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The government has shut schools, restricted road traffic and urged people to stay indoors as 24 cities across northeast China were put on “red alert” for extreme smog on Tuesday. 政府关闭了学校,限制了道路交通,并敦促人们留在室内。周二,华北24个城市发布了极端雾霾“红色警报”。China#39;s most severe bout of air pollution this year has hit 460m people, who are exposed to smog levels six times higher than the World Health Organisation’s daily guidelines, according to calculations by Greenpeace. The smog has lasted over three days in many areas.根据绿色和平组织(Greenpeace)的计算,中国今年最严重的大气污染已影响了4.6亿人,污染程度是世界卫生组织(WHO)日常指标的六倍。在许多地区,雾霾天气已持续了三天。As of 11am local time, 217 flights at Beijing Capital Airport had been cancelled — almost a third of the total scheduled for the whole day.截至当地时间上午11点,北京首都国际机场(Beijing Capital International Airport)的217次航班——接近全天预定航班的三分之一——被取消了。“The link between smog and industry is clear. Since the second quarter of this year, when steel prices and output started growing, we saw air quality decline in the northeast,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, an air pollution specialist at Greenpeace in Beijing. “It’s a result of the government’s old-fashioned stimulus that boosted the industrial sectors.”“烟雾和工业之间的联系是显而易见的。今年第二季度,当钢铁价格上升、产量增加时,我们看到华北的空气质量在下降,”绿色和平组织驻北京的空气污染专家柳力(Lauri Myllyvirta)说。“这是政府用旧式刺激措施提振工业部门带来的结果。”China’s smog is worst in the winter, when households consume more electricity from coal-fired power plants, and municipal heating is turned on. 中国的雾霾在冬季里是最糟糕的。冬季时,家庭消耗更多由燃煤发电厂生产的电能,并且城市供暖系统开始运行。In response to the emergency, the Ministry of Environmental Protection sent out three inspection teams, and publicly singled out chemical manufacturing companies that had failed to shut down their operations under the red-alert regulations, as well as power plants and coal-burning plants that had not met environmental standards. 为了应对紧急污染,中国环保部派出了三个检查组,公开挑出了没有按照红色警报管理规定停产的化工企业,以及不符合环保标准的发电厂和燃煤工厂。The northeastern port city of Tianjin closed all but one of the highways in and out of the city because of poor visibility on the weekend. Over 30 flights were grounded at its international airport over the weekend. 上周末,由于能见度过低,华北港口城市天津封闭了几乎所有进出该市的公路(仅保留一条)。上周末,有30多个航班停靠在天津国际机场。Beijing, which has been on red alert since Friday, halved the number of motor vehicles allowed on the road on any given day by banning even- and odd-numbered license-plates on different days. Ikea said that customer deliveries would be slower because of the vehicle restrictions while Taobao, China’s most popular online marketplace, warned customers that packages might be delayed because of the smog. 自上周五以来一直处于雾霾红色警戒状态的北京,采取了单双号限号措施,把每日允许上路的机动车数量减少了一半。 宜家(Ikea)表示,由于车辆限行,客户交付速度将会变慢,而中国最热门在线购物平台淘宝(Taobao)警告客户称,包裹可能会因为雾霾而延迟到货。 /201612/484981There is nothing surprising about Donald Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin. 唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)敬佩弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin),这没有什么让人惊奇的。The would-be US president and the Russian leader share an authoritarian bent. 这位美国总统候选人和俄罗斯领导人都有一种威权倾向。They disdain multilateral engagement in favour of the raw politics of power. 他们蔑视多边接触,喜欢原始的强权政治。Above all, they are transactional. 最重要的是,他们都是交易型的人。Deals are to be shaped by narrow definitions of national interest, unconstrained by international rules or shared values.协议将受到狭隘定义的国家利益的影响,不受国际规则或公认价值观的制约。Mr Putin wants to erase the humiliation of the collapse of the Soviet Union. 普京想抹掉苏联垮台带来的屈辱感。Mr Trump promises to make America great again. 特朗普承诺让美国再次伟大。The reason for the Russian leader’s bad personal relationship with Barack Obama is the US president’s wounding refusal to indulge the fantasy of superpower parity. 俄罗斯领导人跟巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)的个人关系很差,因为美国总统拒绝让普京陶醉于两个超级大国平起平坐的幻想,令他受伤。Perhaps Mr Trump has the better understanding of Russian psychology. 或许特朗普更懂得俄罗斯人的心理。He never ceases to praise Mr Putin as a strong and decisive leader.他一直称赞普京是一个坚强果断的领导人。The Republican party’s contender for the White House is not alone in cosying up to the Kremlin. 向克里姆林宫示好的,并不只有这位美国总统候选人。Populists across Europe — Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence party and the fascist Jobbik and Golden Dawn in Hungary and Greece respectively — have all tipped their hats to Moscow. 整个欧洲的民粹主义者——马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)所属的法国国民阵线(National Front)、奈杰尔#8226;法拉奇(Nigel Farage)所属的英国独立党(UKIP)、匈牙利的法西斯主义尤比克党(Jobbik)和希腊的金色黎明党(Golden Dawn)——都向莫斯科方面表达过敬意。Mr Putin also has sympathisers on the left. 普京在左翼阵营也有持者。Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is more comfortable denouncing US imperialism than challenging Russian revanchism.英国工党(Labour)领袖杰里米#8226;科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)更愿意谴责美国的帝国主义,而不愿挑战俄罗斯的复仇主义。Until recently the foreign policy establishment was quietly preparing for a Hillary Clinton presidency. 直到不久以前,外交政策领域的体制内人士一直在悄悄地为希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)当选总统做准备。Mr Trump’s candidacy was a nightmare it would surely wake up from on November 9. 特朗普成为候选人是一场噩梦,这场梦注定会在11月9日醒来。The mood has changed. 情绪已发生了变化。As the polls have tightened, Republicans and Democrats have begun to imagine Mr Trump as commander-in-chief. 随着民调持率差距的拉近,共和党人和民主党人都开始想象特朗普成为总司令的情形。A dark quip among US generals — that they would remove the circuit boards before handing over the so-called nuclear football — no longer seems quite so amusing.美国将军们当中的一个黑色俏皮话——他们在移交所谓核足球(美国总统授权发动核攻击所用的手提箱——译者注)之前会把电路板取下来——不再显得特别好笑了。The fears are that the shy Trump supporters may not be showing up in the polls, that antipathy to Mrs Clinton could see centrists stay at home, and that the resolve of white working-class voters to punish the elites could overwhelm Mr Obama’s winning coalition of educated whites, Hispanics and African Americans. 人们担心,害羞的特朗普持者或许没有反映在民调数字中,对希拉里的厌恶可能让一些持中间立场者呆在家里,白人工人阶级选民惩罚精英的决心会压倒当年帮助奥巴马取胜的受过教育的白人、西语裔和非洲裔美国人的联盟。Faced with compelling evidence of Mr Trump’s mendacity, misogyny and racism, too many people reply that he doesn’t really mean all that stuff.面对特朗普表现出的撒谎、厌女症和种族主义的确凿据,太多人的回答是,他并不真是那个意思。The organising fact for the rest of the world is that the US is the only nation that matters just about everywhere. 在世界其他地区看来,基本事实是美国是唯一在世界各地都具有重要性的国家。It is no longer the hyperpuissance of the 1990s and has lost the appetite to remake the world, but the capacity of a thin-skinned, shoot-from-the-hip president to wreak havoc is chilling. 美国不再是1990年代那个超级强国,也失去了重塑世界的意愿,但如果一位易怒、做事鲁莽的总统上台,那么其造成破坏的能力是令人恐惧的。A lot of people in Washington are trying to persuade themselves that the checks and balances in the system would restrain him. 在华盛顿,很多人在努力劝自己,美国体制中的制衡机制将对他构成约束。Judging from my conversations this week, they are not succeeding in the task.从我最近的谈话判断,他们在这项任务上没有成功。The obvious fear is that a temperamentally unstable president Trump would lash out in a crisis. 人们显然担忧的是,气质上不稳定的特朗普总统在危机期间将会失控。Robert Gates, the Republican former US defence secretary, says simply that he is unfit to be commander-in-chief. 共和党人、前国防部长罗伯特#8226;盖茨(Robert Gates)简要地说,他不适合担任总司令。Mr Trump’s reaction to the latest bomb outrage in New York fitted the pattern. 特朗普对不久前纽约发生的爆炸事件的反应符合这个模式。The US had to knock the hell out of them#8201;…#8201;do something serious over there — them being indeterminate and over there being the Middle East.美国必须痛打他们……在那里认真地做些事——他们不知道指谁,在那里指的是中东。The bigger danger lies in Mr Trump’s promise to withdraw — to tear up trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, throw up trade barriers against China, repudiate the Paris climate change agreement and the nuclear deal with Iran, and abdicate responsibility for the security of east Asia and Europe. 更大的危险在于特朗普做出的撤退承诺——撕毁北美自贸协定(NAFTA)等协议、建立针对中国的贸易壁垒,拒绝批准巴黎气候变化协议和与伊朗达成的核协议,放弃保卫东亚与欧洲安全的责任。Mr Trump’s policies are shot through with contradictions but one constant drumbeat is his belligerent isolationism. 特朗普的政策相互矛盾,但一个不变的主题是他好战的孤立主义。America will go it alone. 美国将会单干。Hyper-realism, some call it. 有些人称之为超现实主义。Dangerous is a better word.一个更确切的词是危险。The present global order — the liberal, rules-based system established in 1945 and expanded after the end of the cold war — is under unprecedented strain. 当前全球秩序——1945年建立并在冷战结束后扩大的自由主义的、以规则为基础的制度——正在承受前所未有的压力。Globalisation is in retreat. 全球化正在后退。At a conference in New York organised by the US branch of the Ditchley Foundation I heard a distinguished American elder statesman remark that he has never known a period when the world had been simultaneously buffeted by so many upheavals and crises.在纽约一场由迪奇雷基金会(Ditchley Foundation)美国分会组织的会议上,我听到美国一位杰出的老年政治家表示,他从不知道有哪段时期,世界同时受到这么多巨变和危机的冲击。The list is a familiar one. 这是一份大家熟悉的清单。Mr Putin is trying to redraw borders in Europe, the Middle East is in flames, European unity is fracturing, jihadi terrorism is sping, pluralism is challenged by authoritarianism, China is contesting the status quo in the South China Sea and its neighbours are rearming in response, populists are storming the citadels across advanced democracies.普京正试图重画欧洲国家的边界,中东燃起战火,圣战恐怖主义行动在蔓延,多元主义遭到威权主义的挑战,中国正试图改变南中国海(South China Sea)的现状,促使邻国开始重新武装自己,民粹主义者们在各个发达民主国家冲击要塞。To Mr Trump, the answer is American retreat. 对特朗普而言,就是美国撤退。He wants to build walls. 他想建造高墙。He questions the US security umbrella in the Pacific — maybe Japan and South Korea should get their own nuclear weapons? He undercuts the credibility of Nato’s defence of Europe — the US might stand by if Russian troops marched into the Baltic states. 他质疑美国在太平洋的安全保护伞——或许日本和韩国应当发展自己的核武器?他削弱了北约(Nato)保卫欧洲的可信度——如果俄罗斯军队长驱直入波罗的海国家,美国或许会袖手旁观。There is no sense in any of this that American national security is safeguarded by alliances and international order.美国国家安全靠联盟和国际秩序来保障的理念,对特朗普来说毫无意义。If the polls are to be believed, Mr Trump has wrested momentum from Mrs Clinton in the presidential race. 如果民调结果可以相信,那么特朗普在总统竞选中已夺走了希拉里的势头。This does not mean he will win on November 8. 这并不意味着他将在11月8日获胜。The structure of the electoral college gives him only a narrow path to the White House. 选举人团的构成,只给他留了一条通往白宫的窄路。And there are three debates ahead. 前面还有几场辩论。But the unthinkable has become the plausible. 但是,不堪设想的事情已变得看似可信。We should be more than worried. 我们应当感到异常担忧。Neither America nor the world can afford a lurch into Trumpian isolationism.无论是美国还是世界,都承担不起陷入特朗普式孤立主义的后果。 /201609/468970

On Sunday morning, I was in Brussels at a conference organised by the German Marshall Fund. The city was tense, following the arrest a couple of days earlier of Salah Abdeslam, a leading suspect in the Paris bombings in November, although nobody could foresee that, two days later, Brussels itself would come under attack. 最近,我在布鲁塞尔参加德国马歇尔基金会(German Marshall Fund)组织的一场会议。就在会议的几天前,去年11月巴黎爆炸案的主要嫌疑人之一萨拉赫#8226;阿卜杜勒-萨拉姆(Salah Abdeslam)在此落网,整个城市都处在紧张氛围中,但当时没人能预见到,两天后布鲁塞尔自身也将成为袭击目标。 In retrospect, the Sunday morning session at the GMF conference was focused on issues that now seem even more urgent. One of the speakers was Yves Goldstein, who runs the office of the president of the Brussels regional government. 现在看来,那次会议所聚焦的问题如今显得更加紧迫了。会上的发言者包括伊夫#8226;戈德斯坦(Yves Goldstein),他是布鲁塞尔首都大区政府主席办公室的负责人。 Mr Goldstein pointed out that the population of Brussels is 25 per cent Muslim. He insisted, with evident sincerity, that the mixed nature of the city, which has French, Flemish and EU quarters, was a source of cultural richness. But he also argued that Brussels faces its most serious security problem since the second world war since, as he explained, a substantial proportion of the young Muslim population of Brussels, regarded Isis terrorists as “heroes”. 戈德斯坦指出,布鲁塞尔25%的人口是穆斯林。他由衷地表示,这座城市(有法语区、佛兰芒语区及欧盟区)多元混合的性质是其文化繁荣的根源之一。但他也承认,布鲁塞尔面临着二战以来最严重的安全问题,因为布鲁塞尔有相当比例的年轻穆斯林人口将“伊斯兰国”(ISIS)恐怖分子视为“英雄”。 As Mr Goldstein pointed out, the fact that Salah Abdeslam had been able to hide in Brussels undetected for four months after the Paris attacks shows that there is a substantial network of people prepared to help terrorist suspects. 正如戈德斯坦所指出的,萨拉赫能够在巴黎恐袭发生后在布鲁塞尔藏匿4个月而未被发现的事实表明,这里有一个巨大的人员网络为恐怖分子疑犯提供帮助。 These facts should provide some insight into the lessons that can be learned from the Brussels attacks. The two most important things that need to be improved are long term in nature — integration and intelligence. 这些事实应该可以让我们进一步理解布鲁塞尔恐袭带来的教训。我们需要改善的两大方面——社群融合和情报——都是长期性的。 At the moment, there is considerable focus on the specific intelligence failures that led the Belgians to fail to roll up a large jihadist network that seems to have been behind the Paris and Brussels attacks. But building up effective intelligence networks is long-term work that requires years of effort. 目前,人们大都专注于一些具体的情报短板,情报工作不力导致比利时人未能发现一个大型圣战分子网络,巴黎和布鲁塞尔恐袭似乎就是该网络成员制造的。但建立有效的情报网络是一项需要多年努力的长期工作。 In this respect, the Belgians might be able to learn from the kind of work the British intelligence services did after the London bombings of 2005. The UK’s security agencies have worked on building up networks of intelligence assistants in the Muslim community, particularly among young people and those who attend mosques that host radical preachers. 在这方面,比利时人可以借鉴英国情报部门在2005年伦敦爆炸案后的做法。英国安全机构已经致力于在穆斯林社区——尤其是在年轻人以及那些到由激进阿訇主持的清真寺做礼拜的穆斯林中间——建立情报人员网络。 The hope is that those intelligence operatives can usually pick up information about fugitive jihadis or radical networks before they strike. The British feel that, as a result, they are now most vulnerable to “lone wolf” attackers, who are not part of a network. The Belgians, by contrast, have obviously not been able to penetrate jihadi networks in the ways that are urgently required. 这么做是希望那些情报人员能在逃亡的圣战分子或激进组织发动袭击前截获相关情报。因此,英国人认为自己现在最容易遭受的袭击是由不属于恐怖网络的“独狼”发动的袭击。相比之下,比利时人显然还未能以迫切需要的方式渗透进圣战分子网络。 The intelligence task is closely related to the second issue — integration. It is much easier to recruit informants if a substantial part of the community feels attached to the wider society as a whole. The more isolated the Muslim community is, the more likely it is that radical ideologies can take root. 情报工作与社群融合密切相关。如果一个社区的大多数人都感觉能与整个社会融为一体,那招募线人就会容易得多。穆斯林社区越孤立,激进思想就越有可能扎根。 The problem is only partly economic. Over the weekend, I visited Molenbeek, the now notorious Brussels neighbourhood, in which Mr Abdeslam was arrested. Although unemployment rates are said to be high there, it is not an obviously poverty-stricken area. There are plenty of small businesses and cafés and people bustling around on the streets. But although the district is a 10-minute drive from the European quarter and the museum district in Brussels, culturally it feels distant. Making Molenbeek and the rest of Muslim Brussels feel much more closely connected to the rest of Belgian society will be the work of many years. 经济问题只是部分原因。那个周末,我去了布鲁塞尔如今臭名昭著的莫伦贝克(Molenbeek)区,萨拉赫就是在这里被捕的。虽然据说这里失业率很高,但显然并非一贫如洗。这里有很多小商店、咖啡馆,街道上人群熙熙攘攘。尽管该区距布鲁塞尔的欧洲区和物馆区仅有10分钟车程,但文化上感觉差异很大。让莫伦贝克区及布鲁塞尔的其他穆斯林社区与整个比利时社会更紧密地联系在一起,将需要许多年的努力。 /201603/433932

Guangdong Province, south China, overtook Beijing to be crowned the Chinese mainland region with the largest super-rich population, a report showed.近日,一份报告显示,中国男方的广东省,取代北京成为内地超级富豪最多的地区。The Chinese mainland was home to about 1.34 million high net worth individuals (HNWIs) with assets over 10 million yuan as of May this year, up 10.7 percent year on year, according to a report from Hurun Research Institute and Chinese insurance giant Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd.根据胡润研究院与国内保险业巨头泰康人寿发布的这份报告,截至今年5月,中国内地资产在1000万元以上的高净值人群数量约为134万,同比增加10.7%。Among provinces and municipal cities, Guangdong has the largest number of HNWIs, with about 240,000 HNWIs.在所有省份和直辖市当中,广东省是高净值人士最多的,大约为24万人。Beijing was in second place with 238,000 in total, followed by Shanghai and Zhejiang Province, the report showed.该报告显示,北京市排名第二,共有23.8万高净值人士,上海和浙江排名紧随其后。Business owners, senior corporate employees, property speculators and professional investors are the four key occupational groups making up China#39;s super-rich population, the report pointed out.报告指出,中国的超级富豪主要由4个群体组成,分别是企业主、金领、炒房者和职业股民。Meanwhile, bank deposits, property and insurance remain the three main avenues for financial investment.同时,存款、不动产、保险依然是三大主要的投资理财方式。The proportion who invest in insurance increased while that for property investment fell, according to the report.报告指出,高净值人群对保险的投资上涨而对地产的投资呈下降趋势。 /201608/462890

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