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平湖市红十字会医院打瘦腿针多少钱嘉兴激光脱腋毛哪家医院好一次嘉兴好的整形美容医院是哪家 记者从杭州市公安局获悉,奥运游泳冠军孙杨因无驾驶汽车,今天下午被杭州市公安交警部门罚款,并处行政拘留7天。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:HANGZHOU -- China#39;s first male Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang was driving without license when his Porsche SUV collided with a bus, police said.杭州消息,警方表示,中国首位奥运会男子游泳冠军孙杨无驾驶保时捷SUV与一辆公交车发生碰撞事故。【讲解】driving without license是无驾驶;Olympic swimming champion是奥运会游泳冠军。事故于周日下午发生在杭州,目前并没有这位顶级体育明星(top sport star)受伤的报道,目前这位21岁的运动员在微上为他的行为道歉(apologize for his behavior)。“作为运动员(athlete)和公众人物(a public figure),应起到积极地带头作用(be a role model),但自己没做好本职工作(fail my responsibility)。为此我深深的表示歉意(deeply sorry for what I have done)并深刻反省(reflect on my behavior)。由于平时忙于训练比赛(focus on training and competition),法律知识淡薄(ignored learning some legal knowledge),才会犯错误(led to my mistake)。”孙杨称他驾驶的保时捷卡宴(Porsche Cayenne)是向亲戚(relative)借的,而杭州警方发现他并没有驾驶执照(driver#39;s license)。而孙杨本人也承认没有驾照。无驾驶将被处200元以上2000元以下罚款(a fine between 200 and 2,000 yuan),可并处15日以下拘留(up-to-15-day detention)。 /201311/26334217.Don#39;t worry (about a thing).别担心Oh,no!I forgot to call the delivery company about that package.哦,我的天!我忘记让货运公司发包裹了!Don#39;t worry.I called them this morning.别担心,今天早晨我已经给他们打过电话了。18.Good luck!祝你好运!I#39;m runing in a ten kilometer race this coming weekend.这个周末我要参加10公里的长跑比赛。Well,good luck!Let me know how you do.是吗?那祝你好运!要告诉我结果啊。19.How come?为什么会这样呢?You have on a necktie for a chang.How come?你换领带了。为什么呢?Yesterday was my birthday and my girlfriend gave it to me,昨天是我的生日,女朋友把它送给了我,so I decided to wear it today.所以我决定今天戴上它。20.Be careful!小心!/保重!We#39;re going to go shopping at Ginza next Sunday.下周日我们会到Ginza购物。Be careful!It#39;s quite expensive there.你可要当心啊!那里的东西可不便宜。21.Come (on) in.请进。Nice to see you,John.Come (on) in.约翰,见到你真高兴。请进。Thanks.How you been?谢谢。最近你还好吧?22.Help yourself.请自己取用。Do you mind if I use your pen for a second?我可以用一下你的钢笔吗?Not at all.Help yourself.没问题,你自己拿吧。23.Here (you are)./Here you go.给你。Waiter,could I have a ,please?务员,请把菜单给我好吗?Certainly.Here you are,sir.当然可以。先生,给您。24.I doubt it./I doubt that.我看未必。I can#39;t decide whether to take an umbrella.我不知道是否该带一把伞。Think it#39;ll rain this afternoon?你觉得今天下午会下雨吗?I doubt it.The weather report said it#39;ll be clear all day.我看未必。天气预报说今天一天都会是晴天。25.Never mind!没关系!/不用担心。Did you say something to me?你刚才和我说话了吗?Never mind!It wasn#39;t really important.没什么的,不是很重要的事情。26.by the way.顺便问一下/顺便说一下Do you need any paper supplies this month?这个月你还需要一些纸吗?We need a case of copier paper,and,by the way,a box of large index cards.我们需要一箱复印纸。顺便说一下,我们还需要一盒大索引卡。27.Have a good time./Have fun.玩得愉快!Mother,I#39;m going to the beach now.妈妈,我要到海滩上去了!Okay.Have a good time.好的,祝你玩得愉快!28.hopefully但愿。The last mail pick-up is at 4:30.最后一次取信时间是4:30。Hopefully,I#39;ll be able to finish typing this report by then.但愿在此之前我能把这篇报告打完。29.Hurry up!快点!The bus leaves in ten minutes!Hurry up!公共汽车十分钟内会开的。快点!Oh!I didn#39;t realize it was so late.哦,我没意识到已经这么晚了!30.I#39;ll get it./I#39;m coming!我去接听。/我马上就来。I#39;ll get it.It#39;s probably for me.我去接电话,可能是找我的。31.What#39;s the problem?/What seems to be the problem?出什么事情了?Oh,I#39;m glad to see you!啊,见到你真高兴!Why?What#39;s the problem?为什么?出什么事了? /201501/354371海盐县妇幼保健院打瘦腿针多少钱

嘉善县开眼角手术要多少钱今天我们要学的每日一句的内容是:When you stumble, keep faith. When you’re knockeddown, get right back up. And never listen to anyonewho says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.当你遇到瓶颈时,坚持你的梦想。当你遇到挫折时,马上振作起来。永远不要听那些说你做不到或者你不应该继续走下去的话。【Vocabulary】Stumble:绊倒;失足,犯错误;失败;迟疑不决Example: The problem stumbled him.这个问题把他难住了。Knock down:击倒;打败;撞倒Example: She was knocked down by a bus.她被公交车撞到了。Get right back up:振作起来Example: I will get right back up.我会马上振作起来的。Go on:继续;进行Example: Go on with your work.继续你的工作吧。 /201205/182592嘉兴曙光光电嫩肤排名 A: We have been over this a hundred times ! We are not getting a pet! B: Why not? Come on! Just a cute little puppy. or a kitty! A: Who is going to look after a dog or a cat? B: I will! I’ll feed it, bathe it and walk it every day! We can get a Labrador or a German Shepard ! A: What if we want to take a vacation ? Who will we leave it with? Plus, our apartment is too small for that breed of dog. B: Ok. How about we get a cat or a ferret?A: We’re planning on having children soon, I don’t think those animals are a good idea with a baby in the house. B: Fine! Let’s get a bird then! We can keep it in its cage and teach it to talk! A parrot would be awesome! A: I’ll tell you what, I can get you some hamsters and we’ll take it from there. B: Yay!浙江激光祛痣多少钱

浙江嘉兴激光去痘坑多少钱口语:All of life is an act of letting go,but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. 人生就是不断地放下,但最令人痛心的是,我们都没来得及好好与过去道别。take a moment v.花一些时间 例句:Take amoment to do this now, and make it fun!现在就花一点时间这样做, 当一种乐趣! /201408/321468 白洁下星期要来中国!今天大家一起来帮她打包行李!(1) pack your bags 打包行李(2) bring everything but the kitchen sink 把一切能带的东西都带着(3) check a bag 托运行李(4) checked bag 托运的行李(5) carry-on (bag)手提行李 /201208/196712海盐打玻尿酸多少钱嘉兴哪家医院激光去胎记比较好



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