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乌鲁木齐隆胸假体取出乌鲁木齐市第四人民医院去眼袋多少钱Most complaints made by Chinese consumers last year were about online shopping, a report from China#39;s top legislative body said on Monday.中国最高立法机关于周一在一份报告中称,去年中国消费者的投诉大都是关于网上购物。The number of complaints and disputes related to shopping on the Internet rose sharply and the network has become a breeding ground for counterfeits, the report by a law enforcement team under the Standing Committee of the National People#39;s Congress said.全国人民代表大会常务委员会执法检查组的一份报告称,与网上购物有关的投诉和争执的数量急剧增长,网络已经变成了滋生假冒产品的温床。In 2014, Chinese industrial and commercial authorities dealt with 78,000 complaints concerning online shopping, up 356.6 percent year-on-year.2014年,工商部处理了78,000件与网上购物相关的投诉,与去年同期相比增长了356.6%。Of the total of 20,135 cases taken on by consumer associations, 92.3 percent concerned online purchases, the report said. Yan Junqi, vice-chairwoman of the NPC Standing Committee, said: ;Ignoring consumers#39; rights and selling counterfeits are very prominent in the online shopping industry.;报告称,消费者协会总共受理案件20,135例,其中92.3%都是关于网上购物的。全国人大常委会副委员长严隽琪说:“网购产业中,无视消费者权利,出售假冒伪劣产品的现象十分严重。”She revealed that just 58.7 percent of products sold online were found to be authentic during a random inspection in 2014 by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.她透露说,在2014年国家工商行政的一次随机抽样检查中,网上出售的产品中只有58.7%是真实可信的。With the boom in complaints, the number of disputes caused by online purchases also went up, she said.严隽琪说,随着投诉量剧增,由网购造成的争端也越来越多。Beijing Chaoyang District People#39;s Court has handled 107 such disputes since the revised Chinese Consumer Protection Law took effect on March 15 last year, she said. A typical example, from Anhui province#39;s financial website, described how a woman surnamed Xu paid a 2,000 yuan (6) deposit before she bought sanitary ware priced 1,000 yuan cheaper online than she could find elsewhere.严隽琪说,自去年3月15日修订后的《中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法》生效以来,北京市朝阳区人民法院已经处理了107起类似争端。安徽省的金融网站上有一个典型的例子:一位许姓女士在网上发现了一件卫生洁具,比别处卖得要便宜1000元,购买之前,她先付了2000元(316美元)订金。But when it was delivered, Xu found it was poor quality and she was told the deposit could not be repaid because it was a sale product.然而当货物送达时,许女士发现其质量极差,且许女士还被告知由于这件卫生洁具是特价商品,订金不予退还。Yan suggested that the Supreme People#39;s Court should clarify the revised law by the end of this year and appealed to consumer associations to play their role.严隽琪建议,年底之前,最高人民法院应阐明修订后的法律,并呼吁消费者协会发挥好其作用。Qiu Baochang, head of the lawyers#39; group for the China Consumers#39; Association, said: ;We are always overloaded with work since the revised law came into effect.中国消费者协会律师团团长邱宝昌说:“自修订后的法律生效以来,我们常常超负荷工作。”;We have asked officers to update their knowledge of the law and how the online industry works, including means of payment, to catch up with the pace at which e-commerce is developing.;“我们已经要求相关办事人员更新其关于法律以及网购产业运作方式的知识,其中包括对付方式的了解,以此来赶上电子商务发展的步伐。” /201511/407870昆玉市永久性脱毛多少钱 五家渠哪家美容医院比较好

铁门关整容医院哪家最好Volkswagen’s legal troubles deepened yesterday as the US government filed a lawsuit against it over the emissions test-rigging scandal that threatens to cost the embattled carmaker tens of billions of dollars.大众(Volkswagen)昨日进一步深陷法律纠纷。美国政府针对其排放测试作弊丑闻提起法律诉讼,可能使这家陷入困境的汽车制造商面临数百亿美元的罚款。The complaint leaves the German carmaker facing potential fines of up to ,500 per vehicle for violations before January 2009 and ,500 per vehicle for later violations.这家德国汽车制造商可能要为2009年1月以前出厂的每辆违规汽车付高达32500美元的罚款,为之后出厂的每辆违规车辆付37500美元的罚款。The civil lawsuit was filed by the US justice department on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency, which exposed VW’s alleged wrong last September.这起民事诉讼是由美国司法部(US Justice Department)代表去年9月曝光大众涉嫌不当行为的美国国家环境保护局(EPA)提起的。The complaint alleges the group fitted nearly 600,000 VWs, Audis and Porsches with diesel engines that contained illegal “defeat devices” and caused emissions to exceed EPA standards.诉状声称,大众为近60万辆大众、奥迪(Audi)和保时捷(Porsche)车辆安装了包含非法“减效装置”的柴油发动机,使这些车辆的排放超出美国国家环保局的标准。John Cruden, head of the justice department’s environment and natural resources division, said: “The ed States will pursue all appropriate remedies against Volkswagen to redress the violations of our nation’s clean air laws.”美国司法部环境和自然资源司负责人约翰克鲁登(John Cruden)表示:“美国将寻求对大众采取所有适当的法律补救手段,纠正违反我国清洁空气法的行为。”The complaint also says the carmaker broke the law by importing and selling vehicles with designs that differed from the data given to regulators.诉状还表示,大众还进口和销售在设计上与提交给监管机构的数据有出入的车辆,这也违反了法律。VW has so far set aside 6.7bn to deal with the projected cost of resolving the problems with the nitrogen oxide emissions controls.大众迄今已拨出67亿欧元,应对解决氮氧化物排放控制问题预计所需的成本。Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for enforcement and compliance assurance at the EPA, said: “With today’s filing, we take an important step to protect public health by seeking to hold Volkswagen accountable for any unlawful air pollution, setting us on a path to resolution.”美国国家环保局主管执法和合规保的助理局长辛西娅贾尔斯(Cynthia Giles)表示:“通过提起诉讼,我们迈出了重要的一步,寻求让大众为任何非法污染空气的行为负起责任,以求保护公众的健康,籍此走上解决问题的道路。”She also revealed the EPA and VW have yet to resolve differences over how to handle vehicles currently on the road that are fitted with the devices.她还透露,有关如何处理已经上路的安装了作弊装置的车辆,美国国家环保局和大众还未能解决分歧。“So far, recall discussions with the company have not produced an acceptable way forward. These discussions will continue in parallel with the federal court action,” she said.她表示:“到目前为止,和该公司进行的召回讨论还未能取得可接受的进展。这些讨论将继续与联邦法院的行动同时进行。”The justice department’s action is the latest in a series of legal steps taken by US authorities against VW since Sept 18, when the EPA first it had discovered a “defeat device” to cheat emissions tests in 482,000 VW and Audi vehicles with two-litre diesel engines sold in the US since 2008.美国司法部的这一举措是去年9月18日以后美国当局采取的一系列法律措施中的最新行动。当时美国国家环保局首次宣布,发现2008年后大众在美国销售的48.2万辆2L排量柴油发动机的大众和奥迪汽车安装了欺骗排放测试的“减效装置”。VW said it would “continue to work closely with the US authorities”.大众表示将“继续和美国有关部门密切合作”。 /201601/421318乌鲁木齐哪家整形医院脱毛技术好 Two Chinese steel groups have taken the first step in a long-awaited takeover to create the world’s second-largest steelmaker — a move that Beijing hopes will spark a wave of consolidation and improve efficiency in the bloated industry.两家中国钢铁集团向着各方期待已久的合并迈出第一步,将缔造全球第二大钢铁制造商,中国政府希望此举将引发并购浪潮,并提高这个臃肿行业的效率。However, analysts said that the deal between Baoshan Iron and Steel and Wuhan Iron amp; Steel is only part of what is likely to be a long and complex process to consolidate China’s fragmented steel industry.然而,分析师表示,宝钢股份(Baoshan Iron and Steel)和武钢股份(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel)之间的协议只是整合中国分散的钢铁行业过程的一部分,这个过程很可能是漫长且复杂的。On Tuesday Baoshan, the listed arm of China’s second-largest steel producer Baosteel Group, said it would issue new shares in order to absorb the listed arm of Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group, China’s fifth-largest steel producer by volume.周二,中国第二大钢铁制造商宝钢集团(Baosteel Group)的上市子公司宝钢股份表示,将发行新股,以吸收合并中国第五大钢铁制造商(按产量计算)武汉钢铁集团(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group)的上市子公司。The subsuming of Wisco’s traded entity by Baosteel’s listed unit is a preliminary step in the merging of the two parent groups, and is subject to Chinese regulatory approval, according to a filings by both companies.根据两家公司递交的监管申报文件,宝钢上市子公司吸收合并武钢上市公司是两家母公司合并的预备步骤,并将有待中国监管部门审批。The merger does not mean success of this “test case”, according to Xu Zhongbo, an analyst at Beijing Metal Consulting. “The most important thing is that steel production comes together quickly,” he said.北京梅塔科咨询公司(Beijing Metal Consulting)分析师许中波表示,此次合并不仅意味着这一“测试案例”的成功。他表示:“最重要的是钢铁生产迅速合并。”He added: “In the two groups there are many small companies and it will take a long time to decide which businesses will be sold or closed — this could be a costly process.”他补充称:“这两个集团有很多小企业,需要很长时间才能确定哪些企业将被出售或关闭,这可能是一个代价高昂的过程。”The creation of Baowu Steel Group — as China’s press has dubbed the merged entity — is considered the starting point for Beijing’s plans to improve Chinese efficiency by pushing zombie companies out of operation.宝武钢铁集团(这是中国媒体给合并后实体起的名字)的缔造被视为北京方面计划的起点,目的是促使破产,提高中国工业效率。China’s steel’s overcapacity helped plunge the global industry into crisis last year, when surging cheap Chinese exports dragged down global prices.中国钢铁业的产能过剩导致全球钢铁行业去年陷入危机,当时不断激增的中国廉价钢铁出口拖低了全球价格。 /201609/467920乌市沙依巴克区丰唇手术费用

北屯市鼻头鼻翼缩小多少钱 When people strike comparisons with Hitler — or Munich — I usually reach for my earplugs. The same applies to the Great Depression. There is nothing on today’s horizon that compares with the Nazis or the mass privation that followed the 1929 stock market crash. 当人们提到与希特勒(Hitler)或者慕尼黑的比较时,我通常会想办法把耳朵堵上。而与大萧条(Great Depression)相比较时,我也同样会如此。在当今的地平线上,没有什么事情能与纳粹(Nazis)或1929年股市崩盘后的大规模贫困相比拟。 Yet there are echoes we would be foolish to ignore. Western democracy faces no mortal threat. But it is going through an acute stress test. On both sides of the Atlantic, people have lost faith in their public institutions. They are also losing trust in their neighbours. Co-operation is fraying and open borders are in question. We can no longer be sure the centre will hold — or even that it deserves to. 然而,当前确实存在一些历史的回声,我们忽视它们将是愚蠢的。西方民主体制并不面临生死存亡的威胁。但它正在经受一场严峻的压力测试。在大西洋两侧,人们都已丧失了对公共机构的信心。他们也正在丧失对邻国的信任。相互合作正产生裂痕,开放边境正产生变数。我们无法再确信中间立场将会继续占上风——甚至无法确信它值得坚守。 The most insidious trend is vanishing optimism about the future. Contrary to what is widely believed, the majority’s pessimism pre-dates the 2008 financial collapse. At the height of the last property bubble in 2005, Alan Greenspan, then chairman of the Federal Reserve, said society could not long tolerate a situation where most people were suffering from declining standards of living. 最隐秘而有害的趋势是,对未来的乐观情绪正在丧失。与普遍认为的相反,多数人的悲观态度要早于2008年的金融崩盘。在2005年上一个地产泡沫达到巅峰之际,时任美联储(Fed)主席艾伦#8226;格林斯潘(Alan Greenspan)曾表示,整个社会无法长期容忍多数人生活水准下降的局面。 “This is not the sort of thing that a democratic society — a capitalist democratic society — can ily accept without addressing,” he said. This came after several years of falling median income. 他说:“这不是一个民主社会——更准确地说是一个资本主义民主社会——可以轻易接受而不加应对的那种状况。”他说出这番话的时候,美国收入中位数已连续下降多年。 For most Americans and Europeans the situation is worse today than it was then. Many have since had their homes repossessed. Median incomes were lower in 2015 than when Mr Greenspan issued his warning. A majority on both sides of the Atlantic believe their children will be worse off than they are. 对多数美国人和欧洲人来说,如今的局面比那时候更糟。自那以来,许多人的住房已被收回。2015年美国收入中位数比格林斯潘发出警告时更低。大西洋两岸的多数人都认为,子女的境况将比他们自己更糟糕。 They may be right. Economists debate whether the sharp decline in productivity growth during the past 15 years is the result of mismeasurement. Polls suggest there is nothing wrong with the yardstick. Most people feel worse off, which is what matters in politics. In his book, the Rise and fall of American growth, Robert Gordon argues that the century-long leap in productivity that began in 1870 can never be repeated. Even if Mr Gordon is eventually proved wrong, will society have the patience to wait and see? 他们也许是正确的。经济学家正在辩论一个问题:过去15年里生产率增长速度的急剧下降会不会是测算标准错误的结果?调查显示,测算标准并没有问题。多数人确实感觉生活更差了,这才是政治中的重要事情。在《美国成长的兴衰》(The Rise and Fall of American Growth)一书中,罗伯特#8226;戈登(Robert Gordon)声称,始于1870年、长达百年的生产率飞跃永远都不可复制。就算最终戈登被明错误,整个社会会不会有耐心等到结果? The second disturbing trend is a growing sense of unfairness — the feeling that elites are continually lining their pockets. Scholars talk about the “Great Gatsby Curve” — the massive rise in inequality that took place in the 1920s before the Wall Street crash. The numbers today are eerily similar to then. Labour’s share of national income keeps plummeting. Despite the US economy’s recovery, 2015 saw the sharpest rise in US wage inequality since the end of the Great Recession. 第二个令人不安的趋势是与日俱增的不公平感,也就是那种精英阶层正在继续大肆赚钱的感觉。学者们谈到“了不起的盖茨比曲线”(Great Gatsby Curve),这个名字是指上世纪20年代华尔街崩盘前出现的不平度大幅攀升的现象。如今的数据与那个时代存在诡异的相似之处。劳动者占国民收入的份额不断下落。尽管美国经济复苏了,但2015年出现了自大萧条结束以来美国薪资不平等程度的最大升幅。 The average American’s chances of moving up an income bracket are no better today than when President Barack Obama took office. Last year he said that for too many Americans the “ladders of opportunity” had disappeared. He was right. Yet he has been unable to do much about it. 如今,普通美国人收入再上一档次的机会并不比美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)上任时更好。去年他曾表示,对太多美国人来说,“机遇的梯子”已经消失。他说得没错,然而他对此也拿不出什么办法。 The third is a rising culture of nihilism. When people think their concerns are being ignored — and worse, that they are also being belittled — they lash out. Hell hath no fury like an angry electorate. It is easy to poke fun at the likes of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and the leader of the UK’s Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn. They provide an endless supply of material. 第三个趋势是不断崛起的虚无主义文化。当人们认为自己关切的问题被忽视时——更糟糕的是他们还受到贬低时,他们会忍不住发泄怒火。地狱烈焰不及“愤怒选民”之怒火。对于类似共和党头号种子唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)和英国工党(Labour)领导人杰里米#8226;科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)这样的人物,冷嘲热讽是很容易的。他们提供了无穷无尽的素材。 But the ease with which they can be lampooned should not obscure what is driving their success. The puzzle is not that such figures are finding an audience, but that they did not emerge sooner. Do not expect them to vanish into the night. 然而,他们如此容易受到嘲讽的事实,不应该遮盖推动他们成功的因素。令人困惑的并不是这种人竟然会找到听众,而是他们竟然没有更早出现。不要指望他们会消失在黑夜中。 Contrast Mr Trump’s promise of strong leadership and “winning big” with the timid incrementalism of Hillary Clinton’s platform. She promises to finesse the gains of Mr Obama’s first two terms. Mr Trump vows to change the rules of the game entirely. 特朗普对强势领导和“大赢一把”的承诺,与希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)竞选平台的温吞渐进主义形成鲜明反差。希拉里承诺在奥巴马两个任期成就的基础上谋求发展。而特朗普则发誓要完全改变游戏规则。 The final echo from the 1930s is in the declining global order. In a widely cited interview with the Atlantic last week, Mr Obama complained about “free riders” among America’s allies, including David Cameron’s Britain. He also expressed disdain for the US establishment’s obsession with “credibility” as the measure of American power, and force as their perennial solution. 来自上世纪30年代的最后一个回声,是全球秩序的不断下滑。奥巴马最近在接受《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)被广泛援引的专访时,抱怨美国盟友中的“搭便车者”,其中包括了戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)的英国。此外,对于美国体制内人士痴迷于把“可信度”视为美国力量的衡量标准、把武力视为永恒的解决方案,奥巴马也表示了蔑视。 Mr Obama’s words have elicited outrage in both London and Washington. Yet he gave a good summary of US public opinion. Indeed, what Mr Obama said is not wildly different from what Mr Trump has been arguing. Americans are tired of paying for Pax Americana. 奥巴马的话在伦敦和华盛顿都引起了愤慨。不过,他很好地总结了美国的公众舆论。的确,奥巴马的言论与特朗普的主张没有太大差别。美国人已厌倦了为“美国治下的和平”(Pax Americana)买单。 Unlike Britain in the 1930s, the US can still bear the burden. But it does not want to. 与上世纪30年代的英国不同,美国仍然能够承担得起这一负担,不过美国并不想这么做。 Neville Chamberlain, the proponent of Nazi appeasement, said Czechoslovakia was not worth the bones of a single British grenadier. Mr Obama believes much the same about the people of Syria. He expressed no concern about Syria’s impact on Europe. The flood of refugees is Europe’s problem. Ukraine is in Russia’s neighbourhood. The Middle East must fend for itself. Such were the valedictory thoughts of a world-weary president. They were not a million miles from Mr Trump’s. 持对纳粹采取绥靖政策的内维尔#8226;张伯伦(Neville Chamberlain)曾表示,捷克斯洛伐克的价值,比不上一个英国士兵的骨头。奥巴马对叙利亚人民也持有差不多的看法。他从未表达过对叙利亚战争对欧洲冲击的关切。蜂拥而至的难民是欧洲的问题。乌克兰处在俄罗斯的势力范围以内。中东必须依靠自己。这就是一位对世界感到厌倦的总统离任前的想法。它们与特朗普的看法之间并不是远隔万里。 The coming months provide a test. In June, the UK votes on whether to leave the EU. If Brexit takes place, the European project could start to go backwards. Will America care? 今后几个月将出现一场考验。6月份英国将为是否离开欧盟(EU)举行公投。如果真的发生英国离开欧盟的现象,整个欧洲一体化项目可能开始走回头路。美国会关心这事么? By then, we will also know the battle lines for the US presidential election. In all probability it will be Mrs Clinton against Mr Trump. Western democracy is on trial. Autocrats in Russia and China will be watching keenly. 到那时候,我们也会知道美国总统选举的战线在哪里。这一选战多半会在希拉里和特朗普之间展开。西方民主体制正面临考验。俄罗斯和中国的威权统治者将密切关注。 /201603/432056乌鲁木齐假体隆胸多少钱乌鲁木齐除毛



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