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What does globalization mean? We always hear this word on TV and about it in newspapers. It means the world is now a village – the global village. The world has become smaller. Of course, the world did not shrink and it isn’t a village. Because of better transport, the Internet and more trading between countries, it is easier to do business. Japanese car makers have factories in Thailand; American computer companies employ thousands of people in China. That’s globalization. And don’t forget the millions of call centre jobs in India that workers in America and Europe used to do. Globalization also means it is easier to work in another country. Is globalization a good or bad thing? That’s a difficult question to answer. Article/201104/133918One night, I had just finished locking all the doors on the way up, had turned out the lights to the 6th floor and was heading down the hall to finish up the building and get the heck outta Dodge. About halfway down the hall it turned very cold (which I didn't think too much of really since it was mid-December in Colorado, and the heating system in the building was blotchy at best) so I stopped to zip up my coat when I heard a very distinct female voice say, "Where are you going?”  Thinking that the voice came from a paralegal or accountant working late I said, "Nowhere Ma'am, I am just locking up for the night." Then it got REALLY hairy! I felt on my right shoulder, through a thick parka, shirt, bullet proof vest, and T-shirt the coldest hand I have ever felt touch my skin. It was distinctly a hand, and right against my skin. It was so cold it literally burned me, much like dry ice. A fact later to be confirmed by the Sergeant and Corporal who were on duty with me at the time. They said there was a deep red mark on my shoulder that looked like a hand. Article/200902/62855Last night my granddad left me alone in the house again, the first time since Monday night’s incident. I decided to sleep on the sofa bed in the front room. I was really tired so went to bed about 9pm. I was woken by a loud banging noise around 2.15am. I sat bolt upright in my bed and noticed a tall dark figure standing at the bottom of my bed. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman and I couldn't see its face. I sat there for about 30 seconds looking at it, trying to calm myself down and trying to adjust my eyes to see if I could see the figure’s face, until I heard a loud bang downstairs again, I turned around towards the stairs but there was nothing and when I turned back to face the figure, it was gone. I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. I put my clothes on, ran out of my house and got a cab to my boyfriend’s house. I told my granddad what happened today and also told him I’d be moving out from today.   Whatever is in that house, it doesn't like me. Well it must not, my granddad has lived there for 24 years and nothing like this has ever happened. I can't explain it and I don't ever want to experience anything like that ever again.  自从那个星期一的晚上后,昨晚是我爷爷第一次又把我一个人留在了家里。我决定睡在客厅的沙发床上,那天我很累,所以大概九点就上床了。凌晨大约两点一刻的时候我又被一声巨大的砰砰声给吵醒了,我立马直起身子,注意到我床尾处站着一个巨大的黑影。我也说不上那是个男的还是个女的,我也看不清他的脸.我就坐着,看了它大概半分钟,想让自己镇定下来,让眼睛适应一下光线看看能不能看清楚那张黑影的脸。正在这时,我又听到楼下一只巨响,我把脸别向楼梯,但什么也没有看到。当我把脸转回来时,却发现那个黑影不见了。我从床上跳起来,把灯打开,穿上衣,跑出房间,拦了一辆出租车直奔我男友家。我告诉我爷爷今天发生的一切,也告诉他我今天开始我再也不会住在那了。  不管那房子里是什么东西,它都对我都没什么好感,它肯定不喜欢我,因为我爷爷在那住了24年,可什么都没有发生过。我解释不了这到底是怎么回事,这种事,我也不想再碰到了。 Article/200810/53014Elizabeth#39;s collected behaviour, however, soon quieted his emotion; and as Miss Bingley, vexed and disappointed, dared not approach nearer to Wickham, Georgiana also recovered in time, though not enough to be able to speak any more. Her brother, whose eye she feared to meet, scarcely recollected her interest in the affair, and the very circumstance which had been designed to turn his thoughts from Elizabeth, seemed to have fixed them on her more, and more cheerfully.达西看到伊丽莎白不动声色,方才安下心来。彬格莱苦恼失望之余,不敢再提到韦翰,于是乔治安娜也很快恢复了正常的神态,只不过一时之间还不好意思开口说话。她害怕看到她哥哥的眼睛,事实上她哥哥倒没有留意她也牵涉在这件事情里面。彬格莱这次本来已经安排好神机妙算,要使得达西回心转意,不再眷恋伊丽莎白,结果反而使他对伊丽莎白更加念念难忘,更加有情意。Their visit did not continue long after the question and answer above-mentioned; and while Mr. Darcy was attending them to their carriage, Miss Bingley was venting her feelings in criticisms on Elizabeth#39;s person, behaviour, and dress. But Georgiana would not join her. Her brother#39;s recommendation was enough to ensure her favour: his judgment could not err, and he had spoken in such terms of Elizabeth as to leave Georgiana without the power of finding her otherwise than lovely and amiable. When Darcy returned to the saloon, Miss Bingley could not help repeating to him some part of what she had been saying to his sister.这一问一答以后,客人们没有隔多久就告辞了。当达西先生送她们上马车的时候,彬格莱便趁机在他面前大发牢骚,把伊丽莎白的人品、举止和装都一一编派到了。乔治安娜可并没有接嘴,因为她哥哥既然那么推崇伊丽莎白,她当然便也对她有了好感。哥哥的看法决不会错;他把伊丽莎白捧得叫乔治安娜只觉得她又亲切又可爱。达西回到客厅里来的时候,彬格莱又把刚才跟他说的话,重新又说了一遍给他听。;How very ill Eliza Bennet looks this morning, Mr. Darcy,#39;#39; she cried; ;I never in my life saw any one so much altered as she is since the winter. She is grown so brown and coarse! Louisa and I were agreeing that we should not have known her again.#39;#39;她大声说道:;达西先生,今天上午伊丽莎;班纳特的脸色多难看!从去年冬天以来,她真变得太厉害了,我一辈子也没看见过哪个人象她这样。她的皮肤变得又黑又粗糙,露薏莎和我简直不认识她了。;However little Mr. Darcy might have liked such an address, he contented himself with coolly replying that he perceived no other alteration than her being rather tanned -- no miraculous consequence of travelling in the summer.这种话尽管不投合达西的心意,他却还是冷冷地敷衍了她一下,说是他看不出她有什么变化,只不过皮肤黑了一点,这是夏天旅行的结果,不足为奇。;For my own part,#39;#39; she rejoined, ;I must confess that I never could see any beauty in her. Her face is too thin; her complexion has no brilliancy; and her features are not at all handsome. Her nose wants character; there is nothing marked in its lines. Her teeth are tolerable, but not out of the common way; and as for her eyes, which have sometimes been called so fine, I never could perceive any thing extraordinary in them. They have a sharp, shrewish look, which I do not like at all; and in her air altogether, there is a self-sufficiency without fashion which is intolerable.#39;#39;彬格莱回答道:;老实说,我觉得根本看不出她有什么美。她的脸太瘦,皮肤没有光泽,眉目也不清秀。她的鼻子也不过普普通通;讲到她的眼睛,人家有时候都把它说得多么美,我可看不出有什么大不了。她那双眼睛有些尖刻相,又有些恶毒相,我才不喜欢呢;而且拿她的整个风度来说,完全是自命不凡,其实却不登大雅之堂,真叫人受不了。; Article/201203/175244

Tradition Facing Forward 国油双峰塔:亚洲出头天! With pinnacles ascending 452 meters above Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers have a slender elegance reminiscent1 of the graceful spires2 of Muslim temples. The Islamic influence extends right down to the towers? floor plans, which are based on an eight-pointed star.However, the Petronas Twin Towers are not merely a tribute to Malaysia’s cultural and religious heritage. They are Malaysia’s challenge to the Asian financial hegemony3 of Hong Kong and Singapore. In building the towers, Malaysia was proclaiming that it, too, wanted to be a center of world trade.Each tower is supported by a solid 23-x-23-meter core of high-strength concrete. In addition, the towers are joined by a walkway at the 41st stories. The increased stability enabled architects to boost the buildings? height-to-width ratio, giving the towers an air of elegance.In erecting their towers to the heavens, the builders did not wish to compromise the security and comfort of those who worked there. The twin edifices4 were equipped with three major safety networks. Each tower has its own building control system, fire alarm system, and building security system. In case of a computer failure, these systems can be controlled separately by each tower, independent of the main network.With a state-of-the-art computer system nestled within traditional architectural motifs, the Petronas Twin Towers are both Malaysia’s monument to its past and the hope of its financial future.1. reminiscent a. 使想起的2. spire n. 尖塔 3. hegemony n. 霸权4. edifice n. 建筑物,(尤指)大厦坐落在吉隆坡的国油双峰塔,是两座高452米,耸入云霄的尖塔状建筑,其修长雅致的外观不由让人想起穆斯林教堂优雅的尖顶。伊斯兰的影响力还扩及到塔底以八角星为基准的地面设计。然而,国油双峰塔不只是对马来西亚文化和宗教遗产的献礼,更表现了马来西亚对香港及新加坡亚洲经济霸权的挑战。通过建造双峰塔,马来西亚向世界宣告,它也要跻身世界贸易中心的行列。撑每座高塔的是23×23m2的坚固的标号混凝土芯。此外,双塔在41楼由一条走廊连结了起来。这样增加了建筑的稳定性,建筑师们就可以提高建筑的高宽比例,使双塔具有高贵典雅的外观。在建造高耸入云的双塔时,建筑师们也兼顾到了大厦里工作人员的安全和舒适。这两座大厦里设有三大安全网络。各塔都有自己的控制系统、火警系统和大楼安全系统。万一计算机出现问题,各塔有各自的安全网络。拥有最先进的计算机系统和传统建筑的外观的国油双峰塔既是马来西亚历史的纪念碑,也是未来经济发展的希望。 Article/200803/30115

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