its one of the most biologically important forests on Earth眼前的森林是地球上最重要的生态场所之一and its not just because of不仅是因为the concentration of plants and animals that live here.聚集在这里的众多动植物Its because its also one of也因为它是地球上the powerhouses behind the planets wind and rain.天气变化的源动力之一201407/316065China releases November real estate data国家统计局公布11月房地产行业运行数据Chinas home prices continued to decline in November despite easing property curbs.尽管财产限制得到放宽,11月份我国房价仍继续下降。According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, new home prices in 70 major cities showed a month-on-month drop.据国家统计局公布的数据显示,70个主要城市的新房价呈现每月下降趋势。The latest data marked the sixth consecutive monthly drop.最新数据标志着房价连续6月以来都在下降。New home prices in Beijing and Shanghai are down by 1.1 percent and 0.6 percent, respectively.北京和上海的新房价分别下降1.1%和0.6% 。64 out of the 70 major cities saw price drops in October for existing homes, with drops ranging from 0.3% to 1.8%.10月70个主要城市中有64个现房价格下降,范围在0.3 %至1.8% 。On an annual basis, home prices in 67 out of the 70 cities fell.年度基础上70个城市中有67个房价下跌。201412/349857

Reggie Watts这次是来唱反调的。把逻辑思维都丢到一边,来看看他混搭了诗歌和不同音乐风格的精演出吧 。201403/278644

New European sanctions imposed on Ukraine欧洲对于乌克兰新一轮的制裁Following Sundays referendums in eastern Ukrainian regions, the European Union is adding more names to its blacklist. With the Ukraines crisis seeing few signs of de-escalating, European leaders are hoping this latest round of sanctions will turn up the pressure on those undermining the countrys stability.随着周日在乌克兰东部地区的公投,欧盟将更多的名字添加到了黑名单中。而乌克兰的危机也没有局势缓解的迹象,因此欧洲领导人们希望最新一轮制裁能够施压那些破坏国家稳定的人。Sundays referendum held by anti-Kiev supporters in Eastern Ukraine. Ongoing violent clashes between anti-government activists and police. Events that created a recipe for further sanctions from the European Union.周日的全民公投是由乌克兰东部反对基辅的持者们举行。反政府活动人士和警察之间的暴力冲突也在不断上演。这些事件使得欧盟将会进一步制裁。201405/296974

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