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2019年12月06日 02:16:31 | 作者:医苑大夫 | 来源:新华社
A heartfelt birthday message from Johnny Cash to his beloved wife June has been voted the greatest love letter of all time。  美国乡村音乐歌手约翰尼-卡什在爱妻生日时写下的一封情书被评选为史上最伟大的情书。  In the simple, but plainly expressed missive the singer dubbed the Man in Black writes #39;you#39;re the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence#39;。  在这封简短但表达真挚的情书中,绰号为“黑衣人”的约翰尼-卡什写道:“你是我渴望的对象,是我生存于世的唯一理由。”  Written in 1994, the letter beat notes by Keats, Churchill, Jimi Hendrix and the great Hollywood lovers Richard Burton and Liz Taylor。  这封情书写于1994年,它在评选中打败了济慈、丘吉尔、吉米-亨德里克斯以及好莱坞最著名的恋人理查德-伯顿和丽兹-泰勒,荣登榜首。  In the Valentine#39;s Day poll, the country music legend Johnny Cash#39;s letter in which he writes to #39;the greatest woman I ever met#39; on his wife June Carter#39;s 65th birthday was regarded as the most moving。  在这项为庆祝即将到来的情人节的评选中,乡村音乐传奇歌手约翰尼-卡什在妻子琼-卡特65岁的生日上写给这位“他见过的最伟大的女人”的情书被认为是最感人的。  In it he wrote, #39;We got old and got used to each other. We think alike. We each others [sic] minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes we take each other for granted。  约翰尼-卡什写道:“我们渐渐变老,也早已习惯了彼此。我们想法一致、灵魂互通。无需询问我们便知道对方想要什么。偶尔我们也会惹对方不高兴,但那或许是因为我们真正把对方视作了理所当然的伴侣。”  #39;But once in a while, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met。  “有时候比如今天,我沉思之后意识到,能够与你这样一个我所见过的最伟大的女人共度余生,我是多么的幸运。”  #39;You still fascinate and inspire me. You influence me for the better. You#39;re the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence. I love you very much.#39;  “你令我着迷,给我灵感。你让我变得更加美好。你是我永远渴望的对象,是我生存于世的唯一理由。我爱你。”  Winston Churchill#39;s words of undying love to his #39;darling Clemmie#39; in 1935 came second。  温斯顿-丘吉尔1935年写给他永远挚爱的“亲爱的克莱米”的情书排在第二位。  Despite his many wives King Henry VIII makes an appearance in the list confessing his love to his second wife Anne Boleyn in 1527.  亨利八世虽然妻子众多,但他在1527年写给第二任妻子安妮-林的情书让他榜上有名。  Poet John Keats may be famous for his odes but he only manages third place on the table despite his way with words telling his next door neighbour Fanny Brawne that he can not live without her in 1819.  著名诗人约翰-济慈因擅长颂诗而闻名于世,但是他只排名第三。这封情书是1819年济慈写给他的邻居芬妮-布朗的,他要告诉她如果没有她他没法活下去。  Jimi Hendrix#39;s letter to his #39;little girl#39; comes in at tenth as he encourages her to #39;sp her wings#39;. The recipient of the letter is unclear but still earns itself a place in the top spot。  吉米-亨德里克斯写给他的“小女孩”的情书排在了第十位,信中他鼓励她“展翅飞翔”。虽然这封情书的收信人不详,但这并不影响它在前十名中占得一席之地。  The poll to discover our favourite romantic message was commissioned by British life insurance company Beagle Street to encourage Brits to be more romantic on February 14.  这项评选由英国保险公司比格街发起,目的是寻找最喜爱的浪漫情书,并以此鼓励英国人在即将到来的情人节里能更加浪漫。  In the battle of the sexes, it was men who came out on top in the romance stakes with nearly one in four (24 per cent) saying they have sent a love letter within the last year。  调查发现,男性在恋爱关系中处于主动地位,24%的受调查男性表示过去一年中曾向心仪的女孩写过情书。  But after 38 per cent of women admitted that they had never written a love letter, 46 percent declared the tradition outdated。  而38%的受访女性则表示她们从未写过情书,46%的女性表示情书这种传统已经过时了。  Londoners proved the most romantic in the country with 74 percent claiming to have penned a love note, while in the North East it was just 55 percent。  调查显示伦敦人是全英最浪漫的人,有74%的受访者表示曾写过情书,而在西北部这个比例只有55%。  Beagle Street#39;s managing director Matthew Gledhill says that a hand-written note is still appreciated even in the modern age。  比格街的总经理马修-格莱德希尔认为一封手写的情书即使在现代社会也依然令人欣赏。  #39;A well-written love letter can stand the test of time and be a permanent record of affection so it is important the tradition doesn#39;t die out。  “一封表达真挚的手写情书能够经得起时间的检验,而且能成为爱情的永恒记录,所以这项重要传统不会灭绝。”  #39;We hope our research inspires people who have never written a love letter to take some time out and write down and share exactly how they feel with a loved one.#39;  “我们希望我们的调查能够启示那些从未写过情书的人们,花点时间坐下来写下你对恋人的爱、分享你的感情。” /201502/359594It’s strange with offal,” says Fergus Henderson. “People say, ‘Liver, oh yes, liver’, which is the biggest filter in the body. Then they say, ‘I love sweetbs’, which are glands, but, ‘Tripe, oh no! Brains, oh no!’”“动物内脏很奇怪,”弗格斯#8226;亨德森(Fergus Henderson)说,“人们说,‘肝,好吧,肝’,肝是人体里最大的过滤器。然后他们说,‘我爱吃胰脏’,胰脏是腺体,但是,‘肚子,咦,不要!脑花,算了吧!’”Unlike the St John chef, many of us are inconsistent offal eaters. We happily scoff chicken liver p#226;té but, for most, brains are a step too far. It’s the melting, mousse-like texture that gives pause. For chefs, however, it is precisely the combination of voluptuous texture, subtle taste and unfamiliarity that makes brains such a desirable ingredient. And, in London’s restaurants at least, they are becoming increasingly popular.与这位St John餐厅的大厨不一样,我们大多数人对各种内脏态度不一。我们快乐地大嚼鸡肝酱,但对大多数人来说,脑花就有点过头了。让我们犹豫不决的是那种入口即化的、如慕斯一般的口感。然而,对大厨来说,正是这种曼妙的口感、无以名状的滋味和新奇感结合在一起,才让脑花成为了一种理想的食材。而且,至少在伦敦的餐厅中,这种食材正变得越来越流行。This isn’t news to chef Henry Harris, who had calves’ brains permanently on the at his (recently closed) Knightsbridge brasserie Racine. Harris prepares them fried, with a sauce of brown butter and capers. This classic combination is, according to the late food writer Richard Olney, the “purest way to appreciate brains”.对大厨亨利#8226;哈里斯(Henry Harris)来说,这不是什么新鲜事。在他位于伦敦骑士桥(Knightsbridge)法式小酒馆Racine(最近已关闭)里,小牛脑是菜单上雷打不动的菜品。哈里斯的烹饪方法是油煎,佐以褐色黄油和腌刺山柑花蕾的酱汁。新近的美食作家理查德#8226;奥尔尼(Richard Olney)称这种经典搭配是“品味脑花最纯粹的方式”。Brains must first be soaked and then the fine membrane carefully peeled off. Far from finding this a chore, Harris takes pleasure in the fiddly process. “From a cook’s point of view, they are lovely things to prepare. They have to be utterly fresh as they degrade very quickly, there is no muscle, they are 80 per cent fat of a very fragile nature. I’ve done them enough times so that I can do a whole calf’s brain in about two minutes.”脑花必须先浸泡,然后小心地把上面的薄膜剥下来。哈里斯完全不觉得这是个麻烦事,对于这项精细的工作,他相当乐在其中。“从一个厨师的角度来说,这种烹饪食材非常可爱。它们必须绝对新鲜,因为很快就会变质。脑髓里没有肌肉,80%都是由一种非常易碎的脂肪组成。我操作的次数足够多,因此我处理一整个小牛脑大约只需要2分钟。”Karam Sethi, chef at Michelin-starred Mayfair restaurant Gymkhana, agrees. Sethi serves goat’s brains (bheja) blanched, chopped and fried in a masala as a supplement to a dish of spiced goat’s mince (methi keema). It has been a top-selling choice since the Raj-inspired restaurant opened in 2013. “Brains are widely eaten across India,” Sethi says. “I knew our Indian customers would order them, they’ve grown up eating them#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Brits too have a love of offal. They were intrigued to try [the dish]; 99 per cent of people like the taste.”伦敦梅菲尔区(Mayfair)的米其林星级餐厅Gymkhana的大厨卡拉姆#8226;塞蒂(Karam Sethi)也持相同意见。塞蒂为食客准备了山羊脑(bheja),先水焯、然后切碎,与马萨拉(masala)调料一起煎炒,作为加香料调味的山羊肉碎(methi keema)的伴菜。自这家印度风味餐厅2013年开业以来,这道菜已经成为店里最畅销的菜品。“脑花在印度是一种常见食物,”塞蒂说,“我知道我们的印度顾客会点这道菜,他们是吃着这个长大的……英国人中也有很多爱吃内脏的人。他们好奇地尝试(这道菜);99%的人喜欢这种味道。”For Sethi, brains are a good introduction to offal. “I think brains are not that challenging, they are not as offally or strong as some other ingredients. You can also deep fry them, they are so versatile.”对塞蒂来说,脑花很适合第一次吃内脏的人。“我认为脑花不是那么有挑战性,它们不像其它一些食材那样有内脏的感觉,味道也没那么重。你还可以用油炸,做法多种多样。”Soft and creamy, brains contrast well with a crisp golden exterior and a sharp sauce to cut through the richness. Henderson loves blanched, cold brains on toast with a green sauce of herb, capers and vinegar, a dish that offers a threefold pleasure: “the give of the brains, then the crunch of the toast, and the bite of the sauce”.脑花柔滑细腻的口感与金黄酥脆的外皮形成了鲜明的对比,用味道强烈的酱汁来穿透厚重的感觉。亨德森喜欢把水焯过的凉脑花放在烤面包片上,配上一种绿色的香草汁、腌刺山柑花蕾和醋,给人以三种层次的愉悦感:“脑花的弹性、然后是烤面包片的酥脆,以及酱汁的强烈风味。”Jeremy Lee, chef at Soho restaurant Quo Vadis, thinks brains “marvellous as a stuffing for veal” but loves them as fritters to be “dunked in a great big bowl of sauce gribiche or ravigote”.伦敦苏活区(Soho)餐厅Quo Vadis的大厨杰里米#8226;李(Jeremy Lee)认为,脑花“用作小牛肉的填料极为合适”,但他喜欢把脑花剁碎后油炸,然后“用一大碗法式芥末香料蛋黄酱(gribiche)或者法式酸辣调味酱(ravigote)沾着吃。”Over in Shoreditch, east London, at the recently opened Lyle’s, chef James Lowe sources English rose veal brains from Cornwall. “I think it’s good to give people something they wouldn’t normally order. It’s about how creamy they are, as opposed to liver, which is firm and sweet. If you want them to hold their integrity, then blanch them first. They unravel like a fire hose.”在伦敦东部肖尔迪奇地区(Shoreditch)最近新开业的餐厅Lyle’s,大厨詹姆斯#8226;洛(James Lowe)选用产自康沃尔(Cornwall)的英国玫瑰小肉牛的牛脑。“我觉得,给人们提供一些他们平时不会点的东西是一件好事。牛脑的卖点是柔滑细腻,与肝脏紧实浓香的感觉不同。如果你想要牛脑保持完整性,先下水焯。它们会像消防水带一样舒展开来。”Lowe takes the classic French approach and makes it his own using wild ingredients. He has served brains fried in butter with the salt and sour of pickled and salted elderberry “capers” (unripe elderberries) and ripe elderberries cooked with sugar and cider vinegar. “When you cook elderberries, they make a ton of vinegar, it’s dark and fruity. I make it in the autumn and use it in game sauces.”洛采用了经典的法式做法,并用风味浓烈的配料做出了自己的特色风味。他用黄油煎牛脑、加盐、用盐和醋腌制的未成熟接骨木果,以及用糖和苹果醋烹制的成熟接骨木果。“烹制接骨木果时,会出大量的酸汁,色泽深黑,果香浓郁。我每年秋天制作,用在野味汁(game sauce)里。”Probably the most glamorous place to eat a plate of brains is at the sparkling chrome-and-marble counter of Sam and Eddie Hart’s tapas restaurant Barrafina, Adelaide Street, which opened in Covent Garden last summer. Here Basque-born chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho serves milk-fed lambs’ brains “just like my mum used to”, coated in coarse Panko bcrumbs, deep-fried, sitting on a spicy tomato sauce and topped with a glossy black olive picada, a sprinkling of pine nuts and sprigs of basil.想要品尝一盘脑花,最迷人的地方很可能是萨姆和埃迪哈特夫妇(Sam and Eddie Hart)的西班牙小吃店Barrafina里铬和大理石制的闪耀着光泽的柜台。这家店位于阿德莱德大街(Adelaide Street),去年夏天在考文特花园(Covent Garden)开业。店里的大厨涅韦斯#8226;巴拉甘#8226;莫哈舒(Nieves Barragán Mohacho)出生在巴斯克(Basque),她“就像我妈妈曾经做的那样”烹制羔羊脑,把羔羊脑裹上一层面包屑后油炸,下面铺上一层辣味番茄汁,上面撒上带着光泽的碎黑橄榄酱,少许松仁和几枝罗勒叶。It’s a rather extraordinary plateful, offering spice, heat, crunch and the aromatic olive and basil flavour as the precursor to the delicate, pearlescent brains. It’s aly a big hit with customers. For Barragán Mohacho, offal is something she grew up with and there’s plenty of it on the here (kidneys cooked in a Josper grill and a Frit Mallorcan speciality of that island that consists of liver, kidneys and sweetbs). She counsels that the fat must not be too hot or the bcrumbs will burn before the brains are cooked.这是一盘相当令人惊艳的菜,热辣的味道、酥脆的口感、橄榄的香气和罗勒的风味作为前味,然后是细腻柔滑、闪着珠光的脑花。这道菜已经是顾客中的大热门。对莫哈舒来说,内脏是她从小吃到大的食物,也时常在当地餐馆的菜单上出现(用烤网烹制的腰子,还有马略卡岛(Mallorcan)特色菜Frit Mallorquí,用肝、腰和胰脏烹制而成)。她建议油温不要太高,否则脑花还没熟透面包屑就焦了。If you feel like preparing brains at home, you’ll probably need to give your butcher a day or two’s notice. London butcher Danny Lidgate warns that lambs’ brains are harder to get hold of (the ones served at Barrafina are from Spain). “Lambs’ brains are harder to extract. They have a different texture, smaller and daintier. Pork brains would have a stronger flavour. A lot of people given the option would choose veal.” For Lidgate, it’s the simplest approach that works best and brains on toast is a good weekday supper. “I would blanch them and fry them in butter and olive oil and season them.”如果你想在家做脑花,你可能需要提前一两天告诉肉贩。伦敦肉贩丹尼#8226;利德盖特(Danny Lidgate)的忠告是,羊脑更难买到(Barrafina的羊脑是从西班牙运来的)。“羔羊脑更难取出。它们的质地不同、更小也更易碎。猪脑的味道比较浓重。所有很多人会选择小牛脑。”对利德盖特来说,最简单的方法最好,把脑花放在烤面包片上,非常适合作为工作日的晚餐。“我会用水焯,然后用黄油和橄榄油煎,之后进行调味。”. . .. . .All the chefs agree that deep-frying makes brains less scary to diners. But for the home cook, it’s harder to get right and brains are not something you want to undercook. Harris warns against pan-frying unblanched brains as “undercooked brain is revolting”. Which makes blanching, cooling and then slicing a more fail-proof method. The blanching firms the brains up, making them easier to handle. It also means you can indulge in one of Richard Olney’s “private kitchen pleasures”, the sight of brains floating in a pot with carrot, onions and herbs.所有的大厨都同意,油炸会让脑花变得不那么可怕,更容易被食客接受。但如果是家庭烹制,油炸的火候更难掌握,而半生的脑花肯定不是你想看到的。哈里斯的忠告是不要用平底煎锅来煎没有用水焯过的脑花,因为“没有熟透的脑花令人作呕”。因此水焯、冷却后切片的方法更加万无一失。水焯会让脑花变得紧实,因此更容易处理。这也意味着,你可以沉浸在理查德#8226;奥尔尼所说的其中一种“厨房私密之乐”里——看着脑花、胡萝卜、洋葱和香草一起漂浮在锅里。Come summer, I think one of the nicest ways to eat brains is Olney’s cervelles de veau froides à la crème, a dish of chilled brains covered in a dressing of double cream whisked together with lemon juice and mustard, and garnished with chives and chopped celery. It might sound rich but is a good match for sultry weather. Cookery writer Simon Hopkinson showed me how to make this dish, in what turned out to be a masterclass in the gentle touch needed to peel off the membranes and then prepare and cook the brains. Cream and green chives made for a pretty plateful. They were, as Olney promised, “wonderfully creamy” with “a firm yet melting” texture. In short: a rare and cerebral pleasure.今年夏天,我认为品尝脑花最美妙的方式之一是奥尔尼的奶油冻小牛脑,做法是在冰的熟脑花外面淋上一层由浓奶油、柠檬汁和芥末混合而成的酱汁,再装饰以四季葱和剁碎的芹菜。这听起来可能比较腻,但其实非常适合在闷热的天气里品尝。烹饪作家西蒙#8226;霍普金森(Simon Hopkinson)向我展示了怎么做这道菜,剥除外面的薄膜然后处理烹制的过程需要非常细致的手法,这让整个展示过程变成了一次大师课程。奶油和青翠的四季葱使这道菜肴非常美味。就像奥尔尼许诺的那样,“极其柔滑”而且“紧实但又入口即化”的口感。简而言之:一道世间少有、让人食指大动的美味佳肴。 /201502/359177THOSE WHO LEAVE AND THOSE WHO STAY: Book 3, The Neapolitan Novels: “Middle Time.” By Elena Ferrante. Translated by Ann Goldstein. (Europa Editions, paper, .) The third novel in Ferrante’s series, which tracks a long and complicated friendship.《离开的与留下的:第三册,那不勒斯小说系列:中间时刻》(Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay: Book 3, The Neapolitan Novel: “Middle Time”)。伊莉娜·法伦特(Elena Ferrant)著。安·戈德斯坦(Ann Goldstein)翻译。欧罗巴编辑出版社,平装,18美元。法伦特系列小说的第三部,追溯一段漫长复杂的友谊。THE WALLCREEPER. By Nell Zink. (Dorothy, a Publishing Project, paper, .) Zink’s heady, rambunctious debut is an environmental novel, if a totally surprising and irreverent one.《爬墙植物》(The Wall Creeper)。奈尔·津克(Nell Zink)著。多萝西(Dorothy),一个出版计划,平装,16美元。津克兴奋吵闹的处女作是一部关于环境的小说,出人意料、离经叛道。WE ARE NOT OURSELVES. By Matthew Thomas. (Simon amp; Schuster, .) Thomas’s gorgeous family epic follows three Irish-American generations.《我们不是我们自己》(We Are Not Ourselves)。马修·托马斯(Matthew Thomas)著。西蒙与舒斯特出版社,28美元。托马斯精的家庭史诗追溯了一个爱尔兰裔美国家庭三代的经历。WHEN MYSTICAL CREATURES ATTACK! By Kathleen Founds. (University of Iowa, paper, .) This dark, rich little novel in stories shows Founds as a talented moralist of nearly Russian ferocity.《神秘生物攻击!》(When Mystical Creatures Attack!)。凯瑟琳·方德斯(Kathleen Founds)著。爱荷华大学出版社(University of Iowa),平装,16美元。这本阴暗、丰富、短小,通过短篇故事呈现的小说表明方德斯是天才的道德家,有着近似俄罗斯作家的凶猛。NONFICTION非虚构类AMERICAN MIRROR: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell. By Deborah Solomon. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Solomon pays honest respect to Rockwell for his dedication through periods of self-doubt, depression and marital tumult.《美国之镜:诺曼·洛克威尔的生活与艺术》(American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell)。黛拉·所罗门(Deborah Soloman)著。法拉·斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,28美元。洛克威尔在自我怀疑、抑郁与婚姻动荡期间也表现出了奉献精神,所罗门对此献上了诚挚的敬意。BEING MORTAL: Medicine and What Matters in the End. By Atul Gawande. (Metropolitan/Holt, .) A meditation on living better with age-related frailty, serious illness and approaching death.《终有一死: 临终阶段的医药与重要事项》(Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End)。阿图尔·加万德(Atul Gawande)著。大都会/霍尔特出版社(Metropolitan/Holt),26美元。关于生命的冥想,在关于年老的脆弱、严重疾病和面对死亡方面尤为精。BUILDING A BETTER TEACHER: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone). By Elizabeth Green. (Norton, .95.) What emerges here is the gaping chasm between what the best teachers do and how they are evaluated.《做更好的教师:教育怎样发挥作用(以及怎样把这一点教给所有人)》(Building A Better Teacher:How Teaching Works[and How to Teach It to Everyone])。伊丽莎白·格林(Elizabeth Green)著。诺顿出版社,27.95美元。书中提出,最好的教师的做法与教师评价标准之间存在巨大的鸿沟。CAN’T WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MORE PLEASANT? Written and illustrated by Roz Chast. (Bloomsbury, .) This scorchingly honest, achingly wistful graphic memoir looks at the last years of Chast’s nonagenarian parents.《我们能说更愉快的事吗?》(Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?),罗兹·查斯特(Roz Chast)创作并绘画。布鲁姆斯伯里出版社(Bloomsbury),28美元。这部极度诚实、充满痛苦怀念的图文回忆录追溯了查斯特90多岁的父母的晚年时光。CHINA’S SECOND CONTINENT: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in #173;Africa. By Howard W. French. (Knopf, .95.) French delves into the actual lives of the Chinese who have uprooted themselves to live and work in Africa.《中国的第二块大陆:一百万移民怎样在非洲建立新帝国》(China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa)。霍华德·W·弗兰彻(Howard W. French)著。克诺普夫出版社,27.95美元。弗兰彻在本书中深入研究在非洲工作与生活的中国人的真实生活。CUBED: A Secret History of the Workplace. By Nikil Saval. (Doubleday, .95.) This account of office design and technology since the Civil War offers insights into the changing nature of work.《隔间:办公室秘史》(Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace)。尼克尔·萨沃尔(Nikil Saval)著。双日出版社(Doubleday),26.95美元。本书描述南北战争以来的办公室设计与技术,洞察到工作性质的改变。DEEP DOWN DARK: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free. By Héctor Tobar. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Tobar graphically recounts the quandaries faced by the victims of Chile’s 2010 mine disaster.《深入黑暗:关于33个被埋在智利矿井下的人未被讲述的故事及营救奇迹》(Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free)。赫克托·托巴(Héctor Tobar)著。法拉,斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,26美元。托巴生动地叙述了2010年智利矿难中的受害者们所面临的困境。DEMON CAMP: A Soldier’s Exorcism. By Jennifer Percy. (Scribner, .) Percy’s first book follows an anguished Army veteran who searches for salvation in a Christian exorcism camp.《魔鬼营:一个士兵的驱邪》(Demon Camp: A Soldier’s Exorcism)。詹妮弗·珀西(Jennifer Percy)著。斯克里布纳出版社,26美元。这是珀西的第一本书,讲述一个痛苦的老兵在基督教驱邪营中寻找拯救的故事。DUTY: Memoirs of a Secretary at War. By Robert M. Gates. (Knopf, .) One of the few Obama administration members who come off well in this frank account — probably one of the best Washington memoirs ever — is Hillary Clinton.《责任:国防部长回忆录》(Duty: Memoires of a Secretary at War)。罗伯特·M·盖茨(Robert M. Gates)著。克诺普夫出版社,35美元。这本叙事坦白的书或许是史上最佳华盛顿回忆录之一,书中奥巴马政府成员里少有的好人之一就是希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)。DYING EVERY DAY: Seneca at the Court of Nero. By James Romm. (Knopf, .95.) A classicist tries to unravel the enigma of the Stoic philosopher who was the Roman emperor Nero’s adviser.《每天都在死亡:尼禄宫廷中的塞内加》(Dying Everyday: Seneca at the Court of Nero)。詹姆斯·罗姆(James Romm)著。克诺普夫出版社,27.95美元。一位古典学者试图揭开这位担任罗马帝王尼禄顾问的斯多葛哲学家之谜。EICHMANN BEFORE JERUSALEM: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer. By Bettina Stangneth. Translated by Ruth Martin. (Knopf, .) The Eichmann of this study is a much more motivated Nazi than in Arendt’s version.《耶路撒冷之前的艾希曼:大屠杀制造者未经审视的人生》(Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer)。贝蒂纳·斯坦格尼斯(Bettina Stangneth)著。拉斯·马丁(Ruth Martin)翻译。克诺普夫出版社,35美元。同阿伦特(Arendt)的书相比,这本书中的艾希曼是更积极的纳粹分子。ELEPHANT COMPANY: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives in World War II. By Vicki Constantine Croke. (Random House, .) A rich portrait of a fascinating Englishman in extraordinary times.《大象伙伴:一个不太可能的英雄与帮助他在“二战”中拯救生命的动物园们鼓舞人心的故事》(Elephant Company: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives in World War II)。维吉·康斯坦丁·克洛克(Vicki Constantine Croke)。兰登书屋出版社,28美元。对非常时期一个迷人的英国人做了精的描述。EMBATTLED REBEL: Jefferson Davis as Commander in Chief. By James M. McPherson. (Penguin Press, .95.) The Confederate president as “a product of his time and circumstances.”《严阵以待的反叛者:担任总指挥的杰斐逊·戴维斯》(Embattled Rebel: Jefferson Davis as Commander in Chief)。詹姆斯·M·麦克弗森(James M. McPherson)著。企鹅出版社,32.95美元。这位南部邦联的总统是“他所处的时代与环境的产物”。THE EMPATHY EXAMS: Essays. By Leslie Jamison. (Graywolf, .) Considerations of pain, physical and emotional, and how it affects our relationships with one another and with ourselves.《共情测验:文集》(The Empathy Exams: Essays)。莱斯利·詹米森(Leslie Jamison)著。格雷沃夫出版社,15美元。对身心痛苦的思考,以及这些痛苦如何影响我们与他人乃至自身的关系。FACTORY MAN: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local — and Helped Save an American Town. By Beth Macy. (Little, Brown, .) Macy’s folksy concentration on her local hero makes complex global issues #173;understandable.《工厂人:一个家具制造商如何在海外作战、留在本地——并协助拯救了一个美国镇子》(Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local — and Helped Save an American Town)。贝丝·马西(Beth Macy)著。利特尔,布朗出版社,28美元。马西讲述了她家乡的英雄,友好的风格令复杂的全球问题变得易懂。THE FAME LUNCHES: On Wounded Icons, Money, Sex, the Bront#235;s, and the Importance of Handbags. By Daphne Merkin. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Forty-six essays that share a similar curiosity about the glittering byproducts of personal pain.《名望午餐:关于受伤的偶像、金钱、性、勃朗特姊以及手袋的重要性》(The Fame Lunches: On Wounded Icons, Money, Sex, the Bront#235;s, and the Importance of Handbags)。达芙妮·默金(Daphne Merkin)著。法拉·斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,28美元。收录46篇散文,分享对私人痛苦闪闪发光的副产品的好奇。FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES: A Memoir. By Charles M. Blow. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, .) The Times Op-Ed columnist describes overcoming his rage at being abused as a child.《火焰在我骨骼中静止:回忆录》(Fire Shut up in My Bones: A Memoir)。查尔斯·M·布娄(Charles M. Blow)著。休顿、米夫林,哈克特出版社(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt),27美元。《纽约时报》作家讲述自己童年被虐待时的愤怒。FORCING THE SPRING: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality. By Jo Becker. (Penguin Press, .95.) A fly-on-the-wall account of the 2013 Supreme Court case that led to the overturn of California’s ban on same-sex marriage.《促进春天来临:婚姻平等战斗内情》(Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality)。约·贝卡(Jo Beckaer)著。企鹅出版社,29.95美元。对2013年最高法院导致加利福尼亚州废除禁止同性婚姻一案做了全景式描述。GANDHI BEFORE INDIA. By Ramachandra Guha. (Knopf, .) It was as a young lawyer in South Africa that Gandhi forged the philosophy and strategies later put to such effect in India.《印度之前的甘地》(Gandhi Before India)。罗旃陀罗·古哈(Ramachandra Guha)著。克诺普夫出版社,35美元。在南非担任律师期间,年轻的甘地形成了日后对印度产生重大影响的哲学与战略。GEEK SUBLIME: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty. By Vikram Chandra. (Graywolf, paper, .) With great subtlety and depth, Chandra, who is both a novelist and a programmer, traces the connections between art and technology.《极客顶点:代码之美,美之代码》(Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty)。维克拉姆·钱德拉(Vikram Chandra)著。格雷沃夫出版社,平装,16美元。钱德拉既是小说家,也是程序设计者,本书兼具微妙和深度,写出了艺术与技术之间的联系。HOTEL FLORIDA: Truth, Love, and Death in the Spanish Civil War. By Amanda Vaill. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) A collective portrait of Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn, and two other couples.《弗罗里达酒店:西班牙内战中的真实、爱与死亡》(Hotel Florida: Truth, Love and Death in the Spanish Civil War)。阿曼达·维尔(Amanda Vaill)著。法拉·斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,30美元。海明威和玛莎·格尔霍恩(Martha Gellhorn)以及其他两对情侣的群像。THE HUMAN E: The World Shaped by Us. By Diane Ackerman. (Norton, .95.) An optimistic survey of the technology and innovations that define our human-dominated epoch.《人类时代:我们塑造的地球》(The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us)。黛安·阿克曼(Diane Ackerman)著。诺顿出版社,27.95美元。一部对定义了人类统治时代的技术与创新的乐观主义研究报告。THE INVISIBLE BRIDGE: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan. By Rick Perlstein. (Simon amp; Schuster, .50.) Engrossing and at times mordantly funny, Perlstein’s book treats the years 1973-76 as a Rosetta stone for American politics today.《看不见的桥梁:尼克松的陨落与里根的崛起》(The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan)。里克·珀尔斯坦(Rick Perlstein)著。西蒙与舒斯特出版社,37.50美元。珀尔斯坦的书引人入胜,有时也非常有趣,把1973年-76年视为观察今日美国的向导。THE INVISIBLE FRONT: Love and Loss in an Era of Endless War. By Yochi Dreazen. (Crown, .) Dreazen uses one military family’s tragedy to examine the troubling rise of postwar suicides.《看不见的前线:无尽战争年代中的爱与失落》(The Invisible Front: Love and Loss in an Era of Endless War)。约奇·德里曾(Yochi Dreazen)著。出版社(Crown),26美元。德里曾用一个军人家庭的悲剧审视了战后自杀现象令人不安的增加现象。THE INVISIBLE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures. By Christine Kenneally. #173;(Viking, .95.) Kenneally takes a smart and highly entertaining look at the revelations DNA can provide.《人类看不见的历史:DNA与历史是怎样塑造我们的身份与未来》(The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures)。克里斯汀·肯尼利(Christine Kenneally)著。维京出版社,27.95美元。肯尼利聪明有趣地写出了DNA可以提供的东西。JUST MERCY: A Story of Justice and Redemption. By Bryan Stevenson. (Spiegel amp; Grau, .) An activist lawyer’s account of a man wrongfully convicted of murder s like a call to action.《只是仁慈:一个关于公正与救赎的故事》(JUST MERCY: A Story of Justice and Redemption)。布莱恩·史蒂文斯(Bryan Stevenson)斯皮格尔与格劳出版社(Spiegel amp; Grau),28美元。一个社会活动家律师描述一个被错判谋杀的男人的故事,读来像是在号召人们采取行动。LIMONOV. By Emmanuel Carrère. Translated by John Lambert. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Carrère applies his affinity for the big questions to his biography of an uncategorizable Russian writer.《莱蒙诺夫》(Limonov)。伊曼纽尔·卡赫埃赫(Emmanuel Carrère)著。约翰·兰伯特(John Lambert)翻译。法拉·斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,30美元。卡赫埃赫把对重大问题的关注写进了这本难以归类的俄罗斯作家传记中。LITTLE FAILURE: A Memoir. By Gary Shteyngart. (Random House, .) Shteyngart’s hilarious and touching account of his family’s move from Leningrad to Queens, and his emergence as a writer.《小失败:回忆录》(Little Failure)。加里·施戴恩加特(Gary Shteyngart)著。兰登书屋出版社,27美元。施戴恩加特精动人地描述他的家庭从列宁格勒搬到纽约皇后区的经历,以及他成为作家的经历。THE MADWOMAN IN THE VOLVO: My Year of Raging Hormones. By Sandra Tsing Loh. (Norton, .95.) Loh’s memoir wittily describes her roller-coaster ride through “the change.”《坐沃尔沃的疯女人:我的愤怒荷尔蒙年代》(The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones)。陆赛静(Sandra Tsing Loh)著,诺顿出版社,25.95美元。罗的回忆录聪敏地描述了她在“变化”期间充满高低起伏的经历。NAPOLEON: A Life. By Andrew Roberts. (Viking, .) Roberts brilliantly conveys the sheer energy of this military and organizational whirlwind.《拿破仑:生平》(Napoleon: A Life)。安德鲁·罗伯茨(Andrew Roberts)著。维京出版社,45美元。罗伯茨精地描述了这股军事与组织的破坏力量身上的纯粹能量。NO GOOD MEN AMONG THE LIVING: America, the Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes. By Anand Gopal. (Metropolitan/Holt, .) A devastating look at how we got #173;Afghanistan wrong.《活下来的没有好人:阿富汗人眼中的美国、塔利班与战争》(No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes)。安纳德·戈帕尔(Anand Gopal)。大都会/霍尔特出版社,27美元。关于目前局势的可怕审视——阿富汗人错了。NOT I: Memoirs of a German Childhood. By Joachim Fest. Translated by Martin Chalmers. (Other Press, paper, .95.) The author’s father’s opposition to Hitler brought his family into danger.《不是我:德国童年回忆》(Not I: Memoires of a German Childhood)。乔基姆·菲斯特(Joachim Fest)著。马丁·查尔莫斯(Martin Chalmers)翻译。其他出版社,平装,16.95美元。作者的父亲因为反对希特勒,而令全家处于危险之中。ON IMMUNITY: An Inoculation. By Eula Biss. (Graywolf, .) Drawing on science, myth and literature, Biss spellbindingly examines the psychological fog of fear that surrounds immunization today.《免疫:接种》(On Immunity: An Inoculation)。欧拉·比斯(Eula Biss)。格雷沃夫出版社,24美元。比斯使用科学、神话与文学,引人入胜地检视了围绕在免疫学周围的心理恐惧迷雾。ON THE RUN: Fugitive Life in an American City. By Alice Goffman. (University of Chicago, .) A young sociologist’s remarkably reported ethnography of a poor black Philadelphia #173;neighborhood.《奔跑:在一座美国城市里的逃亡生活》(On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City)。爱丽丝·格夫曼(Alice Goffman)著。芝加哥大学出版社(University of Chicago)。25美元。一位年轻社会学家关于费城一处贫穷黑人社区的精人种学报告。100 ESSAYS I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE: On Umbrellas and Sword Fights, Parades and Dogs, Fire Alarms, Children, and Theater. By Sarah Ruhl. (Faber amp; Faber, .) The playwright on how to be creative when life and children intervene.《100篇我来不及写的文章:关于雨伞和击剑、游行和、火警、孩子和剧场》(100 Essays I Don’t Have Times To Write: On Umbrellas and Sward Fights, Parades and Dogs, Fire Alarms, Children, and Theater)。莎拉·鲁尔(Sarah Ruhl)。法伯与法伯出版社,23美元。这位剧本作家写出了在生活琐事和孩子们的干扰之下,如何保持创意。THE PARTHENON ENIGMA. By Joan Breton Connelly. (Knopf, .) With first-rate scholarship, an archaeologist reinterprets the Parthenon frieze in this exciting and revelatory history.《万神殿之谜》(The Parthenon Enigma)。琼·布莱顿·康奈利(Joan Breton Connelly)著。克诺普夫出版社,35美元。在这本精而富于启发性的历史书中,一位考古学家以一流学术水准重新万神殿的雕饰带PAY ANY PRICE: Greed, Power, and Endless War. By James Risen. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, .) The Pulitzer Prize-winning Times reporter chronicles the excesses of the war on terror in this important and powerful book.《不惜任何代价:贪婪、权力与无尽的战争》(Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War)。詹姆斯·莱森(James Risen)。休顿·米夫林·哈克特出版社,28美元。这位《纽约时报》的记者,普利策奖得主在这部重要而有力的书中按年代记录了反恐战争中的暴行。PENELOPE FITZGERALD: A Life. By Hermione Lee. (Knopf, .) In this delicate portrait, Lee takes on the challenge of an elusive late-bloomer — the great novelist and biographer who published her first book at 58 and became famous at 80.《佩妮洛普·菲茨杰拉德:生平》(Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life)。赫米奥尼·李(Hermione Lee)著。克诺普夫出版社,35美元。在这部精美的传记中,李接受挑战,写了一位难以捉摸的大器晚成者——她是一位伟大的小说家和传记作家,58岁才出版第一本书,80岁成名。PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights. By Katha Pollitt. (Picador, .) In this manifesto, Pollitt argues that women should stop apologizing and reclaim abortion as a “positive social good.”《赞成:要求堕胎权》(Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights)。卡莎·波利特(Katha Pollitt)著。皮卡多出版社(Picador),25美元。在这本宣言之中,波利特主张女性应当停止为堕胎而道歉,并称其有“积极的社会利益”。THE SHORT AND TRIC LIFE OF ROBERT PEACE: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League. By Jeff Hobbs. (Scribner, .) A heartbreaking journey from a New Jersey ghetto to Yale to a drug-#173;related murder.《罗伯特·皮斯短暂悲惨的一生:一个离开纽瓦克上了常春藤联盟学校的了不起的青年》(The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Lvy League)。杰夫·霍布斯(Jeff Hobbs)著。斯克里布纳出版社,27美元。一位从新泽西贫民窟走入耶鲁的青年在涉及毒品事件中遇害,这是一段令人心碎的旅程。THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: An Unnatural History. By Elizabeth Kolbert. (Holt, .) A powerful examination of the role of man-made climate change in causing the current spasm of plant and animal loss that threatens the planet.《第六次灭绝:非自然史》(The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History)。伊丽莎白·科尔伯特(Elizabeth Kolbert)著。霍尔特出版社,28美元。该书有力地审视了人为气候变化在地球环境突变与动物减少中扮演的角色。A SPY AMONG FRIENDS: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal. By Ben Mac#173;intyre. (Crown, .) This account of the high-level British spymaster who turned out to be a Russian mole s like John le Carré but is a solidly researched true story.《朋友中的间谍:吉姆·菲尔比与大背叛》(A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal)。本·麦肯迪尔(Ben Mac-intyre)著。出版社,27美元。这本书讲述了一位英国高层间谍首脑,后来被发现其实是俄罗斯“鼹鼠”,读来像是约翰·勒卡雷(John le Carré)的小说,但其实是一个经过悉心调研的真实故事。STUFF MATTERS: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World. By Mark Miodownik. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, .) Materials we think banal and boring — paper, concrete, glass, plastic — hold hidden wonders.《重要的东西:探索塑造人工世界不可思议的材料》(Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials that Shape Our Man-Made World)。马克·米奥多尼克(Mark Miodownik)著。休顿、米夫林,哈克特出版社,26美元。我们认为平平无奇的材料——纸张、水泥、玻璃、塑料——里面都蕴含着奇迹。THE TEACHER WARS: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession. By Dana Goldstein. (Doubleday, .95.) Goldstein offers a lively, personality-driven survey of the public education system, and offers ideas for its reform.《教师战争:美国最受抨击的职业的历史》(The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession)。黛娜·戈德斯坦(Dana Goldstein)著。双日出版社,26.95美元。戈德斯坦对公立教育系统做了生动、个性化的研究,并给出了改革意见。THIRTEEN DAYS IN SEPTEMBER: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David. By Lawrence Wright. (Knopf, .95.) How marathon sessions of bare-knuckle diplomacy forged a framework for peace between Israel and Egypt in 1978.《九月里的13天:卡特、贝京与萨达特在戴维营》(Thirteen Days in September: Carter, Begin and Sadat at Camp David)。劳伦斯·怀特(Lawrence Wright)著,克诺普夫出版社,27.95美元。1978年,严酷的外交斗争中的马拉松谈判塑造了以色列与埃及的和平框架。THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Capitalism vs. the Climate. By Naomi Klein. (Simon amp; Schuster, .) In her ambitious and consequential analysis, Klein argues there is still time to avoid catastrophe, but not within the current rules of capitalism.《这改变了一切:资本主义对气候》(This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate)。娜奥米·克莱恩(Naomi Klein)著。西蒙与舒斯特出版社,30美元。在她野心勃勃、意味深长的中,克莱恩认为目前仍然来得及避免大灾变,但不能在目前的资本主义法则下进行。THROWN. By Kerry Howley. (Sarabande, paper, .95.) With its sly humor and trenchant vision, this genre-bending work finds sublime poetry in the world of mixed martial arts.《抛掷》(Thrown)。凯利·豪利(Kerry Howley)著。萨拉班德出版社(Sarabande),平装,15.95美元。这本无法归类的作品有着狡黠的幽默和清晰的事业,在各种武术的世界里寻找庄严的诗意。THE TRIP TO ECHO SPRING: On Writers and Drinking. By Olivia Laing. (Picador, .) A charming and gusto-driven look at the alcoholic insanity of six famous authors: John Cheever, Tennessee Williams, John Berryman, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Raymond Carver.《回声泉之旅:作家与饮酒》(The Trip to Echo Spring: On Writers and Drinking)。奥利维亚·兰格(Olivia Laing)著。皮卡多出版社,26美元。充满魅力和热情地追溯了六位酗酒的著名作家:约翰·契弗(John Cheever)、田纳西·威廉姆斯(Tennessee Williams)、约翰·伯里曼(John Berryman)、厄内斯特·海明威(Ernest Hemingway)、F·斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(F. Scott Fitzgerald)与雷蒙德·卡佛(Raymond Carver)。THE TRUE AMERICAN: Murder and Mercy in Texas. By Anand Giridharadas. (Norton, .95.) Competing visions of the American dream collide in this account of a post-9/11 hate crime and its unlikely #173;reverberations.《真正的美国人:得克萨斯的谋杀与仁慈》(The True American: Muder and Mercy in Texas)。阿纳德·吉利达拉达斯(Anand Giridharadas)著。诺顿出版社,27.95美元。美国梦中互相竞争的景象,在这本讲述后9/11仇恨犯罪与其不可思议的反响的书中互相碰撞。WORLD ORDER. By Henry Kissinger. (Penguin Press, .) Kissinger’s elegant, wide-ranging cri de coeur is a realpolitik warning for future generations from a skeptic steeped in the past.《世界秩序》(World Order)。亨利·基辛格(Henry Kissinger)。企鹅出版社,36美元。基辛格简洁优美、涉猎广泛的大声呼吁,是一个浸淫与过去的怀疑主义者对未来几代人提出的现实主义政治警告。 /201412/347009

Ever since Alice fell down the rabbit hole in her white pinafore, aprons have been something of a fashion statement.自从爱丽丝(Alice)身穿白色围裙掉进兔子洞,围裙就变成了某种时尚宣言。That bib was her most identifiable accessory, a signpost of the seductive tension between traditional girlhood and rebellion, as embodied by the character herself.那件围裙是她最显眼的配饰,是传统的少女期和叛逆期之间诱人张力的标志,而这个人物正是这种张力的典型代表。This year is the 150th anniversary of the Lewis Carroll classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” And as “The Alice Look,” a new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in London, illustrates, the fashion world has been obsessed by her style ever since the book was published.今年是刘易斯·卡罗尔(Lewis Carroll)的经典之作《爱丽丝漫游仙境》(Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)出版150周年。就像伦敦的维多利亚与艾伯特童年物馆(Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood)的新展览“爱丽丝造型”(The Alice Look)所展示的那样,自从那本书出版之后,时尚界就迷上了她的风格。Alice showed that an apron, like a handbag or a pair of shoes, is a highly efficient conduit of individual identity. It can transform a look and change an expectation.爱丽丝表明,围裙就像手袋或鞋子,能非常有效地传达个人身份。它能转变一种造型,改变一种期待。And not only on the catwalk, but also in the kitchen. No wonder we have appropriated the once-utilitarian chef’s apron as our own. It doesn’t just protect from sauce splatter, grease stains and beet juice; it also projects personality and aesthetic choice, no matter the skill level or the ambition.不仅在秀台上,而且在厨房里。难怪我们已把曾经仅具实用功能的大厨围裙挪作己用。它不仅能防止酱汁、油点和甜菜汁溅到身上,还能表现个性和审美,不管你的烹饪水平有多高或者野心有多大。This perhaps explains why, just as there are aprons in fashion (see the tough smithlike leather aprons and apron dresses in last February’s Fendi show and the cartoonish 1950s pinafore styles at Miu Miu), there are fashions in aprons.这也许能解释为什么,就像时尚界有围裙一样(比如去年2月芬迪[Fendi]时装秀上的强悍铁匠风格皮质围裙和连衫围裙以及Miu Miu的20世纪50年代卡通风格围裙),围裙也有自己的时尚。There are workmen’s aprons, which are the culinary equivalent of streetwear: hardy leather and denim or selvage numbers with grommets and pockets that telegraph a tough-chef look, the better to carve up a goat and roast its carcass. The model might be the Stanley amp; Sons leather lap apron (3), or the Search amp; Rescue split-leg apron (about 5). It’s expensive to look so hard-core.有些是男工围裙,相当于烹饪版的街头饰:结实的皮料粗布围裙,或者带有扣眼和口袋的织边围裙,传达出强悍大厨的感觉,最好是穿着它宰羊烘烤。这类围裙的典型代表是Stanley amp; Sons的长及大腿的皮质围裙(143美元)或者Search amp; Rescue的分腿围裙(约195美元)。它们看起来就是基本款围裙,所以价格显得有点贵。There are decorative sunny aprons, like the black-and-white check from MacKenzie-Childs () or the diner-stripe from Kate Spade (), the signifiers of the playful nature of the kitchen. These are good aprons for the sweet set, and for those who are fond of giving tradition a tweak.也有一些活泼的装饰性围裙,比如MacKenzie-Childs的黑白格围裙(78美元)或Kate Spade的餐馆条纹围裙(30美元),它们表达出厨房玩闹的一面。这些围裙非常适合甜蜜的场合或者那些喜欢稍微改变传统的人。(Note: There is a difference between the “fun” apron and the “funny” apron — you know, the ones with naked bodies superimposed on the wearer’s body, or other sort of faux trompe l’oeil prints. The latter is a joke item, like the novelty tie, and is best avoided lest the joke be on you.)(提示:“有趣”的围裙和“搞笑”的围裙是两回事。你知道,后者是把裸体图像通过透视叠加在穿着者身上。它们就像新奇领带,是用来搞笑的,所以最好不要穿,免得你自己变成笑柄。)And there are tailored, minimal versions that are the culinary equivalent of, say, a Céline bag, so understated that they demand a level of connoisseurship to be understood. Think of aprons like Hedley amp; Bennett’s color-blocked waist-tied styles (from , on sale) or the Marcy Butler Italian linen V-neck Carol (8) as a piece of tied-on sartorial semiology that reflects a fondness for both Scandinavia and the chemistry lab.还有那种精心裁剪的极简围裙,它们相当于烹饪版的赛琳(Céline)手袋,非常朴素,理解它们需要一定程度的鉴赏力。比如,Hedley amp; Bennett的腰部系带色块围裙(40美元起,特价)或者Marcy Butler的意大利亚麻V领卡罗尔围裙(118美元),后者是一种裁剪符号学,反映出对斯堪的纳维亚风格和化学实验室的双重喜爱。“Curiouser and curiouser,” as Alice might say? Not at all. You’d feel like a pretender in a chef’s toque or checkered pants, but in an apron of your own choice, you can feel like yourself. It’s simply a matter of taste. In more than one sense of the word.这是不是像爱丽丝说的,“越来越奇怪了”?完全不是。如果戴着厨师帽或穿着厨师方格裤,你会觉得自己有点装模作样,但是如果穿着你自己挑选的围裙,你会感觉更像自己。这只是品味问题。我指的是这个词的多重含义。 /201506/383361

A cat has raked in 0 million (619 million yuan) since she became Internet famous two years ago, reported UK newspaper Daily Express last week.据上周英国《每日快报》的消息:自从2012年走红网络后,有只猫的身价已经超过了1亿美元(约合6.19亿人民币)。Tabatha Bundesen, 29, is the owner of Internet sensation Grumpy Cat. She lives in Arizona, US and was working as a waitress.它就是轰动网络的“不爽猫”。而它的主人——居住在美国亚利桑那州、29岁的塔芭莎#8226;邦德森曾当过女务生。On Sept 22, 2012, Bundesen’s brother took a photo of her grumpy-looking cat and posted it to Internet forum site Reddit. The photo went viral and Grumpy Cat quickly became a meme. The cat’s fame is largely due to her unique peeved look. Grumpy Cat has a form of dwarfism and an underbite that gives her a perpetual frown.2012年9月22日,邦德森的哥哥给这只表情不爽的猫拍了张照片,并将其传到了网络论坛Reddit上。照片一夜走红,对不爽猫的各种模仿令它更疯狂地传播。这只猫之所以名声大噪主要是因其独一无二的愤怒表情。而其实是它(天生的)侏儒症和反颌症让它总是愁眉不展。In most cases, just being Internet famous can’t make one rich. Grumpy Cat has her own agent who transformed her into a money-making machine. Grumpy Cat’s empire includes a line of stuffed toys and T-shirts; various self-help and life-advice books (One of them is titled The Grumpy Guide to Life.); an original TV-movie (Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever) and soundtrack. Grumpy Cat even has her own line of coffee called “Grumppucino”, according to the Business Insider.多数时候,网络走红并不能令谁成为富豪。但是不爽猫的经纪团队让它变成了“吸金神器”。不爽猫的“帝国”里有(以他为原型的)毛绒玩具、(印着它照片的)T恤、一系列励志与生活建议类图书(其中一本名为《不爽猫生活指南》)、原创电视影片(《不爽猫最糟糕的圣诞节》)以及音乐作品。另据(美国知名客)Business Insider报道,它还有自己代言的咖啡,名为“Grumppucino”。In more recent media reports, the cat’s owner Bundesen was ed as saying the 0 million figure is “completely inaccurate”, although she didn’t say if the actual figure is higher or lower.在媒体的最新报道中,不爽猫的主人邦德森称1个亿收入的说法“并不完全准确”,但她并未透露实际数字到底是多少。Money machine吸金神器The cat changed her owner’s life. “I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since,” Bundesen tells The Daily Express.在接受《每日快报》的采访时,不爽猫的主人邦德森说,“它的照片亮相社交网络的几天之内我的手机一直响个不停,而我很快就有能力辞掉务生的工作了。”The news that a cat has earned in two years what most folks couldn’t make in a lifetime has irked quite a lot of people. They feel it’s unfair that someone without any talent or who hasn’t done any hard work should earn so much. “The fact that this woman made 0 million because her stupid cat looks bummed out fills me with unspeakable rage,” tweeted Ben White, a US journalist.据报道,这只猫两年内的收入是大多数人终其一生都望尘莫及的,这让很多人心生不爽。他们觉得猫的主人毫无天赋、无所事事、丝毫没有付出努力就挣了这么多钱实在有失公平。美国记者本#8226;怀特就在Twitter上写到:一只看上去垂头丧气的蠢猫竟为它的主人赚来1亿美元,这事儿让我怒不可遏。But people make money from their looks, or equally randomly advantages, all the time, says Derek Thompson writing in The Atlantic. Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen is worth 0 million. Her height, place of birth, skin tone, or bone structure is in no way any less a natural lottery than Grumpy Cat’s unamused scowl. As just like Gisele, says Derek, Grumpy Cat’s owner works hard to get licensing and endorsement deals for her pet.但是,《大西洋月刊》的(专栏作家)德瑞克#8226;汤普森则写到:人们因为外貌长相或是同样偶然的机遇发财致富却是常有之事。巴西超模吉赛尔#8226;邦辰就拥有2.9亿美元的身价。而她的出生地、肤色、骨架无一不是像不爽猫的愁眉苦脸一样与生俱来。德瑞克认为,正如吉赛尔一样,不爽猫的主人为了让自己的宠物获得许可、签下代言合同也付出了努力。The Internet is a whirlwind of massive media exposure, says Derek, and random memes and personalities get super famous for reasons that can’t be fully explained all the time. “It’s pointless to be moralistic about the fortune of Grumpy Cat any more than we’re condemning of the fortune of any other celebrity,” he says.德瑞克还说,互联网就是大量媒体曝光带来的一阵“旋风”,偶然的走红或是名人们因某些原因而声名大噪并不总能解释得一清二楚。“因此,站在道德的高度对不爽猫吸金加以,就像我们指责名人们的收入一样毫无意义。” /201412/349998

People with a penchant for penguins are perfect for this position.热爱企鹅的人最适合这项工作。A job posting to man the ;Penguin Post Office; in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, has received a record number of applicants: more than 1,500 since Feb. 16. In 2014, there were only 82 applicants all year long.南极洲拉可罗港的;企鹅邮局;工作开始招聘,并收到创纪录的应聘申请:从2月16日起,达到1500份,而2014年全年才只有82份。ed Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is looking for four people to, in addition to taking care of the 70,000 cards posted each year for delivery to 100 countries, monitor the impact of the approximately 18,000 visitors to Port Lockroy, situated on Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula, on the wildlife, plus record the number of visitors and ships visiting the area.UKAHT正在招募4个人,能够每年向100个国家发送70000张卡片,监控访问拉可罗港(位于南极半岛的Goudier岛)的约18000名游客对野生动植物的影响,统计游客人数和到访船只的数量。One reason for the increase in applications, the organization said, was the airing of the documentary ;Penguin Post Office; on B2 in the U.K. in July 2014 and on PBS in the U.S. in January 2015.组织者说,申请数量暴增的一个原因是,纪录片;企鹅邮局;2014年7月在英国B2台播出,2015年1月在美国PBS台播出。Each year, the UKAHT#39;s U.K. team -- based in Cambridge -- searches for committed individuals to make up a small team of four to spend five months at its flagship site, Port Lockroy, situated on Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. The job runs from November 2015 to mid-March and pay is ,700 per month.每年,剑桥的UKAHT英国团队都在寻找志愿者组建一个4人小队伍,在他们的基地(位于南极半岛的Goudier岛的拉可罗港)工作5个月。工作时间从2015年11月到16年3月中旬,酬劳是每月1700美元。Job Description:工作细节:;The team chosen to spend the 2015/16 season at Port Lockroy will assist the Base Leader in the efficient running of the post office, maintenance and museum operation, with areas of responsibility being divided up amongst team members. A can-do attitude is vital as is good physical fitness, co-ordination (carrying heavy boxes over slippery rocks and slushy snow whilst dodging the local gentoo penguin population is a frequent requirement), environmental awareness and a practical knowledge of minimum impact living. Above all successful candidates need to be passionate about the Antarctic.;;这个被选择的团队2015/16工作季在拉可罗港的任务是,协助基地管理员处理邮件,基地维护,以及管理展览馆,小组每人都有自己的管区。;态度与能力和协调性一样重要,因为他们经常需要搬着沉重的箱子跨过光滑的石头和泥泞的雪地,同时还要避开企鹅聚居区。环保意识,保护野生生物的实践经验也很重要。被录用者还被要求热爱南极。No post office experience is necessary and applicants need not be British citizens.不能有官方履历,申请者也不需要一定是英国公民。Amy Kincaid, a member of the current team, said applicants need to be ;realistic.; She called the living quarters (pictured) ;surprisingly cozy,; though added that ;being confined to an island the size of a football pitch isn#39;t for everyone.;Amy Kincaid,当前队伍的一名成员,说,申请者需要;能适应现实。;她把这个宿舍叫做;亮眼的保温箱,;,又说;这个局限于岛屿边缘,仅有足球场大小的居住区并不会让所有人满意。;Interested applicants can apply here. Deadline is midnight Friday.有意者请在这里报名。截止期是周五午夜。 /201502/361429

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