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嘉兴去斑除皱费用嘉兴哪家去唇毛技术好的《越狱发布“回归预告片” -- :59:9 来源:chinadaily 年大热的美剧《越狱(Prison Break)曾经是很多美剧迷的启蒙剧,紧张的剧情,高颜值的演员,精良的制作,引得无数剧迷“竞折腰”,陷入与美剧的“初恋”所以,年FOX公司宣布要重启该剧(revive the series)的时候,剧迷们简直要疯了而就在昨天(5月日),FOX公司首次发布了回归版全集预告片(full-length trailer the revival series),引来剧迷们的一片欢呼声我们来看看外媒的报道:Fox released the first full-length trailer the revival series yesterday and seeing the original gang back together again brought all the feels.Fox昨日(5月日)发布了该剧回归版的全集预告片,看到原班人马悉数回归,当年追剧的感觉又回来了The jam-packed two-minute trailer sets up the main plot the ten-parter which is due to air next year. Michael is alive and he’s got himself locked up the third time. First it was Fox River, then there was Sona - the ghastly, lawless prison in Panama - and now Michael’s incarcerated in Morocco. But what did the tattooed jailbird do to find himself on the other side of the law yet again? 这段分钟的预告片信息量很大,展现了回归版十集的主要剧情,该剧将在明年播出新剧中,迈克还活着,而且第三次身陷狱中他第一次入狱是在Fox River,之后,是在巴拿马那间令人恐惧、毫无法则可言的Sona监狱,而这一次,迈克被关在洛哥但是,他究竟做了什么事被关进去的呢?这里说的重启或回归(revival)指在之前剧集的基础上发展出新的剧情,而前几年,国内特别流行的翻拍(remake)则是重新组织一批人马,把相同的故事情节稍加改动之后,重新拍一遍预告还是剧透?Trailer,有时也叫preview,预告片,指为了宣传即将上映的影片而制作的推广视频,一般会透露一点剧情,留下许多悬念最早的时候,这一类预告片一般都在正片播放结束以后播出,就像一个影片后面还挂了个拖车(trailer)一样但是,因为观众看完影片就离场了,这样的播放没有取得预期的效果,所以后来都改在影片播放之前放映,但是trailer这个名字却保留了下来Spoiler,剧透,看到这个词,你就应该能想到被剧透以后整个看剧的心情都被毁了(spoiled)剧透包括很多种,有刚开始就告诉你结局的,还有透露关键剧情的,人物命运的,等等看看FOX发布的预告片,你觉得他们这算剧透了吗?(视频来源:优酷,编辑:Helen)浙江嘉兴胎记医院排名第一的是 特朗普赢得华盛顿初选,候选席位触手可及 --5 1:6: 来源: 华盛顿(CNN报道)唐纳德;特朗普周二赢得华盛顿初选,这让他离拿下共和党候选人还差不到张选票Washington (CNN) Donald Trump is less than delegates shy of clinching the Republican presidential nomination following a win Tuesday in the Washington state primary.华盛顿(CNN报道)唐纳德;特朗普周二赢得华盛顿初选,这让他离拿下共和党候选人还差不到张选票The victory -- winning at least 0 of Washingtonrsquo;s delegates -- means Trump now has 1,9 of the 1,37 delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination, according to CNN estimates. Four more Washington delegates are still to be decided, potentially bumping Trumprsquo;s total even higher.据CNN估计,这场胜利让他在华盛顿拿到了至少0张选票;;意味着特朗普现在已经有9张票,而获得候选人席位要求获得37张选票还有四个华盛顿选民仍然没决定好投谁,特朗普的总票数可能还会涨一点Washington didnrsquo;t have enough delegates to put him over the line Tuesday. Its results do, however, leave him inches short of it with a slate of contests on June 7 in Calinia, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota sure to seal the deal.华盛顿并没有给他足够的选票让他出线然而,投票结果让候选人席位近在咫尺,接下来还有一系列的其他州的选举:加利福尼亚州,新泽西州,新墨西哥州,蒙大拿州以及南达科他州在6月7日的最终选举日之前一定可以让他凑够票数锁定候选人之位Trump became the presumptive nominee earlier this month with a decisive win in Indiana that ced his remaining rivals out of the race and ended months of talk about the potential of a contested convention.特朗普在这个月早些时候意外成为了准候选人,源于在印第安南州决定性的一次胜选,逼得他剩下的对手都退出了选举,断绝了他们几个月以来想要结成竞争联盟排挤特朗普的可能News of Trumprsquo;s victory was overshadowed on Tuesday night by the clashes between anti-Trump protesters and police outside his event in Albuquerque, New Mexico.特朗普胜选的新闻被周二晚上特朗普反对分子和警察的冲突所掩盖,冲突就发生在新墨西哥州阿尔伯克基的特朗普竞选场地外Protesters broke through police barricades, lit fires and threw rocks at the cityrsquo;s convention center, smashing one door. Some taunted police and jumped on police vehicles. Officers in riot gear and on police horses moved the protesters away from the convention center as anti-Trump chants rang through the cityrsquo;s streets.抗议者冲破了警察设立的隔离带,向城中的竞选中心防火和扔石头,砸坏了一扇门一些人辱骂警察并跳上了警车正当特朗普胜选的赞歌在城市的大街小巷响起之时,警察们穿着防暴装备骑着马将抗议人群驱离了竞选中心Police in Albuquerque showed restraint, noting on Twitter late Tuesday evening that none of the protesters outside the Trump event had been arrested.阿尔伯克基警方十分克制行为,周二晚间推特上并没有爆出有任何抗议者在特朗普竞选场地外被逮捕的消息上海迪士尼试运营被吐槽消费"贵" -- ::35 来源:chinadaily 备受瞩目的上海迪士尼乐园上周开始运营测试,不过评价并不“乐观”,不少民众“吐槽”消费贵Shanghai Disneyland holds a parade visitors on Wednesday during a trial run bee the amusement park opens to the general public on June .[PhotoXinhua]Shanghai Disney Resort opened its gates in a trial run last week in preparation its official opening on June , but some guests complained about high prices at various facilities, the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Thursday.据《北京青年报日报道,为准备6月日的正式开园,上海迪士尼乐园上周开始运营测试,但一些受邀游客抱怨园内多种设施价格太贵文中的trial run就是指的“测试运行”,也可以表示“试车”,trial意思是测试的,试用的,比如trial version(试用版),做名词还可以表示法庭审讯,例如:New evidence showed the police lied at the trial.(新的据表明警方在审讯时撒了谎)下面来看看逛一趟上海迪士尼到底有多“贵”:According to estimates, a one-day visit to the resort a family of three will cost at least ,600 yuan (出言不逊,贾斯汀·比伯被黑人男子暴打 -- :9: 来源: 日前在美国克利夫兰一家酒店外,一名黑人男子向贾斯汀·比伯要求签名,但丁日拒绝签名还辱骂了他随后这名黑人男子怒火中烧,对丁日饱以老拳,将其暴打了一顿据悉是贾斯汀比伯先动的手 This is the moment a Cleveland man asked Justin Bieber an autograph moments bee he was attacked by the popstar.当时这名克利夫兰人正向贾斯汀·比伯索要签名,后来比伯打了他Local man Lamont Richmond has come ward as the person filmed brawling with the singer on Monday night.这名黑人男子名叫拉蒙特·里士满,是克利夫兰本地人在周一晚上,他和贾斯汀比伯爆发了争吵Richmond, who is 6ft 5in, claims the 5ft 9in pop star called him a ’motherfucker’ when he asked an autograph outside The Westin hotel in Cleveland.据里士满(身高6尺5寸)称,当他在克利夫兰威斯汀酒店外向贾斯汀比伯(5尺9寸)索要签名时,比伯对他说“艹你妈”A shoving match ensued and Bieber threw a flurry of punches as the confrontation devolved into a brawl bee the pair were restrained.紧接着比伯推了一下里士满,对方还手之后两人就爆发了激烈的斗殴,在他们被分开之前,比伯多次出拳Mr Richmond - who easily won the fight - says that he had left a bar with two female friends when he saw Justin, , outside the hotel.里士满轻而易举地把比伯胖揍了一顿他说他当时和两名女性朋友离开了酒吧,随后就在酒店外面看到了贾斯汀比伯(岁)I was with the girls. We just asked the dick’ an autograph,’ Lamont says in a Facebook . He says he chatted with Bieber bee he was attacked when he asked an autograph.拉蒙特在一份发布于Facebook上的视频里说道:“我当时和子们在一起我们只不过想要这个混蛋一个签名而已”里士满说他最开始是在和比伯聊天,想要他一个签名,随后比伯便攻击了他However his version of events has been contradicted by a photo showing Bieber posing with a female fan outside the hotel moments bee the fight.但是事件真相似乎并不是这样据一只照片显示,在斗殴发生时,贾斯汀比伯正在和一名女粉丝摆姿势拍照According to Richmond, the group enjoyed a friendly chat with the Canadian star but the atmosphere changed when he asked Bieber a photo and an autograph.照里士满的说法,他们一伙人当时正和贾斯汀比伯很友好地交谈,但是当他向比伯要求合影和签名时,气氛就变了’The fool ran up on me,’ Lamont says in the .拉蒙特在视频里说道:“这智障打我”The pair can be seen shoving each other bee fists start to fly in the fight,可以看见,在双方激烈交锋前,里士满和比伯互相推搡了几下Justin, who has previously explained he won’t take photos with fans anymore because he feels like ’a zoo animal’, allegedly snapped, telling Richmond: ’No autographs tonight, motherfucker.’比伯之前曾说自己不会再和粉丝合影,因为他觉得那样自己就跟“动物园里的动物”一样据称当时比伯拒绝了里士满的要求,并对他说:“不给你签名,艹你妈!”Richmond says the star smelled of alcohol, and was certain he could have ’killed’ the 5ft9in singer if had gone ’full ce.’据里士满称,贾斯汀比伯当时好像喝了酒里士满还说自己并没有用全力,不然的话他可能已经把这个5英尺9寸的小个子“打死”了Despite Bieber’s recent efts to bulk up and grow a mustache, the 5’9’ starlet proved no match his hulking adversary who (after recovering from the shock) bundled him to the ground with ease.尽管贾斯汀比伯最近一直在健身,还蓄了胡子,但是身高仅有5英尺9寸的他完全不是高大威猛的里士满的对手从最初的惊吓中恢复过来后,里士满轻而易举地便将比伯打倒在地), which covers admission fees and three meals plus shopping, while a two-day trip will require no less than 6,000 yuan in total, the paper said.据估算,三口之家上海迪士尼一日游需要至少600元,包括门票、三餐和购物费用两日游预算需要6000元【食】Some of the visitors said dining and drinks were too expensive. A child-sized hot dog or braised chicken fillet with rice cost 60 yuan, a beef burger with cheese cost 80 yuan, and a Pepsi cost yuan.一些游客说,上海迪士尼乐园里的餐饮价格太贵儿童热或扒鸡柳配米饭60元;起司牛肉汉堡80元;一杯百事可乐元【宿】As accommodation, the resort has yet to announce the price of a stay in its hotel rooms. Nearby budget hotels have a price tag somewhere between 300 yuan and 800 yuan per room per night, it was added.园区还没有公布住宿价格附近便捷酒店每间每晚价格在300元到800元之间【玩】According to Shanghai Disney's website, a standard day ticket is priced at 370 yuan, and that increases to 99 yuan on peak days.根据上海迪士尼官网,门票分为平日票和高峰日票平日票售价为人民币370元,高峰日票价则为99元Children, elderly and disabled visitors are granted a discount of 5 percent, while admission is free babies and toddlers. Those who buy tickets a two-day visit receive a five-percent discount.儿童、老年人和残障游客购买门票可享受七五折特别优惠婴幼儿可免票入园购买两日联票可享有总价九五折的优惠(中国日报网英语点津 yaning)嘉兴曙光中西医医院漂眉

嘉兴曙光中西医医院瘦脸针安妮斯顿发长文怒斥媒体:“受够了”怀传闻 -- :00:3 来源:chinadaily Jennifer Aniston has published a lengthy essay in which she lambasts the media the recent pregnancy rumours about her.詹妮弗·安妮斯顿日前发布了一篇长文,怒斥最近媒体上有关她的怀传闻The star writes: " the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up."她写道:“在此声明,我没有怀我也受够了这种传闻”"I'm fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of 'journalism,' the 'First Amendment' and 'celebrity news,'" she writes in Huffington Post's The Record.“我受够了媒体总是打着‘新闻’、‘第一修正案’、‘名人八卦’的旗号窥探明星的私生活,对明星的身材评头论足” 她在赫芬顿邮报的声明板块中这样写道(注:第一修正案即美国宪法中保护新闻自由的一项法案)In June, Aniston's representative had to deny reports in the US that the 7-year-old actress was pregnant.今年六月时,安妮斯顿的发言人曾在美国出面否认了这位7岁女星的怀传闻An unnamed "friend" of Aniston and husband Justin Theroux was ed as stating she was pregnant.一位声称是安妮斯顿及其丈夫贾斯汀·塞洛克斯的匿名“朋友”透露她已有在身InTouch magazine published pictures that it claimed showed Aniston had a "baby bump".后来InTouch杂志发布了安妮斯顿最近的照片,称她已“肚凸起”Aniston said in the essay that constant paparazzi coverage contributes to a "dehumanising view of females, focused solely on one's physical appearance".安妮斯顿在长文中怒斥仔队总是“以不人道的视角看待女性,只关注她们的外貌或身材”She said the further speculation over whether she looks as though she is pregnant or may have eaten too much "reflects the warped way we calculate a woman's worth".她认为,那些对于她究竟是怀了还是吃得太多的推测反映出了“一种对女性价值的扭曲认识”"Yes, I may become a mother some day, and since I’m laying it all out there, if I ever do, I will be the first to let you know. But I’m not in pursuit of motherhood because I feel incomplete in some way, as our celebrity news culture would lead us all to believe," she states.“是的,或许某一天我会成为母亲,而且我早就说过,如果我怀了一定第一时间告诉大家但是我打算要小孩并不是像新闻引导大家去认为的那样,因为没孩子感到不完整才去生”"I resent being made to feel 'less than' because my body is changing andor I had a burger lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and theree deemed one of two things: 'pregnant' or 'fat.' Not to mention the painful awkwardness that comes with being congratulated by friends, coworkers and strangers alike on one’s fictional pregnancy (often a dozen times in a single day)."她还写道:“我厌恶媒体带给我的这种‘不足感’,仅仅是因为我的体型变了,或是因为我午餐吃了个汉堡,然后从奇怪角度拍到了照片,结果就只能得出两个结论:要么是怀了要么是胖了更不要说之后会有许多朋友和同事甚至陌生人来祝贺我怀了(一天十几次),但这根本是假新闻,面对这种祝福我往往很尴尬”In January , Aniston confirmed that she wanted to be a mother and hit back at claims she had put her career first.年1月,安妮斯顿实她想做母亲,并回击了那些说她以事业为先的"That's a topic that's so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it's very personal. Who knows if it's going to happen? It's been a want. We're doing our best," she told The Hollywood Reporter.她对好莱坞记者报说: “这个话题实在令我精疲力竭,我对此十分紧张小心,因为这个话题非常私人谁知道我会何时怀呢,我只是期待着,我们一直在尽力尝试”Aniston and Theroux got married in August in front of some 70 family members and friends at their million Bel-Air home.安妮斯顿和塞洛克斯于去年八月在70位家人好友的见下完婚,婚礼就在他们价值万美元的贝莱尔区豪宅中举行Aniston, whose first marriage to actor Brad Pitt ended in divorce in , met actor and "Tropic Thunder" screenwriter Theroux, , in and the couple announced their engagement in .安妮斯顿与第一任丈夫布拉德·皮特在年离婚,年她结识现年岁的演员贾斯汀·塞洛克斯,塞洛克斯同时也是电影《热带惊雷的编剧,他们在年宣布订婚英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:赵雪莹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮嘉兴快速祛蝴蝶斑哪家医院好 喜事连连 英女子一年连生个宝宝 -- :55:5 来源:   With four babies under the age of 18 months, no wonder proud but exhausted parents Sarah Ward and Benn Smith end up prone on two sofas most evenings with barely enough energy to lift a cup of tea to their lips.  英国女子萨拉·瓦德在18个月的时间里生了个小宝宝,这让萨拉和她的丈夫本·史密斯在骄傲的同时也非常疲惫有了小宝宝之后的大多数晚上,两人都是瘫坐在沙发上,累得连端起水杯喝水的力气都没有了  Seven-month-old triplets Stanley, Reggie and Daisy — born just nine months after their big brother Freddie — may be bonny little chunks of gorgeousness, bestowing gummy smiles on all and sundry, but they are highly labour-intensive.  个小宝宝中,7个月的三胞胎斯坦利、雷吉和黛西是在他们的大哥弗莱迪出生9个月以后来到这个世界上的这个宝宝个个可爱漂亮、有着天使般的笑容,但照看他们也真的是很累人的一件事  This, they both admit, is a far cry from the scene they envisaged when they first talked about starting a family three years ago. They imagined two children, hopefully one of each, nicely spaced apart.  萨拉夫妇俩承认,现在这种情况和他们3年前结婚时预想的可大不一样那时候他们希望将来生两个孩子,且两个孩子之间有一定的年龄差距  Mother Nature had other ideas, and just weeks after giving birth to Freddie, in June , Sarah naturally conceived the triplets — a one-in-8,000 chance.  不过显然老天并不是这么想的,在弗莱迪出生仅几周之后,年6月份,萨拉又怀了,这次是三胞胎,几率仅为八千分之一  ‘It was lovely at first, but when everyone asks the same questions over and over again it does start to grate a little bit,’ admits Sarah. ‘I’m thinking of having a T-shirt made with the words: “Yes, they’re all mine. No, they’re not IVF triplets and, yes, I’m in a rush!”’  “开始感觉很好,可不停地有人一遍又一遍问着相同的问题后,就觉得很烦了”萨拉说:“我都在想穿一件T恤,然后在T恤写着‘对,这些孩子都是我的不是,他们不是试管婴儿;是的,我确实忙疯了’”  ‘It’s been incredibly hard, but we see all our children as a blessing and feel incredibly lucky,’ says Benn. ‘When the triplets started smiling and laughing at us, that’s when we really started to enjoy it, and we can’t wait until they start toddling.  “照看四个孩子确实超出想象的困难,但我们觉得四个孩子是我们的福气,我们感到很幸运”本说:“当三胞胎对着我们咧嘴笑的时候,我们真的特别满足并享受其中,都等不及看他们蹒跚学步的样子了”  At birth, Stanley, Reggie and Daisy were taken to intensive care weighing 3 lb oz, lb 7oz and 3 lb oz respectively, but today Stanley is the biggest: a bouncing lb oz.  出生的时候,三胞胎斯坦利、雷吉和黛西分别重3磅盎司、磅7盎司和3磅盎司,而现在斯坦利是最重的一个,重磅盎司  The triplets are all the more remarkable because Sarah and Benn were convinced they had fertility problems and feared Freddie might be an only child.  对萨拉夫妇来说三胞胎的意义非凡,因为之前两人曾有不问题,所以还一直担心弗莱迪会是唯一的孩子  Worried that her menstrual cycle had not returned to normal after the birth, Sarah took a home pregnancy test as a precaution — fully expecting it to be negative.  在弗莱迪出生之后,因为月经周期仍未回归正常,所以萨拉在家做了验测试,满心期待着会是阴性  Stunned at the positive result, she sent a picture message of the test to Benn, with the words ‘Guess what?’ He almost fell off his chair at work.  可当看到阳性的结果时,萨拉惊呆了,发照片和文字信息“你猜怎么着”给正在上班的本,本看到后几乎从椅子上跳了起来  But more surprises were in store. An early six-week scan revealed two sacs, indicating a twin pregnancy.  但是更多的惊喜还在后面6周扫描检查的结果显示萨拉怀的是双胞胎  Which was just as well, because at the -week scan the sonographer detected a third heart-beat and inmed Sarah and Benn that they were expecting triplets.  周的扫描检查中,超声波检测到了另一个胎心,于是医生通知萨拉和本他们将要有三胞胎了  The couple have never regretted that decision, but Sarah admits her pregnancy was both physically and emotionally arduous, filled with anguish and fear the future and guilt over how little time she could devote to baby Freddie.  萨拉和本从来都没有后悔过将三胞胎生下来,但萨拉承认怀三胞胎确实让她承受了生理上和感情上的痛苦,也让她对未来有很多担心,同时伴随她的还有不能常常陪在弗莱迪身边的内疚感  With four such young children, Sarah plans to put her career on hold until they are older, while Benn is hoping to transfer to a new role closer to home. Even so, it is a struggle surviving on one salary — half of which goes on their £888-a-month rent.  家里有四个宝宝,让萨拉决定暂时抛开事业,直到孩子们长大些再说而本也希望能换一个离家近的工作尽管如此,这个大家庭紧靠一份工资生活确实很紧张,况且工资的一半还得用来交每个月888英镑的房租  Sarah says: ‘We just have to budget and get about luxuries. We bulk-buy nappies and mula milk so we never run out and just manage the best we can.  萨拉说:“我们得精打细算过日子,不会再买任何奢侈品我们成批购买尿片和配方奶粉,这样可以省些钱,总之,我们会尽我们所能的”  ‘We feel incredibly lucky, and just can’t imagine life without them.’  “有这四个孩子我们感到非常幸运,现在我们根本无法想象没有他们的生活”浙江嘉兴割双眼皮哪个医院好

嘉兴去毛多少钱为啥一周的周末是两天? -- :: 来源: 我们已经习惯了一周有两天周末,它是怎么来的,你知道么? In a nation where people work more than anyone else in the industrialized world, the two-day weekend helps keep us sane.工业化世界,大家都争相拼工作量,在这样的国家里,双休日有助我们保持理智No matter how exhausted you are at your nine-to-five, the promise of two full days set aside socializing, sleeping in, and brunching in the afternoon always looms on the horizon.无论你朝九晚五有多劳累,都保能匀出两整天时间参与社交、睡个懒觉、下午的时候早中餐一起吃,而这正有愈演愈烈之势People working 0 years ago weren’t so lucky.The modern work week began to emerge during the industrial revolution—thanks in part to our hard-partying predecessors.两百多年前的人可没那么幸运现代工作周在工业革命期间应运而生,这多亏了我们夜夜笙歌的先祖们Reserving one holy day a week rest and worship is an ancient tradition. Things took a turn in Britain during the 19th century when workers started using their one day off pleasure. After cramming a week’s worth of fun and debauchery into a single day, employees would often come into work the next morning hungover or end up taking the whole day off to recuperate.一周留出一天瞻礼日休息休息、做做礼拜是一古老传统在19世纪的英国,事情发生了转折,工人们开始花一天时间享乐,而把整个星期的玩乐和逍遥压缩成一天后,员工们第二天早晨上班常常是宿醉未醒、或者要请上一天假恢复疲劳In the face of newly-med labor unions and pressure from religious groups to keep Sundays holy, the five-day, 0-hour work week was signed into law with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.当时工会成立不久、宗教团体又施加压力要求礼拜天作瞻礼,一周五天工作制、每周四十小时的工作量签署成为法律,写入了1938年颁布的《公平劳动标准法中The practice of playing hooky on the first day of the work week, also known as "Saint Monday," became so common in the 19th century that many employers started making Saturdays a half-day as a compromise.工作日第一天偷个懒,即人们所知的“圣周一”在19世纪非常普遍,不少雇主开始安排周六干半天活,作为折衷While the two-day weekend is a fairly recent phenomenon, today some people are working to extend it even longer.尽管双休日这一现象近年才有,如今仍有人想要延长双休 <牛人_句子>浙江嘉兴激光脱毛美容价格嘉兴曙光整形医院祛眼袋多少钱



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