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湖州人民医院治疗狐臭多少钱湖州曙光整形美容医院抽脂减肥怎么样The notorious underwear bomber#39;s plot in 2009 to blow up a plane on Christmas Day failed because the explosives became #39;degraded#39; after he wore the same pair of underpants for two weeks, according to a U.S. Official.一名美国官员表示,2009年一名臭名昭著的自杀炸弹袭击者密谋在圣诞节炸毁一架飞机。计划失败的原因是他的内裤两礼拜没换导致炸弹“性能下降”。Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was on a suicide mission when he attempted to detonate a bomb in his underpants as the plane, en route from Amsterdam, approached Detroit.尼日利亚人Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab试图用藏在内裤里的炸弹和一架从阿姆斯特丹飞往底特律的飞机同归于尽。The bomb however failed to detonate aboard the flight, which was carrying nearly 300 people, but caused a brief fire that caused burns to his groin. He was sentenced to life without parole in February 2012 after he pleaded guilty to all charges.但炸弹没能引爆这架载有300名乘客的飞机,它只引起了一场短暂的火灾,烧伤了恐怖分子的腹股沟。他对所有罪行供认不讳并于2012年2月被判终身监禁不得保释。The head of the Transportation Security Administration said this week the bomb failed to detonate because of how long Abdulmutallab had been wearing his underwear.本周,美国运输安全局长皮尔斯托表示炸弹失效的原因是Abdulmutallab的内裤穿了太久。Mr Pistole was then asked whether the bomb had become #39;damp#39;, to which he replied: #39;Let#39;s say it was degraded.#39;在被问到炸弹是否受潮时,皮尔斯托答道“我们还是说它性能下降吧”。During his trial, Abdulmutallab said the bomb in his underwear was a #39;blessed weapon#39; to avenge poorly treated Muslims around the world.在被拘捕期间,Abdulmutallab说他内裤中的炸弹是全世界遭遇不公平对待的穆斯林复仇的“神圣武器”。After the bomb failed to detonate, passengers pounced on Abdulmutallab and forced him to the front of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 where he was held until the plane landed minutes later.Abdulmutallab试图引爆的飞机是美国西北航空的253号航班。炸弹没能引爆后,乘客们抓住Abdulmutallab并将他拘禁在飞机前部直到降落。 /201407/315792湖州修护双眼皮哪里好 The FIFA World Cup has been blamed for a multitude of sins, but banks say draining Macau#39;s casino takings is not one of them.世界杯被指有无数宗罪,但从业人士表示,抢走的收入并不在其列。Prior to the start of the tournament last month, analysts at investment banks -- perhaps with their minds turning towards the subject of football instead of their spsheets -- had speculated that the World Cup would sap numbers of gamblers in Macau.上个月世界杯开赛之前,投行分析师曾猜测世界杯会造成赌客人数减少。当时分析师们可能满脑子想的都是足球这个话题,而不是财务表格。Sure enough, gross gaming revenues fell for the first time in five years during June. Takings declined 3.7% to 27.2bn Macau patacas compared with a year earlier, according to data from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau released on Monday.确实,6月份总收入出现五年来的首次下滑。据监察协调局(Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau)周一发布的数据显示,收入下滑至272亿澳元,较上年同期下降3.7%。Does the dip in gambling revenues during the month of the tournament prove that football is the determining factor? Far from it, says Barclays. Instead, it#39;s the fall in numbers of high-rollers -- a trend which preceded the start of the World Cup - that#39;s really to blame.世界杯当月收入下滑,这是否明足球是其中的决定性因素?据巴克莱(Barclays)称,远非如此。真正的原因是豪赌客人数减少,这一趋势在世界杯开赛之前就已经出现。The high-spending VIP segment is tightly fought over by Macau#39;s casinos, which have tie-ups with junket-operators to entice greater numbers of wealthy gamblers and may even offer lines of credit.的激烈争夺一掷千金的VIP业务。的与中介人合作,吸引更多的有钱赌客,甚至可能向其提供信贷额度。The bank believes the main factor driving the revenue slump comes from the VIP segment, which it estimates has seen #39;double-digit percentage declines#39; as part of a trend that has been #39;visible since April#39;.巴克莱认为,造成收入下滑的主要原因在于VIP业务。巴克莱估计VIP业务收入的百分比降幅为两位数,这是4月份以来呈现出来的趋势的一部分。#39;Mass revenues might have seen a marginal slowdown due to the impact from the World Cup, but we expect little impact and the impact to only be transient,#39; Barclays says.巴克莱表示,大众业务收入可能因世界杯的影响而出现微幅下滑,但预计几乎不会带来什么冲击,即便有冲击,也是暂时的。Standard Chartered agrees, arguing that the number of gamblers filling Macau casino floors -- and the amount they are prepared to gamble -- are more closely linked to the ebbs and flows of credit availability in the wider economy.渣打(Standard Chartered)同意这一看法,认为的赌客数量(以及他们愿意投入的赌资)与整体经济中的信贷投放涨落密切相关。Faster loan growth tends to filter through to stronger casino revenues with a six-month time lag, the bank says. That may reflect gamblers feeling more content to fritter away their earnings at the baccarat tables as the economy improves.渣打称,更快的信贷增长往往会滞后六个月才能渗透转化为的更强劲收入。这可能反映出,在经济改善的时候,赌客们更愿意在赌台上挥霍自己赚的钱。#39;Our call at the beginning of the year [was that] consensus estimates on gross gaming revenues were way too high and that credit tightening in China was going to feed through -- and it has,#39; said Erwin Sanft, Standard Chartered#39;s head of Hong Kong and China research.渣打负责香港和中国内地研究的桑夫特(Erwin Sanft)说,我们今年年初的看法是,有关整体收入的一致估计过高,且中国内地信贷收紧将会产生影响,事实也的确如此。The bank thinks casino stocks -- which have fallen around 14% year-to-date compared with a largely flat Hang Seng Index - now look attractive, as China#39;s incremental efforts to ease companies#39; access to credit add up to a big effect on the broader economy.渣打认为,类股现在颇具吸引力,因中国内地放宽企业信贷渠道的渐进举措累加起来对整体经济产生了很大的影响。类股今年迄今下跌了14%左右,而恒生指数大致持平。#39;Gross gaming revenues will remain weak in the next couple of months, and certainly going into the fourth quarter we#39;d expected things to start to improve again,#39; Mr Sanft added.桑夫特补充说,未来几个月整体收入仍将保持疲弱,而进入第四季度后我们无疑将期待形势开始再次改善。Casino share prices have surged in trading today, after the People#39;s Bank of China moved to ease loan-to-deposit limits for Chinese banks on Monday. Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (0027.HK) gains 2.8% to HK.75 and Sands China Ltd (1928.HK) is up 1.8% to HK.60 at midday.类股周三飙升,之前中国央行周一出台政策放宽中资的存贷比限制。周三午盘,集团有限公司(Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.)涨2.8%,至63.75港元,金沙中国有限公司(Sands China Ltd.)涨1.8%至59.60港元。 /201407/309869An archipelago known for its Buddhist temples, the Tibetan capital and a seaside city known for corrupt real estate deals, are the only three cities in China to meet national air quality standards, in a stark illustration of how pervasive pollution has become in the world’s most populous country.中国只有三个城市达到国家空气质量标准,一个是以佛教寺庙出名的群岛城市舟山,一个是西藏省会拉萨,还有一个是以房地产腐败窝案闻名的滨海城市海口,凸显了世界人口第一大国污染现象有多普遍。Unrelenting smog – including a week-long stretch last month of “hazardous” air in Beijing – has become a focus for public discontent, particularly in prosperous urban areas. Last week, Li Keqiang, China’s premier, told the annual meeting of the country’s legislature that his government would wage “war on pollution”.弥漫不散的雾霾已成了引发群众不满的一大问题,尤其是在城市居民中间。上个月,北京曾连续一周被笼罩在“有害”雾霾之下。中国总理李克强上周在人大会议上表示,中国政府将“向污染宣战”。Haikou, the capital of sub-tropical Hainan Island, Zhoushan – an archipelago just south of Shanghai that consists of 1,390 islands and 1.1 million people – and Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, were the only three to meet national standards in a survey of 74 of the nation’s largest cities, vice-minister of environmental protection Wu Shaoqing told journalists at the wekend.环境保护部副部长吴晓青在周末的记者会上说,去年全国实施新空气质量标准的74个城市中,仅有拉萨、海口、舟山三个城市完全达标。拉萨是西藏省会,海口是海南岛省会,处于亚热带地区,舟山在上海以南,由1390座岛屿组成,有110万人口。Of the 10 worst cities, seven were in Hebei, the industrial province that rings Beijing where winter pollution levels regularly go off the scale.而在空气质量相对较差的前10个城市中,有7个在河北省,河北是将北京环抱在内的工业大省,冬季污染指数频频爆表。Last year, China issued a plan to cut emissions and polluting steel capacity in the populous east – particularly in Hebei – while encouraging more coal and industrial development in the poor and arid west of the country.去年中国公布了一项计划,决定在人口密集的东部地区(尤其是河北)减少污染物排放,压减钢铁产能,同时鼓励煤矿和工业向西部贫瘠落后地区发展。Hebei officials have hastened to demonstrate their commitment by inviting state television to film the detonation of steel mills and cement plants. But steel industry officials say most of these blown up were aly closed due to high debt levels and poor profitability, throwing doubt over any long-term impact on pollution levels.河北省官员为表明决心,匆忙邀请国家电视台拍摄了他们引爆钢厂和水泥厂的场景。但据钢铁业官员表示,多数被爆破的工厂早已由于债务沉重、效益差而倒闭,令人质疑这种举动对降低污染水平是否有长远作用。Sixteen of Hebei’s 148 steel plants have closed for economic reasons, provincial governor Zhang Qingwei said on Friday, allowing Hebei to meet its closure targets sooner than required. Mr Li said in his address to the legislature that the national target of shuttering 60m tonnes of steel capacity by 2017 would be met one year earlier than originally planned.河北省省长张庆伟在上周五表示,河北省有148座钢厂,其中16座已因经济原因关闭,河北省能够提早达到关停目标。到2017年,河北将压减6000万吨钢铁产能。李克强在人大会议作政府工作报告时表示,将确保提前一年完成淘汰落后产能的任务。The central government has attempted for many years to regulate pollution and industrial overcapacity by mandating shutdowns, an approach that tends to backfire as industrial bosses frantically expand to create plants too big to fail.中央政府多年来试图通过行政命令,强制企业关停工厂,以控制污染和工业产能过剩问题,但结果往往适得其反,企业主们为防止工厂因规模小被关闭,疯狂地扩建工厂。An environmental tax could be considered at the annual session of the legislature, under way this week. Changes to China’s 1989 environmental protection law are undergoing a third round of revisions, Mr Wu said: “We believe the biggest part to be revised is how to fix the problem that the cost of polluting is low while the cost of mitigating it is high.”本周人大会议可能考虑立法开征环境税。中国正在对1989年环境保护法进行第三轮修改,吴晓青说:“这次修改的亮点,就是解决违法成本低、守法成本高问题。”For many Chinese cities, part of the problem is that local polluters are often the biggest taxpayers and employers, or have tight ties to local governments. Most of the 10 best cities cited by Mr Wu are on the coast, where sea breezes clear the air.中国许多城市面临的一个问题是,污染排放企业通常是当地纳税和就业大户,或是与地方政府有紧密联系的企业。吴晓青所说的10个空气质量相对较好的城市大多在沿海地区,海风能净化空气。 /201403/279305湖州曙光整形美容医院做吸脂怎么样

湖州二院激光去斑多少钱When Beijing experiences bouts of pollution that blacken the skies and burn the lungs, residents often joke that the Chinese capital needs to build giant fans to clear out the toxic air. Mountains to the north and west help trap smog in the city, and a stiff breeze from Mongolia is the surest way to ensure somewhat cleaner air.北京所经历的一轮轮污染,让天空变得灰暗,使人们感到肺部灼烧。居民们经常开玩笑说,北京需要树一些巨型风扇,来把这种有毒空气吹走。位于北部和西部的山峦把雾霾困在城里,而来自蒙古的强风则是让空气变洁净的最有力保障。Beijing officials are now considering ways to help that process. Though giant fans are not on the , at least not yet, city planners are looking at ways to create corridors that encourage wind flow through the capital. The plan is inspired by research on urban heat islands, which shows that large buildings that block the wind are one of the causes of higher average temperatures in cities as opposed to those in the countryside.北京的官员目前正在考虑,怎样才能推动这一过程。虽然没打算建巨型风扇——至少目前没有——城市规划部门正在想办法开辟一些能让风吹过北京的廊道。该计划受到了关于城市热岛效应的研究的启发。研究表明,挡住空气流通的大型建筑物是导致城市地区平均温度比乡村更高的原因之一。Some critics of the plan say that Beijing, a city of 21 million people, is aly so developed — with some suburbs expanding 30 miles or more from the city center — that adding restrictions on future construction will have little effect. They say the persistent air pollution problem will be solved only by controlling emissions from cars, factories, power plants and other sources.对计划持批评态度的一些人表示,北京这座城市拥有2100万人口,开发程度已经相当之高——部分郊区距离市中心有50公里,乃至更远——所以对未来的建设项目加以限制,不会产生多少效果。他们认为,只有控制来自汽车、工厂、发电厂和其他来源的排放,才能解决挥之不去的空气污染问题。“This isn’t controlling pollution. It’s diverting it,” Wang Bing, a Beijing-based author, wrote on Sina Weibo.“这不是治理而是转移雾霾!”长居北京的作家余耕(原名王兵)在新浪微上写道。But the plan has received some interest from residents who have grown weary of repeated periods of heavy pollution that is several times in excess of domestic and international air quality standards. Because of rigorous short-term pollution controls, including taking huge numbers of cars off the road each day, Beijing enjoyed relatively clear skies when it hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting this month. But dangerously poor air quality returned soon after the summit-related restrictions were dropped.但是,这一计划却在居民中间引发了一些兴趣。北京反复出现超过国内和国际大气质量标准数倍的严重污染,让市民忍无可忍。本月,在举办亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)峰会期间,由于采取严格的短期污染控制措施,包括每天对大量汽车限行,北京享受到了相对澄澈的天空。但是,在与峰会相关的限制措施取消后,具有毒害性的糟糕空气质量又立刻重现。The Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design is now investigating how limits on building height and location along six corridors may improve air flow in four areas, The Beijing News reported on Friday. Those areas are the central north-south axis through the Drum and Bell Towers, the central business district on the city’s east side, the Shilihe District in the southeast and a west-east corridor running through Qianmen.据《新京报》上周五报道,北京市城市规划设计研究院正在研究,限制六条廊道沿线的建筑物高度和地点,从而有望给四个区域的空气流通带来改善。涉及的区域分别是北辰路-鼓楼大街一带、CBD东扩区、位于东南部的十里河区域,以及东西走向的前三门护城河。Peng Yingdeng, an air pollution expert at the Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection, told the newspaper that the plan would not involve any large-scale demolition or construction, but it was more likely to entail an adjustment of current regulations to limit building heights and densities in specified areas. Similar proposals are under consideration in other major Chinese cities including Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang and Wuhan.北京市环境保护科学研究院的空气污染专家彭应登告诉《新京报》,在实施该计划的过程中,不会大拆大建,而是对目前的规定进行调整,以限制特定区域的建筑高度和密度。杭州、南京、沈阳和武汉等其他一些中国大城市也在考虑类似提议。“This kind of work to search for ways to reduce pollution is really worth applauding,” the state-run news agency Xinhua said in a commentary. “If scientists confirm it is effective, then we should promote it on a much larger scale.”“这样的人工治霾探索值得鼓励,”官方媒体新华社在一篇文章中表示。“如果经科学评估确实见效,则应在更大范围推广。”Some experts have expressed doubts that the plan would make a significant difference. Episodes of serious pollution are usually associated with periods of little or no wind, and air corridors do little good if the wind isn’t blowing, Song Guojun, an environmental science professor at Renmin University, told The Beijing News. Solving the air pollution problem ultimately requires controlling pollution sources, he said.有些专家对这个计划将带来多大改变心存疑问。中国人民大学环境学院教授宋国君在接受《新京报》采访时说,北京每次遇到重污染通常都与基本无风的静稳状况有关,如果没有风,风道也起不到什么作用。他表示,解决空气污染问题,最终还是要靠治理污染源。“For most parts of the downtown area, counting on air corridors in the suburbs to reduce pollution levels may not be realistic,” Zhang Zengjie, a researcher from the Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection, told the state-run newspaper China Daily earlier this year.今年早些时候,北京市环境保护科学研究院的研究员张增杰告诉官媒《中国日报》,“对于市中心大部分地区而言,依靠市郊的风道来降低污染水平,或许不太现实。” /201411/345175湖州妇保医院治疗腋臭多少钱 浙江湖州曙光医疗美容去疤多少钱

湖州福音医院修眉手术多少钱A year ago, Artem, a 19-year-old student, joined the mass protests in Kiev that toppled Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine’s president. This week he was on the streets again but inspired by more prosaic complaints: rising heating prices, spiralling inflation and a collapsing currency.一年前,19岁的学生艾顿(Artem)在基辅加入了推翻乌克兰总统维克多#8226;亚努科维奇(Viktor Yanukovich)的大规模抗议活动。本周,他再次走上街头,但动机是更为琐碎的生活抱怨:不断高涨的供暖价格、螺旋式上升的通胀以及汇率暴跌的货币。“I was here on Maidan [Square] a year ago taking part in the revolution, but not for such deep economic pain. Frankly, our people simply can’t swallow it,” said Artem, joined by 1,000 other protesters outside a Kiev mayor’s office now occupied by Vitali Klitschko, the boxer turned protest leader.“一年前,我在独立(Maidan)广场上参加革命,但不是为了如此深切的经济痛苦。坦白讲,我们的人民现在根本无法承受这种痛苦,”艾顿称。他与1000多人一起,在昔日的抗议活动领袖、现在成了基辅市长的前拳击手维塔利#8226;克利钦科(Vitali Klitschko)的办公室外抗议。Volodymyr, 58, said that of his 2,500 hryvnia () monthly pension, 70 per cent went to utilities and basic costs, up from 30 per cent a year ago. “If they raise [heating bills] again by the 40 per cent that is planned, what will I eat?” he asked.58岁的弗拉基米尔(Volodymyr)称,在他每个月2500格里夫纳(合90美元)的退休金中,70%都用于交水电燃气费和基本花销,而1年前这部分仅占30%。“如果他们再按计划将取暖费提高40%,我拿什么吃饭?”他问道。The protests reflect how the euphoria of Ukraine’s revolution has given way to a harsh economic reality. The hryvnia yesterday touched a record low of 33.78 to the dollar after a poorly communicated central bank move to tighten restrictions on currency trading spooked markets. The bank later backtracked.抗议反映出乌克兰革命成功引发的欣喜已经让位于残酷的经济现实。不久前,乌克兰央行收紧了对外汇交易的限制,这一沟通糟糕的举动惊吓了市场,格里夫纳兑美元的汇率本周四一度触及1美元兑33.78格里夫纳的低点,创下了新低纪录。乌克兰央行随后收回了禁令。Anecdotal reports suggest some Ukrainians are panic-buying basic goods to guard against further devaluation of the hryvnia, which traded at eight to the dollar before the anti-Yanukovich protests began in late 2013.坊间传闻似乎表明,一些乌克兰人正在恐慌地抢购日常用品,以缓解格里夫纳进一步贬值带来的影响。在2013年底反对亚努科维奇的抗议开始前,格里夫纳兑美元汇率为1美元兑8格里夫纳。Yesterday’s protest was small compared with those that ousted the president last year and showed signs of being paid for by opponents of Kiev’s new, pro-western government. Still, many of the sentiments seemed genuine — an ominous sign that larger crowds and more instability could emerge in the war-torn country should the economic crisis spiral out of control.与去年推翻亚努科维奇的抗议相比,本周四的抗议规模并不大,而且有迹象表明受到了反对势力的收买。反对势力不满目前亲西方的乌克兰新政府。可话说回来,抗议中流露出的许多情绪似乎是真实的——这是一种不祥的征兆:一旦经济危机失控,这个饱受战乱的国家会遭遇更大规模的抗议和更多不稳定。The government is struggling simultaneously to keep control of eastern regions in the face of an uprising by Russian-backed separatists, prevent economic meltdown and push through sweeping reforms. Those reforms will benefit the country longer term but also cause more short-term pain for many.乌克兰政府要同时应对多个挑战:面对俄罗斯撑腰的分裂主义者所制造的叛乱,保持对东部地区的控制;防止经济崩溃;推行全面改革。这些改革措施长期而言将造福国家,但也对很多人造成了较大的短期痛苦。Ukraine’s output shrank by up to 7.5 per cent last year after Russia annexed Crimea and fomented war in eastern regions that once accounted for about one-sixth of its economy. Billions of dollars fled the country. State coffers are almost empty, with foreign exchange reserves down to one month of import cover. With bad debts mounting, one foreign investor calls the state of the banking system catastrophic.在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚地区并在乌克兰东部(曾在乌克兰经济中占比1/6)煽起战火后,去年乌克兰的产出萎缩7.5%。巨额资金逃离该国。国库接近空虚,外汇储备下降至只够覆盖1个月的进口。坏账不断堆积,一名外国投资者形容乌克兰体系的现状是灾难性的。The government of Arseniy Yatseniuk, prime minister, hoped a staff-level agreement on a new, four-year, .5bn International Monetary Fund bailout — reached on the same day乌克兰总理阿尔谢尼#8226;亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatseniuk)领导的政府希望,就国际货币基金组织(IMF)为期四年、总值175亿美元的纾困计划达成的工作层协议——两周前乌克兰东部最新停火协议签署的当天达成——能够稳定事态。但是,目前停火协议尚未实施,IMF的第一笔资金直到下个月才能发放。投资者担心这并不足以解决问题。the latest ceasefire in east Ukraine was signed two weeks ago — would stabilise matters. But the ceasefire has yet to be implemented and the first IMF money will not arrive until next month. Investors fret it is not enough.乌克兰财政部长纳塔莉#8226;杰里斯科(Natalie Jaresko)反驳称,这笔纾困资金“相对GDP的比重是IMF援助项目史上最大的一笔”。杰里斯科是一位干劲十足的美籍乌克兰裔,曾在美国国务院工作,也曾做过基金经理。她称,市场过分估计了可能发生的情况和乌克兰所需的帮助。“我确实相信我们得到的援助足以恢复信心——在其他所有条件不变的情况下,”她称,“关键在于重建储备,重建市场对体系的信心。”Natalie Jaresko, finance minister, counters that the bailout “as a percentage of GDP is one of the largest IMF programmes in history”. Ms Jaresko, an energetic Ukrainian-American who has worked both at the US state department and as a fund manager, says the market overestimated what was possible and what was needed. “I do believe that the support that we have received is sufficient to restore confidence, all other things being equal,” she says. “It’s about rebuilding reserves, it’s about rebuilding confidence in the banking system.”美国、欧盟(EU)和世界(World Bank)等其它援助方将另行提供数十亿美元的资金,来补充IMF的纾困计划。乌克兰还希望与债权人达成“高达150亿美元”的债务重组。The US, EU, World Bank and others are due to supplement the IMF funding with billions more. Ukraine is also targeting “up to bn” in a debt restructuring with bondholders.然而,杰里斯科向英国《金融时报》表示,恢复信心不仅在于纾困资金:还要加强法治、解决无处不在的腐败问题并改善商业环境,用她的话来说就是“在这里推动实实在在的改变”。推翻亚努科维奇的抗议者曾经要求的这些改革措施,如今成了国际放贷方提出的条件。但是,战争和经济低迷使得实现这些改革甚至更具挑战性。But restoring confidence, Ms Jaresko told the Financial Times, is not just about the bailout: it is about reinforcing the rule of law, tackling ubiquitous corruption and improving the business climate or, as she puts it, delivering “real and true change here”. Such reforms were demanded by the protesters who ousted Mr Yanukovich and are now a condition of international lenders. But war and the economic slump have made them even more challenging to achieve.当务之急是解决能源行业的问题,国有天然气销售垄断企业——乌克兰石油天然气公司(Naftogaz)仍在以远低于成本的价格向家庭提供天然气。这种实质上的补贴推高了乌克兰的预算赤字,也为腐败套利计划创造了机会。A pressing priority is the energy sector, where Naftogaz, the state gas distribution monopoly, still supplies households at far below the cost price. What is in effect a subsidy pushes up Ukraine’s budget deficit and creates opportunities for corrupt arbitrage schemes.在IMF的压力之下,乌克兰去年将天然气价格提高了约50%。这促使消费者节约能源——这是另一个需要优先考虑的问题。Under IMF pressure, Ukraine raised domestic gas prices by about 50 per cent last year. That prompted consumers to save energy — another priority.但是,就美元收入而言,格里夫纳贬值完全抵消了能源提价的效果。现在政府承诺进一步提高价格,以确保乌克兰石油天然气公司最迟在2017年4月达到收平衡。But the hryvnia’s fall more than cancelled out the effect of the tariff rise in terms of dollar receipts. Now the government is committed to further tariff rises to ensure Naftogaz fully covers its costs by April 2017.尽管最贫困的客户将得到针对性补助的保护,但参加抗议的很多退休金领取者抱怨称,生活成本增加以及货币贬值会抵消这些补助。Even though the poorest customers are to be protected by targeted subsidies, many pensioners at yesterday’s protest complained that rising costs and currency devaluation would wipe out such benefits.抗议活动的组织者、身为教师的尤里#8226;佩伦丘克(Yuri Perenchuk)称:“从IMF和西方国家获得的数十亿美元所谓援助不会惠及我们普通人。”Yuri Perenchuk, a teacher and protest organiser, says: “All these billions of so-called assistance from the IMF and the west are not making their way to us regular people.”刚刚从“太多的青年接连倒下”的前线返回的35岁士兵康斯坦丁(Konstantyn)的态度更绝望:“我认为格里夫纳以及我国的整个经济都在崩溃。” /201503/361679 US conglomerate General Electric said on Thursday that Mark Hutchinson, who has been running its Chinese business, will be tasked with integrating Alstom#39;s power and grid business.通用电气(General Electric)周四表示,一直负责该公司中国业务的夏智诚(Mark Hutchinson),将负责整合新近收购的阿尔斯通(Alstom)电力和电网业务。GE last month agreed to buy the businesses from Alstom for .9bn after weeks of negotiations with a French government battling to revive a sluggish economy.通用电气上月同意以169亿美元从阿尔斯通手中收购这块业务。此前,通用电气为了达成这笔交易,与法国政府进行了数周谈判。As part of the acquisition - the biggest industrial one that GE has made - France took a 20 per cent stake in Alstom and the US company pledged to create jobs in the country.作为并购的一部分,法国政府将获得阿尔斯通20%的股权,通用电气承诺将在法国创造就业。此次并购是通用电气历史上规模最大的一次工业收购。John Rice, the vice chairman of GE, said of Mr Hutchinson#39;s appointment that: His deep knowledge of GE and experience in global markets, make him the right person for this important role.通用电气副董事长庄睿思(John Rice)在谈到对夏智诚的任命时表示:“他对通用电气有着深入的了解,而且具备丰富的全球市场经验,这让他成为这一重要职位的合适人选。” /201407/309856湖州曙光医院种植眉毛做的怎么样长兴县奥美定取出多少钱



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