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如果没有爱:分手告白的十句英语表达 -01- ::56 来源:  1、I want to break up. 我要分手  、It's over. 我们结束了  3、Don't call me anymore. 别再打电话给我  、There's someone else. 我有了别人  5、We're not meant each other. 我们命中注定不合适  6、I need some time alone. 我需要一个人过一阵子  7、It's not you, it's me. 问题不在你,是我的问题  8、We're better off as friends. 我们做朋友比较好  9、You're too good me. 我配不上你  、You deserve a better manwoman. 你应该找个更好的对象  如果没有 分手If you are hungry, what do you do? Grab a piece of your favorite meal and stay quiet after that? Just like your stomach, even your mind is hungry. But it never lets you know, because you keep it busy thinking about your dream lover, favorite star and many such absurd things. So it silently began to heed to your needs and never let itself grow. When mind looses its freedom to grow, creativity gets a full stop. This might be the reason why we all sometimes think "What happens next?", "Why can't I think?", "Why am I always given the difficult problems?" Well this is the aftermath of our own karma of using our brain thinking of not-so-worthy things.Hunger of the mind can be actually satiated through extensive ing. Now why ing and not watching TV? Because ing has been the most educative tool used by us right from the childhood. Just like that to develop other aspects of our life, we have to take help of ing. You have innumerable number of books in this world which will answer all your “How to?” questions. Once you a book, you just don't run your eyes through the lines, but even your mind decodes it and explains it to you. The interesting part of the book is stored in your mind as a seed. Now this seed is unknowingly used by you in your future to develop new ideas. The same seed if used many times, can help you link and relate a lot of things, of which you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams! This is nothing but creativity. More the number of books you , your mind will open up like never bee. 833Spring Fever Peter could no longer remain in doors, not another minute. The beautiful spring days gave him strange feelings. It left him helpless with no control over himself. He took his hat and walked out of his office. Peter kept going until he reached Highland Amusement park. He knew this park;here he had felt the first excitement of love more than 5 years ago. Now he was a married man with a wife and years old boy and he loved them dearly, but it was spring and some-how he felt free as the wind, the way he felt in his twenties when he thought he had the world in his hands. The whole park was over-whelmed by a holiday atmosphere as if life had opened a new road the people. He felt the same way deep down within him. He wanted something to happen to him, something new and different. He thought of his wife knitting her sweater. Billy would be playing his toy or fixing his bicycle. If he had been at home with them, he would be fixing the flower bed and working around the house. But he did not feel that way now. The fever of adventure rose within him. He was carried away by a rebellion against the principle he had respected. Inside the amusement park, he stopped in front a shooting gallery1) and watched the man shoot down white ten ducks and birds. The gallery owner turned to Peter and said:“Come on. Try your luck, win a nice prize your girlfriend. ”Peter laughed. “Ok. Brother. ”He said:“I will try it. ”He picked up a rifle), aimed at the moving ducks and pulled the trigger3) quickly shot after shot, and he won a big doll.He walked away and then he saw a young woman. Without hesitation, Peter held the doll out to her and said, “Pardon me, but would you do me a favour? I feel funny carrying this doll around. So would you mind taking it?It needs a mother. ”The girl shook off her surprise and laughed. “Well. If it embarrasses) you, I suppose there is nothing else I can do.” She accepted the doll and thanked him. “It’s lovely. Where ever did you get it?”“I won it at the shooting gallery. ”He told her and almost without realizing it, he was walking beside her up the path through the park.

英语词汇:盘点Bingo在口语中的五大用法 -- 1:9:5 来源: Bingo!相信大家经常听到有人说出这个单词Bingo原本是指宾果游戏,但实际中它的用法还真是不少Bingo是外国人常用的口语单词之一,学会了它的用法能够让你口语更地道哦!   Bingo原意是指“宾果游戏”,在日常口语中,bingo经常会用到,但通常指的并不是宾果游戏掌握了下面将要介绍的bingo的5种用法,你的口语会变得更加地道   1. Bingo! Not quite what you were expecting, right?   猜对了!和你想象中的不太一样,是吧?   Bingo这个词可以用来表示“猜中了,答对了”在口语中,bingo表示“猜中了”的情形最为常见,甚至在中文电视节目中也有用到   . I finally worked it out, Bingo!   Bingo在口语中的五大用法   我终于解出来了,太棒了!   如果终于做成了某事,也可以说bingo,用来表达内心的喜悦   3. Bingo! We'll climb through the back window.   有了!我们可以从后窗爬过去   当你突然想到某个点子或者解决问题的方法,你也可以说bingo   . Bingo! I found what you were looking .   啊,我找到你在找的东西了   当你发现或者找到了什么的时候,也可以说bingo   5. He waved his hand, and, bingo, the card reappeared.   他挥了一下手,转眼之间,牌又出现了   Bingo还可以表示动作的迅速,突然,通常可以用来描述变魔术的动作 口语 词汇

英语口语就餐:付款 -- ::50 来源: 在外用餐时 付款请结账Bill, please.Id like the check, please.在哪儿付钱?Where should I pay?我请客It on me.It on me. (我请客)Oh! How nice! (哦!那太好了,谢谢!)This is my treat.Ill pay dinner.Ill treat you.Ill pay drinks. (我付饮料的钱)我来付Ill take care of it.这是什么的钱?What is this ?What is this charge ?What is this amount ?我觉得这儿算错了Im afraid there is a mistake here. *Im afraid… “我觉得是不是……”,一般用于不太好的事情mistake 表示“错误”我们各付各的吧Let go Dutch. *Dutch 表示“荷兰人”,而go Dutch则表示“自己的费用自己付”、“分摊”Let split the bill.Let divide the cost.我们分开付款Wed like to pay separately.Wed like to pay separately. (我们分开付款)All right. (明白了)不用找钱了Keep the change.请开张发票May I have a receipt, please? 口语 付款

品牌口语00句():心烦意乱 --5 :: 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. You need to have eyes in the back of your head.你得时时小心. I’m no philanthropist.我又不是慈善家3. I’m stuck in a rut.我的生活太单调了#9658;in a rut 照惯例,照老规矩,墨守成规e.g. I gave up my job because I felt I was stuck in a rut. 我放弃了我的工作,因为我觉得那种生活呆板无聊. He does everything haphazardly.他做事毫无计划5. You’re brimming with energy.你充满活力#9658;brim with 充满,充溢,充盈e.g. Her eyes were brimming with tears. 她两眼充满了泪水6. I’m nauseated by your hypocrisy.你的虚伪真让我恶心7. The demands try you sorely.这些要求让你心烦意乱8. I do my business in good faith.我诚信经营#9658;in good faith 真诚地,诚意地,真心实意地e.g. I doubt whether he is in good faith. 我怀疑他是否有诚意9. You little rascals.你们这些小坏蛋. Youre looking trim!你越来越苗条了! 品牌英语

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